Six (VI) of Swords

 Six (VI) of Swords –

Moving On, Escape from Difficulties

6 of Swords Upright


Moving On, Slow Healing, Progress but slow, Calmer Waters, Finding a Safe Harbour, Shelter From The Storm, A Situation Calming Down, Overcoming Difficulties, Mental Stability, Mental Relief, Lethargy, Weary, Despondent, Lethargic, Feeling Defeated, Carrying Negative Attitudes or Beliefs, Pulling Back, Getting Out, Distance, Running Away, Making an Escape, An Accomplice, Ally, Assistance, Support, Guiding Hand, Steering, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, Transition, Journey, Travel, Travel Over Water, Holidays, Vacation, Smuggling, Boats,


Card Imagery and Description

Cast your mind back to the Five of Swords and how we debated over the whereabouts of the owners of the Two Swords left scattered on the ground.  We wondered if they had they run away or worse still, been injured.  Had they voluntarily thrown down the Swords or had someone wrenched them from their grasp.  Whatever transpired at the time is uncertain and could have been any one of the theories above, or then again, something entirely different.  The Six of Swords allows us our first glimpse of these very same people or Figures, and thankfully, they have survived.  However, what condition they are in after all the conflict and stress depicted in the Five is hard to know, and the full extent of any damage caused may not manifest for some time to come.  Not all injuries are visible to the naked eye. So let us now take a look at what is going on in the Six of Swords.

As we enter the imagery we find ourselves standing on a shoreline staring out across a body of water.  In the distance, but not so far that we cannot see, is another landmass or island where some trees grow on and around the shoreline.  The landscape looks hilly rather than mountainous so we get a sense of a gentle atmosphere rather than an overpowering one.  Then again, they are in the distance so the reality may be very different on the other side.  Behind us, our shoreline is covered in jagged rocks and towering cliff faces while steep mountains stretch high into the clouds. No trees grow on our side of the shore for it is too rough and too exposed to the elements.  It is not a terrain that is easy to navigate for it is pitted with dangers and hazards at every turn.  One slip on this uneven and steep shoreline could find you impaled on the Sharp Sword-like stones or cast into the deep swells and smashed against the rocks.

There is a boat on the water which we watch with great interest.  The boat is small and narrow but offers enough room for its three occupants, A man, woman and child.  The man has taken charge of the boat while the woman and child sit hunched over on the bench seat just in front of him.  The woman wraps her cloak around her while the child huddles in close to escape the chill of the wind that blows across the water.  The woman seems oblivious to her surroundings and appears unresponsive or engaging.  The man stands tall and strong and has the body of one who is young and healthy.  The combination of colour in his clothing; blue, brown, green and red suggest that he is quite a balanced individual with sufficient positive elemental influences governing his actions, thoughts, feeling and purpose.  We get a strong sense that this man is here to help and can be relied upon to safely deliver his passengers to the other side.  The woman and child do not have to do this on their own.

Take note of the difference between the water at the right hand (starboard) side and left hand (port) side of the boat for it tells much about the meaning of this card. We should readily understand its symbolic relevance when interpreting.  Choppy and turbulent waters rocks the right hand side of the boat while on the left hand side, and far off, right up the shore line of the distant land, the water is still and serene with barely a ripple to disturb its glass-like appearance.  The choppy waters belong to the shoreline we stand on, the shoreline that this boat is attempting to steer away from.  Risking life and limb, the three people have managed to climb down the hazardous cliff side and probably stood on the very spot we now find ourselves on while waiting for the boat to be untied from its mooring.  Afraid to speak or call out to each other, the man helped the woman and child to board the unstable little boat before leaping aboard himself.  His first task was to steer the little boat away from the shoreline.  The water was very turbulent and the waves at times threatened to hurl them back onto the shore or worse still, onto the rocks where the boat would be smashed to bits like matchwood.  However, this man is strong and very determined.  Calmly telling the woman and child to lay low and hold on tight, he used the long strong oar and all his might to push them away, out onto the tide.  He knows he must not feel fear now for the two in front depend on him to bring them to safety.  He knows that left alone, they would not have the strength for this journey for they have already endured enough.  Don’t look back and don’t look down he thinks to himself as he sets his sights firmly on his destination, the land and shore in the distance.  He knows that the initial part of the journey will be the toughest for it is the roughest.  As the boat rocks violently back and forth the words, ‘just another five minutes, just another five minutes’, keep repeating over and over in his mind.  He can see the calm clear water ahead and knows that they are almost out of danger and harms way.  He just needs to make steady progress now and not let fear seep in.  He must keep the boat balanced and afloat if they are ever going to make it.

