Course Update

Explanations for Card Reading Exercises

Greetings All,

Below you will find the Explanations to the Card Reading Exercises from last week. I have attempted to explain how I came up with the interpretations for the various Card Readings. However, Please Note that the Interpretations provided are not the only ones that could apply to the Cards. It is just one Interpretation out of several possibilities, and of course it would all come down to the Question that is being asked. I chose a fictional storyline based on the Cards drawn in each case. I could have written many other interpretations, as in normal Readings these Cards could suggest something entirely different for the Querant. I also wanted to demonstrate to all those who are studying Tarot Reading how to pull a story together while reading. 

This Card Reading Exercise was designed with a view to help those who are studying The Tarot to better understand the process of Linking and Connecting Cards when Interpreting a Reading.

The Readings


3 of Cups Rx  The Devil Upright The Moon Upright


There may be some concern around your drinking habits. In fact your habit may have got out of hand and you are overindulging. You may be in denial about this but deep down you have niggling doubts and worries about how much alcohol you are consuming. Your subconscious is calling to you and is attempting to bring this issue to the surface. Time to actively take steps now before your habit turns into an addiction. If it has already done that then you need to get help to overcome it for you have lost control.


You are hanging around with a crowd who you think are friends. This group of people are particularly toxic and are leading you astray. For some reason you feel compelled to stay with them and even though you are beginning to see them in their true light and are right to be concerned about your association with them, you will find it hard to break away from them. Why are you letting these people exert so much control over you? They are an unsavoury crowd and quite underhand and devious. You are unaware of half the things they get up to. Get out now.


When I first saw these three cards The Devil obviously jumped out at me, and as he is a Major Arcana Card and quite negative in his associations, I immediately saw an issue regarding some form of control, enslavement or entrapment of one sort or another. The Devil deals with bad habits, negativity, addictions, excessive materialism, toxic relationships and unhealthy living and attitudes. The Devil acts in no one’s best interests but will lead you to believe that he does. So to find out where The Devil was active in this Reading my eyes were instantly drawn to The Reversed Three of Cups and here we have the partying to excess, too much alcohol and the out of control lifestyle that surrounds that type of environment. There may also be an unhealthy relationship or friendship. The friends the individual hangs out with may not be friends at all but rather a bad influence. The people in The Three of Cups Reversed look as if they are enjoying themselves, but with The Devil beside them, this enjoyment must be questioned. They may have started out enjoying this lifestyle, relationship or friendship, and were able to keep up with it all and could opt in or out as they chose, but that may have changed. They may find that they have become addicted to this type of living and could very easily be waking up most mornings loathing themselves for how they feel and how they are behaving. They may make firm resolutions each morning or at the beginning of each week that they are going to clean up their act, cut out the drinking or partying, end the relationship or break away from a negative circle of friends. They may feel determined and their resolve strengthened as they are desperate to change things. However, The Devil has a very powerful influence over them and by the end of the day or possibly a couple of days, the temptation becomes too strong and the lure is there for them to give in as they are seduced back to what has become an addiction, or at the very least a very bad habit. If they fight The Devil and attempt to stand up to him, he will give the impression that he understands. As he claps them on the back, he reassures them that they can start their healthy living or end their toxic relationship or friendship next week. Until then they can resume business as normal and should not feel guilty at all for they will be making a fresh start next week. And so the cycle continues and the individual becomes more and more powerless.

However, we now must look across to The Moon and we see the concern and stress on the face of The Moon. She appears to be worried about something and this to me indicates that all is not lost with the individual represented by The Reversed Three of Cups. This person knows deep down that they are in trouble and this concern has begun to surface more and more to the extent that it is deeply troubling them. They know they are in trouble as their subconscious calls to them. They may be beginning to understand that the deep issues or emotions they are trying to suppress with alcohol, drugs, food, sex etc are still managing to rise up and make themselves known.  The Moon indicates that any negative relationship or friendship they are involved in is more than likely due to issues from the past, especially what they were exposed to in childhood and growing up. These deep issues may have been what started the whole situation, but the individual knows that the way they have been trying to control the situation has not worked and has in fact begun to control them. Their issues have probably become worse, and it is for certain their self-esteem has been ground down into the ground. The Moon is their wake up call for they are beginning to acknowledge their worries and concerns regarding the way they are living and are gaining an understanding of where it all has come from.

