Connecting & Linking Cards

The Empress Card Pairing Exercise

The Empres Upright The Fool (0) Upright

This Exercise is all about making rapid connections between cards when they appear in a spread together. In this example I chose The Empress as the focus card with all subsequent cards needing to refer back to her. Instead of attempting to work with all the potential interpretations for the Empress, I decided to settle on one word for her – Woman. From there I went rapidly through each Card in the Major Arcana, not allowing myself to dwell for too long on what they might imply. How could I apply each card drawn to the word Woman (in the context of the Empress) so that it made sense tarot-wise ? I kept it very simple and went with the first interpretation that came to mind. The task was not to think about it too long, just do it. It took about 5 minutes to complete. At times I was torn between  which connections I wanted to make, there are so many after all, and you will see I have offered two in some places. That is a sign of my lack of self- discipline I’m afraid. The combinations or pairings below could have numerous alternative interpretations applied to them, but this is not about making them relevant for a particular reading, just getting the brain to make connections through free association. Why not try it yourself. You could build on this exercise by going back over it, each time adding a new connection. You might try using another focus word for the Empress as your starting base. Connections can be based on traditional tarot interpretations, intuitive responses, imagery, symbolism, numerology, free association. Just find a way that works for you. We may come back to this again to add a third card into the mix. I will continue this exercise with The Minor Arcana and post when each Suit is completed.

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The Empres Upright The Fool (0) Upright

Empress/Fool – A Naive Woman –  Rx – A Foolish Woman

The Empres Upright The Magician (I) Upright

Empress/Magician – A Powerful Woman  – Rx A Ruthless Woman

The Empres Upright The High Priestess Upright

Empress/High Priestess – A Wise Woman – Rx A Charlatan/Duplicitous Woman

The Empres Upright The Empres Upright

Empress/Empress (When using two decks) – A Self-Aware Woman – Rx A Frivolous Vain Woman

The Empres Upright The Emperor Upright

Empress/Emperor – An Authoritative Woman –  Rx A Tyrannical Woman

The Empres UprightThe_hierophant_upright

Empress/Hierophant – A Conventional/Traditional Woman – Rx An Unorthodox/Rebellious Woman

The Empres UprightThe_ Lovers_Upright

Empress/Lovers – A Passionate Woman – Rx An Immoral Woman

The Empres UprightChariot_Upright

Empress/Chariot – A Tenacious Woman –  Rx A Belligerent/Obstinate Woman

The Empres UprightStrength Upright

Empress/Strength – A Woman of Fortitude – Rx A Helpless/Fearful Woman

The Empres UprightThe Hermit Upright

Empress/Hermit – A Withdrawn Woman – Rx A Deserted Woman

The Empres UprightWheel of Fortune Upright

Empress/Wheel Of Fortune – A Lucky Woman – Rx An Unfortunate Woman

The Empres UprightJustice Upright

Empress/Justice – A Fair/Impartial Woman – Rx A Biased Woman

The Empres UprightThe Hanged Man Upright

Empress/Hanged Man – A Self-Sacrificing Woman (Martyr) – Rx A Selfish Woman (Victim)

The Empres UprightDeath Upright

Empress/Death – A Changed Woman  – Rx A Stuck/Outdated Woman

The Empres UprightTemperance_Upright

Empress/Temperance – A Moderate/Prudent Woman – Rx An Over Indulgent Woman

The Empres UprightThe Devil Upright

Empress/Devil – An Evil Woman / She Devil – Rx A Reformed Woman

The Empres UprightThe Tower Upright

Empress/Tower – A Ruined Woman – Rx A Persecuted Woman

The Empres UprightThe Star Upright

Empress/Star – An Optimistic Woman – Rx A Fatalistic Woman

The Empres UprightThe Moon Upright

Empress/Moon – A Troubled Woman – Rx An Irrational Woman

The Empres UprightThe Sun Upright

Empress/Sun – A Radiant Woman – Rx A Gloomy/Lack-Lustre Woman

The Empres UprightJudgement Upright

Empress/Judgement – Rx A Transformed Woman – A Stagnant/Procrastinating Woman

The Empres UprightThe World Upright

Empress/World – Rx An Accomplished Woman – Rx An Unfulfilled Woman


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