Tarot Horoscopes – July 2014

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,


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This Month I have taken another novel approach with your Tarot Horoscopes. As you know I compile these Tarot Horoscopes not just for entertainment purposes, but also as a means of helping you understand how Cards are linked so that a story, event, situation or personality is revealed. By reading these Tarot Horoscopes you can learn how to weave a story yourself from the associated meanings of the Cards you are presented with.

This month your Tarotscopes have been compiled to allocate a particular Mission for each Sun Sign for July. Along with the Mission comes a Challenge to it being successfully completed. The Missions are varied, with some being physical, while others are more psychological or emotional. All require effort to complete. The Challenge represents the signs and tendencies to be aware of which might jeopardize your Mission. The Challenge or Challenges may come from your own personality traits, or be the result of external interference. I have selected the Cards as follows:

All Cards Remain Upright, which means I must intuitively decide which Aspect, Upright or Reversed, is applicable for the Reading. 

  • What is The Particular Sun Sign’s Mission, and the Challenge to that Mission for the Month of July? – The Whole Deck is kept Upright and shuffled while I concentrate on these questions. 
  • When Shuffling is complete the Top Card is drawn to Reveal The Mission. The Base Card Reveals The Challenge. If you are doing this at home yourself try to work out their meanings from just the two Cards. If you have terrible difficulty putting a story together, look to the immediate Cards next to the drawn ones for further information. Therefore draw the Card directly under the Top Card (second card in shuffled deck) and the Card immediately before the Base Card (the second last card in the shuffled deck)
  • Concentrate on them for some time and try to work out from the Cards you have selected what your Mission might be and what challenges you might have to overcome to successfully complete your mission. 

Again, these Readings have really challenged me as I had twelve of them to complete. You won’t have the same problem if you are only working on your own sign.

****I must remind you once again that these Tarotscopes are not based on true Astrological Horoscopes where alignment of planets and their configuration is taken into account.  Without a specific individual to Read for, I try to interpret the individual Readings going by my gut feelings.

Remember not to take these Tarotscopes too seriously or literally as they are meant for Fun and most importantly, as a Novel Teaching Aid. They also stretch me as a Reader to compile a Reading for each Sign based on the Cards drawn, rather than Reading for an individual who has a particular question or issue. As with any Generic Horoscope, some people reading them will find them very relevant, while for others they will mean absolutely nothing. I do hope you get some enjoyment or even amusement out of Reading your own Tarotscope.


Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

8 of Swords Upright  5 of Swords Upright

Your Mission this Month Aries should you decide to accept it comes through the message of The Eight of Swords. You are being asked to take a close look at your life and determine in which area or areas you feel restricted or trapped. Maybe you feel you have little options open to you, or that external factors or other persons seem to be in control of your situation or dictate to you how you should live, feel, act or think. Aries this may very well be one of your blind spots for you are generally in total control of your life and are usually the one who sets all the rules and the pace of how things run. There may be one little corner of your life where you feel powerless. This is probably one of those areas you try not to dwell on too much or pretend it doesn’t really exist. This denial drains your natural instinctual nature to be free and unhindered by anything other than positivity and optimism. This will be an area you may not vocalise to others, or even admit to yourself. It is probably a habit you have slipped into and because the rest of your life generally runs to your liking, you are prepared to hastily overlook this particular aspect. However, it is having an impact whether you like it or not, and the impact is bound to be negative. If you feel down at times or pessimistic about your chances, or the future, you can bet your bottom dollar that it is here you will find the root of your discontent. You would hate others to know how tied up you are with this aspect because you may lose face or have your pride dented. This restricted aspect of your life could be coming from your home life, your work environment, your relationship, friendships or even a phobia that doesn’t naturally go with your brave and courageous personality.

This is the month to root it out and finally tackle your fears in relation to whatever it is that has you so tied up and consumed with negativity. Remember you are probably well accustomed to compartmentalising this are of your life to the extent that you think you have it under control. You must understand that as long as you remain under the influence of The Eight of Swords  you do not have control at all. You may think your hands are tied, and that there is little you can do to change the situation, but change you must. Somewhere along the way, you have given your power away, and it was probably a very slow process. So slow that you hardly noticed it happening until your were totally caught up and entangled in the net. It is time to change your attitude and root out this negative pattern and attitude in your life. Time to change how you think with regards to this situation or area of your life. You must free yourself from any limiting thoughts or beliefs for they do you no good. You must find the psychological strength to overcome these traits in you so that you are free to be a complete and whole personality. Somewhere along the way a part of you has fragmented and you must now go out and retrieve it.

The Challenge – The Five of Swords. Aha, you believe that someone else holds all the power in this situation and that you must do as you are told, as you have no option to do otherwise. Who told you this is so? Some aspect of your mind has been brainwashed into believing the propaganda of another, who for some reason you believe to be superior to you. You also fear this other and the power they have over you. You might believe they have the ability to make or break you, or that you just have to put up and shut up, but this is only what you have been led to believe. Time to kick away all those Negative Swords that block your progress, pull off the blindfold that restricts your vision, and really see things for what they are. What is the worst thing that can happen if you decide to free yourself from the binds that tie and do as you please, rather than what another wants or expects of you? You are in control in so many other areas of your life expect for this particular one and you must ask why? Find the Fire that burns naturally within and do not allow the overpowering force of the strong wind that Air brings through the Swords to blow that Fire out. Time to fight back and come out with all guns blazing. A belief system that slowly narrows over time has crept up on you unawares. You must now burn through the minute gap that has been left and come back out into the open once more.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

