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Four Fives of Minor Arcana – Question Time

Hello to all my Tarot Students Worldwide,

I have just finished compiling some questions on the Four Fives of the Minor Arcana.  These are the same Fives as posted by me on the 3rd of January,  the Re-worked Five of WandsFive of Cups, Five of Swords and Five of Pentacles.

You will also find these Questions in the Homework Section of Lesson 7 where they will be added to with further Questions on the Four Sixes (once Re-worked) and some General Questions from  Lesson 7 Content itself.  No need to rush.  Just take your time studying the Four Fives before attempting the Questions below.  There will be more Homework and Assignments posted in the coming weeks and months as Truly Teach Me Tarot becomes more complete and active.

Have Fun.

Brightest Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Test your Knowledge of The Four Fives of the Minor Arcana by working your way through the Questions and Assignments below.

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

  1. What do the Four Fives in the Tarot Represent?
  2. When a Five appears in a Reading is it generally welcomed? Is the Querant happy or relieved to see it?
  3. What do the Fives tend to cause?
  4. Why are the Fives unusual in comparison to the other cards when they Reverse?
  5. Which do you feel is better, an Upright Five or a Reversed Five? Explain
  6. When is a Reversed Five considered worse than an Upright Five?
  7. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, in which Sephira do the Fives reside?
  8. Astrologically, which planet does this Sephira correspond with? Can you explain the implications of this?
  9. Which Major Arcana Cards are the Four Fives linked to? Can you explain what their connections might be?
  10. What would two or more Fives appearing in a Reading suggest?
  11. What would a lack of Fives in a Reading Suggest?
  12. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Wands?
  13. Describe in your own words the scene in the Five of Wands.
  14. What effect does the scene have on you?
  15. What is there a lack of in the Five of Wands?
  16. Do you think the five people in the Five of Wands are getting badly hurt?
  17. Why do you think they might be enjoying themselves?
  18. Do you think these men have much in common? Discuss your answer.
  19. What might the individuals be trying to gain?
  20. If they are playing a game of sport, then who do they appear to be missing?
  21. Is it fair to say that these men may be very competitive?
  22. What must be these men be congratulated on?
  23. Do you think that this group is stable and the battle under control or could it get out of hand?
  24. What would this group be better off doing?
  25. What must you prepare for when the Five of Wands appears?
  26. What sort of day may you expect if you pull The Five of Wands for your Card of The Day?
  27. The Five of Wands can suggest a situation of too many? and too little? Why?
  28. Are the problems in the Five of Wands impossible to overcome?  Are they very serious?
  29. In a Career Reading, what might the Five of Wands suggest?
  30. Is the conflict and stress of The Five of Wands always from an external source?
  31. Give 6 Keywords for the Reversed Five of Wands.
  32. Explain what effect the Reversed Five of Wands may have on arguments, battles and conflict.
  33. What is noticeable about the legs of the five men in The Reversed Five of Wands? What might this suggest?
  34. Does the Reversal of The Five of Wands always mean that a situation is calming? What could also happen?
  35. Would there be much competition around when the Five of Wands Reverses?
  36. On a physical Level, what might the Reversed Five of Wands suggest after all the activity of the Upright?
  37. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Cups.
  38. Describe the scene in The Five of Cups. Try to detail every item in it and its symbolic relevance.
  39. What might the 3 upturned Cups represent?  What might be flowing from them?
  40. The Cloaked Figure in the imagery faces West. What does this symbolically represent?
  41. Is the Figure aware of the 2 Standing Cups behind him? Explain your answer
  42. How do The Cups experience the changes Five brings to their Suit?
  43. What is the Five of Cups associated with in a Reading?  Is it a welcomed card?
  44. The Figure in the Five of Cups looks very upset, traumatised and lost.  Can anything be saved in this situation or is all darkness and despair?
  45. What role will the Bridge in the background play when the Figure is ready to move on?
  46. What is there a tendency to hold in when the Five of Cups appears?
  47. Where does the figure tend to dwell on or live in the Five of Cups?
  48. Is it right for the Figure in the Five of Cups to stay where he is for a while or should he just forget about his loss and run fast over the bridge and forget about? Explain your answer.
  49. Why may the Figure be feeling Regret?
  50. The Five of Cups is often associated with death or bereavement and mourning.  Is the death always a physical one?
  51. What must we try to learn from the Five of Cups?
  52. Where is there a tendency to get stuck in when the Five of Cups appears?
  53. What is the connection between the Two Standing Cups and Legacies?
  54. In a Relationship, what might the Five of Cups suggest?
  55. What career might the Five of Cups represent?
  56. List 6 Keywords for The Five of Cups Reversed.
  57. Where does the Figure make his or her way to when the Five of Cups Reverses?
  58. What are they ready or prepared to do? What is it Time to do?
  59. What is the realisation that comes with the Reversed Five of Cups?
  60. What is the significance of the 2 Standing Cups in the Reversed Five of Cups?
  61. What is suggested that we open to, when The Five of Cups Reverses?
