Connecting & Linking Cards

Empress & Pentacles Suit Pairing Exercise

Empress Card Pairing Exercise Part 4 – The Suit of Pentacles

(Extended Version)

The Empres UprightAce of Pentacles

This Exercise is all about making rapid connections between cards when they appear in a spread together. For this exercise I once again chose The Empress as the focus card with all subsequent cards needing to refer back to her.

In this instance I have decided to go much further with my interpretations unlike the previous Suits where I supplied just a few options for each. Still using the Empress as the focus card and the word ‘Woman’ to represent her I set about finding as many connections as possible. These were rapid-fire connections, not dwelt on for too long. Most were based on traditional meanings of the cards with Elemental Archetyping and Numerology playing a huge part, but I also ran with some obscure and abstract associations that popped into my mind. These often came about upon gazing at the imagery and symbolism in the card, viewing them from alternative perspectives. Once I started they came fast and furious. I found it hard to stop as there were endless connections, associations and links. Each one, a mini story in itself. By using The Empress and identifying her as ‘Woman’ it was far easier to personalise the interpretations, which is what is expected of you in a reading. Looking at the cards as stand alone meanings, we sometimes fail to make connections. When linked in this manner we find it much easier to determine what might be going on for, with, or to the ‘Woman’ in this case. Of course it doesn’t have to be the Empress or Woman, any card will work equally as well, with the interpretations tweeked to suit the archetype or situation represented.

The lists I have provided may seem very long, but I could have gone further. As I began each card, I would think, this one will only yield a small number of possibilities. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Once I started, each connection or link immediately triggered another, and another, and another in my mind. At times I found it hard to keep up with the typing. Many flew out of my head just as fast as they flew in. It was hard to hold onto them all. There are many more to find or discover. I had to draw the line somewhere. Perhaps you will take a shot at this yourself and see how much further you can push it. Each interpretation has several accompanying permutations, so there are endless possibilities.

You could build on this exercise adding a new connections or starting with completely different cards. You might try using another focus word for the Empress as your starting base. Connections can be based on traditional tarot interpretations, intuitive responses, imagery, symbolism, numerology, free association. Just find a way that works for you.

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The Empres Upright Ace of Pentacles

Empress/Ace of Pentacles – A  Woman With Means/Wealthy/Financially Sound Woman/With Her Own Money; A Woman Worth Her Weight In Gold; A Woman With The Midas Touch; A Natural Business Woman;  A Female Entrepreneur; A Woman Heads A Business Start-Up; A Woman Who Will Make Her Money Work For Her; A Woman Investing In Her Education/Career; A Woman Has Gained/Acquired Something; A Woman’s Inheritance; Inheriting Something From A Woman; A Woman With A Contingency Plan/Fund; A Thrifty/Prudent Woman/Keeps Within Her Budget/Looks After The Pennies/Makes A Little Go A Long Way; A Woman’s Finances Gain Interest; A Woman’s Loan/Mortgage is approved; A Woman Seeking/Receiving Financial Backing/Investment; A Woman With A Firm Grip On Reality/Her Financial Status; A Woman Holds Her Destiny Within Her Own Hands; A Woman Who Has Something To Show For Herself; A Woman Who Makes Her Own Luck; An Exceptional Woman; A Woman On Her Way To The Top/With A Definite Goal/On A Mission; A Woman Offers/Is Offered A Golden Opportunity; A Woman Will Make Significant Gains; A Woman Who Knows A Good Thing/Quality/Potential/Value/Worth When She Sees It; A Woman With A Keen Eye For  A Bargain; A Woman With  A Bright Future; A Woman Has What It Takes To Make A Success Of Her Life/Seeks A Comfortable Existence; A Woman With Natural Talents/Skills; A Woman Holds The Key To Success/ A Woman’s Secret Weapon; A Woman Starting Out/Making A Solid Start; Starting Out As She Means To Continue; A Solid/Grounded/Practical Woman; A Woman Quick On The Uptake/Who Gets It; A Woman In Control Of Herself; A Woman Who Holds The Power; A Woman In Charge; A Woman In Control Of/Charge Of/Responsible For The Finances; A Woman Who Can Be Trusted With Money/Managing The Finances/Accounts;  A Woman Who Intends Marrying Well/Has High Standards; A Woman Looking For Quality Relationship/Relationship With Potential; A Woman With A Penchant For Expensive Hand Bags; A Woman With Expensive Tastes; A Woman Happy To Save To Buy The Best; A Woman Who Lives By the ‘Less Is More’ standard; A Woman Has Everyone Eating Out Of Her Hand; A Fertile/Healthy Woman; A Woman’s Egg Is Fertilised/Produces Viable Eggs; A Woman Who Grows Her Own Food; A Female Horticulturist/Gardener/Farmer; A Green-Fingered Woman; A Woman Puts Down Her Deposit On A Car/Land/Property/Large Item; A Woman Intent On Building Her Own House; A Woman Who Will Learn Trades/Skills To Cut Down On Building Costs; A Woman With  A Bit of Time To Herself/Spends Her Time Wisely/Productively; A Focused/Determined/Committed Woman; A Woman Who Tips Generously; A Woman’s Dowry;

Rx – An Extremely Wealthy Woman; A Major Lotto Win For A Woman/From Rags To Riches; Money Has Not Brought The Happiness A Woman Expected; A Penniless/Broke Woman/With No Financial Safety Net/No Contingency Fund;  A Disinherited Woman; A Woman With No Money Of Her Own/Never Has Enough Money; A Woman Living On The Never Never(Charged Huge Interest); A Woman Who Looks To Others To Manage Her Affairs/Has Nothing Show For Herself; A Woman With No Money Behind Her/In Her Background/Coming To Her; A Woman Who Marries Beneath Her Class/Settling For Second Best; A Woman Who Cannot Afford To Get Married;  A Discontent Woman/Disappointed With Her Lot In Life; A Woman Living On A Low Wage/Getting Paid Less Than She Deserves/Less Than Male Colleagues; A Woman Short-Changed; A Tightfisted/Penny-Pinching Woman; A Spendthrift of A Woman; A Woman Who Squanders Her Resources/Gives No Thought To Her Future/Spends Like There’s No Tomorrow/Can’t/Won’t Save; A Woman With A Poor Grasp Of Reality/Her Circumstances Or Situation; A Woman With A False Sense Of Security/Standing On Shaky Ground; A Woman Who Doesn’t Get What It Is All About/Can’t Get Her Act Together; A Woman Who Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Succeed/Under-qualified/Under-skilled/Insufficient Education; A Woman Who Has Turns Over Many Businesses/Has Fleeting Success/Never Gives Them Time To Take Off/Cannot Commit Or Stick With Anything/A Woman Who Cannot Get Her Project/Plan Off The Ground; A Woman Who Cannot See The Big Picture/Has A Poor Grasp Of Reality; A Woman Who’s Lost Interest/Focus/Concentration; A Woman Does Not Receive The Financial/Practical Support/Backing/Investment She Required; A Woman Who Is Looking/Asking For Too Much; A Woman Who Hasn’t Done The Math/Doesn’t Understand/Can’t Manage Her Money; A Woman Who Can’t Hold Onto Money/Spends It As Quick As It Comes In/As She Makes It; A Woman Who Overdresses/Wears Too Much Bling/Flaunts Her Money/Lacks Style/Finesse; A Financial Drain On A Woman; A Woman Who Is A Financial Drain On Others; A Woman Who Is Constantly Tapping Her Friends/Family For Loan; A Woman Who Is A Poor Tipper/Does Not Tip; A Woman Misses/Turns Down A Golden Opportunity; A Woman Lets A Golden Opportunity Slip Through Her Fingers; A Woman Who Is Going Nowhere/Downhill; A Woman With A Negative/Pessimistic/Bleak Outlook; A Woman’s Health Is Waning; A Woman In Poor Health; A Woman Not Looking After Herself/Eating Poorly; A Woman Not Operating At Maximum Potential; A Woman Feeling Below Par/Not Herself; A Woman’s Egg Fails To Fertilise/Hit & Miss/Are Not Viable/Ovaries Malfunctioning/No Longer Ovulating; A Wasteful Woman, A Woman Who Wastes Her Time/Other’s Time; A Woman Who Gives The Kiss Of Death To Any Plant She Touches/Can’t Garden/Neglects Her Garden; A Woman Who Drops Family Tradition/Protocol; A Woman Who Doesn’t Care For Money/Doesn’t Worry About Money/Doesn’t Want Money/Shuns The Material World/Goes Back To Basics; A Female Pick-Pocket; A Woman Has Her Bag Stolen/Is Pick-Pocketed 

