Tarotscopes – April 2014

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

I am delighted to bring to you your Tarot Horoscopes (Tarotscopes) for the Month of April as promised. Please remember that these Tarotscopes are not based on true Astrological Horoscopes where alignment of planets and their configuration is taken into account. I simply Clear the Deck for each Sign and then Shuffle, Reversing a few Cards as I go while asking the Question ‘What is it that …… (sign) needs to know for the Month of April ahead?’ Simple as that. I then take the Top and Base Cards for the Beginning and End of Month and Cut the Deck to Reveal the Card for Mid-Month. I then try to interpret them going by my gut feelings as you must remember I am not Reading for one person in particular. This makes it far more difficult to put together as they need to have a generic appeal. However, that is not always possible so I must go with what comes to mind. Remember not to take these Tarotscopes too seriously as they are meant for fun and for teaching purposes. They also stretch me as a Reader to compile a Reading for each Sign based on the Cards drawn rather than Reading for an individual who has a particular question or issue. As with any Generic Horoscope, some people reading them will find them very relevant while for others they will mean absolutely nothing. I do hope you get some enjoyment or even amusement out of Reading your own Tarotscope.


Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Queen of Swords Reversed Knight of Swords Upright Strength Upright

Aries you seem to be heading into April feeling very hot under the collar indeed. You appear to be in conflict with someone who is quite likely making  your  life very difficult at  present. There is an atmosphere of hostility and tension around you and forgive me for saying this, you may not be thinking very clearly at present. Instead you are being driven by a sense of revenge or getting even. I think you are preparing to go into full battle against a rival or adversary. Things have certainly heated up and are on the brink of boiling over. This is certainly going to be a battle of words with arguments and heated debate that has the potential to get out of hand very quickly. This battle or war may centre around the legal stage with you psyching yourself to go head to head with your opponent in the courtroom or through solicitors letters. You must be very careful here for you have The Queen of Swords in Reverse and this makes for a personality that might be extremely ruthless, and I am sorry to say has the ability to outsmart you. This personality may be orchestrating a strategy or plan to lure you into knee-jerk reactions and hasty decisions. You must tread carefully for any argument thrown your way or any letter, phone call or email received will have been specifically constructed to illicit a certain response from you.

This personality is very clever and will know how to subtly work a situation to their advantage by poking you with their Sword in just the right place that will drive you to distraction. There is a lot of negativity around this situation and by mid-month you will have had enough and will be hell-bent on making them feel the pain for a change. Here you run the danger of moving too fast or reacting explosively to a new development. With The Knight of Swords charging at break-neck speed towards The Reversed Queen of Swords this is bound to make sparks fly all round. Stop and think before you take this course of action for just look at you, blinkered to the consequences and bloody-minded just going for the jugular of The Reversed Queen of Swords, regardless of how this might affect your case. You are incensed by a sudden twist in your drama and feel you can no longer tolerate the clinical, severe and sterile way you are being dealt with. You feel that something must be done and now. You would be wise to rein your horse in before you do something you regret. Your actions may be reckless and you could just make things worse for yourself. With Strength coming in towards the end of the month, it seems that common sense could  prevail and win the day for you if you follow Strength’s advice. Strength is telling you that you have been manipulated and carefully played throughout this situation, and with  you being a Fire Sign, you were bound to have had a certain reaction to it. Whoever it is that is working against you knows exactly how you are going to behave, but should you decide to follow the advice of Strength then you must not play into their hands. It is important to take a step back and several deep breaths because from here on you are going to turn the tables on them. You are not going to respond in your Archetypal Fiery manner. Instead you are going to adopt a calm approach, and instead of losing your head and flying off the handle, you are going to maintain your dignity and call on your inner-strength to solve this situation by using a Reverse Psychology method. When an attack is launched, do not rise to it, keep calm and adopt a very diplomatic manner, become the peacemaker. Appear to let them think they are winning by being more approachable and less aggressive. Just like the lion in Strength is disarmed by the gentle and calm nature of the woman, his natural inclination to attack and devour is subdued, and he is lured into a sense of comfort and security. He does not fear the woman for she does not threaten or try to force her control over him. As a result she is allowed to get close and he loses the interest in tearing her to pieces for he realises she is not his enemy. However, just like the woman in Strength it is important not to show any sign of fear for then your adversary, the Lion, will smell it and turn on you. Aries this is going to be very hard for you to do for it will appear to many around you that you have lost your mojo or given up the battle, but really this is the only way to beat The Reversed Queen of Swords dilemma. It is a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer still. Disarm her with  you non-aggressive reaction to her and she just might lay down her Sword. If not the battle will continue, and with The Reversed Queen of Swords and The Knight of Swords it is bound to be vicious and bloody with damage caused on many levels.

I have decided to pull an extra Two Cards for you Aries to see how this month will work out for you should you take the advice of Strength. The Cards drawn are:

3 of Wands Upright The Sun Upright

Quite simply, The Three of Wands suggests that you can put an end to this drama and turn your back on it. You have spent too much energy on this situation and it is time to move away from it and focus on the far more positive aspects in your life. You may even feel like getting away for a while but certainly progress will be made and with The Sun coming in beside it, well what can I say except that it looks like you will be able to return to your natural bright, cheerful and sunny disposition once more. You can put this episode behind you and all will be well again, maybe even better than before. You will be free to enjoy life once more. Well worth listening to what Strength is telling you. Good Luck with it all Aries and keep strong. Be assertive but not aggressive.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

