Tarot Horoscopes – June 2014

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

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Well here our your Tarot Horoscopes for June (please scroll down the page to find your horoscope). They are a little late and I do hope you will forgive my tardiness, for I have been very busy working on other areas of the Course along with configuring my new site.

This month I have decided to take a novel approach with your Tarotscopes by selecting the Cards on the following basis.

  • What is The Focus of Attention For The Month? – A Major Arcana Card is selected to determine what is pressing and important for you this month.
  • Where is the Area of Focus? – A Card from The combined Four Suits (40 Cards – not including Courts) is selected to determine in which are of your life The Major Arcana Card is pointing to.
  • What Aspect of Your Personality is The Major Arcana Appealing To? – A Card is Selected from the 16 Combined Court Cards to determine which side of your personality The Major Arcana is attempting to influence or needs help from to initiate action. This Aspect of Your Personality may also be causing problems for you.

It has been very interesting working with the Tarot in this manner and I hope you agree that it has resulted in some intriguing Readings.

I must remind you once again that these Tarotscopes are not based on true Astrological Horoscopes where alignment of planets and their configuration is taken into account.  Without a specific individual to Read for, I try to interpret the individual Readings going by my gut feelings.

Remember not to take these Tarotscopes too seriously or literally as they are meant for Fun and most importantly, as a Novel Teaching Aid. They also stretch me as a Reader to compile a Reading for each Sign based on the Cards drawn, rather than Reading for an individual who has a particular question or issue. As with any Generic Horoscope, some people reading them will find them very relevant while for others they will mean absolutely nothing. I do hope you get some enjoyment or even amusement out of Reading your own Tarotscope.


Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

The Empres Upright 2 of Pentacles Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright

The Month of June for Aries brings the Focus of Attention from The Empress. The Empress brings the message that  it is time to give birth to any Creative Projects you have been Incubating for some time now. She assures you that any plans you have or ideas you wish to implement stand a very good chance of thriving under her watchful eye and influence. To a certain extent, any projects you have been working on will take on a life of their own this month and after waiting and wondering about the nature of their potential success, you will now see a massive shift as they move from mere ideas and planning to something that is very real and tangible. Manifestation will begin this month with positive and prolific growth.  In fact things may take off so fast this month that you will have to run to keep up. You need to keep a watchful eye at this stage for in this period of rapid growth and abundance, there may be areas that you are not yet prepared for. You will need to handle the rate of growth carefully, and cultivate only that which is essential and appropriate to your needs. The Empress is the creator, provider and nurturer of all life, and at times finds it difficult to stop or slow down her production. Therefore there should be an emphasis on not overproducing purely because you can. You need to find a balance here and figure out what is too much and what is not enough? However, nothing will happen unless you allow the birthing process to occur. You can sit on things for as long as you like, feeling the time is not right and that everything is calculated down to the last-minute detail. The Empress tells you to relax, let go a little and be a little more trusting.

The Area of life The Empress wishes to draw your attention to is within the Realm of Pentacles (The Material World, Finances, Business and Health). Here we have The Two of Pentacles making an appearance. The Two suggests the struggle and decision-making time. Whereas the Empress appears relaxed and in her Element, The Two of Pentacles looks strained and anxious. Her presence may be suggesting that you are toying with two ideas and are finding it difficult to make up your mind which one will be most beneficial. She is concerned that you are unduly worried about the financial side of whatever you are working on, and that this is where the stress is coming from. You worry unnecessarily as you probably have more than enough to allow the growth and abundance The Empress promises to burst forth and flourish. You may be guilty of overdoing things, going back over things or re-doing things. You may be creating extra work for yourself that is not necessary. This is what is holding you back from moving forward right now, and will, if you allow it, stymie the growth and development you crave so much.  Yes you have a lot on your plate right now but don’t get so engrossed with it that you fail to see all the wonderful things that are happening around you. It is a time for productivity so get stuck in.

The Aspect of Your Personality The Empress is appealing to is that of The Queen of Pentacles and this is where the cautious approach of The Two of Pentacles is being fed from.  Both The Empress and The Queen of Pentacles want the same thing and like The Empress, The Queen of Pentacles holds in her hands the symbol of that which The Empress Births. The Empress and The Queen of Pentacles sit in similar environments where everything is in full growth and thriving  but The Queen of Pentacles keeps hers under tight control. You will find no weeds, dead flowers or unpruned shrubbery in her garden.  Her environment may look natural and relaxed but it for certain that she had worked very hard to keep it that way, whereas The Empress takes a more laid back approach. Here is where you need to strike a balance. There’s an air of contentment and relaxation about them that is sadly lacking in The Two of Pentacles. The Queen of Pentacles needs to exert her influence over you at this stage by not taking the typical Pentacle’s approach of caution and waiting until everything is just perfect before you make your move. She needs to instill in you a sense of calm and ask you to look to The Empress on one Side of you and then herself on the other so that you know you are in good hands. The Empress wants The Queen of Pentacles to assure you that even if she herself is somewhat laid back about things and does not doubt her success, The Queen of Pentacles will ensure that you stay grounded and will help you to achieve that which you so desire, for she knows you have it in you and believes in your capabilities. You just need to be a little more trusting and feel the success within. With such positive and practical support how can you fail? Remember that both The Empress and Queen of Pentacles represent giving birth or producing something that is of worth. Hard work and struggle will be repaid and you will reap the benefits. A better time is coming for you once you can get through this period. If things are getting on top of you, it may be a time to turn to your family who will be only to happy to help.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

The Magician (I) Upright 4 of Pentacles Upright Knight of Swords Upright

The Focus of Attention for The Month of June comes from The Magician. He brings a strong message with him Taurus that you are in a very advantageous position right now. The Power is in your hands to make a massive difference in your life this month. It may seem as if you have been struggling to reach a stage where you know what you are doing, or to form a workable plan but The Magician is here to tell you that the time has arrived and you are good to go. You have everything in place and are well prepared for the task at hand.  You know what it is that is needed to succeed and the time has come to let it happen.  There is something of great importance that you have been working on, and there is no reason why it will not be extremely successful for you. You have the knowledge, the experience, the know how and certainly do not lack intelligence. Do you realise this Taurus or do you still think that there is more to be done, that you are not ready, that you are not good enough? The Magician does not doubt his success for he just makes things happen through appropriate application and planning. Amazing things could happen for you this month Taurus. You need to focus your will now and direct it at the area of your life which is most pressing this month.  If you do, you can accomplish anything you so desire under this influence, and I mean anything.  Taurus, your audience which may be even global, awaits you and are very interested in what you are doing or have to say. They may look to you as an authority on your field of expertise  and because of this you command great presence and a captive audience.  You are knowledgeable in so many areas that when combined they are a force to be reckoned with. Feel your power this month, use it wisely and make it work for you.

