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Daily Card Reading Practice for All

Greetings all Tarot Students and fellow Tarot Enthusiasts, 

8 of Pentacles Reversed     10 of Swords Upright

Starting today, I will be posting a Daily Two or Three Card Reading for you all to attempt to interpret.  I will offer my insights too.  Just post your interpretations in the comment box below this post so that we can all benefit from your collective and varied approaches. These exercises will help you understand the process of linking and connecting Cards within a Reading so that a story emerges. They will also help clarify the interpretation of consequences as a result of action taken.

Don’t be afraid to give it a go.  If you have a question you want one of these Daily Readings based on, then please post it privately to me and I will post it anonymously on your behalf along with the Cards you have drawn. That way, you can also comment on your own Reading by offering your interpretation.

This Daily Reading will also be posted on my Facebook Page, Truly Teach Me Tarot.

Today’s Daily Reading is a simple Two Card Reading. I want you think about what implications or influences these Cards might have on each when combined, or as part of a Reading. There is no question with this Reading. It is simply to get your creative imagination flowing so that ideas, theories and concepts may begin to surface.

Let The Brainstorming Begin – The Eight of Pentacles Reversed & The Ten of Swords

8 of Pentacles Reversed       10 of Swords Upright


Vivien (your tarot teacher)

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  1. My first thoughts are that if the querent stops working diligently and industriously there will be dire consequences.


    • Very interesting Lucy. I was on a similar track to you but my thoughts ran to overworking, working yourself into the ground. I saw the Ten of Swords as a warning of what was to come if the industrious figure in the Eight of Swords Reversed didn’t take a break for some rest and downtime. You had the same theme as me but more like the poor fella had no choice but to break his back. Possibly he was being put under undue stress by others to complete a task or project. Was he to accept all the responsibility? Those around the Pentacle Figure would know that if anyone could do it, it would be him. I have some other theories but will wait to see what everyone else comes up with. Great work.


  2. 8 of pentacles Rx – Person is working hard, but paying attention to small details, not the big picture or his/her surroundings. 10 of Swords – card of resolution, endings. Together person needs to pick up his/her head and see what’s going on; tomorrow is a new day.


    • Yes, I can see what you mean. The hard working man cannot see the wood for the trees, he has so much too do and is probably fussing too much about all the little inconsequential details that could wait until tomorrow. If he just left it for the moment and came back the next day with a fresh approach and a refreshed body. Yes, he needs to stand back and take stock before he ends of having to re-do everything.


  3. My thoughts about the two cards drawn are that the querent has not worked very hard and not concentrating and has to face the consequences.


    • Excellent Shehnaz,

      The Upright Eight points to hard work and high standards while the reversed can suggest shoddy workmanship, disinterest and cutting corners. He may think that what he has done is enough but will soon discover that his lack of effort will only result in failure when it is noticed by those around him. People will not talk kindly about him and his reputation could also be destroyed. However, with the dawn breaking on the horizon, he does have a chance to change his attitude and approach. We would be advising him to seize the opportunity to change the way he does things if he wants to be successful and have a better outcome. He has a choice here. If he chooses unwisely, it will be the end for him in whatever it is he is pursuing. Choose wisely and he can start all over again after learning some hard lessons.


    • Wow Kab, that is a really interesting theory. Could he have enemies he is not even aware of? People, friends or work colleagues who might be jealous of his work and the effort he puts into it? There certainly may be a conspiracy or a plot around him. Enemies dressed as friends, saying things about him behind his back or running him down because of their jealousy. Could there be a hate campaign or a determination to ruin his business and reputation? He is working so hard and so busy that he wouldn’t have the time to notice what is going on around him.


  4. Vivien,

    I am truly learning SO much from your tarot website. I visit your site EVERY day, several times a day while I journey down my tarot path.

    Over the last 4 months, I have been choosing one tarot card for my “theme card of the day” — it has boosted my knowledge ten-fold because it’s such a great way to watch how the card unfolds each day. Sometimes, it’s just a simple imagery on the card that I experience for the day — it’s not always an elaborate divination meaning on the card that I experience. But either way, the accuracy is uncanny. Sometimes, my readings can leave me breathless!

    But now that you are doing the two or three-card Daily Reading, I am even more excited about taking my tarot learning to a new level! I am thrilled that you are walking me through this, as tarot can be so complex and rich in their meaning. This will challenge me to “see the story” and to see a deeper meaning into the cards.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Your work is under appreciated, that’s for sure. Your tarot website is by far, the BEST on the internet.

    Much Blessings to you – I always look forward coming to your site each day. I am one of your biggest fans!

    OneLuckyDuck ND


    • Lynette,

      What can I say after getting such wonderful feedback from you except thank you back. You have no idea how supportive and motivating your lovely words are. I am thrilled you are getting so much out of Truly Teach Me Tarot and there is so much more to come yet. I still have many card to re-write and re-format but am getting there. There will also be videos in the coming months and I am going to show you all how to incorporate dowsing into your tarot readings using either a pendulum or bobber. We will be doing past life exploration with the tarot and also through meditation. Lots to do and very exciting.