For me, these cards would suggest that the individual is close to reaching the point where depression and self-loathing will make them begin to turn away from The Devil as they realise he is not their friend after all but rather their worst enemy. They can see how toxic and destructive he is. They can also see through the smiling, friendly mask he carefully outwardly presents and down to the manipulative, controlling, cold and calculating personality he truly is. The Devil’s Ugliness is becoming apparent to the individual and they know that something has to be done to free them self from his negative influence. They can no longer ignore this situation. They need to move fast now before The Devil declares total ownership of them. The Devil is very strong and these cards would indicate that external help may be needed in the battle for personal freedom and salvation. 


7 of Swords Rx5 of Swords5 of Cups Upright


You are getting involved in something that you are going to deeply regret. You are taking action or acting on an ill thought out plan and it is going to back fire on you. You are actually playing with fire now. You think you are being very clever but you are only bringing a lot of trouble down upon yourself. You may be acting in anger or revenge, but this is a knee jerk reaction and you are not looking where you are going. Your actions are going to make someone very angry with you and you have not thought of the possible outcome or consequences. You are starting a chain of events now that you will have no control over. You think that you are going to get one up on someone but you have no idea of the backlash that will come your way. Your plan is doomed and you will fail miserably. You may even take others down with you and you will live to regret it. Walk away and let this one go.


Here we have two nasty Sword Cards and an upsetting Cups Card. The Swords Cards precede The Five of Cups so this suggests to me that they are responsible for this unhappy outcome. Things do not look good and certainly do not augur well if the behaviour and energy associated with both The Seven of Swords Reversed and The Five of Swords is allowed to be activated. Therefore, an effort must be made to avoid whatever action the individual represented by this Reading is planning on taking for at the very least it will backfire on them and end in tears. At worst there may be deep regret, trauma, potential loss and serious trouble. 

In the centre we have The Five of Swords and here we see a nasty figure wielding his power and aggression over all around. He appears to have confiscated Swords from those who have attempted to oppose or overthrow him. He looks smug and gloating for he is feeling very pleased with himself. Those whose Swords he now holds thought they could get the better of him and that they could outsmart and out fight him. They especially thought they could out think him too with their ridiculous plans. They launched an attack on him but they didn’t realise who they were taking on. They may not normally indulge in the aggressive behaviour that is second nature to him. They may lack the killer instinct that is part of his natural make up. They may not be used to using their Sword for destructive purposes but something has made the individual or individuals want to take down the figure represented in The Five of Swords. Unfortunately, they are no match for him and are like lambs to the slaughter. The two figures in the background have dropped their weapons and walked away. This was doomed from the start. They didn’t stand a chance of victory and we must ask ourselves why this is? 

To get our answer we must now look to The Reversed Seven of Swords for it is all there. The poorly thought out plan, the impulsive act of stupidity that may have been brought on by heightened emotions such as anger, revenge or intense upset. The individual in The Seven of Swords Reversed is not thinking clearly and certainly is not looking where he is going. He is just acting on the spur of the moment and thinks he is seizing a golden opportunity to take his enemy by surprise. He believes he is going to get the better of someone by being sneaky and cunning. He doesn’t realise the nature of the personality he is dealing with. If he did, he would ensure he totally disarmed him. Instead he takes only some of his opponents weapons as he ran in here without a proper plan of action. He couldn’t carry anymore but thinks he has got away with enough to leave his opponent defenceless. He believes he has scored a major victory here and is quite pleased with his actions. 

However, we must look back to The Five of Swords and see the consequences of his actions. It looks like he may have dragged others into his ill thought out plan of attack. He may have convinced them to support him or back him against his opponent. Look at what has happened. His actions have totally enraged the figure in The Five of Swords who wastes no time in launching a counterattack. The individual in The Reversed Seven of Swords should have known that such an experienced fighter would only need the use of the couple of weapons that were left behind to take down the pitiful group that came after him. In fact he would make them suffer for even thinking they could outsmart him. The pain he inflicts, and it may not be a physical pain, will be severe when he punishes them. The individual and his backup were defeated from the outset and never stood a chance against this type of personality. They may have ignored all warnings and advice, choosing to run with their plan A without a plan B to fall back on. The result of all this behaviour can be seen in The Five of Cups with the hunched figure and the overturned cups. The contents of the cups have been spilled and it is too late to turn back the clock. The damage has been done and the individual from The Reversed Seven of Swords is left with deep regret. They may have brought more trouble down upon their shoulders and on those who supported them. 


