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Chart Your Progress Reading – Week 3 of 4

 The Lovers Upright
Missed Reading 1 & 2?  Week 1  Week 2

And so we come to the third Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading for Sharon. Her story expands as light is shed upon all the connecting areas of her current path and situation. Sharon certainly has embarked on an exciting journey, but in this Reading Sharon wants to focus on relationships, not in a generic sense as in the last reading,  but this time focused in a very certain direction.

Sharon sent the questions for her Readings to me by private message. Up until now, I have supplied the exact question, but for this reading, it was a lot more personal. Therefore, I have stripped the question down to the bare bones.  What I will tell you is that she told me there was someone in the background, someone she is drawn towards, and maybe connected to the secret I mentioned in the previous reading. She agrees she is not in a rush to get involved with anyone right now, but she does feels a strong connection between them.

Sharon – So now I’m wondering – what is his role in my life?  The cards I pulled relating to this question are: the Ten of Pentacles, the Lovers, the Ace of Swords.

10 of Pentacles Upright The Lovers Upright Ace of Swords

After all the action and fire of The Wands, we now come upon our very first Pentacle, and not only that, it is the Ten of Pentacles. The previous Wands Cards were in the low numbers, suggesting the beginnings of your new life and how it was still in the early stages. All of a sudden we find the extremely settled Ten of Pentacles. This suggests to me straight away that even though you may not have openly acknowledged, or admitted it to yourself, you believe that this ‘secret man’ could very well be the one that could make you happy in the long-term. He has been in and around your life for a long time and the relationship is already quite concrete. Roots are firmly established. With The Lovers sitting in central position, we could easily be looking at a karmic situation, especially with The Ten of Pentacles flanking it on the left side. You and this man go back a long way, maybe longer than you think. The Ten of Pentacles stands for long-standing situations, longevity and legacy, with roots that often go back many generations or lifetimes.


The Lovers also suggest to me that you enjoy a wonderful level of communication with this man. You can speak freely, you share so much, and have lots in common. You can be yourself with this man and he too with you. There is certainly a bond here and more than just casual. The Ace of Swords often represents a meeting of minds, the double-edged Sword. Two minds are better than one, and even better still are two independent minds that can communicate in a balanced harmonious manner. The two sides are also reflected in The Lovers who perfectly complement each other. A decision will have to be made about this relationship at some stage, but there is no immediate rush. You may feel that The Ace of Swords is encouraging you to act, but all it wants you to do is clear your mind of the past, so that you can make sense of it all. You need to cut any ties that bind you to old relationship patterns and you will use the Ace of Swords to do so. You feel this to be a real relationship with a spiritual connection. You feel blessed for the first time.


Taking all this in at first glance, my initial response to the Ace of Swords is the sudden realisation of your true feelings for this person. The space has been cleared in your life and you can look at things and people from a new perspective. Ping, a light has gone on in your brain and all is crystal clear. The Ace of Swords also frees you to openly communicate your feelings about this man to others. It is safe to talk about him. You don’t have to keep it to yourself anymore, yet I feel you worry about your ex-husband finding out.


These are very positive cards in relation to the prognosis of this potential relationship. However, you are still at the beginning of your new adventure, and this relationship, although spiritually cemented, is still in an abstract sense, symbolised by the presence of Aces. The Ten of Pentacles reassures you that it is safe to view it at a distance, something that will come about in the long-run. It will come to complete manifestation. It is what both of you ultimately desire, as you have been slowly but surely moving towards each other over the years. Your destination is the same even though you took different routes. Your paths crossed several times as you journeyed. These encounters were flags that were designed to draw your attention to each other. The Wheel of Fortune and The Lovers demonstrate this. The Aces too, act as flags or signals. At long last you are both aware, several flags later.


The depth of feeling for each other has survived this long so don’ t worry about it disappearing all of a sudden. Where the Pentacles are concerned, they do not rush into anything. They take their time with everything they value by allowing it to mature, to organically evolve. They can, and will, wait without feeling stressed about the possibility of missing out on something. The Empress on the top row symbolises this maturity and reassures you that much growth is happening in this area, but that you must still put yourself first. Any troubles encountered in The Moon were all part of the process, and The Wheel turned just as it was meant to, as directed by you. A lesson has been learned along the way. You must be aware of what the lesson was before you can appreciate what you have learned. Do you now understand how your life came to be? You were not being true to yourself and allowed situations to come about that did not reflect your exact needs or desires.


I wonder why your relationship with this ‘secret man’ ran the way it did? You have known each other a long time; have been friends, even lovers. You seemed to have bumped into each other over the years in a synchronistic manner. You even told your friends you knew you would meet him again only two weeks before you were married. The feelings you had for this man have been there all along. His feelings were not in question either. What was it that got in the way of you two actually getting together? Why were you thinking about him when you were due to marry another? Why indeed were you marrying another? He was always there in the background and I can sense that you harbored deep regrets about this after marrying. There may have been an issue with your relationship that resulted in you marrying the wrong man. I don’t think this comes directly from either of you, but it may have been an external influence. Were there family involved who would not have deemed the relationship suitable? The Ten of Pentacles makes me wonder about family values and tradition. It also speaks of a family of status and affluence. Did being a single mom interfere with this relationship developing? He may also have been busy building his career, or possibly not free to be with you. I do think that something stood in the way that resulted in star-crossed lovers. However, the Fates are  now intervening.


I sense this man is aware of your need for independence, and even promotes it. He has kept a connection with you for much time and has even watched you walk away and marry another. He has been patient, as all Pentacles are. He sees value in you and enjoys watching your new-found freedom. He was instrumental in you leaving your unhappy marriage by offering his support of your cause. He will admire your ambition and desire to kick-start your career, and will offer further support in any way he can. As a couple you could also work well together, start a business even. Loyal friendship. The Lovers suggest you are sexually compatible and are attracted to each other on all levels. A very mature relationship is developing so there is no need to rush. The Ten of Pentacles will ask you to stabilise, establish and solidify your own situation before entering another relationship. Career and creating a secure home front is vitally important right now. You have had a lot of change in recent times and the Ten of Pentacles will act to ground you by keeping you focused on the task at hand. The rush and drama is over for now. You must settle in to your new environment and build on your financial security. This will be done by finding the right job or gaining extra qualifications. Long-standing institutions are very favorable for you right now. The ‘secret man’ does not appear to be going anywhere so you can relax. One thing to note is the lack of Cups related to this question. This does not mean there is no potential for love and romance but that maybe now is not the right time. All that end of things will come in due course. You do not need to be distracted from  your main path at present.


