Course Update

Changing Theme – Disturbance Alert!

Hi Everyone, 


Just a quick note to let you know I will be spending a bit of time changing to a new Theme over the next few days. This may cause disruption to viewing as I work to settle in the new Theme, so the site may change a bit as you are viewing. It should be sorted quite quickly but I don’t imagine it will be a seamless transition. Nothing ever is! I ask for your patience during the changeover process.


At present I am working on Installment 3 of The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love which I will be releasing Free of Charge this time around. I am also re-writing The Hierophant, Card V of The Major Arcana, and hope to have that ready for Publishing in the next couple of weeks. There are also a few posts under construction and am uploading extra content to the Ace, Two, Three, Four and Five of Wands. As I compiled the first 2 Installments of The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love, I took the opportunity to re-write Card Descriptions, information on their numbers and other miscellaneous items. This content will be uploaded over the coming days. I will post the links once content is in place.

Please note, this content does not include the detailed interpretations for Love, Romance and Relationship Readings which are only available in the PDF Download found on the Publications Page.

So back to work for me then!!




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