Judgement Upright The Hanged Man Upright The Heirophant Upright

Taurus this is a very important month for you but one that will put pressure on you to make some massive changes in your life. The Question is can you do it and are you prepared to? You start the Month with the intense presence of Judgement and looking at the Cards all together I feel that you are being called upon to make some very important and life changing decisions. You have reached a crossroads in your life but have felt this coming for some time. Now Taurus I know you do not like change and are a creature of habit and routine but with Judgement coming in so early in the month I believe that your cage is being rattled and a time for great decisions has arrived. The Crossroads you have arrived at puts  you in a situation where you must decide what it is that you want to do. You can stay as you are and continue on the path you have been treading for so long, doing the same thing day in and day out or you can choose to take a right or a left at the crossroads and see what life would be like elsewhere. The time has come for you to think clearly and rid yourself of any foggy confusion that may have been clouding your view for some time. It is certain that you are being called on to greater things and much growth by this call that comes from within. It is easy to stay where you are but you may not be on the path that is right for you. If you do not try new directions every now and then you will never know. However, you must not be rushed into making a quick decision. Think deep and hard about what it is you want and compare it to what you have. Do they reconcile? By taking a new direction at the crossroads you find yourself at, you will essentially enter a process of transformation. It is a time to look at who you are, where you are, what you are doing and where you are heading. You must honestly decide if you could be doing  more with your life. Judgement is telling you that you have reached a point on your life journey where you can reinvent yourself, and to a certain extent start a new life with new beginnings, but with The Hanged Man Coming in there is a sense that should you choose a new direction it will bring certain challenges and ask things of you that you may not feel comfortable with. The Hanged Man tells me that you are being asked to make certain sacrifices, sacrifices that are particularly difficult for you. What is it that you are being asked to let go of or give up? You have Three Major Arcana Cards so this is not just a passing issue or situation. On the contrary, these Cards mark a Major time in  your life where you may feel you have lost some form of control. Forces stronger than yourself are guiding or pushing you into making big decisions that are bound to impact every area of your life. Taurus is known for wanting to hang on to their things, and hate the upheaval that change brings, but the Universe has conspired to arrive you at this point, and with the Hanged Man being your Central Card you will not be able to withstand these forces. You are  now hung up on that post and will not be able to come down until you are ready to stand at that crossroads with hand on heart and know for certain which way you will head. However, the Hanged Man is telling you that even though you feel under pressure to make a decision, there is no rush at all. Take you time, and while in this manner of suspension have a good think about every area of your life. Hanging from the post upside down, you may see things in a new light or new perspective. Nothing can happen until you make that decision and it will take time to determine whether you are prepared to make the sacrifices that are required of you. With The Hierophant coming in as your third Card it suggests how conservative and traditional you are. The Hierophant would not encourage change and in his upright state can be quite narrow in his view of things. He may feel that you would be unwise to venture away from the path that you are familiar with. He would not support thinking outside the box, in the manner The Hanged Man would promote. He would support you keeping things the way they have always been. His presence tells me that the decisions you are being asked to make, will certainly take you far away from the way you have been living for such a long time. It will require you breaking away from the limiting lifestyle of The Hierophant who is happy to follow the one path, convinced that it is the only true path to follow. The Hierophant is one of The Major Arcana Cards that represents Taurus; traditional, conservative and conventional. The Hierophant challenges that which Judgement is calling upon you to do, and this leaves you in two states of mind with an internal conflict and battle of will fighting for survival. The Hanged Man sitting in between watches and waits to see which one will gain the upper-hand over you. Will you stay as you always have been, the person The Hierophant would encourage you to be, or do you take a chance and change your life by following a new path. You are being given a second chance to start over so spend your time wisely under the influence of The Hanged Man. It is he who will assist you in thinking clearly about the ins and outs, pros and cons of the whole situation, away from distraction and external influence.   Try to overcome your fear of change, and let go of your resistance to sacrificing certain aspects or items in your life in the knowledge that they will be replaced by something far greater. Do not underestimate the importance of this Month Taurus for these are indeed strong Cards. They are so strong that I have decided to pull an extra Card to find out what all this is about. The Card drawn is, The Two of Wands

2 of Wands Upright

Aha, the do I stay or do I go dilemma.  One part of you wants to take that new direction but another part holds back. The part that holds back is the part that fears the sacrifices that are being asked of you. Yes, a decision has to be made but not just this minute. Do you want to stay with the old, the solid tried and tested, or do you want to take a chance of the new and discover other worlds and life experiences. A tough one Taurus, and especially for you.

Judgement, The Hanged Man and The Hierophant also speak to me of those Taureans out there who are considering doing something quite big on a humanitarian level. These are the Cards for being called to join forces with others who are prepared to volunteer their services for the good of human kind. With The Two of Wands Coming in, it could involve Aid Work overseas. They are Spiritual Cards and suggest wanting to feel good about what your do, possibly wanting giving back  something, or using your skills and knowledge to help those who have none. The Hanged Man especially speaks of the Volunteer who is prepared to sacrifice all, even himself for the good of others. Very worthy causes indeed and very powerful Cards Taurus.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

