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Practice Reading Time – Looking for Love Spread

Calling all Tarot Students,

This Card Reading is excellent for getting to the heart of love and relationships.  It is ideal for anyone who desires to draw romance and love into their lives. I did not design this myself but found it on the internet some years ago and have used it successfully on many occasions. The Looking for Love Spread,  will expose areas where you may be unconsciously blocking a loving relationship from coming into your life.  It will offer both guidance on how to overcome and release these blocks, together with suggestions as to who might be a suitable partner and where you are most likely to meet him or her. To get the most out of this Reading it is wise to detach yourself or advise the Querant to detach them self as much as possible from the outcome.  Being honest with yourself and being open to other possibilities and potentials is important.

Have a go at this Spread before you look at my interpretation. When you do, I want you to look closely as to how I have interpreted the Cards to suit the Spread and also the position within the Spread. Play with the meanings of the cards. Work out how I came up with the interpretation that I did.  Bend them, twist them and read between the lines.  Look at the metaphorical meanings behind the Cards and not just the literal ones. Stretch your imagination and be creative.  Piece together the story in front of you bit by bit and then pull it together so that it makes sense and is understandable.  Open your mind and heart.  Listen to what your inner-voice is telling you.  I am not expecting you to come up with the same interpretation as mine as that would be impossible.  However, see if you find any correlations or similarities.

This time I have interpreted the cards with input from the Querant. This is a genuine Reading so be especially observant as to the importance of the two-way flow of communication between myself and the Querant.  See how the Reading opens up as a result and the benefits that are ultimately obtained.   This is the difference between a Fortune-Telling Reading and a Tarot Consultancy.

You will need Six Cards for this Spread. Once the Cards are shuffled, pick the Card that is at the bottom of the Deck. This is not part of the Six Cards. It is the Base Card and may give you some background insight into the situation.  Set this Card aside before selecting the Six Cards. Make sure that the Cards are Cleansed, Shuffled and Selected according to your personal choice.  Lay the cards out as follows:

Looking For Love Spread

5 of Swords Reversed

Base Card  – 5 of Swords Rx

2 Wands Rx                                                                 2 of Cups Upright

Card 2 – 2 of Wands Rx                             Card 6 – 2 of Cups

4 of Swords Upright                        Ace of Cups

  Card 3 – 4 of Swords       Card 4 –  Ace of Cups

  3 of Pentacles Upright                                                              3 of Cups Upright

Card 1 – 3 of Pentacles                             Card 5 –  3 of Cups

Base Card – Gives background information.

Card 1 – What are the underlying causes that have prevented or blocked you from meeting your perfect partner?

Card 2 – What can you do to make the necessary changes or overcome the issues in revealed in card 1?

Card 3 – What is the best step to take right now in order to find your perfect partner?

Card 4 – Who would be the most suitable partner for me?

Card 5 –  Where am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

Card 6 – When am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

So we have three Cup Cards in this Reading which strongly links it to a Relationship Scenario but before you go rushing off to triumphantly announce a happy ever after story, look again for there are a few issues, challenges or obstacles that may be causing issues or blocks to the Querant achieving their dream or goal.  Take your time and don’t forget to take all influencing elements into play. Along with the actual presenting Elements, take the Numerical Energy of the Cards into consideration as well. Play with the Reversed ones as best you can and see how they may be influencing the situation.  Keep refering back to the Question and very importantly, the meaning of the Card Position or Placing.  If you need to re-cap on the Cards above, just click on the relevant Card to go directly to the Individual Card Page.

Interpretation will be posted on the 10th of January 2013.  Best of Luck.

Vivien – Your Tarot Teacher


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