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Tarot Card Reading Exercises

Greetings All,

Well I am still busy sorting out my new site on Many technical issues have delayed the changeover and I have been painstakingly trying to sort them all out. This of course takes me away from my writing, but for today I have decided to take a break and do something different.

Below you will find Card Reading Exercises for you to work out.  There are Eight Readings below and Nine Individual Interpretations for them. The Readings are Numbered 1 to 8 and the Interpretations from A to I (9 interpretations). This means that one of the Readings has Two Interpretations. The Letters do not correspond to the Numbers so your Task is to Match the Cards to their Correct Interpretation in The Table Provided Below, and also determine which of The Readings I have supplied Two Interpretations for.

Please Note that the Interpretations provided are not the only ones that could apply to the Cards. It is just one Interpretation out of several possibilities, and of course it would all come down to the Question that is being asked. However, you should be able to identify which Interpretation Matches a Particular Set of Cards. 

This Card Reading Exercise is designed with a view to help those who are studying The Tarot to better understand the process of Linking and Connecting Cards when Interpreting a Reading.

I will Post the Correct Running Order Next Week so that you can compare yours with mine. 

The Readings


3 of Cups Rx  The Devil Upright The Moon Upright


7 of Swords Rx5 of Swords5 of Cups Upright



Strength UprightPage of Cups Reversed9 of Pentacles Upright



Queen of Cups Upright  The Lovers Upright Queen of Wands Upright



 Knight of Cups Reversed  The Heirophant UprightThe Fool (0) Reversed



The Hanged Man UprightThe Magician (I) Upright 8 of Wands Upright


4 of CupsJudgement Upright8 of Cups Upright


The Empres Upright9 of Pentacles UprightAce of Wands


Now Use the Table below to Match the Cards to Their Correct Interpretation. To do this Place the Number of The Reading you think Matches a Particular Interpretation in the box provided below. 

The Interpretations

A – Number (  )

You are facing a situation that you feel you may not be emotionally strong enough to deal with. This is very understandable as you probably have never had to deal with something like this before. This may not seem like such a big deal to others but it has you deeply upset and distressed. You have to believe that you can, and will get through this. You will have to call on all your own inner strength as this is a situation that no one else can help you with. You are used to other people sorting out any unpleasantness in your life but it is now time to grow up and get your emotions under control. You will have to face this situation and you won’t be able to do that until you pull yourself together. This may be the first time you have to rely totally on your own wits and resources. You may feel alone and scared but you can get through this. Face your issues with courage and self-belief. You will prevail.

B – Number (  )

You are considering formalising a relationship, possibly getting engaged or married, but your cards give cause for concern. You or your partner may not be ready to take such a step or grand leap of faith, but there is also a very strong possibility that the one you are prepared to give your heart to will not treat it with the care and respect it is due. How well do you know your partner? Can you totally trust them? Have they ever been unfaithful to you in the past? Are they being totally honest with you? You may be prematurely rushing into a long-term commitment without putting the relationship firmly to the test. You may be confusing love with lust and this will make you prone to doing something foolish. You are taking a big gamble and may be in love with the idea of being in love. Why not give it a bit more time and see if you still feel the same let’s say a year from now. If it is true love, then you know he or she is the right person for you. It all seems exciting right now and you may feel you are being carried on the crest of a wave, but you could easily be setting yourself up for a fall.

C – Number (  )

You are entering an extremely fertile and creative period where much growth and development is possible. It is an excellent time to start new projects as anything you are involved in now will flourish. You have worked hard to get this far and should feel proud of your achievements. You have made a success of your life and are enjoying the bountiful rewards. Under such influences and based on the presenting Cards the fertile energies that surround you could lead to a pregnancy. If that is not what you desire at present make sure to take extra precautions for mother nature is ready and waiting to do what she is best at. That is bringing new life into the world. You have been warned!

D – Number (  )

You know you have been unhappy for some time now. When you take a good look at yourself and your life you probably feel shocked that you have let things go on as such for so long. Truly you have not being living at all and have all but disappeared into yourself. It has taken a bit of time but you have eventually heard the call from within. That call is your own inner voice, your higher self. The voice has been a call to action, to sit up and take stock of your life for you cannot continue to go on like this. It is time to make the necessary changes which will bring you back to the land of the living again. You have reached a crossroads and know that important decisions have to be made. You must do what is right for you and not continue to be controlled by others and their expectations. It is time to sort out your life so that you can feel good about yourself. You must move away from a negative and pessimistic state of living. This may involve having to leave certain people and places behind so that you can go in search of happiness. You may not even know what happiness is yet, and where you will find it, but one thing is for certain, happiness is not what you have right now. Now that you have heard the inner call and answered it, you will be surprised at how opportunities will present themselves to you. You have decided to take action and the universe will support you in your quest.

E – Number (  )

There may be some concern around your drinking habits. In fact your habit may have got out of hand and you are overindulging. You may be in denial about this but deep down you have niggling doubts and worries about how much alcohol you are consuming. Your subconscious is calling to you and is attempting to bring this issue to the surface. Time to actively take steps now before your habit turns into an addiction. If it has already done that then you need to get help to overcome it for you have lost control.

