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The Empress – Relationships, Love, & Sex Interpretations

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Sensual Wicca Tarot – The Empress

Just a quick note to let you know I have uploaded new content. Following in the series of Relationship, Love & Romance Associations for the Major Arcana, I have completed work on the Upright Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations. I am currently working on the Reversed Empress. I had intended on having the lot finished but our house took a bad hit with winter illness over the festive period. I also became a grandmother for the first time in December. My daughter had a gorgeous girl. She is to be called Caoimhe. It is an Irish name and probably as confusing as Saoirse Ronan’s to pronounce. Caoimhe is pronounced Queeva! In the last week my lovely 19 year old cat, Isis (Egyptian Goddess, not the other crowd!) became very ill and was diagnosed with liver cancer. She has a bad intestinal bug which has also spread to my other cats. Isis had an overnight stay in vets on a drip and was discharged back into my care with 4 different types of medication which I have to administer by syringe twice a day!!! Needless to say my hands are torn off me and am worn out caring and cleaning. It is like trying to work in a sick bay. So, I have fallen behind in my writing but I think you will find more than enough here to keep you going. I am working on several pieces of content at present so 2018 promises to be a prolific year.

Thank you again for all your continued support. Tomorrow I will address correspondence so anyone who messaged me, thank you for your patience.


Vivien (your tarot teacher)

The Empres Upright

The Empress Upright – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations

3 – Abundance, Growth, Progress, Ascension, Fertility, Creativity, Arts, Birth, Expression, Optimism, Joy, Socialising, Optimism

Planet – Venus – Love, Beauty, Peace, Harmony, Grace, Charm, Attraction, Relationships, Marriage, Sensual, Sensory, Sex, Seduction, Erotic, Desire, Pleasure, Luxury, Fashion, Arts, Crafts, Appreciation, Fertility, Woman, Feminine Principle, Finances, Possessions, Material Values.

Element – Earth


Earth Sign Taurus – Sensual, Earthy, Loving, Affectionate, Stable, Security, Dependable, Loyal, Domesticated, Productive, Materialistic, Self-Indulgent, Possessive, Artistic, Musical,

Air Sign Libra – Harmony, Balance, Peaceful, Diplomatic, Kind,  Pleasing, Charming, Graceful, Hospitable, Refined, Beautiful, Attractive, Romantic, Artistic, Considerate, Fair, Companion, Communication, Idealistic


Emily Balivet – The Empress

Product Link – Emily Balivet

The Feminine Principal – Act Two

The Empress is the second of two Feminine Principal Archetypes in Tarot, each showcasing a different aspect of the female state. She also holds the title of Mother Archetype. Whereas the High Priestess (Maiden Archetype) was quite abstract, elusive, passive and introvert, The Empress is full of life and vibrancy. She is solid and dependable, the very physical embodiment of womanhood. She commands a powerful presence, her energy radiating outward into her environment, touching and positively impacting everything in its path. She desires to feel, see, hear, taste, experience on a physical level, areas only privy to the High Priestess on the mental. She gets to do the things that are off limits to the High Priestess. The Empress fully engages in life and love. She carries the burning torch that breathes energetic life into the still and watchful High Priestess. The soul awakens, the spirit comes alive. The spiritual feminine principal of the High Priestess has found a host body in The Empress. She can now love with both her head and heart. An energy path has opened with love finding release through expression. The Empress is the living, breathing incarnation of woman who must go forth into the world and find her way. She will be guided by the High Priestess at all times if she maintains an open connection with her. It is important they do not try to act alone. Together they are formidable, together they are essential for correct alignment of the Feminine Principal and the powerful energy each possess. Without each other they are incomplete and will lack qualities in the relevant areas of life and interpersonal relationships governed by the missing aspect.


The Incidental Tarot – The Empress

Product Link – The Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount 

The Empress and Venus – Planet Of Love

The Empress in Tarot is connected to Venus. Venus is the planet of love, fertility, peace, harmony, grace, charm, beauty and self-worth. It is also the planet for romance, sex, seduction, finances, luxury and the arts. Venus is the planet of attraction and relationships helping us form loving bonds or attachments to others. Because it also connects with the financially influenced and materialistic Taurus, it deals with the relationships we form with our possessions and where we place value.  Venus has dual rulership over the Earth Signs Libra and Taurus. Together with the Queen of Pentacles, The Empress can indicate the presence of either a Libra or Taurus personality…. Continue Reading

The Empress Upright – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations


Available Relationship & Love Card Interpretations

The Empress Reversed – Relationship, Love & Sex Interpretations – Coming Soon

Other Available Major Arcana Relationship, Love & Sex InterpretationsThe Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess (In-depth)

Wands’ Books Of Love – Publications (PDF Downloads to Purchase)

Extract – Wands’ Book of Love I (Ace/Two)Extract Wands’ Book of Love II (Three/Four) –  Wands’ Book of Love IIIa (Five of Wands) IIIb (Five of Wands Reversed)– more to follow.

Mini Relationship & Love Interpretations:


The Empress – General

The Empress Reversed General

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