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Hello to all my Tarot Friends, 

Just to let you all know that is now under construction.  It is open to view but has not been formatted. It will take me about a week and then I will do the full switch over.  On, one has to select everything as opposed to the ready to go sites in This means I have a lot of decisions to make which I wished I didn’t have to. Result, time-consuming and tedious.

However, in the meantime, I will continue to work and post on my current site, this one, until everything is ready. So please keep using this one for the moment until further notice.

Yesterday, I spoke of the horrors of my site crashing and being unable to get back in. It is now sorted but to get it back they had to disable Jetpack and any of you who know what that plugin is and how important it is, will understand that my site cannot exist without it so I will be heading to the Forum to see if I can find answers there.


So to get back to the practice readings we have been working on and developing, This contribution came through on my other site. It is from thyworkingactor who has been very involved in these exercises. She wanted to share her interpretation on the following Reading. Because the new site is not yet ready, I feared some of the viewers would miss out on reading her excellent interpretation, so I have copied and pasted into the body of this post and beneath her interpretation you will see my comments.

This Reading was originally : The Eight of Cups and The Ace of Wands Reversed

8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed

We Then added: The Five of Swords and The Moon for further insight.

    5 of Swords Upright      8 of Cups Upright  Ace if Wands Reversed  The Moon Upright

thyworkingactor commented:

“So I’ll continue with relationship dealing with the 8 of cups and ace of wands. With the addition of the 5 of swords and going with my previous storyline I think this is why the querent wants to leave. Perhaps the partner is a bully. Since this is an air card the I would say mental abuse, or lots of arguing, blame pointing. Where the moon comes in I believe that they may be putting on a brave face for friends and family and all the drama is going on behind the scenes, but in reality the fire is gone. OR the person could have already started a romance with someone else with whom they are more in love with. The moon I think can tie in with the 8 of cups. Interestingly enough the moon appears in that card as well. There is a lot hidden, unknown. So I believe that there is a third person whom the querent is involved with. But the current problems presented by the 5 of swords just adds fuel to the flame of what this person will want to leave and be with someone else.”

My Response:


“If you ever think of giving up acting then there is always the tarot for you. Only joking of course! I love the way you have linked these Cards. Your theory about the Moon and things going on beneath the surface is very Moonish indeed. Secrets, mystery, lies, deep undercurrents and hidden emotions, as well as emotional turbulence. Not everything is as it seems to the casual observer when the Moon is involved. One would need to dig beneath the surface to reveal all that is hidden. Yes, the Figure in The Eight of Cups may have met someone else but but will it work? Will he or she be able to leave their partner or will they be too riddled with underlying fear and worry to do anything about it. The Moon also suggests an unnerving and fearful road that one must travel if they wish to progress and enter the light of The Sun. The Figure in The Eight of Cups will need to be very brave to make that journey. If their partner is a bully, will they be able to stand up to him or her? With the Moon I would be worried about irrational fears and blowing things up out of all proportion. However, if there is a bully involved, this would have been a systematic and gradual breaking down of their partner. The bully would have conditioned their partner to become nervy and anxious about everything.

Then again, if there is a third person involved, and the figure involved in the Eight of Cups is engaging in clandestine meetings and secrecy, they are taking a big chance. What would happen if the bully found out?

I am going to copy and paste this into a post on my site as I am experiencing problems with this site while it is under construction. I don’t want anyone to miss out on your interpretation.

Keep up the good work,”

Vivien (your tarot teacher)


If anyone else would like to comment please use the comment box below on this site.

See you soon,

Vivien (your tarot teacher)

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  1. (8)Cups (ace wands) Very emotional situation.Time to move on.All your hopes and dreams failed.All the energy invested in the past ,did not bring any happiness as you have imagined..One partner dominate the other putting weight around with thoughtlessness ..ace of wands emotionally or sexually feel cut off, from your heart even if you were trying to conceive a child having problems there could be a low sperm (Moon).you shared your problems with trusted friends or family this back fired back to you,with lies gossip jealousy maybe of your life style hidden enemies worked against you ,as a matter of fact they are the ones with alcohol drug depression or prison problems more confusing nothing is quite what it seems.. ..further more support .when you realized it is not worth fighting for blaming others what went wrong ,lost your trust in friends family and time to move on start fresh before you losing control of yourself from depression ..


    • Yes, that Five of Swords shines out trouble with a a group of people, but there was certainly a leader of the pack driving them all. There may very well have been vicious arguments, lies, deceit and possibly interference or the attempt to ruin someone’s reputation. A very nasty set-up and if these were supposed to be friends, well I could see where the Figure in The Eight of Cups would just want to get away. He may have reached that point when he realised that what he had been fighting for, possibly being delusional about the Ace of Wands, even thinking it was Upright instead of Reversed, was dead in the water and not worth fighting for any more. Painful emotions and serious disappointment, but enough self-respect left to understand that life cannot go on this way. As lonely the journey of The Moon can be, he will have the strength to do it. He must now distance himself from all the negativity.

      You mention the problems with trying to conceive a child and the Moon is tied in with female fertility and conception. I wonder though, as The Moon is Upright and The Ace of Wands is Reversed, could it point out that conception is not really the issue here as The Moon Upright generally suggests fertility and the ability to conceive. The Reversed Ace could very well be highlighting the main issue as you have mentioned above ‘sexually cut off’. The fire and passion is no longer there. Yes, The Reversed Ace can be a sign of impotency too but remember we are freestyle interpreting here, theorising, creating stories, dramas and plots around the Cards we are working with. We are running with stories and embellishing them.

      Well done.



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