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The Fool Has Come Home – Final Three Major Arcana Cards

Hello to All my Tarot Students Around The World,

Well, after much hard slog and I think repetitive strain injury, I have eventually uploaded the final three cards of The Major Arcana:

The Sun, Judgement & The WorldThe Fool has come full circle, completed his journey and must be in dire need of a good rest at this stage. So, take a look at the final stages of his Journey and decide for yourself how he fared.

Just Click on The Links or Images below to go directly to Card Pages

The Sun Upright                             The Sun Reversed

The Sun Upright                           The Sun Reversed

Judgement Upright                           Judgement Reversed

Judgement Upright                   Judgement Reversed

The World Upright                         The World Reversed

The World Upright                  The World Reversed

Remember, I still have a lot of extra work to do on these cards but there is plenty to keep you going in the meantime.  I also have heaps of extra goodies to pass on to you, lots of practice readings and I certainly haven’t forgotten about showing you how to incorporate the Pendulum into your ReadingsHomework too, will be following down the line and with all going well in the New Year, 2013, the first of the accompanying Video Tutorials will be launched.

A big thank you to all my site visitors who have kept me going over the recent months.  It is so encouraging to see so many from far and wide popping by to read what I have posted.  I am just hitting the 10,000 Visitors number on my site stats and based on the fact that Truly Teach Me Tarot is not yet complete, and not yet fully launched, I am thrilled to know that so many have found me in a short few months.

And now I must be off and at it.



(Your Tarot Teacher)


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  1. You are a phenomenal teacher! Thank you for all this hard work. I will study diligently, over and over until I get it. Thanks again. This is truly a valuable gift you are giving us.


    • Ah Kathy, it is so encouraging to receive such wonderful comments. I am thrilled you and so many others like you, serious Tarot Students, are getting so much out of the course. There is still a lot more to come. I am re-working all the Fives at present so will post when they are all complete. If you have any questions as you go through it, do please drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


      Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


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