The Area of Life The Magician wants you to concentrate on is in the Realm of The Pentacles Suit (Work, Business, Finances, Security, Projects, Health). The Card drawn for this is The Four of Pentacles and like the Aries above, you may be guilty of holding back on your success by your attitude and behaviour. For me Taurus, after the appearance of The Magician who is all about communicating your ideas and knowledge to the world at large, The Four of Pentacles is doing quite the opposite. He is sitting on his knowledge or project and holding back, but why when The Magician is telling you that you are more than prepared and in a very powerful position in this instance? Is it to do with the old Taurian Attitude of waiting and wanting things absolutely perfect and complete before they will allow anyone else to have a look. You could be sitting on a gold-mine Taurus, and I know that financial security is extremely important to you, so you need to fight this impulse to hang on and not let things out until you are 300% convinced that they are ready to be viewed. When are you going to be ready then? How much longer are you going to work on your plans or project before you deem it is good to go? Stop keeping it to yourself and let it go, let it fly and watch where it lands. If you deliberate too long, then the opportunity will pass you by. Stop waiting for the right time for it rarely arrives. Sometime you just have to let it go and see what happens. The Magician tells me that you are more than prepared and have plenty to work with right now. Don’t stay the student forever because you feel you are not expert or qualified enough, the business that never gets around to launching because things still have to be done or the paint is not yet dry, the house that never gets built because you can’t settle on a plan or the book that never gets finished because you keep re-writing it.

The Aspect of your Personality The Magician is appealing to is The Knight of Swords and this is who you need to channel this month if you want things to start moving in the right direction. Whether you think you are ready or not, The Knight of Swords will not allow you to dither any longer. Hand over to him whatever it is you are working on and let him gallop as fast as he can with it so that it begins to circulate in both a written and spoken manner. The Knight of Swords, like The Magician is telling you that the time has arrived when you must now strike while the iron is hot. You must move or act now with conviction and speed for there is a window of opportunity opening for you which is imperative you jump through. The time for dawdling is over and with the strong will of The Magician and the unwavering, courageous focus and speed of The Knight of Swords, you will be more than happy with the outcome and will wonder what took you so long in taking action before now. Be prepared for things to happen rather rapidly around you as The Knight of Swords assists your plans and ideas to take form. Say goodbye to the stagnant  and retentive aspect of The Four of Pentacles, for everything is moving now, and before you know it, a momentum will build and you might be staggered by the sheer size of it. Fail to let The Knight of Swords in and you might have some time to wait before this opportunity comes around again. There is also a chance that someone else will get in there before you.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

The High Priestess Upright9 of Swords UprightKing of Pentacles Upright

The Focus of Attention for the Month of June Gemini comes from The High Priestess who brings with her an inner calmness and state of stability, that is if you are The High Priestess.  If you are just a normal human being she brings with her an air of mystery and a difficulty in fully understanding what is going on. The presence of The High Priestess for you this month in itself speaks of an unsettling period when you know something is wrong but you just can’t put your finger on what it is. You know, but you just don’t know what it is. You also know how to work things out but you just don’t know that you know. The High Priestess is going to be the last person who is going to come rushing at you with explanations and details of the ins and outs of all that is wrong, and offer advice on what you should do. Quite the opposite really, for she will sit there and stare blankly back at you and expect you to work it out yourself. She expects you to be patient and to trust that you will find the answers you seek if you would just look within as she does. However, there is one message she imparts that comes with her territory, and that is that you need to find balance in your life, especially within. She will expect you to be and act like her, but we are not made of the same stuff as The High Priestess who has instant access to the inner realms, and the other side where lies all the answers and explanations to our very existence. She has a deep understanding of who she is and knows when to act and when to be still. You on the other hand cannot always hear the voice within, and if you do, may not trust its source or understand what it is trying to tell you. If the messages come from our own Inner Higher Priestess then they may be cryptic and shrouded in puzzle and riddles. Yes, you realise that the best thing would be for you to sit with your problems or issues, dwell on them and let solutions and answers naturally rise to the surface of your consciousness so that you may be wise and know what to do next. Of course you don’t, or can’t, naturally do that unless someone was kind enough to restrain and sedate you. What happens instead is that you run around in circles; physically, emotionally and mentally, churned up inside and unable to think clearly, or feel without intensity. The High Priestess is also happy to be alone as she is self-sufficient and self-reliant, and she may wonder why you make such fuss. What she is also quite eager to point out to you is that you sowed the seeds of the situation you now find yourself in, whether for good or bad and therefore it must be you who deals with any consequences that have manifested as a result. The High Priestess has seen the nature of all problems that come and go for people and sighs as we seem to fall into the same trap all the time. She does not get worked up or stressed about anything. She is composed and relaxed.

The Focus Area of your life The Priestess stares at is in The Realm of The Swords Suit. The Card drawn is The Nine of Swords and it is a far cry from The High Priestess who sits motionless and meditative. The Nine of Swords implies that where The High Priestess needs to exercised and exert her influence is with regards to a disturbing and upsetting psychological situation or issue you may find yourself in. Stress and deep upset surround you now which has thrown your equilibrium off-balance. Gemini, you have an extremely active mind which is often hard to control or slow down. If you have found yourself in difficulty or a dilemma, then your mind may be running in circles prohibiting you from thinking rationally and finding solutions. You seem to be very much on your own with this one and this may be by choice if you feel no one can help or understand. How serious is this situation Gemini and how will you know if it is insurmountable unless you ask the opinion or advice of another who will be calmer and more rational than you are right now? If you could find a way to pull yourself together so that you can think clearly it may be the first step to sorting out your problems. The High Priestess needs to be let in the door and heard. The only voices you can hear right now come from the clamour of those that run around in your head screaming a garble of repetitive accusations, blame and threats. They are like a broken record, going around on the same loop, over and over again until you think you will go insane. The voice of The High Priestess is low, soft and subtle. How can she be heard over such a din? The thing is that it is she you want to hear for you have heard her before and know her to be wise and extremely helpful. The High Priestess symbolically represents your own inner voice and wisdom that is there to be accessed at such times. Her presence is asking you to calm down, take control of yourself and sit with the situation for a while. Because she is alone and The Nine of Swords is too, this does not mean that keeping your problems to yourself is a good thing. Remember The High Priestess is able to do that but you are of the physical world and could do with some help. However, if you can try your best to resolve some of this situation yourself by using your own resources, then it will be all the better for you. So take some deep breaths and try a little meditation which will help centre you. When you have contained yourself call on the voice within, your Higher Self and ask for help. You will have to be patient which normally does not sit easily with you Gemini. Allow the solutions to filter through at an appropriate rate without trying to force things.  The messages that come from the subconscious may not be crystal clear so try to unravel the puzzle and solve the riddle. In doing so you may arrive at a higher understanding of your problem; how it came about, how you can solve it and how you can prevent it from occurring again.

The Aspect of your Personality The High Priestess is appealing to is The King of Pentacles. Therefore there is a need for complete grounding. You are too much up in your head at present Gemini and need to find stability by coming back down to earth again. The Key to solving your situation or problem is through a practical approach and using your own resources. The King of Pentacles is never seen to be hysterical or staring down the road at an imminent break down. When there is a problem he refers to it as a challenge and will spend some time mulling over his options. He will make lists of the pros and cons of each approach and analyise each option for any potential risks that may be involved. He will  then calmly and confidently take the necessary action assured that it will have a successful outcome. He will steer clear of fast fixes and hair-brained ideas that are not grounded in reality. With his feet firmly planted on the ground he will maneuver his way through all the obstacles, sure-footed and determined. The King of Pentacles will try his best to solve his own problems instead of bringing them to another’s doorstep. However, he is the first one to seek professional help and advice if all his personal attempts fail. He knows who the most reliable people are and will only approach those who have ample experience of his issue. He does not suffer fools, time-wasters or people who want to add to the drama, and neither should you. Try taking a leaf out of This King’s book and you will be surprised how The High Priestess’s influence will come to the surface. Don’t stay there too long for she does not care for visitors who out stay their welcome. She will instruct you in her ways and expect you to instantly follow, but she does not appreciate hanger’s on who expect her to act as go between when you are finding it difficult to access your own inner wisdom.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