The Magician (I) Reversed 4 of Cups Upright 9 of Wands Upright

Poor Gemini, it looks like the big plans you have for this month may either come undone or are being forced into action before all the necessary work has been completed. There is no doubt that you believe everything is in order and that you have allowed for every eventuality but you aren’t paying attention to your blind side, for it is here that your plans may become unstuck. The dreadful thing is that you have been talking about these plans or project to just about everyone in the last while, so convinced you were that you had a success story on your hands but you have slipped up somewhere for what should be a sure thing could very easily collapse right in front of not only your eyes, but the eyes of all those who have been watching and waiting to see this remarkable thing you have been going on about for so long. What happened to you Gemini? You are such a natural talker and excellent communicator but I get the feeling that you just can’t convince those you are trying to sell to. You may be rushing things, you know how impatient you can get when things aren’t rushing along at a ferocious speed? You may be trying to launch at the wrong time, in the wrong place or to the wrong people. It is for certain no one else can see right now the magnificence of what you are trying to do. Is there also a chance you are overselling yourself too; trying to make out that you can manage things, will be able to keep on top of the game, are the best in your field. Something tells me you may lack the knowledge in certain areas but will try to bluff your way through them. You might spend your time better going out and acquiring the necessary knowledge before running full steam ahead with your plans. You will have a problem making things happen right now.  It is all there, in your head and you see how it should be but you just can’t manifest it and make it real at this moment in time. The Reversed Magician tells me you might being running with something that you can’t really manage. As a result of this, you will be feeling pretty disillusioned for the greater part of the month. You will be pretty fed up and terribly disappointed with the Outcome of your big plans. You may feel let down by others, or that no one appreciates you and all that you have done. Unlike you Gemini, I can see you crawling into a corner to lick your wounds on this one and you will have little interest in anything that is going on around you. I sense even a form of depression or the blues sapping you of your energy, while deep down inside you seethe with anger and bitter disappointment. The Four of Cups layers this heavy energy upon you and you may adopt a care-less and apathetic attitude now to whatever happens from here on in. Friends around you will try to tell you that it is not as bad as you think it is, and that worse things can happen but you have no time for their clichéd remarks. You just want to be left alone for a while and that is so unlike you too Gemini. You will have to try to force yourself to snap out of the doldrums you have landed in for how many of us have tried things before that we had great faith and belief in only to have them thrown out or flung back in our face. It happens to us all and you will just have to get over it. By all means, I want you to spend your time in the Four of Cups having a good think about how it is that things went so wrong. Meditate on this and keep a low profile while you do so. I can see this mood lasting throughout the month but some progress is made towards the end of the month as you move into The Nine of Wands. Yes, I know this Card doesn’t look exactly exciting or uplifting but what it is saying is that you are not beaten yet. Your fighting spirit begins to return, and battered and bruised as you might feel, there seems to be some determination to give your plans one last shot as you make a comeback. You certainly have the stamina for one last battle, so be sure to make it one that you are likely to win this time. This Card tells me that there is a lot of stress surrounding the situation and worry that it all might go terribly wrong again but that is just negativity and pessimism setting in after your experiences earlier in the month. The time spent in The Four of Cups and also The Nine of Wands lends itself nicely to reflection and when you allow yourself to honestly look back you will be able to see where you went wrong. The Nine of Wands is all about learning from your mistakes instead of letting them destroy you. In its Upright Aspect it asks you to focus now on your strengths instead of your weaknesses for you have beaten yourself up enough over those. There is a good chance you will make a success of it the second time around, but there will definitely be some major changes made in how you approach the situation.

Another side to this Reading warns you Gemini to be on the look out for someone who may be trying to pull a scam on you. The Reversed Magician is an unsavoury character but also a very convincing charmer. He exudes a powerful presence about him, and you and others may be quite taken with him. However he may not be who he claims to be. The Reversed Magician will take advantage of anyone who is gullible enough to fall for his persuasive and slick manner. Believe me there are many who fall into that category. He has no morals and will use and abuse to get what he wants, but he will not come across as your typical villain or con man so you will have to be extra vigilant with this Reversed Personality coming into your April Reading. If you do fall for his spiel and powerful presence then you will feel appalled by mid-month when you discover the truth of him. He may be gone and left you high and dry. Make sure you double-check all identity cards of people who call to the house for they may not be the electrician or the gas man they say they are. They might easily clean you out while your back is turned. You will be appalled and disgusted that you didn’t see it coming or took your eye off the ball. By the end of the month, you could still be smarting from the whole incident but you will have learned a lot in the process, and will arm yourself properly in case it ever happens again. The Nine of Wands will leave you guarded and suspicious about the potential hidden agenda behind all you encounter, and you may become quite paranoid about things for a while. It will be a hard lesson to learn, and one you won’t forget in  hurry should you fall for the charms of The Reversed Magician so be on the look out this month and take no chances.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

Knight of Pentacles Upright The Chariot Upright Page of Cups Upright

Cancer, the Month of April sees you sitting and waiting patiently for good news about a goal, project or situation you are involved in. The Knight of Pentacles speaks volumes for the discipline you have personally exerted in this situation. You hold something close to your heart and quietly and calmly have been waiting for a positive outcome. The Knight also tells me that you have put a lot of work and effort into your particular situation and have kept your goal solidly and firmly in focus all the time. Yes, you feel it has taken a long time in coming, but so convinced and determined are you that it will all work out, you know that it is just a matter of time before it will. His presence augurs well but does speak of having to be patient and having to wait for some time for things to begin to fall into place. Mid Month sees you firmly grab hold of the reins now and you are in a position to take full control of that which you have been working towards. No longer is it something that you have to wait for, or is off in the distant future, for you will be in control and will be master of your destiny. Your tenacity and extreme discipline will have won the day for you but this Card, The Chariot, one of the Cards for the Sign of Cancer tells me that you still have to work hard to keep this heading in the direction you want it to go. The final part of the journey is often the hardest to complete, but when this Card appears in a Reading it speaks of a long and arduous Journey, a Journey that one must complete come hail, rain or shine. You will be in the driving seat but I feel that after all the time spent waiting for this moment, deep down you will feel secretly terrified of what is involved to keep a forward momentum, and to stay in charge. Do not let your typical Cancerian worries, fears and doubts get the better of you at this stage. Rise to any challenge that comes your way, and as I said the final part of the journey is often pitted with challenges. It is too late to change horses in midstream now. You must keep forging ahead and be determined to reach your much desired destination intact and fully in charge. Hide your fears for now and I promise they will all disappear when you see how far you have come and what you have achieved. Victory is yours for the taking and you will hold much power in your hands by the middle of the month. You can steer this power in any direction you choose for you are the one who created it. Because of your time spent with The Knight of Pentacles, you know this power inside out for you have being there every step of the way with it as it built and grew into the force that you now steer. By the end of the month, you will be in a position to really appreciate your success and achievements. You will be able to relax and enjoy any recognition you receive after all the hard work and effort you have put into the whole venture. The end of the month will bring the much welcome and waited for good news. This may come by phone, post, email or by direct contact. You will be feeling in a joyful mood, happy and content by the end of April and may even allow yourself a little celebration or reward to mark the occasion.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