Suddenly, they are out of the swell and already, the wind has reduced to just a soft breeze. The boat settles into a gentle lilt as it glides across the calm and tranquil water. The man releases a deep breath but knows he still has the rest of the journey to navigate.  The woman and child remain seated and hunched but the man has noticed a change in their demeanour.  Their bodies do not look as tense and he can hear their breathing relax.  They have survived the worst but at this stage are too insecure within to appreciate or savour this achievement.  They still have things to worry about, the ripple effect of the aftermath left behind. They also have not yet reached their destination.  Anything can happen in between.  The man takes a quick look back to see how far they have travelled. What he sees both frightens and impresses him.  Behind them in the distance, dark clouds gather over the retreating shoreline while huge waves crash against the rocks and cliff face.  Looking back down at the little boat and his two vulnerable passengers he wonders how they made it.  Had they been crazy to take such a risk? He doesn’t need to think too long about the answer to that for he knows that they had no choice.  If they hadn’t made the decision to get out when they did, God knows where they would be now, or what would have happened to them.

Things, life, the situation, whatever it was must have become unbearable for this trio to make such a trip.  Had they had enough? Could they not cope any longer with what was going on? Did they just have to get away? Looking down at the woman and child in the boat, they seem to be very despondent.  She looks exhausted, weary and just plain worn out.  She must have arrived at breaking point or decided that she couldn’t live with the constant struggle and conflict in her life anymore.  At this stage, she is bound to feel lethargic and negative in her outlook for she has reached a very low point in her life.  She may feel like a failure or that she has admitted defeat.  She may also feel that she has dragged others into her problems and feels terrible responsibility.  She must remember that somethings just aren’t worth fighting or holding on for.  Not everything will work out in her life and she may have lost sight of herself or her goals.   At least the land or island in the distance, looks peaceful and welcoming which is in stark contrast to the one she has just left.   It will provide them with a safe harbour and shelter from the storm. She must grasp now the importance of this achievement.  She has made the first move to sort out her life and as difficult as it is, she should take pride in that.  She has reached a turning point and now has to find a way to move forward that will take her away from both her external and internal misery.  She must find comfort in the fact that she is not alone. She has support and kind people willing to help her.  By the time she reaches the far shore she should have gained a new perspective on her situation and feel a little more positive and stable. Slowly but surely she can begin to pick up the pieces of her life. Her ability to cope and function will return bit by bit and lift her out of this depressed state.

The woman and child in the boat also resemble the two down and out Figures we saw in the Five of Pentacles. They too had found themselves in desperate circumstances and in need of help. We hope that like the two in the Six of Swords they also found someone to guide them out of their situation.

There doesn’t seem to be any luggage in the boat except for Six Swords that have been driven into the floor.  Have they decided to leave everything behind? Maybe they have plans to start afresh on the far island and will purchase what they needs when they get there?  Maybe they have no plans at all and are trying to figure out something during the voyage. The Six Swords may symbolise that they are or will have to live on their wits for a while.  With all those Swords travelling with them they should be able to come up with a plan to put in action once they arrive at their new destination.

We must also remember that the Swords Suit can be one of mental stress and conflict so the Six Swords can also suggest that even though they are making good their escape from a distressing situation or environment, there is a danger that they may inadvertently be bringing their problems with them.  These problems may be negative mindsets, attitudes, unresolved arguments, battles, dysfunctional upbringing, un-forgiveness. The Swords are placed in front of the woman in the boat so on that basis alone will actually be the first to hit shore.  Relieved to have put safe distance between her and ongoing problems, she may not realise for some time that her problems still remain.  In her effort and determination to escape all the unpleasantness, the only thing that might have changed is her physical location.  Problems very rarely go away all of their own accord and if she has simply run away without resolving them, they will catch up with her at some time in the future.  If the problems are within, then a new location is not going to make any difference for no matter how far she runs, there too will she be.

