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5 of Wands Upright - Card images are © Copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc.”

While compiling Instalment 3 of The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex, I have been re-working some of the original content. As a result, the Card Imagery for The Five of Wands has been updated and I thought it wise to let you know. I will be making further adjustments along the way as I write up these books, and will notify you by post. You can check today’s changes at The Five of Wands

Card Imagery Description

5 of Wands Upright - Card images are © Copyright U.S. Games Systems, Inc.”

It was all well and good finding stability in Card Four, settling into a new life, new job, new home, lazing around on holidays, parties and happy-clappy get-togethers, but where the Wands are concerned, it was bound to wear thin after a while. Going with the flow and happily doing what everyone else is doing is not their style at all.  As the energy of Number Four is wearing off, the Wands people may get a little restless and complain that nothing seems to happen anymore or that they lack excitement in life. In the Five it is clear they badly need action once more.

The approaching energy of Number Five lights a fire in their belly. They are no longer content to just sit around and be part of the scenery.  Instead, Five influencing Fire, hurtles them into seeking change, even if they aren’t consciously aware of it at the time.  Any change, whether positive or negative, will be viewed as a welcome relief, or challenge not to be missed.  Regardless of all the effort this change, upheaval or disturbance will cause, it gives the Wands their raison d’être. They are at their very best when life calls upon them to be daring, brave, gutsy, unflinching, determined and highly competitive. They positively thrive in a sea of change and uncertainty. Indeed, the Wands will view any form of upset, change or upheaval as competition and personal challenge; lusting after battles to feed their fearless, assertive and ultimately superior nature. Time to sink their teeth into life again.

With the Five influencing the Element of Fire, battles can range from minor skirmishes to all-out war on the flick of a coin or the roll of a dice.   A lot of energy has built up and needs to be released.  They are up for the game and challenge of any change that is heading their way.  The Wands see this period as a very defining time in their lives.  This is a test of their own personal strength and they will keep up the play until the final whistle is blown.  When the dust settles, whoever is left standing will be crowned champion and win the ultimate prize. So, let’s get the adrenaline pumping.

A group of five young figures brandish Wands or sticks in their hands. It is unclear as to whether they use them as weapons for battle or sport. The scene presented to us is one of chaos, either organised or disorganised depending on the aim of the individuals involved. The figures appear to be fully engaged in this rowdy activity.  At first glance, it looks a bit dangerous, as if a situation has gotten out of control. However, when we examine the individual faces, we find neither anger nor malice, but rather passion and determination. Indeed, they appear to be heartily enjoying themselves. There is an impression of noise and boisterousness as the Wands make contact and clash off each other. No one is directly hit with the sticks even though it might first appear that way. Unlike the Five of Swords, we see no injuries, no blood, no bodies scattered on the ground. These skirmishes symbolically represent the battles of daily life – our inherited human condition. Life is constantly throwing curve balls, or sticks (Wands) at us. We either run for cover, or come out fighting. The five figures have decided to stand and fight.

So, we have determined they are not engaged in mortal combat, but what else might they be up to? If we closely observe their faces, they do not appear to make eye contact with each other. Perhaps their Wands clash because they are not looking where they are going, or are too caught up with their own agendas to notice or care about others. They move around like busy bees. There is also a sense of urgency and haste in their mad running around. Could this be a challenge that must be completed in a set time? Do the five figures work independently or are they part of a team? With the Wands flying in all directions, we wonder if there is a common cause at all.

There is also a distinct absence of leadership. This could be a competition or race of some sort, with every man for himself, out for what he can get or achieve. They may all be seeking the same outcome, but it might be in limited supply. The first man over the finish line will secure it, so there’s no time to dawdle. No one is project managing the frenzied activity, so anything might happen with such fiery energy flying in all directions…….READ MORE


The Five of Wands


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