6 of Cups Upright The Star Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright

Now Leo, I am just going to run with this Reading for you as it comes in a rush through my subconscious. This is indeed a strange and remarkable Reading which speaks of a wonderful month ahead for you and also gives you much to think about. I am going to tell you a few things that I do hope are relevant to a large number of Leos out there. You are being given a rare and wonderful message for any of you who feel lacking in inspiration and talent. As soon as I saw these Cards I got a strong impression of the message they contained and I really hope that any Leos reading this will sit up, pay attention and dwell deeply on the information I am about to give.

The Six of Cups coming in as your first Card for the Month of April suggests that the focus is on the past and distant memories of childhood and home. Why it is that this should be so this month is unclear but I am looking at the three Cards together now and this Card is bringing an awakening or re-awakening of sorts to you this month. It is asking you to remember something from your past, something nice, something lasting and very worthwhile. Many of you Leos may be visiting the family home this weekend as of course it is Mother’s Day (well in Ireland anyway). If you are I want you to take a good look around you and also to have a deep and meaningful chat with your parents. Especially ask them about their own childhood, what their dreams were as they grew, their hobbies and what they worked at in their early years. Ask about their parents and distant aunts and uncles.  You may learn some interesting facts that have never been revealed to you before. This is not because they were being deliberately concealed, it is simply that no one ever asked, so no one ever mentioned it. You might learn a lot about yourself in the process. Leos with The Star coming in as your Central Card for the month, I have this lovely feeling of the sudden realisation of a talent or skill that has been handed down or inherited through your genes. You may or may not be aware of this but for those Leos who have never looked into it, the time has come to explore your creative and artistic skills. You may have briefly been involved in something as a child or teenager, only to give it up when a career or partner came along. Now is the time to re-visit it again for you have been blessed with skills and talents you should be using. Other Leos may have an inkling or interest in an area they have never fully explored or even know why it exists, but if you do a bit of investigation you will discover that somewhere in your background or ancestry someone in your bloodline has passed this down to you. If you have never lifted a paint brush and put it to canvas before, you may be surprised at how naturally it comes to you if you decide to give it a go. You might discover that a great-uncle or great, great-aunt was a brilliant artist, sculptor, writer or actor. It may answer a lot of questions you have and unlock untapped talents and skills. This is the month to start applying yourself to where you star in your own life. What talents, skills, gifts, creative abilities do  you possess that you are unaware of just because you have never tried. This month try something that interests you, or even just remotely interests you and see where you shine. You may discover a whole new aspect of your life that you never knew existed before. The Eight of Pentacles coming in as the final Card tells me that for those Leos who decide to take my advice and explore their unchartered territory they could easily find themselves becoming determined to master their new-found abilities. This Card suggests that there is the potential to excel. I am curious as to where these impressions are coming from so I have pulled two extra Cards in search of some explanation. The Cards drawn are:

10 of Pentacles Upright The Empres Upright

This is reinforcing the message of above. For me and maybe only this one time I am seeing again the passing down of skills and talents through the bloodline and ancestry. You will find that it is in your genes. The Ten of Pentacles provides this information and also links up with The Eight of Pentacles to suggest that one could do very well for themselves should they decide to become totally committed and immersed in their newly found or re-ignited skills and talents. The Empress as the second Card suggests to me that these skills and talents have been passed down through the female line so look to find out what your mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and aunts were particularly good at for you have inherited it too. With the Empress, she is Patroness of the arts and all creative work. She particularly likes to sing, dance and act. So Leos don’t sit around wondering how you are going to spend your free time. Instead go out and discover who you really are and what gifts you have inherited from your ancestors. It may be the start of a whole new chapter in your life.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