When we lay out this reading, with the previous three as stacked rows above it, we can view the cards more objectively. The Wheel of Fortune, suggesting the hand of fate, unexpected surprises, chance encounters, all designed to bring you to the Ten of Pentacles, another 10 card. The universe may have been conspiring behind your back all this time. Positioned below it we have the Three of Cups, the freedom to socialise and have fun once more. The three Cups are raised not just to toast your new-found liberation from an unhappy marriage, but also for arriving at a point of personal freedom. You say your daughter has now entered adulthood, and that being a mother defined your life for so long, especially all the time spent as a single mom. You have done well, and so you shall be rewarded. Looking diagonally down the lines of Cards we have the Ace of Wands on one end, mirroring the Ace of Swords at the other end. Two positive signs of new beginnings and awakenings. Personal motivation drives you forward now in the Ace of Wands with the Ace of Swords permitting you to start thinking about yourself too, without having to feel guilty. There is a wonderful freshness being communicated. However, we still have The Moon to overcome. I am wondering about the home you shared with your ex-husband? Where has it gone to? Has it been sold or is it still going through a process? I still feel that there are some niggling worries. In the midst of all this new energy, do not let unfinished business slide or you may lose out. As much as you want to move forward, tie up any loose ends that remain from the previous cycle. Lay some ghosts to rest.


The Numerology Bit

This week your combined cards carry a numerical value of 8 (1+7=8). 8 is the number of positive strength, finance, infinity, success, finances and business. 8 in itself represents the symbol of infinity when turned on its side, the lemniscate. Energy in constant movement, life looping around in itself over and over, regeneration, rebirth, what goes around comes around. This anchors a strong link that may explain your feeling of being soul mates. A never-ending love, love past death, and that love will wait. Infinite opportunities to meet and connect. This may be where your synchronistic meetings have sprung from. If the time is not quite right for this relationship, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

In Tarot we look to the Major Arcana. Card 8 is Strength. This is not forced strength but one which is gentle but firm, loving but not needy. Strength has mastered the emotional battle fought in the Chariot and can approach any emotional turbulence in life, be it positive or negative, in a balanced manner. There is knowledge gained of the self and how you dealt with situations in the past. Strength brings a new maturity to the fore as you begin to forgive and be at peace.

We must also look at Card 17 in the Major Arcana, The Star. The Star beautifully complements Strength. The is where we arrive after a period of trauma or drama in our lives, but only if we have dealt with our issues in a positive and progressive manner. Moving on after pain, trauma or loss is not always easy, but when we find the Strength to pick ourselves up and put one foot in front of the other, The Star moves towards and above us to light the path ahead. The Star is the beacon in the distance that gives us hope when we are lost, lonely or scared. The Star will guide you away from the troubles and concerns of The Moon. It is the reward after delivering ourselves into the light once more. Because we have shown strength in the face of all that was sent our way, we can bathe in the beauty and glow of The Star as we recover our sense of self, or transformed identity. The Star soothes our troubled soul and mind, and allows healing to commence. It leads us to a place where we are free to be, without the pressure or demands of others. The Star helps us to find ourselves but also asks us to share our knowledge or gifts with others. We must reach out and help others too as we are not the only ones who have suffered. The Star is linked to Humanitarian issues.

Where this relationship is concerned, you are still trying to find your self and need much space in which to heal and grow. There is a wonderful calmness descending upon you and a growing understanding of your personality and needs. The Star is another Karmic Card, and set beside The Lovers, we feel a wonderful deep sense of understanding and respect. I strongly suspect karmic links between you and this ‘secret man’.  Take your time, expand your lungs and breathe deeply. Taste the fresh air of freedom.


The total of Major Arcana Cards to date gives us a numerical value of 1 (3+7=10 – 1+0=1). This calculation is taken from Reading one, The Empress and The Wheel of Fortune. Reading Two, The Moon and this Reading, The Lovers. The Magician, card 1 in The Major Arcana brings power, knowledge and strong masculine energy.  The Magician has done his research and work. He finds himself in a position where he can achieve anything he sets his mind to. As a person, he is dynamic, charismatic, highly intelligent or educated and has burning desire and ambition. He draws people too him and is known to be an influencer. My only bit of advice with this card turning up in your reading about this ‘secret man’ is that you do not put him on a pedestal. Do not put yourself in second place to him. You are every bit as important and brilliant as he is. You need to work towards your own goals regardless of what happens between you. Much powerful energy is in your hands right now so make the most of it. The Empress and Magician suggest a powerful couple and if they are in love, then wow!

We can also look at card 10 which is The Wheel of Fortune. 10 and 1 are closely linked. Whereas 1 is connected to beginnings and new cycles, 10 to me represents the transition stage as an old cycle ends at 9/10 and a new one begins. We are still affected by echos of the cycle just finished and may have some unfinished business to attend to, even though to all intents and purposes we are done with the old. Everything is up for grabs and so many new opportunities will present themselves. The Wheel of Fate and Karma will continue to throw synchronistic events your way with this ‘secret man’. An exciting time ahead. Stay positive or the Wheel will begin to slow down. Everything is in divine order within your universe.

End of Reading – Week 3


Sharon – Thank you once again for such a wise and enlightened reading and thank you for your guidance about my relationship with the ‘secret man’ – you validated my deepest feelings about this and helped me to overcome the little niggling doubt (which I did think related more to what happened with my ex and my baggage connected with that than to him.) You completely nailed the relationship with the ‘secret’ man – how we relate to each other, his support for me (the complete opposite of my ex), my feelings about it and even the ‘star-crossed lovers’ aspect. I am in a much better place now than I was when we tried to be together in the past – I had way too much baggage then and was being lead by ‘ego’ rather than ‘soul’, allowing insecurities and fears to colour the relationship and eventually to run away from it, and I think something similar was going on for him. Yet on a soul level we never stopped loving each other deeply and that is what ultimately drew us back together. This time around I am happy to take it slowly and move towards him once I have tied up the loose ends.

I have actually been having dreams about my ex husband, about him being in my house and messing the place up so even though I’ve felt like it was over for me on an emotional level, there is perhaps still a bit of baggage left over (as you pointed out the other week, the relationship died a long time ago for me, so I did most of the grieving when we were still living together). I wonder if it’s because the divorce is still going through? I’m waiting for the decree nisi which should be pronounced in a week or so, which means the whole divorce will be complete by the end of May. Perhaps when it’s all complete then maybe this will mean all the loose ends are indeed tied.

I do think that now I’m being true to myself and am allowing my real self to emerge – I keep seeing butterflies everywhere and this is how I feel, like I’m finally emerging from the cocoon. It’s a wonderful place to be and I feel very much like I’ve been given the chance to start afresh and create the life I really want and always knew I should lead. It does feel like everything that’s ever happened to me has lead me to this particular place on a spiritual and material level – it feels like all the paths I’ve ever taken are now converging into one beautiful road leading me towards the place I was always meant to be in.


The Final Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 4 will be posted on Thursday the 25th of August.




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The Six of Cups Reversed and The Tower

The Six of Cups Reversed

and The Tower

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends around The World,

6 of Cups ReversedThe Tower Upright

I had a Request today from a site visitor who asked the following:-

Does anyone have any clue what the meaning is with the 6 of cups reversed with the tower card upright?

Well why don’t we all have a go at this one? I will post the cards and share my thoughts on them. We don’t have a question with the cards or know if there were any more cards available.  I am going to go for straightforward intuitive interpretations based on my understanding of these two cards and what they might mean when drawn together.

