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Chart Your Progress Reading – Week 3 of 4

 The Lovers Upright
Missed Reading 1 & 2?  Week 1  Week 2

And so we come to the third Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading for Sharon. Her story expands as light is shed upon all the connecting areas of her current path and situation. Sharon certainly has embarked on an exciting journey, but in this Reading Sharon wants to focus on relationships, not in a generic sense as in the last reading,  but this time focused in a very certain direction.

Sharon sent the questions for her Readings to me by private message. Up until now, I have supplied the exact question, but for this reading, it was a lot more personal. Therefore, I have stripped the question down to the bare bones.  What I will tell you is that she told me there was someone in the background, someone she is drawn towards, and maybe connected to the secret I mentioned in the previous reading. She agrees she is not in a rush to get involved with anyone right now, but she does feels a strong connection between them.

Sharon – So now I’m wondering – what is his role in my life?  The cards I pulled relating to this question are: the Ten of Pentacles, the Lovers, the Ace of Swords.

10 of Pentacles Upright The Lovers Upright Ace of Swords

After all the action and fire of The Wands, we now come upon our very first Pentacle, and not only that, it is the Ten of Pentacles. The previous Wands Cards were in the low numbers, suggesting the beginnings of your new life and how it was still in the early stages. All of a sudden we find the extremely settled Ten of Pentacles. This suggests to me straight away that even though you may not have openly acknowledged, or admitted it to yourself, you believe that this ‘secret man’ could very well be the one that could make you happy in the long-term. He has been in and around your life for a long time and the relationship is already quite concrete. Roots are firmly established. With The Lovers sitting in central position, we could easily be looking at a karmic situation, especially with The Ten of Pentacles flanking it on the left side. You and this man go back a long way, maybe longer than you think. The Ten of Pentacles stands for long-standing situations, longevity and legacy, with roots that often go back many generations or lifetimes.


The Lovers also suggest to me that you enjoy a wonderful level of communication with this man. You can speak freely, you share so much, and have lots in common. You can be yourself with this man and he too with you. There is certainly a bond here and more than just casual. The Ace of Swords often represents a meeting of minds, the double-edged Sword. Two minds are better than one, and even better still are two independent minds that can communicate in a balanced harmonious manner. The two sides are also reflected in The Lovers who perfectly complement each other. A decision will have to be made about this relationship at some stage, but there is no immediate rush. You may feel that The Ace of Swords is encouraging you to act, but all it wants you to do is clear your mind of the past, so that you can make sense of it all. You need to cut any ties that bind you to old relationship patterns and you will use the Ace of Swords to do so. You feel this to be a real relationship with a spiritual connection. You feel blessed for the first time.


Taking all this in at first glance, my initial response to the Ace of Swords is the sudden realisation of your true feelings for this person. The space has been cleared in your life and you can look at things and people from a new perspective. Ping, a light has gone on in your brain and all is crystal clear. The Ace of Swords also frees you to openly communicate your feelings about this man to others. It is safe to talk about him. You don’t have to keep it to yourself anymore, yet I feel you worry about your ex-husband finding out.


These are very positive cards in relation to the prognosis of this potential relationship. However, you are still at the beginning of your new adventure, and this relationship, although spiritually cemented, is still in an abstract sense, symbolised by the presence of Aces. The Ten of Pentacles reassures you that it is safe to view it at a distance, something that will come about in the long-run. It will come to complete manifestation. It is what both of you ultimately desire, as you have been slowly but surely moving towards each other over the years. Your destination is the same even though you took different routes. Your paths crossed several times as you journeyed. These encounters were flags that were designed to draw your attention to each other. The Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers demonstrate this. The Aces too, act as flags or signals. At long last you are both aware, several flags later.


The depth of feeling for each other has survived this long so don’ t worry about it disappearing all of a sudden. Where the Pentacles are concerned, they do not rush into anything. They take their time with everything they value by allowing it to mature, to organically evolve. They can, and will, wait without feeling stressed about the possibility of missing out on something. The Empress on the top row symbolises this maturity and reassures you that much growth is happening in this area, but that you must still put yourself first. Any troubles encountered in The Moon were all part of the process, and The Wheel turned just as it was meant to, as directed by you. A lesson has been learned along the way. You must be aware of what the lesson was before you can appreciate what you have learned. Do you now understand how your life came to be? You were not being true to yourself and allowed situations to come about that did not reflect your exact needs or desires.


I wonder why your relationship with this ‘secret man’ ran the way it did? You have known each other a long time; have been friends, even lovers. You seemed to have bumped into each other over the years in a synchronistic manner. You even told your friends you knew you would meet him again only two weeks before you were married. The feelings you had for this man have been there all along. His feelings were not in question either. What was it that got in the way of you two actually getting together? Why were you thinking about him when you were due to marry another? Why indeed were you marrying another? He was always there in the background and I can sense that you harbored deep regrets about this after marrying. There may have been an issue with your relationship that resulted in you marrying the wrong man. I don’t think this comes directly from either of you, but it may have been an external influence. Were there family involved who would not have deemed the relationship suitable? The Ten of Pentacles makes me wonder about family values and tradition. It also speaks of a family of status and affluence. Did being a single mom interfere with this relationship developing? He may also have been busy building his career, or possibly not free to be with you. I do think that something stood in the way that resulted in star-crossed lovers. However, the Fates are  now intervening.


I sense this man is aware of your need for independence, and even promotes it. He has kept a connection with you for much time and has even watched you walk away and marry another. He has been patient, as all Pentacles are. He sees value in you and enjoys watching your new-found freedom. He was instrumental in you leaving your unhappy marriage by offering his support of your cause. He will admire your ambition and desire to kick-start your career, and will offer further support in any way he can. As a couple you could also work well together, start a business even. Loyal friendship. The Lovers suggest you are sexually compatible and are attracted to each other on all levels. A very mature relationship is developing so there is no need to rush. The Ten of Pentacles will ask you to stabilise, establish and solidify your own situation before entering another relationship. Career and creating a secure home front is vitally important right now. You have had a lot of change in recent times and the Ten of Pentacles will act to ground you by keeping you focused on the task at hand. The rush and drama is over for now. You must settle in to your new environment and build on your financial security. This will be done by finding the right job or gaining extra qualifications. Long-standing institutions are very favorable for you right now. The ‘secret man’ does not appear to be going anywhere so you can relax. One thing to note is the lack of Cups related to this question. This does not mean there is no potential for love and romance but that maybe now is not the right time. All that end of things will come in due course. You do not need to be distracted from  your main path at present.


When we lay out this reading, with the previous three as stacked rows above it, we can view the cards more objectively. The Wheel of Fortune, suggesting the hand of fate, unexpected surprises, chance encounters, all designed to bring you to the Ten of Pentacles, another 10 card. The universe may have been conspiring behind your back all this time. Positioned below it we have the Three of Cups, the freedom to socialise and have fun once more. The three Cups are raised not just to toast your new-found liberation from an unhappy marriage, but also for arriving at a point of personal freedom. You say your daughter has now entered adulthood, and that being a mother defined your life for so long, especially all the time spent as a single mom. You have done well, and so you shall be rewarded. Looking diagonally down the lines of Cards we have the Ace of Wands on one end, mirroring the Ace of Swords at the other end. Two positive signs of new beginnings and awakenings. Personal motivation drives you forward now in the Ace of Wands with the Ace of Swords permitting you to start thinking about yourself too, without having to feel guilty. There is a wonderful freshness being communicated. However, we still have The Moon to overcome. I am wondering about the home you shared with your ex-husband? Where has it gone to? Has it been sold or is it still going through a process? I still feel that there are some niggling worries. In the midst of all this new energy, do not let unfinished business slide or you may lose out. As much as you want to move forward, tie up any loose ends that remain from the previous cycle. Lay some ghosts to rest.


The Numerology Bit

This week your combined cards carry a numerical value of 8 (1+7=8). 8 is the number of positive strength, finance, infinity, success, finances and business. 8 in itself represents the symbol of infinity when turned on its side, the lemniscate. Energy in constant movement, life looping around in itself over and over, regeneration, rebirth, what goes around comes around. This anchors a strong link that may explain your feeling of being soul mates. A never-ending love, love past death, and that love will wait. Infinite opportunities to meet and connect. This may be where your synchronistic meetings have sprung from. If the time is not quite right for this relationship, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

In Tarot we look to the Major Arcana. Card 8 is Strength. This is not forced strength but one which is gentle but firm, loving but not needy. Strength has mastered the emotional battle fought in the Chariot and can approach any emotional turbulence in life, be it positive or negative, in a balanced manner. There is knowledge gained of the self and how you dealt with situations in the past. Strength brings a new maturity to the fore as you begin to forgive and be at peace.

We must also look at Card 17 in the Major Arcana, The Star. The Star beautifully complements Strength. The is where we arrive after a period of trauma or drama in our lives, but only if we have dealt with our issues in a positive and progressive manner. Moving on after pain, trauma or loss is not always easy, but when we find the Strength to pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other, The Star moves towards and above us to light the path ahead. The Star is the beacon in the distance that gives us hope when we are lost, lonely or scared. The Star will guide you away from the troubles and concerns of The Moon. It is the reward after delivering ourselves into the light once more. Because we have shown strength in the face of all that was sent our way, we can bathe in the beauty and glow of The Star as we recover our sense of self, or transformed identity. The Star soothes our troubled soul and mind, and allows healing to commence. It leads us to a place where we are free to be, without the pressure or demands of others. The Star helps us to find ourselves but also asks us to share our knowledge or gifts with others. We must reach out and help others too as we are not the only ones who have suffered. The Star is linked to Humanitarian issues.

Where this relationship is concerned, you are still trying to find your self and need much space in which to heal and grow. There is a wonderful calmness descending upon you and a growing understanding of your personality and needs. The Star is another Karmic Card, and set beside The Lovers, we feel a wonderful deep sense of understanding and respect. I strongly suspect karmic links between you and this ‘secret man’.  Take your time, expand your lungs and breathe deeply. Taste the fresh air of freedom.


