The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands – The Seer

Queen of Wands Upright


Mature Fire Feminine, Strong, Capable, Dynamic, Powerful, Independent, Assertive, Proud, Free, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Adventurous, Fearless, Ambitious, Enterprising, Visionary, Efficient, Determined, Inspirational, Innovative, Creative, Attractive, Sexy Appeal, Enthusiastic, Vivacious, Spirited, Fun, Witty, Dramatic, Self-Confident, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Self-Belief, Self-Assured, Wholesome, Warm, Friendly, Benevolent, Charming, Sincere, Helpful, Involved, Protective, Defender, Bold and Daring, Upbeat, Optimistic, Sunny, Cheerful, Vibrant, Healthy, Radiant, Energetic, Athletic, Sporty, Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Witch


Take Charge of the Situation, Be Determined, Be Independent, Have faith and belief in yourself,  You can do this, Fight for what is Right, Be Assertive and stand up for yourself, Be open and sincere, Feel passionate about something, Go for it, Set goals for yourself, Get enthusiastic about something, Be creative, Make a powerful first impression, Stand Tall and Proud,  You are beautiful,  Feel good about yourself, Exercise and get active, Be Out-going,  Be optimistic about the situation, Don’t let life get you down, Cheer-up, Try to look on the bright side, Be encouraging to those around you, Help where you can, Get Involved, Fight for a worthy cause, Don’t hold back, Know your strengths and use them, Be a Leader, Organise your life, Start something new,  Be a bit more adventurous, Be brave and bold, Be fearless in the face of opposition or competition, Trust your feelings on this one.

 From The Above Messages Try to Work Out Some Messages for Reversed

Now explore the personality of the Queen of Wands below. If she has turned up in your reading it means her energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is she?  Who does she remind me of?  Is she having a positive or negative influence in my life?  How can I embrace or avoid her energy?  What is she trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like her or not? Do I want to be more like her? How can I be more like her, If she is not a person then what is her energy trying to tell me? How would this Queen handle my situation? Which part of this Queen am I trying to deny?

Personality Profile

The Queen of Wands combines the inward focus of a Queen with the positive and dynamic energy of her Suit Element, Fire.

Sitting on her throne adorned with carvings of sunflowers and lions, the Queen of Wands sits upright with shoulders squared. She is dressed in a brilliant yellow gown with a long white cloak draped elegantly around her shoulders. Her yellow gown symbolises her vibrant warm personality and the white cloak her pure intent.  Her crown rests gloriously on her auburn hair. She holds her wand in one hand and a sunflower in the other.  The sunflower represents her naturally sunny outlook and disposition and along with the lions, which form the armrests of her throne, connect her to the Fire sign of Leo if found with the Strength and Sun card of the Major Arcana.  However, independently she may represent any of the Fire signs when she appears in a reading.

Leaves burst forth in growth from both the Wand she holds and from her Crown suggesting that this Queen is full of life and energy. The sleek black cat sitting at her feet represents her independent and somewhat wild and untamed nature.  The cat also symbolises her magical and intuitive abilities which she naturally uses to her advantage. The Queen of Wands looks out and away to her left as if observing something of interest.

If we let our mind and imagination enter this card we can step into her world and get a closer look at what is going on.  If I put myself standing to the left or right of this Queen, and follow her line of vision I believe she might be waiting for the Jousting Tournament to start.  All the Knights will be vying for her favour and seek to be her champion.  However, as she enjoys the sport of it all and the feisty beasts the Knight’s ride, her desire is for the best man to win.  Healthy competition and the sense of excitement and anticipation is what draws her to this tournament.  As Queen of the land, one of her roles will be to start the games.  She may stand tall from her throne and in a strong, bold and authoritative voice drop a silk cloth and declare “Let the Games Begin” . The accompanying roar of the crowd who have joined her for the festival is almost deafening.

