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Preparing For The Camera! – Work Update


Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

Last week, I received confirmation of grant approval from my local enterprise agency for the purchase of Professional Video Recording Equipment.  I have for some time wanted to create a companion series of videos, or a video channel, to accompany the written content of site. I will be collecting my video gear in the next couple of weeks and then need to learn how to use it all. Ha, ha!  It might be a bit hit and miss for a while as I sort lighting, microphones, work out which buttons to press and when, and of course how to edit. Can’t wait, yet am nervous about being on camera. They say one settles after a while, but I can imagine being very self-conscious in the early days. We shall see!

A question. Does the camera really add 10 lbs???? Will I need special make-up? A lot to sort out!

While all the above is going on, I want to let you know I am in lock-down mode with writing, along with sorting out issues with my new theme. I have several posts, new content and Love Encyclopedias on the go and am aiming to get some to publishing stage next week. Am working through the weekends at present so feeling very industrious and productive.

As a result, I have not been able to attend to correspondence in a timely fashion. I ask for your patience in this matter and promise to get to all of you in due course.

As you know, my desire is to keep this site Free, and to continue uploading new content in the form of additional content, completing the re-working of individual cards, course-work and the introduction of extra special relevant content. To fund the ongoing existence of I have signed up to WordPress Ads Program and Amazon Associates.

I will be doing a separate post about this, but no harm in throwing it out now. Thinking about opening my site to guest bloggers with relevant content such as Astrology for Tarot, Numerology for Tarot,  and Kabbalah for Tarot as examples. Other subjects also considered but they must be relevant to site content as in work with TAROT.  I am looking for guest authors with content that will enhance and complement my work as well as showcase their own specialty and uniqueness.

Until then, back to the keyboard for me and I look forward to releasing some new content next week.

xxx Vivien

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  1. Hello Vivien. Just a quick note to say I stumbled across your website a year or so ago, and I reference it often! Your site is fantastically detailed– and the new theme is refreshing! Your work is so appreciated. Have a super week, and a lovely day. x


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