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Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 2 of 4

Hi To all my Tarot Friends around the World,

3_ Cups_Upright

After getting off to an excellent start yesterday with Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 1, I now bring you the next Reading in this series, Week 2. In the first Reading, we set the background scene, found our central theme and got our bearings. We now have something very solid on which to build the next, and indeed, all subsequent Readings. We gained a real insight into Sharon’s situation, her personality and spirit. This has given us invaluable information and we can also see a wonderfully intricate story building around her.

There is indeed a vibrancy around this Empress woman who we cannot help but admire. However, we must strive to remain objective for the following three Readings. Life is never a bed of roses, and the journey we all face, rarely runs smooth, or as anticipated. We must be prepared to interpret any further scenarios that may arise regardless of how glorious her initial Reading is.

The Ace of Wands has certainly launched itself, but where will it go next? None the less, we have broken the ice and are prepared to expand on all the information gleaned from yesterday’s, Week 1 Reading.  Chart Your Progress Readings need to link together and organically develop. The questions, or query’s sought for each Reading, may vary, but all must link, as everyone’s life is multi-faceted with so many inter-related scenarios developing and interacting all around the same situation. We cannot separate every aspect of our life so that it stands alone. Regardless of how hard we try to compartmentalise our various roles, they will invariably cross over or invade each other’s territory.

The Minor Arcana demonstrates the individual aspects of our personality in the Suits of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Their story-lines are built around the archetypal personalities and archetypal situations associated with each Element. Even though they walk their own path, they cannot help but be affected by their fellow Suits’ influences. The Swords have quite a difficult path to tread but do not for one moment think that The Cups Suit are marching along happy, oblivious to their Sword neighbours’ plight. If the mind is upset or distressed, then it will have a very strong impact on the emotions too, Cups. It will also limit the strength and enthusiasm of the Wands. It might very well paralyse the Pentacles. I tell you all this so that you may better understand the dynamics that are at play in Chart Your Progress Readings. You must identify connections as you proceed from week to week.

In the first Reading we established Sharon’s status, her frame of mind and the exciting, if sometimes scary, journey she had embarked upon. We now want to move beyond that in all directions to examine what personal goals are invested in this adventure which has been set in motion with The Ace of Wands and The Wheel of Fortune. She has grabbed her Wand and jumped aboard the Wheel, so what is it she wants to achieve? What does she want to happen? Let us begin.

Check out Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading  –  Week 1

Chart Your Progress Reading – Week 2

Sharon – So here are the cards for my next reading. I was torn between asking more about my work and for guidance on my emotional life but as I am putting the work stuff on the back burner for a little longer, I decided to seek guidance on my emotional life and relationships. The cards are – the two of wands – the moon – the three of cups. Very much looking forward to my next reading, thank you so much!

2 of Wands Upright The Moon Upright 3 of Cups Upright

Chart Your Progress Through Tarot – Reading 2 – interpretation

It is interesting that we start your reading this time with yet another Wand, The Two of Wands which automatically follows The Ace. Here we see progress being made. You have come a far way but still have much distance to travel. The Two of Wands needs you to think even further ahead. The Ace inspired you to take action and now the Two is asking you to decide on how you move forward from here. You are in a position now to stand at a distance and look back at the journey you have just come through. These Three Cards tell me that you have not fully arrived at your intended destination just yet. You have much inner work to do and personal issues to resolve. The emphasis throughout all this is on emotional fulfilment and stability, and friendship, rather than a one to one relationships at this time. We shall look closely at all these areas. You have three Major Arcana Cards so far indicating Karmic Lessons that are being learned. This is a very important time for you in life. The Empress and Moon are both feminine Cards which bring much personal growth, inner connection and understanding. The Wheel of Fortune suggests Destiny, Karma, Fate and Luck strongly influencing your life right now. Your Minor Arcana Numbers are all low, highlighting new beginnings and the early days of a fresh cycle.


You certainly have been busy in the last while, and so much has happened for you. Many people who have gone through your recent experiences would be feeling physically worn out and emotionally drained. However, you seem to be riding high on the powerful positive energy that has been released. This is good, very good. You are looking at the world now as if you have been locked away in the dark for much time. Potential is all around you and you may feel that you have already wasted enough time.