The Queen of Wands is strong, bold, courageous and passionate. She is an independent, enterprising woman who is ready to take on whatever life throws at her. She is energetic, vivacious and high-spirited.  Although she can seem authoritative and overwhelming at times, she is a joy to have around and breathes life and enthusiasm into all those she interacts with.  Capable and competent she sets high standards for herself and those around her.  She possesses a strong belief in herself and is fiercely protective of her domain and position. She is the archetypal popular school cheerleader who everyone wants to be friends with.  This lady is an extrovert and likes to be kept busy.  She is cheerful, upbeat and a confirmed optimist.  The Queen of Wands loves to be in the thick of things and never stands on the side-line.  Full of drama, she enjoys the limelight and being centre stage.

This Queen of Wands is a whirlwind of efficiency.  A brilliant manager and organiser, she is comparable to the modern-day Event Manager overseeing large functions and occasions with ease, style and panache. She is a wonderful help to have around when you need something done.  However, being a natural-born leader, she likes to control and unfortunately has a habit of taking over anything she gets involved in.  She is always on the look-out for where her natural talents may be required and in her enthusiasm and desire to help can sometimes be found forcing her help on those around her even when it hasn’t been asked for. All said and done in her upright state she has a very good heart and her intentions are always honest and wholesome.

The Queen acts upon her feelings and uses her inner strength to reach her goals. In fact she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.  She has no time for those who mope around and procrastinate.  The Queen of Wands views problems as challenges and is very resourceful. You will find her an active member of many clubs and organisations and is always rushing here and there getting things done.

She is radiant, has boundless energy, is physically fit and more than likely has a love of competitive sport. She has a fiery feisty nature and when aggravated will turn from the sleek feline of her card into the ferocious Lioness of her associated Fire sign Leo.  Like a fearless and protective lioness she will defend her cubs with all her might if threatened.  Assertive and righteous she will stand up for what she believes in and will defend those who cannot or will not defend themselves.  She is to be found organising and leading marches against unjust government policies, demonstrating at student rallies and campaigning for human and animal rights.   If this Queen appears in your life during times of trouble or strife when all around have retreated or stepped away, then rest assured you have a very powerful ally on your side.  A noble ally, who will fight your corner even when you no longer have the will or energy to go on.  Indeed this Queen is a force to behold when her fiery side appears.  However being a natural Wand, she thrives on excitement and drama so she does love a good fight even if it has absolutely nothing to do with her.

In the Queen of Wands we can often find the Witch as she sits with her Familiar (the black cat).  She can be very intuitive and blessed with psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance.  She is very in-tune with her surroundings and enjoys contact with the natural kingdom.

In relationships, this Queen values her freedom and if married will certainly have an independent life and friends apart from her husband.  The Queen of Wands is attractive, charming, magnetic and fabulously sexy.  She walks tall and confident and strikes a powerful presence at social gatherings and parties.  Heads turn when this woman walks into a room and she knows it.  She likes to play the field and will not let herself get tied down by any man regardless of how good a catch he may be.  She will never be short of ardent admirers or a date for a party should she need one, but will prove frustratingly elusive if any of them try to possess her or claim exclusive ownership.

Not one for sulking or stony silences, her relationships will be open and honest.  Any problems will be faced head on and thrown on the table to be sorted.  This assertive and direct manner within a relationship may cause fiery rows and heated discussions at times. She needs passion and drama in her relationship in order to keep her positive energy flowing. Indeed she almost welcomes a show down or two and can be guilty of deliberately stirring things up if life appears to get too dull or boring.  Plenty of Fireworks will be evident in her relationships, but if her partner is a match, then this will be a dynamic outgoing and active couple with a wonderful healthy sex life.  This couple will be the envy of many.

Ambitious and determined, the Queen of Wands will encourage growth and self-development within her partner and will drive him to be the very best he can.  She will be proud of his success as long as she is enjoying her own success.  This Queen is fiercely competitive in all aspects of her life and relationships are no exception.  She can however describe the Leo relationship dilemma of career success at the cost of relationship or relationship success at the cost of career.