If we could wind the clock back a bit, just to when they were boarding the boat, they should have made the decision to only take with them, the Swords that were positive, beneficial and useful for starting a new life.  Any Swords that could not stand up to close scrutiny and inspection should have been hurled into the sea for they will only bring trouble down the line.  The trio possibly ran before they gave much thought.  After the battle of The Five, they may not have been thinking very carefully as their main concern was to get away and distance themselves from all the conflict.

The little group in their boat make their way slowly to the far shore.  They travel at the fastest speed possible but the little boat can only do so much.  It will take time to reach their destination and progress will be slow.  However, the sky ahead, although light grey, is clear which indicates that they will now have the chance to let their minds settle and calm.  The journey and far shore, their safe haven, will give them a much-needed break or relief from all they have endured or the ongoing stress of their situation.  The physical scars will heal quite fast but it may take some time to heal the psychological wounds. These wounds are also represented by the Swords in the boat and possibly, we the viewer on the shoreline, are the only ones who can see them.

As the man, woman and child sail forth they very noticeably sit with their backs to us.  This may indicate that they have turned their backs on the past and with grim determination are focused on moving on.  On the far shoreline, they will be able to re-balance, re-focus and re-group.  They will also have a break and may decide to do nothing but lie around sunbathing by the water’s edge with nothing of any urgency pressing on their minds.  I think they really do deserve and badly need this freedom from pressure.

In the Six of Swords the imagery also stirs up an atmosphere of underhand, illegal or covert operations.  The group on this boat may be wary about being caught.  They might be doing something they shouldn’t. Any cargo in the boat may be hidden or concealed.  They may be travelling with false papers or even pretending to be the parents of the child.  They may be sneaking away without telling anyone. Something may not be quite right.

Six (VI) of Swords

6 of Swords Upright


Moving On, Slow Healing, Progress but slow, Calmer Waters, Finding a Safe Harbour, Shelter From The Storm, A Situation Calming Down, Overcoming Difficulties, Mental Stability, Mental Relief, Lethargy, Weary, Despondent, Lethargic, Feeling Defeated, Carrying Negative Attitudes or Beliefs, Pulling Back, Getting Out, Distance, Running Away, Making an Escape, An Accomplice, Ally, Assistance, Support, Guiding Hand, Steering, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, Transition, Journey, Travel, Travel Over Water, Holidays, Vacation, Smuggling, Boats,


When the Six of Swords appears in a Reading it often suggests that you are making an attempt to distance yourself from a situation of stress and turmoil in order to heal and rebalance. It is a positive indication that you are slowly moving from turbulent seas into calmer waters.  It is a time for leaving a troubled past behind to move positively into the future.  You can now see light at the end of the tunnel.  The Six of Swords asks you to trust that life will support you and bring new rewarding experiences. You must find belief in yourself and a new sense of purpose.  The Six of Swords marks a transition period in your life as you move from one state of mind to another.

The Six of Swords generally acknowledges that you may be feeling down or lethargic about your life.  You may feel that you have reached an all time low and feel quite negative about your future. Depression or the blues may leave you chronically fatigued. You may have little energy to complete any tasks and possibly feel deflated and defeated by life.  You may find it hard to function on a day to day basis and feel that you are just going through the motions of living.  It is very likely that you feel a failure or that the whole Universe has conspired against you.  Indeed you have been through a very tough time and are probably suffering from physical and mental exhaustion at this stage.  You may be in bad need of a break from your depressing situation.  A bit of distance from your problems at the moment could help you gain a new perspective.  It will also recharge your batteries.  A trip away or vacation could do wonders for you but it may not be enough unless you are prepared to address you real problems.

You may be trying to run away from your problems on the basis of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.  Remember that even though some of the conflict and stress in your life may be caused by others, there is a very good chance that you are one of your own worst enemies.  No matter where you go, you will probably find similar issues and situations develop over a period of time.  You must reflect on this and question the role you play in the ongoing drama of your life. You may be bringing problems from your past into your present and future.  You may have thought that you had dealt with certain issues, but in fact they are still there and are influencing everything you do, think and feel. They might be slowing down your progress.

