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The Cups Relationship With Alcohol

9 of Cups Upright

Ran up this little exercise today with regards to the Suit of Cups and their Relationship with Alcohol. The little story lines popped into my head in the middle of the night so I thought I would get them typed up before they vanished. They are a series of musings  which you might find interesting. This exercise can be built upon with alternative stories and concepts. I found it great fun, if not a bit dark at times. Just wrote what came into my head.

Please Note – The musings are not personal stories, only products of my imagination. 

Ace of Cups

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Ace of Cups – I Drink When I Am Happy, To Toast And To Celebrate. I Drink To Relax & Unwind. I Like The Feel Of A Wine Glass In My Hand. I Like To Uncork A Bottle Most Nights And Don’t Mind Drinking It On My Own

RxI Drink When I Am Sad, To Drown My Sorrows And To Commiserate. I Drink When I am Angry Or Mad. I always Regret Not Buying  A Second Bottle As One Is Never Enough. I Drink Faster When On My Own.

2 of Cups

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Two of Cups – We Enjoy Ordering Good Wine When Dining Out. I like White, He Likes Red, So We Get One Of Each. It’s Very Easy To Down The Two While We Are Talking.

RxIt Really Annoys Me When He/She Finishes Their Bottle Before I Do And Then Think It Fine To Rob Mine. We Always Drink More Than We Intend To.


(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Three Of Cups – I Love The Social Aspect Of Drinking. Friday Is The Girls’ Night And We Certainly Push The Boat Out; Go Drinking, Dancing & Mad. It’s Usually A Late One.

RxIt’s Those Lethal Shots That Are Always Our Downfall. We Lose The Total Run Of Ourselves. My Friends Are Mad For A Laugh – Arrghhh! They Are Killing Me!

4 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Four Of Cups – I Was Out Of It Last Night So My Friends Tell Me. I Was Great Fun And Tearing Up The Dance-floor, That Is Until I Made The Mistake Of Sitting Down. The Booze Hit Me Then. Apparently Some Weirdo Tried To Ply Me With Champagne But I Was Too Drunk To Notice. I Didn’t Even Touch The Last Round My Friends Bought Me. They Had To Carry Me Home And I Kept Falling Over On The Ground  And Refused To Get Up. They Thought It A Great Laugh And Took Photos And Video Of Me.

RxOMG, Never Again. I Don’t Want To See Another Drink For A Long Time. Had To Ring In Sick Today. That’s Twice In The Last Month. I Feel Sick To My Toes. I also Feel Depressed Because I cannot remember A Single Thing. This Isn’t Funny Anymore. I really Have To Clean Up My Act. It’s That Group I Hang Around With. I Wasn’t Like This Before I Met Them. They Are A Bad Influence.

5 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Five Of Cups – I Know The Drink Is Destroying Me, And Everyone Around Me, But I Can’t Stop. I Thought Emptying All The Bottles Down The Sink Would Be Enough To Put Me On The Path To Being Sober, But I Was A Fool To Think It Would Be That Simple. I Can’t Stop Thinking About Alcohol And Am Filled With Self-Loathing. I Don’t Recognise Myself Anymore. Everyone Thinks I am On The Dry, But I have A Secret Stash Hidden In The House.

RxThings Got Very Bad Last Night. In A Fit Of Self-Pity, I Downed The Two Bottles I had Hidden In The House. I Then Felt Suicidal. I Found Myself Standing Beside A River Ready To Throw Myself In And End It All. My Phone Rang But I Wasn’t Going To Answer It. Then I Changed My Mind And Looked At The Screen. It Was My Parents’ Number. I Answered It But Could Not Talk. Instead I Sobbed And Sobbed Down The Line. “Come Home” They Told Me. I Wiped My Eyes And Staggered Back Towards The Bridge. I Wasn’t Sure How I Had Got There.

6 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Six Of Cups – Do You Remember When We Were Young, and The Times We Used To Sneak Alcohol The Morning After There Was A Party In The House?” I ask My Brother. Mum And Dad Would Be Pretty Hungover In Bed And We Would Go Around The Room Drinking Out Of Half Empty Beer Bottles That Still Had Fizz Left. Sometimes I Was Lucky And Found An Unopened Bottle Of Babycham. That Was Cool. No One Ever Found Out. They Did A Lot Of Drinking Back Then. No Wonder We Have A Fondness For It To. It’s In Our Genes.