Now that you have secured your freedom and are abuzz with so many plans for your future you are beginning to reconsider how you feel on an emotional level. The Two of Wands tells me that even though you were married, you do not feel you have been in a real relationship for a long time. I feel that your decision to leave was not a sudden thing, even if it may have seemed like that to others. You were discontent for a very long time. The Two of Wands suggests that you were stressed and frustrated by your circumstances. Boredom and apathy became the norm, and even though on the outside everything may have looked fine, there was a marked change within you. I believe you struggled for some time to make things work, but no matter how hard you tried to feel excited about your life and your relationship, the flatter you became. It got harder and harder to put on a face and to go through the motions. Again I stress boredom was a big thing for you. There was nothing that moved you anymore. I feel that you possibly went into your marriage with high hopes and much enthusiasm, but somewhere the glow began to dull and disappointment set it. It was not how you imagined things would be. Maybe complacency set in with one or both of you. Effort could not be sustained. I wonder if you made a decision to give up something or were the one to make a compromise when deciding to get married? In hindsight you now know that it was the wrong thing to do. It seems your life was put on hold, or shoved to bottom of the list when you married. It is likely you became emotionally very low. There are some personalities that can accommodate such sacrifices, are indeed happy to make them, but you are of a different spirit. The Fire within would find a way out regardless of how hard you tried to do what was expected of you in a restricting environment.

I mentioned earlier that your decision to leave was not sudden from your point of view. You struggled with it as you became more and more discontent. Something kept you there for longer than you really wanted. Was it pride, fear? The reluctance to admit it was all a mistake and that you wanted out? Didn’t want to be seen as a quitter? Or possibly there were other circumstances involved? Maybe leaving meant leaving people or things behind that meant something to you? Obviously in a marriage there are financial matters to consider, and of course, if there are children, packing a bag and walking out the door is not something one can easily achieve, regardless of how personally un-fulfilling it has all become. All relationships breed baggage of one sort or another, baggage that is challenging to move with short notice, or on the spur of the moment.

Emotional baggage is also part of the legacy of a broken marriage. Time is needed. One thing is for certain, The Two of Wands being Upright lets you know that although there may have been a lot of fall-out or sacrifices to make, you made the right decision and that this decision was based on your personal needs. You took the action that was needed. You certainly do not like to be restricted or have your freedom curtailed in relationships. For some reason you were drawn into a relationship that was the complete opposite of who you really are, and could never meet your specific needs. It is possible you did not know yourself at this stage, had not fully developed within your own power, and did not exactly understand what you were looking for. In hindsight you might feel you were a bit impulsive. You must be careful not to let that happen again. You do have the tendency to get carried away and overly enthusiastic which can gloss over any niggling doubts.

I think that as your relationship and marriage continued, bit by bit you began to grow, and the space around you became too small on every level. Even though it all turned out wrong, your marriage and relationship with your ex-partner has provided you with some of the missing pieces of your personal jigsaw. It has made you very aware of who you now are, what you now want, and especially what you do not want. The end of your marriage, the end of an era, has created a fresh breaking dawn which you have only just entered. The new developing YOU, simply didn’t fit anymore and it would have been wrong to continue in pretense. The result of all this is that you are only in the early stages of getting to know this new you. You are discovering interesting things about yourself every day and are in wonder and joy at the person you have found.

On an emotional level this is very important for many reasons. You are beginning to understand what personal happiness is, something that is only a dream for others. You have so much more to find out about emotional fulfillment as life is certainly beginning to improve for you. It will take time and many experiences before you find the exact balance, and then you must work to sustain that. So you are going through a learning process. Approaching this in the arena of forming a new relationship must be viewed in the same manner. You must ask if you know sufficiently about this new, or rediscovered you, to consider seeking or entering a new relationship at this early stage?

One thing you are aware of is your considerable need for freedom to grow and expand as you desire within any relationship. You are like a bird that has spent many years locked in a cage with only a limited view of the outside world. The view of what lay beyond the horizon kept you going until the day came when the cage door flew open and for the first time in a long time, you spread your wings and took to flight. You are still soaring at this moment and riding high on the experience. You must guard against letting yourself get caught or trapped unexpectedly, or even voluntarily. The cage you left is fading into the distance, but it was not unique. There are similar cages to be found everywhere. Yes, they may be colorful, or shaped differently, presented to you in novel ways, enough to entice you inside. Once in, and with the door closed behind you, they can seem smaller or darker than you expected. You may not have enough room to unpack the contents of your life, the pieces that make you, you. You may have to let go some of the precious pieces you have only just re-discovered, so you can fit the size of your new cage. You may then ask yourself why you let go of your new-found freedom so rapidly. Were not your wings only begin to strengthen? Had you not plans to fly further, to see how much distance you were capable of travelling on your own? Were you not delighted by only having yourself to please, to come and ago as you wished, to fly low, skimming the foamy spray of the ocean, or to soar higher than the clouds, gliding with ease, travelling light?