The total of Major Arcana Cards to date gives us a numerical value of 1 (3+7=10 – 1+0=1). This calculation is taken from Reading one, The Empress and The Wheel of Fortune. Reading Two, The Moon and this Reading, The Lovers. The Magician, card 1 in The Major Arcana brings power, knowledge and strong masculine energy.  The Magician has done his research and work. He finds himself in a position where he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. As a person, he is dynamic, charismatic, highly intelligent or educated and has burning desire and ambition. He draws people too him and is known to be an influencer. My only bit of advice with this card turning up in your reading about this ‘secret man’ is that you do not put him on a pedestal. Do not put yourself in second place to him. You are every bit as important and brilliant as he is. You need to work towards your own goals regardless of what happens between you. Much powerful energy is in your hands right now so make the most of it. The Empress and Magician suggest a powerful couple and if they are in love, then wow!

We can also look at card 10 which is The Wheel of Fortune. 10 and 1 are closely linked. Whereas 1 is connected to beginnings and new cycles, 10 to me represents the transition stage as an old cycle ends at 9/10 and a new one begins. We are still affected by echos of the cycle just finished and may have some unfinished business to attend to, even though to all intents and purposes we are done with the old. Everything is up for grabs and so many new opportunities will present themselves. The Wheel of Fate and Karma will continue to throw synchronistic events your way with this ‘secret man’. An exciting time ahead. Stay positive or the Wheel will begin to slow down. Everything is in divine order within your universe.

End of Reading – Week 3


Sharon – Thank you once again for such a wise and enlightened reading and thank you for your guidance about my relationship with the ‘secret man’ – you validated my deepest feelings about this and helped me to overcome the little niggling doubt (which I did think related more to what happened with my ex and my baggage connected with that than to him.) You completely nailed the relationship with the ‘secret’ man – how we relate to each other, his support for me (the complete opposite of my ex), my feelings about it and even the ‘star-crossed lovers’ aspect. I am in a much better place now than I was when we tried to be together in the past – I had way too much baggage then and was being lead by ‘ego’ rather than ‘soul’, allowing insecurities and fears to colour the relationship and eventually to run away from it, and I think something similar was going on for him. Yet on a soul level we never stopped loving each other deeply and that is what ultimately drew us back together. This time around I am happy to take it slowly and move towards him once I have tied up the loose ends.

I have actually been having dreams about my ex husband, about him being in my house and messing the place up so even though I’ve felt like it was over for me on an emotional level, there is perhaps still a bit of baggage left over (as you pointed out the other week, the relationship died a long time ago for me, so I did most of the grieving when we were still living together). I wonder if it’s because the divorce is still going through? I’m waiting for the decree nisi which should be pronounced in a week or so, which means the whole divorce will be complete by the end of May. Perhaps when it’s all complete then maybe this will mean all the loose ends are indeed tied.

I do think that now I’m being true to myself and am allowing my real self to emerge – I keep seeing butterflies everywhere and this is how I feel, like I’m finally emerging from the cocoon. It’s a wonderful place to be and I feel very much like I’ve been given the chance to start afresh and create the life I really want and always knew I should lead. It does feel like everything that’s ever happened to me has lead me to this particular place on a spiritual and material level – it feels like all the paths I’ve ever taken are now converging into one beautiful road leading me towards the place I was always meant to be in.


The Final Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 4 will be posted on Thursday the 25th of August.




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A Multi-Layered Daily Card Reading & A Special Gift

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends,

The Hare

The Hare among The Flowers – Artwork by Isabelle Lynch

Well, it has been one of those weeks again. Hard to get to my work done due to life getting in the way, obligations and the ever-present Hospital Appointments that take up the whole day just to have one fifteen minute chat with my consultant. I have another Hospital to attend next Monday and I know for sure that this one will definitely take up most of the day yet again. However, I have been getting some work done here and there and am busy working on Lesson Content at present.

I also had a quick look at my Cards over the last week whenever I got the chance just so that I could share their messages with you. I write about this Particular Daily Card Reading for a very special reason as you will find out when you read below. This Reading is important on many levels as the Cards drawn yielded several messages for me. Some of those messages did not reveal themselves to me until much later in the day, in fact just before I went to bed, which urged me to remind you that what you see in the morning in your Cards may or may not make a lot of  sense to you, or may appear indecipherable at the time. However, if you get into the habit of leaving the Cards you have drawn in the morning in a place where they will still be visible to you that night, you may find more messages contained within or they might read in a completely different manner. Whichever the case might be, it is wise to get into the habit of comparing your morning interpretation of your Drawn Cards with an evening or night-time interpretation, an After-The-Event-Reading as such.

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My Daily Tarot Reading

Hello to All my Tarot Friends on this Beautiful Spring Day,

Daffodils 2014

I have been missing from my desk for the last couple of days due to the fact that I have been feeling pretty awful. I have been plagued with migraine-style headaches for the last few days and feel as if  I haven’t slept in a week. My eyes are heavy and I would just love to take to the bed but have had too many things to do. On Monday I attended hospital to have my six-monthly Pelvic MRI after undergoing Uterine Fibroid Embolisation in May of 2012.

My Cards for Monday were simple and straightforward:

King of Swords Upright2 of Pentacles UprightThe Heirophant Upright

The King of Swords was representing the Medical Staff who would be looking after me, Doctors, Nurses and MRI Technicians. The Two of Pentacles I believe was referring to my Reproductive System which was to be scanned to see how reduced in size the Fibroid was since the last MRI, along with an Ovary they were keeping an eye on because of an apparent blockage. The Hierophant stood for the Hospital itself, a Teaching Hospital where those with great experience and knowledge instructed and tutored their teams of interns and junior nurses. It represented an organised and established institution. My Cards were just acknowledging where I was going on Monday and why.

The particular MRI I had requires a dye contrast that is injected into one of my veins. I am not a hundred percent certain, but I have vague recollections of feeling awful for a few days after previous MRI’s, so it may be that the dye and me do not get on very well. Could it be why I was feeling so awful?

Then again, it could it be related to My Daily Cards on Tuesday which were.

Knight of Wands Reversed 9 of Wands Upright 10 of Wands Upright

Now what were these Cards trying to tell me? I could see immediately where they were coming from and maybe the Contrast Dye during my MRI had nothing to do with me feeling so terrible. Had I been pushing myself too much and was simply suffering from fatigue. The Reversed Knight of Wands told me that I had been rushing around non-stop and hadn’t taken a minute to rest over the weekend. All that cleaning I did, climbing up and down ladders, twisting my body at awkward angles to reach difficult to access corners so that they could be washed to within an inch of their life, banging my head off cupboard doors and bashing my legs off the sides of chairs and tables as I moved around the room. Then I was making sure to do my workout on top of all this; squats, lunges, planks, side-planks, hip bridges, push-ups. I did more than my program suggested because I wanted to push myself. Of course because it was the weekend, I also had late-nights and plenty of wine. The Reversed Knight of Wands could be suggesting that I had been burning the candle at both ends. When I had finished my scrubbing on Sunday I didn’t take a break either. Instead I turned up some curtains that have been eyeballing me for months and made table mats out of the cut-offs. I also let down a pair of curtains in my front room that were just that little bit annoyingly short. Oh did I mention that I barely ate over the whole weekend, but had felt quite fine. That is until Sunday night when I  began to feel shaky and weak. I thought it was just my arm muscles from all the push ups and scrubbing of walls. I still didn’t give up, and like The Nine of Wands had battled on determined to complete as many tasks as I could. The strain was showing though as all the aches and pains were beginning to set in. I  could feel my neck muscles strained and a tightness in my head and around my eyes.

However, I slept well that night and rose the next morning to prepare for my hospital visit still energised enough to clean the bathrooms and vacuum upstairs and downstairs before I left for the Hospital. My MRI took longer than anticipated due to the fact that the nurse could not get a decent vein for the line that was needed to inject the dye contrast. A doctor had to be called in and that involved waiting until she had time to fit me in. Meanwhile, I lay in the MRI Machine listening to awful Eighties Music on the headset provided. By the time my partner and I left the Hospital it was late in the afternoon. We hadn’t eaten since breakfast but had no time to grab something for we had to get to The Ikea Store before it closed. Up until Monday, we were both Ikea Virgins. We had never got around to going to this famous store even though we had talked about it often enough. We were not shopping for ourselves. Instead we had a list of items to purchase for my partner’s niece who lives too far from Ikea to go get them herself. They do not offer an online service.

We had no idea how large The Ikea Store was and thought we could just go to a counter, hand them our list, give them the delivery address and of course pay the bill. The Store was so large we couldn’t even find the Checkout Counters or Customer Service. We did find a lovely staff member though who informed us that we had to key in our item numbers onto a screen to check for availability. The screen would let us know if they were in stock and which department to find them in. He told us that we had to bring a large trolley with us and load our items onto it before bringing it to the check-out and from there onto the Home Delivery Counter. Now this would not have been a problem had it not been for the fact that one of the items was a Loft Bed and another a Desk. There were several other smaller items but these would be easy to deal with. Slightly unnerved, like newly arrived tourists in a foreign country, we headed off in search of a large trolley. It seemed we had to walk miles before we found where all the trolleys were before we could actually shop. The screen had given us Aisle and Location Numbers for the larger items and then the Department Locations for the smaller ones. Now we had to find where the Aisles were. Another few miles of a walk.

Eventually we found where we were looking for and the specific Location Number but almost crumpled when we saw the size of the boxes we had to lift onto the trolley. Bear in mind we still had not eaten and it was getting quite late at this stage. We struggled with the massive and extremely heavy boxes while the trolley did its best to run away from us every time we tried to load it. It was only then we realised that we should have located the smaller items first before heading for the large ones because now we had to steer our trolley with its wide load for another few miles until we had got everything we wanted. It was another few miles again to the checkout where we had to wait in a queue behind people who seemed to have hundreds of items in their trolleys. We were going to be there forever. The Ten of Wands was clearly depicting this marathon shopping expedition and us pushing the heavy load in front of us. Once we cleared the check-out we offloaded the trolley at Home Delivery and took only the small items back in the car with us.

It was dark by the time we got home. We still hadn’t eaten since breakfast unless you count the Nurofen tablet I had taken for a headache that had developed. We prepared dinner for ourselves and guess what I did? If the day had not been exhausting enough, I decided to do my workout while dinner was cooking. And guess what else? I did more exercises than my program specified. I was loading more and more Wands on my back and wearing myself out. I just kept going like the Wands do, even though my back was breaking from the strain of it all (The Ten of Wands).  So when I asked on Tuesday Morning what I needed to know for that day, my Cards were related to the previous few days in an attempt to explain to me why I might be feeling so knackered and awful. I guess they kind of explained things quite clearly to me.