The Empres Upright 2 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Two of Pentacles – A Multi-tasking/Busy/Indispensable Woman;  A Woman Working Twice As Hard As Anyone Else/Doing The Lion’s Share/Carrying The Load; A Woman Who Keeps The Place Operating Smoothly/The Unsung Heroine; A Flexible/Adaptable/Accommodating Woman; A Woman Who Keeps Her Head Down & Gets On With Things;  A Woman With Lots Of Demands In Her Life; A Demanding Woman; A Woman Making You Jump Through Hoops To Keep Her Happy; A High Maintenance Woman;  A Woman Giving You The Runaround/Playing Hard To Get; A Woman Deciding Between Two Suitors/Financial Considerations Involved; AA Woman Handling The Ups & Downs Of Life; A Woman Juggling Her Finances/Life; A Woman Deciding If She Can Afford To Get Married/Have A Child/Second Child; A Woman Setting Some Money Aside For Rainy Day/Saving; A Woman Making Practical Decisions; A Woman Succeeding In Balancing Her Work/Home Life/Has Time For It All; A Woman With Enough Money/Time To Go Around; A Woman Struggling To Make Ends Meet/Keep On Top Of Things; A Woman Working A Second Job To Keep Food On Table & Meet Bills; A Woman Walking A Tight Line With Money/Just Scraping By; What Comes In In One Hand For A Woman Goes Out In The Other; A Woman Who Can Have It All/Wants It All/Have Her Cake & Eat It; A Woman’s Gone Viral On Social Media/YouTube; A Woman Circulating News/Information; A Woman’s Name/Reputation/Success Spread’s Far & Wide; A Woman Becoming A Familiar Face/Name/Getting Well-Known; A Woman Everyone Is Talking About/Currently Trending; A Woman Must Speculate To Accumulate/Spend Money To Make Money; A Woman’s Success/Money – Doubles/Increases; A Woman Making Her Money Work For Her/Staying Within Her Budget/Stretching Her Finances/Knows Her Limit; A Woman Balancing Accounts; A Woman With Endless Tasks; Want Something Done? – Ask A Busy Woman; A Woman Who Excels At Time Management; A Woman Who Likes To Get Down To The Shop Floor/Be In The Thick Of It/Be On Hand; A Woman Who Keeps You On Your Toes; A Woman Making Waves; A Woman Expanding Her Business/Opening Multiple Branches; A More Than Capable Woman/Can Handle A Lot/Deal With Whatever Is Thrown At Her; A Woman Who Has You Back/Won’t Let You Down; A Woman Not Afraid To Take On Multiple Responsibilities/ A Woman Willing To Give It A Go; A Highly Ambitious Woman/High Expectations; A Woman Who Can Succeed In More Than One Area; A Woman With Her Priorities In Order/With Her Hands Full; A Woman Weighing Up The Pros & Cons/Considering The Ins & Outs Of A Situation/Working Out The Best Solution For All; A Woman Troubleshooting/Firefighting/Calming A Situation/Listening To All Sides; A Woman Who Has Endless Possibilities/Opportunities Come Her Way/Spoiled For Choice;  A Woman Working To A Deadline/Making The Deadline; A Woman Deciding On Two/Multiple Job Offers; A Woman Who Makes A little Go  A Long Way;  A Woman Into Recycling/Hand-Me-Downs/Up-cycling/Restoration/Makeovers; A Repetitive Woman/Who Goes On & On About Something/Won’t Let It Go (like a dog with a bone)/Who Talks In Circles/Beats Around The Bush; Sidesteps Issues ;  A Woman Who Likes/Insists on Being Kept In The Loop; A Woman Who Thrives On Gossip; A Woman’s Cycle/Ovulation; A Woman’s Mood/Hormonal Fluctuations; A Woman With Twins/Who Has A Twin

Rx:  An Overwhelmed/Bewildered Woman; Information Overload For A Woman; A Woman Caught Between Rock & Hard Place;A Woman Has Got Herself Into A Right Mess/Muddle – ‘Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave’; A Woman Who Has Taken On Too Much/More Than She Can Handle/Has Spread Herself Too Thin/Doesn’t Know Where To Start; Woman With Too Many Balls In The Air/Isn’t Up To The Job/Overestimated Her Abilities; A Woman Underestimates The Work/Time Involved; A Woman Doesn’t Know Whether She Is Coming Or Going/All Over The Place/Doesn’t Know What She Wants;  A Woman Crashes/Bottoms Out; A Chaotic/Dis-organised Woman/Not Keeping On Top of Things/Not Getting Around To Things; A Woman With An Endless To-Do List; A Woman Who Can’t See A Task Through To Completion/Takes Short Cuts; A Woman Who Can’t Get Her Act Together; Woman Whose Lost Her Grip/Lost The Plot/Hold On Reality/Can’t Keep Up; A Woman With No Budgeting Skills/Can’t Make Her Money Last/Stretch To Next Pay Day/Needs A Sub Each Month/Spends As Quick As It Comes In; A Woman Who Thinks Money Grows On Trees/A Woman With Too Much Time On Her Hands/Busy Doing Nothing; A Spendaholic/Consumeritis Woman/Having & Getting; A Woman Who Interrupts Before Your Story Is Over; A Woman Out of The Loop/Ostracised/Blanked; A Woman Who Has A Habit of Putting Her Foot In It; A Gossip Mongering Woman/Who Spreads Rumors; A Woman At The Center Of Malicious Gossip; A Woman On The Receiving End Of Negative Press/Cyber-Bullying; A Woman’s Reputation Being Destroyed On Social Media/Using Social Media To Ruin A Woman; A Woman Known For All The Wrong Reasons/Bad Reputation; A Woman Only Beginning To Make A Name For Herself/Not That Well-Known; A Woman Struggling To Launch A Business/Keep Business Afloat/Maintain Momentum Or Interest; A Business Woman Experiencing Cash Flow Issues/Can’t Get Paid Or Money In; A Woman With Mounting Debt/Needs To Tighten Her Belt/Make Cut Backs; A Woman Seriously Stretching Her Finances; A Woman Who Cannot Delegate/Hasn’t Enough Staff/Help; A Woman Misses An Important Deadline; A Woman Doing Something Underhand/Sneaky Business Deals/Secret Financial Dealings/Nepotism/Getting Paid Under The Table/Moonlighting/Undocumented; A Woman Having Stock Control Issues/Not Enough Stock To Keep Up With Demand; A Woman Who Throws The Baby Out With The Bathwater;  A Woman Put Upon/Burdened By Others; A Woman Overdoing It In Work/Having To Work Twice As Hard/Killing Herself/Breaking Her Back. A Woman Having To Constantly Prove Her Worth/Give 200%; A Woman Double Jobbing; A Woman Not Pulling Her Weight/Not Doing Her Fair Share; A Woman Failing To Find A Work/Home Balance; A Woman Doing Nixers/Needs Extra Money; A Woman Having  Nothing Left To Save Once Overheads Are Met/Nothing Left To Give;  A Woman Putting Too Much Effort/Paying Too Much Attention To The One Area While Neglecting The Rest; A Woman Makes Poor Financial Decision; A Woman Whose Priorities Are In The Wrong Place; A Woman Who Has Taken Her Eye Off The Ball/Dropped The Ball;  A Woman Loses Precious Data In Computer Crash; A Woman Free’s Up Much-Needed Time/Clears Her Desk Or Diary/Calls In Sick/Takes A Duvet Day; A Woman With Few Opportunities/Possibilities; A Woman Who Has Missed The Boat/Ship Has Sailed; A Woman Who Turned Down An Opportunity; A Woman Who Leads You A Merry Dance/Is Hard To Handle/Strings You Along/Ties You Up In Knots; An Excessively Demanding/Impatient/High Maintenance Woman; A Woman After Your Money;  A Woman Juggling Two Relationships; A Woman Choosing A Partner For Financial Gain, Not Love; A Woman Two-Timing/Being Two-Timed/Juggling Two Relationships; A Woman Prepared To Let Something/An Issue Go; A Woman Becomes Fixated On Her Issue/Is All She Can Think Or Talk About; A Nagging Repetitive Woman;  A Woman Separated At Birth From Twin/Doesn’t Get On With Her Twin/Lost A Twin;   A Woman Struggling To Have A Second Baby/Can’t Afford Another Baby/Hasn’t Time For Another Baby;  A Woman’s Mood/Hormones Stabilise/Are All Over The Place; A Woman Ovulating In One Ovary Only;Freelancing; 

The Empres Upright 3 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Three of Pentacles – A Woman of Acclaim/Recognition/Of Great Renown/Of Note/Prominence; A Woman’s Worth/Work Is Validated/Applauded; A Woman Advances On Her Own Merit/Gets The Seal Of Approval/Thumbs Up; A Woman Receives A Promotion; A Woman Gets Well-Paid For Her Work/Contribution; A Woman Collaborates With Others/Is Considered A Valued Member/Employee/Team Player; A Female Associate Of Recognized Organisation/Profession/Establishment; A Woman Joins The Elite Of Her Industry; A Woman Who Respects The Hierarchy/Her Seniors; A Woman Up-skilling; A Woman Learns/Is Trained On The Job;  A Woman’s Career Begins To Move In The Right Direction/Star Is On The Rise/Takes A Step Closer To Her Goal/Dream; A Female (Woman) Actor/Celebrity/Artist (A Lister); A Well-Known Woman; A Woman Is Aware Of Her Worth/Value; A Woman of Quality/Highly Skilled/Educated/Qualified Woman; A Woman Seeking Expertise; A Woman Who Is Architect Of Her Own Destiny/Ambitious Woman; A Woman On The Career Ladder/Intent On Breaking Through Glass Ceiling ; A Woman With Big Plans/High Achieving Woman/Aims High/Set The Bar High; A Woman Who Values Quality Over Quantity; A Patient Woman; A Committed/Dedicated Woman; A Woman With Goals/Ambition; A Woman Fulfilling Her Dreams; A Woman Laying Down The Groundwork/Strong Foundations; A Woman Moving Up In The World; A Woman Asks For Expert/Specialised Help/Advice/Opinion/Input; A Woman Joins A Team/Signs Up To Group/Goes Back To College; A Woman Is Never Done Learning;  A Dedicated Woman; A Scholarly Woman; A Female (Woman) Lecturer/Mentor/Student/Mature Student; Female (Woman) A Woman’s Investments Performing Nicely;  Architect/Engineer/Surveyor/Builder/Project Manager; Crafts-person; The Support/Guidance Of A Woman; A Woman’s Dream Home Build/Consulting Designers & Architects; A Woman Project Managing A House Build; A Woman Renovating/Restoring A House;