Knight of Wands Upright  Death Upright

Your Mission this Month Taurus, should you chose to accept it, is delivered to you by the brave and bold Knight of Wands. This Knight brings a clear and extremely strong message and it would be hard not to see exactly what it is for he is bound to hit you right between the two eyes with it. This Knight does not tarry about waiting for you to slowly come around to understanding the nature or reason for his presence in this particular Reading for you Taurus. He knows exactly what you are like when it comes to taking a chance, a risk, or simply been spontaneous. The Knight is telling you that there is an area of your life, or possibly several areas of your life, where imminent change is needed, and the sooner the better. You have a tendency to be cautious and stick to your tried and tested ways of doing things. You know what I am talking about Taurus. You are a creature of habit and hate your routine been disturbed by so-called well-meaning people who actually think they are doing you a favour by ringing you at 5pm on a Tuesday to tell you they have a spare ticket to a concert that starts at 8pm and they want YOU to go with Them. You are told it will be all great fun and exciting but you slowly sink inside and immediately root for your typical excuses as to why it is not possible for you to take them up on their very generous offer. Tuesday is the night when you watch your favourite Soap and get an early night with your latest book. You know where you are when you keep your normal routine, but should you go out on the spur of the moment to this concert, that means a late night that you were not expecting, drink you would rather not have and unforeseen expenses that are entailed in any night out regardless of how much you are told it will cost you nothing. You would also have to look for something to wear and have a shower. It all sounds exhausting, and far from fun. The mere thought of it destabilises your natural equilibrium. Does this sound familiar Taurus? Of course it does and I have direct experience of this myself, as I too am a Taurean. However, let us not forget The Knight of Wands and his reason for showing up. Could he be telling you that your Mission this month is to blow the cobwebs off your typical predictable, methodical and habitual lifestyle so that you may, even for this month, accept the Mission to become more outgoing, spontaneous and outrageous in your behaviour? Just for this month try living life in the fast lane for a change and do something that you normally would never think of doing. It could be anything and everything. Each Taurean will know their typical boundaries when it comes to how far they will go at any particular time in a given situation.

For the month of July you are going to hop onto the saddle with The Knight of Wands and hold on tight for he is going to take you on the ride of your life. Trust me, you will be feeling a whole lot more alive by the end of the month if you allow his energy to infiltrate your life, even just a little bit. How would you feel about searching the internet for a last-minute Vacation deal that would entail you packing and getting organised to catch a flight in less than three days? Does the thought of that send you running for cover and coming up with a million excuses as to why it would be impossible to achieve? If so then this is exactly the type of thing you should consider. Decide that you are going to meet up with friends at least once a week. In fact you will be the one to phone everyone and arrange an outing. Choose  a new venue and check it out with your friends. Accept every spontaneous offer that comes your way. Say yes to those things that will fall under your Mission Criteria. How about setting yourself a goal to do something each day that you normally wouldn’t’ do? What about taking a different route home from work in the evening. Instead of taking the Motorway, why not take the scenic route? It might take you longer but would be far more interesting. How about forgetting about the housework for a week except for the bare essentials and spend the time attending a festival or catching a bus or train in a direction you have never been before. When you reach your destination, wander around and visit all the shops and touristy things. How about trying something completely different or unusual from the normal fare you eat at a restaurant. You could join a boot camp for the month, or book into a course or class that is totally out of character for you. Try an acting class or join the local musical society. The aim Taurus is to get moving, get lively and see what changes you can implement in the month. You are free to go back to how you normally live come August but you might find you actually want to keep up some of the changes you have made, for they are fun and different.

The Challenge – Here we have Death appearing, and because I am only using Upright Cards for these Readings I have to intuitively decide which aspect of the Card to Read from. The biggest challenge for you Taurus in completing your Mission this month is you reluctance to adopt change in your life. Your habits and routines are more entrenched than you think and you must fight the tendency to shirk away from anything that involves change or acting spontaneously. One part of you will be all excited about accepting your Mission but as soon as you are pushed past your normal boundaries, there will be a reluctance, and even fear, of letting go and allowing The Knight of Wands access or influence over you. Old habits die-hard and you may feel that you are losing control of your life after the first week of trying to be more outgoing and less predictable. The first week will be quite easy but by the second week the loss of your routine and habits will start to become irritating and you will be tempted to throw the towel in in the belief that you can not possibly live like this, with your life in disarray and topsy-turvy. You must look Death in the eye and welcome him in the door. Allow him to sever ties you have with your old way of doing things, even just for the month, and don’t see it as such a disaster or endurance test. Spontaneity does not have to be viewed as upheaval and chaos but rather as fun and exciting. Find the thrill in not exactly knowing what the next few hours, days or weeks are going to bring. You can go back to your old way of living after if you so choose, but this is just to test you out and see how far you can  go.  You might very well feel exhausted by the end of the month and can’t wait to get back to a more orderly and quiet life, but then again you could easily be feeling elated and extremely refreshed. You certainly won’t know until you try Taurus. I will give it a go myself I think and see how long I can last.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

The Magician (I) Upright Page of Swords Upright

Your Mission this Month Gemini should you choose to accept it is brought to you by The Magician. This means that you are being asked to take control of your power this month and actively do something with it. Gemini you are known for your cleverness in many areas and of course your brilliant agile mind. This month you are being asked to use it to its ultimate best. You must strive for greatness and better the best that you have given before. You are in a very strong position to really make a big difference in particular areas of your life, or in the lives of others. The Magician bestows great power upon you this month and you must make the most of it. Look around you Gemini and see what it is that you could be applying this power to. This is the month for you to make absolutely anything your want happen. Therefore you must not ignore any bright ideas that suddenly pop into your mind or turn down any interesting opportunities that come your way. Anything you start during this phase has the potential to become something much bigger than you could ever have imagined. The Magician tells you that you have all the necessary tools and know-how at your disposal, so you cannot use that as an excuse for not getting going. However, you will need to control any initial excitement you have about the task or project you wish to become a part of, for as impatient as you might be, and regardless of how wonderful your idea may seem and sound, there is still a lot of planning to be done. You must go through all the fine detail of every aspect and fully understand how it all links together. Check to see if there are any areas you are not quite so sure about. Do you need the help of others, or are you suitably qualified to take care of everything yourself? Yes, you can make anything you want happen this month Gemini but not without putting the required effort into it. Don’t waste what is being offered to you this month for the planets appear to be falling into perfect alignment for you right now, and are working in your favour. This means you have to do something brilliant. Whatever you do must not be quietly kept to yourself. Instead you must proudly demonstrate to others what you have been working on and how well you are in charge of the situation.

You can choose the area of your life where you are going to let The Magician come to life.  Success will be achieved through the combination of self-discipline, control of will and the exact application of skills, knowledge and talent. You must focus your complete attention on whatever task you are working towards and bring it to its successful conclusion. So ask yourself Gemini as to what abilities, skills, talents and knowledge are at your finger tips? When you have them all laid out on the table in front of you concentrate on what it is that you could or should be doing with them. You may discover that you have much more at your disposal than you expected.  When combined together, is the sum of the parts equal to or greater than the individual parts alone? On their own they may not be anything special, but may be quite some force when worked together.

