Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love -Instalment 2


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After a fairly stressful week of computer issues and losing three full days of work by mistakenly saving over the wrong document, I am both happy and relieved to finally release Instalment 2 of The Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex. This Instalment brings you the Three and Four of Wands both Upright and Reversed. Instalment 2 is now available for purchase at the introductory offer price of only €3.99. You will notice I have a few inconsistencies with the English and American English spelling of Instalment/Installment throughout. I will sort this out over the next couple of days.

**Please Note, all interpretations are based on Rider-Waite Imagery

Further information is available on the Publications Page. Instalment 1 is also available to purchase on this page.

Here is an Extract from Instalment 2 which provides a tiny sample of interpretations to choose from.

The Three of Wands


Where to Find Love

If you are simply having no luck finding the love of your life, you may need to be more expansive in your search. Socialising in the same circles and venues is not delivering the results you desire. You may have to look further afield but this could involve deliberate effort on your part. This card can suggest that love will be found, not in your normal stamping ground, but outside your current environment. You may have to move out of your comfort zone, mix in different social circles, join groups/clubs, or travel. You must go out to meet love and not expect it to come searching for you. The Three of Wands is all about being proactive. Get moving.

A Relationship With Good Prospects

In a relationship spread the Three of Wands is a positive card as it suggests growth and development.  Things are certainly beginning to heat up. A fledgling relationship may be developing into something more. A mutual understanding between partners has come about. You can realistically set expectations about the continuity of a relationship. Any doubts or concerns about feelings or commitment to each other have passed. You can now start planning as a couple as you see a positive future for the relationship. It is okay to talk about ‘us’ without worry of misreading signals or getting ahead of yourself. It is likely as a couple you have decided you both want the same things. You are singing from the same hymn sheet and stand united as a couple.

Moving To The Next Level

In The Three of Wands, we find a couple who have either moved past the indecision and uncertainty of The Two, or bypassed it altogether if they experienced love at first sight in the Ace. Partners feel very sure of each other and are secure in making plans for their future together. The Three of Wands can mark the moment you realise you want to include the person you have met in your full life, and not just on occasions when you meet for dates. Your relationship has grown nicely out of the Ace. You feel blessed with luck. Now we find partners being invited or welcomed into each other’s family as introductions are made. You encourage your friends to get to know your partner, instead of keeping them at arm’s length. You wouldn’t do this unless you believed your partner to be sticking around, a keeper. You want to share your world with your partner and vice versa.

You could be planning your first vacation away, or spending longer periods of time together. You are getting a better feel for each other, discovering more and more about your personalities. What you discover is better than expected.  You could be seeing your partner in a whole new light as their world opens before you. You have a very good feeling about the future.

Focusing On Career, Not Relationships

Because of The Wands connection and association with career, enterprise and ambition, we must look at how this might influence their approach or attitude to love and relationships. In the Three, we might be looking at an individual who has their sights set, not on love, but their career instead. They may not see the two being compatible in this instance. This card could be………Continue Reading Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex Instalment 2 Extract

Wands’ Encyclopedia of Love & Sex Instalment 2 Extract



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  1. hi mrs. Tarot teacher, Am I still at the beginning , i have not checked my email in forever, hoping im not to far behind, I have been reading not long about 4 years., but I have been meaning to get a hold of you,but it slipped my mind. then when I think of it, im deterred. I was meaning to ask you if I could get certified? I watched you over this past winter, really wanted to contact you before you started the lessons, but I can catch up. Thank you kind regards have a blessed weekend Lisa

    On Sat, May 27, 2017 at 11:31 AM, Truly Teach Me Tarot wrote:

    > miss tarot teacher posted: ” (See Extract Below, or Click Here) After a > fairly stressful week of computer issues and losing three full days of work > by mistakenly saving over the wrong document, I am both happy and relieved > to finally release Instalment 2 of The Wands’ Encyclope” >


    • Hi,

      Thank you for enquiring about getting certified. At present there is no certification available as there are still many aspects of the course to write or re-write. No you haven’t missed anything. Just work away at your own pace with the material available on site. I am regularly adding new content so there will be plenty to keep you going. A few people have been asking me about the course and I wonder if I gave the impression I would be starting live online classes in one of my posts. I wish I was that organised but with such a large site, I can only work at a certain pace. I will be creating videos later in the year once I learn how to use the equipment I received grant funding for. It should be fun but am a little scared of the camera. I suppose I will get used to it. Certification is something I will definitely be looking into in the future as well as Tutor Certification.




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