Please add to my interpretation and see what we can come up with for this person.

Please Note– The Interpretations below should not be taken as an accurate prediction of what is going on. The person who posted the question did not specify who the Cards were for or whether the two Cards were randomly chosen to determine how to make connections when Reading. Tarot Cards should never be solely relied on to give answers to all life matters. The Two Cards could mean a lot, but then again, they may mean nothing at all and are just two Tarot Cards.

My Thoughts

The following interpretations are a sample of what The Six of Cups Reversed and The Tower might mean in a Reading. They are examples only, and not meant as a definitive interpretation for the Querant. It would be better if we had a focus question to zoom in on for more accuracy. Maybe we will be given more information.  I am basing my examples on the type of Reader I am. Yours may be very different. I could provide several more interpretations than those below but I am interested to see what others might have to say about these two Cards.


To me, these two Cards are potentially loaded when placed together and can take on several meanings. They can be both positive or negative. I get the feeling that the person who posted this comment possibly knows what their connection is, unless it is so far in the past they are not associating it with their current issues

The Six of Cups Reversed and The Tower Upright

To kick start  I will offer quite a simplistic interpretation. The Six of Cups Reversed and The Tower may be referring to explosive rows and arguments which are probably family related. The battles could be intense and prolonged with much screaming and shouting. Words are meant to hurt and sting. There is no holding back. A lot of pent up aggression is being released.

The Six of Cups Reversed may suggests an issue which is connected to the family, the family home, childhood, the past or memories. The Upright Six is all about stability, harmony and the emotional attachments of home, especially the childhood home. In the Upright, everyone is cared for, loved and protected. There is a feeling of safety and security in the Upright, and for those who were blessed with happy childhoods, the sentiment that is attached to the family homestead and family members. It is where we want to run to when we are ill, unhappy or hurt. It is here we are understood, will recover and nothing is expected of us. We are loved and cherished for who we are and no on puts demands on us. However, as we get older, we normally can only handle this in small doses for it tends to be a closeted and cosseted world. Nice for a while but can become boring or tedious.

With the Six appearing Reversed, I get the feeling that something has happened. There is a lack of security and stability. This may be what is desired, as in someone wants to shake up their world, or it is possibly an external force. The Tower standing beside The Reversed Six marks this as quite a serious issue. It certainly has been building for some time whether those involved are aware of this or not. The Tower brings a shocking revelation or event, that has, or will turn everything one has known up till now on its head. There may be a feeling of not being able to trust the past anymore or memories, or even being forced out of the past one desperately clings on to. Something from the past may have come back to haunt you and there is no keeping it locked away anymore. There could be a family secret, something that was covered up long, long ago, but is now being forced out into the open. The effect The Tower has on the poor Six of Cups could be quite profound. There is bound to be intense upset and emotional trauma. One may not know where to turn as one’s internal compass begins to go haywire. One’s very foundations could be shook to the core. You could lose a sense of who you are, where you came from or where you fit in anymore.

Life is certainly going to change and may never be the same again. This may be a good or bad thing depending on the circumstances and those involved. There is a good chance that you are going to learn something about your past that will make you question everything. Indeed you may know already. It may be you who is going to reveal all. Whatever it is can no longer be contained and news could travel rapidly. You may have to prepare for an emotional storm and will likely feel that it is more than you can bear.

Another way of looking at these two Cards is that the Six of Cups Reversed represents someone who is going to do something that is going to fly in the face of tradition and family expectations or loyalties. There is a sense of bringing trouble down upon the family and causing drama and chaos as a result of actions, decisions or behaviour. Could this person be throwing caution to the wind, choosing a path or course of action that could very well get them thrown out of home or ostracised. They may be carrying a secret that will cause an explosion when it is revealed.

The Tower is destructive but it is also releasing. The Six of Cups Reversed can suggest a sense of claustrophobia and restriction. In the Reversed Six, these feelings begin to get overwhelming. Any methods of controlling or ignoring them, methods that may have worked  in the past, can no longer conceal them. An internal head of steam could be building. There may be a feeling of not being able to breathe, that you are bursting at the seams. There could be a growing craving for freedom or escape from what has turned into a cell like existence. This could be related to any area of life. It could be a relationship that has become restricting or controlling, a job that you feel trapped in, duties and obligations that severely restrict you. There is a sense of growing boredom and that you will explode if you do not escape. Any actions that you take as a result of this will have repercussions that are bound to scare you. You must decide whether you are prepared to suffer such consequences. Is this bid for freedom worth it? Do you really want it? Is it your idea or is someone putting pressure on you?

There is likely to be no going back should you decide to act on your feelings or plans, but this may not be a bad thing as The Six of Cups Reversed tells me that this is not a situation that has come about overnight. You have been putting up and making do for a long time, but now it has become unbearable and you feel that it is time to think of what is good for you and not what is good for all around you. People may feel angry with you and manifest a sense of disbelief that you could be so cruel as to hurt them in such a way, especially after all they did for you. Emotional Blackmail may be used as a weapon against you, but as much as you might feel terribly responsible for bringing upset to everyone’s door step, you must do what is right for you. If you want to clear the slate, tear everything down around you so that you can discover who you are and what it is you want to do, then everyone will have to accept it. They will probably make your life miserable and attempt to turn others against you so that you are not welcome anywhere, but in time it will settle down. Big sweeping changes are certainly coming, be they of your own making or of others. Many people hate radical change and will fight hard against it. The Tower can be hard and cruel but is often essential if we don’t take the necessary actions ourselves.

Another aspect that crossed my mind is the scenario of ‘The empty nest syndrome’. The Six of Cups loves keeping everything as it is, harmonious, happy, predictable and safe. Any changes to the setup are viewed as threats and  either deliberately ignored or manipulated so that they conform. Mothers or fathers who use emotional blackmail to keep their children at home are quite common. They actively work to stop them from growing up, continuing to treat them like babies and throw little wobblies when their offspring mention going out or going away. There eventually comes a time when they can no longer hold on, and one by one their children decide to fly the nest in search of a life of their own. The happy, harmonious Six of Cups then Reverses. They feel they have been dumped and are unappreciated. They make caustic and underhand remarks and become critical of any partners their children may bring home when visiting. Home becomes a place their adult children begin to actively avoid as it is filled with stress and uncomfortable scenes. The cossetting mother or father does not realise that they are the cause of driving their children away, even though they will blame everyone else. The root of the problem lies at home and nowhere else.

Staying on this theme, these two Cards, can highlight the terrible trauma that accompanies the death of a close family member. Mother, father, sister, brother, someone you have grown up with, a huge part of your life and shared memories. This type of loss is covered in The Tower as it depicts that horrendous experience of loss and suffering. The wrenching apart of all that you know.  It can be hard to accept that life has changed and that a loved one is gone. It can be shattering. Maybe a house has to be cleared and the emotional upheaval could be distressing as your are surrounded by memories which once brought joy but now only sorrow.  The very ground you now stand on is strange and alien. You may feel that this loss will destroy you. That you can’t live without them but The Tower can be endured and survived if you face up to it. These two Cards could also tell of receiving bad news about a health issue relating to family or a genetic condition that has been exposed through tests and screening.