In the Six of Swords, it very much depends on who you identify with in the imagery.  Are you the huddled Figure in the boat being helped or aided by another or are you the Figure who steers the boat?  You may be helping someone or in a position to help someone who is in difficulty, going through a crisis or drama.  Look around you, there may be someone close by who is going through an ordeal on their own.  Don’t be afraid to get involved for they may have no one else to turn to.  If it is you sitting in the boat, then there are others around who wish to help.  It may feel like a very lonely time but don’t keep your situation to yourself.  The Figure steering the boat in the Six of Swords is often symbolic of a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel who stays close to you during times of trouble, comforting and guiding you through dark times.

If you have been ill, the Six of Swords can symbolise a slow recovery and eventual return to health.  Depending on surrounding cards, and with careful communication between you and the querant, it can also symbolise a gentle peaceful death after a long illness.

The Six of Swords is traditionally associated with travel and especially travel over water if accompanied by the Ace, 3, or 8 of Wands or Temperance Card. Holidays, vacations and trips of all sorts can be represented.  Generally, this holiday will be long overdue and much-needed.  The need to get away or take a break may not just be for recreational purposes but rather enforced due to stress and fatigue.  The vacation suggested would be one of rest and recuperation rather than action and excitement  so booking in for spa or holistic treatments would be a good idea along with plenty of light reading and lying around.  The break or vacation may not even be a physical one.  As a mental traveller you have the ability to detach or distance yourself from stress or worries so maybe taking up meditation or visualisation will give you the break you need.

The Six of Swords can highlight secrecy and underhand or illegal movement or activities. The presence of the Seven Swords, the Moon, The Devil, Magician Reversed or Reversed Court Cards might suggest the possibility. If you have been involved in any unsavoury business then you may think you are getting away with it but all it needs is one Sword (one of your lies), to be pulled out of the boat (your story) and the whole thing will come undone.  You may indeed end up in very deep water.  Consider your actions as the repercussions ( ripples in the water) will be felt by everyone around you and can have far-reaching effects.

In a Relationship Reading, this six would hopefully suggest that you are leaving behind a turbulent time in your relationship as communication opens the door to repair and progress. This is not going to happen overnight though. Progress will be slow but steady.  Much work will have to be done to repair any damage sustained, but for the moment the heightened state of stress and conflict is behind you.  Because of the negative stress and conflict surrounding most Sword Cards, this Six may indicate the moving away from an abusive relationship to heal.  Sometimes, we have to reach an all time low before we will take the required action and it is often when we are at our weakest that we find it in ourselves to do what has to be done.  The last straw will eventually break the camel’s back and no more can be endured.  This can highlight the beaten and broken person who runs with children and little possessions in search of safety and sanctuary.  Distance needs to be put between you and whoever it is that is causing you such harm and distress.  This Card reminds you that there is someone willing to help so do not try to do this all on your own.

If you have been going through separation or divorce court proceedings then you may feel a sense of defeat or that you have given in or surrendered to the other side.  Sometimes, a battle is just not worth it and you must decide what is most important.  Deciding to pull out, get out or give in does not mean that you have failed but comes down to how much more of yourself or your energy are you prepared to sacrifice to this situation.  Someone may be advising you to ‘take what you can and get out’ or ‘you are better of without him/her’ or ‘just walk away’. They may have a point.

If you have been bereaved then the Six of Swords shows signs that you are beginning to pick up the pieces of your life again and are finding a way to cope with your loss.  It brings the first glimpse of recovery.

The Six of Swords also come with a Spiritual Message for you in times of trouble and darkness.   You may feel steered or guided by unseen hands as your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel walk by your side and comfort you in your despair.  You are not alone when this Card appears.

Unfortunately, The Six of Swords may highlight that you have a tendency to run from relationships at the first sign of trouble or conflict.  Instead of confronting the situation through communication and compromise you pack your bags and flee. Because you pay no attention to your role in relationship disasters, you are likely to come up against the same or similar problems in future relationships.  You may be entering a relationship with heavy baggage in tow or getting involved with someone who has had a troublesome past.

In a Career Reading, You may be slowly returning to work after a period of illness or unemployment.  The Six of Swords can indicate a slow but progressive move away from lean times. You may be eventually clearing debts and bills after securing employment. Travelling overseas to secure employment may be on the Cards or there could be a chance of securing an overseas position. This Card also suggests a career on the water.  You may be a sailor, work aboard a passenger ferry or charter private yachts.