Strength UprightPage of Cups Reversed9 of Pentacles Upright


You are facing a situation that you feel you may not be emotionally strong enough to deal with. This is very understandable as you probably have never had to deal with something like this before. This may not seem like such a big deal to others but it has you deeply upset and distressed. You have to believe that you can, and will get through this. You will have to call on all your own inner strength as this is a situation that no one else can help you with. You are used to other people sorting out any unpleasantness in your life but it is now time to grow up and get your emotions under control. You will have to face this situation and you won’t be able to do that until you pull yourself together. This may be the first time you have to rely totally on your own wits and resources. You may feel alone and scared but you can get through this. Face your issues with courage and self-belief. You will prevail.


The central card here is The Reversed Page of Cups who is highly sensitive, fragile and emotionally weak. He is flanked by two extremely strong cards in Strength on one side and The Nine of Pentacles on the other. The Reversed Page of Cups is caught up in a situation where great inner strength and self-reliance are required. Purely by the nature of The Reversed Page of Cups he will feel totally out of his depth and unable to cope with anything that requires him to be strong and courageous. This person represented by The Reversed Page probably has never had to face such a situation before, and if they have they more than likely faded into the background while they left others to sort it out or clean up their mess. This individual has a reputation for hysterics and swooning at the first sign of distress or may just be very immature. Tears and mini breakdowns will present at the first sign of anyone or anything remotely upsetting them. Therefore, this individual will  be protected or shielded by those around him who will go out of their way to ensure that he doesn’t have to deal with anything. This only makes this individual weaker and unable to look after him self or stand on his own two feet. Someone is always there to do the dirty work for him. This individual will perpetuate this tradition as it removes all personal responsibility from him. 

However, these cards  suggest that the individual represented by this Page has been suddenly exposed to a situation where others are unable to shield them from the full force of it. The initial reaction of this individual will be to crumple and scream in terror at what they are being exposed to. There may be a lot of tears and declarations of being unable to cope. Others stand by helpless or have chosen not to intervene this time. This Individual is being left to deal with their situation and take full responsibility for it. They may be terrified and feel ill-equipped to face their situation, but with Strength coming in on the left, it suggests that for the individual involved, and this applies to all of us, he was born with an inner-strength to deal with such issues. The individual may not believe this yet, but if they thought about it or took a look around them, they would see that others who were like them have come through similar, if not worse situations. This inner-strength lies dormant inside the individual and will come to their aid during times of crisis such as this. The Nine of Pentacles also offers this reassurance for here we have a card that embodies the energies of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. The figure in The Nine of Pentacles has made a success of her life through her own determination and hard-work. She has used her natural resources and has relied on her own skills, talents and wits to survive anything that has been thrown her way. She can teach us all a lesson and encourages the Page to look to himself in this instance and call on his own natural resources and inner strength to get through this difficult time instead of waiting for someone else to come to his aid. 

These cards suggest a ‘growing up time’ when the individual must learn to stand on his own two feet. The situation they perceive to be distressing may not be at all. It may simply be the first time they have ever had to do anything for them self and are making a big deal out of nothing. If they face their fears now, it will be the launching pad for them into first becoming the Upright Page of Cups with the knowledge that they are maturing  and becoming responsible for their own life. 


Queen of Cups Upright  The Lovers Upright Queen of Wands Upright


Time to decide exactly what it is you want from a relationship. There is also the possibility that there are two potential partners you are considering or you may be conducting two relationships at the same time. One may be the legitimate relationship, the one that is out in the open, and the other is the one that is kept secret for one reason or another. Regardless of what is going on in your life at present and which situation best represents you, it is time to make a decision one way or the other for you cannot have both. You need to determine who it is that will make you the most happy and will fulfil your emotional and intellectual requirements. Give much consideration to this as this is a major decision you have to make. Someone is bound to get hurt or let down as you can only choose one. Make sure to communicate the situation, and whatever decision you arrive at effectively.


