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Thank you to all who contributed their theories, concepts and interpretations on the last Daily Card Reading Practice, The Eight of Pentacles Reversed and The Ten of Swords. Before we move on to our next one,  I would like to add a couple more interpretations.

We must also look at the possibility of The Eight of Swords Reversed representing a Business that is being badly managed. Bad business practices, below standard products, under qualified staff, outdated equipment. Possibly money being spent in the wrong areas, or insufficient funds as a result of bad budgeting, and no contingency plans. The business owner may have taken a gamble or risk, invested in an expensive product or service that no one wants.  He hasn’t got what it takes to be in business and takes his advice from unreliable sources. He really could be involved in any sort of shady business, but it won’t last, and there is a chance he may take down a few with him when it all collapses around him.  He may very well try to save his own skin and live to fight another day, but he will leave a right mess behind him, and others put in very difficult circumstances.

Financially or physically, these Cards may suggest someone hitting rock bottom.

Relationship wise, the figure in The Reversed Eight may be so obsessed and engrossed with work, or just totally negligent and uncommitted, he is not paying attention to its imminent downfall.  His relationship may be on the rocks. If he does not act quickly he may not be able to save it.

Because the ruin, collapse or death-like situation is connected to the Reversed Pentacle, its roots are more than likely in the realm of finances, physical health and the material world; business, property, possessions, money, land, assets

We may come back to these two Cards at a later stage and add a couple more in order to get further insight. It might change the storyline completely or simply confirm our suspicions.

Today’s Cards are as follows: The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed


    8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed

This time I want you to approach them as follows:

  • The Cards are related to Relationship issues
  • The Cards are related to Work/Career/Business issues
  • The Cards are General

Pick any, or all three, and apply your interpretation and story-telling skills appropriately.

Please feel free to comment on each other’s interpretations or simply add to them. I will soon be changing to and will then be arranging a forum plugin to facilitate the group endeavour when doing Practice Readings. I will also be happy to see you do Readings for each other.

Today I start to re-work the Four Knights of The Court Cards and also the Lesson Content for Lesson 9, Part I.  Looks like I will have a busy day ahead of me. 


Vivien, (your Tarot Teacher)

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  1. O.k I’ll tackle the relationship issue:
    For the eight of cups I feel like perhaps the person has given up and has made a decision to leave. Because there is so much water and the cups are neatly in place it is an emotionally hard decision. So I don’t get the sense of fighting or conflict just a realization that it isn’t working so I’ll have to leave. For the ace of wands I feel like there is no attraction or passion in the relationship. The zeal is gone. Perhaps the person has found that they no longer feel the same way they felt, the flames have died down. Or perhaps the ace could be that they have found someone else they connected with and though the current partner hasn’t “done anything wrong” the feelings just aren’t there. Thus they want to leave the current relationship.


    • That’s brilliant. You are really working the cards there and making intelligent and well thought out connections. You are also using options which means your readings are not mechanical, not a single interpretation to suit all. Excellent. You say that for the Cups, it is an emotionally hard decision to make, walking away. The Cups are always going to find any decisions that are emotionally loaded very hard to make. They don’t want to hurt anyone, so will generally be trying to make it work for some time. You say you sense no fighting in this and I agree. It is more so a weary resignation and acceptance that things cannot remain the same. Personal inner happiness is what drives the Cups, so eventually this has to be given in to and acted upon. This is not someone slinging their hook and marching out the door. The Figure is hunched and drained.

      Your idea about the Reversed Ace of Wands suggesting that the fizzle has gone out of the relationship is very appropriate and shows you are using your story telling skills when interpreting. It shows you also know you Suits and Elements well. Fire, enthusiasm, passion all reversed. It is an archetypal situation and therefore, we all know how it goes. As an actor, you would be very familiar with playing archetypal roles. With the Cups, they can fall in love very easily and it all becomes intense and quite dramatic. Did his desire for love carry him passionately through the early stages of the relationship and maybe blind him to reality. They can be very idealistic. With the Reversed Wand being an Ace, could it be that the relationship never really got off the ground or failed to get past the early stages?

      ‘Or perhaps the ace could be that they have found someone else they connected with and though the current partner hasn’t “done anything wrong” the feelings just aren’t there. Thus they want to leave the current relationship.’ Because we only have two cards to base the reading on, we have to use our intuition to sense the rest of the story. Neither card shows aggression, confrontation nor angry words. We may return to this reading and randomly draw a couple more cards to see if we can fill in the missing pieces of the story. Where is he going? Why has the passion gone? Is there someone else involved. We shall see.