In Business, the Six of Swords is a positive indication that you are coming out of a difficult period and although progress will be slow, you now have a chance to rebuild. You may still feel that you can barely keep your head above water but the worst is behind you and now you must look to the future.  However, you may need to go back and rework your original Business Plan as what you were doing did not work. Possibly the changing times need a new strategic approach so buck yourself up and get your mind working.

The Six of Swords imagery in relation to careers and employment highlights the current global recession.  People may be forced into travelling far from home to secure employment.  You may have to leave all you know behind just so that you can financially survive and provide for your family.  It demonstrates the typical emigration scenario but it also brings with it hope for the future. It may be a struggle and at times you will find the process hard and slow going but it is also a time of progression in your life.

There may be something underhand going on around you in the workplace or business.  If the Moon or Seven of Swords appear alongside there may be a secret, deceit or cover-up.  Check accounts and all paperwork. You or someone you know may be involved in illegal trafficking of goods/drugs etc.


6 of Swords Reversed


Not out of The Woods, Delays, No Progress, Mentally Stuck, Trapped, Restrictions, Hopeless, Lack of Faith/Belief, Lack of Help/Allies, Rocking the Boat,  Sink or Swim, Turning Around, Stopping in your Tracks, Deciding to Stand your Ground, Change of Plan, Heading for Trouble, Stirring up Trouble, Sticking your Oar in,  From the Frying Pan into the Fire, Running Away, Conflict, Stress, Overwhelmed, Too Much, Going Under, Nowhere to Run To, Instability, Negative, Revelations, Shame, Disgrace, Embarrassment, Infidelity, Eloping, Covering Up, Illegal Trafficking, Stormy Atmosphere, Disrupted Travel Plans, Return from Travel, Being Sent Away/Abandoned, Drowning, Boating Accidents, Floods

When The Six of Swords Reverses you may decide to turn the boat around and head back into the turbulent waters.  You have not finished with a particular issue regardless of how much you want to get away from it.  You may be angry now and fed up with being brow beaten and walked on by others.  There may be a conscious or unconscious desire now to bring things to a head and to do this you may have to force the situation or someone’s hand.  A situation often has to get worse before it can be resolved.  You may be deliberately trying to rock the boat in order to make waves and grab everyone’s attention. This may have you returning to the scene of Five to retrieve your Sword, take back your power and make one last stand.  You have had enough but are not yet ready to retreat.  There is a belief that something can be done to turn the situation around.  It might be time for everyone to open up and air their grievances about past experiences. Revelations may unleash a torrent of emotional reactions but is necessary in order to put the past behind and move on.

The Six of Swords Reversed can suggest that you are not yet out of the woods.  You are trying to distance yourself from your problems and make a fresh start but you do not seem to be making any progress.  You need to have a little more faith and belief.  Better times are coming if you can just hang on in there.

You are bound to feel mentally all over the place when the Six of Swords Reverses.  There is indecision and fear. You may feel duty bound or obligated to stay in a bad situation.  Mentally you could feel paralysed.  This could be from your own doing or as a result of programing or brainwashing from another.  You need someone to share your concerns with.  You need a friend or ally to confide or to seek advice from.  There is a fear of the new and unknown.  There is always an excuse or reason close at hand as to why you do  not or cannot change your situation.  You may choose to stay stuck and put up your lot rather than make a bid for freedom.  You may feel you have nowhere to run to. You will probably put the happiness of others before yourself.

You could feel broken and destroyed and powerless to help yourself.  Grief, bereavement and deep sadness engulf you leaving you drowning in depression and despair.  You may not be able to pull yourself out of the depths you have sunk to. Your health may also be suffering and chronic illness could be a constant plague. Professional help may be needed to bring you back to the surface so that you can breathe life into your body once more.

When the Six of Swords Reverses, restlessness can take over.  You may have been plugging up holes in your life or situation, just like the Six Swords in the boat, but now they have begun to spring leaks.  Water is seeping into your boat and you have two choices.  You can either go down with the boat or abandon it and attempt to swim for shore.  It can herald an attitude of ‘Sink or Swim’ as you realise that it is now or never.  You may even speed things up by actually pulling the Swords out yourself, to get things over and done so that you can be on your way.

The Six of Swords Reversed can suggest that you are the main orchestrator of drama in your life.  You create it and spread it around.  You deliberately make waves and stick your oar in at every opportunity.  You could be a trouble maker and gossip who has a nifty way of navigating the situation to stay out of the firing line. You may show little concern for those you drag into  your scenarios and schemes. Mentally you may not be very balanced and have a habit of sabotaging your own happiness.  Your negative mindsets and attitudes taint every area of your life and you are bound to blame others for the predicaments you get yourself into all the time.