The Lovers standing in the centre with a Queen on both sides suggests in this reading, an important decision that has to be made with regards to a relationship. The Lovers does not always deal with relationships but in this instance we will be reading on that basis. There is a major choice to be made, and because this is a Major Arcana Card the choice will have far-reaching implications for the individual. Therefore, it is advised to give careful consideration to how he arrives at his final decision. In this instance we are looking at the choice between two Queens. These Queens have very different personalities. The Queen of Cups is soft, gentle, loving, nurturing and very sensitive, while The Queen of Wands is dynamic, energetic, assertive, lively and sometimes bossy. Both are very loving and make wonderful partners but the challenge here is to decide which is most suitable for the individual who is making the choice. They must stop to question what it is they are looking for in a relationship and which Queen they would see them self with on a long-term basis. The only person who can answer these questions is the individual and this brings us to another aspect of The Lovers which is being open and honest with himself and also those he is closely involved with. Honest communication is essential.

The Queen of Wands may be great fun and the life and soul of the party but will the individual be able to keep up with her? Will they be able to match her energy levels and sustain the level of activity and enthusiasm that this Queen is well-known for? Will they be content to deal with her control issues and wanting to get her way all the time? Will her competitive spirit ultimately drive them mad and her restless spirit wear them out? If they are honest, do they find her thrilling but a little scary? Do they like a woman who takes charge and leads the way or do they find it demoralising? 

What of The Queen of Cups? Is the individual looking for a partner who likes to be looked after, who is romantic, loving and affectionate or do they find all that silly and frivolous? What of her moods and sensitive nature? Will they be drawn to be protective and understanding towards her or will they find it boring and tedious? Will they be drawn to her artistic and creative nature or will they find her too flaky and ungrounded? Will they share her desire for a family and the quiet lifestyle she prefers or would they opt to be free of responsibility?

All the above issues and more must be contemplated for The Lovers suggests that a decision has to be made. The Cards also suggest that possibility of juggling two relationships at the one time, and if so, the damage that may be done should the situation continue. The individual may cause deep distress and all because they wanted a bit of fun and were able to get away with it. They may not be able to get away with it indefinitely and may be tempting fate at this stage. If the acknowledged partner is The Queen of Cups and the secret partner The Queen of Wands then the discovery of an affair will cause unspeakable suffering for The Queen of Cups is loyal and faithful. The individual may not be able to repair the damage caused. If the other way around, The Queen of Wands will wreak her revenge and the individual will see the reality of ‘hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’. She will seek to destroy the individual and is very capable of doing so. One way or another it will all be a catastrophe. It is a time for honesty and doing the right thing. Once a decision had been made, the individual must explain to the parties involved the reasons behind their choice and not act in a cowardly manner. 


 Knight of Cups Reversed  The Heirophant UprightThe Fool (0) Reversed


You are considering formalising a relationship, possibly getting engaged or married, but your cards give cause for concern. You or your partner may not be ready to take such a step or grand leap of faith, but there is also a very strong possibility that the one you are prepared to give your heart to will not treat it with the care and respect it is due. How well do you know your partner? Can you totally trust them? Have they ever been unfaithful to you in the past? Are they being totally honest with you? You may be prematurely rushing into a long-term commitment without putting the relationship firmly to the test. You may be confusing love with lust and this will make you prone to doing something foolish. You are taking a big gamble and may be in love with the idea of being in love. Why not give it a bit more time and see if you still feel the same let’s say a year from now. If it is true love, then you know he or she is the right person for you. It all seems exciting right now and you may feel you are being carried on the crest of a wave, but you could easily be setting yourself up for a fall.


Like all the other readings, there are several ways the above could be interpreted but the idea behind the exercise was to give a particular interpretation and see if you could match it to a set of cards. When I saw these three cards a story began to form and so I went with this possible interpretation. 