Deep disturbing issues you are facing at present could have their roots in the past, possibly from childhood. It would be wise to do some soul-searching to see if you can make any connections. You may also be finally emerging from the pains of the past, coming out of a period of intense therapy where you had to peel the layers back to the painful bones so that you could put yourself back together again. The whole experience may have exhausted you. You might need some TLC but feel that you have no one to lean on. You may not have much family around you, are estranged from those you have or feel they would not understand. You may also not want to burden them with your troubles. You might be mourning the loss of someone close who you used to turn to during times of trouble. You possibly feel very alone and vulnerable.

These two Cards also depict a family being split up through separation or divorce. It also highlights  children being taken into social care or having to seek refuge or sanctuary away from a dysfunctional home. Being homeless could also be a possibility.


So there you are. Now it is your turn. My interpretations are rather dramatic but The Tower in my experience is very powerful on either a negative or positive level depending on how you perceive the situation it accompanies.


Copyright © Vivien Ni Dhuinn

Practice Reading – The Horse Shoe Spread

Hi to All My Tarot Friends,

Tarot Problem Page

Layout for Horse Shoe Spread

(Please note this image is for layout purposes only and does not show the Cards for the Reading)

Cards for Reading

Base Card  – Judgement (XX) Major Arcana

Card 1 – 2 of Swords Reversed

Card 2  – 10 of Wands

Card 3 Near Future – 7 of Wands and 5 Wands

Card 4 Answer – 10 of Cups

Card 5 (Surrounding Energies) – 9 Pentacles/4 Wands

Card 6 (Hopes and Fears) – 6 Swords

Card 7 (Outcome) – 8 of Wands

Here is The Horse Shoe Spread for you to have a go at (see layout above).  The Practice Reading I have posted below is based on this Spread. It is a Reading I did a few years ago. I have been given permission from the Querant to use it for Practice Reading purposes when teaching.  The Horse Shoe Spread is very popular among Readers of all levels and can be used for multi-purpose Readings. It is a variation of the Celtic Cross Spread.  It has a basic shape of 7 Cards laid out anti-clockwise in a Horse Shoe shape (click here to see exact layout of Practice Reading) .  In the Reading below, extra Cards have been drawn for some of the positions at the request of the Querant at the time.  When doing Readings, it is perfectly fine to add extra Cards in a Spread, but try not to add too many as the Reading is liable to get confusing. In addition to the Cards drawn for the Spread, I have also added the Base Card.

The Base Card is the Card that is found at the bottom of the Deck, after all shuffling has been completed, and before Cards are drawn.  It is the very last Card in the Deck. The Base Card often yields substantial information about the nature of the Reading, and as a Stand Alone Card, it can be uncannily accurate.  The Base Card should be looked at before any other Cards. If its meaning is not clear at first, it will likely make its relevance apparent as the Reading progresses.

It is important to understand what area a Position in a Spread covers. It is best to approach each Position with a flexible and open-mind. This is important for the Querant to understand too.  For instance, Querants do not always understand what the Past Position means. They can take it too literally; they can think it refers to the recent past or distant, but not both.  You may see something in their Past Position Card and go to great lengths to explain what it is.  The Querant can look blank and say it has no meaning for them.  This gets you off to a bad start.  You may see a broken relationship in the past that is causing them problems, but they disagree with you. Later in the Reading this comes out again and again before the Querant eventually makes a connection saying, ‘oh yes, there was a relationship, but that was over a year ago. I thought you meant in the last couple of months’. So a two-way flow of communication is very important. The Querant must know what you are referring to in relation to time spans and what the Position implies. However, do not get bogged down in having rigid views.

The Horse Shoe Spread has Seven Positions.

Position 1 The Past (This can be any time from a couple of weeks ago to two years ago.  Depending on the Reading, and if you get a sense about it, it may refer to the distant past or childhood.  Experience and practice will help with this. This Card should give background information as to the root cause of the situation i.e. where it is coming from).

Position 2 – The Present (approx. 3/4 weeks each way, but it may be more than that, so keep an open mind.  This Card should yield information about what is happening in and around the situation at the moment. This Card can also throw some light on the people who are involved if Court Cards are present.

Position 3 – The Near Future (approx. 3/4 months) This Card should give an indication of where the situation is heading based on the last two Cards, how it is likely to develop. Here is where the first bit of constructive advice can be given if the Card appears to be negative or unwelcome.  The Past cannot be changed, the Present is happening now,  but the Querant does have the power to take steps to change the future. They can do this by changing their attitude, behaviour, feelings and actions. If the Card is a Major (one of the 22 Cards of The Major Arcana), then the situation will be quite difficult to change as these Cards indicate a more fixed state.

Position 4 – The Answer (one of the most confusing Cards and needs a lot of practice to understand its nature.  The Answer does not mean the Outcome. The Answer can represent The Desired Outcome and may not be based on reality, but more like wishful thinking.  The Answer can represent advice, or the solution to the situation or issue, but it does not mean that it will occur or be taken on board. The Answer can act as confirmation or reiteration for the Outcome Card, suggesting that yes, it is the best Outcome under the circumstances. The Answer Card if in opposition to the Outcome Card, can suggest that you are heading for the wrong Outcome by the choices you are making. The route you are taking is not in your best interest, there is another way.

If you are looking for a definite ‘Yes’, then the Outcome and Answer Card should both be Upright. A Reversed Answer Card can indicate blocks or set-backs to the Desired Outcome. Once again, if the Answer Card is a Major Card, either Upright or Reversed it carries more weight than a Minor Card.

The Answer Card can also stand as a representation of the Querant, highlighting their personality or where they stand in the situation and how it is affecting them.

The Answer Card in The Horse Shoe Spread is generally read last. However, should you see a very positive Outcome and Answer Card from the outset, it can be very reassuring to let the Querant know this. When both Outcome and Answer Cards appear Negative or Reversed attention should not be immediately drawn to them.  The Reading should be worked through so that the Querant is gently guided and assisted in understanding the reasoning and logic behind them.

Position 5 – The Surrounding Energy (Another difficult one for Readers to interpret. It is a bit like the Base Card, but instead of it giving you background information, it will let you know the general feel surrounding the issue or situation.  It can show how others are perceiving  the issue, family and friends for instance, and whether the atmosphere is either positive or negative. It can expose information that the Querant may not necessarily wish to reveal, therefore, hidden agendas or the ‘real story’ can turn up in this area)

Position 6 – Hopes and Fears – This is quite straight forward.  If it is an apparent Negative Card, then it represents the Querant’s Fears about the situation. It is also shows that they are quite pessimistic about the Outcome. Their Fears can be discussed and extra Cards may need to be drawn to get to the root of these fears.  If it is an apparent Positive Card, it reflects the Querant’s Hopes, and suggests they are quite optimistic about the Outcome and have a positive outlook.