The Devil Upright10 of Cups Upright Knight of Pentacles Upright

The Focus of Attention for Cancer this Month brings The Devil into the picture and so you need to concentrate on where in your life you may have developed unhealthy habits or are involved in controlling situations. Perhaps it is you who is the controller and if so then you need to address this negative aspect of your personality before it does any further harm to you or to others.  You also need to ask yourself if you feel blocked in any area of your life; do you feel trapped or enslaved? We shall see in a moment where The Devil is focussed in your life this month but for now let us concentrate on The Devil himself and how he goes about his business. The Devil works through fear, manipulation, control, addiction, obsession, illusion and temptation. He preys on those who are caught up in the material world or who have become fixated on acquiring more and more. He has no time for patience and shuns the idea that anything of value must be worked hard or waited for. He knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. He lives by instant gratification alone and will make you think you want the same for yourself. You see, The Devil sells the dream, all glossed up with glitter and glowing testimonials. He wants you to join his Club so that you can meet like-minded people who will be prepared to fix anything for you and grant you access to wherever you want to go. What The Devil fails to tell you is that there is a hefty price to be paid for a lot of the privileges he affords you. He can get you to the top of the career or business ladder by opening doors and throwing large sums of money your way. However, he will expect a lot from you in return and slowly but surely you will eventually come to the realisation that you are no longer in control of your life for The Devil has it all sewn up in large mortgages, expensive cars, exotic holidays, and even sometimes High Maintenance Partners who he has deliberately put your way. It may take you some time to waken up to the fact that you have sold your soul to The Devil, and by then you will believe there is no way out for you have signed up for a lifestyle that has to be maintained. This might involve working harder than you ever imagined, making personal sacrifices of time and freedom. You may see little of your friends and family. You may appear to have everything and the good life, but you find little enjoyment in it. For many under the influence of The Devil there is the addictive aspect of craving more and more all the time; never being content with what one has, always on the look out for ways of getting more. The Devil tells you that it doesn’t really matter how you go about it as long as you don’t get caught. Regardless of how sickened you become by your lifestyle, the people you associate with, and the cut throat environment you have to move in each day, there is little chance of you every escaping it. How do you radically change your life? How do you live on less? How do you get by without a car and all the fancy trappings? How do you pay the massive mortgage? The Devil will have you believe that there is no life to be had other than the one he has to offer, but he lies. You do have options and you can liberate yourself from the clutches of The Devil in whatever form he has manifested in your life. You just have to be very strong and determined in order to resist his wicked charm and allure. If you don’t find a way, he will have you tied up for the rest of your life. This is the month to actively do something about The Devil in your life and the demons that haunt your peace of mind.

The Focus Area of Your Life where The Devil may be active is in The Realm of The Suit of Cups. Now this is a worrying revelation for it could throw light onto several possibilities where The Devil is active. As a result we may have a look at a few areas where he might be exerting control. To do this I am going to incorporate the Aspect of your Personality he is most impacting. The Card that was drawn for this is The Knight of Pentacles. Now The Knight of Pentacles and The Devil combined can represent the Sun Sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth Sign and therefore its interests lie in the material world, business, finances, health and career. However, Capricorn in its strongest and over-dominant sense can be terribly materialistic and caught up in having and getting. Capricorn personalities can be workaholics who live to work and accumulate finances, yet find it hard to enjoy all that it can afford them. They can become obsessed with money but get no satisfaction out of spending it. They can hoard and question the cost of everything. In their most negative Aspect they can put work and money before everything else. So this brings us back to what all this has to do with The Suit of Cups. The Card drawn is The Ten of Cups; the happy family scenario, the idyllic love-nest, the fantasy, the illusion. What business has The Devil here in this lovely picture? Well The Devil could be up to any number of things, and because The Knight of Pentacles is involved you will need to ask yourself how he might be letting, or inviting The Devil into your life? Could it be that The Knight of Pentacles side of your personality has become over-dominant, and we do know that this chap is extremely hard-working and ambitious. He is also chasing financial security and is prepared to sacrifice a lot of his time and life to achieve his goal. Now there is nothing wrong with this, and The Knight of Pentacles has very admirable qualities. He is also rock-steady and very reliable. However, where he does fall down is his lack of understanding for a partner who may be very emotional and needy. If he is with a partner who is like himself, then there is no problem for they share the same goals but should his partner be the type of personality, a Cup’s personality, a Cancerian for example, who likes to have his/her partner home on a regular basis, and at a reasonable time, then they may be heading for trouble. Throw in a few children who rarely see their workaholic parent and The Devil may be alive and well, and in the process of breaking down normal relations within a happy family. The Knight of Pentacles Aspect of your personality needs to think long and hard about the impact his or her actions may be having on the rest of the family and aim to find a solution and a happy balance that everyone is agreeable with. Knights suggest imbalances and extremes, so this needs to be addressed.

There is also the chance that The Devil is encouraging you to go in over your head if searching for the property of your dreams. Don’t be tempted by the beautiful house that costs more than you have. You may be lured into believing that you can afford it if you tighten your belt, make some financial cutbacks and possibly do more overtime in work. Such ideas are put there by The Devil to lead you to believe that what you propose is possible. He wants you to take on huge debt and then get stuck with it. You may be able to keep this going for a short while but in the long run you will realise that it is all too much and then it will be too late to pull out. You will be stuck for many years to come working all the hours God Gave you with little chance of enjoying, or even spending quality time in your dream home.  Don’t be impressed either by the fast-talking salesman who makes it all sound so easy with payment plans and stories of other satisfied customers for he could easily be The Devil in Disguise and will be unwilling to help you when you encounters problems. Stick within your budget and let no one sell you a far-fetched fantasy. Along with this comes another possibility that needs to be addressed dear Cancer. If you are planning on committing to your partner, getting married or starting a family and you have any doubts, now is the time to voice them. The Knight of Pentacles will be looking at the long-term view, the big picture and not for instant gratification. The Knight of Pentacles may be asking you to show some restraint Cancer. The Devil will create a bind that will be very difficult to get out of down the road should you change your mind, and also will create much upset. The message here is to think twice before getting tied into any situation that you are unsure of. One last message here and this is to do with the area of temptation Cancer. For those who are drawn to, or engaged in an affair, again think long and hard about the impact it will have on others, especially where children are concerned.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

The Emperor Upright8 of Cups UprightQueen of Wands Upright

Leo, The Focus of Attention for you this month brings The Emperor into the picture. The Emperor has made an appearance to highlight the need to take control in an area of your life which needs radical shaking up so that law and order is restored once more. An area of your life is out of balance and probably has been for some time. You have let some things slip and now find yourself in a situation where the famous Leo pride and power of The Lion is not as strong and assertive as it should be. Now is the time to get your house, your life, in order and take back your power. Others may have been calling the shots and telling you what to do, where to go and how to act. Leo this sort of submissive attitude does not become you and goes against your natural instinct to be in control and to lead. To get things back in order you will need to adopt quite a determined stance. You need to show others who the boss is and that you will not be shoved around or spoken down to. There may be a battle of wills to face and you might need to bear your teeth so that others realise you are not to be messed with. It is time to ascend your throne and become the boss in your life once more. However, this is where the dilemma comes in for you must be careful to do it in a manner that is not severe or stifling. Sorting your issues out is admirable, but with The Emperor, you do run the risk of adopting a rigid stance and could come down hard on both yourself and those around you. They say there is nothing worse than a reformed smoker so don’t end up running from one extreme to the other. You want to be assertive but not forceful. You want people to respect you and not fear you. You need to remain approachable and open. You also need to use your reason and logic in this situation by remaining level-headed and not giving into fluctuating emotions.

