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The Four Sevens of The Minor Arcana – Reworked

Hail all Tarot Students & Enthusiasts,

7 of Wands Upright 7 of Cups Upright 7 of Swords Upright 7 of Pentacles Upright

Well, here I am again and this time to announce that I have completed the re-working of The Four Sevens of The Minor Arcana.

The Story of each Suit as they Journey through from Ace to Ten is building nicely now and beginning to sound and look like a regular Soap OperaSoap Operas are of course based on archetypal character and situations just like the Cards are. You will notice that I have been using an ongoing Storyline for some of the Cards other than the description of Imagery and Symbolism.  The idea behind it is to make you more comfortable or au fait with creative Story-telling, visualisation and imagination when interpreting the Cards in a spread or individually.  Of Course, the Stories are just my Stories and do not come as an absolute interpretation or version.  The Stories have come from my imagination and help set the relevant mood or atmosphere.  Stories are easier to remember than a list of Keywords or PhrasesStories are also easier to tell and make more sense than a handful of disjointed sentences. You just need to build on your experience of relating them to your life or the life of your Querant.

My Stories should be used only as a guideline and not literally interpreted. You may see a completely different storyline building in the Cards which is absolutely fine as we all see and analyse things in a different manner. We describe them in a way that makes sense to us.  Some of us use Flowery Language, Mystical Musings or Freudian Terminology to verbalise our understanding of a Card or Spread while others use plain old Matter-Of-Fact, Down-To-Earth, Simple Words to get their point across.  Some of us waffle on forever (like me), while some are brisk and brief.  It really depends on the individual personality of the Reader and all have a place in Tarot Reading.

So, when you have time, check-in with the Seven (VII) of Wands, Seven (VII) of Cups, Seven (VII) of Swords and Seven (VII)of Pentacles to see how all the characters have been getting on as they approach the final stages of their Journey.

Just Click on The Individual Images below to go directly to Card Page.  Before Reading the Individual Card Interpretation please go to the Four Sevens Intro Page for background information on the Sevens in the Tarot.

Should you only require the Keywords and Meanings, then they can be found in the Section, The 78 Cards -Brief which is being created as I finish re-working each Card. There is still a great wealth of information available in this section and is probably most suited to those who just want to find out what their Cards mean rather than an in-depth study.

The Four Sevens Intro

7 of Wands Upright 7 of Cups Upright 7 of Swords Upright 7 of Pentacles Upright


The Practice Reading for Sixes and Sevens will be posted by the end of the week along with some interpretation exercises to flex your creative imagination and adaptability.  Questionnaires will follow. So in the meantime, I will get cracking on re-working the Four Eights. Lesson Content will be added on an ongoing basis but the priority at present is to get all the Cards up and running.  Thank you for your patience.


Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

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