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What is Holistic Tarot Reading and Consultancy?

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Holistic Tarot Reading and Consultancy?

Holistic Tarot Consultancy differs from traditional Tarot Reading. Tarot Reading in the past was, and is still used by many as a ‘Fortune-Telling’ method of divination. Typically the client sat quietly throughout a brief reading while the Tarot Reader relayed an interpretation of each card drawn. It was a one way flow of communication with The Tarot Reader in full control while the client sat silently taking note of all the bits and pieces. I have been to plenty of these myself over the years. A Reading was often a series of non-related pieces of information with some parts making sense while others remained mysterious or out-of-place. People often sought Tarot Readings to find out if the Reader could see what they already knew about themselves.

Tarot Reading has thankfully evolved and today we find a rich variety of interpretation styles to suit every need.

Holistic Tarot Consultancy goes much deeper than the old-fashioned method by diving into the realm of the human psyche and all that resides therein. It draws a new style of clientele; those who seek personal empowerment and the freedom to control and manage their own life. They see Tarot as a form of Personal Life Coaching which will equip them with the necessary skills and attitude to achieve their goals and dreams. They are not in search of what they already know, but more so of that which remains hidden. They are also keen to understand the individual cards and actively participate in their reading.

People tend to seek a Holistic Tarot Consultancy when they feel stuck, confused and indecisive, are facing a challenge in life, trauma, loss, relationship issues, career moves and lifestyle changes. They typically seek a reading after acknowledging they might be too close to their own situation to view it objectively. Modern Readers help such people by adopting a more holistic and analytical approach when interpreting cards and spreads. To differentiate from ‘Fortune Telling’, many Tarot Readers today take on additional study in some form of psychology as it facilitates their understanding of the Tarot and makes for a more effective and skilled Reader. Not everyone can take out time or afford a psychology degree, but there are a multitude of courses online with flexible approaches to study. A little knowledge of psychology goes a long way in Tarot when interpreting various personalities and archetypal situations. Holistic Tarot Readers will also be drawn to the study of other holistic or metaphysical disciplines which again will be integrated and influence their approach to Tarot interpretation.

Tarot is believed to act like a mirror to the subconscious and soul. Its imagery reflects the archetypal story of our personalities, lives, relationships, situations, issues and crisis. The cards drawn in a spread are a key to our inner knowledge, deep intuition, wisdom and personal resources. Because of our multidimensional aspect; Mind, body, emotions, and spirit need to be taken into consideration when interpreting Tarot in order to gain full understanding of the role each play in the situations we find ourselves in. No one part of our life can be fully separated from the other. Everything is inter-connected and intertwined. So too are the cards in a Tarot Spread. Analysing the dynamics and interplay between cards instead of treating each as stand-alone interpretations allows us to piece together what is happening, why it is happening, how the personalities involved are impacting the happening, the feelings, thoughts and actions connected to the happening, the methods being used to cope with the happening, and the strengths and weaknesses of dealing with the happening. Tarot will reveal all this when approached in a holistic manner, but most importantly it will offer guidance and advice on how to progress or resolve the happening so that personal growth and spiritual development for the highest and greatest good of all are encouraged and facilitated.  Holistic Tarot Consultancy will not predict a guaranteed outcome, but it will show you what is potentially possible or achievable under your personal circumstances.

The answer to all our issues lie within. Responsibility sits with the client for their personal circumstances, and not on the fall of the cards. The cards are simply an extension of the Client’s subconscious and not a separate force on a personal agenda to construct or destruct at whim. The cards hold no power on their own and will sit dormant until awakened by the energy and intention of the seeker’s subconscious. The Cards drawn are no reflection on the Reader who cannot be held accountable for unwelcome cards appearing in a Spread. The Cards at that moment in time belong to the Client or Seeker. Most who pursue a Holistic Tarot Consultancy are actively striving for change and are prepared to accept that. They are ready to face the truth of their situation or issue.

Therefore Holistic Tarot Consultancy is a method of self-analysis and not total reliance on the control or advice of others. During a Reading, Holistic Tarot Consultants will work on a partnership basis with a client to assist them in understanding what their cards would like them to know about the issue they have sought guidance on. The Reader acts as the mediator between the client’s subconscious and conscious via the medium of Tarot. The Reader brings into light the meanings of the cards drawn, the relationship they share with other cards in the spread, and will discuss with the client on their relevancy and ask for their opinion. A two-way flow of communication with questions, suggestions and input from both Reader and Client is essential for the extraction of vital details so that all pieces of the jigsaw come together in a coherent manner. A Holistic Tarot Reading involves team-work. The information comes from the subconscious of the client, very similar to a dream. The Reader is knowledgeable about the meanings behind the cards that the client’s subconscious has chosen to tell the story. At no time is it suggested that information is coming from the spirit world, or otherworldly sources. It is a combination of personal intuition, effort, openness, knowledge and experience that guides the process.


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  1. Oh man – I’m a tarot card reader myself and I’m so fed up of people asking me to predict the future for them. Great post. I totally agree with your philosophy towards tarot.


    • Ha, ha Dipa. I hear you, I hear you. Yes, a lot is expected of us as readers. If only we could accurately predict the future it would make for an easier life. I am very selective about who I read for as it is wearing when you discover a client is looking for a fortune telling and not a tarot reading. I stress I am not a psychic or medium but it is still expected. What are we to do? Lol!


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      • I hear ya – you keep telling them you can’t see the future but they still keep thinking that you can.


  2. oh wow,,,this is exactly how I thought I would want to interpret the cards when I first started learning tarot four months ago. I am deeply interested in psychology (have always been) and since getting started with the tarot, I feel it can be easily used as a tool to guide people. Thank you for this message.


    • Hi Rakhee,

      Delighted to hear how Holistic Tarot Therapy appeals to you from a psychology basis. I am not a psychic tarot reader so rely heavily on other reading techniques, and psychology is a natural fit.



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