  62. Does The Five of Cups have any implications for you when researching your Family Tree or Ancestors?
  63. When it comes to Relationships, if you have been bereaved, separated or divorced what can you choose to do when the Five of Cups Reverses?
  64. “It is all Water Under the Bridge Now”.  Explain the relevance of this comment or saying when the Five of Cups Reverses.
  65. List 6 Keywords for the 5 of Swords
  66. Why is the Five of Swords a complicated card to interpret?
  67. Why is it important to determine which Figure you or the Querant identifies with?
  68. What can you do if you are unsure about which interpretation to allocate during a reading? Give 3 examples.
  69. Describe your reaction to this card when you viewed it for the first time.
  70. How would you describe the atmosphere in this card from the imagery alone?
  71. Describe the role the Swords play in this card, both held and on the ground.  What might they represent?
  72. Who looks to be in a position of power in this card? Do you think everyone is happy with this arrangement?
  73. How do you think the Figure in the position of power gained that status?
  74. Why is this card associated with the Bully Archetype?
  75. What possible positive action might the Main Figure in the Five of Swords be taking?
  76. In what way might the double-edged Sword cuts both ways?
  77. What do you think the Figures in the background are doing and what might they have grown tired of?
  78. Do you think it is a sign of weakness, to admit defeat, walk away or let go of a situation that you have battled over?
  79. If you could hear the Main Figure in the Five of Swords shouting back at the retreating Figures, what might he be saying?
  80. The Five of Swords is a Stage Card.  What implications does that bring with it to a Reading?
  81. Describe the look on the face of the Main Figure in the Five of Swords.
  82. The Main Figure in this Card carries 3 Swords. One we presume is his own.  Taking that into account there are 4 Swords remaining. 2 he holds, the other 2 are on the ground. However there are only 3 Figures depicted in the imagery.  What might this suggest?
  83. The Swords Suit deals with communication, through the spoken and written word along with intelligence, thought processes, mind-sets and attitudes.  How well do you think the 3 in this Card have communicated?
  84. Who might the 3 Figures in the Five of Swords represent?
  85. Do you think this is the final battle or might there be more to come?
  86. Do you think the apparent Victor of this battle has played fair?  You might have different theories about this so please explain.
  87. What must you prepare for when the Five of Swords appears in your Reading?
  88. What are you advised to do when the Five of Swords appears?
  89. Is the Five of Swords a positive card for the Querant if they are engaged in ongoing conflict or battle? Do they stand a good chance of winning?
  90. What must a Reader warn the Querant about if they are determined to battle to the bitter end?
  91. Why do Readers refer to the Five of Swords as a “no win situation” Card.
  92. Why would you be fearful for the safety of your Querant if the Five of Swords appeared alongside some of the following cards; the 8, 9, 10 of Swords, The Devil, Reversed Sword Courts?
  93. Are honesty and integrity linked to this card?
  94. In a Relationship Spread, what would the Five of Swords most likely represent?
  95. What sort of work environment might the Five of Swords represent?
  96. List 6 Keywords for the Reversed Five of Swords.
  97. Describe how the atmosphere might change in the Five of Swords when it reverses.
  98. Will you get everything you want when this Card Reverses are will you have to make some sacrifices?
  99. In what way do compromise and communication alter when The Five of Sword Reverses?
  100. What might those engaged in battle and ongoing conflict be prepared to do?
  101. With the Five of Swords Reversed, is complete reconciliation ever possible?
  102. What are parting couples advised to do when the Five of Swords Reverses?
  103. Because of the extreme nature of Reversed Cards, can the volatile situation in Upright Five become even worse when Reversed? Give examples of how this might occur.
  104. The Loss associated with the Upright Five can become immense and bring total ruin when it Reverses. True or False?  What would you need to do to determine your interpretation of such a situation?
  105. The Five of Swords Reversed can represent the aftermath of the Battle after the dust has settled.  What might those involved realise in the cold light of day?
  106. The Reversed Five of Swords in its extreme nature can suggest violence, a criminal act, rape or murder.  True or False? Where would you look to for help and further insight when interpreting such a situation?
  107. The Five of Swords Reversed is traditionally associated with funerals, mourning and remorse?  True or False
  108. The Reversed Five of Swords can relate to a dysfunctional childhood and upbringing. True or False
  109. The Reversed Five of Swords represents a psychologically balanced and mentally healthy individual. True or False
  110. Do you agree that the Five of Swords, whether Upright or Reversed, is a disturbing and difficult Card? Explain
  111. List 6 Keywords for The Five of Pentacles.
  112. After the Four of Pentacles, why do we find the scene in the Five of Pentacles so shocking?
  113. What sort of Loss and Change is associated with the Five of Pentacles?
  114. Describe in your own words, the scene depicted in The Five of Pentacles.
  115. Why might the Figures depicted be out in the snow and cold?
  116. Do you think the Figures are aware of each other on the road?
  117. Do the Figures appear to be making solid and rapid progress?
  118. The injured or crippled Figure is very symbolic.  Why?
  119. Do you think the Figure on crutches might be holding back the progress of the Figure in Front?