Position 7 – Outcome – This Card represents the Probable Outcome and not a definite Outcome.  In Tarot, nothing is set in stone or absolute. No guarantees should ever be given.  Telling a Querant that a certain Tarot Card is telling them exactly what is going to happen or what they have to do is interfering with the individual’s freedom of choice. No matter how excellent a Tarot Reader you think you are, you can never be 100% accurate.

The Outcome suggests the most likely Outcome based on the attitudes, actions, behaviour, feelings and thoughts of all involved, if the situation continues as it is. If the Outcome Card is Positive and Welcome, it suggests that there is great potential for all to work out in the end. This can be very reassuring for the Querant.  If the Outcome Card is Negative and Unwelcome, then it can suggest that the Querant is unlikely to be happy about how things are going to work out. They may not get what they want.  If you are using Reversed Cards, they may have appeared in the Reading highlighting blocks, negative mind-sets or behaviour that is stymieing a successful Outcome.  Constructive advice can be given or extra Cards drawn for further insight. Look to the Answer Card in Position 4 for advice, solutions or options.  It is quite common to do a second Reading using a Negative Outcome Card as the focus, with the intention of seeking constructive advice and a way forward for the Querant.

Along with Reading the individual Positions, you should be observant of Cards that are opposite each other, and diagonal to each other. If there are Court Cards, note which way they are facing and which Card is opposite them. For instance, a Court Card directly opposite an apparent Negative Card can throw light on who is causing the problem.

The above all sounds very complicated but only because it is written down.  We automatically arrive at these assumptions in our everyday life as we go about our business and when communicating with those around us. No one thing ever stands alone without having an effect of one sort or another on others, or the atmosphere around it.  In our everyday life we are constantly making connections and linking one bit of information with another in order to arrive at an assumption or the facts.  When we watch movies, TV dramas and soap operas, we actively and consciously participate in looking at a scenario from many different angles and perspectives. We analyse the characters and their personalities, search for flaws, inconsistencies, hidden agendas. We try to second guess or predict what will happen next and declare loudly to all ‘I knew that was going to happen’ when it actually does. When asked by those present with us ‘how did you come up with that?’, you are ready and waiting with a list of all the observations, links and connections you have made. Some around you may have come up with similar conclusions or were way off the mark.  We all know there are some much better than the rest of us at working out complicated plots and puzzling situations.  Some of us are  natural Police Officers, Detectives. Then there are those who are inclined in a Forensic manner. There are those who have a combination of the above, with minds, eyes and ears that are acrobatic, elastic and extremely rapid. Their minds flit this way and that, calculating and analysing continuously, while their eyes miss nothing and their ears here all.  Bringing a Tarot Reading together does involve having to cover many angles all at the one time, a bit like watching a tv drama or movie when you are not just content to sit there waiting for the end to find out ‘who did it’.  You want to work it out for yourself, and so must apply yourself to the task, and not just be a passenger. Intense detective and forensic work goes into Tarot Readings on many occasions. It takes time to be successful at juggling it all. In time like any decent Forensic Detective or Sleuth knows, it becomes instinctive and automatic.

So if you are ready to have a go at making links and connections, have an attempt at the Reading by clicking here or on the Link below. This Link will take you to the  Practice Reading – The Horse Shoe Spread. Read the Querant’s Question several times and make sure that your Reading keeps coming back to the Question. Set your imagination and subconscious free. Set you mind to analytical mode. Let them report back to you with their findings. See what you come up with. I will post a transcription of this Reading next week which will should allow sufficient time for interpretation.  You can then compare your Interpretation with mine.

Practice Reading – The Horse Shoe Spread

Remember it would be really weird if you were all to come up with the exact same interpretation as mine, so do not expect to.  Your Reading will be a reflection of your own personal style of interpretation.

Good Luck!  

Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)


The Querant – Male. Late Fifties. Quiet spoken and a bit unsure as to what will come of the Reading.  Slow to communicate in the beginning, but once he settles into the Reading and sees how relevant all the Cards are he becomes quite animated and leans closer to view the imagery on the Cards for himself.  He has never had a Tarot Card Reading before but connects quite quickly to their symbolic nature.  He sees things in the Cards himself and points them out to me as we go along.  

The Question – I am going through a difficult time at the moment and would like to know what the next year holds for me.  I am filing for divorce, have a lot going on in work and can’t seem to see the wood for the trees.  My divorce is not amicable so I know it is going to be tough going.  The good thing is, I am in a very strong relationship but feel I cannot fully commit until I am totally free.  I feel tired of it all right now and would love to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel.

The Cards Drawn

Base Card  – Judgement (XX) Major Arcana

Card 1 – 2 of Swords Reversed

Card 2  – 10 of Wands

Card 3 Near Future – 7 of Wands and 5 Wands

Card 4 Answer – 10 of Cups

Card 5 (Surrounding Energies) – 9 Pentacles/4 Wands

Card 6 (Hopes and Fears) – 6 Swords

Card 7 (Outcome) – 8 of Wands

The Horse Shoe Spread – Practice Reading (please Click)

Practice Readings

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Practice Reading Interpretation – Improving Relationships Spread

Greetings All Tarot Students and Enthusiasts,

Please find below, my interpretation to the Practice Reading – Improving Relationships Spread as posted by me on Saturday the 23rd of February.  This was transcribed from a real Reading. Just to remind you, this is only my interpretation and you may have arrived at meanings other than mine which could also have been relevant to the Querant. Again, this is an example of a Tarot Consultation as opposed to a Tarot Reading.  In a Tarot Consultation, the Querant generally contributes to the Reading and there is a two-way flow of communication.  You will see in the Reading below how the Querant benefits by acknowledging or confirming the Reading as it goes along. She also gives her own input and theories which helped me as The Reader pull the story together.  If the Querant had sat quietly throughout the Reading it may not have yielded the beneficial results it did.


Q. I have a very difficult relationship with my mother. I am the eldest of 6 children. My father left home when I was 11yrs old which meant my mother had to go out to work to support the family. We just don’t seem to get on and in fact it feels like we never did. I am going to have my first child in 6 months and I don’t know if it is the pregnancy and becoming a mother myself that is making me feel that I need to resolve matters with my own mother.  How can I go about improving my relationship with my Mother?

Card 5                         Card 6                        Card 7

5 of Cups Reversed           6 of Swords Reversed               6 of Cups Upright

5 of Cups  Rx       6 of Swords Rx          6 of Cups

                        Card 3               Card 4

                 5 of Wands Upright     7 of Wands Upright

                  5 of Wands        7 of Wands

Card 1                                                          Card 2

6 of Pentacles Reversed                                              2 of Pentacles Upright

6 of Pentacles Rx                                    2 of Pentacles

Card 1 represents the root or cause of the problem or issue from your point of view.

Card 2 represents the root or cause of the problem or issue from the other party’s point of view.

Card 3 represents your behaviour as a result

Card 4 represents the other party’s behaviour as a result.

Card 5 represents how your thoughts are affecting the situation and how you can change your outlook or attitude.