See what you can do, what you have to offer and come up with a brilliant plan that is workable and achievable. Take for example a writer who is told that he or she has to undergo life-changing surgery. The surgery alone  is pitted with risk and potential complications, while the recovery period is long and difficult. This surgery is going to alter their lifestyle and body in a way that they may have difficulty coming to terms with. This is upsetting news but as the writer allows the news to settle within, already an idea is forming. The Magician has stepped in and has flicked a switch in the writer’s mind. The writer begins to think about starting a blog, writing a journal or book about their experiences and how they are dealing with the whole adjustment, along with their fears and concerns. They know they are only one of millions who undergo this surgery every year, but there is a difference as not all are writers. The writer believes that by sharing his or her experience with others they may not only be helping  themselves therapeutically, but also helping others who are facing the same health problems they are. The writer gets another brain wave. They could also do a daily webcam documentary which records their feelings as they approach surgery, the day of surgery and then the post surgery recovery stage. They intend this to work hand in hand with their blog or book. The Magician has helped them to use their natural tools, skills and talents to create something extremely useful and powerful. The writers blog and fly on the wall documentary will be read and viewed by millions. The writers work is bound to be of great comfort and a powerful source of information to so many, as well as being a personal healing tool. It may be so well received that the writer may be asked to give interviews or talks about their experience.  The Magician will be there with the writer all the way.  So Gemini, what is it that you can come up with this month?

The Challenge in successfully completing your Mission this month comes from The Page of Swords. Now here is the concern, and what you must guard against. It is quite simple really. There is a danger you will get so caught up with coming up with the exact working plan you may end up over-analysing everything to a point that nothing happens. This would be a great shame. Gemini you are known for your dual mind processes so you may find yourself one day crystal clear about what you are doing and how everything will proceed, only to change your mind the next day and start all over again. There will be a tendency to dither and to believe that more needs to be done. However you need to carefully guard against coming up with any hair-brain ideas. Remain as practical and grounded as possible. If allowed The Page of Swords could float away into the clouds overhead and that is not where you want to go.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

4 of Wands  2 of Pentacles Upright

Your Mission for The Month of July Cancer, should you chose to accept it, is brought to you under the banner of The Four of Wands. Cancer you are going to pull out all the stops this month and organise a summer party or a get together for family and friends. You love to socialise Cancer and be with the ones that you love so why not throw a party, or if the weather is up to it, a barbecue. Now just before you sit back and laugh to yourself thinking, oh this one is simple, there are certain conditions attached to it. You have to set yourself the lowest possible budget for this event but you must set out to make it appear to be quite a lavish affair. But how I am going to do that on a tight financial leash I can hear you say, but in this age of recession and austerity, you are going to use that wonderful imagination of yours to come up with some inspiring and very cheap, if not free, ideas. Don’t fret dear Cancer for you are not going to be on your own here. You are allowed employ the services of friends and family to all play a part in making this an occasion to remember. If you have the space, the event must be held at your place. If not, then at the home of a willing friend or family member. It is time to pull your closest friends and family members together and draw up a plan for the event. Decide upon a theme and then draw up lists of what is required. Ask of each what their strength is and what they can contribute to the occasion, other than the budget that is allocated. Find out who is handy with the sewing machine for they could make some fancy bunting and place mats out of old clothes you all donate. Collect as many jam jars between you and use them as candle holders. Which of your friends or friend’s friends can play musical instruments, you now have the entertainment organised. Does anyone read the Tarot or Angel Cards? Collect as many outdoor and indoor fairy lights from friends and family as you can for you are going to make the whole place twinkle for the night. Come up with some novel way of sending out invitations. Why not make it fancy dress, or set a dress or colour code for the occasion. Make all the decorations between you. Learn a song or dance and rehearse it with your friends for a surprise act for the guests. Get everyone to help with the food and ask everyone to bring a bottle. Suggest all those who can, to come with a prepared party piece. Involve everyone but let you be the main Event Manager. When all is prepared and the final details arranged, sit back and relax content in the knowledge that it is going to be great fun and everyone will have a ball. The only thing you have to do now is pray for good weather if it is to be an outdoor event.

The ChallengeThe Two of Pentacles. Remember you must stick to a budget and a small one at that. This is going to be your ‘Who Cares about The Recession Party’ so you must make it look as though you have gone to great expense for the event. This is going to be the hardest part, as in sticking to the budget. You have  a tendency to overspend when your emotions go on a high Cancer and you could easily, or sneakily pay for something yourself outside of the budget, just because you love it and think your guests would love it too. Try to avoid any unnecessary expenses. The very fact that you are getting everyone together will be more than enough. People are naturally going to enjoy themselves so fear not. With the Two of Pentacles you also stand the chance of getting stressed when it comes closer to the time as you will think there is so much to do and not enough time. To avoid this, ensure you pace yourself and make sure to delegate efficiently so that the workload is spread around. Do not attempt to take it all on yourself but you do have the ability to multitask. Stop worrying that it will be a failure as your guests are going to be wowed by the effort you put in and the wonderful results. If you decide to accept this Mission Cancer, you are in for a very busy month ahead but it will be so worth it. Anyone can throw a big party if they fling enough money at it, but you are going to prove to yourself that it is far more fulfilling to use the resources you have freely available to you before putting a hand in your purse or wallet. Eat, Drink, Dance and be Merry.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

The Sun Upright The Moon Upright

Your Mission this Month Leo, should you decide to accept it, is brought to you by your good old friend The Sun. This month you are going to, even if it kills you, totally immerse yourself in the energies of Summer and The Sun that so belongs to this season. This means that you are going to be determined to enjoy yourself and make the most of all the bright sunny days ahead. This Mission goes far deeper than just sitting out under the sun for the month. Rather it asks quite a lot of you, and to understand this we must look at the nature of The Sun Card itself. What messages does it bring? Good health, positivity, renewal, rebirth, fun, playfulness, optimism, fun, freedom, childhood and creativity. So Leo it is time to let your inner child out to play and bathe itself in the restorative and healing powers of the Sun. For the month of July, you are going to ban the blues, blow away the grey clouds in your life, absolutely refuse to indulge in any negative thinking or pessimistic outlooks. You will replace I can’t with I will, and No with Yes. You are going to avail of every opportunity to have fun this month and to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. I want to see a healthy glow on those cheeks and a big smile on your face, regardless of what is going on in and around your life. For this month all worries must be cast aside except for anything pressing and extremely important. Everyone deserves a vacation, and if you can, let July be the month you take yours. Even if you are working all this month, make it feel like a vacation as often as you can. We have just passed the Summer Solstice and believe it or not, the evenings are already beginning to shorten even if it is not perceptible at present. Therefore we need to make hay while the sun shines. So Leo, even if it has been a long day at the office, or whatever it is you are doing, make an effort to get out into the fresh air regardless of how tired you are. If you live near the coast, stop off for a quick swim on the way home as often as you can. Instead of making a dinner at home after work, pack a picnic and drive to the nearest park, countryside location or beach and eat there instead. Take The Sun with you wherever you go, and smile. Smile even if you want to cry. Don’t let your worries get the better of you this month, tell them to wait as you have better things to do.

