See How ‘Chart Your Progress’ Tarot Readings Work – Week 1 of 4

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

The Empres Upright

While I am busy working away on writing more content for you all to enjoy, I have been given the much appreciated permission to publish a series of Tarot Readings I did for one of my fabulous Facebook Followers. I had thrown the word out that I would offer a free 4 weekly, Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading for one of my Facebook Followers if they were agreeable to having their Readings posted on the Page for all to see. They also had to have an issue, challenge or project to base the Readings on. I certainly struck gold when Sharon got in touch with me. She ticked all the boxes and was very focused on the area of her life she wanted her Readings to concentrate on.

Chart Your Progress Readings work by regularly monitoring a defined situation, issue, challenge or project over a 4 week, or more, time period to determine how it is progressing, and to highlight areas that need attention. As the weeks go by, it is quite clear to see in the Cards just how well things are working out. If there are apparent negative, or unwelcome cards in the earlier Readings, their absence in later Readings can indicate successful management of the issue. If these Cards, or similar ones, repeatedly turn up, then it can highlight on-going blocks or set-backs to progress.

Anyone can do this type of Reading. It is best not to use too many cards each week, but if you are doing it maybe once a month, a larger Spread can be used. The Initial Reading – Week 1 sets the scene and outlines all the details surrounding the query. It will provide a launching pad from which to work. All subsequent Readings will refer back to this original Reading.

Many of my Clients opt for this type of Reading, coming back every 4 to 6 weeks for a check-up. It often helps people stay on-track and focused. My Clients really get the benefit out of Charting Their Progress, but are often anxious when they appear on my door for their follow-up Reading if they have been sloppy about working on the insight gained from the previous one in between. I can tell the moment their Cards are turned if they have made progress, or have unfortunately relapsed into their old behaviour or attitude. Sometimes they need the Cards to keep them inline!!

So, this is Reading Week 1. The background provided by Sharon is detailed below followed by the Cards she drew from her own deck. My interpretation follows. Sharon’s feedback follows that. I will post Reading – Week 2 on Friday.


Sharon – I’m at a big turning point in my life, having just ended my marriage and moved house, so everything is up for grabs right now, including kick-starting my career again. So it was quite difficult to think of a specific question. When I drew the cards, I focused on guidance for my future path – where do I go from here? What should I focus on as I move forward? The cards I pulled were: ace of wands, the empress and the wheel of fortune, in that order.

Cards Drawn

Ace of Wands The Empres Upright Wheel of Fortune Upright

Here is your First Reading. Hope you gain some insight from it.

Your First Week’s Reading – Where do I go From Here? What Should I Focus on as I Move Forward?

Setting The Scene with Week 1 – Reading – Interpretation

These Cards really tell me that you are ready to put the past behind you and are indeed excited by the future ahead. What may have been perceived as a terrible thing to happen in your past, I cannot help but think it was a blessing in disguise. I do not know if it was you who ended the relationship, or your partner, but it seems to have liberated you in more ways than you realise. This is going on the basis that you are already pinching yourself with this knowledge. Maybe you were too young and had not fully realised your potential, but let me tell you that the above three cards put you in a great position. You are poised to launch yourself into the world once more as you, yourself, Sharon, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Speaking of the future, I get the distinct impression that you are quite laid back about this, and whereas you have certain plans and ideas running around in your head, you are quite open to see where life will bring you, even if it seems crazily different to what you might have thought or envisioned for yourself.

Your Ace of Wands tells me that you are fired up and ready to go. You probably have already headed off, too excited to even wait for the starting gun. With the Ace of Wands firmly in your hand, you will also feel an increased rise in your energy levels. You are being given the ‘Green Light’, the ‘Thumbs Up’ and are good to go. There is a certain air of throwing caution to the wind and just seeing where life will take you next. When the Ace of Wands turns up, it begins a whole new chapter in your life, with travel, movement, action, projects and feeling on a high. This Card replaces the Ten of Wands and that is probably where you have freed yourself from in the recent past. You were certainly carrying a heavy load, and it had all but broken your back. You have a strength, a passion, a fire within that has helped you through the bad times. You have a Spirit that is hard to break and it has rebelled against all your issues in the past. It was never going to let you down. What The Ace of Wands has done is brought you back to the person you were before you met your marriage partner. If you took on your partner’s name after marriage, the Ace of Wands has given you back your Maiden Name, you birthright, and all the energy and potential that came with it. You are now free to reconnect with the person you used to be.