It has been very frustrating for me as I have lost two days of working on my site as a result of feeling dreadful and having to attend the Hospital. In fact I still feel dreadful, but today I will work regardless, and that is that. There is too much to be done and I have a schedule drawn up that I must stick to. When I lose days of work like this, I feel very out of sorts. My routine is broken and control is lost as I cannot keep on top of things. The Queen of Swords will be back any day now to check up on me after my last week’s Reading and I am not sure she will believe my migraine and yeucky-feeling story.

So bearing this in mind, I drew my Daily Cards today. Before I go into this Reading, I want to point out to you the relevance of doing Daily Card Readings for yourself as you will quickly see from this Reading and those above, how my Cards are mirroring my situation and the way I feel. These same Cards being drawn by someone else may carry a completely different message depending on their current circumstances, along with the fact that each Card carries several meanings and possible interpretations.

These Cards were My Cards and I knew instantly how they applied to me and which interpretation to use. So let us look at these Cards now. The Message is not complex or intricate, just straight forward and quite to the point. There was no profound message for me except an understanding of the nature of my personality and how it was affecting the way I felt and vice versa. I didn’t Reverse any of the Cards purely because I just couldn’t have been bothered this morning. That left me in a situation where I had to read between the lines when looking at the Cards. Was I to take their Upright or Reversed Aspects or even both?  

My Cards were:

 Queen of Pentacles Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright9 of Swords Upright

The first Card that drew my attention was The Nine of Swords and it didn’t take much detective work on my part to decipher its message. It was depicting exactly how I have been feeling for the last few days. Headaches, exhaustion and feeling so very, very tired as if I haven’t slept in ages. The Two Preceding Cards clearly demonstrated how I should be spending my day or indeed the last few days. It had been my intention to be my normal Queen of Pentacles Self; industrious, hard-working, focusing on my goal (the Pentacle in her hand), and also getting out into the garden to do some major clean-up work after all the storms of recent months.

Since the beginning of the week, we have had a band of High Pressure come in over Ireland at long last. Therefore there has been little or no wind, bright sunny days, and dare I say it, at times even warm. Because it is still early Spring, this High Pressure brings cold frosty nights and early morning fog. The rising sun quickly burns away the fog and then creates a wonderful promise of warmer days ahead. Even the bird song is different. They sound more chirpy in themselves. Because of this much welcome and long overdue decent weather, my mind immediately turned to getting the garden sorted, the decking and pathways power-washed to remove all the green that had built up over the winter, and to begin any painting jobs so that I can enjoy my garden during the good weather and not have it look like a dirty bomb site. Alas, it was not to be and The Queen of Pentacles had to settle for staring out the window at my newly bloomed daffodils, for my head ached and I felt like someone had pulled the plug on me and drained all my energy while I had slept on Monday night. Today is Wednesday and it still hasn’t come back.

Just to backtrack a bit, I had spent my whole weekend as The Queen of Pentacles; washing down all my kitchen walls, cupboard tops and pulling out all the units so that I could hoover up dust and cobwebs. I had taken down a woollen wall hanging and carefully washed it in my bath,  thrilled to see all the colours come back to life again. With so much achieved over the weekend, I had planned from Tuesday morning (Monday was gone due to hospital), to get up very early so that I could get a couple of hours work done in the garden before I sat down to do my writing work. I had also planned to get out on my bike in the afternoon now that the gale force winds had abated. To find myself in such a useless situation on Tuesday Morning was soul-destroying (again The Nine of Swords).

The last time we had a really good spell of weather in Ireland was last summer. It lasted for several days with temperatures rising to record highs. While the good people of Ireland rejoiced and barbequed morning, noon, and night and children played excitedly with water cannons, and ran around our estate with barely any clothes on, I spent the whole time in bed, dying with the Flu. I had roaring high temperatures to match those outside, and my body felt like I had been hit by a truck. My eyes burned in my sockets. With outside temperatures of 50 degrees my Flu Remedies struggled to keep my temperature down so I was forced to soak towels in cold water and wrap them around my body in an effort to stop myself from self-combusting. To top it all, my partner was away and I was left to fend for myself. When he eventually arrived home he was shocked to see the state I was in and had to help lift me up so that I could sip the new Flu remedy he had picked up for me. I was as weak as a newborn kitten and could barely walk to the bathroom.

So The Queen of Pentacles had gone to bed on Monday night with great plans for the coming week, but woke to disaster. As she/I stood there trying to pull ourselves together it soon became clear that we hadn’t got a productive bone in our body. To say that we were frustrated at our lack of productivity is an understatement, and we struggled against it the whole day in an effort to turn things around, but it just wouldn’t happen. To wake again this morning in a similar state is just pure annoying at this stage. I have already lost Monday to the hospital and Tuesday to my hectic recent lifestyle catching up on me, but here  I am midweek, Wednesday, struggling to pull something out of the bag today so that this is not another wasted one. I still haven’t the energy for the garden but I am damned if I will go another day without getting some writing done.

With The Queen of Pentacles Card simply commiserating with me, she naturally led on to The Eight of Pentacles. This Card, another Pentacle, just amplified my situation and highlighted how I should be spending my day today; stuck into my work, giving it my all while multi-tasking at every available opportunity. It depicted me as I normally am and how I approach my work, simple as that. With The Nine of Swords coming in last, it was as if the two Preceding Pentacle Cards were pointing their fingers at it and saying out loud,  and accusingly enough for The Queen of Swords to hear, ‘look, this is how we normally are but we can’t get our work done because of that, don’t blame us for this is one of your own Suit, another Sword, causing us all this grief and draining our batteries’. Well it is true, I would have so much more done if that Nine of Swords would just give us a break and politely remove itself from our immediate proximity. Then I could settle back down to My Queen of Pentacles Self and get busy and productive once more. I need a bit of help from my Queen of Wands Side as she will help see off and out of town that dreadful Nine of Swords with its aching head and tired-as-hell feeling. I need my Fire back and I promise I won’t take it for granted again by overdoing it. I shall do my best to pace myself.

However, I have one final thing to say about my Reading and it comes back to the exacting high standards of The Queen of Pentacles and The Eight of Pentacles. Are they over-reacting and getting too stressed about losing a couple of days to feeling poorly? I am writing and it is Wednesday. I couldn’t have done any work on Monday because I was away at the Hospital most of the day and then Ikea. Therefore, I have only fully lost yesterday. The stress of being unproductive in that short space of time is adding to The Nine of Swords. I should let it go, for as awful as I feel, I am back at my desk and getting at least some work done! Mind you, it is still hard to convince myself of that. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow.

Daffodils 2014

Spring Blessings,

Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2014 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Weekly Tarot Horoscopes – Week Ending 9th of Feb 2014

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends Around the World,

Here are your Tarot Horoscopes for the week ending the 9th of February 2014. As we are now in Spring, the season of Renewal, Rebirth and of course Spring Cleaning, many of the Readings have an air of new beginnings, determination and resolve about them. We are leaving the darkness of the Winter behind and thoughts now turn to what we want of our lives as the days lengthen and the sun grows stronger and higher in the sky. Spring brings hope, positivity and renewed faith in life. I do hope you enjoy the Tarot Horoscopes below but please remember, they are not based on Astrology or the positioning of the planets. I merely shuffle for each Sign and ask the Cards what it is they need to know for the week ahead. Please do not take any of the Horoscopes are absolute for they are but my interpretations, and interpretations done very quickly at that. Treat them as Fun Readings and as a way of enhancing your Story-Telling abilities. When using the Tarot for Horoscopes, the imagination comes into play along with being inventive and creative with your interpretations.

We have been experiencing terrible storms again in Ireland and the internet connections have been unstable for the last few days. As a result I missed posting about Imbolc, The 1st of February and the first day of Spring. Even though the day has now passed, I will complete my writing on it and post it this week as it has relevance for the whole season of Spring and you may find the information of interest. Coming also this week is the Lesson Content for Lesson 9 and 10 of Part I. This content will cover in-depth information about Health Readings, The Tarot Readers Code of Ethics and also a Step-by-Step Guide to conducting a Professional Tarot Reading from beginning to end, along with Practical Guidelines for Tarot Reading. So there will be lots of new reading material for you to digest and assimilate.

Blessings Be, Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Tarot Horoscopes for The Week Ahead

Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

The High Priestess Upright 2 of Swords Upright  The Star Upright

Well Aries, this week may very well have been one you have been dreading for some time. Sitting between The High Priestess and The Star Card there you are all up in a heap about something. This is not like you to be so tense and stressed. It is not exactly in your nature but with two Major Arcana Cards sitting on either side of you, they tell me that the issue or issues involved may be quite serious enough and certainly will have long-term impacts. I believe you have quite a difficult decision to make which may be tearing you in two different directions. You may feel that for the first time in your life you are being forced or asked to do something that does not sit very well with you. Others may have seen you as withdrawn or quiet over the weekend as you have been trying to get your head around what you have to do. You certainly are in two minds about the whole thing but The High Priestess been a Major and also a Two acknowledges the important decision you have to make but does not understand why you are finding it so difficult to make. She tells me that deep down you already know which way you must go. She knows you are not used to sitting with yourself and being still enough to tune into your own inner voice and higher guidance, but it is her influence that has made you retreat into your shell and into a quiet corner over the last couple of days. You cannot think properly if you are surrounded by too many distractions and the advice of others who may or may not have your best interests at heart.  She used her influence to subtly pull you into that meditative zone and asked you to use that time wisely. She knows that at this stage you cannot see down the road and the consequences of any actions your decision might bring. However, she tells you that you know yourself better than anyone else and now asks you to be weigh up the pros and cons of each side and be truthful and honest with yourself. One of your choices may sound very exciting indeed and you may feel very tempted in that direction but something has shifted and regardless of how other are promoting a certain decision, you know deep down that it is not for you, not you at all and that you will have to conform to the wishes of others. The Star on the other side provides the answer to your decision and has been specifically drawn by The Magical Powers of The High Priestess to help clarify the decision-making process. She knows what you want and now you must admit it yourself. You want to be free to be yourself and to follow your own path and your own dream.  Don’t sacrifice your talents and abilities for the sake of what momentarily dazzles. At the end of the day, one option takes you away from all you every desired to be, while the other takes you closer. The first option may seem like the most obvious and will bring instant gratification but it may not last too long, leaving you disillusioned and unhappy. The second option may involve taking a more difficult path but is more linked to your true Soul Purpose. The High Priestess asks you to be careful about the choices you must make this week and asks you to be true to yourself first and foremost for you will have to live with the consequences of your decisions for some time when we see Major Arcana of this nature.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