The Sun Card also asks us to release and express your creative side so let July be the month when you show everyone what you are good at and the talents you have, other than the ones they see every day. Get out into the garden and make it alive with colourful displays of flowers and hanging baskets. If you have children, run around the garden with them and chase them with the garden hose when the weather is bright and warm. Laugh and allow your children to catch you with the hose too. Go back to being a child again and think of those blissful days when the schools closed for the summer and school books and homework could be forgotten about for weeks. All you had to do was eat and sleep. The rest of the time you ran wild and free with your friends playing make-believe and running and running and running. Everything was possible, and hopefully you didn’t have a care in the world. Try to recapture the spirit of childhood summers Leo this month and it will do wonders for you. We all have a tendency as we get older to become more serious and caught up in the stresses and worries of modern living. The dark evenings will be with us soon enough and you will regret it if you waste this precious time. For the Month of July, The Sun asks you to live in the moment and enjoy the day that lies therein. Count your many blessings and don’t forget to laugh.

The Challenge – Well with The Moon appearing in this position, this is the Card that precedes The Sun, so you are in danger of taking a step backwards or regressing under the influence of The Moon. If you allow this to happen Cancer this month, you will undo all the good work of The Sun, for in effect you will allow some grey clouds to float across its path. Essentially this means that you might struggle to keep your troubles and worries at bay. Just when you think you are beginning to relax and enjoy life under the influence of The Sun, The Moon will appear and stir up all those niggling doubts and worries. When that happens you are no longer living in the moment, but are stressing over the past, or worrying about the future. The Moon will release the shadowy areas of your life and will call your attention away from The Sun. You must resist the magnetic pull of The Moon in this instance for it is very powerful and will only upset the cheery atmosphere you are trying to encourage. You must ask yourself what exactly it is that you worry about for it may just be a habit at this stage. You may feel guilty if you appear to be having a good time or just doing as you please. You may have lost the ability to have fun, and when it does present itself to you, you worry about having such fun that you watch and waiting for the axe to fall at any moment. The Moon will distort your perception of things and will eclipse The Sun if you allow it, blanking out all its wonderful light and heat. That is your Challenge Leo. You must control the influence of The Moon. No one is for one minute implying that you do not have real worries, but there comes a time when you owe it to yourself to take a break from them so that you can relax, unwind and refresh your being on every level. Let July be the Month to do that.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

6 of Pentacles Upright  Temperence Upright

Your Mission this Month Virgo, should you chose to accept, it is brought to you by The Six of Pentacles. It is time to take stock of your life and examine it for any tell-tale signs of imbalances or inappropriate behaviour. You must determine how you would fare if rated on a scale of 0 – 10 for your ability to give and take. Would the scales balance in your favour or do they fluctuate wildly from one area of your life to another? For example, when it comes to relationships, work, family, friends and strangers too, are you a giver or receiver? Maybe you can put your hand on your heart and honestly say that you love to give, but have no problem taking either. Fair is fair after all, but do you give with an expectation of receiving, or do you believe that what goes around comes around? That by giving you will reap the rewards in some area of your life, but not necessarily from the person or situation who has benefitted from you. Remember that a generous or kind act bestowed upon another will change the heart of the beneficiary, resulting in them being more eager to do the same for another with the resources they have available to them. July is the month for self-examination where this is concerned, and a time for balancing the scales should you find extremes of one sort or another. Where your relationship is concerned, are you always the one who has to make compromises, concede to the wishes of your partner, take the lion’s share of responsibility for its continued success, or is it the other way around? In work are you so conscientious about your job that you not only do your own work but also cover for the few slackers who are happy to sit back and get away with blue murder? Are you always the one who is asked to do overtime, or cover for someone when they are ill? Perhaps you take one too many duvet days yourself, or are constantly last in and first out every day, as-well as taking longer than you should on your lunch break? Do you look all business-like when the boss is around but as soon as he/she is out the door you are surfing the internet? Then again you may feel like you work very hard for the little pay you get and that others on better salaries do less than you? Are you putting in a good day’s work for a good day’s pay?

Where family is concerned do you give enough of your time and attention to all, or do some get left out? Do you care more about being seen as helpful and generous to mere strangers and acquaintances than being there for your partner and kids? However, you might feel that you are being sucked dry by all around you who take you for granted, and take advantage of your good nature. Are you a ‘yes’ person or can you assert yourself and say ‘no’ if it doesn’t suit you?

Look at the other areas of your life; eating, drinking, socialising and spending. How balanced are these areas or could they do with some work? Are you overeating, eating the wrong foods, or forgetting to eat and missing meals because you are too busy? What about alcohol and socialising? Are you burning the midnight oil and struggling through most of the week with a hangover, tired and lethargic, or can you not remember the last time you had a night out and saw your friends? And financially, how are things going there? Are you thrifty and conscious of your money, set budgets that you stick to, pay your bills on time and have little or no debts, or are you borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, unable to make your money last the week, and running up ridiculous credit card bills.

If your closest friends and family were asked to anonymously fill out a similar questionnaire about you, would you be shocked by the results or pleasantly surprised? July is the month to honestly address these matters, and for some of you, there will be little to be done as you are already in control of your life and behaviour, but others may see dreadful shortfalls and imbalances. If you discover that you always expect people to flock around you in times of trouble, but it never enters your head to run to the aid of another, what does it say about you? These are tough issues to tackle Virgo but you of all people would wish to balance the scales should you find any extremes. You like your life to be in order, so you will be eager to make any necessary changes. Should you find imbalances in several areas then you must prioritise those that are most important and deal with them first. You are good at making lists and enjoy ticking the boxes when a job or task has been completed.