10 of Wands Reversed6 of Wands Upright The Moon Upright

Virgo, seems you might be a bit all over the place in April as even though you appear to have come out on top with regards to a situation that has been burdening you for some time, it does not seem to bring the sense of relief it should for one reason on another. So let me start off with the beginning of the month and here we find you under the influence of The Ten of Wands Reversed. Because this is beside The Six of Wands Upright I am running with the interpretation of it been positive rather than negative. However, I must explain what I mean by that. Having a Reversed Ten of Wands could suggest that you are over-extending yourself and are on the brink of collapse from the sheer effort of it all, but with such a positive Wand Card beside it, I feel that the beginning of April brings with it the end of a journey that has been challenging and very time-consuming. This is a journey/situation/project you have been working at for a long time now, and at times it has almost got the better of you. It may have seemed like an uphill battle or struggle, and there would have been times when you might have lost heart, and felt that you would never reach your destination, goal or see the results of all your back-breaking effort. At times, you may also have felt as if you had lost your internal compass and could not see the road ahead. You certainly took on more than you bargained for and for sure you have cursed your situation manys a time. However, the beginning of April sees you eventually arriving at your long sought after destination. You will now be in a position to offload all the stress and worry that has accompanied you on your venture. The end is not just in sight but is right before you, so take a deep sigh of relief and give yourself a pat on the back for you have sure earned it. Tired and exhausted by it all, you may not yet feel in a position to realise what you have done but by mid April, you will be riding high with the taste of success, and all those around you; family and friends will congratulate you on a job well done. Some may have secretly doubted your ability in achieving your goal but you have proved them all wrong, for you have overcome all the challenges and prevailed. It will certainly feel good to be in charge of your life once more and to know that you have worked hard to get where you are now. Why is it that after such a triumphant scene in The Six of Wands does The Moon make an appearance bringing with it unsettling currents of uncertainty and self-doubt. The Moon releases deep emotional undercurrents surrounding the situation and by the end of the month I believe that certain anxieties will be simmering in the background, unsettling your mid-month buoyant and ecstatic mood. Could it be that after working so hard for something you so badly wanted, there may now be a sense of anticlimax about the whole situation. Why aren’t you happy and delighted with yourself at the end of April? What is it that is making you nervous and unsure about your situation? I feel you may be troubled in some way and sleep may be elusive or that you are having strong dreams that linger with you for the whole day. You are not 100% convinced about something and a fear of sorts has set in. I believe you may find yourself in strange territory and out of your comfort zone by the end of the month. After getting so far, the wheels you set in motion are carrying you forward at a pace you may feel uncomfortable with. Change may suddenly be happening too soon and you might feel like a stranger in a foreign land, not knowing what is around the next corner. Everything has changed and is different but you must not let these sudden doubts and fears undo all your good work. By the way, you are no stranger to The Moon as you have been here before, but in different situations. Just when things begin to work out for you it is as if you can’t quite believe your luck and are waiting for the axe to fall at any moment. You wonder have you done the right thing? Has it all been a mistake? Any new venture can be initially scary until you settle into it. I am curious as to why The Moon has appeared after The Six of Wands and pull an extra Two Cards. They are:

3 of Wands Rx Death Upright

So I was not far off with my theories. The Reversed Three of Wands suggests that you are unsure about the decisions you have made and any action you have taken. I believe this is down to The Moon releasing your deep down insecurities, making you doubt the positive action you have taken. The Moon is casting her shadow over your recent success and making you feel like you have overstretched yourself. With The Death Card coming in beside the Three of Wands Reversed I can see that there is a sudden fear of letting go of the old and embracing the New. The changes that are coming for you this month Virgo are positive and what you have been seeking for such a long time, but now they are here and action is or will be taken by you, there is a sudden terror of all that is involved. Death suggests the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. The transition stage is often the hardest and I really want you to hold onto the energy of The Six of Wands and not be so scared about venturing onto this new path you have chosen for yourself. Let everything else go, especially self-doubt and turn towards the wonderful new beginning that awaits you. Best of luck Virgo with whatever it is you are up to.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

7 of Wands UprightKnight of Pentacles Upright The Fool (0) Upright

The month of April gets off to a challenging start for many of you Librans. In fact you have probably been dreading this week for it seems like you have a lot to do, with many problems to overcome. It seems like you will really be up against it and will be kept on your toes for the first part of the month. There will be so much to be done you will need to multi-task wherever you can as people will all be expecting so much of you. Demands and deadlines will govern this part of the month and I get the impression you may be trying to do two, possibly three people’s work all at the one time. Are you providing cover for someone on vacation or maternity leave? Has a shortage of staff or cutbacks forced you into a situation where you have to be here there and everywhere all at the one time. The terrible thing is Libra that no one is going to make allowances for your situation. They will still be looking for what they want from you and you will certainly feel the pressure coming from all sides. This is going to leave you with precious little time for yourself and you are going to feel hard done by and resentful of the situation you have been put in. If people only recognised all you are doing and gave you some credit for it then you may not feel as disgruntled, but that probably isn’t going to happen as everyone else is busy too and just want what they want, and do not wish to wait for it. Emotionally you will feel quite strained too and will be prone to taking every comment or criticism on a deep personal level. You will certainly be on your high horses throughout the early part of the month. However, both you and I know that this is only a temporary situation you are in, and as bad as it is, this time too will pass and things will begin to settle by mid month with the arrival of The Knight of Pentacles bringing some sort of calm and order to the whole situation. The Knight of Pentacles may arrive as a person who can offer you the practical help you need or he may just be a representative of the atmosphere beginning to settle down around you. You will find control returning and everything will fall into place as you begin to find a system that works for you. The stress will lift and you will feel more stable and comfortable with what you are doing. It will no longer feel like a massive burden and this new energy will be communicated to all you are involved with, so it will not just be you who is coming nicely down to earth once more and feeling grounded, so too will those around you. The frenzy will subside and you will all find that the work gets done and on time. The Month you thought was going to be so horrid, and so awfully long, will feel at times as if it is dragging and The Knight of Pentacles suggests you just be patient and get on with what you have to do, and stop being dramatic and hysterical about everything. In the time you spend ranting and raving about the situation, you would have the work done twice over. Just put your head down and before you know it, the end of the month will arrive bringing The Fool in to liberate you from all the stress and strain. With a great sense of relief the end of April will arrive and for some Librans it may be your time to take a vacation or just a short break. Someone may have to fill in for you and do all your work. The Fool releases you from all the challenges The Seven of Wands piled on you at the beginning of the month and even if it is just means a weekend of freedom from the pressures and stresses of the month you will really appreciate it. The month you dreaded will have finally come to an end and will leave you free to go back to what you prefer to be doing. It is only after such full-on pressure over a long period of time does one truly value a bit of free time to do just whatever one pleases. Your Cards certainly show two very different states of being, but thankfully The Knight of Pentacles arrived and saved the day. He helped you sort the situation in a practical and very down to earth manner.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