Rather than my eyes lighting immediately on The Hierophant in the centre, I saw first the cards on either side and this is where the story began to emerge from. Both The Knight of Cups and The Fool are Reversed and this in itself told me a lot. The Knight of Cups Reversed represents in this reading a personality or individual who is emotionally immature and not at all reliable. This Reversed Knight can give the impression of being madly in love but in reality does not fully understand the true nature of love. This individual can be a terrible flirt and has a tendency to be unfaithful regardless of how well-intentioned they believe themselves to be. They sometimes just can’t help themselves. Lust and seduction can be part of the appeal for them in relationships with little long-term prognosis for commitment and responsibility. In love, they can often severely let their partner down and can’t be trusted when the opposite sex are around. This individual may also think they are in love but have a very idealistic view of what love is. This leads to the eternal quest for love but never finding anyone who comes up to their high standards. They can quickly become involved in a relationship that becomes intense very rapidly. Engagement and marriage can follow suit only to flounder on the rocks of disappointment and disillusionment. They can find it hard to make a sound judgement as they lack control of their emotions. A relationship with a Reversed Knight of Cups is more than likely doomed and will end in tears and bitterness. 

With The Fool Reversed on the other side we find impulsive and rash decisions with little or no long-term thought given to the situation. The Fool Reversed can represent in this instance, the foolish mistake, and as he appears to not see the cliff he is about to step off we can only assume he is heading for a nasty fall. When The Fool Reverses he has a tendency to ignore common sense and also the advice or warnings of others. If the advice and warnings are in relation to The Reversed Knight of Cups then he or she does not see what is blatantly obvious to those around him. He is living totally in the moment with little thought for his future. In the Upright The Fool’s spontaneity is to be admired and encouraged, but when he Reverses, his spontaneity becomes irresponsibility and recklessness. He is delusional and lives on pipe dreams and fairy tales. He believes he can make anything happen and is in full control of his universe. He generally doesn’t see the fall that he is heading for, and for those around him he is like watching a train wreck in slow motion. He can be quite vacuous and superficial and one would worry about letting him go out and about on his own as he is bound to get himself into trouble of one sort or another. 

We now come to The Hierophant in the centre and he in this instance is representing the institution of marriage, the formalising of a relationship. He is also representing the ‘following the mob’ scenario.  This could be a case of falling into marriage just because everyone else around you is doing so. It is the automatic progression from dating to engagement to marriage without really understanding why one is doing it and whether it is what one wants. Expectations from those around and peer pressure can find a bride or groom waking the morning after their wedding with the sudden realisation of what they have just signed up for. This may come as a sudden shock as they lose their celebrity status overnight, going from the important VIP couple, the bride and groom of yesterday’s celebrations to being just back to their normal and regular status the next day, only that now they are Mr and Mrs tied into a binding contract that can be awkward to get out of. The glamour may last long enough to get them through the honeymoon and the return home to opening of wedding gifts, but in this instance they may regret their hasty decisions. One of the Lessons of The Hierophant is to learn to think for yourself. It is fine to live within certain guidelines set down by society and follow in the traditions of those who have gone before, but it is not wise to blindly follow a way or system of belief. The individual in this reading is doing just that, blindly following a path that will lead to unhappiness and disappointment. They need to stop and think about the long-term implications. Just because the wedding invitations have gone out, the dress is bought and the venue booked does not mean that the individual cannot change his or her mind. It is not too late to wake up and smell the coffee. Once the Hierophant has formalised the Relationship it can prove lengthy and often very expensive to undo the mistake that was rushed into. This individual needs to be sure of who they are committing to, sure of their own feelings for their partner and sure that they themselves have the ability to be faithful before proceeding any further. 


The Hanged Man UprightThe Magician (I) Upright 8 of Wands Upright


You thought it would never happen, that the time would never come, but everything is falling nicely into place now. It took a long time to get here, and at times you tried to force your project forward, but the time was not right. Patience was needed and you had to let your plans naturally evolve in their own good time. You know now that even though you thought everything was ready and good to go in the past, the reality was that it was only wishful thinking. That period seemed to go on forever but it was not time wasted. You learned a lot and are now in a much better position than you would be should you have tried to push your plans through before they were entirely ready. Well the good news is that now you have everything you need to move forward with your plans. The time of suspension is over and you will be relieved to know that at last you can make your move. You have done well and have thought through everything very carefully. You have a very viable working plan that is bound to be successful. Why is this so? Because you took your time and have made sure that you have every area covered and know your stuff inside out. So you are ready to rock and roll. Time to set the wheels in motion and let your plans or project take off. There has been a momentum building all the time, even when you thought nothing was happening. It has now taken on a life of its own. All the time you have invested and all the personal sacrifices you have made will be well rewarded. You can look forward to a very busy and successful time ahead.