The Challenge in successfully completing your Mission is brought to us by Temperance who also speaks of balance and harmony. Temperance is a wonderfully positive Card Virgo but the challenge in it is to find the right mix, the perfect formula so that you can keep those scales evenly balanced the majority of the time. Forget about getting it right every time for you are only human like the rest of us, and do have a tendency to be your own worst critic.  You must aim for a balance that works for you and is achievable. That is not going to be easy. How do you go from being a constant giver, a yes person, to one who suddenly says no on occasions much to the shock of all around? How do you assert yourself in the workplace without appearing confrontational or aggressive? How do you tell your partner that you would rather do what you want to do than what he or she is suggesting, without coming across as difficult or negative? How do you tell your friends that you will no longer be able to go partying several nights a week without sounding dull and boring? The thing is to take it slowly and make subtle changes at first, changes that will not come across as a total personality change, for others may feel unsure or suspicious of your intentions. If you have been guilty of neglecting your partner, phone them to say hi out of the blue and tell them that you were thinking of them. Little changes will be less obvious and greatly received. If you feel you have been going around in your own little world for a long time, then do something charitable but simple, such as helping someone cross the road, or go out of your way to put your loose change in the collection box that you usually pass by each day. Offer to give someone a lift instead of letting them take the bus. See Virgo, keep it simple and you will find it much easier to arrive at the appropriate level of give and take that Temperance asks you to strive towards.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

The Star Upright The Tower Upright

Your Mission this Month Libra, should you decide to accept it, is brought to you by the lovely presence of The Star. This means that for the Month of July you are being asked to think positively and adopt an optimistic approach in all areas of your life. Now this might sound easy but many of you will find it rather difficult to achieve. To achieve this state of bliss and contentedness you will have to banish any negative thoughts or habitual behaviour you may have allowed slip into your way of living. In this day and age of recession, war and crime, it is often quite difficult to feel hopeful or positive about the future ahead. You might wonder what the point is in trying so hard, because it rarely amounts to anything. You may see your life as blighted or luckless but with The Star you are going to change your tune. You are going to begin examining your life and environment to see that which you are blessed with, and not those things you believe to be cursed with. It is time to stop and smell the roses, even if it is just one you find in your garden. Maybe you could start with making a list of all the good things in your life, those things you feel blessed with. Do not automatically compile a list of all the bad things alongside it, for they are forbidden this month. A bit like the Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic approach, you will be finding a working and thinking strategy to reprogram any negative mindsets or thought processes each time they attempt to push through into your consciousness. You might think of adopting a specific Mantra each time you begin to think negatively, and keep repeating it until the unwelcome thought disappears into the background. If you do it often enough you will be able to reframe the negative thought into a positive one. You are going to set yourself the task of waking each morning this month feeling grateful for being alive and looking positively forward to the day ahead. You are going to practice smiling more often, even singing in the shower. You are going to change your disposition this month Libra and approach life in a more spiritual rather than fatalistic manner. You will check yourself each time you go to bad mouth someone, indulge in gossip, or deliberately criticise just because you can. You will also check yourself every time you feel a rant coming on or the attempt to start an argument. You are going to be all sweetness and light and see how long you can keep it up. The aim is for the whole month. That might seem a lot at the outset, but as the month progresses, you will find it easier to keep your best face forward and a stiff upper lip. They say it takes three weeks, 21 days, to break an old habit or to form a new one so that it becomes automatic. This is the crunch Libra, the old habits have to be eclipsed by the new ones. This does not mean that you smile in the face of disaster or trauma, for that will seem insensitive and false. No, what you must strive to do is lose as much as possible the luckless, negative approach to life and begin to see the good all around and within you. Look for the positive things first, without automatically looking for a catch. See if it is possible to become more trusting in your nature.

Another area you will have to work hard on Libra is your own self-image. No standing in front of the mirror saying ‘oh my god, how gross am I’? You will be complimenting yourself each day and admiring your lovely hair or teeth. You will tell yourself each day how beautiful or handsome you are and how much you like yourself. Your aim is to become happier in your skin this month and in your whole life. If you can achieve this you will find that it has a knock on effect all around you. People will react to you differently, and the world will seem a less ominous place to be. There is a famous affirmation that I learned while studying Hypnosis and it goes as such ‘every day in every way, I am getting better and better’. Maybe try it out and see whether you do feel better at the end of the month.

Your Challenge in achieving this Mission dear Libra comes in the form of The Tower Card. If you allow it, the Tower Card will undo and unpick every good intention you make this month.  While you are trying to change your attitude and become more hopeful, positive and optimistic, The Tower will niggle away in the background whispering terrible things in your ear and will remind you of all the awful things that have happened in the past. The Tower will draw your attention to disaster or tragic stories in the newspaper or on the news so that your smile is wiped off your face and replaced with a doom and gloom pose instead. Depression can leak in carrying negative thoughts on its back. Some people are more sensitive and vulnerable to such exposure and will dwell on a disaster story for weeks at a time, seeking out as much detail as possible about the incident so that they can torture themselves some more. It is very hard to remain upbeat and positive under such influence and you might wonder why you bother even trying because disaster or tragedy is probably waiting for you around the next corner. If it happened to those people in the newspaper then, what’s to stop it happening to you too? It might be a good idea to avoid reading the newspaper and listening to the news for the month, and see if you feel any different as a result. I sometimes do this if I feel I am becoming too melancholy. If I want to read something I ask my partner to vet it first. It is not that I want to be ignorant or uncaring about what happens in the world, but rather that I keep a balanced approach. It really depends on what sort of person you are as everyone reacts differently. Remember that this month is all about thinking happy, empowering thoughts in the hope that they will outweigh the negative ones. It is important to keep the faith and hope regardless of what is going on around you.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

5 of Wands Upright  9 of Wands Upright

Your Mission this Month Scorpio should you decide to accept it is brought to you by The Five of Wands. You are being asked to step forward and enter the arena and battle it out for what you want. July will bring a competitive element into the mix and a lot of excess energy which you are not a stranger to. Look out for something to sink your teeth into; something that is challenging and stimulating, something that will keep you on your toes. You will not be on your own in this arena Scorpio for there are others who will be fighting for the very same thing you want. Maybe their reasons and motivations are different but the prize is still the same. This will be a challenging month and the going will get tough should you decide to run with your Mission. Time to step out of your comfort zone and throw yourself wholeheartedly into whatever it is you decide to focus your attention on. Aim for the top and think success for you will be up against stiff competition and will need to thrash it out with several other worthy opponents. What is it that you might do Scorpio? Might you take up a new sport, learn a new skill, join in on a difficult project or task? You might decide to throw your name in the hat for that top Promotion in work. Perhaps you might join a boot camp, sign up for an assault course or go on an adventure/extreme sport’s vacation.  Maybe you will decide to fundraise and are determined to set a very high target, vowing to raise the most amount of money. You might decide to join a Weight loss Group, sign up for a marathon with all your friends or aim to get super fit by the end of the month with tight abs and buff arms. Whatever your goal is, there must be an element of competition in it so that it will keep the adrenaline flowing and your determination supercharged. Look around you Scorpio for there are several things you could do. Think ‘I am a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ and you will get the idea. You must be aiming for a personal best and to come out on top. This will involve you pushing yourself to the limits and refusing to give up. However, you must have a healthy attitude to the whole approach and your reasons for taking on this Mission. This is a competition of sorts but not a battle or war. You must maintain a sportsmanlike attitude at all times and push any thoughts of allowing your famous hot-headed behaviour interfere with the good-natured atmosphere that will surround you. Do not let it become a life or death situation. Yes there is competition around you and that competition is ready and waiting to outsmart you from the word go, but you must not get drawn into any petty squabbles or skirmishes. Keep your ego in strong check and a lid on any jealous rivalry. This is supposed to be fun at the end of the day and to make a better person out of you. It is not intended to turn you into a tyrant or a  ‘win at all costs type’ who will not be popular with anyone. Think fun and adventure Scorpio. Let the games begin and the best man win.