If in business The Queen of Wands is tireless and fearless.  She is enterprising and innovative and an exciting visionary. She prefers to lead and not follow so this means she does need to be the boss.  .With her outstanding leadership abilities the Queen of Wands can run businesses and large organisations in her sleep. Fiercely competitive she is often found in sales or marketing. She is frequently found chairing organisations and with her deeply entrenched desire to help the less fortunate or oppressed she makes a powerful Fundraiser or Campaigner. She likes to design and create and has a wonderful eye for what is hot and what is not.  Being a true Wands type this Queen loves to travel so a career that has her globetrotting would feed her wander-lust nature.  A travel show host would suit her well, so too a career as a TV show host or news reporter.  Her natural athletic abilities and competitive streak make for the professional sportswoman or coach. She would also do well as a Sports Journalist.

Enjoying the Limelight and being centre stage, the Queen of Wands can actually take to the stage.  She likes to perform so can be involved in theatre, TV or Movies.  She makes an excellent Director, instilling her actors with her own tireless enthusiasm.  She will motivate them to do better and to have self-believe. This lady can also be involved in the music business either playing to a large audience on stage or running everything behind the scenes.  She can easily move in the world of celebrities.

This Queen can be a success at anything she sets her sight on and is constantly setting new goals that would terrify the average person.  The one thing that will dampen the Fires of this wonderful lady is boredom, drudgery and repetition so she will never last any length of time in a job that confines her to the one place doing the same thing day in day out. She does like to be out and about and has no time for clock watching at the office desk.  An outdoor job as a site engineer, travelling from one building project to another would be highly suitable.

As a Mother, the Queen of Wands is warm, loving and lively.  She will inspire her children with her get-up-and-go attitude.  When she is not working, the Queen of Wands will spend all her time running from one club to another with her kids as she will have them playing every type of sport there is whether they like it or not.  Other mothers will marvel at her energy and drive and wonder how she manages to do it all as she stands on the side-line shouting tactics at her son or daughter on the playing field.  She never appears tired or disorganised.  You will also find her quite high up in the Parent Teacher Association where she will be an active member.  Holidays will be a time of great adventure and unusual exotic locations will be preferred where there is heat and places to explore rather than a two-week package holiday to an apartment complex.

The Queen of Wands will teach her kids to be brave and bold and to set high standards.  She will instil them with lofty ambitions and goals. She will cultivate a natural sense of self-belief within her children and encourage them to reach for the stars.  A strong campaigner for independence, you will not find this mother being at the beck and call of her children all the time.  They will quickly learn that if they want something then they should go get it themselves.  Her children will grow up with a strong sense of self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.  They will be assertive and have a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.  They will be encouraged to speak up, to express their opinions and to be honest and open in their dealings with others.

She will not accept any signs of defeatism should they fail at any stage.  She will brush them off, dust them down and get them back out there before they know what is happening. She will drive her children to be career focussed and to travel.  Because she herself does not like to be tied down, she will not be happy to see any of her offspring get involved in a long-term relationship too soon or to marry young.  As a result she can often be found to take over her children’s lives, being overbearing, interfering and controlling.


Queen of Wands Reversed

Weak, Temperamental, Tantrums, Hysterical, Melodramatic, Controlling, Pushy, Demanding, Domineering, Overbearing, Overly Proud, Self-Centred, Intolerant, Fickle, Disloyal, Lack of Commitment, Unhelpful, Unfriendly, Self-Righteous, Malicious, Spiteful, Vicious, Sarcastic, Catty, Manipulative, Nasty, Jealousy, Envy, Rivalry, Revengeful, Treacherous, Deceitful, Unfaithful, Liar, Bitch, Bully, Busybody, Trouble Maker, Malicious Gossip, Low Confidence/Self-Esteem/Self-Worth/Self-Belief, Fearful, —-Tired, Exhausted, Worn Out, Ill, Burnt Out, Lack of Energy, Overwhelmed, Wish-Washy

When this lovely Queen reverses, her inner strength weakens and her confidence can plummet. The sunflower wilts in her hand representing her withering self-esteem and self-belief.  Too much of the Water element may have been poured onto her sunflower causing it to drown or it may have been exposed to too much sun.  As a result her lovely natural warmth is either doused or over heated.  She can become quite cold or explosive.  In this state she is dangerous as she pretends to be self-confident and righteous.