Rx: A Woman With Fleeting Success/One Hit Wonder/Fifteen Minutes Of Fame; A Mediocre Woman; Unknown/Obscure/Anonymous Woman; A Woman Who Goes Unnoticed; A Woman Trying To Get Noticed/Draw Attention/Trying To Make It/Craving The Spotlight; (B List Celebrity) A Woman Impatient For Success/In A Rush To The Top; A Woman Who Avoids The Spotlight/Works In The Background/Happy To Play Second Fiddle; A Woman’s Career Not Going Anywhere/Getting Nowhere; A Woman Unable To Break Through The Glass Ceiling; A Woman Who Doesn’t Get The Credit She Deserves/Is Overlooked For A Promotion; A Woman Set Aside To Make Way For Another; A Woman’s Talents/Skills Not Recognised/Acknowledged/Go Unnoticed/Underused By Employer; A Woman Clashes/Doesn’t Get On With Her Employer/Colleagues; A Woman Not Taken Seriously By Her Employer;  Woman Who Gets Paid Less Than She Deserves/Less Than Her Male Counterpart; A Woman Being Exploited By Her Employer/Overworked/Underpaid/Slave Labor; A Woman Taken To Task By Her Employers/Given A Warning/Suspended/Fired; A Woman Who Is Out Of Work/Doing Odd Jobs/Temping/Nothing Permanent/Zero Hours Contract; Job Uncertainty For A Woman/Potential Layoffs; A Woman Not Utilising/Developing Her Natural Talents/Skills/Making The Most Of What She Has Got; A Woman Not Putting In The Effort She Should/Not Pulling Her Weight/Letting The Team Down; A Woman’s Work Not Up To Scratch/Of Poor Quality; An Un-Skilled/Under-qualified Woman; A Woman Who Aims Low/Of Low Standard;A Woman Who Could Do Much Better For Herself/Aiming Too Low/Selling Herself Short/Wasting Herself; A Woman Working A Job/Career That Does Not Suit Her/Does Not Offer Advancement Or Growth/Job Satisfaction; A Woman Following A Career Not Of Her Own Choice/Not Doing The Job She Longs For; A Woman’s Dream Job Fails To Impress/Not What She Signed Up For;  A Woman Who Is Hyper-Critical Of Her Work/Abilities; A Woman Who Is  A Perfectionist; A Pedantic/Meticulous/Scrutinising Woman; A Woman Obsessed With Her Work/Project; A Woman Working Late/Overtime To Meet Deadline; A Woman Cramming For Exams/Pulling An All-Nighter/Leaving It All To Eleventh Hour; A Woman Not Interested In Education/Self-Improvement/Personal Development; A Woman Loses Interest/Focus/Commitment In Her Work; A Berated/Slated Woman; A Woman With Bad Press; A Woman Of Ill Repute;  A Woman Trying To Scupper Your Success/Taking The Credit For What Is Rightfully Yours/Who Undermines You;  A Woman Withdraws Her Patronage/Sponsorship; A Woman’s Application For Grant/Funding/Scholarship Is Turned Down/Refused; A Woman Who Never Got An Education/Dropped Out Early; A Woman Not Having The Finances She Needs To Pursue A Career/Follow Her Dream; A Woman Not Getting On Well In College/With Group; A Partially Qualified Woman; A Woman With Obsolete/Insignificant/Mediocre Qualifications; A Woman’s Qualifications Not Recognised/Not Affiliated; A Woman With Fake Certificates/Qualifications;  A Woman Overselling Herself For A Job/Not Able To Stand Over Her Work; A Woman Who Has Lost/With No Support/Endorsement/Sponsorship/Standing On Shaky Ground. A Woman Putting On An Act; A Woman’s Investment/Money Not Performing As it Should; A Woman Building A House Without Planning Permission/Professional Design/Project Manager; A Woman Hires Unaccredited Builders/Cowboy Builders To Cut Corners/Save Money; A Woman With A False Sense Of Economy/Doing It On The Cheap/Using Substandard Materials/Poor Quality Fittings;  

The Empres Upright4 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Four of Pentacles – A Miserly/Stingy/Selfish/Mean-Spirited/Penny Pinching Woman; A Woman Watching Her Pennies; A Materialistic Woman; A Woman Who Lives Within Her Means (Doesn’t Spend What She Doesn’t Have)/Without Debt; A Conservative Woman; A Woman Living A Spartan Existence; A Frugal/Prudent/Cautious Woman; A Woman Who Fears Scarcity; A Woman Who Wants It All/Everything/All Of You; A Greedy Woman; A Woman Who Knows The Price of Everything & The Value of Nothing; A Woman’s Investment/Savings/Life Savings/Pension; A Woman’s Beauty Secrets; A Woman Investing In Her Health; A Woman With Blocks On Many Levels; A Constipated Woman; A Woman Concealing Her Age; A Woman Concealing Her Thoughts/Feelings; A Woman Who Keeps To Herself/Extremely Private; A Clutching/Grabbing/Cloying Woman; A Needy/Fearful Woman/Who Fears Losing/Something Being Taken Away From Her; A Possessive/Controlling Woman; A Stubborn Belligerent Woman; A Woman Set In Her Ways; A Woman Who Stakes A Claims Rightful Ownership; Woman Who Won’t Let Go/Hoards; A Woman Nursing A Grudge/Dislike/Withholding Affection/Intimacy; Confiding In  A Woman/Woman Who Will Keep Your Secret; Woman with Something To Hide; A Closed/Guarded Woman; A Protected/Protective Woman; A Woman Sitting On Information; A Repressed/Suppressed/Inhibited/Stifled/Restrained Woman; A Woman Kept In Check; A Woman Holding Back; A Burdened Woman; An Self-Absorbed/Obsessed Woman; A Woman Fixated On Security/Who Can’t Relax; A Woman Who Shuns The Bright Lights/Distances Herself From The World; A Woman Who Needs To Get Away From Everyone/Everything/Doesn’t Want To See Or Hear From Anyone; A Constipated Woman

Rx A Generous/Kind/Charitable/Open-Hearted Woman; A Woman Who Has Nothing To Hide (What You See Is What You Get)/Is Transparent In Her Dealings/Wants To Get It Off Her Chest; A Woman Good For A Loan; A Soft Touch Of A Woman; A Woman With No Savings/Safety Net/Retirement Plan/Pension/Financially Exposed; A Woman Who Enjoys Her Money/Spends Without Guilt/Believes Money Is There To Be Spent/Spends Like There Is No Tomorrow; A Woman Who Continues Spending When She Knows She Should Be Saving; A Woman With  A Gambling Addiction; A Woman Who Has Made A Substantial Purchase/Acquired What She Had Saved For; A Woman Who Has Cleared Out/Being Cleared Out of Her Life Savings; A Woman Whose Claim Has Been Rejected/Overthrown; A Paranoid/OCD Woman/Suspicious Of Everyone; A Careless Woman/Sloppy With Security; A Woman Who Has Been Robbed; A Liberated Woman; A Loose Woman; A Laid Back/Relaxed Woman; An Approachable Woman; A Woman Seeking Out Company; A Woman Who Has Been Away Too Long; A Woman Who Only Gets Out Occasionally/Rarely Goes Out; A Woman Who Denounces Materialism; A Woman Of Few Possessions/Owns Little; A Woman Who Needs To Offload/Give It All Away; A Woman With Few Wants; An Exposed/Vulnerable/Insecure Woman; A Woman Who Is Too Generous/Too Trusting/Prone To Be Taken Advantage Of; A Woman Letting Go of A Grudge;  A Woman Clearing Out/Giving Things Away/Distributing Her Assets; A Woman Open To Change/New Ways; A Loose Tongued Woman (Won’t Keep Your Confidence); A Woman With An Intestinal Bug

The Empres Upright5 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Five of Pentacles – A Penniless/Deprived/Homeless/Destitute/Down On Her Luck/Unemployed Woman; A Cursed/Blighted Woman; A Cold & Hungry/Desperate Woman; An Ill/Injured/Disabled Woman; A Displaced Woman (Refugee/Seeking Asylum) A Woman In Need/Worried About Her Health/With No Health Insurance; An Abused Woman Flees Home; A Woman Who Has Lost It All/From Riches To Rags/Must Rely On Social Welfare; A Woman Struggling To Find A Home She Can Afford; A Woman With No Credit Rating/High Risk; A Spiritually Devoid Woman; A Struggling Single Parent (Woman); A Woman With  A Sick/Diseased Child; A Woman With No Support/Nowhere To Go/Believes All Is Lost; A Woman With A Bleak Outlook/Doom & Gloom Attitude; A Pessimistic/Negative Woman; A Woman Who Has Lost Her Way/Faith/Seeks Divine Intervention; A Divorced Woman; A Woman Treading A Perilous Path; A Woman Under A Cloud Of Suspicion; An Ostracised/Banished/Exiled Woman/Thrown Out Of The House; A Woman Whose Reputation Has Been Tarnished; A Woman Embroiled In A Scandal: An Accused/Victimised/Persecuted Woman; A Woman Who Is Rejected Because Of Her Social Class/From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks; A Woman Who Constantly Moans About Money/The Price of Things; Makes Out She Has No Money/Has Fear Of Scarcity; A Woman Who Deprives Herself Of Life’s Comforts/Won’t Spend A Cent On Herself; A Woman Who Works/Cares For Homeless/Disadvantaged; A Woman Who Has Denounced The Material World/Lives Among The Poor; a In Sickness & In Health Woman;