RxI Used To Hate When My Father Drank To Excess, Which Was Pretty Much A Nightly Thing. Sometimes He Went Straight From Work To The Pub And Hours Later Would Stagger In The Door In A Foul Mood. He Stank Of Stale Alcohol And Wasn’t Content Until He Picked A Fight With My Mother. The Tension In The House Was Terrible And Sometimes He Would Hit My Mother. We Were Very Scared. My Mother Would Hide Her Bruises And Make Us Promise Not To Tell Anyone. Now I See My Brother Drinking Too Much. Her Reminds Me Of Our Dad. I Worry That Alcoholism May Be In Our Genes. I Hate Going Home Now. Too Many Depressing Memories.

7 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Seven Of Cups – Hey Man. Smoking A Joint After A Few Beers Is So Relaxing. I Can Handle Both And Am Perfectly Functional.

Rx – An Accidental Overdose They Called It In ER. Couldn’t Remember How Much Shit I Had Taken As I Had Been Pretty Drunk At The Time. It Appears Booze And Drugs Are A Lethal Combination. They Say I am Lucky To Be Alive. They Also Say I Have To Go To REHAB.

8 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Eight Of Cups – Managed To Get Through Dry January Without Any Slip Ups. It’s Been Hard Though. Have Been Giving The Pubs And Bars A Wide Berth As Too Much Temptation. Occupying Myself Otherwise. Feeling Smug When I Wake Up Every Morning With A Clear Head. Seen As I Got This Far, I Might As Well Push On Through Lent Too.

Rx – Well Overestimated My Willpower By Vowing To Aim For Both A Dry January And February, Eight Weeks In All I Reckoned. Big Mistake! Should Have Set More Realistic Goals. I Ended Up Falling At The First Hurdle, Just One Week In. The Wine Bottles Were Winking At Me From The Supermarket Shelves. Couldn’t Resist The Temptation. Maybe Next Year.

9 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Nine Of Cups – I Consider Myself A Bit Of A Wine Buff. I Am A Member Of A Wine Club Which Meets Once A Week To Taste And Discuss Wine. It Is  A Great Social Outlet And We Get Substantial Discounts On Expensive Bottles. I Have Converted Under The Stairs Into A Wine Cellar Which Now Houses My Impressive Collection Of Vintage Bottles. I Like To Have Good Wine To Offer My Regular Dinner Guests.

Rx – I Have Always Wished I Could Afford One Of The Expensive Bottles Of Wine That Are Found On The Highest Shelves In A Wine Store. The Prices Are Often Staggering. So, One Day I Decided To Go For It. It Was After All A Very Special Occasion. I Had Gone On And On About The Good Wine I Had Bought And Everyone Was Eager To Sample. And So We Did. Yeucck, It Was Undrinkable; Bitter, Sour And Heavy. So Was I When I Thought Of The Money I Had Wasted. Maybe Our Palates Were Not Sophisticated Enough. 

10 of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Ten Of Cups – Look What We Could Afford When We Gave Up Alcohol! We Would Never Have Managed To Get The Deposit Together If We Had Continued The Social Life We Were Used To. Also, Being Woken By Your Kids Out Of A Hungover Sleep At 5 A.M. In The Morning Isn’t Funny. No, We Are Thrilled With What We Managed To Save. Plus, We Want To Make Good Role Models For Our Children. Up And Out Early At The Weekends Is Our New Norm.

RxThey Had It All, Were The Envy Of Everyone, Two Lovely Kids And A Home Most of Us Could Only Dream Of.  When The Drinking Got Out Of Hand No One Really Knows. The House Almost Burning Down Was The Last Straw. Neighbours Were Shocked When They Discovered The Kids Were Being Taken Into Care.

Page of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Page of Cups – I Started Drinking To Cover My Shyness. It Made Me Feel Relaxed And Confident. It Has Become A Habit Now. I Have A Couple Of Quick Ones In The House Before Going Out Socially. Just To Get Me In The Mood, You Know. All My Friends Do The Same.