      Keep up the good work and I like that you have accepted that sometimes you just see a symbol in the card that is relevant and no great divination interpretation. Sometimes students can expect too much of themselves and feel they should be seeing signs in everything.




  5. My first thoughts were of someone whose spread themselves too thin, attempted to take some short cuts and ended up creating more issues than they consequently feel they have the resources to deal with.


    • How common is that Annie? We all know someone who has done that, including ourselves. Yes, if they had just done what the Upright Eight of Pentacles would naturally do, then the resulting mess of the Ten of Swords would not have happened. However, because, the Ten of Swords represents the end of a cycle, the death of a situation prior to the beginning of a new one, there is a chance for this figure to re-deem himself. He can mend his ways, learn from his mistakes and do it right the next time. There is, of course, always the chance of him not learning and he will just drift from one mess to another, convinced at the offset of each, that he is going to be successful.


    • Ellen that relationship has shown itself to you, so immediately it becomes a possibility. The Cards speak to us in many ways and not just what we have seen written in books. Hard work, ambition and the unrelenting drive of the Pentacles can turn in on them. I am a Pentacle and have back and neck problems. I have had to give up my healing work (I am a Reiki Master and Teacher) because of the problems I am having. Now I am re-writing Truly Teach Me Tarot and I put myself through regular gruelling 8 hours days of solid typing. My doctors have warned me about the consequences, but being a Pentacle, I keep pushing myself. As a result of all the typing there are days when my back is so bad, I have to go to bed. Then I feel frustrated because I can not do my work. So the spikes of my Pentacles, my hard work, are also stabbing my body. Because the Eight of Pentacles is Reversed, it means I am probably under doing things or over doing them. For me, it is overdoing to the extreme and my result is the sharp back pain of all those swords (typed words, there is another aspect I could look at) One has created the other. I know this is very abstract, but it does work and forces us to use our imagination.

      Well done,



  6. I’ve been checking out your site and engaging in the posted lessons. I find it a rich source of information…and just so grateful to have stumbled upon it. It’s deepening my understandings of all things…

    I think a couple different things: The querent is not applying skills to a current job or working a job that isn’t using his current skills and talents. Maybe the querent is over or under qualified for the job. This can result in job loss (either quits or is fired). Maybe the querent doesn’t like the job and isn’t trying hard enough. Or maybe the querent has been feeling betrayed by a co-worker or boss and has decided to do a crappy job. As I look at the ten of swords, I do see in the distance a golden sky, calm waters…maybe it isn’t as bad as the querent thought, maybe this is just a temporary thing.


    • Hi,

      Thank you Jill for your lovely comments and I am delighted the lessons are helping to deepen your understanding of the tarot.

      You have several theories here that may be relevant, and these two cards certainly could suggest job loss. It was one I was thinking of too. After years of working exceptionally hard, and often to the point of ill health, he is let go from his job. This maybe is because he is undervalued, or possibly to do with the recession, when it doesn’t matter how qualified you are or how hard you have worked. Being overqualified certainly has hampered many people secure a job in recent years. The Reversed Eight could suggest his over qualified status and the Ten of Swords may represent the global state of financial ruin, business collapse and personal bankruptcy. He may feel, as a pentacle that he has lost everything and that his life is at an end. Because it is The Ten of Swords we must question as you mention how bad things really are? He is a Pentacle after all and Pentacles need a lot to feel financially or materially secure. Maybe his idea of ruin and hitting rock bottom is not the same as those around him who really have nothing. Yes, he may have much to be aggrieved about, but he might be making it out to be worse than it is. He will be able to start again, whereas a lot of others will find it very hard.

      Thank you so much for your contribution.



  7. Eight of coins reversed either work itself to blame or you are working cash earned undeclared income not paying tax or illegal dishonest deals..due to this ten swords showing some one could be involved in your private life dont sign documents you are full of problems from people you are involved with ,your problems will continue unless you change such attitude ..there is trouble or illness or back stabbers …betrayal. Things can only get better..


    • Hi Sara,

      Well done to you the thoroughness you have approached these two cards. Yes, all your interpretations are possibilities and any of them could be appropriate. Some we need more than two cards to flesh out the story-line. We may come back to these cards and add another one or two to see if we can get more information out of them. Well done and thank you so much for your contribution.


  8. Thank, you, Vivien. The immense amount of work you have put into creating this path is extraordinary, really. Even one star in the universe is extraordinary because it helps the other stars shine brighter. It’s much more than broadening my understanding of Tarot…it’s broadening self-understanding, the psychic dimension, trusting in intuition, and also in understanding how, well, for lack of a better word, how stuff works.

    Again, thank you for all your hard work!!


    • Thank you for taking the time to write such wonderful comments. I am especially pleased that the course is broadening your understanding of the Tarot and developing you in so many other ways. Keep up the good work too.


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