  120. If the Figure in front in trying to get away from the Crippled Figure behind, what might the Injured Figure symbolically represent? Use your imagination when attempting to answer.
  121. What might the stained glass window represent? Do you think the Figures have seen it? What does it suggest they remember?
  122. The Figures in the Five of Pentacles appear to have little belongings, except the scanty clothes they wear.  What might have happened to their belongings?
  123. In Health Related Readings, what does the Five of Pentacles suggest when it appears? What might you be neglecting?
  124. Besides the cold, snow, misery and loneliness, what might the Figures in this card also be suffering from to their own detriment?
  125. Do you think there is someone who could help or somewhere they could go?
  126. Describe Fear of Scarcity and how it could relate to the Five of Pentacles?
  127. Do you think that they might be painting a blacker picture of their predicament then how you would see it?
  128. What is your understanding of poverty and want in relation to your own life?
  129. During this time of Global Recession what might the Five of Pentacles represent if the Homeless Figures in the imagery once had financial security and possessions?
  130. If the Figures have never gone without before but now have to rely on social welfare assistance, how might they feel about themselves?
  131. The Five of Pentacles is traditionally associated with charity and how charitable we are to those less fortunate.  Why does this raise uncomfortable questions for some in a Reading?
  132. Why might the Figures consider themselves social outcasts or left out in the cold?
  133. What might the down and out Figures have to face about themselves and the circles they moved in when they were financially stable?
  134. Do you think the Figures in The Five of Pentacles would be welcomed into the house of everyone they know, should they go knocking on doors?
  135. What will the Figures in The Five of Pentacles realise about those who do invite them in?
  136. Can the dire circumstances of the Five of Pentacles be the catalyst for positive change in the lives and attitudes of the down and out Figures? Can their time of need eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise?
  137. In relationships what issues might the Five of Pentacles bring to couples?
  138. How might the Five of Pentacles represent the Single Parent or coping with a sick child or partner?
  139. In a Health Reading, why might the Five of Pentacles be a ‘Red Flag’? What should you not ignore?
  140. Describe the various struggles, The Five of Pentacles relates to?
  141. Because this is a Pentacle’s Card, what would the overriding issues be related to?
  142. What might be causing issues between couples and relationships when the Five of Pentacles appears?
  143. What sort of love can the Five of Pentacles represent other than conventional relationships?
  144. Looking at another aspect of the Five of Pentacles, if all doors are closed in their face and they have nowhere to go, why might this be?  What might they have done?
  145. In a Career Spread, what might the Five of Pentacles represent?
  146. In a Business Reading would the Querant be happy to see the Five of Pentacles? Explain.
  147. If you have been waiting for approval on a loan application or acceptance into a club or college, is the appearance of the Five of Pentacles is good sign?
  148. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Pentacles Reversed.
  149. What begins to happen when the Five of Pentacles Reverses?
  150. When the Five of Pentacles Reverses, how is the stained glass window now viewed? What does it resemble?
  151. What are the Figures in the Five of Pentacles prepared to look or ask for when it Reverses?
  152. The Five of Pentacles Reversed can mark a turning point.  How might this occur?
  153. In the Five of Pentacles Upright, progress was very slow in deed.  Do you think they will move forward rapidly when the Five of Pentacles Reverses? Explain your answer.
  154. The arrival of the Five of Pentacles Reversed may indicate the arrival of much-needed (    )? Fill in the blank.  Use more than one possibility.
  155. Besides charity, family, friends and practical support, what qualities do the Pentacles possess that may have carried them through the hard times?
  156. Will the Pentacles have learned from any mistakes they made or are they likely to find themselves in similar circumstances at some stage in the future?
  157. Do you think their own personal experiences may have changed their attitude to others in need?
  158. If the Figures had a falling-out with family or friends what might the Reversed Five of Pentacles suggest?
  159. Health wise, what might the Five of Pentacles suggest.  Give both extremes.  How will you determine which interpretation fits? What should you look to?
  160. In Relationships, what does the appearance of the Five of Pentacles Reversed suggest for a couple who have struggled through the hard times together? To the couple who discovered they had little else but money in common when they lost it?
  161. In a career Reading, The Five of Pentacles Reversed can suggest a return to work after a long period of unemployment.  True or False.
  162. For business owners, The Reversed Five of Pentacles can represent a rescue package or a business slowly beginning to recover.  True or False
  163. What might a Business Owner have to do to help his business recover and move forward?
  164. In the extreme aspect of this Reversed Card, greater loss, total ruin, deeper poverty, and deteriorating health may be indicated.  True or False.  Where would you look to, to support this interpretation?


Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot Part I

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