The Challenge for you in successfully completing your Mission Scorpio comes in the message of The Nine of Wands and this is where you might slip up or fall into hole you have dug for yourself. You have to know where to draw the line in this Mission Scorpio and know when to let it go. There will be a tendency to become consumed by whatever it is you get involved in to the point that you think about little else. You may take it all a bit far and wear yourself out. As you achieve mini successes in the beginning, try to stay calm and not get carried away. The desire to come out on top can be taken to extremes when The Nine of Wands appears. What started out as fun and engaging could easily turn into a heap of stress and tension as you become overly competitive and even aggressive in your stance. Do not allow yourself to become paranoid and defensive when there is no cause to be so. Everyone admires your stamina Scorpio but let them be talking about you for all the right reasons. Try not to let it become too personal for all enjoyment will go out the door.  There is also the chance of you throwing in the towel if things are not going exactly as you planned. You may become overly emotional which will sap your energy. It is important to pace yourself so that you have enough steam to run the whole course. Don’t give up or give in too readily for you are doing better than you think. Yes we know you want to succeed and be the very best, but at the end of the day it is the taking part and the spirit you bring into the arena that is important. Do not consider yourself a failure should you not achieve exactly what you set out to. Look at what you have done and congratulate yourself on all your hard work. There is always next time Scorpio.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

The Devil Upright  The Heirophant Upright

Your Mission this Month Sagittarius should you choose to accept it is brought to you courtesy of The Devil. To understand the nature of your Mission we need to explore what The Devil stands for. Now since The Devil is not the most pleasant of personalities we can only assume that your Mission involves tracking down and running to ground any areas of your life where The Devil has got a foothold. You may shake your head vigorously and deny that The Devil has access to any area of your life but very few of us can put our hands on our heart and claim to have no knowledge of him. The Devil represents our Desires, usually the unhealthy ones. Even our healthy desires can eventually become a breeding ground for Devilish activity and involvement. Sagittarius you will need to examine your life this month to discover where The Devil is alive and thriving. The Devil brings extreme materialism, underhand and sly behaviour, deceit, control, entrapment and domination. He is to be found wherever there is obsession, corruption, addiction and destructive behaviour. The thing is Sagittarius if you choose to analyse your life in this manner, you may quite accidentally stumble upon areas where you are shocked to discover him lurking in the corner trying to blend in with the background. You may decide to confront him and tell him that he must leave immediately but this is when he will emerge from his hiding place and move closer only for you to discover that he was not The Devil at all, for he now looks benign and totally innocent of any wrongdoing. He will tell you that you have nothing to worry about in this particular aspect of your life and he will give you a thousand quite valid sounding reasons why you should move on and continue living the way you do. He will put a very believable spin on why it is essential for you to spend so much money every month and to use your credit card instead of the cash you have in your purse or wallet. He simply tells you that you are worth it and why not, when you hesitate about purchasing yet another pair of shoes that you do not need or updating your car for a more expensive model when really the one you were driving is still perfect. This may seem quite benign but what he encourages is a neediness within that evolves and develops into a ‘having and getting’ attitude to life. Buying the shoes or updating the car when it doesn’t need it is only the beginning, for if you look closely you might be unhappy to discover that you got no long-term satisfaction or contentment out of your purchase. It may have given instant gratification but that would have worn off pretty quickly leaving you craving for another fix. And so it goes on and on and debt accumulates, followed by guilt and stress which then drives you to hit the shops again in an attempt to cheer yourself up. It becomes a vicious cycle, a cycle that is being driven by The Devil regardless of how innocent he tries to make it look or sound.

Maybe you need to  throw the search light in the direction of your relationship to see if he is hanging around there. Are you guilty of extreme jealousy or possessiveness? Does your partner have to ask your permission to go out with their friends for the night or do you control the type of clothes they wear? Are you faithful and loyal or have you any secret indiscretions you lie about? And what of your sex life? Is this area of your life in balance or has it become a bit of a problem? Are you a commitment phobic who sleeps around and has an insatiable desire for sex? Have you become promiscuous? Have you confused lust with love?

What about work or business? Is everything above-board? Have you overcharged anyone just because you could? Do you step on work colleagues backs just to get ahead? Do you deliberately undermine your work colleagues in front of the boss or try to blame your mistakes on them?

And what of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs? Could you stop tomorrow if you wanted to or would you cave after a few days, unable to cope without your regular fix? Do you care about what happens to others or is it all about you? Do you ever wish ill of another and are secretly thrilled when something not so nice happens to them? Do you carry a chip on your shoulder, enjoy getting caught up in malicious gossip or are two-faced with friends and those around you? Have you slipped into a habit of telling lies all the time to cover up your activities? Are you constantly hiding things from people or manipulating situations for your own gain?

Sagittarius these are areas you must look at and I am sure many, many others. Your Mission is to root the Devil out of as many areas of your life as possible. Send him packing and refuse to allow him back in. It is time to clean up your act so that you can feel good about yourself deep down. Look for the signs and take the necessary steps to tackle The Devil. Once he has been exposed, he is not so intimidating and threatening. He only has power because you have given it to him. Take back your power this Month Sagittarius, even if it is only in one area of your life. Little steps will result in huge gains.