5 of Wands Upright  2 of Wands Upright  The High Priestess Upright

Dear Taurus, like Aries above, you find yourself in somewhat a perplexing situation this week. You too have some decisions to make and these decisions also have you acting out of character. You are normally so much in control of everything you do and so sure of what tomorrow will bring that suddenly finding yourself in a position where you are been asked, or asking yourself, to make a rash and risky decision has left you in a state of inner turmoil. You are being asked to do something that quite scares the hell out of you and totally takes you out of your comfort zone. The thing is do you have the guts to do it? Travel may be involved or even total relocation. There is an air of impatience about you Taurus which we don’t often see. Are things not happening fast enough for you? One part of you is rearing to go while the other part holds you back. You must ask yourself, what its is that so worries you, what is it that holds you back? The potential for exciting adventures lies ahead for you this week but you generally prefer safe and predictable. Take a long hard look at the world you have built around you and see if it offers all you desire? Is it enough for you or do you feel that now might be the time to take a giant leap and hop over that wall in the Two of Wands? You look out and away oversea and to other lands. Could it be that you are thinking of either upping and going or maybe just expanding what you currently have? The Five of Wands acknowledges that you really are all over the place about this and that others might be involved. These other individuals may be in disagreement with what you propose or have other ideas they think would be best to follow. They also may be tasks you have to complete before you will be able to make any move. This may be where your impatience is coming from. It is certain that you stand alone in this situation and it is up to you to now make your mind up about whether to stay in the world you have created or see what else is out there; opportunities that you could take advantage of for example. You understand that there is much competition where you stand now but if you were to spread your wings globally you will be playing to a much larger audience. There is unfinished business you need to attend to, even though you see the massive potential that could be, the Wand bolted to the wall holds you back right now. The High Priestess coming in once more asks you to disregard the din, noise and quarrels of the Five of Wands as really they are quite insignificant and are just a storm in a teacup.  She knows you Taurus and believes in your capabilities to sort it all out. Do what you think is right but not before you take your time to seriously think things over. This may not all resolve itself by the end of the week as the High Priestess would prefer you not rush things.  She knows you will make that move when you are sure that all is in place. Taurus will be quite happy with that advise and will want to ensure that all those opposing forces from The Five of Wands have been sorted before any major move is made.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

The Hermit Upright The Star Upright 3 of Pentacles Upright

Gemini, this week finds you beginning to make real progress in areas that you have been developing and maturing. The Star as your central Card is very promising and shows how much you are coming into your own this week. This has not come easily as your typical hyper self has been put to the test recently, which has caused you many set-backs and upsets. Not one for spending time alone, The Hermit shows how you have had to retreat from your normal activities so that you could spend time reflecting on your issues and concerns. Let me tell you that it was time well spent for you are ready to take centre stage again and can put any troubles of the past behind you now. It is onwards and upwards from now on. I feel you may have felt a bit lost in yourself for some time now Gemini but are now in a position with The Star to understand what it is you truly want to do. Being a Gemini, you have so many interests and abilities but your time spent with The Hermit has helped whittle these down to those which resonate with you the most. You have now identified that which you are most suited to and are most interested in. I do believe that this week may find you beginning a course of study or joining a night class. If not, then you may be beginning to do some research in that direction as you are determined to develop your creative side and hone your true talents and skills. You are feeling more confident and positive about what you want now Gemini and I am glad to see that you now feel more balanced and focussed. The week is bound to end on a high for you.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

The Devil Upright 4 of Cups Upright Page of Swords Upright

This week we find Cancerians in a worrying position. In the middle there you sit and you do not look very happy with yourself at all. In fact you look downright disillusioned with the way things work out for you. The Devil on your left suggests entrapment and possibly been fooled into doing something that is just not you. The Devil can be very persuasive and it may all seem so tempting that you could easily be drawn in to a situation quite easily. The problem is that once in, you will see things in a whole new light and it may leave you deeply regretting getting involved at all in the first place. The Page of Swords stands on your other side and acts as a warning about agreeing to  or signing up for something that is not what it appears to be. He asks you to be on your guard this week for you may be approached by the Devil in disguise. Cancer, your natural emotional nature may be played to this week so you will have to be on the look out for anyone who may be trying to take advantage of you. Examine everything very closely; documents, contracts, read the small print and terms and conditions for there is likely to be something out-of-order or clauses that bind you into a situation you would never in a million years actively agree to. Be wary of strangers at the door asking you to buy into rock steady schemes and phone calls from organisations claiming to be legit, as they may not be acting in good faith. For those Cancerians who are trying to stick to their New Year Resolutions, you will find it particularly hard this week as temptation lies all around you. You have been so good up until now but boredom with your new diet or exercise regime may have you wanting to throw the towel in and go on a dreadful binge. The Devil is sitting on your shoulder whispering his usual spin and telling you that ‘what is the point in depriving yourself of all the lovely food you desire for we might all be dead tomorrow’. He encourages you to stop at shops that sell all those things you are so trying to avoid. If you are resolved to give up smoking or alcohol, then this week will find you on the brink of breaking your resolution. The Page of Swords asks you to stand firm against the temptations The Devil throws in your way for he does not have your best interests at heart at all. He just wants to get a tight hold of you again. You have done well shaking The Devil off your back and keeping him at bay up until now. Don’t open the door and let him back in this week. It will be hard, but just think of how disgusted you will feel with yourself if you succumb to his devious tactics as he tempts you to take that sneaky cigarette when no one is looking or buy that bottle of wine and tell no one you had it. He tells you to lie to others by saying that you are still on the straight and narrow, but you will know yourself that you have given in to temptation and believe me, you will feel disgusted with yourself. Be on you guard for he is sure to be on the patrol this week, hidden behind one of his many disguises.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

9 of Cups Upright The Empres Upright  The Lovers Upright

Lucky Leo. This week finds you feeling chuffed with yourself and concentrating on pleasing your partner. Relationships are forefront in your mind this week and I get the feeling a lot of you Leo’s are already going to extreme lengths to arrange some brilliant surprise for that special person in your life because of approaching Valentine’s Day on the 14th of this month. You Leo’s love to be dramatic and extravagant so will be determined to impress your loved one. The emphasis is on the female aspect of the Relationship with The Empress using her influence on loving couples to be exceptionally generous and giving with each other at this time. The emphasis is on pampering and planning something maybe the two of you can enjoy, like joint Spa sessions or dinner out in a very special restaurant.  For the Leo’s who have no financial constraints, there will definitely be no stopping them on the surprise and gift side of things. For those without, there are still many wonderful ways to show you partner just how much you love them. Plan a romantic dinner at home or a special evening just for the two of you. There is much for Leo’s to celebrate in the coming week and you should feel exceptionally blessed. There may be news of engagements, weddings or pregnancies. The Empress and the Nine of Cups also reminds couples of the need for romance and the importance of spicing up your sex life if you have been neglecting this side of your Relationship. Dress up, feel sexy and be sexy with your partner. Ignite the passion in your relationship and it will do wonders for both personal and mutual happiness. It will also bring you closer together as a couple.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

Ace of CupsKnight of Wands Upright The Lovers Upright

Oh there is something very exciting in store for many Virgoans this week, and like Leo above it revolves around Relationships of all kinds but especially romantic ones. For those Virgoans who have been hoping to meet that certain Special Person or their Soul Mate, this week brings a very strong possibility of exactly that happening for you or at the very least you will think it has. Be on the look out for a rather dynamic and exuberant personality that arrives unexpectedly into your life. This may be someone new at work or a person you meet while out socialising. Whoever it is, he or she is bound to sweep you off your feet and set your heart a flutter. Their presence is very strong around you this week Virgo, so be on the look out. It may be a person from a foreign land or someone who you meet while travelling. This could be the start of a whirlwind romance with high excitement and much passion. Your Cup runneth over with joy, and for those more staid and prudish Virgoans, you may surprise yourself and everyone around you by letting your hair down and throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a romance like you have never experienced before. While this may be exactly what the doctor ordered in your often too sterile and predictable life Virgo, do not let your heart run away with itself, and certainly do not lose your basic common sense. With The Knight of Wands featuring between The Lovers and The Ace of Cups, you are prone to acting hastily or moving too fast. Whereas you may feel you have met the love of your life, it is quite possible that it is too good to be true. Making a commitment to another where relationships are concerned is a serious matter and that is reflected in the nature of the Major Arcana Card of The Lovers. This Card will demand a lot more than the first crazy stage of love and that long-term commitments, or declarations of love, should not be rushed into regardless of how hot you feel for each other right now. For you Virgo you may think this is it, and decide to throw all your eggs into one basket too soon. Wait and see how this relationship plays out in the coming weeks and months. The Knight of Wands taking centre stage may not be able to sustain the high energy and interest he or she has in you, when your true Virgoan, more settled nature begins to take over once more. Whichever way this turns out, just enjoy the moment for what it is for it will truly make you feel more alive than you have felt in a long time, if not ever. Do not think too far down the road about long-term commitments and plans for the future of this relationship as the Knight of Wands may not share your enthusiasm.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct23)