The Focus Area of Your Life that The Emperor wishes to influence this month lies in The Realm of The Cups Suit. Here we have The Eight of Cups and this tells us that something has been making you quite unhappy and discontent for the last while. Your emotions are involved here and I get the impression that you have been struggling to put up a situation that has now reached breaking point for you. Something is out of line here or missing, and this situation has certainly not turned out as you hoped it would. You more than likely entered this situation with high hopes and for a period of time everything was fine but something or someone has changed which has created a tense and unhappy atmosphere around you. Your emotions are all over the place.  This is where the imbalance or chaos lies Leo and I believe there is a desire to run, to get away, to leave it all behind. However, The Emperor is suggesting that walking away may or may not be the answer. It all depends on how much effort you have put into sorting things out. If you have tried your best and still nothing is right, then The Emperor is behind you in taking constructive action by finding the strength to leave a situation that no longer fulfils you. If you wish to go because you feel that you will not be able to cope, that you do not stand a chance of succeeding or because your emotional state of mind is influencing you,  The Emperor tells you to put up a fight for what you want, for you are not a quitter. If things are very bad at present and you feel that you cannot cope, The Emperor wants you to know that you are stronger than you think and have what it takes to get through this difficult time. Everything has become very negative and pessimistic which is adding to the situation. Nothing will be clear until you get your emotions under control.

The Aspect of your Personality The Emperor is appealing to is that of The Queen of Wands and she would side with The Emperor in this matter by helping you to become more assertive and determined in your quest. The Queen of Wands however, will not be the hardliner like The Emperor is. She would find a more subtle but productive manner in going about things. The Queen is of The Wands Suit and thus Fire. Leo she is one of the Cards that represents you and would rarely be found indulging in the emotionally depressing scenario of The Eight of Cups. She probably wouldn’t have let it happen in the first place, but happen it has and you need to sort it out. She will help you incorporate the wishes of The Emperor without being rigid and dogmatic. She will bring her feminine energy to the situation to ensure that feelings on all sides are taken into consideration. She will help you find the light again, and if you desperately desire to be up and gone, to go, then she will assist you in liberating yourself from a limiting and emotionally un-fulfilling situation. She will not condone cowardness or skulking away however, just because you don’t want to deal with things. She will force you to be direct and honest will both yourself and others. What she will do is help you clarify what is going on by working with you and your emotions to determine whether this is just a down time you are going through. Could improve if you were to change your attitude by becoming more positive and optimistic, or is it something deeply entrenched with the potential to bring you down even further? If so, then assume control and do something about it. You must work hard to restore emotional balance this month Leo.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

The Lovers Upright2 of Cups UprightKing of Swords Upright

Virgo The Focus of Attention for you this Month brings The Lovers to the forefront. The Lovers speaks on many levels and can be quite a complex Card to interpret. The Lovers can on a very simplistic level suggest that a new relationship or love is on the way whether it is something you are actively seeking or not. On another level it indicates that serious decisions have to be made with regard to important relationships in your life. It is easy to get carried away when under the influence of The Lovers for this Card can bring passion, romance, sex and intimacy which can easily cloud your judgement. With The Lovers you may believe that we have found your Soul-Mate and need look no further. It may very well be the case but it is important now to stand outside the situation and take a closer look at the nature of this relationship. It is important to do this as you may be about to take a massive step, make a huge commitment to another and need to be sure you are doing it for all the right reasons. You need to be very honest with yourself so that you are properly informed as to what it is that has drawn you to each other. Loved up and heady with desire, you must set that aside for the moment and not let your heart run away with itself.  Take a close look at this relationship and ask many questions of it. The questions need to be aimed at what it is that attracts you to this other and what it is that you are ultimately looking for in a relationship? Do they match up or are there discrepancies? If there are any shortcomings how serious are they and how high up your list of priorities do they sit? Honestly, will they be something you can live with or do they have the potential to drive you to distraction after a period of time? Is this really who you are looking for or do you just think they are Mr. or Mrs Right? The Lovers implies that you contemplate all these areas, but also emphasises the importance of open and honest communication in your relationship. Make sure that you are both singing from the same hymn sheet. There is no point committing to your partner only to find out later on that they have no desire to have children when you want a large family. These are scary questions to ask of yourself and your partner as you may not be happy with the answers you receive. However, it is best you discover now before you go any further.

The Area of Focus The Lovers is drawing attention to is in The Realm of The Suit of Cups. Here we have The Two of Cups, and as I mentioned above, The Lovers carries several interpretations. I chose the interpretation above on the basis of The Two of Cups appearing beside it. This further emphasises the need to focus your attention on the important relationships in your life. The Two of Cups along with The Lovers can suggest engagement, marriage and commitment,so for many Virgo these issues may be very relevant in your life right now. The Two of Cups can also imply being head over heels in love and that you only have eyes for each other. It often represents the early stage in a relationship when we can see no flaws in our chosen partner and vice versa. However, The Lovers implies that you must now focus on the potential longevity of this relationship and decide whether it is built on solid foundations. The Two of Cups is a Stage Card so you will have to ask yourself whether it is possible to keep this ‘loved up’ act running indefinitely? Is it for real? Are you ready to come down to earth and move it on to the next level? Are you prepared now to be individuals as well as a couple? In a relationship there is a you, a me and an us involved. In the Two of Cups, there is the desire to be conjoined, as being apart from each other for any length of time is unbearable to even contemplate. In The Lovers, you must try to achieve a better balance and be happy when you are with your partner and when you are with your friends. Co-dependency is not a healthy way to live. The time has come for you to make important and well-informed decisions about where you want your relationship to go. You will not be able to think clearly if you only consult your heart, for it will tell you what you want to hear at the moment, and this may not be relevant in two or three months’ time.

The Personality Aspect that can help you wade through the heavy emotional air that surrounds you is The King of Swords who will cut to the heart of the matter very quickly. Now here is a man who only knows how to consult his head when making decisions and I would have preferred to see The Queen of Swords in his stead, for at least she will take her feelings into consideration when making logical and well thought out decisions. The King is very black and white, which echos the duality of The Lovers and the Number 2 of The Cups Card. So what does he have to offer us when it comes to making decisions? Can he really be asking you not to take your feelings into consideration, to solely rely on logic and powers of reasoning when it comes to affairs of the heart? I think not. I believe he is there to act as both an advisor and as a warning. His advice is to take off any rose-tinted glasses you may be wearing, to come down to earth, to stop being overly idealistic and be totally honest and upfront about your needs. However, his warning is to not be so rigid when it comes to the selection process. If you have set your standards very high and have a long list of ‘set in stone’ criteria for you any prospective partner, then you stand the chance of failing to meet anyone. No one will ever come up to scratch for you can only see things in black and white. No one is perfect, not even you Virgo, and we know how finicky you can be about things in your life. You may need to relax your attitude to finding the perfect relationship for it may not exist, and whoever said that you would be the perfect partner for anyone either. You may have to add some grey areas to your list because that is where the majority of people exist.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

