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A Multi-Layered Daily Card Reading & A Special Gift

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends,

The Hare

The Hare among The Flowers – Artwork by Isabelle Lynch

Well, it has been one of those weeks again. Hard to get to my work done due to life getting in the way, obligations and the ever-present Hospital Appointments that take up the whole day just to have one fifteen minute chat with my consultant. I have another Hospital to attend next Monday and I know for sure that this one will definitely take up most of the day yet again. However, I have been getting some work done here and there and am busy working on Lesson Content at present.

I also had a quick look at my Cards over the last week whenever I got the chance just so that I could share their messages with you. I write about this Particular Daily Card Reading for a very special reason as you will find out when you read below. This Reading is important on many levels as the Cards drawn yielded several messages for me. Some of those messages did not reveal themselves to me until much later in the day, in fact just before I went to bed, which urged me to remind you that what you see in the morning in your Cards may or may not make a lot of  sense to you, or may appear indecipherable at the time. However, if you get into the habit of leaving the Cards you have drawn in the morning in a place where they will still be visible to you that night, you may find more messages contained within or they might read in a completely different manner. Whichever the case might be, it is wise to get into the habit of comparing your morning interpretation of your Drawn Cards with an evening or night-time interpretation, an After-The-Event-Reading as such.

Last Saturday, my Godson Nicholas made his Confirmation, a big day in Catholic Upbringing and my sister, Vanessa was throwing a buffet style luncheon in her house following the Church Service. Saturday dawned with strong wind, dark angry-looking skies and torrential downpours of rain, hail and sleet. It was biting cold. I had visions of all the confirmation mothers with their nicely styled hairdos and expensive outfits pouring out of the church only to be blown to bits, and sodden within seconds of their departure. I could see them racing to their cars, forsaking photo opportunities with teachers and priests in order to reduce as best they could the least damage to their own appearance, and the appearance of their nicely dressed child and assembled family members.

On our way over to the church we passed another church where there was a wedding in progress for we saw a beautiful vintage car outside with ribbons and bows. The bride appeared out of the church as we drove by, straight into the eye of a hurricane of hailstones and sleet. She was wearing a strap-less, light silk wedding gown and her accompanying bridesmaids had thigh skimming strappy little numbers on in varying shades of pale blue, lemon and pink. They would have looked perfect had it been the middle of July or August and I wondered at the insanity of picking such clothes for an Irish Wedding in March. They must have been frozen out of their scarily high-heeled shoes. There was a veil on the bride and I think it may have taken the eye out of the mother of the bride as the wind whipped it at several knots straight into her face as they left the church. I could see several female wedding guests struggling to maintain their decorum as they grabbed handfuls of swishy short dresses and skirts that were determined to fly northwards in the relentless gale. The vintage wedding car didn’t seem to have a roof on it,  and I hoped there was one tucked away somewhere for they might as well all call it a day and go home if they thought they could travel to the reception in it exposed to the trauma of the elements. I had visions of drama and hysteria, similar to ‘The Bridesmaids’ movie as the bride went into a meltdown with the weather after all her preparations.  It is quite amazing how much one can take in within a few seconds of driving by while observing a situation. It was just a little snapshot, but it spoke volumes and I hope they had a lovely day in spite the shocking weather conditions.

Well back to the Confirmation. I had pulled a few Cards before we left the house in an attempt to give me a bit of a boost. I had slept poorly and my ongoing headache problems combined with poor sleep left me relying heavily on make-up to camouflage my wasted, tired and weary look. The Cards I pulled were:

9 of WandsPage of Cups UprightAce of Cups

My Nine of Wands coming in as my First Card was mirroring the way I was feeling. Tired, exhausted but having to soldier on regardless. The Bandage around the head of the Figure in The Nine of Wands was acknowledging my headache and this Card also let me know that it was a flare up of a chronic condition I suffer from with my jaw that is causing the headaches. I am an old soldier to this condition and it is not the first time I have had it. There is a cycle and pattern to it now which The Nine of Wands often suggests. I thought I had seen the back of it after being put on new medication some months ago but unfortunately it is back again. Like the Figure in The Nine of Wands I have to just keep going in the knowledge that it won’t last forever and hopefully the Nine was letting me know that this flare up would pass soon. I had to take extra medication leaving the house which made me feel a bit woozy and extra tired, but did help reduce the migraine pain around my eye.  I was hoping that it would not ruin my enjoyment of the day.

The Page of Cups and The Ace of Cups to me represented the Day ahead, my young Godson, Nicholas on his Special Confirmation Day; dressed in his new clothes and receiving lots of Cards with nice little offerings of money inside which is traditional in Ireland for Communions and Confirmations. I thought The Page of Cups suited the occasion very well indeed, and with The Ace of Cups coming in beside it I felt it was simply reinforcing the meaning of the religious ceremony with the Dove symbolically representing the young children receiving the Holy Spirit on their special day of initiation and rite of passage in the Catholic Tradition.

I also saw The Ace of Cups as the joy and happiness of family gathered in my sister’s house as we ate all the lovely prepared food, chatted, laughed and yes, had a few glasses of wine together.

