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Empress & Cups Suit Pairing -Mini Exercise

Empress Card Pairing Exercise Part 3 – The Suit of Cups

(Sample Pairings)

The Empres UprightAce of Cups

This Exercise is all about making rapid connections between cards when they appear in a spread together. In this example I chose The Empress as the focus card with all subsequent cards needing to refer back to her. Instead of attempting to work with all the potential interpretations for the Empress, I decided to settle on one word for her – Woman. From there I went rapidly through each Card in the Cups Suit of The Minor Arcana, not allowing myself to dwell for too long on what they might imply.  The combinations or pairings below could have numerous alternative interpretations applied to them, but this is not about making them relevant for a particular reading, just getting the brain to make connections through free association. Why not try it yourself. You could build on this exercise by going back over it, each time adding a new connection. You might try using another focus word for the Empress as your starting base. Connections can be based on traditional tarot interpretations, intuitive responses, imagery, symbolism, numerology, free association. Just find a way that works for you. We may come back to this again to add a third card into the mix. I will continue this exercise with The Swords Suit of The Minor Arcana and post when completed.

I have supplied more than one example for some card pairings below as I couldn’t settle on which one to choose. Each Card Pairing has multiple options to choose from. The nature of the reading should help narrow down your field of choice.

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The Empres Upright Ace of Cups

Empress/Ace of Cups – A Big-Hearted Woman  –  Rx – An Emotionally Devoid Woman

The Empres Upright 2 of Cups

Empress/Two of Cups – A Compatible/Agreeable Woman /Rx An Incompatible/Quarrelsome Woman

The Empres Upright 3_Cups_Upright

Empress/Three of Cups – An Outgoing, Convivial Woman – Rx An Unsociable, Unfriendly Woman

The Empres Upright 4 of Cups Upright

Empress/Four of Cups – A Disinterested Apathetic Woman  – Rx A Refocused Motivated Woman

The Empres Upright 5 of Cups Upright

Empress/Five of Cups – A Bitter, Angry Woman –  Rx A Conciliatory, Forgiving Woman

The Empres Upright6 of Cups Upright

Empress/Six Of Cups – A Nostalgic  Woman/A Kept Woman/Home Bird – Rx An Overly Sentimental Woman/An Overly Attached, Dependent Woman/A Reclusive Woman

The Empres Upright7 of Cups Upright

Empress/Seven of Cups – A Woman Spoiled For Choice – Rx A Woman With Few Options

The Empres Upright8 of Cups Upright

Empress/Eight of Cups – A Woman Who Just Can’t Stay/Has Had Enough/An Abandoned Woman –  Rx A  Woman Who Just Can’t Leave/Who Accepts Her Lot/A Banished Woman

The Empres Upright9 of Cups Upright

Empress/Nine of Cups – A Woman Applauded and Praised/A Sated Woman  – Rx A Woman Overlooked or Passed Over / A Greedy Woman

The Empres Upright10 of Cups Upright

Empress/Ten of Cups – A Family Woman/Woman of The House/Matriarch  – Rx A Woman With No Place or Position/Home Wrecker/Outcast/Social Pariah

The Empres UprightPage of Cups Upright

Empress/Page of Cups – An Emotionally Sensitive Woman/A Fashionable Woman – Rx A Highly Strung Woman/Mutton Dressed As Lamb

The Empres UprightKnight of Cups Upright

Empress/Knight of Cups – A Tolerant Forgiving Woman – Rx A  Woman Who Holds  A Grudge

The Empres UprightQueen of Cups Upright

Empress/Queen of Cups – An Intuitive and Imaginative Woman/Kind-Hearted Woman  – Rx A Melodramatic Hysterical Woman/Cold-Hearted Woman

The Empres UprightKing of Cups Upright

Empress/King of Cups – An Honorable Trustworthy Woman  – Rx A Double Crossing Immoral  Woman


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  1. In Wicca North corresponds to Pentacles, West to Cups, East to Swords and West to Wands. How is it in this and other readings I have come across that South is about Wands and so on. It does tend to make it somewhat confusing. Do you have any comment on this subject?


    • Hi Catherine, I am sorry but I am not familiar with the teachings of Wicca. You will find that different systems have different ways of allocating the elements. Also, it may also come down to which side of the equator you live on. I am sorry I cannot be of greater help here. I note you have aligned both Cups and Wands to West but ask why Wands is about South. Was this a typo?


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