Card 6 represents ideas on how you might best communicate with the other party

Card 7 represents what action you could take to improve matters all round.

Reading – My Interpretation

R. Card 1 – The 6 of Pentacles Reversed tells me that you feel very hard done by. I can see that money matters were very tight as you were growing up. There was very little to go around. Your mother seemed to have to work very hard to get a pittance in return. I would go so far as to say that she probably had a few jobs on the go at the time just to make ends meet. I am sure she got social welfare assistance but we all know that it doesn’t really amount to much when you are trying to rear six children on your own.  As a result there never seemed to be enough money and you must have felt the pinch terribly. At 11 years of age it must have been hard for you.  Your childhood years should be fun and carefree. A child should not have to worry about bills and where the next meal is going to come from but the feeling I get from this Card is that you grew up with this stress hanging on your shoulders.  It would have made you feel different from your school friends who, in your eyes, led charmed existences. I get a sense of shame coming through here.

Q.  Shame, oh you can say that again. That was my middle name.  We had nothing, no money, no nice things and I never got used to it.  I felt it every single day.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was being bullied in school or anything; it was just the constant dowdiness of our life. We never had our school books on time and I hated having to ask the girl I was sitting beside to share hers with me. Some of the girls went overboard trying to be nice and some just got peeved with having someone staring over their shoulder while they were reading.  I hated the pity of the nice girls and detested the annoyed sighs of the others.  Our communion dresses never looked real white like the other girls did, because my mother would get them from a charity organisation or they would be the hand-me-downs of hand-me-downs from supportive neighbours. My mother just seemed to work, work, work and always looked old. She never did anything with her hair and I don’t think I ever saw her wear make-up.  She never smiled either. I suppose I was ashamed of her too when I saw my friends mother’s all dressed up and pretty looking.  We just didn’t seem to have anything going for us.

R. That must have been terrible for you growing up.  As an adult we see things very differently but not that differently that we would not feel demoralised by what you experienced. A child does not want to be different or stand out from their peers. They just want to be the same as everyone else in their group.  Did you worry a lot about money or was it more so the impact it had on your life and friendships?

Q. No, I worried about the money too.  I used to read the final notice, letters that came in because my mother would hand them to me and say ‘what do you think of that’? I would read them and say ‘I don’t know. What are we going to do’?  They would be letters for outstanding bills and I remember once, an eviction notice from the bailiffs. My mother had fallen behind in the rent by three months, just three months, and she did manage to pay the arrears but they wanted us out. They were probably looking for an excuse to get rid of the woman and her gang of brats before they ruined the house.  I remember the day that they were due to evict us.  My mother had been round to the local Social Welfare agency asking for them to intercede on her behalf.  I left for school that morning not knowing if I would have a home to come home to.  In school that day, I remember feeling very ill and ended up throwing up in the toilets.  The teacher thought it very strange that I was shaking so badly but had no temperature.  I just felt freezing and weak.  I know now that it was the stress and worry that caused it. I have grown up angry that a child should have been made feel like that.  I have never known whether to blame the bailiffs or my mother for sharing her worries with me.  I was only a child for God’s sake.

R. So you had it coming at you from every angle?  I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like a terrible struggle. Before we move on from this Card I just want to draw your attention to a few more impressions I am getting here.  I believe you feel hard done by in relation to the attention you received from your mother. I believe you feel she gave more attention to your siblings than she did to you and possibly scrimped and saved to buy them little treats while you went without.  I get the impression that you believed you were overlooked constantly in every aspect and that your mother didn’t care for you. I wonder if you ever voiced these worries and concerns to your mother? Was she aware of how you felt?

I do think also, that there are things about your mother that you do not know.  She is probably not the kind of person who shared her woes and opened her heart too often.  I think there were things she had to do that if people were asked today would be shocked at the mere suggestion of it.  I am getting the impression of pawn brokers or even money lenders.  Can you remember anything like that from your past?

I am also getting the impression that been the eldest, a lot was expected of you. You may have had very little freedom as a result probably having to mind your younger siblings when your mother went to work and do the housework too. You felt the whole situation was totally unfair and that you weren’t getting the recognition for all you did. I can also tell that your father was not very helpful here either. I am also getting the impression that he was quite comfortable but not very giving when it came to financial support. I would say that both your mother and you and your other siblings had to grovel to get anything from him. I think you feel very resentful as a result and robbed of your childhood.

Q. Well, what can I say?  I was looked upon as an adult by my mother at 11 years of age, imagine that? It was always me that did without or was expected to understand if there was no birthday present for me and of course, I was the last one to get the school books.  She always put my sisters and brothers ahead of me.  My school holidays and all my spare time was spent minding them and cleaning up the house. Anytime I complained she just told me to grow up and get on with it. As for pawn brokers and money lenders, yes, they were constant. The money lenders were the worst because I was frightened of them.  She had a piece of jewellery that was in and out of the pawn brokers more time than I can care to remember.  She ended up giving it to one of the money lenders when she could not make her repayment.  She never saw it again. My Father was useless, he wasn’t terribly comfortable but he could have helped out more.  He never just offered money or things like he should have done. Instead we would always have to go, cap in hand, and give a hundred excuses as to why we needed something.  It was embarrassing and demeaning.  It also depended on what mood he was in as to whether you would get it or not. Social Welfare tried to take him to court to get proper maintenance but he upped and left the country.


R. Card  2 So that Card really gave us a mountain of information of how you perceived your childhood growing up.  We now have to hear your Mother’s side of the story as I think she might have a thing or two to contribute now.


The Two of Pentacles appearing here shows me the situation from your mother’s point of view. She appears to have had a very difficult time of it trying to keep everything going. All her effort seems to have gone into keeping money coming in to pay the rent and bills and put food on the table. I would say she was under considerable stress and duress as you were growing up.  She was trying to juggle everything, work, home, children, finances and probably her own hurt and pain. I would say that your mother was very tired and exhausted all the time. She was always worried about the finances. More seemed to go out then came in and there never seemed to be enough to go around.  I feel she may have been working two jobs in order to keep on top of things.  It is no wonder you Mother never smiled or had the time to do herself up. It was an existence, not a life.

This explains why she leaned on you so much. Even at 11yrs old she looked on you as old enough to take charge. Whether she did or not she had no choice really. She would have relied on you totally as she would not have been able to work without your help. Unfortunately as a result she would have lost sight of the fact that you were only a child yourself. This meant that she felt it was alright to give whatever attention, energy and treat she could afford to your younger siblings. I don’t really believe that she did this deliberately. I believe that she was under so much stress that she did what she did to get by each week. Somehow she would have believed that you would have understood why she had to give to the little ones and not you. It is unfortunate that she never discussed this with you or threw you the odd hug or treat every now and then. You mother I feel had few options in her life and her decisions were based on the finances which she felt were important as otherwise she would not have been able to keep the family together. Something had to give and sadly, it was her relationship with her first-born child. Try to remember that they were hard times all round.