3 of Wands Upright  Judgement Upright The Magician (I) Upright

Dear Libra, with the Spring finally arrived, you know in your heart that changes have to be made in your life and this week finds you doing something at last about making it an actual reality. A definite spring cleaning attitude has replaced the old and major change is on the way once you are committed to following through with it.  This week starts the beginning of the transformation from the old you into the new you. You have been at a crossroads for some time now Libra, uncertain of which way to turn but one thing is certain, you certainly do not want to continue in the same manner you have been used to in recent years. It is time to start re-inventing yourself and answering the call from within. Your inner voice has been nagging for some time now but you have found ways of pushing it away or ignoring it. This time, the call is too strong and you know that this week demands you start to act, so whatever it is you want to change in you life, it starts here. With Judgement sitting in the middle it is offering you the chance to start over once again, but in a manner that is more true to who you are. The mists of confusion have begun to clear in recent weeks, and over the coming days you will begin to see the path that lies before you, and what you have to do to get on it with crystal clarity. One thing is for certain, it is time to say goodbye to anything that is negative in your life. The Three of Wands on the left side of Judgement shows you turning your back on an old way of being, the old you and excitedly beginning to move forward onto the path that Judgement has revealed to you. Don’t worry about whether you have what it takes to succeed in this new venture for believe it or not, those around you applaud your decisions, are right behind you and willing to offer support.  The Magician on the right side of Judgement agrees with all, for he knows that you have the power now to really do anything you set your mind to and that you are more than capable. Librans are careful planners but often doubt their own abilities. Therefore they need the reassurance of others that they have what it takes, and are up to the job. The Magician does more than reassure you, so you have nothing to worry about except worry itself, which you can be quite good at. You have a strong workable plan that will begin to show signs of manifestation from this week onwards once you continue to hold this new-found belief in your self and the determination to let change in the door. It is time to follow what your Destiny intended for you. Be not afraid to take those first steps regardless of how nervous you might feel. Once you begin to make a move or take action this week, the momentum will start to build and there will be no stopping you dear Libra. Good Luck

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Ace of Cups 10 of Wands Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright

This week finds Scorpions hard at it and probably taking on more than they are used to as seen in The Ten of Wands. Goals set in the past are reaching their climax this week, and even though you do not know it at this stage Scorpio, you are nearly there. However, the final stretch is often the hardest and is a time when all the tedious details that you had not thought of up to now begin to bear down on you, weighing you down and slowing your forward pace and progress. The high mental and physical energy you are renowned for has kept your going but you are beginning to feel the pain now and as you hit the wall. There is nothing more you would like to do this week Scorpio than to dump the whole lot and walk away, but there is something still driving you on. That something is the fact that your labour is one of love as shown in The Ace of Cups. You are working very hard on a project or area of your life that holds great meaning for you. Crossing the finish line will bring great rewards and you know it. It is just that getting there is wearing you down right now. There are things you could actually delegate to others, but something tells me that this is your baby and you want to be the one that is solely responsible for its success. You have been working so hard of late that you haven’t really had time to enjoy yourself and this week is no different. However, what this week does is bring you that much closer to your heart’s desire. You started this journey with high hopes, and because you wanted it so much. Just keep your head down this week and keep beavering away. Once you start working your way through that long list of things to do and sort, your load will begin to lighten, and with The Queen of Pentacles sitting on the left of The Ten of Wands we see a very successful result and a feeling of pride and achievement. Just remember you are nearly there Scorpio, the prize is in sight and waiting for you. Now is not a time for quitting.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

The Hermit Upright The Sun Upright Wheel of Fortune Upright

Things are certainly looking up for you Sagittarius this week and you may be in for a run of luck as the Fates of Destiny in The Wheel of Fortune have decided to smile down on you. With the Sun taking centre stage you will be feeling full of positivity and experiencing high energy as you shake off any blues associated with the intensity of The Hermit. You are literally exploding with creativity and sparkling with fantastic ideas. The week ahead proves to be truly inspirational for you and there is little you will touch this week that will not work out for you.  You have spent the winter months strongly considering your future and taking stock of life under the guidance and influence of The Hermit. Then it was a time for reflection, contemplation and hibernation. However, it is now a time for action and movement. This week will have you feeling busier than you have for quite some time now Sagittarius, for The Wheel of Fortune adds to the high energy and activity of The Sun.  It is a week for socialising and getting out and about. Spring is in the air and although the days are still cold and night comes all too soon, the Sun is beginning to climb higher and higher in the sky which especially pleases you. This week will find you looking forward as you begin to come out of the hibernation period of The Hermit on The Left. When we compare these three cards, The Hermit certainly looks out-of-place. He represents the dark time of the year which thankfully Sagittarius you can kiss goodbye. Your time spent with The Hermit has left you wiser and in a better position to make use of the coming weeks and months. With the Spring beginning its reign once more as the Wheel of the Year turns, it means that summer will not be far after it. This week will find you looking forward to the summer and possible thinking about where you will take your vacation this year. It also marks a time when you will feel inspired and at your most creative. Both The Wheel of Fortune and The Hermit would advise you to use the energy of The Sun wisely and maximise its potential when and where you can, for it will not last forever.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

7 of Pentacles Upright Knight of Wands Upright King of Pentacles Upright

What is up with you this week Capricorn? Your normal cautious nature surrounding finance and business looks under threat with the appearance of The Knight of Wands taking centre stage. There is an urge to rush and be hasty here, or perhaps he is trying to fire some enthusiasm into you, or even show you new ways of doing things. On one side of The Knight of Wands we have the Seven of Pentacles showing you deliberating over your situation this week and wondering what you should do. You have certainly been working very hard Capricorn, but this is nothing new for you. Hard work is your middle name. The King of Pentacles on the other side of The Knight of Wands is sitting waiting for all the rewards from that which you have been working so hard on. He will not want to be disappointed by a poor return on his investment so you had better think carefully about what you are going to do now. The Knight of Wands may be asking you to take a risk, or has been sent by The King of Pentacles to put pressure on you to complete a task you believe may take more time than you first envisaged. So what do you do now Capricorn as you lean on your hoe deciding whether enough work has been done or not?  You have worked in a methodical and thorough manner up until now. Are you to finish in a rush, possibly leaving things undone or half-done, or do you stand your ground and ask for more time? The pressure is coming from the top and The Knight of Wands is but the messenger. However, The Knight of Wands might be able to show you a more efficient manner of bringing your task to conclusion. Not by taking short cuts or unnecessary risks but he might have new techniques or methods that you have not heard of, or have been reluctant to try for yourself. Maybe this week will find you stepping out of your comfort zone and possibly trying new ways of doing things. Advice and demonstration may come from a source you are generally not comfortable working with. It might be time to move with the times Capricorn and drop some of your stubbornness, and fear of modern ways and technology. Your fear of scarcity may have you anxious about spending in areas that need new investment and refreshing right now. Open you mind this week to how others are doing things. You may learn something that will surprise you.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

9 of Wands Upright The Hanged Man Upright  Ace of Swords

This week starts for in a negative manner dear Aquarius. You feel quite stuck in yourself or in your situation. There is a strong chance that you feel you have been made a scapegoat of by someone and The Hanged Man shows you in a difficult position to do anything about it right now. Your hands are literally tied but you must use your powerful mind to solve this problem Aquarius for it is all you are free to do right now. There is a chance you need to clear your name, and with the Nine of Wands on the right hand side, there is an atmosphere of mistrust, bordering on paranoia. You are bound to feel very alone in this situation and do not know who you can trust. This is not the first time you have been in this situation and it may feel like someone has it in for you. There have been ongoing battles that you loathe having to be part of, but if you have been the central target of these battles, it is time to use your wits to sort them out. It is true you are smarting from a recent incident or issue but at present there is little you can do about it, as you have little proof right now. However, the appearance of The Ace of Swords on the right side of the sacrificial lamb, The Hanged Man, brings new evidence to light as the Sword of justice cuts through all confusion and doubt to reveal the heart of the matter, which is the truth. So this week will bring break through for you in any battles that have been going on and on and on. These battles may be of a legal nature or personal ones, but it is for sure that the Ace of Swords will metaphorically cut the ties that bind the Hanged Man, therefore setting you free from the unpleasantness you have had to endure for some time now.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

The Moon Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright 5 of Wands Upright

There is nothing for it dear Pisces but to keep your head down this week and stay busy. Unpleasantness may surround you, and you know how prone you are to letting it affect your emotional balance but I do not believe that you have become involved in it or possibly believe that it has nothing to do with you. Rather it is going on around you.  Arguments, especially in the workplace make for a disturbing atmosphere this week as those around you seem hell-bent on being difficult and awkward as seen in the Five of Wands. There is a strong sense of lack of team work this week. You like to work in peace and quiet as noise disturbs your concentration as seen in The Moon. You will just have to find a way to deal with it poor Pisces for the last thing you want to do is get involved. Pressure may be put on you to jump into the ongoing battles but you have no stomach for it. You can’t understand why everyone cannot get on with their work and be content, but sometimes problems in the workplace do need to be aired and vented for issues to be resolved and grievances sorted. It does seem as if you are the only one doing any work at all and possibly you are having to cover other work colleagues’ work too due to your conscientious nature. Your commitment to your work is a credit to you but do not isolate yourself from the real issues that are going on around you. What your work colleagues are battling over may bring better conditions or a pay rise for you too. Show an interest if nothing else. For those Pisceans who have been working tirelessly on a project, this week will find you becoming overly concerned and worried about your competition. You worry in vain dear Pisces for The Eight of Pentacles highlights the effort and commitment you have shown. This reflects in the standard and quality of your work which the competition will find hard to match. You must learn to believe in yourself so much more and acknowledge your talents and gifts. You worry unnecessarily, but that is just you being you.

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Getting Relationship Reading Practice with The Knight of Wands

Using The Knight of Wands in Relationship  Readings

Knight of Wands Upright   Knight of Wands Reversed

When learning to Read The Tarot, students can find The Court Cards the hardest to interpret when Reading as they can imply so much as well as representing various personalities or the Querant them self.  Below I have drawn up some Fictional Readings for Relationships where The Knight of Wands makes an appearance. These Readings are just guidelines on how to work a Court Card into a Reading.  In time you will find your own way and that way may be very different to mine. It is whatever works for you that counts.

Below is the First Practice Reading. There are another Three Knight of Wands Relationship Readings available by Clicking Here

Relationship Reading 1 – The Knight of Wands in Surrounding Energies Position

Horse Shoe Spread

2 of Cups Upright                                       The Heirophant Upright

1 – Past/Recent & Distant             7 – The Probable Outcome

4 of Wands                                         6 of Cups Upright

2 – The Present                                   6 – Hopes and Fears

The Sun Upright                                          Knight of Wands Upright

3 – The Near Future              5 – Surrounding Energies/Atmosphere

4 of Swords Upright

4 – Answer/Solution/Hard Facts/Advice/Querant

This Reading was drawn with me setting the intention that I wanted a Relationship Reading for Practice Purpose using The Knight of Wands Upright in The Surrounding Energies Position. This is all for practice and not based on an actual Reading.