The first time The Ace was given to you, you grabbed it firmly just like you are doing now. Ask yourself, who you were back then, what you liked and didn’t like, what music you enjoyed, the friends you had around you, the clothes you wore, how you styled your hair, the sports you played, the courses you attended, the exams you past, your social life, your home life? Compare it all to your time spent in The Ten of Wands. How much have you changed? Where the changes for good or bad? Contemplate on the plans you had back then, the goals, the dreams. What was it you wanted out of life? What did happiness mean to you? Did you realise any of it? The most wonderful part in all this is that you have been blessed with a second chance. The Wand has been gifted back to you and it will connect you with all those parts of you that were left behind. However, this time, The Ace will expect more of you for you have already traveled through its cycle once before, and therefore will be expected to not make the same mistakes again. The Ace of Wands may not present itself to you again for a long time, so it is telling you to make the most of it this time round, based on the experience of your last cycle. Sharon I believe that I am preaching to the converted here and that I am just mirroring your own feelings right now. The great thing is that you did not let the time spent in The Ten of Wands stop you from dusting yourself down and getting back on track once more. You are bursting at this stage with anticipation and the need for action. You probably haven’t felt this good in a long time. It is amazing what happens when we make the decision to drop the load that has been wearing us down. You wanted you life back, and when you saw that Ace of Wands heading towards you, you reached out and grabbed it as it shot by. That Wand dragged you out and has been drawing you along ever since. However, it has patiently waited, and it is not used to doing so, for you to tie up some loose ends before it can fully release its powerful energy within and around you. You have moved from your home.

The Ace of Wands, a travel card, gave you the energy to do so, and you now find yourself in a place where you can begin to personally develop or reconnect with your true-self. Your mood is one of optimism and positivity. Anything can be achieved now. Not only that, but you are feeling pretty damn good about yourself.

The Empress, a powerful Major Arcana, appearing welcomes you back to your true-self, the person you were always meant to be. She has missed you, and you her. She suggests that you have been paying more attention to yourself in recent times and doing things that please you. You may have even changed your wardrobe, your hairstyle, bought something you would never have dreamed of buying in the past. Sharon it is all about you at the moment and this is a good thing. The Empress will bring out the powerful woman in you and she asks you to relax in yourself for you are safe and in a happy zone right now. This is a number III Card which suggests that much growth and progress is currently being made. Your Ace of Wands has brought some exciting ideas and proposals to The Empress who must dwell on them first before giving her response. Not everything that grows in the Empress’ garden will survive, so try to focus on the ideas or plans that have the best chance of survival, and most importantly, the ones that will bring you the most happiness. Remember you are being given this second chance and you will definitely want to make it work for you. The Empress also asks you to make sure you take enough time out for yourself before jumping into new projects. Have you given yourself a bit of a break after the upheaval of the past? Maybe you need to rest or relax before taking off again?

From a career point of view, The Empress bodes well for those who wish to work from home. The Empress will support you in this endeavor. We must always look at the mother connection when we see The Empress, and this might mean there are children involved. If you have children, then starting a home business, possibly online, or finding a job that will allow you to work from home would be ideal. The Empress is also great with children and she can often be found as the loving child-minder for other people’s children. The Empress desires freedom, so a job that does not restrict you too much would be ideal. Now we move onto a powerful side of The Empress. Her multi-tiered creative side sings out to us. When she turns up in a Reading she often does so to highlight our creative talents. Sharon, I feel that you may be very artistic or creative in some way. The Empress is an excellent dancer, singer, actor, artist, dressmaker, potter and writer etc. She is not shy about publicly demonstrating her gifts. She often has her artist’s studio or workshop in a converted garden shed or loft. Evidence of her creativity can be found all over her house. When she focuses her energy in any of these areas, they seem to burst into life and thrive. She can make anything grow, especially when she has the Ace of Wands by her side. She can make a very good living from her creative talents. She doesn’t want to take on too much though as it important for her to have time to herself. Neither does she like a set 9-5 job that allows little flexibility. You may be feeling this already, but if not, The Ace is pointing you back to your roots, your young self, the young woman you left behind, for it is possibly there you will find the answers. There may have been a career, or qualifications that were never completed or followed through on. Was there something you were good at but only viewed it as a hobby? Now is the time to get back on track and to pick up from where you left off. The Wheel does have a tendency to bring you back to things from your past. What goes around will eventually come around too. The Empress does bring a wonderful successful energy with her. You are feeling much-loved at present and surrounded by great support. You can breathe easily again. I am not sure of where you moved to but possibly you have moved back to your family home where you are free to be you once more.