Q. (Beginning to cry). I think I know all this deep down inside but there is this huge block of anger in the way.  I hate myself for feeling the way I do.  I wish I could put my arms around my mother and tell her that I love her but I feel rigid. I really don’t want to be like this anymore because it is eating me up.

R. Card 3 – It is good to cry and you sound like a very wise and sensible girl but let us take a look at how your perceptions of your childhood and upbringing have been affecting your behaviour towards your mother and no doubt other people in life.

Ah, the Five of Wands coming in tells me that your behaviour has been quite rebellious and I can see you deliberately challenging and opposing your mother at every opportunity. No one seems to be getting on here at all. I can see fights and conflicts. You put a lot of energy into these interactions don’t you?  I believe it is your way of letting off the pressure that builds up inside you; all your thoughts and emotions are released in the direction of your mother. There doesn’t seem to be any togetherness here. You both have very different ways of doing things and different opinions about everything. This causes a lot of clashes between the two of you. I think you deliberately pick fights or try to be awkward just to stir things up. Negative attention is better than none at all. Your mother just comes back fighting out of her corner too and probably hasn’t got a clue what the fight is about.

Q. I suppose you could say that.  I don’t know why I do it, but we can never be in each other’s company for long before sparks fly. It always turns into a battle and we fight it out to see who will leave slamming the door first.  My partner tells me that I am too fiery and argumentative.  He tells me to calm down which of course make me worse.  Little things bother me. Like, if we are in her house for our dinner, she always serves everyone else before me. It makes me so mad that I then pick and pick at her until it blows up and then everyone’s dinner is ruined.

R. Well that is just a hangover from your childhood, being left to last, as if no one cares about you.  Your mother is locked into habits that she is not aware of and I am sure does not mean to hurt you.  It’s just the way she had always being with you.  She probably sees you as another mother figure at the table and therefore, mothers always traditionally serve themselves last. Let us see how your mother is reacting to your behaviour.

Card 4 – This nicely brings me to your mother’s behaviour as a result. We have another Wand Card here and this time the Seven. Immediately I can see that we have two fiery personalities rubbing each other the wrong way. Your mother feels that she is constantly defending her position with you and that she is under constant attack. You mother however, from a lifetime of struggle, is strong and stubborn. Life has made her so and she will give as good as she gets. She has had to fight for whatever she got and will take you on too if necessary.

So here we have the two of you, locked in combat and both refusing to back down. Your mother I feel may be a little baffled as to why you are always entering into these situations with her. All those wands being brandished at her.  I would say she is on her guard with you all the time. In this Card, she is on the Higher Ground and therefore is right to be defending herself so.  She is standing up for herself and out in the open, while your strikes come in below the belt.  Your mother hasn’t a clue what is going on but she does have the stamina and tenacity to hold her ground so you are not going to get anywhere with this battle anytime too soon.

This conflict is going to go on if something is not done. You Card was a Five which when upright is narrow-minded and unyielding. Your Mother’s Card in this position is a Seven Upright which means she is going to hang on in there and has the energy to do so. There is a pair of you in it and quite similar in temperament whether you know it or not. Like Mother, like daughter. I think your Mother believes she is fighting her adult daughter and not the hurt little 11-year-old child that is fuelling these battles.  I think it is the angry child in you that is lashing out and not the sensible young woman sitting in front of me.  Even you want it to stop but that 11-year-old girl is going to have to be allowed air her grievances if she is ever to be at peace. I think she is looking for acknowledgment and even an apology before she is ready to back down. So let us look at how this might be achieved.

Q. (Crying again but says nothing)

R. Card 5 Here we look at how you can go about changing your attitudes and thoughts in connection with the situation.  The Five of Cups Reversed tells me that it is time for you to leave the past behind. You have been dwelling on the hurts and pains of your childhood for too long and I think you know this too. That is why you are here today. Your mind has been very closed to understanding as you have worn your black cloak of pain and misery around you for years. You have been living in your misery and feeling victimised.  Your emotions have been eating you up. One minute feeling sorry for yourself, another angry at everyone and then ashamed of yourself.  The 11-year-old girl has been in charge for long enough and it is time to let her go so that she must be exhausted trying to keep up with you.  She did enough worrying as a child.  Is it not time to allow her some joy and happiness?

Yes, things were bad but I believe that you may have been so caught up in your own negative attitudes that you overlooked the positive outcome and that was that your mother managed to keep you all together. Your mother was always there for you but over time, misunderstanding and total lack of communication you turned your back on her and became steeped in self-pity and hurt. It has all become complicated and confused. Your reactions to situations do not belong to you but rather are the knee-jerk reactions of your 11-year-old self.  The Reversed Five of Cups tells me that you have been living in the past, trapped as the unhappy little girl, remembering things as if they only happened yesterday.

If you can see in this Card, the bridge.  That is your way out, your bridge from the past to the present. It is there for you is you want to cross it, but only you can make that decision and take the first step towards it.  A big part of you wants to stay with her as no one else understood her the way you did.  You were her very best friend and looked out for her when it appeared no one else was interested.  It might be scary leaving her to her own defences and to get on with her life now. You might think she cannot survive without you and vice versa but believe me, she will be fine and has wanted to be let go for a long time.  When you are ready, you will give her a big hug in your heart and wish her well.  She will do the same for you for you are of each other. You just got fragmented and disconnected along the way. The time has come to integrate her into your whole as it has been lonely for her standing on the outside all this time.  Then you can be really good friends.

And why is this happening to you all of a sudden and after all these years? It is simple really. Your own pregnancy and impending motherhood has begun to thaw out your closed heart and mind. You are beginning to open to the possibility that you are ready to leave the past behind.  You want more for your own child than you had and you won’t be able to achieve this unless you are will to forgive and let go. This is something that you must put all your effort into now. Let us look at how best to communicate with your Mother.

Q.  Deep sobbing.  We take a break.

R. Card 6 – The Six of Swords Reversed appearing tells me how you can go about opening the lines of communication with your mother. This might sound strange but in order to proceed and heal the situation I think you may have to make things worse before you can make them better. You have been trying to move on and put your conflict and past behind you but you have been taking all your negative attitudes and beliefs with you.  Progress has been impossible and as much as you have been looking for peace and calm, it seems to constantly go the other way. This in fact has put a strain on your own relationship with your husband and it will also have an impact on your child in due course. I believe your partner sees you as someone who is carrying a great sadness within.  It is a place where he cannot reach you no matter how many times he tries.

In order to right this situation I think you will have to rock the boat and just jump in. The issues now need to be brought to a head. You will have to confront your Mother but not in your normal manner where you just pick fights with her. I think there is going to be an, all or nothing with the truth, confrontation. I think you will have to grab hold of all those Swords you have stuck in the boat, which are your hurts and negative attitudes, pull them out and show them to her. You will have to unload all that has been bothering you all these years. You will have to open up and communicate to her how you have felt. Get everything off your chest. This is going to be very painful and emotionally draining for you but it will open the door of communication between you and your Mother. It will also give your Mother the opportunity to explain herself, her actions, her behaviour and her feelings towards you over the years. Everything must now be laid on the table and all resentments towards each other aired out in the open. The situation will have to get worse before it can possibly improve. You Mother will have to come down of her mountain top to meet you half way but you must also lay down your weapons.  Then it will be time for the Peace Talks to begin.

