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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – New Content Release

Newflash…...Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Released...Newsflash….

Patricks Day

With this being a Very Special Week in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day on The 17th,  and also a Very Special Year for the Irish, The Centenary of The Easter Rising,  I have been working hard at putting together a brand new volume of content based solely on The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread.

Today I release a New Section on The Menu called Celtic Cross Spread. The content today will be Part One of a total of Four Releases this week. Yes, it is all about The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread and I have gone to great effort to make it as comprehensive for you as possible. So many of you have been asking me when I am going to get around to dealing with The Celtic Cross Spread and I can safely give an affirmative response now. It’s done at last! Sorry about the delay. Because there is such a large body of work, I have decided to pace the release of it over the next four days, so as not to overwhelm anyone.


(Excerpt from Today’s Release, – Article One – The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread)

One of the first Spreads a Tarot Student hears about is The Celtic Cross Spread. This is because it is one of the oldest, most popular, and enduring Tarot Spreads. It is considered to contain an energy that has built steadily from continuous use over the years. When one lays out the Tarot Cards in a Celtic Cross Spread one connects to an energy formed by the hundreds of thousands of readers who have used, and continue to use this Spread for divination purposes. You dip into a power-house of Universal Energy when you work with this Spread.

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is divided into two sections. On the left we have the Cross/Circle which is made up of six cards (cards 1-6), and on right, The Staff consisting of 4 Cards (cards 7-10). On examination The Cross/Circle, a representation of the Celtic Cross structure found around Ireland,  is made up of two crosses; a small internal one which is formed by cards 1 and 2, and a larger external larger cross formed by cards 3, 4, 5 and 6. The external Cross overlays the inner cross. Together the two crosses give an overview of what is happening on both the inner and outer plane at the time of the reading. The Horizontal line of the Cross which runs through Cards 5, 1, 2 and 6, represents time moving from the past, through the present and into the future. The Vertical line of the Cross which runs upwards through Cards 4, 1, 2 and 3 represents the movement of energy/influence from the subconscious or unconscious mind, into the conscious and higher conscious. In the centre there is an intersection where both the Horizontal and Vertical lines meet at Cards 1 and 2.  Read More…………………..

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Articles will run as follows:


Menu Section  – Celtic Cross Spread. This article gives lots of  information about the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, its history and background, its Celtic Connection, the people connected with it, the different versions, the layouts, Arthur Waite’s descriptions, my layout and much, much more. Published 17th March 2016 – Click Here


Drop Down Menu 1 – How to Read The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. This article provides a Step-By-Step Guide to reading the Spread and includes diagrams of how and where to link cards as well as a Step-By-Step Example of the process being applied to an actual ReadingPublished 18th of March 2016 Click Here


Drop Down Menu 2 – Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Tarot Reading. This article offers a complete Celtic Cross Tarot Reading I did for a Client in 2015. With her kind permission, I have been allowed share it with you. Names have been changed for Client Privacy. This is a thorough and in-depth Reading. It shows the extra things I do when interpreting.  –  Published – 21st of March 2016 Click Here


Drop Down Menu 3 – A Complete Analysis of Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Spread. This article shows you How I Did It. I have provided diagrams and explanations of how, where and why I made specific connections, where the story line came from and how I pulled it all together. – Published 22nd March 2016


It is also my son Conor’s birthday today 15th of March. I lost him to cancer in 2007 at the tender age of 11 years. Today he will be 20 years old. I Dedicate this New Volume of Work to my brave and beautiful Son, who I know has been inspiring my writing over the last few weeks. It has been a long labor with some of the work done from my sick-bed, when really I should have been resting. However, I felt driven to have it all completed for this Special Week. Today I begin the process of giving birth to it into the public domain where I hope you all enjoy, and possibly learn something that will help you on your journey to becoming a Gifted Tarot Reader.

Vivien xxxx

With Conor


Celtic Cross Spread

How To Read The Celtic Cross Spread

Tarot Reading Analysis Chart

Cora’s Celtic Cross Tarot Spread – Sample Career Reading

Cora’s Celtic Cross Spread  – Career Reading – Full Interpretation Analysis 

Spreads   Practice Readings

© Vivien Ní Dhuinn 2016

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  1. Hi Vivien,
    HAPPY PATRICK’s DAY to you from Oz !!! ;)))))
    How do you do? I haven’t spoken to you for a long time! I’ve just got so many questions for you by now, so that I dont even know where to start and when 😉
    I also wish a happy 20th birthday to you son Conor, maybe he can here me somehow who knows. Its good to know that he’s been your inspiration lately. Yet I didn’t understand when EXACTLY is his birthday except that its around this time,sorry.

    Persephone ( Zhanna)


    • Hi Zhanna,

      Thanks so much for the Patrick’s Day greetings from Oz. Sorry, am a bit late with the reply. Have been very busy writing lately and not always time to catch up with all the emails and comments. As you know, it is just me doing it all so it can become a bit of a juggling act at times. Yes, my Son’s birthday was on the 15th. Thank you for thinking of me at this time.




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