Well I was pretty happy with the Cards that came out as they are quite appropriated for a Relationship Reading and therefore make my job much easier when interpreting, but nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Always remember that when doing a , look, look again and then look again.  Also remember that any one Card, or even all of them, may be giving you more than one message. You must learn to become a sleuth when Reading The Tarot.

Well my first impression is that here we have the Happy Couple in Position 1 Representing the Past. This I take as a couple who have been dating for some time as it is in the Past Position. Immediately I take in Four of Wands in The Present Position 2The Sun in Near Future Position 3 and The Hierophant in Outcome Position 7. These Cards are shouting WEDDING at me. I also think it is quite imminent as the Four of Wands in the Present Position 2 is letting me know that everyone is ready and waiting for the celebrations to begin. The Sun in the Near Future Position 3 tells me a few things. It tells me of the mood surrounding this big event and how much everyone is looking forward to this great day. I think also it might be a Summer Wedding and the future indeed looks very promising. I also believe that the desire to have children, or a child already on the way may also be part of the occasion. However, it may also be the driving force behind the wedding if there is a baby on the way. Everything seems in order, and if we look up diagonally, there is the Hierophant waiting to officiate at the Ceremony. So the Wedding Venue is ready, the guests lined up, everyone in high jinks and the Spiritual or Religious side of it taken care of too. Across from the Four of Wands in the Hopes and Fear Position 6 we have The Six of Cups. This gives me a lovely warm feeling of friends and family all returning home to be a part of the Happy Couple’s Big Day. I do also think that the Wedding is taking place where they grew up, or at least one of them did. There is a sense of nostalgia here, but also this couple may be childhood sweethearts.

With The Hierophant so close to The Six of Cups, I can’t help but feel that this couple are falling into line with what has gone before them. There is a sense of tradition and being very conventional with these two cards. I would say that this will be a big Wedding in the Town, and everyone who is anyone will be present. The couple is well-known, and whether she is pregnant or not, are tying the knot just like all their friends are doing or have already done. There is a strong sense of expected security and stability with this union, but there is also a feeling of small-mindedness, especially with The Hierophant so close to The Six of Cups. I feel almost claustrophobic about the whole thing. However, it all looks like it is going according to plan and I can even visualise the bride putting on her wedding dress, and everyone beginning to make their way to the Ceremony while the Wedding Venue Staff are putting the last finishing touches to the Banquet Room. All is set for a good day.

Now we bring in The Knight of Wands in the Surrounding Energy Position 5,  and we have several options when it comes to interpreting Him. We can use one, or all of these as he may be speaking to us on several levels. However, we must also be acutely aware of the shadow of The Four of Swords sitting beside him in Position 4 – Answer/Advice/Solutions/Hard Facts  when interpreting this Reading. Why has The Four of Swords, a potential stressful Card appeared in this otherwise bright, sunny, happy and dazzling Reading. I think The Knight of Wands will give us insight. This is why, you must always look to the Surrounding Cards to give support and clarity to your theories, and to help identify the reasons behind the presence of not just Court Cards, but every other Card in the Reading too.

The Knight of Wands is speaking to me on many levels in this Reading. He is firstly telling me that this has been a hectic time. Like all Weddings, their preparation and lead up can be frenetic. So much to do; all the running around, organising, choosing of outfits, dresses, venues, colours, flowers, rings etc can leave one with very little time to think or gather one’s thoughts.

The Knight of Wands is telling me that this is all happening in a whirlwind. Is it all happening too fast. Is there too much action with not enough thought. Has this Wedding gathered a momentum that is now hard to slow down or rein in? Why am I thinking that Fire is driving everyone at the moment? Well we have the heat and positivity of The Sun shining down on us from the opposite side, and the building fiery excitement of guests in The Four of Wands. So many have travelled home, or from far away for this day that Fire has got hotter and hotter. Even The Hierophant is in on the action too, ready to make it all official in front of everyone from the town; family, friends, work colleagues etc. The Knight of Wands has really helped set everyone on Fire and looks like he is just going to gallop right down the centre of The Reading for he can’t stop now.

However, The Four of Swords in Position 4 is telling me that The Pressure is beginning to tell where someone is concerned. There is a stress here that is not Wedding Happy Stress related. No this is someone who feels under tremendous pressure. I feel there may be some underlying fears, concerns, worries about the whole thing but with The Knight of Wands in The Surrounding Energy it may all have happened too fast, moved too swiftly, decisions made and actions taken without thinking things through. Whichever one has second thoughts or doubts, need to realise that it is not too late. The Knight of Wands has a tendency to shy away from commitment so it may not be the woman depicted in the Happy Couple who feels the stress. The Knight of Wands often gets carried away on the spur of the moment and takes on, or agrees to things he can easily regret within a short space of time. He may be feeling under pressure to follow through and feels his life closing down into the secure, but claustrophobic little existence of The Six of Cups. He may feel the four walls closing in around him and the loss of his freedom. He may feel like running away, getting away or just disappearing.

The Four of Swords in The Answer Position 4 is giving AdviceAdvice that should be taken before it is too late. The situation may feel like it has taken on a life of its own at this stage, and like The Knight of Wand’s Horse, is at full gallop and cannot be reined it, but The Four of Swords is saying ‘Not So’. It is imperative at this stage that whichever one it is takes some time out on their own to think things through. They need to step back from the situation and give much thought as to the nature of their concerns. After all, it may just be pre-wedding nerves, but then it again there may be much more involved. Before The Knight of Wands is allowed to take one more stride either way, in or out, whoever is being depicted in The Four of Swords must allow their thoughts to clear and settle so that they can make a decision one way or the other. The Three Swords hanging over the Figure suggest to me the concern this person has for what others will say or think should they do something that will break with tradition, and ruin everyone else’s expectations of their life, while the Sword that lies beneath is the person’s ‘what about me, what about my happiness?‘ attitude.

On first glance this Reading looks done and dusted. A happy union and great celebrations, but now I believe on further analysis that everything has moved too fast, someone is uncertain, someone feels either duty bound or under immense pressure. Obviously, if this was a Face to Face Reading you would be able to ask questions and get a better idea but we must use our own wits for this one.


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The Knight of Wands – Relationship Reading Practice

Knights Intro   Knight of Wands 

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Hello to all my Tarot Friends around The World,

Knight of Wands Upright

Yes, I have been missing for a while but am back now and I have been very busy. Some of you know that I have been unwell and unfortunately my health has not been great in the last couple of months. During that time writing was difficult but I am feeling much better now and have some good news for you. The Knight of Wands has been re-written and is now ready for viewing and reading. Be warned though. I got quite carried away writing about him so there is a lot to read. Really, I could have said a lot more about this dashing Knight but one must draw the line somewhere, and I also have to finish his fictional drama. You have already seen the first instalment, and for those who enjoyed it, the second instalment is due for posting in the next couple of days as I have also been working on that too. So you see, I have been keeping myself busy and not lying around recuperating or feeling sorry for myself.

As with all the other Cards, there is detailed information on the Card Imagery and Description, along with Personality ProfilingKeywords and Meanings for both the Upright and Reversed version of The Knight of Wands.  They are also to be found in the sub-menu of Lesson 2,  Part II, The Court Cards. 

Should you only require the Keywords and Meanings, then they can be found in the SectionThe 78 Cards -Brief  by clicking on the link The Knight of Wands. This section is being created as I finish re-working each Card. There is still a great wealth of information available in this section and is probably most suited to those who just want to find out what their Cards mean rather than an in-depth study.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to The Knight of Wands. Just click on the link or on the image below and you will be brought directly to his Page. 

The Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Upright

I do hope you enjoy reading about this very charismatic young man and I look forward to bringing you the next exciting instalment of his fictional drama. We will see what he has been getting up to since we last visited his castle where we left the King and Queen of Wands, along with a certain Lady-In-Waiting impatiently awaiting his arrival. All were eager  to welcome him home from his foreign crusades and victorious battles.

I have some Reading Practice Exercises prepared in relation to The Knight of Wands but I will give you the time to read and study his personality before posting them. By the time you have finished, you will know and understand the nature of this Knight inside out and be very confident about interpreting him in a Reading.

Then we will move on to The Knight of Cups, but I think you have enough to be going on with for the moment.


Vivien (your tarot teacher)


Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

New Practice Readings

Hi Everyone,

A big thank you to all who contributed their interpretations, theories and musings on the last Practice Reading – The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.  It was very interesting to see the various individual approaches one can make when connecting and linking Cards in a Reading. Every interpretation was potentially valid and could be applied to a relationship, career or general Reading with only a slight change of wording and emphasis. Each interpretation was loaded with a strong story line that could very easily be expanded upon. I loved the way some of you used the symbolic aspects of the combined imagery of the Two Cards to work your interpretation from.  I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I certainly learned a few more novel ways of looking at the Cards.

After Reading all your interpretations, it left me wanting to know more about the story-lines, where they were coming from and where they would move on to next.  It was like only getting to see the movie trailer and not the full thing. I wanted more, not just from the last Reading but also from the previous one with The Eight of Pentacles Reversed and the Ten of Swords.  We had not allocated positions for the Cards so we used a freestyle version of interpretation, allowing our imaginations and natural investigative skills to deduce what was going on, and when. We had to try to fill in the gaps ourselves as we only had the Two Cards to go on. But, see how much story we did get out of just Two Cards. Quite impressive Indeed.

If we can get so much out of so little, then we should have no problem when we add more Cards, should we? The thing is, the more Cards we add, the more complicated the storyline becomes. If we just have two characters in a movie, then it is much easier to follow the plot than when there are several, and all doing different things, or even conflicting and contradicting each other. What you have proved is that you can begin to start pulling a story together out of your knowledge of keywords, various interpretations and methods of application. Not just any old story, but a story that sounds reasonable and very possible. A story that sounds archetypal, not just a one fit all version, but a personalised one that makes perfect sense and is very plausible.

