Lesson 6 – The Four Threes & Fours

Remember to Protect and Cleanse  Before and After Readings

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Now that the heavy stuff is out of the way we can really get stuck in and start building on our knowledge of the individual cards in the Four Suits. In this Lesson we will be looking at the next Eight Cards which are the Threes and Fours of each Suit. We will also be continuing to build on our psychic awareness, developing our intuition and strengthening our energy field. Some of you may very well wonder what all this has to do with learning the Tarot? Let me tell you that it is very important. The very fact that you have decided to take this course is an indication in itself that there is a calling from your subconscious to develop this side of yourself and expand your awareness beyond the three dimensional world you normally live in.

Many of us have become so reliant on working exclusively with our regular five senses that we never even dream of the possibility that there might be more; more senses that may be lying dormant within each of us, untapped and undeveloped. These underutilized senses may vary in strength or definition from person to person.  Some people go through their lives quite happy without ever been aware of their latent psychic abilities, nor would they be interested if it was pointed out to them.  In fact they would probably run the other way if it was brought to their attention.

This brings me back to the point I made about you deciding to do this course.  In each and every one of you, lie dormant psychic abilities of one sort or another.  The act of acquiring your first deck of Tarot cards has acknowledged to your subconscious and Higher Self that you desire to expand your awareness and develop these untapped gifts. The Universe then conspires to bring such things about.  By actively engaging in activities such as Meditation, Chakra Clearing or Psychometry and Tarot reading a psychic switch is flicked and real progress can be made.

By developing your extra senses you will discover that youcan tune into a card reading with greater ease. You will start to see things in the cards that no book will ever tell you. You will also be able to tune into the querant and pick up on the energy he or she carries which will bring greater depth and connection to your readings. You may very well be surprised when you first get a visual impression, receive an auditory message, feel suddenly emotional or just definitely know something about a querant when doing a reading. This is when the sense of Clairvoyancy, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Claircognizance has activated and kicked in.

We all come into this world with one of these senses predominant. Unless this has been nurtured in us as children, we tend to close it down, usually out of fear of ridicule from family and friends. This happens when the young child is actively encouraged to give up his or her imaginary friend, is told that there are no such things as ghosts, that hearing voices is the first sign of madness, or even worse still that sensing energy or picking up on other’s feelings, reading their minds or having premonitions is the devils work!

If you identify with any of the above, then now as an adult you have the freedom to go back and make friends with that part of you that went to sleep many years ago. For others who never had any such experience, there is still an inner calling drawing you to the likes of Tarot and similar subjects which act as gateways to your inner realms and the spiritual planes. Most Psychics will try to develop as many of their senses as they possibly can, but one sense in particular will always be dominant over the others.

In this Lesson will also take a closer look at the Chakra System. To fully develop our psychic abilities we need to be aware of our Chakras, work on keeping them balanced and clear, and be able to channel energy through them such as White Light and Earth Energies. We also need to develop techniques to open our Chakras before readings or any Psychic Work, but very importantly remember to shut them down once our work is complete. That is after we have Cleansed our Energy Field.

To learn about the Chakra System, please Click Here  or the links below. Alternatively go to the individual pages directly on the sub-menu of Lesson Six under Supplements. 

Chakra System

The Seven Main Chakras

In this Lesson we will be looking at the next eight cards of the Minor Arcana; the Threes and Fours of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.  If you are having difficulty with the Reversed Cards, it is a good idea to go back and review the Reversed Card section in Lesson 3 to see how they are interpreted.

Briefly, reversed cards can indicate:

  • The opposite of the upright
  • Extremes of the upright
  • Blocks or lessons to be learned
  • Delays to realising the potential of the upright card
  • A need to go back to the lesson of the preceding card before you  can safely move forward
  • Unfinished business that needs to be dealt with in the previous  card.
  • Our blind spots
  • Our shadow side
  • Parts of our personality that we project onto others; demonising  and blaming others for what we should be seeing within ourselves. Those  who are quick to point the finger at others in accusation or blame are quite often pointing indirectly at themselves.
  • To not act like the Upright Card in this situation – This depends on the reading and the surrounding cards.

Which interpretation to allocate or choose will depend on the remaining cards in the spread and the general feel you get as the story unfolds. By asking questions of the querant, even if they seem bizarre at the time, can very often bring to light the meanings contained within the reversed card. Remember, that life is not always a bed of roses and this will be reflected in the cards. We each have a positive and negative side. By embracing and integrating the two we learn to understand and know ourselves better. We also can identify areas or parts of our personality that we may wish to change or enhance. The lessons and meanings contained within the reversed cards can help us achieve this integration. We take off our rose tinted glasses and see ourselves for who we truly are (warts and all) or the situation for what is really going on and that which drives it.