In this reading we have The Magician as the central card. Here have an individual in a very powerful position. He is ready to bring into manifestation all his plans and he is very confident of his ability to do so. He is shown with The Four Elements on the table in front of him. This lets us know that he has everything he needs to be guaranteed a strong success. The Magician is knowledgeable and intellectual. He is the ultimate professional and expert of his field. He never rushes into situations or projects without giving ample time to put together a workable plan. He views each move he makes from every angle to ensure that he has every area covered. Where he his short of knowledge or skills to implement his plans, he will take the time to study and learn until he has mastered them. All this does not happen overnight and it is those who put the time into preparation who are most likely to be the most successful. The saying of ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance’ applies to The Magician. 

Just because the individual is being represented by The Magician does not automatically imply that he was born that way, that things came to him easily, or that he got a ‘leg up’ somewhere along the way. The presence of The Hanged Man as the first card indicates that his present position was a long time coming. This individual had to wait for some time to arrive at where he is now. Yes, he must have been very frustrated with all his plans running around his head but not being able to implement them. The Hanged Man nicely displays the mental activity with the yellow aura surrounding the head of the figure who is tied up. Whereas his hands are tied and he is not free to move forward at this moment in time, his mind has always been free. This is where he has spent his time wisely while his plans were put on hold or suspended. He knew that it would be unwise to force his plans forward because the time was not right. The Hanged Man exercises great patience, endurance and fortitude during this stage and accepts that he cannot do anything for the moment. He understands that he must go through this phase if he is to successfully move on to the next. The Hanged Man also represents the sacrifices the individual has made to get where he is in The Magician. Some sacrifices were made voluntarily while others were forced upon him. He may also have had to sacrifice some of his plans or dreams after realising that they were not viable. 

As The Magician, he is the self-made man or woman who has worked very hard to get where they are. With such a background of determination and deep knowledge of what they are about, The Eight of Wands as the last card in the reading simply represents a natural progression. Once The Hanged Man was released from his binds and let go, he wasted no time. As The Magician he has everything in place and in The Eight of Wands, all he has to do is push the green button and release them into the universe. The Eight Wands are heading rapidly in the direction of ultimate success. After all the wait and preparation his plans are taking off and there is no stopping them. The Eight of Wands suggests a very busy time ahead. A time of high energy and much activity. As far as The Magician is concerned, the wait has been well worth it. 


4 of CupsJudgement Upright8 of Cups Upright


You know you have been unhappy for some time now. When you take a good look at yourself and your life you probably feel shocked that you have let things go on as such for so long. Truly you have not being living at all and have all but disappeared into yourself. It has taken a bit of time but you have eventually heard the call from within. That call is your own inner voice, your higher self. The voice has been a call to action, to sit up and take stock of your life for you cannot continue to go on like this. It is time to make the necessary changes which will bring you back to the land of the living again. You have reached a crossroads and know that important decisions have to be made. You must do what is right for you and not continue to be controlled by others and their expectations. It is time to sort out your life so that you can feel good about yourself. You must move away from a negative and pessimistic state of living. This may involve having to leave certain people and places behind so that you can go in search of happiness. You may not even know what happiness is yet, and where you will find it, but one thing is for certain, happiness is not what you have right now. Now that you have heard the inner call and answered it, you will be surprised at how opportunities will present themselves to you. You have decided to take action and the universe will support you in your quest.


In this reading as soon as I saw Judgement in the middle with two Cups Cards that suggest apathy, boredom, disappointment and disillusionment, I could hear the message coming from this Major Arcana Card. Judgement brings a wake up call to those who have being living life more dead than alive. From deep within the individual’s subconscious blows a trumpet which is loud enough to be heard and understood. In Judgement, this call may have originated as a slight whisper, a whisper that was barely discernible but enough to register on a deep level. Sometimes it takes time for the call to be truly heard and this usually happens after a life changing experience or as one matures. Judgement sounds the trumpet and calls the individual to their true path, their true destiny and soul purpose for when this card appears it can indicate that the individual represented by this reading is not on, or following theirs. They may have been following a call that has been expected or forced upon them by others. They have been going around not fully living with their potential unrealised, and in this case not even happy. Judgement suggests reaching a major milestone in life or arriving at a crossroads. It is time for the individual to transform their life and possibly reinvent them self. They need to carefully examine the road they are on and see if they are wanting in any area. To arrive at any realisation, careful judgement must be exercised and it must be balanced. The individual must make big choices that have karmic implications for the rest of their life. 