Q.  (Composed again) Do you think I can do that? What will she think of me if I tell her everything?  She might hate me.  I don’t know if I can do it.

R.  Yes you can do it and something tells me she won’t hate you in the slightest.  I think she might be relieved.  I am not saying that this is going to be easy because when the Six of Swords comes in either Upright or Reversed it brings difficulty and stress.  Progress will be slow but where your situation is involved, it would be a miracle if it were to be solved overnight.  No, this is going to take some time and many broken fences need to be repaired and bridges rebuilt.  You will have to get to know each other in a new way and you are bound to be wary and guarded.  Take one step at a time and don’t try to rush things.  I do think that some counselling would be extremely beneficial to you as your whole core is going to be shaken in the process.  You will also have set backs along the way but you must stay positive and determined. This is a good thing that you are trying to do and you should feel very proud of yourself for wanting to put the effort in. Now let us see what else you can do to help matters.

Card 6 – I am very pleased to see the Six of Cups as it tells me that the action you must ultimately take is to make the effort to spend time with your Mother. Even though you are now an adult and soon to be a Mother yourself, the time is right to allow your own Mother in so that she can offer you the support and nurturing that you were deprived in the past. It is time now to return to the comfort of your family home and see it as exactly that, your family home. Not a place of stress and conflict, but one of stability and comfort. A place you can always run to when you are feeling down or unsure.

Your mother is waiting to reach out to you and comfort your inner child. I think it is time to revisit your childhood and look at it from a different perspective. The perspective of an adult with logic, understanding and wisdom. This is not going to happen overnight as much work will be needed to repair all the damage done. However, I do believe that the arrival of your baby and your Mother’s first grandchild will act as a major catalyst in this reconciliation. Remember, you feel you were deprived of your mother and childhood while growing up but you Mother was also deprived of being a regular, normal Mother who enjoyed rearing her children.  She didn’t get the chance to be with her children the way I am sure she wanted to be or to give them the things they needed.  She may wish to balance the scales with her grandchild and heal her deep wounds and scars.  Your baby will shower the whole family in blessings and bring much-needed healing to all.

Begin this process by involving your mother in your pregnancy. Accept any offers of help that she may give when you are feeling tired and exhausted. Let her in and let her help. It is now time to put right the wrongs of the past, for the sake of your unborn baby if not for you. Otherwise, history may just repeat itself no matter how hard you fight against it. I have a very good feeling that this will all work out for the best and that there are many happy times ahead.

Looking back at your Cards, it is not difficult to see all the struggle and stresses.  The Reversed Pentacles bring terrible financial worries; the two Wand Cards bring conflict and battle along with closed stubborn attitudes and of course the sorrow of the Reversed Cup.  You have two Reversed Sixes which show, the lack of stability, peace and harmony in your life but just look at that lovely Six of Cups in the final position.  It will wipe out all the negativity of the preceding cards and will bring harmony, love, compassion and understanding into your life.  You have a real chance now at finding that family stability you crave so much.  The 11-year-old girl within will be given permission to sleep peacefully. I do hope this Reading has been of help.

Q. (Is so emotionally moved.  She cries and goes through several tissues.  However, there are smiles and laughs. She is blaming her hormones for what she calls, her silly crying.)

Practice Readings

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Practice Reading Time – Looking for Love Spread

Calling all Tarot Students,

This Card Reading is excellent for getting to the heart of love and relationships.  It is ideal for anyone who desires to draw romance and love into their lives. I did not design this myself but found it on the internet some years ago and have used it successfully on many occasions. The Looking for Love Spread,  will expose areas where you may be unconsciously blocking a loving relationship from coming into your life.  It will offer both guidance on how to overcome and release these blocks, together with suggestions as to who might be a suitable partner and where you are most likely to meet him or her. To get the most out of this Reading it is wise to detach yourself or advise the Querant to detach them self as much as possible from the outcome.  Being honest with yourself and being open to other possibilities and potentials is important.

Have a go at this Spread before you look at my interpretation. When you do, I want you to look closely as to how I have interpreted the Cards to suit the Spread and also the position within the Spread. Play with the meanings of the cards. Work out how I came up with the interpretation that I did.  Bend them, twist them and read between the lines.  Look at the metaphorical meanings behind the Cards and not just the literal ones. Stretch your imagination and be creative.  Piece together the story in front of you bit by bit and then pull it together so that it makes sense and is understandable.  Open your mind and heart.  Listen to what your inner-voice is telling you.  I am not expecting you to come up with the same interpretation as mine as that would be impossible.  However, see if you find any correlations or similarities.

This time I have interpreted the cards with input from the Querant. This is a genuine Reading so be especially observant as to the importance of the two-way flow of communication between myself and the Querant.  See how the Reading opens up as a result and the benefits that are ultimately obtained.   This is the difference between a Fortune-Telling Reading and a Tarot Consultancy.

You will need Six Cards for this Spread. Once the Cards are shuffled, pick the Card that is at the bottom of the Deck. This is not part of the Six Cards. It is the Base Card and may give you some background insight into the situation.  Set this Card aside before selecting the Six Cards. Make sure that the Cards are Cleansed, Shuffled and Selected according to your personal choice.  Lay the cards out as follows:

Looking For Love Spread

5 of Swords Reversed

Base Card  – 5 of Swords Rx

2 Wands Rx                                                                 2 of Cups Upright

Card 2 – 2 of Wands Rx                             Card 6 – 2 of Cups

4 of Swords Upright                        Ace of Cups

  Card 3 – 4 of Swords       Card 4 –  Ace of Cups

  3 of Pentacles Upright                                                              3 of Cups Upright

Card 1 – 3 of Pentacles                             Card 5 –  3 of Cups

Base Card – Gives background information.

Card 1 – What are the underlying causes that have prevented or blocked you from meeting your perfect partner?

Card 2 – What can you do to make the necessary changes or overcome the issues in revealed in card 1?

Card 3 – What is the best step to take right now in order to find your perfect partner?

Card 4 – Who would be the most suitable partner for me?

Card 5 –  Where am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

Card 6 – When am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

So we have three Cup Cards in this Reading which strongly links it to a Relationship Scenario but before you go rushing off to triumphantly announce a happy ever after story, look again for there are a few issues, challenges or obstacles that may be causing issues or blocks to the Querant achieving their dream or goal.  Take your time and don’t forget to take all influencing elements into play. Along with the actual presenting Elements, take the Numerical Energy of the Cards into consideration as well. Play with the Reversed ones as best you can and see how they may be influencing the situation.  Keep refering back to the Question and very importantly, the meaning of the Card Position or Placing.  If you need to re-cap on the Cards above, just click on the relevant Card to go directly to the Individual Card Page.

Interpretation will be posted on the 10th of January 2013.  Best of Luck.

Vivien – Your Tarot Teacher