Before we proceed with the interpretations of the next four cards please lay out the Three of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Using your growing knowledge of symbolism attempt to decipher the meaning of each card according to how you interpret it. If you need to keep your lesson notes beside you, that is perfectly okay. In time it will come automatically to you. Remember, that you are an individual and unique Tarot Reader. You bring your own energy to the Tarot based on your own life experiences and attitudes. Put the fear of getting it wrong aside and let your intuitive energies flow and merge with the imagery depicted on the card. Tarot is not an exact science so really there is no right or wrong way to interpret the cards, only your way. Practice and experience will eventually gel everything together and you will begin to see patterns emerging in your interpretations. There will be certain cards that you assign very specific meanings to as they will have been well tried and tested and will have proven to be uncannily accurate.

A Little Tip

It is often wise to centre and settle yourself by taking a few deep breaths and asking for connection with your higher self as you enter a slightly meditative state while viewing the cards. Try to clear your mind of any preconceived attitudes or presumptions you may have in relation to any particular card. Then let the images, symbols or thoughts filter through. Sense your body and how it is reacting as you gaze upon the card and any associated memories it awakens. By exploring this exercise regularly you will begin to develop your awareness of not only yourself but also an energy awareness of those you read for.

NB. Remember to write down your observations and add them to the notes you have already compiled on the first 8 cards in your Tarot Jounal.

So, now let us take an in-depth look at the next Four cards along with The Threes Intro, The Three of Wands, The Three of Cups, The Three of Swords and  The Three of Pentacles. Keep your highlighter pen close by and as you study each card draw a line through those meanings that immediately make sense to you. For the moment, work with those meanings but, remember to continue to go over your notes and each time you go back to them have your pen handy. You will find as time goes on that you will need to use your pen more and more as the cards open up for you.

Please note again that the attached meanings and explanations given are accumulated from many sources along with my own interpretations. You are not and never will be expected to memorise all of them. You will however, be expected to add your own meanings as you go along. Some of the following meanings will immediately jump out of the page at you and others will seem totally irrelevant. Choose those you wish but do not totally discard the remaining at this stage.

Please click on the Threes Intro Link and the Individual Images below for direct access to their pages where you will find Desciption of individual Cards along with Keywords and Meaning both Upright and Reversed.  When you are finished return to this page for further study and to look at the Four Fours.

Threes Intro

Once you have completed your study of the the above four cards, you are ready to proceed onto the Four Fours of the Minor Arcana.  As before, lay out the Four of Wands, Four of Cups, Four of Swords and Four of Pentacles in front of you and attempt your own interpretations before viewing the individual pages here.  Remember to record your findings in your Tarot Journal. You Journal should be building nicely at this stage.

When you are ready Click on the individual images below starting with the Fours Intro for direct access to the individual pages where you will find the Card Descriptions, Keywords and Meanings both Upright and Reversed. 

*When you have finished your study of these cards please return to this lesson for further study.

Fours Intro

4 of Wands
4 of Cups Upright
4 of Swords Upright
4 of Pentacles Upright

How to Correctly Word a Question

To ensure the most accurate reading possible it is vitally important to word the question properly. A question that is open to various interpretations will lead to a vague and confused reading. Be specific and try to narrow down the time scale. Remember, that it is your subconscious that will supply the answers and the subconscious will take your question literally and I mean literally.

Don’t just always seek a direct answer as in “will I get married”? The answer received may be NO!! No could possibly be because you don’t have time for relationships, you never socialise or possibly, you are afraid of commitment.  A question with more scope for depth is preferable e.g. How best can I improve my relationships with the opposite sex? How can I improve my chances of meeting my perfect partner? Am I ready to get married? Is there anything blocking me from meeting my soul mate? By looking for a straightforward answer to the “will I get married question”? may very well draw an unwelcome no! This will not be the desired outcome for the querant and he or she will likely be upset. By wording the question for the highest good of the querant may expose areas of behaviour that is inhibiting them from forming strong bonds with the correct partner etc. This empowers the querant to make the necessary adjustments to their life in order to progress.

Try not to have questions within a question as it can confuse the reading. Try to limit it to just one main question per reading! However when answering the specific question you may expose areas or situations that will give answers to other questions that the querant had in mind. These are usually linked to the main question and inter-related. As humans we are very complex and never experiencing just one thing at a time in life.

Making Sure You Address The Question

When it comes to readings, students regularly fall into the trap of straying off the querants question and venturing into unrelated areas. This happens because there are so many possibilities with each card that if the student sees for e.g. a couple of Cups cards in a business question they zoom in on relationships and stick with relationships because Cups generally deal with emotions and relationships. The student can very easily latch onto this and, with the bit between their teeth, they are off and there is no stopping them.

This may all be fine but the querant has asked a question about their business and not about their relationship. There may very well be relationship issues at stake in connection with the business area of their life but these must be worked into to the original question, which, is in relation to the querant’s business. On the other hand the Cups cards may just be representing harmonious business relationships or a sense of emotional fulfilment with the nature of the business and how the querant feels about their business. They may also be pointing towards a business that involves a lot of creativity, possibly art, writing, crafts etc.

To counteract the tendency to go off on a tangent or run down the wrong street of exploration, write down the question on a sheet of paper in Large Bold Font and keep it beside the reading.  Every time you get stuck or confused as to how the cards are relevant, keep coming back to the question.

