Getting off to a Good Start when Learning to Read Tarot

A Clean Deck of Cards, Charging Cards & Taking Ownership of Your Cards

(New Heading in Lesson Two – Part I – Minor Arcana)

Ready to embark upon this Course, many of you will have purchased your Deck of Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Cards and are eager to get going.  Some of you will already have this Deck and may have been using it  for some time.  Others will have been given their Deck as a gift or from someone who no longer uses it.  Regardless of where they came from, either new or used, it is essential that your Deck of Cards be Cleansed and Charged with your Intention before use.  You also need to take ownership of your Deck.  By Cleansing, I do not mean washing down with cloths or detergents but rather an energy cleansing. Let me explain.

Everything and everybody absorbs energy from the environment it or we come into contact with.  There are certain things that attract more energy than others such as jewellery, crystals and oracle cards.  Unless, we totally remove ourself from contact with others, we are constantly moving within the energy of other’s emotions and thoughts. We may not be able to see them but they are there and will have an effect on our own emotions and thoughts.  Emotions and thoughts in the positive, can run from simple contentedness, to feeling happy, to feeling elated and overjoyed. On the negative, they can flow from feeling down or listless, to being irritated and upset, to feeling anger and despair. Whatever we touch or wherever we spend time in is charged with our emotions and thoughts along with the emotions and thoughts of those we share our space with.  This unseen energy is inter-mingling and communicating constantly as we go about our business.  You may think that what you can’t see can’t harm you but there you are mistaken.

How many times have you gone to meet a friend, sat on the bus or stood in a queue in a shop feeling okay and normal only to suddenly drop a notch or two into feeling troubled or low? How many times have you felt uncomfortable in a certain room, building or on a stretch of road? I don’t think that there is anyone out there who can say that it has never happened to them.  So, why does this happen to us? It is simple really.  Our positive happy energy of the day, suddenly gets tainted by the negative energy of someone or something nearby.  When I say negative, I do not necessarily mean evil or dangerous, but simply the downside of what we want to be or feel.  Being tainted by someone’s negative energy may simply mean picking up on the sadness of a friend after the end of her longterm relationship or death of her loved one.  It could be walking into a room where people have been arguing and feeling irritable or stressed.  However, it could also be tainted by the emotions and thoughts of a violent person or someone who is being or has been abused.  Your energy may get tainted by the emotions and thought processes of someone who is depressed or suicidal.  Negative influences of energy can make you feel down and depressed for no reason.  It can cause sleep and health problems and if exposed to it for too long can change your personality.

Exposure and influence of positive emotions and thoughts will have the opposite effect by making you happier in yourself and the world you live in. Obviously, this is what we all want and should aim for but as I mentioned earlier, we do share our world with so many others and our energy connects us to all, both positive and negative.  Therefore we should guard our own emotions and  protect ourselves from the negative influence of others as best we can.  We shall be exploring this in greater depth when we cover Psychic Protection in the next Heading but for the moment I want to address the issue of Preparing your Cards for all the work they will be doing.

So, back to that Deck of Tarot Cards you have before you.  Just let your mind begin to trace back, right to the very start, where your Deck of Cards came from before they arrived into your hands.  Now, question how many people may have handled them before your hands have come to rest on them.  The very card they are made from originated from pulp before it was compacted into cardboard, then there was the printing process, the construction of the box, the packing of the cards into the box, the transportation of the cards to warehouses, then wholesalers and delivery trucks, before delivery to the shop or online store you purchased them from.  It didn’t stop there either for the delivery had to be unpacked, the shelf stocked, the Deck priced or given a bar code, then packed up again to be given or sent to you.  If you bought the Deck in a shop, then question how many customers may have picked up your box for a look or to read the back before putting it back down on the shelf again?  The potential for contamination and tainting is enormous.

So, I guess some of you are now staring at your Deck of Cards as if they have some contagious disease.  I want you to relax about this but I also want you to be very aware of the impact that a Tainted Deck of Cards can have on a Reading. Very often I will have students who join my Tarot Class who complain that the cards they pull for themselves are always depressing and negative.  My first response is always to ask them if they have Cleansed their Cards before using them. Generally, they have failed to do this and once sorted, their Readings tend to be more balanced. The same can happen to any Reader, be they novice or experienced, if they are failing to clear their Deck of Cards between Readings.

Readings will also become muddled and vague or make no sense to the Querant or yourself, if the previous Person’s or Reading Energy is not cleared from the Deck .  You will realise this has happened when you are doing a few Readings in a row and become sloppy about your Cleansing routine.  Typically, you notice that the Cards drawn for the Querant in front of you are very similar to the Querant who was with you earlier or the day before.  In fact they may be the very same cards but just in a different order.  You will also find that if you try to read them, they will make little sense to the Querant in front of you.  This is because the Energy in the Cards belongs to too many people and is all mixed up, both positive and negative. Each Reading whether for personal use or for another must begin with a Clear and Clean Deck of Cards.

Tarot Readers who do Readings at Holistic Fairs do have their work cut out for them when it comes to Cleansing their Deck between Readings.  Some Readers are very public and theatrical about showing their waiting queues how diligent and conscientious they are about their clients. . It can add a mystic air to proceedings  as they circle their table ringing bells or wafting plumes of smoky sage around their cards.   Other Readers are more discreet and Clear their Decks quietly whilst their next Querant is settling into the seat in front of them.  One way or another, it will quickly become a very stressful day if they forget or do not bother to Clear their Decks after each Reading.

