The Star (XVII) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When The Star reverses she loses faith in life and fears what tomorrow will bring. She lacks hope and trust that things will work out okay. She has not moved on from the trauma of The Tower.  Still afraid of what people think of her she is afraid to be herself and lets others influence her. The Devil still has a hold of her and she will need to work hard to shake him off.  The Star Reversed often highlights a poor or distorted body image.  You do not love yourself and believe that no one else will either.  This may be a hang-over from The Tower, especially if The Devil was involved.   If you have escaped from a controlling abusive relationship, it may take some time and professional help to shake off any indoctrination that you were spoon fed.

You have wonderful creative gifts and talents that are either hidden or denied, believing that they or you are either non existant or not good enough. You must find some sense of self-belief and pride in your abilities. It would be a crime to let such talent go to waste.  If involved in the artistic world you may feel uninspired or be experiencing a temporary creative block such as writers block.  This may be leave you lacking in confidence which leads to  low self-esteem.  There may be a lack of imagination in your work.  The Star Reversed can represent a creative talent that you had when younger but never developed as you were lured into the demands of the material world, marriage and family.  It may not have seemed financially viable or practical at the time.  However, The Reversed Star may suggest that you change your attitude and go back in search of it.  Your world and circumstances have changed so dig it out and polish it up.

When The Star Reverses, you may indeed take that holiday but will bring your work and worries with you. You may need a holiday badly but obligations and duty prevent you from getting away. You may be lacking real head space and time to think clearly. You may feel overwhelmed with everything that is going on in your life now. Your Star may feel dull and lack lustre. On the other hand, you may think that life is one long holiday and never seem to get any work done.  You may be playing The Victim role for too long after the trauma of The Tower and not taking any responsibility for your own life.

The Reversed Star can sometimes suggest the loss of innocence.  With regards to love there may be the feeling that you will never meet your soul-mate. Loneliness within a relationship can be evident as it becomes increasingly cooler.  Your partner may have backed off or claims they need more space.   Your relationship may no longer bring you the fulfillment that it first did. Your relationship may lack imagination and spontaneity. Check the foundations of your relationship or marriage for you may need to return to The Tower and allow it to clear what is not working. You probably feel disconnected from your partner and life in general. There may be a lack of faith that you can sort the issues that are causing problems in your relationship.

Instead of protecting the environment and recycling there could be waste and poisoning of the land or water. When The Star Reverses there is a tendency to think of just yourself and not of others.  You could help but you are either not interested or not bothered.  You believe that it is someone else’s responsiblity to save the world.

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7 replies »

  1. I got this (Star Reversed) for a suicidal gal. A very sad card. It basically means your resources are gone and your hope is too. There’s no light from the star. The land is dried up too. I think this card is worse than the 9 and 10 of Swords.


    • Hi Erik,

      Yes, you are right. Whereas the 9 and 10 of Swords look awful, they are but Minor Arcana Cards which means their energy may only be transitory, or temporary. They do acknowledge a pretty miserable state, but it may all look worse than it actually is. The Reversed Star however, is a Major, and therefore has much deeper implications. When one loses faith and hope in life to such an extent, it can seem like there is no escape. You see dead ends down every path you take. Without the stars in the sky it can seem very dark. Nothing inspires you. The only light may be the Moon which is probably making things worse and adding to fears. I do hope this girl will find the help she needs. In the Reversed Star, telling someone to pull themselves together and count there blessings, is futile as the person generally cannot see, or feel any blessings. They are there, but the Reversed Star as you say has dried up the land. The person’s world is barren and dark. There is a lack of healing, or a belief that it is possible. She may need others to carry her through if she has lost the faith to do it herself.




  2. I wouldn’t give that meaning to the card. It probably means the guidance and hope are there but she’s unable to see it, thus, it appears reversed


    • Hi Emm,

      Thanks for your feedback. I feel they are probably on the same lines but just said in a different way. I feel she She has lost faith, and hope. She doesn’t believe there is any even if others can plainly see it and point it out to her. She has probably suffered many setbacks or disappointments which have resulted in her reversed state. Her state is doom and gloom, trapped in the ruins of The Tower. Yes, the guidance is there, but in the negative attitude of the Reversed Star, she has not yet realised this. She may also refuse it. Yes, she is lost at present, but only because she is reversed. Uprighting The Star is not the easiest thing to do. Other negative attitude type cards tend to accompany it in a reading which can suggest entrenched depression, anxiety, stress. Often professional help is needed if the person has been brought very low. They might need others to help them find their star again.

      I have yet to revisit The Star to complete its writing so it remains in a very basic state at present. I am getting there bit by bit.




  3. Vivien,

    I’m studying and learning the Tarot. For the last two weeks, everyday, in the morning, I’ve been pulling one card for my daily reading.

    Yesterday I pulled the 10 of Swords. This morning I pulled the Star. Everything about it’s meaning that you offer is exactly how I feel inside and about my life. However, when I pulled it this morning, it was reversed. So, I’ve been trying to go deeper within myself based on the meaning of the reversed Star for some more understanding and clarity.

    Might there be any feedback or insight you could briefly offer.

    Thank you in advance.



    • Hi Angelo, Just logging off for the day and saw this. Now I do not know what you were asking the cards of but you say the Ten of Swords and Star are perfect representations of how you feel. The Ten of Swords speaks for itself and the Star is a very positive card to find next to it. It suggests a move towards healing and feeling positive about life again. Starting over after a difficult time. The Reverse Star appearing could simply suggest the natural ups and downs that accompany healing. One step forward, and then three steps back. Some days you might be feeling more hopeful and positive than others. The Star Reversed after the Ten of Pentacles would be asking you to slow down. You might be forcing things and are more fragile than you think. Take it slowly and let be easy on yourself.

      I hope this makes sense.



  4. There is light at the end of the tunnel but … I’m not quite out of the tunnel, or the forest, just yet; so just go easy.

    It makes perfect sense.

    Thank you for taking the time.

    Have a wonderful day.


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