Instead of being successful, she regularly fails which plummets her even further into desperate devious ways of climbing out of the black pit she has fallen into.  For this Queen failure is not an option and it terrifies her turning her into a nasty spiteful person.  To make herself feel better and to appear superior she will try to bring down those around her with her malicious and treacherous behaviour.  Jealousy and bitching can occur when friends appear more successful with catty and sarcastic comments being made.   This reversed Queen has the ability to act charming to your face while dangerously scheming and plotting against you in the background.

Rivalry and competition will create an unpleasant atmosphere around her wherever she goes. She can be pushy and obstinate, turning hysterical and dramatic if she fails to get her way or loses centre stage to another.  She will be infamous for her temper tantrums and emotional outbursts.  She can be full of her own importance and superiority and is a nightmare to be around.  She will control, bully and intimidate to get her own way.  She finds it impossible to be happy for anyone else.  This reversed Queen can turn into a right bitch.  She stirs up trouble wherever she goes and enjoys the drama that goes with it.

She can be tactless when dealing with others and is often guilty of giving advice to others that readily applies to herself.  Instead of being honest and open she can turn into a liar and a manipulator of the truth.  She can be intolerant of weakness in others and can appear heartless to the plight of those less fortunate.  The only person she thinks of is herself as she becomes self-centred and self-important.

If this reversed Queen has been thwarted in any way or by anyone then she will be hell-bent on revenge and no better woman than her to serve it up on a cold plate. In love she can be fickle; blowing hot and cold from day-to-day.  She can also be unfaithful and deceitful as she lacks commitment and honesty.  In relationships she likes to get her own way and can be domineering, a bully and overly competitive.  She needs a very strong man to stand up to her.

In business she may be found guilty of only being interested in the big picture and not paying attention to the little details.  Her staff finds her unapproachable and deaf to their advice.  She is the overbearing boss who is obstinate and  quick to anger. It is her way or the highway.

However, we must always look at the possibility that this Queen may have been doing too much and is just be suffering from burnout.  Wands personalities do tend to take on a lot and are constantly on the go and busy.  Unused to weakness or lack of energy, physical and emotional breakdown can hit her hard as life and its demands overwhelm her. However, her Fires may just be burning low as a result of illness or exhaustion. Being overly proud, she is more used to helping others than seeking help for herself. As a result she may refuse any offers of help that come her way denying that anything is wrong in her life.

When it comes to mothering her children this Queen reversed can be guilty of being domineering and more interested in herself and what she wants than the needs of her children. She may be guilty of not being there for them when they need her as she always has somewhere else to be.  She can become emotionally cold, self-centred and self-obsessed as her needs take priority. Her children will be well used to her fiery outbursts and temper when things don’t go according to plan. Being fiercely competitive herself, she will put her kids under enormous strain to be the best at everything especially sport.  She will exhaust them with this constant pressure. This reversed Queen will interfere in her children’s lives and relationships even when they have grown up and left home.

She will be intolerant of weakness or apparent failure in her children deriding them and belittling them when they get things wrong.  Instead of instilling confidence and self-esteem she will destroy their spirit of fun and joy.  Her children will find her unapproachable and lacking in understanding.