The Challenge to you successfully completing your Mission this month comes from The Hierophant. Now this is a strange combination. The Hierophant represents the opposite of The Devil for he stands for morals, virtue, spirituality and conservative behaviour. Here is the battle between two great forces. A bit like Star Wars, we have the fight for power between the Dark Side and The Light Side. The age-old fight between good and evil. In Star Wars Darth Vadar says ‘never underestimate the power of the Dark Side’ to Luke Skywalker as he tries to draw him over to his side. However Luke refuses to accept that and tells him that he, Darth Vadar of The Dark Side will ‘never win’. This will be your challenge Sagittarius for often the Dark Side where The Devil reigns supreme is very hard to break away from and can appear to be far more attractive than the alternative. There is another aspect of The Hierophant which will challenge your mission and that comes in the form of peer pressure. The Devil may try to turn you away from the Light on the basis that there is nothing wrong with what you are doing and how you are living, for look, all your friends are doing the same. In fact, it is expected of you to live and behave as such, that is the way things are, exactly how everyone else is doing it. If that is the case then what is the problem? The Hierophant can bring a narrowed perception of things and if you are trying to break away from a certain way of living or behaviour there may be many around you who will not be happy with you stepping outside the box and rocking the boat. There are certain expectations of you and once you decide to do your own thing, you will find there are many who would prefer you stay with The Devil so that you can all be partners in crime. Will you be able to come out on top Sagittarius and defeat The Devil?

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

The Fool (0) UprightWheel of Fortune Upright

Your  Mission this Month Capricorn should you decide to accept it is brought to you courtesy of The Fool. The Fool is setting the scene for July by asking you to lighten up and be a little bit more carefree in your life. Now Capricorn, everyone knows that you might consider anything that does not involve hard slogging work a complete waste of time, energy and money. You are not known for your Devil May Care attitude for you are quite a serious one at times. However, this month you are being asked to temporarily step away from your normal approach to life and try living in The Fool’s shoes for while.  Who knows Capricorn, you may even like it, but it will go against the grain for you. The Fool is all about taking  a chance on life and living in the moment, without a care for yesterday, and totally open to embrace whatever tomorrow might bring. You might think and call The Fool insane but there is a method in his madness.  He is giving you permission this month to drop your guard, lay down your working tools, switch off your computer and see what else is going on around you that might catch your imagination or attention. You usually have your nose to the grind Capricorn but time to cut yourself a bit of slack. July might be the time to cash in on all that overtime you have put in, the excess holidays that are due to you but never seem to have the time to take advantage of. Draw a line or highlight certain days in the month and let everyone know that you won’t be around or available during that time. What you are going to do with your spare time, and for some of you die-hard Capricorns, this may come down to just leaving work on time in the evening instead of putting in an extra few hours, is to deliberately seek out something unusual to do, something that you normally would consider frivolous or silly. You might also think of setting out on a journey of discovery or take a trip to somewhere you have never been before. I want you to adopt an adventurous spirit this month Capricorn. Do you think you can do it? This month is about travelling light so leave all that excess baggage, stress and cares behind. Take only what you need to sustain you, and most importantly, do not plan too far ahead. The Fool loves setting off on new adventures and journeys but he rarely has any set idea of how it is going to work out. He enjoys the spontaneity of just letting things happen as they do and trusts that all will be well.

The Fool would prefer to backpack or go camping rather than settle for a hotel room or tour bus. He wants to experience life first hand through his own senses, and not follow in a predetermined path. He enjoys wandering around the twisting winding back streets of towns and cities he visits rather than sticking to the recommended tourist routes. He has discovered so many exciting and unusual places and people as a result. He likes the idea of going on a cycling tour; travelling as he pleases, staying overnight in bed and breakfasts or inns he happens upon along the way. He has no trouble travelling alone either. How do you think you might let The Fool into your life Capricorn? Some of you may be able to fully embrace his energy this month for it is summer after all and that in itself encourages us to be more light-hearted and free. We shed the dark dreary heavy clothes for brightly coloured shorts and t-shirts which helps us to adopt a more casual and relaxed manner.  We do things we normally wouldn’t do on weekdays such as have impromptu barbecues or head to the beach. Capricorn this month augurs well for you should you decide to join forces with The Fool for you are bound to enjoy yourself. Letting go and taking a chance on simple enjoyment this month will refresh, revitalise and recharge your batteries. When the kids beg you to take them to the park or on a camping expedition do not moan and tell them that you are too busy and have to work, but rather become a kid like them and tell them how fantastic their idea is. Throw yourself in wholeheartedly and forget about everything else for you are being let off the hook this month. Take a chance on life Capricorn and don’t’ think about all the what ifs and what abouts. Just go for it, stop being so predictable and plodding and just fly by the seat of your pants for a while.

The Challenge to you successfully completing your Mission this month comes in the form of The Wheel of Fortune. This in itself tells you that there are actually no challenges at all. The Universe is conspiring to make this a trouble-free month ahead which makes it even more permissible to loosen up and enjoy yourself. Life will run smoothly and everything you do will fall nicely into place. For all your concerns about the im-practicalities of living like The Fool, The Wheel of Fortune sets out to quash them altogether. In fact it is telling you that now is the time you should be enjoying yourself for you are in an excellent position to do so. The Wheel will turn soon enough and you may find The Fool not so easily accessible or totally inappropriate under changed circumstances. Now is the time to take advantage of the high energy and restless spirit for it will bring you to great places, and will also open your mind to new experiences. It might be sometime before The Wheel comes back around to where it is now. Sometimes it turns slowly and other times fast. You may not be able to plan for this so take advantage while the Gods are smiling down on you. Even if it is just one wild thing you do this month Capricorn, let it be totally worth it. If you are heading off on vacation, don’t waste it by just sitting around. Get out and about and discover what is happening around you. Try out new things, be it food or activity. At least once anyway.  As the song goes ‘Pack up your troubles, come on get happy’

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

7 of Cups   The Hanged Man Upright

Your Mission this Month Aquarius should you decide to accept it is brought to you by The Seven of Cups. This means that for the month of July you are being asked to spend time doing some much-needed and long overdue Soul-Searching. This month is about examining every area of your life to determine how emotionally fulfilled you are. Sometimes we just keep going, doing what we are doing, day in and day out without asking ourselves how happy it makes us. Time passes very rapidly Aquarius and life is short. What was acceptable for you a year ago, may no longer be so and it may not be bringing you the enjoyment it should. Are you really doing what you want to do or have you just drifted into it, or worse, is it what others expect of you. Are other people’s happiness more important than your own? Have you reached a stage where you no longer question it? This Card speaks of the strong need to discover who you truly are and what it is that you need in life. Every living being has a right to be happy within and without. What makes one person happy may make another one miserable. What is good for the Goose ain’t necessarily good for the Gander. You cannot be responsible for another’s happiness for each one of us must find our own level. Happiness first comes from within, and by being personally happy we can make others happy too. With this Card you need to break down every aspect of your life and truly analyse it. This is something you are quite good at Aquarius and should have no problem doing it. Each of The Cups in this Card represent an area of your life or personality, and the shrouded figure in the centre, whose identity is concealed, holds the key to your true self. Some people are lucky to know this true self from an early age while others spend a lifetime on a quest to find it. There are some who don’t bother, and have little interest in whether they are happy or not. This is just pure laziness and is no excuse for not living life to their full potential.