Well the day was a great success and just as I had imagined. We ate well, talked over each other and enjoyed some lovely bottles of wine. We barely saw the younger members as my Godson, being the boy that he is, just wanted to get into his sweat pants when he came home and disappeared with the rest of his age group to the games room where they played his XBox. That left the adults alone to have a great time indeed.

As the evening turned into night, the guest and family members left one by one. After a while there was just myself, my partner Billy and my daughter Katie left behind and we were invited to stay for dinner which we were delighted to do. Now enter the picture my lovely Niece Isabelle. Issy is just Nine Year’s Old and a total Faerie Fanatic. She has been once since just a tiny little mite. She turns to me for guidance in this area and over the years I have bought her several Faerie books and Faerie Gifts. She has her own set of Faerie Cards too but loves me to read my set of Faerie Cards for her when I can. Like my dear departed son, Conor, she also loves Crystals and has been building up her collection for some time now.

On Saturday as soon as the crowds departed she made a beeline for me and had a long list of questions to ask me about the Faeries and her Crystals. We spent some time talking and then she ran off to bring me down her collection of Crystals. I had told her before how to cleanse and care for them but she wanted me to check them anyway, as my sister said ‘to run my expert eye over them!’.

She returned with a box of little tumble stones. Some I had given her and some she had collected herself. Together we took turns holding them in our hands to see how vibrant they felt. I am very sensitive to energy so I could feel that some were lifeless while others tingled and felt cool in my hand. Issy felt them too and I watched and waited to see what she could sense. She is still finding her way with Crystals but she could definitely feel a difference. We decided they could all do with a good cleaning one way or another so she helped me fill a large glass tumbler with bottled spring water to which we added some sea salt. We stirred the mixture up until the water became very cloudy. Then we placed the crystals into the water and I told her to leave them overnight but that she should drain them the next morning and leave them on the windowsill in the daylight to dry off. I showed her which hand was her sensing hand and which was her receiving so that she could better use her crystals when they were cleansed. She then asked me how she would know if they were fully cleansed so I asked her to hold out her hand to me and I directed some energy into her palm in a circular motion. I waited for her to tell me what she felt. She began to smile and laugh and excitedly told her mother, my sister, that she could feel a strong tingling sensation and a cool breeze around her hand. I then drew the energy up her arm and she became very excited by what she felt. I told her that when her crystals were cleansed, she might feel similar sensations but that all crystals were different with some being stronger than others.

She then called her mother over to try it out and I ran the energy through my sister and up her arm. Whereas my niece felt a cool wafting breeze, my sister felt strong heat and pressure. My sister has had Reiki sessions from me in the past so was not unfamiliar with the sensation. My little niece was bursting with excitement and wanted to know more and more. I told her that I would spend an afternoon with her and show her more about Crystals, and also how to use the Pendulum she so badly wants to master. My son had a pendulum and he used to talk to the trees in the forest with it but Issy wants to use hers to communicate with the Faeries.

It was getting late at that stage and long past our time to go home. As we were saying our goodbyes at the front door, my little niece Issy ran to her bedroom as she said she had something for me. She returned with a gift bag and confused me as I was unsure of what she was giving me and why. I opened the bag and to my amazement, inside was a fabulous painting she had been working on the last time I visited. It was of a Hare and I had told her how much I loved Hares. Issy had remembered and told her mother that when it was finished she would gift me it. I was speechless when I saw it and became very emotional. It was so beautiful and what a precious gift to get from my young niece. It is the most precious gift anyone has ever given me and I will cherish it for life. I need to get a lovely frame for it and have to decide where to hang it. It has a lovely life and quality about it that is definitely Magical and Faerie-like. This is certainly a painting from a little girl who is closely connected to the Natural World and is a little Elemental Faerie herself. Issy has been painting for a while now and there is a beautiful framed painting hanging in her room of two dolphins jumping from the water. The colours are intense and powerful. So beautiful and innocent are her paintings that some people have either bought her artwork or commissioned a specific piece. She showed me a fabulous turtle that has a sold sign on the back of it. She is currently working on a painting of a large ladybird. She told me she has run out of her chalk pastels so cannot finish it just yet. We promised to get her some the next day when we were out shopping.

The Hare

Isabelle’s Painting of A Hare Sitting Among The Flowers. A Wonderful Gift to Me

When we got home, tired and exhausted, but happy after a lovely day I brought my lovely painting upstairs to put it away safely until it is framed. I then walked into my office to close the blinds, and sitting on my desk were the Three Cards I had pulled that morning; The Nine of Wands, The Page of Cups and The Ace of Cups

9 of WandsPage of Cups Upright Ace of Cups

Ignoring The Nine of Wands, I suddenly saw not only my Godson on his Confirmation Day, but now I also vividly saw my Nine Year Old Niece Isabelle as the Gifted, Talented, Intuitive, Psychic, Creative, Artistic Page of Cups offering me the fabulous gift of The Painting of The Hare which brought so much happiness to me in The Ace of Cups. I felt a tingle run up my spine and knew that The Cards were speaking to me on a deep level. I also felt the presence of my son in The Page of Cups, a true Piscean. The Perfect End to a Day which had started off with The Nine of Wands.


Copyright © 2006-2014 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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