6 of Swords Upright Ace of Swords Ace of Wands

Dear Scorpio, it seems like you are trying to put distance between you and some troubling and stressful situation as the month of April begins. Things have certainly been tough for you in the last while and you have been through a lot in recent times. Let me tell you the worst is behind you now even though you still feel quite low in yourself, maybe even a bit depressed. Even though you are known for your high energy and sometimes aggressive attitude, it looks like someone or something has sucked the wind out of your sails. You have neither the energy nor the interest in doing very much at all. What you are seeking is peace of mind and body for you are mentally and physically exhausted by something. You really want to get away from it all so that you can gain a new perspective about your situation. You can’t see the wood for the trees right now so removing yourself from the distractions of your troubling situation will give you the space to decide what you want to do about it. Whatever or whoever is behind this has caused you consderable disturbance and emotionally rocked your boat. The Six of Swords sees you moving away in an attempt to find psychological and emotional balance once more. By mid-month you will begin to see things with a fresh mind and from a new perspective. Removing yourself or stepping back from the issue has helped your mind to settle and it is for certain you will begin to mentally strengthen. Clarity of judgement will return bringing with it a more balanced view of your situation, and with the double-edged Sword of the Ace, you will be able to acknowledge your own role or responsibility. With a refreshed and strengthened mind you will suddenly know exactly what it is you have to do and it will be like a light switching on in your brain, illuminating all avenues and options. By mid April you will have reached a point of breakthrough and with a strengthened resolve will then be in a position to actually do something or take action. However, the move from The Six of Swords to The Ace will not have been an easy one for much negativity will have preceded the arrival of the Ace. It is important Scorpio to grab hold of that Ace and not let it go for it will transform your attitude and outlook. It will also help you arrive at a brilliant workable plan. By the end of the month with the arrival of The Ace of Wands you will already be putting your plan into action. You will be testing the water to see if it is to your liking. Your natural high energy will begin to re-emerge as depression starts to lift and your mind begins to clear. You will feel ready to face the world and take on life again. Your true Scorpio self will bounce back but there will be a change in you that others may notice. You may appear stronger and more determined in your attitude and convictions. So don’t worry Scorpio if this month begins on a downer for you, for it will certainly end on a high note putting you in a much stronger position. Much potential will surround you at the end of the month so take advantage of it whenever it appears. Pay attention to any new thoughts or ideas that suddenly pop into your head. Get out and about and see what is going on, and accept any invitations that promise to be fun or adventurous. Leave the blues of the early month well and truly behind.

On another note, for those Scorpions who are facing surgery or treatment for a long-standing worrying condition, the early part of the month finds you drawing much nearer to a date for surgery or the beginning of treatment. Things may seem gloomy at present but with The Ace of Swords and Ace of Wands coming in as your second and third Cards, really auger well for you coming through successfully and show very positive signs of the beginning of recovery and the return of good health once more.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

2 of Cups Knight of Cups The Star Upright

Oh Sagittarius, what lovely Cards for you this month. Romance and love are in the air for many of you lucky Sagittarians. With The Two of Cups launching the early part of April for you, and also by looking at the full set of Cards, there is a very strong chance that you have an admirer. Then again it may be you that has your eye on someone. Whatever is going on Sagittarius, you appear to be smitten. Could you have found that Special Someone at long last. It looks that way, for we see a couple who are besotted with each other. For those Sagittarians already in a relationship there are signs from early April that there is a decision being made by one or both of you. This decision involves you as a couple and may very possibly indicate that you are thinking and talking about taking your relationship to the next stage and making a commitment to each other. You feel a deepening closeness to your partner and it is probably quite obvious to friends and family that something is up, for it will be hard to keep the inner happiness to yourselves. By mid-April, your admirer will make a move and declare his or her intentions. If you are in a relationship then there is a very strong chance that a proposal is in the offing. Whichever one applies to you, The Knight of Cups ensures that it will have been well thought out and deadly romantic. It will be so romantic that it will be very hard, if not impossible to resist. This Knight of Cups, be it representing either a male or female sees you as the most beautiful and wonderfully amazing creature they have ever laid eyes on. See how The Knight adoringly looks at the Figure in The Star. This is how you are viewed by your suitor or partner and it is to the Figure in the Star The Knight of Cups rides towards and offers his Cup of love to. The Star coming in towards the end of the month, leaves you feeling very special indeed as you will have taken on a new status where love is concerned. Your suitor or partner loves you for who you are and there is no need to wear any false facades for they are impressed by your presence and every little thing you do. You certainly will be feeling in good form by the end of April and will be full of positivity and faith in life. There will be a new sparkle about you and your smile will reach your eyes making them twinkle just like the stars. You must be careful though for the last thing you want is for either of you to put the other on a pedestal. At present you may be viewing each other with rose-tinted glasses, and if so enjoy this period of bliss for you will be blind or blinkered to any of their shortcomings. Don’t worry,  there is plenty of time to discover any flaws they may have in another month or so. At the moment just go with the flow and dazzle amidst the warm glow of love and romance. Sagittarius, you have never looked so god damn handsome or amazingly beautiful. Who could possibly resist your charms this month. You are the envy of us all.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