If we add Two more Cards to each of the above mentioned previous Readings,  randomly drawn, and again with no allocated positions, just freestyle, can we expand on our stories, can we see more and will it become clearer to us what is going on? You will have to decide yourself which Card might be referring to the past, present or future, or perhaps it is just a general overview. So we are going to put it to the test and see what comes up. Giving pre-determined allocated positions may stunt our creative imaginative flow and allow our conscious mind to start rationalising, as it is prone to do. This may block the impressions coming through from our subconscious, so for the moment, just let your mind go where it will. Run with your particular story and be confident about it, strengthen it and build on it. Don’t think for one moment that what you might be saying is silly or wild.  Remember, you do not have any client or Querant in front of you waiting and staring. Think of it as creative writing and not just trying to read the Tarot. This is a brilliant exercise for waking up the imagination and loosening the tongue or fingers on the keyboard. Just let it spill forth and don’t stop to think too much. Be as dramatic as you wish.

So here we go,  The Five of Swords and The Moon have been randomly drawn to add to the previous Reading of The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.

     5 of Swords Upright      8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed  The Moon Upright

The Three of Cups Reversed and The Nine of Pentacles Reversed have been randomly drawn to go with the previous Reading of The Reversed Eight of Pentacles and The Ten of Swords. 

3 of Cups Rx 8 of Pentacles Reversed   10 of Swords Upright 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Take your time with both these Readings. Mull over them for a few days even and start pulling your story together.  I am looking forward to hearing all your versions.


And for those who would prefer to stay with The Two Card Version for the moment, or do both, here are the latest Cards Drawn – The Four of Swords Reversed and The Nine of Cups

4 of Swords Rx    9 of Cups Upright

And now I must get on with my own work. The Four Knights are awaiting my attention at present so I must be off.  Best of luck.

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot

Daily Card Reading – A Turn of Events

Well I have been missing a couple of days and have not been able to do much posting or writing. I will try to do some catching up today. I had car problems,  hospital visits that involved trips up and down to Dublin and then I have been unwell for a few days, probably after picking up something in the hospital no doubt.  To top it all, I have had little or no internet access for the last two days. Why, you might ask? Who knows? For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I could not get the connection to last any longer than about five seconds. I spent the guts of two days constantly rebooting the modem.  This is Ireland, and compared to a lot of other countries in the world, our so-called ‘broadband’ is extremely ‘narrow and tight’ at the best of times, that is unless you live in the big cities. Of course you still pay the same charges regardless of how poorly your rural service performs in comparison to theirs. 

So it has been a frustrating week and my fingers itched to get to my keyboard. It has also been  a week of disappointing news, but let me stress, not entirely unexpected.

If you have been following my Blogs, you will know that my partner Billy had recently received a top-up mortgage approval from his building society so that he could buy a little house in a most beautiful place in South-West Ireland, Dingle , County Kerry.  We had been monitoring the events surrounding this venture via his Daily Two Card Reading. Being his partner and having an obvious interest in him securing his little abode, we monitored my Daily Cards too.  

The Survey of the house was due to be carried out by a local engineer. This man requested certain documents and certification from the vendor. These documents were sent through to my email address, and being the nosy person I am, I had a read through them. Something was not right and I relayed my feelings to my partner who thought I was just being my overly analytical self. We forwarded them on to both Billy’s solicitor who is handling the conveyancing and to the survey engineer. 

The next morning I drew my Cards – The Page of Swords Reversed and the Queen of Swords. Oh! 

  Page of Swords Reversed  Queen of Swords Upright


Straight Away, I knew I was going to hear something that I would not going to be happy about when I saw the Reversed Page of Swords. It would be to do with legalities, contracts or documents.  The Queen of Swords sitting beside him I knew was me, and the more I looked at her, the sterner her face became. I knew she could go into a terrible rant if she wanted to. I showed them to my partner and started putting the pressure on him to ring the surveyor as soon as he could.  He told me that he would wait another day and then contact him. He must have been mad to think that I would sit around on my throne for another day without knowing what was going on.  I persisted with him all day, constantly surmising about the survey and wondering if the report was done yet. What harm would a simple phone call make just to find out? However, my partner who has a lot more patience than I, felt we should wait another day. I wanted the facts now. ‘Hand them over right away’!!!!

We didn’t have to ring anyone as it turns out because the engineer got to us before we could get to him. He had only done a certain amount of the report but the reason he was ringing us was that there was something amiss with the documents we had forwarded him. These were the documents the vendor had sent to us certifying that all building and extensions had been carried out in accordance with planning regulations.  There was a problem, they were the wrong documents. Wrong by about five years and belonged to a much earlier work carried out on the property.  My partner said he would get on to the vendor immediately and get the matter sorted.  

He rang, but the vendor was away. We checked the name of the original engineer and rang him but he was on holidays. We were going to ring Billy’s solicitor to inform him but Billy quickly remembered that he too would be away for the week.  It looked like we had to wait for two weeks for this guy to come back from his holidays before the correct documents could be forwarded. I was uneasy.

Well, you can guess how mad I was and how much I went on and on about it.  Neither of us could believe that a professional person would sign their name to such an important document without checking the important details such as dates and relevancy.  I got a bad feeling and so did Billy.  Now we had to sit on it.  

Two days later, just before we were due to head off to our singing lessons, we pulled our Daily Cards.  Billy got Justice and The Ace of Swords

  Justice Upright  Ace of Swords


He showed them to me and I explained their significance under the circumstances.  We wanted the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We needed facts now and to cut to the heart of the matter.  It didn’t matter about the house. If it didn’t work out there would be other houses. We didn’t want to be wasting our time and effort on something that would not stand up to close inspection. We discussed it and decided that we couldn’t wait two weeks, and maybe  more, to know our fate. We had to find a way to get the information our engineer was looking for.  Our engineer is a straight talking man. Upfront, forthright and honest. He calls a spade a spade and is meticulously thorough in his work.  Justice told me that he would miss nothing, and if there was anything not quite right, this was the guy who would point it out.  We decided we would start making some phone calls ourselves later that day after our singing lessons.  

So with Billy’s Cards sorted, I pulled my two just as we were going out the door, late as usual. They were The High Priestess and The Three of Swords.

          The High Priestess Upright  3 of Swords Upright

Well, she certainly does show up a lot for me in recent times.  Again I could hear her coolly saying ‘what are you asking me for when you already know yourself. Look to the Three of Swords beside me, what do you think? Good news, celebrations, happiness and joy? ‘. I know, I know thought I, I have had a bad feeling about this ever since I read that document, and why we had to wait so long for something that should have been readily at hand? To my forensic mind, it didn’t add up. There was a blatant inefficiency about the whole thing that I didn’t like at all. The High Priestess was trying to break the news mildly by suggesting that you don’t get ‘too upset’ when you get the bad news. She reminded me that I already had my reservations and she was merely turning up to confirm them.  Her presence told me that there was certainly information that was being concealed and possible secrecy involved. She was also telling me to trust my gut instincts more because they would rarely let me down. 

And so we headed off to Dublin and our singing lesson. Later as we sat outside in the sunshine eating our shop bought sandwiches, I suggested to Billy that he might ring the surveyor to check if he had done any more with regards reporting on the house. Maybe he had managed to get the missing documents himself. Billy picked up his phone, it was still on silent after the singing lesson. He had forgotten to put it back to normal setting.  He had a missed call from the survey engineer. We rang back and thankfully got him.  Without going into detail, the news was not good. He had a long list of problems.  I am not sure if everyone is familiar with this saying but the house was ‘all fur coat and no knickers’ . What that means is that on the outside and to the inexpert eye, everything looks wonderful, amazing and fantastic, but start digging deeper, lifting things, looking under and behind things then you will begin to see the flaws. It is amazing what a good make-up artist can do to when they want to hide imperfections. He told us that he knew we wanted to hear it straight up and with no hesitation.  He certainly was ripping our rose-tinted glasses off and it was just what we needed.  He reassured us that we would find a lovely home and that it wouldn’t take us long. 

After the phone call, we headed home, feeling lighter and less stressed.  Internally, I was angry and gave out the whole way home about this and that, and about how careful we must be the next time round.  It had cost Billy money to be given this bad news, he will have to pay again for the next house he has surveyed. I was annoyed because in my belief, the vendor knew about all the issues, yet said nothing. The vendor had let Billy pay considerably for a survey he must have known would fail.  We talked it to death over dinner. The thing is we both agreed that we were not upset at all by the report, annoyed by the waste of time yes, but not upset. We had sensed something was wrong, had hoped our gut instinct was wrong, but when it wasn’t, we were neither shocked nor surprised.  Neither of us wanted to live in a house that would sprout nasty surprises on us in the coming months and years.

And so the search  continues. However, I must remember to tell you all about how we came upon that house in the first place. How my Dowsing Bobber lead us to it, and how now in hindsight, I had forgotten to ask all the relevant questions about it instead of just the limited few I did. The success of any dowsing activity depends on the effort put in.  You only get back the answers to the questions you ask.  It is often the questions you don’t ask that are the most important. It is quite an amazing story and totally true. 


I will be posting a new Daily Card Reading tomorrow, and later in the week will be going back on some of the previous ones to add another couple of Cards so that we might expand on their stories. 

Getting off to a Good Start when Learning to Read Tarot

A Clean Deck of Cards, Charging Cards & Taking Ownership of Your Cards

(New Heading in Lesson Two – Part I – Minor Arcana)

Ready to embark upon this Course, many of you will have purchased your Deck of Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Cards and are eager to get going.  Some of you will already have this Deck and may have been using it  for some time.  Others will have been given their Deck as a gift or from someone who no longer uses it.  Regardless of where they came from, either new or used, it is essential that your Deck of Cards be Cleansed and Charged with your Intention before use.  You also need to take ownership of your Deck.  By Cleansing, I do not mean washing down with cloths or detergents but rather an energy cleansing. Let me explain.