If you look at the Ace of Wands and The Empress side by side, you can see a symbolic repetition. In the Ace, the Wand is held up to demonstrate the potential of power, and in The Empress, she raises a scepter in the air to suggest her ruling power. This speaks of being in control of one’s life and having a firm grasp of how you want your life to proceed from here on. Try to savor this time and allow Mother Nature to work at her own pace. Do not try to force things to happen, but allow your senses to develop. A period of incubation or gestation may be required to allow plans and ideas sufficient time before take off. There is no doubt that the future bodes well with these three cards so maybe just chill for a little while. Yes, a little ‘me time’ might be a good idea because life is going to take off at a spanking pace in the not too distant future.

With the Wheel of Fortune Upright in your Three Card Reading, life is certainly beginning to improve for you. The Wheel has turned once more and this card also speaks of a new cycle beginning for you. You said that everything is up for grabs right now, and your cards agree with you. The Upright Wheel means your star is ascending once more. The Ace of Wands plucked you from under the Wheel when it was in Reverse as it all but threatened to crush you under its weight. With your fighting spirit and a refusal to give up, you clung to the side of the Wheel as it slowly, and at times painfully slow, began to revolve. Each minute turn took you closer to the top and further away from the bottom. It took guts to hang on that long, but now you are sitting pretty like the Sphinx on top and are much wiser after your time spent crushed beneath.

From the four corners of The Wheel of Fortune the Elements can be seen. They appear to be reading or studying books. This symbolically highlights the  lessons you have learned in these areas of life. Make no mistake, the Wheel will continue to turn and the high times will be replaced with more ordinary or mundane ones. You cannot fully escape future times of loss, pain or even simple disappointment, as the Wheel brings you to the bottom once more. However, when it does, as it will for all of us, you will be better prepared and certainly will not feel the negative effects as greatly as you would have the last time round.

The Fates are smiling down on you now and luck is on your side. I sense a golden opportunity coming your way and it may be out of the blue. When the Wheel appears we can find serendipitous and coincidental situations. Being in the right place at the right time may be key to where you future is going to take you. A chance meeting, something you hear on the radio while passing through a shop, a magazine article you read in the doctor’s surgery. Be on the look out for these flags or signs, and do not dismiss outright, anything that might seem outrageous or unbelievable to you. Luck is all around you right now and there is a good chance that the Universe has something pretty darned good in store for you, so be prepared for surprises. You are back at the start with so much to live for and as a mature Empress this time, fully in charge of yourself and your realm. Hop on board the Wheel and enjoy the ride.

The Wheel also brings a hectic social life and being extremely busy. Things are happening for you now after a period of stagnation. However, you may have to take a little gamble on life now where ideas and plans are concerned. Yes, the Empress needs a little time before she is ready, but not everything can be guaranteed in advance. Sometimes you just need to trust a little and take a chance on life. I do feel there are several life and career areas you are drawn to right now so prioritise. Focus on the ones that you are most comfortable with and that truly make you happy. Then go for it. With The Wheel of Fortune, things might happen quite fast. More travel and movement could be involved. Rule nothing out.

The above three Cards carry a combined numerical value of 5 suggesting a period of change, disruption, upheaval, situations out of control, and the unexpected. It also suggests fighting your way out of a bind. 

Five also corresponds with The Hierophant in The Major Arcana which highlights the area of convention, tradition and what is expected of you in society on the basis of what everyone has done before you. You have challenged the Hierophant and liberated yourself by breaking the rules. You have thought for yourself and decided to follow your own path and not one set for you by others. It takes a lot of guts to look the Hierophant in the eye and tell him that you will be seeking your own counsel from here on in.


We also have to look at card 14 in the Major Arcana, Temperance. This is where you now find yourself, trying to find the right balance in your life, the right mix to for success and happiness. Temperance also reminds you of the need to stabilise within, and to allow time for healing on all levels.


End of Reading  –  Week One


Feedback on Reading 1

Sharon – Wow! Am speechless! What an incredible and very accurate reading!

Okay, here is my feedback. I was absolutely blown away by your reading, it was so accurate about where I am right now and about the issues in my life. I DO feel liberated and like I’m reconnecting with my true self, and it confirmed for me that I’m heading in the right direction regarding the future. It was also really helpful in terms of guiding me to take more me-time and to just relax for a while before taking off again – I’ve been through a very busy time recently but thanks to the feeling of liberation, my mind is a-buzz with plans and ideas for the future. The reading guided me to just take a step back and take care of myself for a while before I launch into the next big project.


Chart Your Progress Reading  – Week 2 will be posted on Friday the 21st of August. 

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