F – Number (  )

Time to decide exactly what it is you want from a relationship. There is also the possibility that there are two potential partners you are considering or you may be conducting two relationships at the same time. One may be the legitimate relationship, the one that is out in the open, and the other is the one that is kept secret for one reason or another. Regardless of what is going on in your life at present and which situation best represents you, it is time to make a decision one way or the other for you cannot have both. You need to determine who it is that will make you the most happy and will fulfil your emotional and intellectual requirements. Give much consideration to this as this is a major decision you have to make. Someone is bound to get hurt or let down as you can only choose one. Make sure to communicate the situation, and whatever decision you arrive at effectively.

G – Number (  )

You are getting involved in something that you are going to deeply regret. You are taking action or acting on an ill thought out plan and it is going to back fire on you. You are actually playing with fire now. You think you are being very clever but you are only bringing a lot of trouble down upon yourself. You may be acting in anger or revenge, but this is a knee jerk reaction and you are not looking where you are going. Your actions are going to make someone very angry with you and you have not thought of the possible outcome or consequences. You are starting a chain of events now that you will have no control over. You think that you are going to get one up on someone but you have no idea of the backlash that will come your way. Your plan is doomed and you will fail miserably. You may even take others down with you and you will live to regret it. Walk away and let this one go.

H – Number (  )

You thought it would never happen, that the time would never come, but everything is falling nicely into place now. It took a long time to get here, and at times you tried to force your project forward, but the time was not right. Patience was needed and you had to let your plans naturally evolve in their own good time. You know now that even though you thought everything was ready and good to go in the past, the reality was that it was only wishful thinking. That period seemed to go on forever but it was not time wasted. You learned a lot and are now in a much better position than you would be should you have tried to push your plans through before they were entirely ready. Well the good news is that now you have everything you need to move forward with your plans. The time of suspension is over and you will be relieved to know that at last you can make your move. You have done well and have thought through everything very carefully. You have a very viable working plan that is bound to be successful. Why is this so? Because you took your time and have made sure that you have every area covered and know your stuff inside out. So you are ready to rock and roll. Time to set the wheels in motion and let your plans or project take off. There has been a momentum building all the time, even when you thought nothing was happening. It has now taken on a life of its own. All the time you have invested and all the personal sacrifices you have made will be well rewarded. You can look forward to a very busy and successful time ahead.

I – Number (  )

You are hanging around with a crowd who you think are friends. This group of people are particularly toxic and are leading you astray. For some reason you feel compelled to stay with them and even though you are beginning to see them in their true light and are right to be concerned about your association with them, you will find it hard to break away from them. Why are you letting these people exert so much control over you? They are an unsavoury crowd and quite underhand and devious. You are unaware of half the things they get up to. Get out now.


12 replies »

    • Thanks Susan and I am sure you will have no problem getting the right combination. I will be posting next week the answers along with a brief explanation of how I linked the cards.




  1. Hi if anyone is up to it, I really could use some insight on things in my life…would like someone to read my cards for me I need to hear from an outsider looking in. Very curious to know what you may find… Thanks, Kelly email me


    • Hi Kelly,

      I will post your comment and hopefully you may get some replies. Just to let you know, when I eventually get to changeover to my new site in the next month or so, it has a forum on it and there will be a section on it for member users to exchange readings or post cards they have drawn. I am hoping that readers will exchange readings and ideas, theories and concepts. I am also hoping members will engage in group readings where several readers give a collective opinion on someone’s cards. I used to do this when I taught classes and it was great fun. A bit like brainstorming. A different student each week volunteered for the group to read their cards. When they were drawn we all sat around and all contributed to the reading. Sometimes we agreed, other times we all had different opinions. We all learned something from each other and broadened our reading skills as a result. I joined in too and there were nights when I had to kick everyone out as they wanted it to go on all night. All we were short of was a couple of bottles of wine and some nibbles!

      Best of luck,



  2. Hi Vivien,

    I hope I’m not a spoiler if I write my guess here 🙂
    My take is the following:

    A – Number 3
    B – Number 5
    C – Number 8
    D – Number 7
    E – Number 1
    F – Number 4
    G – Number 2
    H – Number 6
    I – Number 1

    I’m looking forward to the solutions 🙂

    Thanks, Vivien, it’s a really nice exercise


    • Hi Daisa,

      Of course you are not a spoiler. You can give yourself a big Gold Star and a Clap on The Back because you got them all correct. Well done. I will be posting the answers next week along with a brief explanation of how and why I linked the Cards to get a particular interpretation.

      Keep up the excellent work.




  3. Thank you so much for posting this exercise Vivien, I really enjoyed it! I’m so pleased to see that that my list matches the one above and I’m looking forward to seeing if I got the cards with the two interpretations right as well. It’ll be interesting reading your explanations too!
    Take care,


  4. Thanks!
    Really enjoyed this exercise. I am an intermediate student of Tarot in the Galway area. Are there any other students in the area who might like to meet up…?


    • Hi Nicola,

      Lovely part of the country Galway. I will post this comment and hopefully you might get some responses. However, when my new site goes live, there will be a forum and this will make it so much easier for students to network and get to know each other. It is really nice to get some comments from Ireland. I hope to arrange some mini tarot workshops around the country later this year, so I might be coming to a venue near you in the not too distant future.

      Best of luck with your studies.




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