RxFeel I Can’t Relate To Anyone If I Am Not Drinking. Feel Self-Conscious And Embarrassed. Need To Get A Couple In To Be Able To Cope. Tend To Drink Too Fast And Get Drunk Quickly. Always End Up Crying And Feeling Down Afterwards. My Friends Say I Drink Too Much.

Knight of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Knight Of Cups – Sending A Bottle Of Champers Over To A Table Of Lovely Ladies Is The First Step In My Seduction Method. The Look Of Surprise And Delight On Their Faces Is Always The Same. They Ask The Bar Tender Where It Came From And As All Their Heads Turn In My Direction, I Raise My Glass To Them In Acknowledgment. Once They Beckon Me Over, I Know I Have Scored.

RxMy Method Is Not So Subtle. When Out To Seduce, I Like To Keep Filling Up Their Glass. Ply Them With Drink, You Know What I Mean. Get Them Drunk. I Have On Occasions Gone A Step Further And Slipped Something Into Their Drink When They Were Not Looking.

Queen of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

Queen Of Cups – I Like My Wine.  The First Glass Goes Down Beautifully. I Use The Same Glass All The Time. It Is My Favourite One; Cut Crystal And Expensive. Wine Tastes Better Out Of A Quality Glass Don’t You Think? I prefer White Wine, But Do Love A Rose During The Summer, Or When Having A Spot Of Lunch On Vacation. I Have To Be Careful About Overdoing It Though. I Know My Limit. One Glass More And I Suffer The Worst Hangover The Next Day. It Takes Me  A Week To Recover.

Rx – When I Drink Too Much, I Become Morose And Difficult. I Dredge Up Old Arguments, Past Slights And Give Them A Fresh Airing. I End Up Having Rip Roaring Arguments With My Partner Who Only Makes Me More Mad When He Points Out I Have Had Too Much To Drink Again. He Says I Have A Problem, But I Tell Him He Is My Problem. I Say Hurtful Things To Him. I Don’t Know Why. I Can’ Get Up The Next Day. I Tried To End My Life Once After A Serious Binge. I Filled My Pockets With Stones And Walked Into The Sea. A Man Walking His Dog Rescued Me. I Have Been On Antidepressants Since Then. I Am Not Supposed To Mix Alcohol With Them But I Do. I Don’t Care Anymore.

King of Cups Upright

(Anecdotes & Stories Below Are Fictional)

King Of Cups – No Alcohol Before 6 p.m. Is The Rule And I Pretty Much Stick To This. However, I Am Not So Disciplined When It Comes To Setting A Time On The Other End. I Tend To Drink Until The Bottle Is Gone And May Have A Liqueur Or Night Cap Before Turning In. I Tend To Fall Asleep In My Armchair, My Wife, Ever Vigilant For My First Snore, Ready To Catch The Glass Before It Falls From My Hand. Life Would Be Very Dull Without Good Cheer.

RxI Am A Difficult, Cantankerous, Alcoholic. Although No One Actually Calls Me That To My Face. I Make Everyone Suffer When I Drink. My Kids Were Scared Of Me And Left As Soon As They Could. They Abandoned Their Father And Never Visit Anymore. They Accuse Me Of Terrible Things And Ruining Their Childhood. Ungrateful Brats. My Wife Stays Yet I Hear The Brats Encourage Her To Leave All The Time. She Will Never Leave. She Is My Wife After all, Her Duty Is To Me.  





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    • Thanks Kim. I love to step outside the traditional approach every now and then in an attempt to make the personalities, actions and behaviour of tarot more relevant to our current day issues. The Suit of Cups is linked to our relations with and overindulgence in food, alcohol, and other substances, so in running through the Suit in this manner I hoped to provide scenarios that we could all identify with, even if we don’t indulge ourselves. No doubt many of us can identify with several of the cards where alcohol is concerned. I know I do!!! lol.


    • Ha, ha! Thought viewers might get a kick out of them. Had great fun putting it together. I try to break away from simply offering the traditional meanings for cards by making them more relevant to the average person’s issues. It is a great way of improving understanding of the Elements that govern the Suits in the Minor Arcana. The Elements are key to learning tarot. Let me know when you have that post done and send me a link.




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