The World Upright 7 of Wands Upright Page of Wands Upright

The Focus of Attention for you this Month Libra brings The World into your life and aren’t you lucky? The World speaks of the successful completion of a cycle in your life. This cycle may relate to just about anything as it could represent the completion of a project you have been working on, the completion of travel, or the completion of a phase in your relationship. The list could go on and on. Something has come full circle for you Libra and you should be feeling pretty good about yourself right now. Consequences follow actions, and The World can suggest a situation of what goes around, comes around. However, there is nothing negative or alarming about this Card for it speaks of getting your just rewards in return for the considerable effort and hard work you have put in. Success, achievement and acclaim is not your birthright, and does not fall into your lap while you are sitting staring out the window. Instead it has to be earned and not everyone is up to the job. The World appearing here is telling you that you have done well and should be proud of yourself. You have probably journeyed long and hard to get here so you deserve all the best, and should not be modest in accepting the praise and compliments that will be bestowed upon you. You can now officially call your endeavours a major success. However, it all depends how you define success. Some may seek financial success or career success, others academic success, while there are many who seek a successful relationship and family life. Then there are those who define success as being happy and content with oneself. You will have to be the judge of all this for we are all different. The World can also symbolise the reaching of milestones or challenging goals. You may have been following a weight loss plan or get-fit programme and have successfully reached your target weight or fitness level. Whatever it is Libra, you may congratulate yourself on achieving so much and sticking to the hard grind of your plan. Well now that is all well and good, but as you sit there feeling at one with the World, or even on Top of The World, where do you go from here?

This nicely brings in The Focus Area of your life The World is referring to. This Focus Area falls within the Realm of The Suit of Wands. Wands relate to action, movement, creativity, careers and drive. The Card that has been drawn is The Seven of Wands and this carries a very strong message for you in relation to The World Card. It is quite simple really, for now that you have achieved your aims, or successfully completed a task or project, it is not a wise thing to rest on your laurels. A cycle has been successfully completed but that does not mean The End of The World. The World does not stop moving just because you have reached your goal. On the contrary, if you decide to sit back now and think ‘that is it’ then all your recent success will amount to nothing. What you have gained has now to be maintained or retained. However, that again is not suffice. You have completed a cycle but another one has started as a result, and so you must set new goals, begin new projects, work on new plans that will take you to the next level of success. You must never stop striving to achieve. The Seven of Wands suggests challenge, and the challenge for you Libra is to hang on to your success and build on it. There may be growing pressure on you to step off your path and become distracted with other things, but now is not the time to let go of the Energy of The World for you must keep on top of things. Take for instance the success of reaching your target weight or fitness level. You feel wonderful, better than ever. You can now fit into clothes that may be several sizes smaller than when you started. You are able to run 5km without becoming breathless. You can do 50 press-ups in your sleep and you only indulge in alcohol on the rare occasion. Now that you are where you want to be, do you just stop doing what you were doing? Do you give up watching your diet and cast your exercise plan aside? Only a fool would think that wise, but The Seven of Wands is a stark reminder to keep up the hard work, and that the only way forward is to set new goals for yourself, new targets and new challenges. The Wands Suit need to be constantly challenged or they become bored. The shine will wear off your success unless you set the bar higher. You have earned the silver but now you must go for gold. New goals and challenges will fire your enthusiasm and motivation, but be sure you are doing this for all the right reasons. The reason must be for your own personal success and not because someone else expects it of you.  Time to push yourself even further for you have not reached your full potential just yet. There are better things to come.

The Aspect of Your Personality The World is appealing to is The Page of Wands and this Page will help you do exactly what has been suggested above. The Page of Wands enjoys nothing more than throwing himself wholeheartedly into a new project. He actively waits for a new challenge to come his way, and when it does, his energy levels soar and his motivation and enthusiasm becomes infectious. If the challenge is slow in arriving, this Page will go out in search of it, so will waste no time in getting stuck in. This is what you now need to do Libra. Fresh from your recent success use the feel good factor to set a new goal, embark on a new journey or start a new project. Make sure it is something that catches your imagination and stimulates your enthusiasm. The Page of Wands will help you kick-start this new cycle so that you set even larger goals that will push you to reach further. It may be time to learn new skills. However, The Page of Wands will only be able to accompany you during the early stages as this is where he excels. The rest of the Journey will involve The Seven of Wands as you battle and forge your way to the top. You can do it.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

The Star Upright Ace of Wands Queen of Cups Upright

Okay Scorpio, The Focus of Attention for you this months brings us The Star. The Star is a wonderful Card to appear for you this month and I do find it one of my favourites. The Star Suggests creativity, inspiration and freedom with a renewal of faith and hope after a period of difficulty. The Star is here to bring you peace, and to calm any troubles in your life this month Scorpio. She pours her cooling waters on areas that need to be soothed. If you have lost heart or hope in recent times, she brings with her a renewed interest in life once more and a re-awakening of trust and self-belief. The Star has arrived to liberate you from all self-doubt and to shine a light on the beauty of you and the special areas in your life where you are gifted. She suggests raw talent that is there to be harnessed, moulded and finely tuned. To be honest, her presence implies that you are extremely talented and have skills that need to be developed and utilised. Now is not the time to be modest or shy about your abilities, for The Star tells you it is time to shine, and time to show people the real you and what you can do. She wants you to be free within so that you can allow your wonderful creativity to express itself. Should you feel unsure of how you might go about that, she reminds you that you have all the resources you need, the main one being you, yourself. The time has arrived for you this month to make your way to centre stage where a spotlight awaits you. You must free yourself from any situation, environment or relationship that suppresses the true you in any shape or form. You have conformed to other’s wishes and expectations for long enough and also at the expense of your own needs and desires. What you seek may not be to their liking or understanding but this month it is about what is best for you. You are of The Water Element and therefore a Creative Soul Scorpio. You will never be fully happy unless you are allowed to freely express it. There has been a building desire in you to do something that is very particular and important to you. You owe it to yourself to follow your dream now,  to follow your star, for it will lead you to where you are meant to be. Whatever creative impulses you have this month Scorpio you can trust that they come from a higher plane for you are being Divinely Guided. You will feel closer to your true soul purpose this month as you glimpse your potential, along with the joy and happiness that following your true path or destiny can only bring. Have faith that all will be well and trust in your ability to strike out on a direction that truly suits you and your nature.

The Area of Focus The Star wishes to draw attention to lies in the Realm of The Suit of Wands. Here, The Ace of Wands has been drawn. So Scorpio, The Star is urging you to use her influence this month to act on something new you have being wanting to do for a long time. The Ace of Wands bring the burst of energy and enthusiasm to begin a new project, to strike out on a new path, to do something very different. The Ace brings the potential to make things happen, to get things off the ground and moving forward. There is a building excitement coming from within Scorpio, and The Ace of Wands will find it hard to contain it. Now is the time to make your move with whatever creative ideas you have been incubating. You are being given the ‘thumbs up’, the ‘green light’. The only thing that will stop or delay this endeavour is self-doubt, and a lack of trust and believe that it will all work out. Look to The Star for support and reassurance, and to The Ace of Wands for self-confidence, motivation and enthusiasm. Once you make a start, The Ace of Wands creates a momentum that will build rapidly, and if you allow it, will carry you along with it. Now, you must control this Ace for it can get carried away, but it will give you the kick-start you need to get up and going. Under the influence of both The Star and The Ace of Wands there will an explosion of creative and inspirational energy. During this time you are capable of great things and anything you produce will be truly amazing. If this is what you have been waiting for, then June is the month to let The Ace of Wands out of its’ cage or box so that it can work its magic on you and for you.

