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The Four Fives of The Minor Arcana – Now Re-Worked

Happy New Year to all My Tarot Students & Enthusiasts,

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

2013 is now upon us and we must all look to the future for 2012 has moved frimly into the past.  For many, the last year has been happy and stable, with life, work, family and relationships continuing as normal.  However, for others the last year has brought change and some of this change may have been unexpected and possibly unwelcome.  For others, the year may have been a mix and might have left a bitter/sweet taste behind in its wake. Others may have felt it was boring and too predictable.  I myself experienced much change, some good, some natural and the rest, unfortunately traumatic.

The Year 2012 carried the Universal Year Number of 5.  In numerology, 5 is a number of chaos, conflict, upheaval and change.  In Year 5, we can expect the unexpected and to be hit by many curve balls.  As we open our mind to all that has occurred in the world in the last year we can see the havoc that the energy of 5 has wreaked on so many of us.  It has been felt on both a personal and global level. However, the last two digits of 2012 equal 3 ( 1+2=3) so after a difficult period of time we often experience a personal growth and greater spiritual depth. The 2 preceding these numbers 2+0=2 suggests that it could go one way or another for us or that we can choose to grow or not to.

In 2012, I turned 50, which is a big milestone for most of us. I didn’t mind being 50 but was amazed at how fast the years have flown by.  2012 also found me deciding to hand down and pass on my knowledge of the Tarot through my course Truly Teach Me Tarot.  I know there is much work  still to be done but I never ever thought I would get this far and also had no idea that it would attract so many visitors and viewers as it has brilliantly done since I first started posting in June.  On December the 10th, five years after the death of my 11-year-old son Conor, from cancer, we put a Christmas tree up to celebrate his memory and anniversary. It was also a symbol of our enduring strength throughout sadness and loss.  It was our first Christmas tree since 2006.  So, yes, these were very positive and encouraging changes for me. They were also a sign that I was making progress in my life and doing something with it rather than wallowing in the past and all that I had lost.

However, I also had to face many unwelcome changes and some that are still ongoing.  In 2012 I had to deal with personal health issues and surgery.  2012 also brought the death of two of my oldest and most dear cats, O’Malley and Morgan within a few months of each other. We laid them to rest under the Weeping Willow in the back garden.  One of my closest friends had to endure terrible tragedy in her family which impacted on all of us.  Then, only as recently as November, I lost my wonderful brother-in-law to a  cancer which struck out of the blue and took him so fast.  We are all still reeling from the shock of so many traumas but life and experience have taught me that we are stronger than we think and must never let our spirit be broken.  There is always something to live and fight for.

So, as we enter the year 2013, the Universal Year Number 6, we might all heave a sigh of relieve for 6 is a number of harmony, balance and peace.  It brings a calming after the storm and the chance to catch our breath and regain stability once more.  It is also a year for focusing on the family and the beauty of all our blessings.  It does not mean that we shall never experience change or challenge again but it does give us time to heal and to show solidarity with the rest of the world in regards to important humanitarian matters and issues. We must learn from our loss and not let it destroy us.

It is a very appropriate time to re-introduce the Four Fives of The Minor ArcanaThe Five of Wands, The Five of Cups, The Five of Swords and The Five of Pentacles .  You will find these cards in Lesson 7. Each card will give us the opportunity to reflect on any unpleasant changes or incidents that may have come to pass in 2012.  We shall see how the individual Suits cope and deal with change, stress, loss and trauma. In doing so, we may learn a thing or two about our own reactions to certain situations and our ability to cope during difficult times.

I have been re-working and re-writing these four cards for the last month or so and they are now ready for viewing.  Before clicking on the individual cards, please read the Fives Intro Page to learn more about what the Fives mean in Tarot Reading.

Homework and Sample Card Readings will be uploaded in the next couple of days and then I will begin on re-working the Four Sixes.

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

Please Click on the Individual Images below to go directly to Card Page

I do hope you enjoy reading the detailed description and interpretation of each Card and trust your knowledge of the Tarot is growing and growing.

See you soon,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)







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