There are many methods of Clearing and Cleansing your Tarot Cards.  There are both short and long methods which you undoubtedly will try before settling on the method which suits you most.  There will be times when you want to spend time on Cleansing your Deck and then times when you just don’t have the time for anything other than the shortest briefest method.  I suggest that at least once a week you do a thorough Cleansing and Clearing, giving it time and consideration and then use a shorter method in between.

First Cleansing, Charging and Taking Ownership

Take the Deck of Cards out of the box and lay both the cards and box (the little book will be within) on the table in front of you. You need to Cleanse the box and little book too if this is where you intend to store your Cards.  If you are using a bag or have arranged a special box of your own, then these too must be Cleansed.

Sit for a few moments and centre, taking nice even deep breaths.  Ask for connection with your Higher Self. Relax and concentrate on the Cards in front of you.  Set and hold the intention in your mind and heart that you are going to Cleanse and Clear the Cards in front of you from all previous energies that have come in contact with them.  State clearly in your mind or aloud, that you intend to make the Deck of Cards yours, if you are going to keep them for your sole use or that you make the Deck of Cards available to others where they will be under your care.

Visualise a strong bright orb or ball of golden white light above your head.  Let the light build in intensity for a few moments before inhaling deeply.  As you inhale visualise the ball of golden white light explode like a waterfall as it cascades over your entire being.  On the next breath, inhale this brilliant bright light down through the crown of your head and feel it light up within as it travels down into your heart before pouring down your arms and into your hands.  Feel your hands light up and tingle with this cool burning energy as it builds in the palms.

Now, pick up your Deck of Cards and hold them between your two hands.  Set the intention that you are now ready to release the Cleansing Golden White Light into the Cards. When you are ready, let the building pressure in your hands explode its light into the cards. Feel the energy coursing through your hands and visualise it hissing and spitting as it burns away all previous energies attached to the Cards.  For the first Cleanse, sit for a few minutes, allowing the energy to flow through you.  When you begin to feel it ease off of slow down, release the Cards by putting them back onto the table. Now Cleanse the box and little book in the same manner.

Once the Cleansing has been completed, sit for a moment and set the intention that you are now going to Charge your Cards with Divine White Light and Positive Energy.  Let the waterfall of light begin to build again until you can feel its energy in the palm of your hands. Take the Cards back into you hands and hold them between the palms as before.  Now make a statement similar to the following or one that has Special Meaning for you:

“I connect with my Higher-Self, my Spiritual Guides, Spirits of the Light and The Healing Angels of Holy Light and Love to bless me as a Reader, bless my Cards and bless all Readings I use them for. May their Spiritual Messages come through clearly and positively for the Highest and Greatest Good of  all who seek Guidance from them.  I here forth vow to only use my Cards in Perfect Peace and Trust and with Harm to None. I ask this in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light ”  .

Allow the light to flow once again from your palms and into the Cards.  Sit for a few minutes or until the flow of energy slows down or stops.  Your Cards are now Cleansed, Cleared and Charged with Positive White Light and as a Tarot Reader or Consultant, you are off to a healthy and balanced start.

Now, you can put your Cards back in the box until they are needed or, a nice idea is to leave them on an inner windowsill for a couple of hours if it is sunny or overnight under the glow of a full moon. If you are familiar with Crystals then you can leave a Clear or Smoky Quartz sitting on top of the Deck.  However, you must ensure that the Crystals are Cleansed too, otherwise they will contaminate the energy of the Cards.  Only use Crystals if you know what you are doing with them as their Cleansing methods can vary depending on type of Crystal used.  I have written a manual on Working With Crystals that will be published at a later stage.  If you are storing your Cards in a bag or just wrapping them in fabric make sure that any material used is of natural fibre.  Organic Cottons, muslins and silks are lovely.  If you are handy with a needle or sewing machine, then you might like to personalise the cloth or bag with embroidery or your name. Remember, that your Cards will pick up on energy wherever they are so do not leave them in an area that is frequented by too many people.

The above method is ideal for the first Cleansing, Clearing and Charging but you do not need to spend as much time and effort after that for your intentions have been sent out to the Universe and Sealed.  As discussed earlier, it is good practice to do a weekly or monthly thorough Clearing depending on how often you use your Cards and whether for personal or general use. Use your common sense here.  If you are going through a time of trauma or difficulty and consulting the Cards for guidance, then their energy is going to be loaded.  Make sure to do a thorough Cleansing once the situation has calmed down.  Likewise, if you are Reading for others then it is essential you do a Cleansing after each Reading. When using a Deck solely for one’s own use, then some Readers prefer to let their own energy build up in the Cards and develop a strong connection with them.  The choice is yours.  However, if you decide to Read for others longterm, then it is a good idea to have a separate Deck purely for personal use.

Below are some other Card Cleansing and Clearing Methods you may like to try out.  Remember to Charge the Cards with your Positive Intentions after the Initial Cleanse and ClearingRe-Charge them every week or month depending on frequency of use and personal choice.


Simply inhale brilliant White Light through your Crown Chakra and down into your Heart chakra. On the exhale, breathe this White Light over your Deck of Cards while visualising the light burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a reading.


Reiki Healers can draw the Power Symbol over the cards and run Reiki for a few moments.

Sage (Smudging)

Pass the cards over the smoke from smouldering Sage while visualising the smoke burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a Reading.

The Hands

Cross one hand over the other and rest them on top of the Deck of Cards. Set the intention that you are going to Cleanse the Cards of the previous Querant’s energy or question.  Now, very quickly and very determinedly pull your hands up and away from the Cards separating your hands in the process.

(You can also use the above method for Clearing the Cards of a particular question before moving on to the next question.  Just visualise white light/Reiki/Violet Flame flowing through your Cards clearing them of the energy of old questions.  Remember, you always want to be working with a Clean slate when conducting your Readings)

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