Rx – A Woman Begins To Clear Her Debt/Restructures Debt/Mortgage; Woman Receives A Stay on The Repossession Of Her Home; A Woman Secures Employment; A Woman Slowly Recovering; A Woman Who Pulls Herself Out Of A Mess/Hole/Gets A Helping Hand; A Woman Rescued/Thrown A Lifeline; A Woman Keeps The Faith/Stays Optimistic/Never Gives Up; The Turning Point For A Woman (Light At End Of Tunnel/Glimmer Of Hope/Worst Is Behind Her); A Woman’s Financial Situation Not As Bad As Feared/All Not Lost/Manages To Stay Afloat; No End In Sight For Woman Living In Austerity/Living Hand To Mouth/Not Enough To Go Around/Going Without/Forced To Beg; A Female Addict/Gambler Seeks Help From AA/GA/Rehab; A Woman Trying To Hide Her Poverty/Ashamed/Pretending She Is Managing/Keeping Up Appearances; A Woman People Ignore Or Are Oblivious To;  A Woman Who Has No Concept Of True Poverty; A Woman  Who Has Been Re-homed/Found Accommodation; A Woman Can’t Escape A Brutal Regime/Lacks The Necessary Funds/Forced To Stay/No Way Out/No Help To Be Had; A Woman Granted Asylum/Case Is Rejected (Deported); A Woman Cleared For Social Welfare Support/Too Proud To Apply For It/Guilty Of Social Welfare Fraud/Playing The System;   A Totally Ruined/Disgraced Woman; A Woman Named & Shamed; A Woman Needs/Forced To Leave Town With Just The Clothes On Her Back; A Woman Is Forgiven/Accepted/Tentatively Reinstated To Her Position/Has Her Name Cleared/Absolved Of Guilt Yet Still Feels Under A Cloud Of Suspicion; Scandal Dissipates Or Intensifies For Woman; A Woman Drawn Into Prostitution (Street Walker); A Woman Who Neglects Health/Ignores Health Warning Signs/Lives An Unhealthy Life; A Woman’s Health Improves Or Deteriorates; A Woman Gets A Health Diagnoses/Treatment; A Woman Seeking Help For Her Child/Neglecting Her Child/Abandoning Her Child/Not Able To Care Of Child; Woman’s Child Taken Into Care (Temporarily/Permanently); A Woman In An Unhealthy Relationship/Putting Her Child At Risk; An Abused Woman Finds Sanctuary & Protection  

The Empres Upright6 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Six Of Pentacles –  An Affluent Woman; A Charitable/Generous/Benevolent/Compassionate/Giving Woman;  A Woman Who Works With/Volunteers for The Underprivileged/Disadvantaged; Non-Judgmental/Fair/Unbiased Woman; A Woman Getting Back On Her Feet/Not Yet Able To Stand On Her Own Two Feet/Needs To Lean/Rely On Others; A Woman Receives Her Pin Money/Housekeeping Money/Maintenance/Divorce Settlement; A Loan From A  Woman/Asking A Woman For A Loan/Repaying A Woman; A Woman Seeks A Loan; A Gift From/To A Woman; An Eternally Grateful Woman; Making A Deal /Coming To an Agreement/Arrangement With A Woman; Unequal Pay For Women; A Woman Seeks A Pay Rise/Investors For A Start-Up;  A Woman Invests In Start-Up;  An Indulgent Woman; A Woman Is Hired; A Woman Cleared For Social Welfare/Receives Benefits; A Woman Gives/Receives Help/Assistance/A Hand Out; A Grateful Woman; A Donation From A Woman; A Female (Woman) Organ Donor/Recipient: A Female (Woman) Sponsor/Patron; A Woman Receives A Windfall/Leaves Money/Inheritance/Legacy; A Woman Collects Her Winnings; A Dominant/Submissive Woman; a Co-Dependent Woman; A Grovelling/Fawning/Needy Woman; A Patronising/Condescending Woman; A Woman Dividing Up Her Time/Resources/Creating A Schedule/Sorting Diary (Time Management)

Rx – A Woman Loses Her Job/Gets Fired/Made Redundant; A Mean-Spirited/Uncharitable/Selfish Woman; A Woman Who Looks Down On The Disadvantaged; A Patronising/Condescending /Likes To Make Others Feel Small Woman; A Woman Who Kicks You When You Are Down/Takes Advantage Of Your Desperate Circumstances; A Woman Who Abuses Her Position Of Power; A Woman Who Gives With Strings Attached/Expecting To Receive Something Of You In Return; A Woman Stealing Money From The Poor Box/ An Unscrupulous Woman Running A Charity Scam/Organised Begging/Shoplifting/Pick Pockets; A Female (Woman) Pimp/Brothel Madam/Drug Dealer; An Unscrupulous Female (Woman) Money Lender Targeting Poor & Desperate; An Ungrateful Woman; A Woman Who Expects Everything To Be Done For/Given To Her/Social Welfare To Look After Her; A Woman Unable/Unwilling To Stand On Two Feet; A Woman Not Taking Responsibility For Herself; A Woman Who Feels Short-Changed/Hard Done By/Overlooked/Disregarded/Has To Settle For The Crumbs Off The Table; A Woman Is Disinherited/Left Out Will/Done Out Of What Is Rightfully Hers; A Woman Challenging An Unfair/Unbalanced/Unequal/Discriminating System; A Woman Eager To Give Something Back After Receiving; A Woman Pays Back A Loan/Is Paid Back; A Woman Unable/Unwilling To Pay Back  A Loan; A Woman Borrowed Too Much/Overestimated Her Ability To Payback/Knowing She Would Not Be Able To Honor Debt; A Woman Who Does Not Honor An Agreement/Breaks A Contract; A Subservient Woman doesn’t get the return on the investment she hoped for. 

The Empres Upright7 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Seven of Pentacles – A Woman Outstanding In Her Field Of Expertise; Positive Karma For A Woman (What You Sew, So Shall You Reap); A Green-Fingered Woman/ Toiling In Her Garden/Grows Her Own Food/Living Off The Land; A Self-Sufficient Woman/Feeling Pleased With Herself; A Woman Enjoying A Moment/Taking The Time To Pause & Reflect; A Woman’s Nest Egg; A Patient Woman; A Woman Looking Forward To Reaping The Fruits Of her Labor/Making Progress; A Hardworking/Industrious/Overworked Woman; Hard Going For A Woman; A Woman Not Afraid Of Hard Work/Manual Labor; A Physically Strong Woman; A Woman Consumed/Absorbed With Her Work; A Woman Determined To Prove Herself; A Woman’s Chores; A Farming Woman/Working In Agriculture/On The Land/Horticulture; A Woman Takes A Break/Needs A Break; A Woman On Sabbatical Leave; A Financially Disciplined/Shrewd Woman; A Woman Strikes Gold/Unearths A Fortune/Treasure; A Woman Watching Her Money/Watching The Pennies Knowing The Pounds Will Take Care Of Themselves/Going Over Her Accounts/Budgeting; A Woman’s Investment Matures Nicely/Receives A Payout/Dividends; A Woman Anticipating Her Retirement/Budgeting To Live On A Pension Whilst Leaving A Lump-sum Intact;  A Woman Determined To See A Project/Task Through;  A Woman Takes Stock of Her Life/Achievements/Assesses Her Possessions/Carries Out Inventory; A Woman De-clutters/Simplifies Her Life/Goes Minimalist; Gets Her Priorities In Order; Clears Out Her Wardrobe/Old Or Unwanted Possessions; A  Cash Rich – Time Poor Woman

Rx –  Negative Karma For A Woman (What You Sew, So Shall You Reap)An Impatient Woman/Won’t Wait/Wants It All Now; A Woman Who Cannot Enjoy The Process; A Woman Cashes In Her Investments Prematurely; A Woman Not Keeping An Eye On Her Finances/Building Debt; Spending Like There Is No Tomorrow/Blows All Her Savings/Inheritance/Lotto Win; A Woman Cannot Manage Her Money/Live Within Her Means/Budget; A Woman Goes Mad With A Windfall/Thinks It More Than It Is/Spends Unwisely; A Woman Puts All Her Eggs In One Basket; A Woman Suffers A Major Financial Loss/Profits Wiped Out/Lost; A Woman Invests Unwisely/Falls Foul Of A Get Rich Quick Scheme/Fails To Seek/Heed Financial Advice; Lack of Success For  Woman/ A Woman Tries Too Hard; A Woman Living On Minimum Wage/Low Pay/Slave Labour/Barely Making Ends Meet/All Work & No Play/Washer Women’s Knees/Back Breaking Work; A Belligerent/Bull Headed Woman; A Woman Who Digs Her Heels/Refuses To Or Can’t Change Course Or Direction/Refuses To Accept Something Is Not Working;  A Woman Who Keeps Her Head Down/Buries Her Head In Sand; A Woman Hell Bent On Making Life As Hard As Possible For Herself/Living An Impoverished/Subsistence Life By Choice Not Out Of Necessity/Overly-Frugal/Penny Pinching/Expects Others To Pay For Her Rather Than Reaching In Her Own Purse/Speaks About Having No Money;  A Woman Who Won’t Spend/Afraid To Touch Savings/Intent On Bringing It All To The Grave With Her; A Lazy/Indolent/Idle/Workshy Woman; A Woman With Too Much Time On Her Hands Who Refuses Help/Wants To Do It All Herself; A Woman Who Takes On Too Much;  A Workaholic Woman/Obsessed With Work/Takes No Time Off/Hard Task Master; A Woman Working Past Retirement Age/Refuses To Bow Out/Hand Over The Reins/Hasn’t Sufficient Funds To Retire/Will Take A Major Cut In Standard Of Living Should She Retire; Change In Circumstances For A Woman/Having To Make Do With Less; An Overwhelmed Woman; A Woman Who Is Running Out Of Time/Not Enough Stamina To Complete Task/See It Through/loosing Interest, Motivation & Momentum; a Woman Has No Time To Take A Break/Works Through Lunch/Vacation; A Woman Needs To Keep Her Head Down/Push On/Keep Her Nose To The Grind/No Rest For The Wicked. A Woman Fails To Take Stock/Reflect/Ponder/Assess Her Situation/Fails To See The Warning Signs; A Woman Who Hoards/Lives In Clutter/Can’t Part With Possessions; A Woman Who Gives It All Away; A Wasteful Woman/Cooks More Than She Needs/Throws Away Good Food/Buys Ready Meals Rather Than Make Her Own/Throws Out Things Rather Than Repair Them