This is your time and The Two of Wands would advise you to stay well clear of anything that remotely resembles a cage. You have only just found liberty. You must experience life now with no walls, and only after spending time doing this will you know for certain how much enclosure you are prepared to live with. Enjoy every second of your solo flight and take none of it for granted. The Wand that is bolted to the Wall in the Two of Wands, combined with The Moon, gives me a sense that there are still ties or bonds that need to be disconnected. On the outside you show strength and determination, but deep down you may feel troubled, insecure or fearful. This is normal and quite understandable after the recent journey you have undertaken. We may remove ourselves physically from an area, and think that is that. It would be nice if it was a simple as that but it takes time to heal from the disruption it causes to our entire being. The Moon shines on areas that are still worrying you, and illuminates your concerns. There may also be a secret you are guarding closely, something you do not want others to find out about. Now that you have liberated yourself and are looking towards the future with excitement and enthusiasm, you have the time to think about where you have come from and how it all came about. You are also beginning to understand that it is you on your own, even if you have children or not, and The Empress may very well have, everything is up to you now.

The Moon speaks of a journey that must be undertaken. This journey will take you into unknown territory or uncharted waters and it will not be possible to automatically know in which direction you should travel. The Moon casts shadows and you may see things that are not there, and not see things that are. See yourself as the Crayfish in the imagery of this card as he emerges from the deep pool. You are just emerging from the cocoon you have been living in. You see the twisting, winding road ahead of you and that it disappears over the top of a mountain. That is where you want to go, for you believe it is where you destiny lies. You are eager to get going and pull yourself out onto the path. You seek the new but you are also slightly nervous of it. It is only now you realise that you are on your own and for the first time feel a rumble of fear. You chide yourself for being so silly and that you are well able to complete the journey, but inside you begin to think of all the things that might happen, or that you might stray from the path altogether, get lost or make mistakes.

The dog and wolf howling at the moon, represent your inner fears and doubts that rise up from deep within. They also represent outside influences and external advice or warnings. Something is troubling you and all is not at peace. Your subconscious can play wild with your imagination. You may feel that you need to find someone to make the journey with, but the deal with The Moon is that to be successful on this particular path, you must walk it alone. Now I am speaking metaphorically here and do not imply that you should pack your bag and head off across some high mountain to prove how strong and independent you are.

The journey in The Moon is typically an internal one. You may surround yourself with friends and support as demonstrated in The Three of Cups, but they will not be able to do this work for you. Look at the two towers depicted in The Moon. These are the same towers from the Death Card. Then they were far off in the distance, but through all the calamity it was possible to see the sunrise behind them. Hope for a better future lay ahead. You have survived the Death Card and traveled a long way since. The towers represent stability and security, but now that you are up close to them, they seem very far away from each other. The path runs between the two and puts you at quite a distance from either tower which may unnerve you. The Moon represents a time when you have to face your inner fears in a courageous manner. Keep a strong hold of your Ace of Wands and feel empowered by The Empress.

The Moon suggests that it is a time to look to yourself and find your own way. Look within for answers and trust in your own intuition and gut feelings. The Moon also illuminates any emotional baggage you have brought with you. While under the influence of The Moon you must bring all of it to the surface to be exposed and released. Deal with them now and lay any ghosts to rest. Do not carry dead weight around with you. Otherwise they will be subconsciously released into further relationships. You must work now to pick away at the bolt that still binds one of your Wands to your old life. You will not be running on full energy until you do. Remember, you are still in recovery mode, even if life expects you to get back out there and jump into the full swing of things again. You might even expect it of yourself. You are still caught between the old and the new. This can often be the toughest part of the journey.

The path in the Moon Card travels over the mountain. The Sun Card lies at the other side and that is where you will fully experience your new-found being and what true liberation is. All plans and ideas birthed with The Ace of Wands through the Empress will begin to manifest in abundance. You will have done this all by yourself, yes with the help and support of friends and family, but you will be the orchestrator of your own success. Friends and family will toast your success and are really all you need right now. By this I mean that relationships should be kept on a friendly basis during this time, and that it might be unwise to seek close involvement with another while matters are being taken care of in The MoonThe Moon is a Major Arcana Card and very powerful. It is unwise to stay under the direct influence of The Moon for too long as it can draw you in very subtly under its hypnotic gaze. It represents the worlds caught between fantasy and reality. It is wonderful to access the subconscious and allow it out to breathe and play,but there is s a time and place for The Moon. You must set your boundaries and not allow it to take control of your life.

You have a whole new life starting and there will be a variety of new people entering it from here on in. There is a lot of feminine support around you. The emphasis is on friendship and socialising with the presence of The Three of Cups. It is time to get back out their and have some fun, but nothing terribly serious. Avoid creating new binds too soon. Remember, you have only just learned to fly. Of course The Empress will desire physical contact and passion, so by all means go on dates and accept invitations to as many places as you like. Try not to look for a deep meaningful relationship just yet while you are still in the midst of celebrating your new-found freedom, even if you do meet someone really nice. You will certainly not be short of friends and a great social life. The Three of Cups is one of the Group or Team Cards in Tarot and does not typically suggest couples. However, it is through social occasions that one often gets introduced to new partners.

