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Hi Everyone,

A big thank you to all who contributed their interpretations, theories and musings on the last Practice Reading – The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.  It was very interesting to see the various individual approaches one can make when connecting and linking Cards in a Reading. Every interpretation was potentially valid and could be applied to a relationship, career or general Reading with only a slight change of wording and emphasis. Each interpretation was loaded with a strong story line that could very easily be expanded upon. I loved the way some of you used the symbolic aspects of the combined imagery of the Two Cards to work your interpretation from.  I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I certainly learned a few more novel ways of looking at the Cards.

After Reading all your interpretations, it left me wanting to know more about the story-lines, where they were coming from and where they would move on to next.  It was like only getting to see the movie trailer and not the full thing. I wanted more, not just from the last Reading but also from the previous one with The Eight of Pentacles Reversed and the Ten of Swords.  We had not allocated positions for the Cards so we used a freestyle version of interpretation, allowing our imaginations and natural investigative skills to deduce what was going on, and when. We had to try to fill in the gaps ourselves as we only had the Two Cards to go on. But, see how much story we did get out of just Two Cards. Quite impressive Indeed.

If we can get so much out of so little, then we should have no problem when we add more Cards, should we? The thing is, the more Cards we add, the more complicated the storyline becomes. If we just have two characters in a movie, then it is much easier to follow the plot than when there are several, and all doing different things, or even conflicting and contradicting each other. What you have proved is that you can begin to start pulling a story together out of your knowledge of keywords, various interpretations and methods of application. Not just any old story, but a story that sounds reasonable and very possible. A story that sounds archetypal, not just a one fit all version, but a personalised one that makes perfect sense and is very plausible.

If we add Two more Cards to each of the above mentioned previous Readings,  randomly drawn, and again with no allocated positions, just freestyle, can we expand on our stories, can we see more and will it become clearer to us what is going on? You will have to decide yourself which Card might be referring to the past, present or future, or perhaps it is just a general overview. So we are going to put it to the test and see what comes up. Giving pre-determined allocated positions may stunt our creative imaginative flow and allow our conscious mind to start rationalising, as it is prone to do. This may block the impressions coming through from our subconscious, so for the moment, just let your mind go where it will. Run with your particular story and be confident about it, strengthen it and build on it. Don’t think for one moment that what you might be saying is silly or wild.  Remember, you do not have any client or Querant in front of you waiting and staring. Think of it as creative writing and not just trying to read the Tarot. This is a brilliant exercise for waking up the imagination and loosening the tongue or fingers on the keyboard. Just let it spill forth and don’t stop to think too much. Be as dramatic as you wish.

So here we go,  The Five of Swords and The Moon have been randomly drawn to add to the previous Reading of The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed.

     5 of Swords Upright      8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed  The Moon Upright

The Three of Cups Reversed and The Nine of Pentacles Reversed have been randomly drawn to go with the previous Reading of The Reversed Eight of Pentacles and The Ten of Swords. 

3 of Cups Rx 8 of Pentacles Reversed   10 of Swords Upright 9 of Pentacles Reversed

Take your time with both these Readings. Mull over them for a few days even and start pulling your story together.  I am looking forward to hearing all your versions.


And for those who would prefer to stay with The Two Card Version for the moment, or do both, here are the latest Cards Drawn – The Four of Swords Reversed and The Nine of Cups

4 of Swords Rx    9 of Cups Upright

And now I must get on with my own work. The Four Knights are awaiting my attention at present so I must be off.  Best of luck.

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot

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  1. 4 -Swords.. Time for a peace and quite..withdrawing from the environment for a while..retreating ,your mind your body your soul just like Hermit unplug telephone not going out every night .possible stay in hospital for beauty treatment maybe overweight problem from lazyness need to take it easy to strenght your health mind and body… … 9-Cups… your wish will happen you will be contented with the outcome…physicaly and healthy again…with in nine weeks treatment well – balanced…


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