The Empres Upright8 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Eight of  Pentacles – A Hard Working/Productive/Industrious/Diligent Woman; A Woman Who Uses The Resources At Hand/Recycles; A Woman’s To-Do List/Manages Her Time Well/ Sticks With Her Plan/Won’t Give Up Until The Job Is Done; A Woman Of Routines & Habits; A Practical/Methodical/Step-By-Step/Thorough/Precise/Attention To Detail Woman; A Woman Perfecting Her Skills/Studying For Improvement/Training Up; A Perfectionist/Pedantic Woman; A Woman Who Takes Pride In Her Work/Has Impeccable High Standards; A Skilled/Qualified Woman; A Woman Who Can Work On Her Own Initiative/Apply Herself To The Job At Hand/Not Afraid Of Hard Work/Can Multi-Task/Is A Good All-Rounder/Turn Her Hand To Anything/Will Give It Her Best Shot; An Ambitious Woman Working On Her Goals/A Project/Task/Putting The Finishing Touches To Something/Tying Up Loose Ends/To Meet A Deadline;  A Talented/Gifted/Artistic Woman; A Woman Making Her Own Money/Financial Provisions For Her Future/Amassing Wealth;A Business Woman/Setting Up  A Business/Researching Her Market/Catering To Her Market/Stocking A Business/Making & Selling Her Own Products; A Woman’s Portfolio Of Work/Art; A Woman’s Resume/Qualifications/Certificates/Awards/Trophies; A Woman Notching Up Ongoing Successes; A Woman In Employment/Working A Repetitive & Predictable Job/An Aspiring Woman; A Woman Specialising In A Certain Field Of Study/Industry; A Woman In Quality Control/Proof Reading;A Busy Woman; An Engrossed/Absorbed Woman; A Woman Of Quality/Excellent Reputation; A Woman Who Appreciates Quality Over Quantity/Has Expensive Taste/Very Particular; A Reliable/Committed/Responsible Woman; A Woman Getting On With Her Work/Life; A Woman Not Watching Her Posture/At Risk Of Repetitive Strain/Setting Herself Up For Back Problems In The Future/In A Physically Demanding Job; A Woman Carrying Out Research/Researching Her Family Tree/Working On Leaving A Legacy; A Woman Working Out At The Gym/Weightlifting/Body Building

Rx – A Woman Who Lacks Commitment/Is Unreliable/Lets You Down; A Woman Puts In A Poor Performance/Turns In Shoddy Work/Is Careless/Takes No Pride In Her Work; A Woman Who Lacks Patience/Cuts Corners/Takes Short Cuts; A Woman With A Short Attention Span/Lacks Stamina/Loses Interest Quickly/Bores Easily; A Workshy Woman; A Woman Working A Meaningless/Mundane/Mind Numbing/Repetitive/Tedious Job; A Woman Having To Take On Any Work She Can Get; A Woman Working On A Conveyor Belt; A Woman Breaking Her Back In Work/Working For Little Money/Making Someone Else Wealthy/Not Getting Recognition Or Credit For Her Exemplary Work/Taken For Granted/Advantage Of; A Woman In Slave Labour/Doing Work Too Physically Demanding; An Exhausted/Overworked Woman; A Woman Overdoing It At The Gym/Putting Her Body Through A Grueling Schedule; A Woman With A Weak Body/Poor Muscle Tone/Has Let Herself Go; Back Problems/Repetitive Strain Injuries For A Woman; Disability Forcing A Woman From The Workforce; A Workaholic Woman/Has Nothing In Her Life But Her Work; A Woman In Bad Need Of A Vacation/Not Enough Money For A Vacation; A Woman Obsessed With Making Money/Can Never Have Enough Money/A Woman Cash Rich But Time Poor; A Woman Failing To Meet A Deadline/Has Problems In Work; An Aspiring Business Woman Fails To Research Her Market/Pushing A Product No One Wants; A Woman’s Business Venture Slow To Take Off/Fails/Is Hard To Find/Not Advertised Or Promoted Well; A Woman Fails To See Results For all Her Hard Work/Wearing Herself Out Getting Nowhere; A Woman Using Up All Her Resources/Nothing Left To Give; A Woman Who Has Run Out Of Time/Missed A Deadline/Can’t Keep Up With The Competition; A Woman Going Nowhere In Her Career/Wasting Her Time; A Woman Fails Her Exams/Hasn’t Put The Required Work In To Achieve Success/Has Used Her Time Wisely/Skipping Classes/Pretending To Work; A Woman Falling Behind In Her Work/Overwhelmed With Work/Overstretched In Work; A Woman Needs To Get Back To/Stuck Into Her/ Work; A Woman Can’t See The Wood For The Trees; A Woman With Mounting Debt/Bills; A Woman Working Several Jobs To Make Ends Meet;  A Woman With Not Enough Hours In The Day/Can’t Complete Tasks; A Under-skilled/Under-qualified Woman; A Woman With No Ambition/Aspires To Nothing/Goes With The Flow/Questions Nothing/Accepts Her Lot; An Unemployed Woman/Laid Off; A Wasteful Woman/Cannot Use What She Has At Her Disposal/Can’t Even Cook An Egg; A Woman Who Is Drawn To The Cheap & Cheerful/Tat/Flimsy/Garish/No Appreciation Of Quality/Chooses Quantity Over Quality

The Empres Upright9 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Nine of Pentacles – A Prosperous/Wealthy/Privileged/Well-Bred Woman; A Secure/Stable Woman; A Materialistic Woman; A Woman Who Enjoys Her Creature Comforts/The Good Things In Life/Has Expensive Tastes; A Self-Made/Independent/Accomplished Woman;  A Highly Educated/Professional/Qualified Woman; A Woman Of Status/Position/Rank; A Resourceful/Self-Reliant /Capable/Down To Earth/Practical/No-Nonsense Woman; A Woman Of Great Achievement & Success; Successful Business Woman; A Woman Who Has Made Many Sacrifices/Knows The Price Paid To Get Where She Is; A Woman Of Refinement/Sophistication/Elegance/Great Taste; A Well-Dressed/Cultured Woman; A Woman Who Looks After Herself/Knows Her Self-Worth/Value/Is Confident; A Retired Woman; A Relaxed/Comfortable Woman; A Woman Of Leisure/With Time To Relax/Can Take Her Time/Smell The Roses; A Woman With No Money Worries; A Country Woman/Of The Landed Gentry/Established; A Keen Gardening Woman/Works In Horticulture/Landscaped, Interior Design/Property Development;  A Landlady/Property Owner/Portfolio Of Properties; A Private/Solitary Woman; A Woman Who Lives Alone/Doesn’t Need A Partner/Spouse/Happy On Her Own/Enjoys Her Own Company/Relishes Peace & Quiet & Time To Herself/Feels Blessed; A Woman Who Likes Things Just So; A Woman Who Has Cut Herself Off From The Outside World/Lives In Her Own World; A Well-Protected/Secure Woman; A Woman’s Personal Security; A Pregnant Woman; A Menopausal Woman; A Healthy Woman; A Woman In Her Prime; A Mature Woman