The Aspect of your Personality The Star is appealing to is The Queen of Cups. This Queen is of The Suit of Cups and so too are you Scorpio. She holds within her hand the product of her creative endeavours as she gazes down on her intricately designed Golden Cup. This Cup is the most ornate of all the Cups in her Suit which gives us an idea of how creative and artistic she is. Should she allow The Star to influence and guide her, she is capable of making a success for herself with her creative and highly imaginative talents and abilities. The only thing that holds her back is worry and doubt about making a mistake or being a failure. She is not the most confident of Queens and is quite shy and reticent about coming forward. She will also be slow to show off her work for fear of criticism, or her own lack of belief that it is good enough. She doubts she has what it takes to be a star, but she is wrong. The Star appeals to her to come forward and let others see the beauty of what she is able to achieve. The Ace of Wands suggests that there is something you would like to start or try out that is of a creative or artistic nature but whereas The Star is full of self-belief, The Queen of Cups is not so sure, and her influence could hold you back from embarking on a wonderful journey that will showcase the true you. So Scorpio, have a little faith and trust regardless of any set-backs and disappointments of the past. It may be time to strike out on your own for you do have a lot to offer. Let The Star guide you and you will be in safe hands.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

The Hermit Upright 5 of Wands Upright King of Pentacles Upright

The Focus of Attention for you this months brings in The Hermit. Now The Hermit is not usually a Card that sits comfortably with Sagittarius for it suggests a need to slow down, and a withdrawal from the normal distractions and activities that are such a normal part of your life. The Hermit likes peace and quiet, isolation, and freedom to think clearly without external interruption and interference. Sagittarius you prefer to be in the thick of things where all the activity is going on, and where life is moving at quite a fast pace. Well The Hermit has arrived this month and is calling on you to step back for a while so that you may do some much-needed and overdue self-analysis. He implies that you need to reflect on your life right now and ask many questions of it. Do you know where you are going to or do you just keep going? Are you actually happy with what you do and how you live, or do you just not give yourself the time to think about it? Are you where you want to be? Do you even know what you want to be? The Hermit asks you to take his hand and come away with him to his realm. He wants you to walk in his shoes and to feel the stillness and silence around you. He will guide you to his humble abode where there is no television, no radio, no phone and no internet. He will leave you the very basics for survival and then he will close the door on you and walk away. After he leaves you may try to escape back to territory that is more familiar to you, but you will find only darkness and not another soul in sight. You will be left with no choice but to retreat back into The Hermit’s abode and await his return for you will never find your way out of here without him to lead the way. When he left you to sit in his almost bare abode, he took the only form of light with him, the lantern he carries. Plunged into the dark with no one to keep you company but yourself and your thoughts, strange things will begin to occur. You may start to hear a voice speak to you from within. You can speak to this voice and ask questions of it which it will respond to if you listen carefully. Without light to help you look around the area you inhabit, you will be forced to use your internal light and focus inwards. This is the aim of The Hermit who is old beyond time, wise and full of self-knowledge. However, it is not a knowledge that he imparts or forces on all he encounters, for he carries within him only the knowledge that is relevant to his life. That knowledge he found while sitting where you are right now. Each of us require our own knowledge which is unique. Therefore, The Hermit in his wisdom knows that the only way for you to arrive at yours is to sit where he has left you. You must find your own way and arrive at your own conclusions. Rest assured, he will come back for you, but he will expect you to have used your time wisely otherwise the whole journey will be pointless. By the time The Hermit does arrive back, you will have discovered your own Lantern and will need little help in finding your way back to where you came from.

The Area of Focus The Hermit wishes to influence in your life this month Sagittarius is in The Realm of The Suit of Wands. Here we have The Five of Wands making an appearance and it is not surprising that The Hermit has shown up for it looks like your life is a bit chaotic at present and there is a chance that you may be going through some inner turmoil too. It is all crazy and unstable right now and you don’t seem to have any control over what is going on. Could it be that you have reached a stage where constant activity is wearing you down and making you question what you life is all about. Why the need for constant stress and conflict? Are you beginning to ask yourself where it is coming from? Have you drawn it to yourself? Is this the lifestyle you have chosen to live in? Something is wrong Sagittarius and you may feel pulled from one direction to another. There seems to be a constant din of noise around you too, and for the first time you may feel overwhelmed and irritated by it all. Your nerves may be frazzled and your mood may be up and down from day-to-day. Has life become a bit of a battle for you Sagittarius, or have you lost the ability to keep control? It is for certain that you will not find the answers while you stay surrounded by all this disruption and stress. Follow The Hermit to a quieter place where you can think things through. It will do you the world of good and your mind will be a lot clearer afterwards. You will be able to make well-informed decisions and will feel much calmer in yourself and in control of your life. The time has come to contemplate your life to date and determine if you are on the right path for you. This will involve a lot of introspection and retrospection on your part. This time cannot be rushed so do not try to force answers to the surface. It is a time for acting in a mature manner. You need to spend some time on your own now and learn to be alone without being lonely.

The Aspect of Your Personality The Hermit is appealing to is that of The King of Pentacles who is a far cry from your normal Wands/Fire personality. The King of Pentacles will side with The Hermit when it comes to taking time out to contemplate on your life and what you are doing at present. The King of Pentacles also acts in a very mature manner similar to The Hermit. He asks you to take a practical approach and come down to earth when dealing with the problems and stresses in your life at present. Try not to lose the head,  and refrain from any volatile outbursts or impulsive, hasty moves while under the influence of The Five of Wands. Instead you need to quietly brood over your issues and in time arrive at a solid understanding of what it is that you want from life.  You then need to go about attaining it in a methodical and consistent manner. The King of Pentacles only deals with rock solid ideas and plans which are grounded in reality and come with a guarantee of success. He does not drift through life or fly by the seat of his pants. There is a time and place in life for acting like that Sagittarius, but this is not the time. You must step in now and act in a civilised manner. A traditional, tried and tested approach may be the best way forward for you this month and will provide you with a certain stability that may have been lacking in recent times. You need to breakdown your issues into more manageable ones and tackle them one at a time. Trying to take on the whole lot together will get you nowhere. If in doubt about how to go about this then consult someone who will be able to give you some sound and sensible advice. The King of Pentacles often assumes the role of a life coach or mentor. The Hermit does his bit in the form of a counselling or spiritual guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it, and you can be assured on being dealt with in a private and confidential manner.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

