Tarot Horoscopes for June Coming Later this Week – Better Late than Never!

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends Around The World, 

Due to the extent of my writing on The Knight of Cups in May, The Tarot Horoscopes are running slightly behind schedule, but rest assured they are on their way and will be ready to view in the next couple of days.


Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


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  1. Hello…
    I want to say I enjoyed your wonderful tome on the Knight of Cups! At the time, I was sitting around our first bonfire of the season… and thoroughly engrossed in your very detailed and insightful interpretation of this very charming, and yes, sometimes crazy-making lover of romance and all things fanciful! Thanks so much for all that you do to bring the Tarot alive for all of us !!


    • Lynn,

      So lovely to hear from you and thank you for such positive feedback. So it seems you were very unsociable at the bonfire as it must have taken you some time to read all about our lovely Knight of Cups on your phone or tablet? I will soon be starting on the reworking of The Knight of Swords so hope you will look forward to reading all about him too.




      • Hi Vivien…. It DID take me awhile to get through the exciting read! As a matter of fact, the twenty-somethings who tend to hang out at my house with my daughter seem to enjoy my peripheral presence, so my sitting around the fire with them absorbed with my Knight of Cups (ALL of them with their i-phones in hand I might add!) I fit right in! haha! They know they can ask me anything at any time and our evening ended that night with an exercise on manifesting… and the subject of which guys are worth chasing… (no doubt our romantic Knight of Cups was waiting for his cue… ;-)..

        Looking forward to another presentation of a fellow messenger in the Knight of Swords. He’s such
        an eager one ready to show another gallant side to how life can be mastered… but all those extremes!

        thanks again Vivien… you’re awesome!


      • Thanks Lynn and it sounds like you have a nice atmosphere in your house. Hopefully you will enjoy The Knight of Swords too when he rides into town.




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