You may have a habit of running away as soon as things get difficult.  Instead of finding calm waters and sanctuary you may unwittingly jump from the frying pan and into the fire finding yourself in much worse circumstances as your attitudes and beliefs work against you. Your thoughts and beliefs may begin to mirror your reality. If you are feeling negative then you will experience negative situations as you unwittingly draw them to you.  You may be stuck mentally and physically in a stressful situation. What you thought you had escaped from has caught up with you.

When the Six of Swords Reverses, rough seas cause the boat to capsize and the occupants are flung into the water. The boat may not have been strong enough to make the journey but the weather may have been a strong influencing factor.  Travel plans may be disrupted or delayed as a result.  The journey you are embarking upon, whether physical or mental may also take longer than anticipated. This Reversed Six could simply represent the return home after travel or cruise.  It may take some time to adjust to the bad weather again as you leave the heat and sunshine of exotic locations behind.

There is also the sense of being forced to leave when the Six of Swords Reversed appears.  You could feel that you are being sent away or dismissed.  You may be worried or feel dread about where you are going.

The capsized boat can also point to water related accidents such as drowning but surrounding Cards would need to back this up.  Severe weather may cause rivers to burst their banks resulting in flooding and destruction to property.

In Relationships, the Six of Swords Reversed can suggest that you may be stuck in a difficult relationship and cannot leave or believe that you cannot leave.  This relationship is bound to be mentally and emotionally destructive.  You may be barely keeping it together and just go through the motions in order to keep the peace.

A partner could disappear as infidelity or an affair is discovered.  They may not be able to deal with the fallout at present and are lying low.  If your relationship is frowned on or disapproved of by others the Six of Swords Reversed could represent eloping or secret rendezvous.  Then again you may be running off with someone else’s partner.

You may have been named and shamed in a scandalous or embarrassing situation and are keeping your head down and away from public scrutiny. You may not be able to face anyone and now wish to get away. You may also have been run out-of-town.

Career wise, you may be stuck in a stressful job or career and feel unable to leave. There may be external issues controlling this or because this is a Swords Card, it may be all in your head as you fear change and disturbance. Your work may have you so stressed that you just can’t think properly or positively. On the  other hand, you may have to work in a stormy environment.  Could you possibly be causing trouble or stirring things up in order to get fired in an attempt to free yourself? Have you or someone you know done something in work that has been discovered and a quick escape or cover-up is necessary?

If in Business, you may be considering abandoning ship.  You could probably be the last one standing on board as the others have long jumped ship. You would be wise to hang on in there for a little longer.  A renewed effort may be all that it needs to get the business buoyant once more.

*When we next catch up with The Swords in Card Seven it will be interesting to see if the trio in the boat managed to dock their boat safely or were they washed out to sea? What will be even more interesting to see is if they have mentally stabilised and found some sort of peace.  How will they be coping in their new environment or will they have given up and returned home? We shall have to wait and see.

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    • Hi,

      The combination can be anywhere in the Spread but carries more weight the closer the cards are together. When the Spread is turned over, visually scan the cards for combinations of cards with similar meanings and also repetitive symbols. These cards also need to be read individually but will also carry the combination message or messages. Cards rarely carry just one meaning and can be read on several levels in the one spread, as in their combination message and individual message. Look for Cards that are directly across from each other and diagonally to see if there is a link there too. If there are Court Cards look to the Cards that are both opposite and diagonal to them to see if they are facing away or staring directly at each other as this will carry meaning too. For example if their is a King of Wands and he is facing away from the Reversed Two of Cups, this could be telling you that The King is not paying attention to issues in his relationship. If he is facing it, then he is well aware of problems but this does not mean to say that he is going to do anything about it especially if he is Reversed. A Queen of Cups facing away from a Three of Cups could suggest that she is not spending enough time with her friends or is losing touch with them. If The Three of Cups is Reversed, then she may be unaware of a friend who is gossiping or bitching about her. Remember these Cards could also be part of a combination too and their combined message would need to be worked into the Reading.

      Hopefully this has helped but I will make a note to write a post on this subject in the near future.




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