Everything and everybody absorbs energy from the environment it or we come into contact with.  There are certain things that attract more energy than others such as jewellery, crystals and oracle cards.  Unless, we totally remove ourself from contact with others, we are constantly moving within the energy of other’s emotions and thoughts. We may not be able to see them but they are there and will have an effect on our own emotions and thoughts.  Emotions and thoughts in the positive, can run from simple contentedness, to feeling happy, to feeling elated and overjoyed. On the negative, they can flow from feeling down or listless, to being irritated and upset, to feeling anger and despair. Whatever we touch or wherever we spend time in is charged with our emotions and thoughts along with the emotions and thoughts of those we share our space with.  This unseen energy is inter-mingling and communicating constantly as we go about our business.  You may think that what you can’t see can’t harm you but there you are mistaken.

How many times have you gone to meet a friend, sat on the bus or stood in a queue in a shop feeling okay and normal only to suddenly drop a notch or two into feeling troubled or low? How many times have you felt uncomfortable in a certain room, building or on a stretch of road? I don’t think that there is anyone out there who can say that it has never happened to them.  So, why does this happen to us? It is simple really.  Our positive happy energy of the day, suddenly gets tainted by the negative energy of someone or something nearby.  When I say negative, I do not necessarily mean evil or dangerous, but simply the downside of what we want to be or feel.  Being tainted by someone’s negative energy may simply mean picking up on the sadness of a friend after the end of her longterm relationship or death of her loved one.  It could be walking into a room where people have been arguing and feeling irritable or stressed.  However, it could also be tainted by the emotions and thoughts of a violent person or someone who is being or has been abused.  Your energy may get tainted by the emotions and thought processes of someone who is depressed or suicidal.  Negative influences of energy can make you feel down and depressed for no reason.  It can cause sleep and health problems and if exposed to it for too long can change your personality.

Exposure and influence of positive emotions and thoughts will have the opposite effect by making you happier in yourself and the world you live in. Obviously, this is what we all want and should aim for but as I mentioned earlier, we do share our world with so many others and our energy connects us to all, both positive and negative.  Therefore we should guard our own emotions and  protect ourselves from the negative influence of others as best we can.  We shall be exploring this in greater depth when we cover Psychic Protection in the next Heading but for the moment I want to address the issue of Preparing your Cards for all the work they will be doing.

So, back to that Deck of Tarot Cards you have before you.  Just let your mind begin to trace back, right to the very start, where your Deck of Cards came from before they arrived into your hands.  Now, question how many people may have handled them before your hands have come to rest on them.  The very card they are made from originated from pulp before it was compacted into cardboard, then there was the printing process, the construction of the box, the packing of the cards into the box, the transportation of the cards to warehouses, then wholesalers and delivery trucks, before delivery to the shop or online store you purchased them from.  It didn’t stop there either for the delivery had to be unpacked, the shelf stocked, the Deck priced or given a bar code, then packed up again to be given or sent to you.  If you bought the Deck in a shop, then question how many customers may have picked up your box for a look or to read the back before putting it back down on the shelf again?  The potential for contamination and tainting is enormous.

So, I guess some of you are now staring at your Deck of Cards as if they have some contagious disease.  I want you to relax about this but I also want you to be very aware of the impact that a Tainted Deck of Cards can have on a Reading. Very often I will have students who join my Tarot Class who complain that the cards they pull for themselves are always depressing and negative.  My first response is always to ask them if they have Cleansed their Cards before using them. Generally, they have failed to do this and once sorted, their Readings tend to be more balanced. The same can happen to any Reader, be they novice or experienced, if they are failing to clear their Deck of Cards between Readings.

Readings will also become muddled and vague or make no sense to the Querant or yourself, if the previous Person’s or Reading Energy is not cleared from the Deck .  You will realise this has happened when you are doing a few Readings in a row and become sloppy about your Cleansing routine.  Typically, you notice that the Cards drawn for the Querant in front of you are very similar to the Querant who was with you earlier or the day before.  In fact they may be the very same cards but just in a different order.  You will also find that if you try to read them, they will make little sense to the Querant in front of you.  This is because the Energy in the Cards belongs to too many people and is all mixed up, both positive and negative. Each Reading whether for personal use or for another must begin with a Clear and Clean Deck of Cards.

Tarot Readers who do Readings at Holistic Fairs do have their work cut out for them when it comes to Cleansing their Deck between Readings.  Some Readers are very public and theatrical about showing their waiting queues how diligent and conscientious they are about their clients. . It can add a mystic air to proceedings  as they circle their table ringing bells or wafting plumes of smoky sage around their cards.   Other Readers are more discreet and Clear their Decks quietly whilst their next Querant is settling into the seat in front of them.  One way or another, it will quickly become a very stressful day if they forget or do not bother to Clear their Decks after each Reading.

There are many methods of Clearing and Cleansing your Tarot Cards.  There are both short and long methods which you undoubtedly will try before settling on the method which suits you most.  There will be times when you want to spend time on Cleansing your Deck and then times when you just don’t have the time for anything other than the shortest briefest method.  I suggest that at least once a week you do a thorough Cleansing and Clearing, giving it time and consideration and then use a shorter method in between.

First Cleansing, Charging and Taking Ownership

Take the Deck of Cards out of the box and lay both the cards and box (the little book will be within) on the table in front of you. You need to Cleanse the box and little book too if this is where you intend to store your Cards.  If you are using a bag or have arranged a special box of your own, then these too must be Cleansed.

Sit for a few moments and centre, taking nice even deep breaths.  Ask for connection with your Higher Self. Relax and concentrate on the Cards in front of you.  Set and hold the intention in your mind and heart that you are going to Cleanse and Clear the Cards in front of you from all previous energies that have come in contact with them.  State clearly in your mind or aloud, that you intend to make the Deck of Cards yours, if you are going to keep them for your sole use or that you make the Deck of Cards available to others where they will be under your care.

Visualise a strong bright orb or ball of golden white light above your head.  Let the light build in intensity for a few moments before inhaling deeply.  As you inhale visualise the ball of golden white light explode like a waterfall as it cascades over your entire being.  On the next breath, inhale this brilliant bright light down through the crown of your head and feel it light up within as it travels down into your heart before pouring down your arms and into your hands.  Feel your hands light up and tingle with this cool burning energy as it builds in the palms.

Now, pick up your Deck of Cards and hold them between your two hands.  Set the intention that you are now ready to release the Cleansing Golden White Light into the Cards. When you are ready, let the building pressure in your hands explode its light into the cards. Feel the energy coursing through your hands and visualise it hissing and spitting as it burns away all previous energies attached to the Cards.  For the first Cleanse, sit for a few minutes, allowing the energy to flow through you.  When you begin to feel it ease off of slow down, release the Cards by putting them back onto the table. Now Cleanse the box and little book in the same manner.

Once the Cleansing has been completed, sit for a moment and set the intention that you are now going to Charge your Cards with Divine White Light and Positive Energy.  Let the waterfall of light begin to build again until you can feel its energy in the palm of your hands. Take the Cards back into you hands and hold them between the palms as before.  Now make a statement similar to the following or one that has Special Meaning for you:

“I connect with my Higher-Self, my Spiritual Guides, Spirits of the Light and The Healing Angels of Holy Light and Love to bless me as a Reader, bless my Cards and bless all Readings I use them for. May their Spiritual Messages come through clearly and positively for the Highest and Greatest Good of  all who seek Guidance from them.  I here forth vow to only use my Cards in Perfect Peace and Trust and with Harm to None. I ask this in Love and Light, Love and Light, Love and Light ”  .

Allow the light to flow once again from your palms and into the Cards.  Sit for a few minutes or until the flow of energy slows down or stops.  Your Cards are now Cleansed, Cleared and Charged with Positive White Light and as a Tarot Reader or Consultant, you are off to a healthy and balanced start.

Now, you can put your Cards back in the box until they are needed or, a nice idea is to leave them on an inner windowsill for a couple of hours if it is sunny or overnight under the glow of a full moon. If you are familiar with Crystals then you can leave a Clear or Smoky Quartz sitting on top of the Deck.  However, you must ensure that the Crystals are Cleansed too, otherwise they will contaminate the energy of the Cards.  Only use Crystals if you know what you are doing with them as their Cleansing methods can vary depending on type of Crystal used.  I have written a manual on Working With Crystals that will be published at a later stage.  If you are storing your Cards in a bag or just wrapping them in fabric make sure that any material used is of natural fibre.  Organic Cottons, muslins and silks are lovely.  If you are handy with a needle or sewing machine, then you might like to personalise the cloth or bag with embroidery or your name. Remember, that your Cards will pick up on energy wherever they are so do not leave them in an area that is frequented by too many people.

The above method is ideal for the first Cleansing, Clearing and Charging but you do not need to spend as much time and effort after that for your intentions have been sent out to the Universe and Sealed.  As discussed earlier, it is good practice to do a weekly or monthly thorough Clearing depending on how often you use your Cards and whether for personal or general use. Use your common sense here.  If you are going through a time of trauma or difficulty and consulting the Cards for guidance, then their energy is going to be loaded.  Make sure to do a thorough Cleansing once the situation has calmed down.  Likewise, if you are Reading for others then it is essential you do a Cleansing after each Reading. When using a Deck solely for one’s own use, then some Readers prefer to let their own energy build up in the Cards and develop a strong connection with them.  The choice is yours.  However, if you decide to Read for others longterm, then it is a good idea to have a separate Deck purely for personal use.

Below are some other Card Cleansing and Clearing Methods you may like to try out.  Remember to Charge the Cards with your Positive Intentions after the Initial Cleanse and ClearingRe-Charge them every week or month depending on frequency of use and personal choice.


Simply inhale brilliant White Light through your Crown Chakra and down into your Heart chakra. On the exhale, breathe this White Light over your Deck of Cards while visualising the light burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a reading.


Reiki Healers can draw the Power Symbol over the cards and run Reiki for a few moments.

Sage (Smudging)

Pass the cards over the smoke from smouldering Sage while visualising the smoke burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a Reading.

The Hands

Cross one hand over the other and rest them on top of the Deck of Cards. Set the intention that you are going to Cleanse the Cards of the previous Querant’s energy or question.  Now, very quickly and very determinedly pull your hands up and away from the Cards separating your hands in the process.

(You can also use the above method for Clearing the Cards of a particular question before moving on to the next question.  Just visualise white light/Reiki/Violet Flame flowing through your Cards clearing them of the energy of old questions.  Remember, you always want to be working with a Clean slate when conducting your Readings)