RX – A Woman Hard To Satisfy/Dissatisfied/Discontent With Her Lot/Never Happy; A Woman Who Has It All But Is Still Ungrateful/Miserable/Depressed; A Woman Who Finds Fault In Everything/Nit-Picking/Looking For Mistakes; A Woman Who Needs Instant Gratification/Having & Getting/Spendaholic/Shopaholic; A Woman Who Lacks Appreciation For What She Has/Her Blessings; A Woman With A Sense Of Entitlement/Privileged/Spoiled/Pampered; A Woman Who Cannot Connect With Others/Is Cut Off From Ordinary Folk (By Wealth/Class/Position/Location)/Is Out Of Touch; A Woman Who Looks Down On Others/Has Airs & Graces; A Woman Who Feels Trapped By Her Position/Status/Rank/Has No Real Friends; A Lonely/Isolated Woman (The Lonely Queen); A Woman Who Lacks Freedom & Choice; A Woman Who Is  A Slave To Her Possessions; A Woman Who Would Give It All Away Tomorrow For The Chance Of A Normal Life; A Vulgar/Coarse Woman; A Woman With No Poise Or Grace; An Unsophisticated/Unrefined Woman;   Looks Can Be Deceiving For A Woman; A Woman Keeping Up A Front/Pretense/Keeping Up Appearances/With The Jones’/Living Beyond Her Means; A Woman Lacking In Taste & Style; A Poorly/Inappropriately Dressed Woman; A Woman Who Flaunts Her Wealth/Archetypal Lotto Winner (Bling); A Nouveau Riche (New Money)/Arriviste/Parvenu/Upstart/Social Climbing/Woman; A Gaudy/Ostentatious/Tasteless/Bling/ Woman;  A Failed Business Woman; An Unscrupulous Woman/Business Woman; A Greedy/Dishonest/Deceitful Woman; A Woman Who Has Acquired Wealth In A Dishonest/Illegal Manner; A Woman Who Claims To Have No Money But Lives In Big House And Drives Flashy Car; A Woman On The Make/Take; A Woman Has Claimed Ownership Of Something Not Rightfully Hers; A Woman After Money/Marries For Money/Prepared To Do Anything For Money; A Kept Woman/ A Woman With No Money Of Her Own/ Reliant On Others/Lives Off The Wealth Of Others; An Envious/Jealous Woman; A Woman At Risk Of Being Taken Advantage Of/Preyed Upon/Vulnerable To Unscrupulous Characters/Fortune Hunters; A Woman Who Has Been Scammed/A Woman Who Is A Scammer; A Woman Done Out Of A Property/Inheritance; a Defenseless/Insecure/Exposed Woman; A Woman Who is Lax About Personal/Home Security/At Risk Of Theft; A Displaced Woman; A Woman Of Low Rank; A Prostitute/Street Walker/Madam Of Brothel; A Woman Desperate To Escape Prostitution/At Risk Of Being Lured Into Prostitution; A Woman Who Can’t Relax/Enjoy Herself/Take It Easy; A Woman Who Works Past Retirement Age/Won’t Retire/Can’t Retire For Financial Reasons; A Woman Who Has No Interests/Hobbies Outside Of Work/Doesn’t Know What To Do With Herself/Is Bored/Restless; A Woman Who Needs/Wants To Get Out/Escape; A Woman Who Prefers The City To Countryside/Relocating To The City; An Unhealthy Woman/Not Getting Enough Exercise/Overindulging; A Woman Who Shuns The Trappings Of Wealth/Lives Simply/Keeps Grounded/Prefers Doing Her Own Shopping & Housekeeping When She Could Pay Someone/Rears Her Children In Normal Manner/Understands The Downside Of Wealth; A Woman Who Takes No Part In The Rearing Of Her Children/Has Nannies/Housekeepers/Cooks/Won’t Get Her Hands Dirty; A Woman Who Exploits/Abuses The Environment/Animals. A Woman Who Has Given Birth/Had A Child/Children; A Woman Who Has Suffered Fertility Issues/A Miscarriage; A Woman Who Has Had A Termination; A Woman Going Through A Difficult Menopause/Post Menopausal Woman/Perimenopausal

The Empres Upright10 of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Ten of Pentacles – A Successful Woman A Successful Business Woman/Banker, A Financially Successful Woman, A Female Executive/CEO; An Heiress, A Privileged Woman; A Woman of Means/Affluent Woman; A Landlady; Female Property/Land Owner; A Woman With A Taste For The Finer Things In Life/Luxuries/Used To A Certain Standard Of Living; A Woman Of Impeccable Taste & High Standards; A Materialistic Woman; An Art/Antique/ Lover; A Female Conservationist/Restoration;  A Well-Bred Woman, A Woman of Fine Pedigree; A Highly-Educated/Qualified Woman; A Woman of The Landed Gentry; A Female Member of Royal/Aristocratic Family; A Well-Connected Woman, A Woman of Great Social Standing; A V.I.P. ; A Woman (Member) of Established Family; A Woman of Status/Rank/Power/Position; A Woman’s Ancestors/Descendants; A Female Genealogist; A Woman’s Genes; A Woman Marrying Into Wealth & Position; A Family Woman; A Matriarch, The Matriarchal Head Of A Dynastic Family; A Traditional/Conservative/Conventional Woman; A Habitual/Predictable Woman; A Woman of Old Values & Expectations; A Settled Woman; A Responsible/Dutiful Woman; An Honorable/Loyal Woman; A Committed Woman;  A Self-Made Woman; An Industrial/Productive/Hard Working/Busy Woman; An Ambitious Woman; A High Achieving Woman; A Woman of Great Reputation; A Solid Grounded Woman; A Secure/Stable Woman; A Protected Woman; A Female Pensioner; A Woman Well Provided For; a Working Mother; A Domestic Goddess; A Woman With Healthy Genes.

Rx – A Woman of Limited/Short-Lived Success; A Disinherited Woman; A Woman’s Inheritance Proves Worthless; A Woman/Mother Disinherits Her Family/Wills Her Estate Outside Family; A Woman Gone From Riches To Rags/Rags To Riches; A Woman’s Financial Status Changes Dramatically For Better or Worse; A Female Member of Noveau-Riche; a Woman From The Wrong Side of Tracks; A Socially inferior Woman; A Woman Of Poor Taste/Style; A Woman Of Bling & Excess, A Financially Ruined/Bankrupt Woman; Failed Investment For A Woman; A Woman With No Provisions For Future; A Woman With Serious Debt; A Woman Who Squanders Money; A Woman With No Sense Of Money/Can’t Manage Her Money/Cannot Budget; A Woman Living Beyond Her Means; A Woman Better Spending Another’s Money Rather Than Earn Her Own; A Kept Woman; A Woman Feigning Wealth; A Woman of No Substance; A Failed Business Woman; A Female Exec/CEO Resigns/Hands Over Reigns; A Woman Brings Down An Institution/Government/Business/Monarchy; A Female Politician Loses Her Seat/Vote; An Unscrupulous Business Woman; A Woman Involved In Shady Dealings/Vice; A Woman Who Launders Money/Income From Crime; A Ruthlessly Ambitious Woman; A Woman Who Marries For Money; A Fortune Hunter/Social Climbing Woman; An Overly Materialistic Woman; An Uncaring Landlady; A Disloyal/Unreliable Woman; A Woman Lacking Commitment; A Woman Who Shuns Wealth/Family Wealth/Places No Value On Money; A Woman Ostracised/Outcast/Banished From Her Family; A Woman Turns Her Back On/Shuns Family/Does Not Get On With Her Family/Very Different From Her Family; A Woman Disregards Family Values/Traditions/Expectations; A Woman Neglects Her Family/Elders; A Woman Who Shirks Family Responsibilities/Duties/Obligations; A Woman Dishonors/Embarrasses/Shames Her Family; A Woman Who Does Not Know Her Family/Her Roots – Adopted; A Pregnant Mistress; A Woman With Genetic Health Conditions; An Unconventional/Nontraditional Woman; A Liberal Woman; A Vulnerable/Exposed/Unprotected/Defenseless Woman; An Insecure/Unstable Woman; A Woman Lacking In Support

The Empres UprightPage of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Page of Pentacles – Good News For A Woman Re Finances/Career/Exams/Property/Inheritance; A Woman’s Son/Daughter; Mother & Child; A Good Mother; A Proud/Supportive Mother; A Hands-On Mother; A Woman/Mother Sets High Standards For Child/Excellent Role Mother/Powerful Presence; A Woman With Great Ambition/High Expectations For Her Child; A Defensive/Protective Woman/Mother; A Woman’s Possessions/Things; A Woman Of Impeccable Taste/With Specific Taste; A Woman From A Good/Stable/Secure/Privileged Background; A Woman With The Resources & Skills She Needs; A Woman On The Road To Success; A Woman With Purpose/Lofty Ambition; A Woman Seeking Results/Rewards; A Woman Doing It For Herself; A Woman’s Project/Something She Is Working On;  A Young Woman; A Studious/Scholarly Woman; A Mature Female Student; Back To Education For  Woman; A Female Teacher/Mentor/Lecturer; An Intense/Consumed/Absorbed Woman; A Woman With A Passionate Hobby/Interest; A Healthy Fit/Stylish Woman/Looks After Herself; A Woman With Ambition/Definite Goals/Workable Plan; A Woman Gives Great Thought To Her Future; A Woman Seeks Financial Security; A Woman Invests In/Saving For Her Future; A Thrifty Woman;  Woman With Her Priories In Order; A High Achieving Woman; A Self-Assured Woman; A Stable/Reliable/Loyal/Dutiful Woman; A Committed/Dedicated/Consistent/Persistent Woman; A Friendly Helpful Woman; A Woman Reflecting On Her Youth; A Well-Reared Woman; A Woman Of Strong Foundation; A Self-Assured/Confident Woman;  A Woman Who Applies Herself/Is Industrious/Productive; A Thorough/Observant/Perceptive/Scrutinising/Meticulous/Fastidious Woman; A Cautious/Careful Woman; A Realistic Woman; A Wholesome Woman; A Grounded/Sensible/Practical Woman; A Woman Who Loves The Outdoors/Exercise/Animals;