With The Four of Cups as the first card this suggests that the individual has been in a semi comatose state for some time.  They have not been truly living and have possibly been just going through the motions, dragging them self through every day. This card suggests disappointment and disillusionment. There is a heavy apathy represented by this card and indicates that the individual is fed up with their life and feels listless. Very possibly they believed things would turn out better for them only to have arrived at the realisation that if they stay as, or where they are, then this is as good as it gets. With Judgement in the centre, the Angel sounds his trumpet and calls to the figure under the tree in The Four of Cups to rise up and do something about their situation. It tells the figure that they must go in search of happiness and true fulfilment for life is short and there is nothing to be gained from staying where they are. 

And so the individual listens and pays attention to the call from within. In the Eight of Cups we see him move away from the unhappiness of his past as he goes in search of meaning and emotional fulfilment. He appears weary as he moves away but as he gets closer to arriving at his true path and destiny, his energy and interest will return. He may experience a sudden enlightenment along the way as he encounters different personalities and is exposed to new experiences. He may in fact experience true interest and real energy for the first time in his life. He owes it to himself to answer the call. However, he must not tread on other people’s feelings in the process. He must take in the big picture now and see where he fits into it. He has a role to fulfill during his time on this earth and he must continue his quest until he finds it. 


The Empres Upright9 of Pentacles UprightAce of Wands


You are entering an extremely fertile and creative period where much growth and development is possible. It is an excellent time to start new projects as anything you are involved in now will flourish. You have worked hard to get this far and should feel proud of your achievements. You have made a success of your life and are enjoying the bountiful rewards. Under such influences and based on the presenting Cards the fertile energies that surround you could lead to a pregnancy. If that is not what you desire at present make sure to take extra precautions for mother nature is ready and waiting to do what she is best at. That is bringing new life into the world. You have been warned!


These Three Card can represent several things but here we instantly see three cards that are connected with fertility, conception and birth. Yes these are pregnancy cards all together but they may also represent a creative and fertile period in the individual’s life where they can make much progress. 

The Empress appearing as the first card suggests abundance, growth, progress and creativity. He garden is in full bloom and appears very ripe. Any project or plans the individual is working on will flourish under The Empress’ influence during this time. With The Ace of Wands appearing as the last card The Empress would be confirming that now is a good time for the individual to begin new projects or any action they have been planning. They are being given the green light and everything looks very promising indeed. Much can be achieved during this time and both energy and enthusiasm will be high. The Empress loves to give birth to new creations and The Ace of Wands is where she has set her focus of attention. Everything is thriving. 

With The Nine of Pentacles coming in as the middle card it grounds the energy of The Empress and The Ace of Wands. Before their enthusiasm to create and procreate gets carried away, The Nine of Pentacles reminds them that behind all the enthusiasm, nothing will be realised without hard work being applied first. This card also suggests that success will not happen overnight but must be slowly earned. If the individual has worked hard towards getting this creation past the birthing process then they shall be rewarded. However, the individual must also remember that not everything The Empress gives birth to actually survives. Some of her creations flourish initially but like all living entities, they need to be nurtured and cared for. Everything may be growing in The Empress’ garden, but this means the weeds also. Success is earned as suggested by The Nine of Pentacles and the individual should feel proud of their achievements for they have done it all them self. 

As these are pregnancy cards they may be a much welcome sign for the individual or the cause for concern and worry. 


Copyright © Vivien Ni Dhuinn

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  1. Enjoyed that very much Vivien and particularly liked the in-depth explanations. Is it possible to have more/?..when you have the time of course!!


    • Hi Susan,

      Don’t worry about not getting all your answers the same as mine. It does not mean that you were wrong. It is just that you viewed them in a different light. I am already preparing my next batch so you will get the chance to have another go.



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