The Ace of Wands, The Empress, The Wheel of Fortune and The Three of Cups suggest great times ahead with some exciting encounters which could lead to something more meaningful in the future. For the moment, tread carefully where romantic relationships are concerned and keep it light. If someone wonderful appears, then they will want to respect your independence and be happy for you. All in good time, all in good time. You are certainly going to be in great demand and maybe you should let your hair down for a while and just enjoy yourself. Let The Empress within bloom.

A word of warning though, with the above four Cards , there is a strong chance of a pregnancy, either for you or someone you know. The Empress does love to fill her house with children and the Ace is a very phallic symbol. The Wheel of Fortune brings unexpected surprises and The Three of Cups celebrate the surprise. If a pregnancy is the last thing you are looking for right now, then it is wise to make sure it doesn’t happen if you wish to concentrate on your career for a while longer and stay single. The Moon too can highlight the feminine cycle, fertility or fertility issues as it does represent The Mother/Mothering aspect. These are personal matters for you and you have strong feelings in this area. This card may also be connected with your mother, or if you have children yourself, how you feel about your own mothering abilities after recent events.


In Numerology your combined Cards for this Reading totals 5 (2+3).  This is the second 5 and suggests that life is still a bit all over the place. Certain things need to settle before you will find stability.


5 in The Major Arcana is represented once more by The Hierophant. You might still feel a bit unsettled about the impact of your life changing decision on those around you. You have more work to do in this area. You might need to let go of certain old mind sets and not let others’ opinions get you down.

The total of Your Major Arcana Cards to date is 31=3+1=4. The Empress III, The Wheel of Fortune X and The Moon XVIII. Your first Reading also carried a Major Arcana total of 4. 4 in Numerology is connected with stability and security. It represents a time for building strong foundations for the future and consolidating your resources. It brings a time of much needed grounding and feeling in control of your life.

The Emperor represents 4 in the Major Arcana. A figure and authority on creating order out of chaos. He owns his throne and rules his kingdom. He sets his own rules and owns his power. He offers stability, security and protection.

When we bring back the 4 to 3+1 we have both The Empress and The Magician. A powerful combination. The earthy feminine energy with a focused will and know how. A woman empowered on all levels. Great things can be achieved. Plans and dreams made manifest.

End of Reading – Week 2

Sharon – Hi Vivien – here is my feedback on this reading (again, not going into too much detail and just keeping it fairly general). Once again, absolutely spot on – your description of my marriage was 100% correct! I even used the ‘bird trapped in a cage’ metaphor when talking about it to my friends and have also talked to them about how even though ultimately things didn’t work out, I’ve learned a lot about what I want and what I don’t want. I have been feeling a little nervous about setting out on my own but also very excited as I have some great plans and lots of great support through my friends – now I’ve left my marriage, it’s giving me the opportunity to breathe new life into some friendships which I was unable to continue due to the controlling nature of my ex-husband. So for now I’m having fun and have no desire to rush into settling down with someone – even though there is someone in the background. But I’ll talk about that more in my next reading wink emoticon Also – the mothering aspect – I’ve probably been defined by my role as a mother for the last 18 years, particularly as for most of that time I was a single parent. I also tend to fall into a nurturing/caretaking role for others too, including my ex. So now my daughter is moving into independent adulthood, I’m ready to focus more on myself – though this is in itself quite scary! Thank you again for another fantastic reading – so enlightening and helpful. Looking forward to reading number three!

Me – After receiving Sharon’s feedback I kicked myself for not picking up on the connection with mothering in relationships and The Moon Card and also her reference to Motherhood defining her life for so long. This ties in nicely with the launch into her new life and a new era. In a way she is returning to her single aspect and starting over once more. I have referred to this consistently in the last two readings when I wrote of re-discovering her self once more and that this time it is all about her. It is exciting but also scary. She has fulfilled her immediate role as a mother and now seeks something for herself.  It is very useful to ask for feedback about your readings as you will learn so much. I know I will see this scenario represented in future readings with clients.  I just didn’t make these extra specific connections in this reading, but will not miss it again. If this had been a face to face reading with a two-way flow of communication, it would have come to the surface. Thanks Sharon for giving me some new insight and material for readings and interpretations of The Moon Card in relationships. Was thrilled she got so much from it. It is wonderful to get such feedback after a distant reading. Distant Readings stretch you. You really have to go with the flow, and once you relax into it, the information pours forth as you will have noticed in the early part of this reading.

Check out Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading  –  Week 1


Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 3 will be posted on Tuesday the 25th of August. 


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