3 of Pentacles Upright Ace if Wands Reversed 8 of Wands Upright

Looks like you are starting off this month working hard to get a project off the ground and moving forward. You are not alone in this endeavour and may be working as part of a team on what is considered a very important task indeed. You could be working alongside the best in their field of expertise or are taking advice from them. The project in question is only in its infancy but is being steadily built on with a view to the end product being one of impeccable high standard and quality. Progress is definitely being made and you are learning a lot in the process. However, there are certain areas where you feel unsure, or lack the necessary knowledge or skill. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, you may call in the professionals for their advice. You may consider this to be one of you most important projects to date and it could very easily be business related or connected to the building of something, be it a business, a new product, new skills/qualifications or the construction of a building itself. The beginning of the month finds you deeply immersed in your work and it may easily be taking over your life at the moment as you are giving it your full attention. Things are moving along nicely until bang, something happens mid month which may bring things to a halt or you might suffer a setback or delay. This is bound to leave you frustrated and annoyed as things were going so well. You might feel as if you have hit a brick wall, and for some reason or other obstacles will suddenly block your way and momentum is lost as the energy of The Ace of Wands Reversed makes an unwelcome appearance. Work may grind to a halt as a result. You must work hard to get beyond this set-back and find a way around it. There is something you are missing or have overlooked. You have been working so hard that you may be too close to the project to adequately see where the problem lies. Something may have been left undone or not properly finished which is causing this delay.  Knowing you Capricorn, you will leave no stone unturned until you find out what is wrong in order to set about putting it right again. You will not stand by and watch all your work fall apart and your precious time wasted. You know that what you are doing is right and that this project is marked for success so I have no doubt that you will overcome any challenges. It might be wise to get some expert advice from those who know how to solve such problems. Mid-month will be very stressful for you but fear not, by the end of the month any blocks or obstacles will have been successfully removed as The Eight of Wands rushes in to free your project once more. Work resumes in a mad rush of  sudden activity. The buzz is back and you can make swift progress with your plans. Everything will be sorted and you will catch up on any time that was lost mid-month as you and the team who work with you throw everything you have into this project, situation or mission. As far as you are concerned, The Reversed Ace of Wands should never have happened mid-month and it is for sure you were not expecting any problems or delays. The Three of Pentacles is a Card for hard work and achievement so The Reversed Ace of Wands may have come from an external source and not of your own making. I am interested to find out why, or what caused this mid-month setback so I have pulled two extra Cards.

The Heirophant Upright King of Swords Upright

My instant reaction to these two Cards is that you might come up against the system mid-month. They could also be representing those who have the final say, the bosses as such. There may be legal or planning issues you had not expected to encounter or interference from those above you. With The Hierophant appearing Upright we see a rigid stance being adopted by those involved in your mid-month setback. The King of Swords only sees things in black and white so there will be no point appealing to his softer side for he cares less whether you have been working for years on your project or how much you have invested. All he is interested in is that you are complying to his full set of guidelines and criteria. There will be no compromise or meeting each other half-way for his word is final. With the above two powerful and authoritative forces it would be wise to play ball with them and do as they bid for you will get nowhere arguing your case with them. I know it will be extremely frustrating and you will probably see it all as a lot of unnecessary official red-tape, but you will have to work with these people and conform to their requests and ruling. This may find you having to amend or modify your initial plans but your Cards strongly suggest that you will find a way, and by the end of the month it will be all forgotten as you fly ahead and on to your well-earned success.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Justice Upright The Lovers Upright The Hermit Upright

Aquarius, you have Three Major Arcana Cards for your Reading this month suggesting powerful forces and energy in and around you. Starting off the month we find Justice bringing a sense of strong balance to your life as you enter April. Justice does not appear Upright for those who have not earned it, as it is a strongly Karmic Card. This means that you are being rewarded for all your positive work and good deeds. What you have sent out has come back to you three-fold as the Spiritual Court of Justice rules in your favour. You should be proud of yourself dear Aquarius for not all of us can achieve such acknowledgment. You have earned some serious brownie points or Karmic Favours and this starts your month off very favourably indeed. You feel very balanced in mind, body and spirit, and you can thank yourself for that. Any problems you have been experiencing in recent times will sort themselves out as Justice sees to it that all is brought back into perfect harmony in your life. Be especially vigilant as to how this has come about because Justice can be related to Past Lives and your Soul Purpose. It can suggest that you are on the right path and heading in the right direction at this moment in time so keep up the good work. By mid-month we find the Lovers appearing which again is an inner balancing Card as well as suggesting harmony in relationships. This gives me the impression that the Gods will be smiling down on you. Not only do you feel at one within, but also with those you are involved with, be they friends, family, partner or spouse. With Justice sitting beside The Lovers there can often be the suggestion of marriage but I am picking up that these two Cards are linked due to their connection with honesty and openness. Justice asks you to be honest and open in not only your dealings with others but also with yourself. The Lovers speak of open communication and honesty with your partner, and I feel that by mid-month some serious issues will have been discussed between those involved in relationships. I think Aquarius you will have reached a point where you feel it important and necessary to say a few things, safe in the knowledge that you speak from a strong and balanced position. The appearance of The Hermit as your last Card raises some important issues as this is very much a Card for being alone or being lonely. What sort of decisions will you be making Aquarius? It looks to me like you may be seeking some time alone or that you feel a bit claustrophobic at present. You might express your feelings of loneliness to your partner in an attempt to draw him or her out to speak of their true feelings. Justice tells you that it is the right time to do this and things will work out for you exactly as they are meant to be. Everything is in divine order and deep down you know this yourself. Are you seeking a break from your relationship or possibly more time to yourself? I know Aquarius that you value your privacy and personal space. You like being on your own at times and can be alone without being lonely. You may have to spell this out to a partner who possibly is seeking more of you, or is asking for a stronger commitment. You may need a break, time to yourself so that you can think things through. You may have to explain to them that even though you love them and are happy, you are not ready, or do not see the need to change things. You may question why you cannot have independent lives as well as the life you have together. The Hermit sends out strong messages of the need to have your own space. You may have to let your partner down by telling them you do not want to move in with them. They may not understand this and see it as a form of rejection or that you do not love them. If only they could see things from your point of view. These are indeed strange Cards and definitely need more explanation so I have drawn an extra Two Cards to go alongside them. These Cards are:

The High Priestess Upright The World Upright

The High Priestess is another Card for achieving a sense of balance and she sends out very similar messages as those of The Hermit. The High Priestess enjoys solitude, peace and quiet just like The Hermit does. You may feel the need to just be, not having to speak to anyone, to be alone with your own thoughts and no external distractions. She also is a two Card which brings in the question of a decision-making process. Aquarius you have five Major Arcana Cards and the High Priestess asks you to listen to the voice within, your own inner counsellor when making decisions.  You know exactly what you want and this month is extremely important to you for there are strong spiritual forces at work around you. With The World Card also being drawn we arrive at the ultimate state of internal and external balance, harmony and happiness. Dear Aquarius, you are happy within your own world right now and I do feel that those of you who are single are embracing this status as it gives you total freedom to be who you want to be, to be quiet and passive when you want without questions being asked of you, to move freely in your world without obligation to others. At this moment in time Aquarius it is you who is responsible for your own happiness and no one else. You are in an enviable position this month and enjoying the peace and quite you have chosen to live in. The question still remains. Are you happier to be on your own than tied into a commitment with another. Justice reminds you to be honest with yourself and others when it comes to making serious decisions. Let the High Priestess and The Hermit guide you through this time for they are deeply wise and hold your highest interests as their main priority.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

The Fool (0) Upright The Emperor Upright The Hanged Man Upright


The beginning of April sees you in a very spontaneous and impulsive mood dear Pisces. You have Three Major Arcana Cards in your Reading so their messages contain vitally important information for you. There is something you want to do or are planning to do Pisces that involves taking an uncalculated risk. You have not done your homework here and are strongly tempted to just take a chance and fly by the seat of your pants, to wing it as you go along. Some opportunity has presented itself and you seem eager to take a chance on it and give it a go with a ‘fingers crossed’ attitude, hoping it will all work out in the end. In the early stages of April you are acting alone in this and have not shared your plans with anyone else. You long for freedom to do just as you please but there is a certain naivety about you at present that is worrying. Now normally The Upright Fool in someone’s Reading would be applauding them for trusting in life and taking a chance but I have to look at your Three Cards together. In doing so, I see that others may view your plans as pure folly and possibly ludicrous. They see the potential pitfalls and danger where you don’t. You may have your head in the clouds right now and are possibly not looking where you are going. There is nothing wrong with letting The Fool into your life under normal circumstances but I think you are chasing after The Fool and all the delights he might bring when the time is not right for such action. The Emperor coming into the picture mid-month appears to have found out what you are planning to do, or it is possible that in your eagerness you have let your intentions slip. One way or another, The Emperor will step in and pull you forcibly back from the cliff edge you are too eager to plunge off. The Emperor stands for the complete opposite of The Fool and I can see a clash of personality and attitude mid-month with little chance of you being able to stand up to his authoritative power. He absolutely refuses to allow you to budge an inch on your plan of action and I can see him giving you a stern lecture about the folly of your ways and to act in a more mature manner. However, he may simply be telling you that now is not the time to pursue your course of action until you have completed certain tasks and given more thought and time to your true intentions. He may be telling you that you are being too impulsive in this instance and is trying to exert some common sense into the situation. You may see his interference as annoying and typical of his fixed and old-fashioned ways but The Emperor can never be ignored for he is telling you to pull yourself together and clean up your act. Your behaviour of late may be called into question and The Emperor may see you as trying to glide or drift aimlessly through life without a care in the world, letting other people be responsible for you and your actions. He may be saying enough is enough and that it is time to grow up and be more responsible. He may be tired of having to step in and clean up your mess, or extract you from some situation you have gotten yourself into. Your latest stunt may very well find him putting his foot down once and for all because by the end of April he will have securely tied you up, held in a place where you cannot get yourself into any trouble. The Hanged Man is one of the Cards that represents Pisces. The Emperor will hand you over to The Hanged Man so that you cannot make any move until you have thought things out clearly, and can demonstrate to all around that you know what you are doing and have certain plans in place. This may terribly frustrate you at the end of the month as you feel restricted and blocked from taking any action. You will just have to resign yourself to the fact that struggle will be futile and you would be wise to spend this period of suspension, isolation or solitary confinement giving good thought to your future and any action you intend taking. When held under the tight control of The Hanged Man, you may begin to see things in a new light or from a new perspective. His very presence tells you that your timing is off where your plans are concerned and that your hands are tied for the moment. The Emperor wishes you to come to your senses during this time and believes he has your best interests at heart. You may see things differently and view him as your captor or the spoiler of fun. Part of this may be true but this is the situation you find yourself in this month Pisces and what I want to know is why should The Emperor and The Hanged Man appear to stop The Fool in his tracks when The Upright Fool is quite harmless and often to be encouraged. I have pulled an extra two Cards. These are:

7 of Cups Upright Knight of Wands Reversed

Aha Pisces, The Emperor does not believe that you know what it is you want right now as The Seven of Cups clearly suggests this. It also speaks of your plans and ideas being pie in the sky and not based in reality. You may not be very grounded at present, will have plenty of ideas alright, but not enough practical application to make them a reality. Spending time with The Hanged Man at the end of the month will allow you the time to do some much-needed soul-searching, for with The Reversed Knight of Wands sitting beside The Seven of Cups there is a very good chance you were rushing into a situation with little or no idea of what was involved, or whether it was truly what you wanted. You have several choices or options open to you Pisces this month but I do not feel that any of them can be acted on immediately, regardless of how tempting they may appear. The time is not right and The Emperor is trying to keep The Reversed Knight of Wands as far away from you as possible, for if he is allowed direct access to you there is a danger of you acting in haste only to regret it later on. Take the time this month to explore all your opportunities before deciding on the most suitable one, because at present you are unsure and not in a position to make a clear and informed decision.




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  1. Thank you so much for all the work, energy, and love you put into these extensive and comprehensive readings. I greatly appreciate what you do.


  2. I am a Sag and find your reading for April to be right on! After 60 years apart, my high school classmate found me on Facebook on October 1 last year and we were married this past January 10. He does adore me. It takes getting used to! LOL Thank you for the affirmation.


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