  2. A reversed Ace Of Wands makes an excellent walking stick for the figure in the Six Of Cups. Perhaps from a career perspective the cards represent a job or a project you were creatively and emotionally invested in that’s been completed, or it’s over, or it’s something you need to step away from, or place responsibility for it in someone else’s hands. It’s time to let go and move on.


    • What a refreshing perspective Ellen. The reversed ace of wands being used as a walking stick. Wonderful. Maybe he has done his bit. Job done, and as you say, it is time for him to step away and hand over, or hand on the responsibility to someone else. As a Cup he certainly would have invested so much of himself creatively and emotionally into this job or project. This maybe the hardest part for him, the hand over stage. The Ace of Wands in this case would have been initially upright at the beginning of the project when much excitement and activity would have surrounded the conception of it, planning and designing. It is not a lack of interest that now reverses the Ace of Wands, just the simple fact that he has done what he needed to do, has played his part and now must pack up his wand and prepare to move on to the next project or assignment. The Ace of wands Reversed as his walking stick might be playing the part of his professional reputation which he carries with him. When he begins to work on a new project, it will automatically Upright once more, and so on and so on. Fantastic examples of connecting and linking symbols. I really like this interpretation.


  3. My “intuitive” interpretation was a bit different… by here goes.
    As already said, someone is walking away, but I see him or her as walking away from their feelings. Being unable to face their feelings which ironically are feelings of joy. They have many positive feelings about the job or person which they are leaving but they have resolved to move on.

    However, by moving on, they are also leaving behind their passion and energy.

    In other words if the querent was moving on in order to find their inspiration or passion – then this is not the right path.


    • Ha, yes Lucy this is something I thought when I pulled those two cards. Usually the Eight of Cups involves moving away from an emotionally un-fulfilling situation in search of happiness, or just moving on when the time has come for you to leave something. However, when I saw the Ace of Wands reversed, this did cross my mind. Is he making a mistake? Is what he dreams and hopes for, in reality going to turn out to be a let down. Is he walking away from his potential passion and energy, be it relationship, job or home-life because he has been promised better elsewhere? Maybe he doesn’t realise what he had going for him or how good he had things where he was. As he sets of with his plans for his new future, job or relationship, it may not turn out as he expected, it may not work. Sometimes what we spend so much time seeking and searching far and wide is to be found eventually in our own back garden. Do you think he will be able to come back or will he burn his bridges behind him? I think we will be adding cards to this one to see how the story pans out.


  4. Relationship/Sexual Interpretation:

    This could simply be a matter of a male feeling “inadequate” and it’s truly affecting his emotions, as well as sex life.
    The 8 of Cups is about “short-comings”, so this could be a man on the search for why he can’t perform adequately in the bedroom, or perhaps his heart isn’t into trying to conceive any longer. The Reversed Ace of Wands could indicate impotency or frigidity, and due to his impotence, the sexual passion has diminished. The Wand is a masculine, phallic symbol.


    • Hi Lynette,

      Excellent interpretation and this would be something your mind would be playing with if you were doing a relationship spread for sure. What you say is very true and I like the way you have connected the two. The Ace of Wands is certainly a phallic symbol and when upright suggests virility, passion, energy, fertility and conception. It is a strong sexual symbol but when reversed can bring all sorts of sexual dysfunction from impotence to lack of passion and also fertility issues. Emotionally, this can be soul destroying, for men in general are not always comfortable talking about their feelings. A deep sense of inadequacy can result causing a detrimental and worsening effect on their sex life. It becomes a vicious circle.

      There are certainly reasons behind such issues and he may very well be going in search of them or running away so as not to deal with them. He may not yet fully understand. Is it a physical thing or emotional? Is there a medical problem or is it an age issue or has the passion gone, his heart no longer in it, the attraction faded? Yes, very definitely, sexual issues may be behind his emotional discontent. However his emotional discontent may be the one at cause.

      This could also be referring to a woman who has lost her feelings or sex drive (although, very a very masculine card). She may be going through menopause and no longer feels the sexual urge or interest of her younger years. She may be beyond childbearing years or unable to conceive. This suggests a very difficult emotional time for her. She will need to find meaning and happiness in the rest of her life.

      Obviously, it would be interesting to see what other cards would come up if we were to do a full spread but it looks like either way, they certainly need to do some soul searching.

      Well done.


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