Rx – A Neglectful Woman/Mother; A Mother Who Is Rarely Around/Not There For Offspring; A Mother Rears Her Children On Fast Food; A Pushy Woman/Mother; A Woman/Mother Puts Undue Pressure On Offspring/Unrealistic Expectations; A Woman/Mother Disappointed In Her Offspring/Fail To Live Up To Their Expectations; A Woman/Mother Leans On Offspring To Supplement Income/Encourage Them To Leave School Early & Get A Job; A Woman Not Protecting/Defending Her Children; A Woman Receives Bad/Disappointing News Re Finances/Job/Exams/Property/Inheritance; An Overly Materialistic Woman; A Woman Driven By Materialism; A Woman With Money But No Taste; A Woman Obsessed With Money/Chasing Money; A Fortune Hunter/Social Climbing Woman; A Materially Excessive Woman; A Wasteful/Squandering/Spendaholic Woman; A Gambling Woman; A Woman Thinks Money Grows On Trees/Has No Idea Of What It Takes To Make Money/Cannot Stick To Budget; A Woman Cannot Hold Onto Money/Save; A Woman Gives No Thought To Her Financial Future; A Woman With No Prospects/Going Nowhere; A Woman Fails To Save/Has Nothing Left To Save; A Woman Makes A Poor Investment; An Immature/Irresponsible/Unreliable Woman; An Inconsistent Woman; A Woman Who Lacks Focus/Concentration; A Woman Not Making An Effort/Careless ; A Woman Can’t/Won’t Help Herself; A Non-Committed Woman; A Poorly Educated/Qualified Woman; A Woman Who Left School Early/Dropped Out Of College; A Woman Who Never Realised Potential/Missed Out On Opportunity; A Woman Turns Down/Throws Away A Golden Opportunity; A Woman Worries About Money; A Woman’s Life Dictated By Lack of Money; A Woman Can’t Get On Her Feet Financially; A Woman Blames Her Lack of Success/Advancement In Life On Deprived Upbringing; A Woman Feels Too Old To Learn New Skills/Uses Her Age To Avoid Learning New Things; A Possessive/Greedy Woman; A Woman Exploits/Plunders The Environment/Animal Kingdom For Selfish/Vain Reasons (blood diamonds/furs), 

The Empres UprightKnight of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Knight of Swords – A Conventional/Conservative/Traditional Woman;  A Simple/Basic Woman; A Family Woman; A Patient Woman; An Ambitious Woman; A Diligent Woman; A Committed/Dedicated Woman; An Observant Woman; A Pensive Woman; A Woman With Responsibilities; A Reliable/Dependable/Trustworthy Woman; A Woman You Can Count On/Will Be There For You; A Woman Who Offers Practical Assistance; A Methodical/Meticulous Woman; A Pedantic Woman; An Organised/Orderly Woman; A Resourceful/Self-Reliant Woman; A Predictable/Habitual Woman; A Woman Of Routine; A Hard-Working Woman; A Woman Who Gets Her Hands Dirty; A Woman Who Works Physically Hard; A Woman Of Property/Land; A Business Woman; a Country Woman; A Farming/Horticulturist/Landscaper;  Woman; A Woman & Her Adult Offspring; A Woman Respected/Protected/Defended/Provided For By Her Offspring; A Healthy/Fit Woman; A Vegetarian/Vegan Woman; A Financially Stable Woman; A Woman Working Her Way To Financial Stability; A Materialistic Woman; A Slow Moving/Slow To Act Woman; A Cautious/Wary Woman; A Steady Consistent Woman; A Safety First Woman;  An Animal Loving Woman; A Conservationist/Environmentalist Woman; A Woman Surveys Her Inheritance; A Woman Who Likes Her Things/Possessive/Territorial

Rx   A Work-Shy Woman; A Woman Who Doesn’t Like To Get her Hands Dirty; A Lazy Woman; An Unemployed Woman; An Under-qualified/Unemployed Woman; A Woman With Too Much Time On Her Hands; A Grinding/Workaholic Woman/Money Mad; A Woman Who Works Too Hard;  A Woman With No Initiative; A Boring/Dull/Stuck In The Mud/Unadventurous Woman;  Woman; A Stubborn/Old-Fashioned Woman; An Obstinate/Rigid/Bogged Down Woman; A Woman Who Is A Slave To Routine & Habits; A Pessimistic/Negative Woman; A Woman’s Layabout Offspring; A Woman Being Bled Dry By Off-Spring (Sponging); An Irresponsible/Careless Woman; A Woman Not To Be Trusted/Will Let You Down/Lacks Commitment; A Care Less/Lackadaisical Woman; A Messy/Unkempt/Unhygienic Woman; A Scatty Dis-organised Woman; A Woman Lacking In Energy & Vitality;  A Woman Of No Means; A Woman With No Ambition/Going Nowhere; A Woman Reliant On Others; A Gambling/Risk Taking Woman; A Woman Who Wants Money But Won’t Work For It; An Unscrupulous Business Woman; A Business Woman Involved In Get Rich Quick Schemes/Scams; A Business Woman Who Exploits Her Staff; A Wasteful/Squandering Woman; A Woman Who Abuses Environment/Animals; A Woman Who Dislikes The Countryside/Nature/Animals; A Woman Evicted From Her Property/Land; A Woman Who Trespasses; A Woman Renting Property/Land; A Woman Who Keeps To Herself/Unfriendly/Unhelpful/Mean-Spirited Woman; An Unhealthy/Unfit/Overweight Woman; A Gym Obsessed/Fitness Freak Woman; An Impractical Woman; An Impatient Woman; A Possessive/Jealous/Envious Woman;  

The Empres UprightQueen of Pentacles Upright

Empress/Queen of Pentacles – A Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn/Libra Woman; A Natural/Earthy Woman; A Woman With Natural Healing Gifts/Natural Witch; A Mature Woman; A Family Woman; The Good Wife; A Mother/Grandmother/Matriarch; A Natural Mother; A Woman Who Loves Children/Wants A Family; A Traditional/Conservative Woman; An Earthy Woman; A Sensual Woman; A Woman Of Habit/Routine; A Green-Fingered Woman; A Caring/Nurturing Woman; A Hardworking Woman; A Productive/Industrious Woman; A Successful Business Woman; An Enterprising Woman; A Craftswoman; A Woman Who Works From Home; A Stay At Home Mum/Homeworker; A Female Food/Parenting Blogger; A Domestic Goddess; A Woman Who is An Excellent Cook/Perfect Hostess; An Animal/Nature Loving Woman; a Successful/Prosperous Woman; A Healthy/Fit Woman; A Well-To-Do/Wealthy/Financially Secure Woman; A Woman of Rank/Status/Position/Landed Gentry;  A Woman of Property/Land/Landlady; A Female Boss;  A Woman Of Fine Taste/Impeccable Style; A Woman of Quality; A Material Woman; A Woman’s Possessions; A Woman With a Taste For The Finer Things In Life/Luxuries; A Well-Dressed Woman; An Attractive Woman; A Multi-Tasking Woman; A Highly Qualified/Educated Woman; An Intelligent Woman; A Stable/Secure Woman; A Self-Assured/Self-Reliant/Resourceful Woman; A Frugal Woman; A Woman Who Makes A Little Go A Long Way;  Woman Who Manages The Finances/Holds The Purse Strings; A Homemaker/Head Of Household/Housekeeper; An Economical Woman; A Systematic/Orderly Woman; A Diligent/Methodical/Thorough/Meticulous/Pedantic Woman;  An Organised/Together Woman; A Matter Of Fact Woman; A Practical Down To Earth/No-Nonsense Woman; A Capable Woman; A Woman Who Gets On With Things/Takes Things In Her Stride; A Simple/Basic/Frugal/Cautious Woman; A Homebody  Woman; A Woman Who Gets The Job Done; A Woman You Can Rely/Depend On; A Dutiful/Responsible Woman; A Genuine/Trustworthy/Loyal/Faithful Woman; A Good Female Friend; A Welcoming/Warm/Hospitable Woman; A Friendly/Helpful Woman;  –