The Heirophant Upright4 of Swords UprightKnight of Cups Upright

Capricorn the Focus of Attention for you this Month brings us The Hierophant. The Hierophant brings about quite a shift in consciousness for you and dare I say it a form of spiritual awakening. The Hierophant stands for the traditional and ancient philosophies; both spiritual and religious that have been handed down from the beginning of time. These are the rules, codes of conduct and morals that have been instilled in us since birth. The Hierophant is the sacred chosen one who acts as the guardian of such arcane knowledge and doctrine. He is the appointed or self-appointed teacher of what he believes to be the true word. The Hierophant can take on two very different roles in Tarot. He can be both a benevolent and fearful character. He can be The Conscientious Spiritual Leader and Tutor who preaches and instructs in spiritual practices that enhance the human experience. He is steeped in Arcane and Spiritual Knowledge but encourages those who follow him to use his teachings to find their own way to God and, that God may be different from person to person.  He encourages his flock to act and behave in a conscientious manner, not out of fear but out of respect for their fellow human being and the earth they inhabit. He teaches the old ways and that God/Goddess is all around and not sitting in a far off place. He advises his followers that one will not find salvation through prayer alone, but by living a good life where they do not inflict harm upon another.However The Hierophant can also appear as the controller, the dictator and the one who stands in judgement over those he deems unworthy or have broken the rules he has put in place. This particular aspect of The Hierophant, and those who come to him to be instructed, or listen to his word, believe that he has a direct link to their God, The Source. They are led to believe that his opinions, teachings, instruction, rules and regulations should not be questioned, but blindly followed.  The Hierophant sits in a position of authority over his flock, content in the knowledge that his God, is the one true God, that the Path he follows is the one true path. And so all who follow are forced to believe the same. Those who dared question his authority, claims, doctrine or God in medieval times and beyond were deemed as heretics and punishment was severe and instant. One did not speak or even think outside the box for fear of being accused of blasphemy. And so a culture grew out this religious control and permeated every avenue of life. Those who held these exalted positions set the rules, parameters and legislated as to how people should live and behave. The decided what was acceptable, appropriate and in the best interests of the people. Generally these interests bordered on what was in their own best interest and what would control the masses. They scrutinised their flock for signs of disobedience or waywardness. Too ignorant to follow their own path, or too fearful, people were gullible and swallowed every word their Hierophant uttered. There were very few Chiefs but they held ultimate control. On the other hand, there were too many blind disempowered followers. This destroyed individuality, freedom of expression or opinion and the right to choose how to live one’s own life. One had to stay within the confines of what was considered traditional and what was conventionally acceptable. There was no alternative. There are many other aspects of The Hierophant but in this instance Capricorn I believe that something has happened or will happen this month that will shine a spotlight on all you held to be true and constant in your life. Areas that you never questioned or thought about before are now under analysis and you may feel as though the ground has shifted beneath you. You have temporarily lost your compass and state of equilibrium. Your needs, wishes and desires may no longer be consistent with what those around you expect of you. You may even be surprised by your sudden drift away from the path you have trodden so long. Something about it does not ring true and you may wonder why you never questioned it before. There is a very good chance Capricorn that you are coming into you own this month. You may choose to break away from what is traditional and conventional in favour of new ways of thinking, being and acting. As an Earth Sign, you will have had a tendency to follow The Hierophant with his tried and test, this is the way we always did things and this is still the way we expect you to carry on, way of life.

The Area of Focus in your life where The Hierophant is exerting influence is within the Realm of The Suit of Swords (thoughts, attitudes, ideas, concepts, communication). The Card drawn is The Four of Swords and if you look closely Capricorn you will see a connection for this Card is in itself quite Spiritual. We see the Stained Glass in the background where the Spiritual Leader preaches to his apostles in a similar manner to The Hierophant. However, the Swords Suit bring in the questioning mind and as the apostle, you now may not be so easily persuaded to blindly accept that which you are told or to be so easily impressed by those who act in authority over you. Something is wrong Capricorn but at the same time this may be a very positive thing. Something will happen or is already happening this month which will make you question everything and everyone around you. You are no longer certain of why you are doing what you are doing and for who you do it for. You may feel as if you have woken up out of a coma and have a completely different view of the world. Everything is exposed in strong light and you will see and experience things from a fresh perspective. There are parts of your life that you wish to change and parts you are happy enough to maintain. However, this is where you may encounter problems as you will now have to fight a belief system that may not see thing the way you do. What you seek will break away from your normal approach and some may view it as reckless or totally inappropriate. Others may withdraw from you fearful that your new ideas and concepts may somehow rub off them or taint them. You must disregard or take on board any negative warnings or attitudes towards you for they come from those who do not life the status quo to be disturbed. They like things to stay as they are and people to just put up and shut up. These are the believers of the concept that when one makes one’s bed, one must lie in it forever’ because this is the belief system they have been indoctrinated with. In The Four of Swords you deeply question these beliefs and now cannot see any reason why you can’t get up out of your uncomfortable bed, admit that you made a mistake, but have absolutely no intention of staying in that bed one second longer than you have to. You are bound to create an uproar and instability in those involved and around you for your attitude asks questions of their own life and happiness and they may not want to have to face that. They do not like anyone to break away from what they consider to be the norm or socially acceptable. You will have a difficult and stressful task on your hands Capricorn because you be acting and thinking totally out of character. However, while you spend time in The Four of Swords you must consult with your Higher-Self, your Spirit Guide, and Conscience to determine if you are doing the right thing. The stained glass window shows you doing this through meditation, deep reflection and introspection. There is no one else in the room so this is something you can do yourself. Should you find it all too much and have become mentally confused then some counselling or spiritual healing would be beneficial.

The Personality Aspect The Hermit is appealing to is The Knight of Cups and here we have a follow on from the above two paragraphs. The Knight of Cups cannot help but act on his feelings. He allows his heart to dictate and lead the way. He can only follow a path that promises to bring him personal happiness and emotional fulfillment regardless of what others want or expect of him. He does not like to upset anyone but at the end of the day he has to be true to himself. However, he asks you in this instance to move slowly, but Capricorn with The Four of Swords in the frame, you are not rushing into anything. You are consciously working on this issue at present and will try to rationalise things and use your logic. The Knight of Cups reminds you that you must also consult your feelings and be considerate of the feelings of others in this instance. It is important you communicate your needs to others in a calm and non-threatening manner. If you are reasonable and help others to understand that your intention is not to upset anyone, and would love for everyone to be happy, but that you must do what is right for you.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

The Sun Upright4 of Wands Queen of Swords Upright

The Focus of Attention for you this Month Aquarius brings in the lovely warm and joyful Sun Card. The Sun represents positivity, joy, creativity and freedom. It brings with it a wonderful childlike abandon of fun and spontaneity. The Sun suggests a time to laugh and celebrate the joys of life and all your blessings. The Sun banishes the dark skies and the blues, uplifting your heart and helping you to feel an inner-happiness. The Sun is expansive and illuminating. No fears, worries or doubts can hide in dark murky corners when The Sun appears for it casts its glowing heat into the furthest nooks and crannies of your psyche. You cannot help but feel good, and that inner glow permeates through all aspects of your life and dealings with others. The Sun brings you back to life again and draws you out into the open where you can embrace your new-found joie de vivre. You become welcoming and ready to embrace all around you. Never have you felt so good, so vibrant, so alive. The Sun gives you a chance at renewal, and like the power of the sun, brings forth the magical colours of blooming flowers in the natural world, it will revitalise your own internal colours so that you too can flourish under its penetrating heat and nurturing rays. The Sun paints your world with such marvelous creations, and under its influence your own creative endeavours and pursuits can burst forth in a blaze of colour for all to see and admire. The Sun helps you to give birth to your creative pursuits and gives you the freedom to express yourself without constraint, very much like a child who paints a picture, colouring the grass blue and the sky purple just because they want to. Children do not conform to structure or work within rigid guidelines. Instead they let their imagination run wild and free. They go with the flow and don’t worry themselves with I can’t or I shouldn’t or it won’t work. When we look at a child’s innocent crayon drawing we cannot help but smile for it is full of our own lost childhood, when life was simpler and when grass could be any colour of the rainbow we so chose it to be. As adults we lost our natural child-like approach to life and had to adopt a more mature and disciplined personality. The Sun appearing now in this Month of Summer, asks you to find the time to let your inner-child out to play once more without care of what others may think or say about you. Life is all too serious and we can forget to smile and laugh, our moods affecting our atmosphere and all those around us.