The querant also needs to give you some feedback and it is perfectly okay to ask questions. In later lessons we will be looking more closely at how we conduct a proper reading but for the moment it may very well be through a process of elimination that you will arrive at the right and fitting interpretation for each card. Questions such as “I am a bit confused here because although your question is about your business there are a lot of relationship cards appearing in your spread. Does this mean anything to you? Is there a connection between a particular relationship and your business possibly?” If the querant agrees then you can bet your bottom dollar that the relationship is affecting the business one way or another and further exploration will be needed.

Remember that if you are confused it is perfectly alright to pull an extra card or two for any difficult card you are finding hard to interpret. Extra cards may clarify the meaning or give further insight. Don’t be tempted to pull too many extra cards in a reading. Do what you can to work with the cards you have before you call for reinforcement or back-up.

The Hidden Question

Sometimes a querant will ask a particular question but their mind may be preoccupied with something else altogether. This something else could be an affair, an attraction, marital problems, personal issues or terrible secrets that they are not quite ready to voice, especially in public.  When this happens you will see cards related to their particular secretive issue infiltrate a totally unrelated reading. As a result the reading will be confusing and the cards just won’t make any sense. You will need to communicate with the querant and express your confusion. If drawing extra cards does not bring the reading into focus explain to the querant that something is clouding the reading.  Tell them that although their question is about x, cards unrelated to x and more related to y keep appearing. Ask them if that makes any sense to them? Also gently ask them if there is something pressing on their minds at the moment that is consuming their every thought? The querant may not offer any details or may even deny such a case but it is quite a regular occurrence.


Keep Coming Back to the Question

Do not be Tempted to Stray

If you do, then Make Sure to Tie it in with The Original Question

Below are a Few Examples of Well-Worded Questions:

  • What does the future hold for me in personal relationships generally?
  • What can I do to improve our relationship/marriage/friendship?
  • What is blocking me from forming a loving relationship with the right man/woman?
  • Is it wise for me to pursue a relationship with (name of person)?
  • What does the future hold for me in my career generally?
  • Will I still be in this job in (x number of) months?
  • Will I be offered the job at (name of company)?
  • What am I currently doing to prevent myself from becoming financially secure?
  • Is it wise for me to invest in (……)?
  • What does the future hold for me financially?
  • How can I maintain and improve my physical health?
  • What does the future hold for my health?
  • What are the underlying problems causing my (name of health problem)?
  • Will I travel to (location) this year?
  • Will I have enough money to travel to (location) this year?
  • Am I making the right decision in travelling to (location) this year?
  • What is the underlying cause of my health (problems/symptoms etc)?
  • What is the underlying cause preventing me from getting pregnant?
  • What can I do to increase my chances of getting pregnant?
  • Would relocating my home and my job be a wise move for me at this moment in time?
  • Would changing my job or career be a wise move for me at this moment in time?
  • Where is the magic in my life?
  • Why do I keep sabotaging my own happiness?
  • What negative traits have I inherited that are causing problems for me?
  • What positive traits have I inherited that I could be using to my benefit?
  • Where do my strengths lie?
  • What are my hidden talents?
  • What is my soul purpose?
  • What are the karmic lessons I have to learn in this life?
  • What is it that I need to know at the moment?
  • What does my Angel or Spirit guide wish me to know?

Daily Reading Exercise

This is a simple reading to do for yourself each day and will help get your imagination working while making you more familiar with the card meanings and various interpretations.

From the 16 cards we have just covered examine each card and their meanings.  You will be selecting 3 Cards

For the First Card select a card face-up which relates to how you see the day panning out for you.   Take into consideration what you have already planned for the day and work related tasks you have to complete.  Take your time looking through the cards until you find the one that is most appropriate for you.  For example, if you are going to a wedding or party you could choose the 3 of Cups or 4 of Wands – Click on the images of the cards to go directly to card pages.

3 of Cups Upright
4 of Wands


Along with this Card draw blindly (face down) a Second Card to represent situations the day will present you with that you are not yet aware of. Let us say that you draw The Ace of Pentacles Reversed.  Oh dear, looks like you could lose money, something valuable or even spend too much.  You need to keep an eye on that.

Ace of Pentacles Rx

Draw a Third Card blindly (face down)  as an Action Card. This card will give you some advice as how best to meet all the challenges of the day and best prepare you for dealing with anything the day may throw at you out of the blue.  So, let us pretend you draw The Four of Pentacles –  Aha, you are being warned to protect your possessions or money.  Keep a good eye on your bag or wallet and check all change given to you if you are buying drinks.  Make sure you lock your car and don’t leave your camera on the front seat where it can be seen. If you take your rings off to wash your hands, remember to put them back on.  You don’t want the day to be spoiled by losing something valuable.

4 of Pentacles Upright

Next Lesson, Lesson 7 – The Four Fives and Four Sixes 

The Three of WandsThe Three of CupsThe Three of Swords The Three of Pentacles

The Four (IV) of WandsThe Four (IV) of Cups,The Four (IV) of Swords  The Four (IV) of Pentacles

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