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The Horse Shoe Spread Practice Reading – Interpretation

Hello to all my Tarot Enthusiasts around the World,

The Horse Shoe Spread 


Well I am back and I have with me the Horse Shoe Spread Practice Reading Interpretation. This time I have taken you step by step through the process I have used to interpret the Reading followed by the actual Reading itself. There is a lot to read so please take your time.

The Querant has given his permission for me to use this Reading for teaching purposes.  His identity remains anonymous for privacy purposes.  However, many of you Reading his story will identify with it. It may mirror your own story or perhaps someone you know. This is because when it comes to certain life situations, there is little that happens that has not occurred before, over and over again. When it comes to relationship problems, separation and divorce, the same  stories play out over and over again all around the world.  I have heard this man’s story from several clients over the years.  The names, ages and locations may be different, but little else is. They become Archetypal.  The Tarot being full of Archetypes and Archetypal Behaviour and Situations is an excellent tool for interpreting such issues.

I do hope you pick up some valuable tips in relation to Linking and Connecting Cards when Reading as I have done my best to guide you through this process.

Please Click on the Following Link to go Directly to:

The Horse Shoe Spread Practice Reading Interpretation. 


Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)



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