The Area of Focus The Sun shines down upon lies in the Realm of The Suit of Wands. Here we very fittingly have The Four of Wands and it looks very comfortable sitting beside The Sun for in so many ways it carries the same message. The Four of Wands is a time for joy, celebration, happiness and spontanaeity. It brings a welcome release from the on-going hard slog of life by giving you a much-needed break, and permission to go and enjoy yourself. Leave all your worries behind and concentrate instead on having a good time and spending that time with those you love; friends, family or partner. The Four of Wands reinforces the message of Freedom and Liberty which we often experience when we go on vacation.For that period of time, we do just as we please, going to bed late, getting up late, lazing around, dressing up each day, having wine with our lunch, dining out, spending on frivolous items just because it pleases us. The Four of Wands is offering you a dose of Doctor Feel-good this month and if you are even remotely in the position to avail of the offer, you should grab it, hand and all. It is an indication that now would be a good time to take a break, for you may be in bad need of it. A holiday, or even a few days off would do wonders for you and put you in such a positive frame of mind. Don’t be surprised if an opportunity for a break, vacation or outing is suddenly sprung on you, requiring an immediate decision. Don’t try to find excuses as to why it is not suitable or that the timing is wrong, just say ‘what the hell, why not?’.  If you have been debating whether to accept an invitation to a large social event such as a wedding, party or reunion then dwell no more for even though you might think you don’t have the time to go, or that the whole thing sounds tedious and are not in the mood anyway, you will have a fantastic time despite your concerns. You really need to be more sociable this month and get out and about as much as possible. Time to let some fun and frivolity into your life.

The Aspect of Your Personality The Sun is appealing to is The Queen of Swords. Well no wonder The Sun and The Four of Wands are so adamant about letting go a little for The Queen of Swords can be quite a serious character when she wants to be. The thing is when she does decide to socialise, she is great fun, remarkably witty and a natural when it comes to interesting conversation.  When she is in her serious working mode, she will take a lot of convincing to leave it aside for a while so that she might enjoy herself. She will often put personal enjoyment down the bottom of the list for she has so many other important things to be doing and doesn’t have the time to waste on silly indulgences. She can easily talk herself out of every opportunity to have a good time or to take time off. If she allows it, it can become an entrenched habit.  The Sun has appeared because The Queen of Swords in her Air Element can allow the Air around and within her to grow cold and chilly if she stays away from The Sun for too long. Smiles are rarer and laughter a distant memory. They are replaced by frowns, grimaces and headaches. He complexion will pale and she may look tired and sickly. She might become anxious and irritated with those around her, passing snappy and critical remarks. The Sun is asking you to allow it work its magic on you so that you come back to life once more. Let everything go and just concentrate on putting that smile back on your face again and remind yourself of what a healthy glow from The Sun can do for your complexion and state of mind. Think of how your muscles will relax as the heat of The Sun penetrates down to the bone. The Queen of Swords in you needs to let the inner-child out to play, and her imagination and creativity the freedom of unbridled expression. Bring play and joy back into your life this month for it is summer after all Aquarius.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Wheel of Fortune Upright 10 of Wands Upright Knight of Wands Upright

The Focus of Attention for you this Month Pisces is The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel has appeared for you bringing the good, and much awaited news that life is beginning to improve for you. The Month of June will see your luck change for the better, and opportunities once far out of your reach are now close at hand and ready to be realised. The Wheel brings change and this for you Pisces will be most welcome. Judging by your Focus Area Card The Wheel indicates that a difficult cycle has come to an end or is very close to it. The Wheel of Fortune teaches you many lessons but the only way you could learn them was by going through them. It brings with it the Laws of Karma, that of Cause and Effect. Somewhere in the past you set this cycle in motion and possibly had certain ideas as to how it would all work out. Pisces, you may have been slightly idealistic about the whole venture and possibly thought it to be much simpler to achieve than it has turned out to be. However, do not waste time on beating yourself up about it for you can apply your new-found knowledge and experience when The Wheel begins to turn once more. For now, enjoy the good times The Wheel of Fortune brings for there you are sitting at the very top of it. After arriving at the summit of The Wheel you can claim your victory and reward, but The Wheel only Rewards those who have put in the hard work and effort. If you have somehow managed to land at the top of The Wheel by chance, and that does happen too, then it will be harder for you to understand the nature of The Wheel and its revolutions. You may fall off the Wheel as soon as it begins its downward descent. A bit like giving a thoroughbred race horse to someone who never rode a horse before, they may look the part sitting on the saddle in their lovely jockey colours, but the moment the horse takes off at a gallop and rounds the first major bend, or flies across the first steeplechase then it is likely the inexperienced Jockey will have parted company with his mount and fallen flat on his face. Stamina and close observation are needed to master The Wheel of Fortune, but this is a bit of a contradictory in itself for no one masters The Wheel, instead they learn how to work with it so they can enjoy and take advantage of the upward rotations while not allowing the downward one to destroy or break them. Unlike the inexperienced Jockey, they learn how to hang on for dear life.  Pisces this is what you have achieved and can now take a break to admire the view from the summit. You are now in a position to make Hay while The Sun Shines, taking care to save some of it for the rainy days that you know at this stage are often just around the corner. There is a lovely sense of successful completion with this Card and it is also a Ten which reiterates its full cycle, full circle aspect.

The Area of Your Life The Wheel of Fortune is pointing to is in The Realm of The Suit of Wands. Here you have The Ten of Wands making an appearance and it too is a Ten Card which supports the implications of The Wheel of Fortune. However, Pisces, The Ten of Wands speaks of struggle, burdens and a weary, exhausted end of this particular cycle. Although The Wheel of Fortune appears to Hail your arrival, you may be too tired to enjoy your improved circumstances for a while. You may need to rest and tidy up some loose ends before you are free to feel your success. At the back of your mind you must be questioning yourself as to whether it had to be as difficult as it turned out to be? You are such a pleasing and obliging person that it is possible others took advantage of your good nature and dumped more and more responsibilities or commitments on your back. You like to be helpful and supportive but I see you carrying the load all on your own in The Ten of Wands. Was there no one to help you? You would not have refused any offers of help had they been put your way. Was it that you wanted to prove something to yourself or to somebody else? Regardless, the task or project you took on was significant and I am glad to see the Two Tens confirming that the worst is now behind you.

The Aspect of your Personality The Wheel of Fortune is appealing to is that of The Knight of Wands and here we may be given some insight into how you got so burdened. I feel that this endeavour, task or project you took on is not naturally in your field of interest or skill but nonetheless you were drawn in. You may not have had any choice in the matter. The Knight of Wands is prone to hasty and impulsive decisions and this may be what happened in your case. He also gets very enthusiastic about everything but gives little thought as to how it all will impact his life or how he will achieve his aims. You may have fallen under his influence in the early stages of The Wheel and committed to something you could not get out of. Then again, you are such a conscientious person, you may have felt it your duty to not let anyone down, and so stayed when you would have preferred to bow out. This cycle is now coming to an end this month and you will have learned a lot as a result. There was an easier way of going about getting the job done, you could have said ‘no’ more often and you should have demanded help from others. If you were proving a point then you must decide whether it was worth it. Would you like to repeat that cycle? You can if you wish. Simply by doing as you did before you will get the same result. Will you be so hasty to get involved should something similar occur? Then again you may be feeling intensely proud of your achievement and believe it was all worth it. It you have observed and learned well from The Wheel of Fortune, you next cycle will be much easier to get through. Well done.




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