On the other hand this reversed Queen as a mother may be weak and ineffective as a role model allowing her children to run willy-nilly with no sense of order in their lives.  She may lack enthusiasm and interest.  She will take them nowhere and lack any sense of adventure.  She can be the mother who never turns up at the school play or sports day.  If questioned she has no idea what her children want to be when they grow up or even what their personal talents are.

As a reversed Queen the upbringing of her children will be directly influenced by her own upbringing.  By looking into her own past she may find answers to her own shortcomings.  Her behaviour although partly genetic is basically down to conditioning.

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  1. Very interesting interpretation.
    I asked Tarot about a Human Rights Advisor who handled my workplace harassment case. She exhibited poor leadership, was incompetent, and despite overwhelming evidence, allowed the harasser to get off Scott free. I asked Tarot about the personality and feelings of this HR Advisor and this card showed up, Queen Of Wands, Reversed. It explains her character and her incompetence to a T.


    • Hi Lucy,

      Oh dear, The Reversed Queen of Cups. Do you feel she acted unprofessionally and allowed herself to be emotionally persuaded in favor of the harasser? She might be in the wrong career. The Reversed Queen of Cups would find it tough to remain objective or clear-headed. You would really have needed The Upright Queen of Swords for this matter. It would have been dealt with fairly and in a highly professional manner.




    • This occurred back in 2004, when I used to consult Tarot Cards. I Don’t anymore. I declare I , Lucy Peixoto, have renounced the New Age, especially fortune telling and Tarot Cards. They bring with them negative forces that are not of God. Repent and renounce en the Occult and turn back to God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Bible. They will give you all the peace, love, and answers you will ever need. Tarot Cards were brought nothing going but trouble and brought incompetent idiots like that Human Rights Advisor, who was shady from the start……


  2. Hello. I know a lot of astrology, but I am new in tarot things. How I can know which is my Queen?

    My personal card is “The Empress”. I am a Aries sun, Taurus moon, Libra rising, my dominant planet is Venus in Pisces and I have a lot of Cardinal and Earth in my map, what makes me a dominant Capricorn. If it can help, I am a INTJ with 4w5 (and high 8) sp/sx

    I have a doubt between the Queen of Swords and of Wands.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Caroline,

      Unfortunately I am not an astrologist and interpret my Queens through personality profiles associated with them. I suggest you read through and study the personalities of the individual Queens, both upright and Reversed, that can be found at the links below. Read through them and see which one/s you identify most with. These will be forming the strongest part of your personality. The Queens you identify least with will be areas of your personality that you may struggle with or feel unsure of. Pay much attention to the Queen who appears to be a stranger to you as this can cause imbalance. You should ideally have a representation of all four Queens with a couple being most dominant. Note that these Queens may come and go from your personality as you mature and evolve. From what you have outlined in your comment, I imagine you have a healthy enough representation of all Queens. Because you have a doubt between the Queen of Swords and of Wands these may very well be the weak links in your personality armour. Check them out and see if you need to work on these areas.




  3. Hello, I would like to ask something…I am new to tarot ,I enjoy a lot learning,this site truly gives a lot of information ,thank you…I am troubled about the reversed cards..I remember in my two time spreading from a friend that her cards were not reversed..I would like to know if this some people reverse their cards when mixing them and others don’t use this method and only have them upright …Is there a correct way? Thank you so much for all the info! 🙂

    Best wishes


    • Hi Loukia,

      With regards to working with Reversed Cards, it is totally up to the individual. Some readers use Reversed Cards and others don’t. Reversed Cards take an extra bit of learning but can actually make reading the tarot easier. It might not make sense when you are already confronted with so much to learn in the upright alone, but it actually helps. If you would like to read reversed cards I offer one-to-one tuition on Skype. You can email me for details on




    • Is this Queen of Wanda too demanding, expecting too much of her partner, driving them too hard, or perhaps it is she who is doing the lion’s share in keeping the relationship going. Does her relationship all feel like a struggle, hard work, an uphill battle? Then again, she may simply have way too many commitments and work demands to have time for focusing on relationships.


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