Improving Relationships Spread – Practice Reading

Practice Reading

(Please note, I am not the designer of this Spread)

This Spread examines how you can set about improving relationships in your life be it with your partner, a family member, your children, friends at work etc. You will need seven cards for this spread.

Below is a Spread that was drawn by a young woman of 29 years. It is an actual Reading.  Her Cards are very specific and to be honest, very straight to the point.  It is nice to get a Reading that does not require mental acrobatics to interpret. This woman’s issues were weighing heavily on her when she came to see me.  Therefore, she was very focused when shuffling and drawing.  Her Cards as a result were very focussed too.

Out of the Seven Cards drawn, three are Reversed.  We seem to have an equal number of Wands, Cups and Pentacles which is interesting. Power, Emotions, Finances or Personal Security seem to be heavily involved.  We have one Sword which is Reversed.  Be careful when interpreting the Reversed Cards and do not immediately assume that they are all negative.  Remember, to look at the number of the Card and determine if the energy of the Card is helping or hurting.  Also ask if it is advising you not to act like its Upright version. Reversed Cards can be tricky but do have a go at this and see if you can make them fit. There are three Sixes with two reversed and one upright. Think of your numerology and what Sixes mean upright to determine their Reversed meanings as they have great relevance in this Reading.  The one Upright Six is very significant. Do you think it compensates for the other two Reversed? Two Fives as well, one Upright and one Reversed.  We have one Two. The Central Cards really do tell their own story.

Take it all in before you start to interpret and take a note of your initial reaction to the spread.  It will give you a feel for the Reading. Try to interpret the Reading out loud if you can and pretend that you actually have someone sitting in front of you.

The Q stands for Qerant.  My interpretation will be posted at the end of next week. Please don’t think your Reading should mirror mine but you are bound to find some similarities.

Best of Luck,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Improving Relationships Spread

Q. I have a very difficult relationship with my mother. I am the eldest of 6 children. My father left home when I was 11yrs old which meant my mother had to go out to work to support the family. We just don’t seem to get on and in fact it feels like we never did. I am going to have my first child in 6 months and I don’t know if it is the pregnancy and becoming a mother myself that is making me feel that I need to resolve matters with my own mother.  How can I go about improving my relationship with my Mother?

You Can Click on The Card Images or Links to go directly to Individual Detailed Card Page. Alternatively you can go to The 78 Cards – Brief Page for just the Keywords and Meanings.

Card 5                          Card 6                        Card 7

5 of Cups Reversed           6 of Swords Reversed               6 of Cups Upright

 5 of Cups  Rx        6 of Swords Rx          6 of Cups 

                        Card 3                Card 4

                  5 of Wands Upright     7 of Wands Upright

                   5 of Wands         7 of Wands

 Card 1                                                           Card 2

6 of Pentacles Reversed                                              2 of Pentacles Upright

 6 of Pentacles Rx                                    2 of Pentacles 


Card 1 represents the root or cause of the problem or issue from your point of view.

Card 2 represents the root or cause of the problem or issue from the other party’s point of view.

Card 3 represents your behaviour as a result

Card 4 represents the other party’s behaviour as a result.

Card 5 represents how your thoughts are affecting the situation and how you can change your outlook or attitude.

Card 6 represents ideas on how you might best communicate with the other party

Card 7 represents what action you could take to improve matters all round.

Practice Readings

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