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Lesson 10 & 11 – Part I, Now Ready For Viewing

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends and Students around the World,

The Minor Arcana Ace to Ten

I hope you are all well and happy.  I am delighted to inform you that both Lesson 10 and Lesson 11 are now ready for viewing as I have finished work on their Content.  There will be a Lesson 12 to Follow in Part I which will deal totally with Practice Readings and Various Spreads.  You will notice that some of the information in both Lesson 10 and 11 refers to Part II and Part III of the Course but my intention is to give most of the Course Content  in Part I. This is information that is relevant to all Parts and it would be unwise for me to drip feed it to you in each section. The Proof-Reader would not work for me on Lesson 11 and I apologise in advance for any typos you may come across. Hopefully, it will be back up and running shortly and I can then give the Lesson a run through.

I hope you enjoy these Lessons.

Spring Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Lesson 10 Covers:

  • Pulling it all Together
  • Defining Your Reading Style
  • Staying Grounded, Not Becoming Obsessive with Tarot and Not Losing the Run of Yourself
  • The Tarot Reader’s Code of Ethics and Disclaimer
  • Promoting Yourself as a Tarot Reader – Blogs/Tarot Brochures
  • The Importance of Being Professional from Day One
  • Snapshot/Abbreviated Quickie Meanings For the Forty Cards in The Four Suits

Lesson 11 Covers:

  • The Step-by-Step Guide to doing a Tarot Reading or Consultation.

The Following are excerpts from the Two Lessons – Just Click on The Links or Images to go Directly to Lesson Pages.

Lesson Ten

The Minor Arcana Ace to Ten

Congratulations on completing the previous Nine Lessons along with the Ace to Ten of each of The Four Suits of The Minor Arcana. This is no mean achievement for there was a lot to learn along with getting accustomed to thinking in a whole new way. As each Lesson and Card was studied and analysed, both your mind and eyes opened to new concepts and sharper visual appraisal. No longer are you merely holding a pile ofForty Picture Cards in your hands called The Minor Arcana of The Tarot, for now you are the new guardians of Four Individual Stories andJourneys, the Stories and Journeys of Life. You now should be at a stage where you understand The Four approaches to life and the Four Aspects of our Personalities which govern how we and those around us act and feel, and what we say, think and do.

You should have a strong understanding of The Four Elements that governed and influenced The Four Suits as they journeyed throughout The Minor Arcana. You should now also be in a position to identify how The Four Elements influence your own life and which one/s dominate and direct your life from day-to-day. You should also be clearly aware of which Element/s are lacking in your personality, which ones would be beneficial for you to get more acquainted with and which ones are best to keep under tight control. Your knowledge of the behaviour of the individual Elements should explain why you have tendencies to act and behave in any given situation. You should also have reached a state of honesty with yourself and acknowledge any Elemental Aspects of your Personality that are in Reverse. You are no longer at the mercy of your Personality for this new knowledge will have empowered you to make adjustments where necessary and to pre-empt certain behaviour which should enable you to gain better control over your life.

Ace of Wands Ace of Cups  Ace of Swords Ace of Pentacles

You will also have noticed that you have a better understanding of partners, spouses, family, friends, work colleagues and associates. This is because of your understanding of The Four ElementsFireWaterAir and Earth. These Elements will have revealed themselves to you as you became more familiar with them, putting you in a better position to identify their Personality Types. As a result you should now have realised why you get on better with some than with others based on your dominant Element Type and theirs. Many will be similar, others compatible, while some will be in opposition or hard to reconcile with. You cannot choose your family but you can choose your friends. Your friends, especially your closest friends will have PersonalitiesElemental Types that are similar to yours or compatible. Sometimes they can be the exact opposite of yours, but by working together, the opposing Elements will bring out the best in each other or force the other out of their comfort zone, which helps growth and development. Those we work with, or have need to deal with on some level or other, will be a mixed bag of Elemental Types and here we have no control, for we must do our best and just get on with it. We may have to grin and bear certainPersonalities because they are our Boss or Manager, we may have to be obliging and agreeable to members of the public when really we would rather throttle them over the head.  On the work front, some of our work colleagues may drive us to distraction while others help make our day just by their very presence. When several Elemental Types are thrown together, there is a tendency to drift into certain groups or clicks that we call ‘our type’. We get along better with ‘our type’ and will sit together in the work canteen at lunchtime or socialise after work hours. There will be many Elemental Types we just won’t get to know much about at all because unless we make an extreme effort they will be deemed as ‘not our type’ and will feel we have little in common with them.

To Read The Full Lesson 10 Just Click Here……..

Lesson 11

The Step-by-Step Guide To Doing a Tarot Reading or Consultation

Tarot Cards, wand and crystals

Congratulations on completing the previous Ten Lessons. I do hope you have learned a lot about Tarot throughout and are becoming familiar with all the Cards you have studied. We still have to tackle The Court Cards and The Major Arcana, but no doubt you haven’t been able to resist taking a look at Part II and Part III already. I don’t blame you for wanting to read as much as you can about this exciting subject. As this Lesson deals with taking you Step by Step through the Reading Process, it would be pointless if I were to put it as the very last Lesson in Part III, when all the Cards have been covered and Lesson Content too. That is because you do not have to wait to cover or study all the Cards intensely before you start Reading for yourself, or for others. By others, I mean family and friends. You should not be putting yourself out there as a Tarot Reader for the Public until the Whole Course has been covered and you are familiar with the process of Reading for others. However, this Guide also covers Reading for the Public and there is no harm in getting familiar with it all from the very beginning. Therefore, depending on your Level of Reading, you will be approaching this Guide for information regarding Reading for Friendsand Family as a Novice Tarot Reader, or if ready to become a Professional Reader you will want to carefully study all aspects of this Guide.Please Note, that this is a Guide for Reading on a Professional Level but is not a Tarot Business Guide. The Business area of Tarot will be covered in Part III of this Course.

At this Stage, you are well on your way, and I believe are ready to test your fledgling wings by Reading for people you are familiar with, people who won’t mind if you have to sit staring at the Cards for five minutes before saying anything.

This Lesson is going to be all about The Reading Process and will Pull Together much that we have already covered, along with areas I have alluded to throughout the CourseLesson Eleven will act as a Reference Guide to Reading, right from the very moment someone enquires about a Reading, to preparing for The Reading, dealing with your Client on arrival, the Pre-Reading ProcessThe Reading itself and finally the Post-Reading Process. 

READ MORE………..Just Click Here The Step By Step Guide to Doing a Tarot Reading or Consultation


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Truly Teach Me Tarot Part I

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