So Aquarius you must ask yourself many questions. What about your public persona, the image you portray to the public? Is it a true likeness of your inner self or is it a mask you wear just to get through the day? If so you are living a lie. What about your relationship? Does it fulfill you and bring you the happiness you need and deserve? If not then you are lying to yourself and to your partner. What about work? Are you doing what you really want to do or is it just convenient and paying the bills? If so then you will regret it in the end. What about your personal achievements in life? Have you any or is it something that you still haven’t gotten around to? If so then you are not realising your full potential. Financially, how happy are you in this area? If you are constantly struggling, this will bring you down. What about your home life? Do you look forward to going home each day, is it a welcoming and secure environment? If not then there is something wrong. And of course your sex life, how fulfilled are you in this area? Does it bring you joy, do you seek intimacy or is it something that you just have to put up with? If so then you are missing out on so much. And what of your inner demons and shadow self? Do you deny and resist them? Are ashamed or embarrassed by them? If so then you are not fully integrated.

Your Mission this month is to carry out a total evaluation of your life and pinpoint the areas that could do with some work. Should you find out that you are deeply dissatisfied on many levels then you need to start doing something about it. You owe it to yourself to be happy and to follow your true path. Don’t be fazed by all the endless possibilities. Only deal with what is feasible and practical. There is no use trying to conjure up a fairy tale existence of happiness for it is highly unlikely you will achieve it. Aquarius, you are very logical and practical so I am sure you will be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

You may distance yourself from others during this time, and again that is not something that you will find difficult. This month is about you Aquarius and your needs, so you will have to block off the demands of others for a while.

The Challenge for you in successfully completing your Mission this Month Aquarius arrives in the energy of The Hanged Man. Now he brings several messages in this instance but The Hanged Man is quite the humanitarian Aquarius, just like yourself. Do not be tempted to sacrifice your own happiness because you would only cause upset to others. Don’t be tempted to act like the martyr and put up with situations that do not bring you fulfillment. Do not offer yourself as the sacrificial lamb for the greater good of others. This may be a very noble intention but it is you you must be focusing your attention on, and no one else. Remember, you are only responsible for your own happiness. There is also a chance you will throw your hands up and claim that there is nothing you can do about your life for your hands are tied and you must just get on with it. This is just defeatism and really does not suit you Aquarius. You have no problem fighting for the needs of others so why is there a problem when it comes to yourself?Admittedly,  this is not a process to be rushed. Take you time carrying out this self-analysis and do not try to force answers that are not yet ready to come. Patience is required of you now and even though it seems like you are getting nowhere, the process has begun. Slowly but surely the results will start to manifest.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

5 of Cups Upright 4 of Cups Upright

Your Mission this Month Pisces,should you decide to accept it, comes in the message of The Five of Cups. Now this is quite a heavy Card to have drawn for you but there is probably good reason for its appearance.  I believe you are being asked this month to bring to the surface any areas of deep sadness, upset, loss and disappointment so that you can safely release them. You are an extremely emotional personality Pisces and I fear you may be carrying much upset or sadness within. You do have a problem moving on from personal upsets or traumas, and may even over-dramatise incidents to make yourself feel even worse than you already do. You need to ask yourself, if the level of emotion you feel is appropriate to the situation or event? You also need to work out how long you have been feeling this way. How many old wounds are still being nursed by you long after everyone else involved has forgotten about it and moved on? There are issues you need to deal with for they may be holding you back. Are you angry with someone or even yourself? Have you done something that you consider unforgivable or has someone wronged you? This is the month to bury the hatchet and move on. It is time to forgive and release. I know you may wish to hold onto your grievances or upset because you feel justified in doing so, but deep down it is only making you miserable and is not exactly healthy. You may wish you could turn back the clock so that things could go back to where they were and what they used to be but that is not possible. What’s done is done and it is all water under the bridge at this stage. For some Pisces they may prefer to compare it to blood under the bridge for there may be a lot of anger inside that is hard to let go of.

If there is a deep sadness from a loss or bereavement, this month you might try to take the first small steps towards healing and rejoining life again. There are many who will offer support and are ready and willing to help you. You just need to give them the sign and they will rally around you. You may also think that all is lost, but that is not so for you have much to be thankful for. You must try to turn away from negative mindsets and look for the good in life around you. You are dealing with deep wounds so you do need to be gentle with yourself, but not so much that you end up getting stuck. It is time to move on and start pulling your life together. Do the right thing if you need to apologise to anyone, or be prepared to accept an apology from another, otherwise it will just fester within. Yes the world has changed but it is not the end of the world. You have distanced yourself from many and withdrawn into a self-absorbed state where you may be caught up in a mode of self-wallowing and self-pity. Do the right thing this month Pisces, especially for yourself. You might be torturing yourself more than you should. Also, it is not a sign that you no longer care just because you do decide to move on. Staying miserable just because you think it is the right thing to do is harmful.

The Challenge to you successfully completing your Mission is delivered by The Four of Cups. Now here we have the Card that precedes The Five of Cups which is very relevant and I have already referred to its meaning above. The Four of Cups shows you wallowing in your misery and becoming quite withdrawn. The Four of Cups in this particular lineup tells me that you will find it hard to stop yourself harping back to the past or to the cause of your unhappiness. There may be a strong reluctance to give it up for you have stayed too long in this mood and now find it hard to shake off. Part of you wants to move on and rejoin active life again, or forgive a friend for a perceived wrong doing, but you are finding it hard to make a move and do anything about it. Those around you encourage you to make the first move or accept the olive branch that may be extended towards you, but you might drag this out by refusing to cooperate or meet the other halfway. You are still smarting from the incident or are still grieving. Be careful about falling into depression and apathy, for the longer you stay like this the harder and harder it will become to rouse out of it. By then those around you who are well-meaning may have decided to move on.




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