Rx An Unfriendly/Unhelpful Woman; A Jealous/Envious/Possessive Woman; An Inhospitable/Unwelcoming Woman; A Woman Who Keeps To Herself/Discourages Friendship/Doesn’t Have Time For Friend; A Woman Who Does Not Like To Mix Business With Pleasure/Likes To Keep Things Business-Like; A Woman You Can’t Rely/Depend On/Who Will Let You Down; A Woman Who Is Busy Doing Nothing/Busy Being Busy; An Impractical/Unrealistic/Fanciful Woman; A Fussy Woman; A Woman Who Is Frugal/Economic To A Fault; A Woman Who Eeks Out An Existence/Deprives Herself Of Luxuries/Lives A Life Of Bare Subsistence; A Woman Who Has Money But Won’t Spend It/Will Take It To The Grave With Her; A Woman Who Won’t/Can’t Throw Anything Away/Hoards; A Woman Who Is Afraid To Display Her Wealth/Fearful Of Theft/Suspicious/Mistrustful/Thinks Everyone Is Out To Get Her Money; A Mean/Mean-Spirited Woman; A Woman Who Is Useless With Money/Can’t Budget/Blows The Housekeeping On Useless Items; A Woman Who Has No Idea Of/Doesn’t Care About Her Financial Position; A Woman Who Maxes Her Credit/Store Cards; A Spendaholic Woman/Constantly In The Shops/Having & Getting; A Woman Who Is Better Spending Money Than Making It; A Woman With More Money Than Sense; A Woman Who Does Not Earn Her Own Money; A Woman Who Is Overly-Reliant/Overly-Dependent On Others/Another’s Money/Has No Money Of Her Own; A Woman Indebted To Others; A Materialistic/Money Grabbing/Greedy Woman; A Woman Who Is Impressed By Class/Rank/Position/Wealth; A Fortune Hunter/Social Climber; A Woman Who Marries For Money; A Kept Woman; A Woman Of Poor Style/Taste; A Woman Who Will Do Anything For Money (Steal/Prostitution/Embezzlement/Fraud/Scams);  A Coarse/Vulgar Woman; A Woman With A Taste For Bling/Excess; A Woman Who Overdresses/Wears Too Much Jewelry; A Woman Who Tries Too Hard/Lacks Femininity; A Woman Who Hates Housework/Can’t Or Won’t Cook/Useless At Gardening; An Unkempt/Unhygienic Woman; A Neglectful Woman/Mother; A Woman Who Deprives/Neglects Her Children; A Woman Who Doesn’t Like/Want Kids/Hasn’t A Maternal Bone In Her Body; A Woman Who Cannot Have Children/Craves A Child; A Woman Who Is Good With Kids But Doesn’t Have Her Own; An Unstable/Insecure Woman; A Woman Who Lives A Very Simple/Basic Life; A Woman Who Has Lost It All; A Deprived Woman; A Homeless Woman; A Woman With No Comforts/Luxuries; A Woman Who Puts Herself Last/Thinks Little Of Herself/Goes Without/ A Woman Who Has Let Herself Go; A Woman Who Indulges To Excess/Over-eats/Drinks Too Much/Is Over-weight; An Unhealthy/Unfit Woman; A Woman Who Is Too Sensible/Too Practical – No Fun; A Boring/Staid/Dull/Old-Fashioned Woman; A Woman Set In Her Ways/Bogged Down With Routine And Habits; A Woman Old Before Her Time/Out-Dated/Stuck In The Mud; An Unadventurous Woman; A Careless/Silly Woman; A Disorganised/Chaotic Woman;  A Controlling/Demanding/Forceful Woman/Mother/Matriarch; A Failed Business Woman; A Woman With No Head For Business; A Woman Who Wastes Her Talents/Skills; An Unscrupulous/Untrustworthy Business Woman; A Woman Who Wastes Her Time/Is Unproductive/Lazy/Apathetic; A Woman Who Gives Up Her Career; A Neglectful Landlady;  A Woman Who Dislikes/Abuses/Neglects/Exploits Animals/Nature/Environment; A Woman Who Wears Real Fur/Blood Diamonds; A Wasteful/Squandering Woman;A Woman Who Scorns/Shuns The Material World; A Laid Back/Could Care Less/Anything Goes Woman

The Empres UprightKing of Pentacles Upright

Empress/King of Pentacles – A Taurus/Virgo/Capricorn Woman; An Earthy/Sensual Woman; An Extremely Successful Business Woman; A Woman Who Wears The Pants In Her Relationship; A Woman With No Money Worries; An Heiress; Heir To Throne; An Empress; A Female Tycooness; Tycoonocrats/Oligarchs; a Property Tycooness; A Wealthy Woman & Her Spouse/Partner; A Woman Enjoying The Good Life; A Woman Who Has Come Into A Lot of Money; A Woman Who Married Well/Into Money; A Well-Provided For Woman; A Kept Woman; An Extremely Wealthy Woman; A Million/Multi-Million/Billionaire/ess; A Woman In Control Of Her Own Finances; A Material Woman; A Woman of Expensive Tastes; A Woman Who Enjoys Her Comforts & Luxuries; A Woman With A Taste For The Good Things In Life; A Woman Of Style/Great Taste; A Woman Of Impeccable High Standards/Principles; A Highly Educated/Qualified Woman (Expert/Specialist); Behind Every Great Man, Is A Great Woman; An Accomplished Woman;A Woman of Worth & Value; A Woman of Position/Rank Status; A Well-Bred Woman; A Woman Of Landed Gentry; A Woman From An Established Family; A Woman With Powerful Connections; A Powerful Woman; An Enterprising/Industrious Woman; A Talented/Skilled Woman; A Woman Competing In A Man’s World; A Woman Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling; A Woman’s Business Partner; A Woman’s Father/Boss; A Farmer’s Wife; A Farming Woman;  A Highly Ambitious Woman;   A Female Business Mentor; A Woman’s Mentor/Business Mentor; A Woman’s Benefactor/Patron; A Woman’s Ally;  A Well-Established Woman; A Settled Woman; A Mature Woman; A Married Woman; A Dutiful/Responsible Woman; An Extremely Traditional/Conventional/Conservative Woman; An Old-Fashioned/Old School Woman; A Cautious/Careful Woman; A Sensible/Conscientious Woman;  A Friendly Supportive Woman; A Stable Secure Woman; A Committed/Faithful/Loyal Woman; A Practical/Realistic/Resourceful Woman; A Woman Who Invests In Her Health; A Nature/Animal Loving Woman; A Woman Who Loves The Outdoors;   A Possessive Woman; A Woman With A Controlling/Stubborn/Possessive Partner/Spouse;    A Woman Who Dislikes Change/Likes To Keep Things As They Are; A Woman Who Respects The Status Quo/Defers To Her Superiors/Questions Nothing/Follows Orders/Does What Is Expected Of Her/Toes The Line

Rx – A Woman And Man Not To Be Trusted/With Hidden Agenda/Scamming; A Ruthlessly Ambitious Woman; A Power-Hungry Woman; A Fortune Hunter/Social Climber; A Woman From Noveau-Riche Society; An Overindulged/Pampered/Spoiled/Overly Materialistic Woman; A Woman With Great Wealth But No Class/Breeding/Standing; A Tasteless/Vulgar/Style-less Woman; A Woman Draped In Bling; An Ostentatious Woman; An Over-Dressed Woman; A Woman Showing Off Her Wealth/Bragging; A Woman Financially Dependent On A Negative Partner/Spouse/Father; A Woman Marrying For Money/Likes To Spend Other People’s Money; A Woman Bleeding Her Partner Dry/Being Bled Dry By Her Partner; A Woman Who Will Do Anything For Money; a Money-Grabbing Woman; A Woman Who Craves Wealth But Won’t Work For It; A Woman Of Low Standards/Ill Repute; A Woman In A Loveless/Failed/Unsuccessful Marriage;  A Mistress; A Woman’s Sugar Daddy; A Kept Woman; A Woman Working In An Abusive/Exploitative Business/Industry; A Woman Who Has A Bad Relationship With Her Boss;An Unqualified/Uneducated Woman; A Woman With No Business Sense/Savvy; An Unsuccessful/Failed Business Woman; A Woman Who Has Lost A Business/Property/Land; A Disinherited Woman; A Woman With No Inheritance; A Woman With An Unworkable Business Plan/Hasn’t Done Her Research; A Woman Receiving or Giving Bad Business/Financial Advice; A Woman Who Will Not Pay For Much Needed Expert Advice; A Woman Cannot Secure Financial Backing/Investment/Loan/Mortgage; A Bankrupt Woman; A Woman With Poor Credit Rating; A Mean Woman – Has Money But Won’t Share Or Loan It/Help Others; A Snobbish Woman Who Looks Down On Those Who Have No Money/Position/Status; A Couple Who Have Suffered Significant Financial/Business Loss; A Woman Gone From Riches To Rags; A Financially Insecure/Unstable Woman; A Woman Who Turns Down A Lucrative Offer/Marriage Proposal; A Corrupt Woman; A Woman Involved In Unscrupulous Business Dealings; A Woman Fronting A Shady Business; A Woman Working In Vice/Running Vice; A Woman/Couple Feigning Wealth/Keeping Up With The Jones’/Living Beyond Their Means/Raking Up Significant Debt; A Woman In Debt To Loan Shark; A Woman Who Is Blackmailing/Being Blackmailed; A Woman Accepting A Bribe/Offering A Bribe; A Workaholic Woman; A Money Rich Time Poor Woman/Couple; A Woman Who Knows The Price Of Everything But The Value Of Nothing; A Greedy Woman; An Obsessive/Possessive/Jealous/Envious Woman; A Stubborn/Rigid/Belligerent Woman; An Old-Fashioned/Dated Woman; A Woman Who Won’t Move With The Times; An Unadventurous Woman;  A Woman Who Is A Slave To Tradition/Routines/Habits; A Slow/Plodding Woman; A Lethargic/Apathetic/Lazy Woman; An Overly-Cautious Woman; An Obese/Unhealthy/Unfit Woman; A Woman Who Over-Indulges; A Woman With Addictions/Bad Habits; A Woman With A Dislike Of Nature/Countryside/Animals; A Woman/Business Woman Who Exploits Or Abuses Nature/Countryside/Animals; A Woman With A Taste For Real Fur/Blood Diamonds/Hunting; A Woman With An Explosive Temper; A Woman Who Abuses Her Position Of Power;  A Highly Impractical/Irrational/Unrealistic/Nonsensical Woman Woman; An Unfaithful/Disloyal/Non-Committed Woman; A Woman Who Cannot Be Relied/Depended Upon; A Woman Who Cannot Be Trusted/Has Hidden Agenda/Is On The Make;  A Woman Who Turns Her Back On Material World/Breaks With Tradition; An Unconventional/Liberal/Spontaneous Woman; A Woman Who Goes Against Her Father’s/Family/Partners Wishes/Expectations/Orders; A Much Changed Woman


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