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Happy Holidays From Tarot World

Happy Holidays From Tarot World.


Upright and Reversed Fives – Training Exercise

How are The Fives of The Minor Arcana Influencing my Life Right Now?

NB: The Cards are deliberately Blanked Out to hide their identity but you might see the name of the Card if you hover the cursor over it.  Try your best not to look at the name so that your UNCONSCIOUS and not your conscious mind is doing the selecting.


  • What changes or upheavals are causing me the most stress at present?
  • What pain, trauma or conflict from my past is still exerting its influence over me?
  • What am I battling with?
  • What changes or potential changes in my life do I worry about most
  • Which area of my life should I be keeping an eye on right now.  Which is my blind side?
  • What am I learning from my difficulties?

Choose any of the above questions or one of your own and place your cursor over the Green Card Area Below.  You can also scan the area on the screen with your hands or finger to choose. Close your eyes and move the cursor/hand/finger around a bit, but not so far that you leave the Cards.  Concentrate on the question in mind and when you are ready, stop the cursor/hand/finger and keep it steady.  Then open your eyes and the Card the cursor/hand/finger is resting on is the Card for interpretation.  Just click on the Green Card you have selected to be brought directly to the Interpretation Page.  Read the Card Description along with the Upright Meaning and contemplate its relevance in your life. Don’t expect to find meaning in every aspect of the interpretation.  The necessary information will make itself known to you.  Be open to receiving honesty and guidance.

If you have missed the Cards, try again.  You can select more than one Card but not too many.  Along with the Four Fives Upright is a Blank Card.  Its interpretation is : Not Relevant/ Nothing/ Unsure/ Unformed/ Undecided/ Too Early To Tell/Not Ready. Use your intuition to decide which meaning is relevant.


Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card   Blank Card   Blank Card


  • Which difficult area/s of my life am I successfully overcoming?
  • Which aspect of me am I most open about?
  • In which area of my life am I open to change?
  • Which area of my life am I most stuck in and reluctant to change?
  • Am  I ready to move on in my life?
  • What have I learned from my recent past difficulties?

Choose any of the above questions or one of your own and place your cursor over the Green Card Area Below.  You can also scan the area on the screen with your hands or finger to choose. Close your eyes and move the cursor/hand/finger around a bit, but not so far that you leave the Cards.  Concentrate on the question in mind and when you are ready, stop the cursor/hand/finger and keep it steady.  Then open your eyes and the Card the cursor/hand/finger is resting on is the Card for interpretation.  Just click on the Green Card you have selected to be brought directly to the Interpretation Page.  Read the Card Description along with the Reversed Meaning and contemplate its relevance in your life. Don’t expect to find meaning in every aspect of the interpretation.  The necessary information will make itself known to you.  Be open to receiving honesty and guidance.

If you have missed the Cards, try again.  You can select more than one Card but not too many.  Along with the Four Fives Reversed is a Blank Card.  Its interpretation is : Not Relevant/ Nothing/ Unsure/ Unformed/ Undecided/ Too Early To Tell. Use your intuition to decide which meaning is relevant.


Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card   Blank Card   Blank Card
The Five (V) of Wands   The Five (V) of Cups  The Five (V) of Swords  The Five (V) of Pentacles Back to Lesson 7

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Looking For Love Spread – Interpretation

As promised, here is the Interpretation to the Practice Reading Posted on the 9th of January 2013.  I hope you enjoyed applying yourself to this Reading.  You can also find this Spread and Interpretation in the Practice Reading Section on the Menu.

See you Soon,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Looking For Love Spread – Interpretation

5 of Swords Reversed

Base Card  – 5 of Swords Rx

2 Wands Rx                                                                 2 of Cups Upright

Card 2 – 2 of Wands Rx                             Card 6 – 2 of Cups

4 of Swords Upright                        Ace of Cups

  Card 3 – 4 of Swords       Card 4 –  Ace of Cups

  3 of Pentacles Upright                                                              3 of Cups Upright

Card 1 – 3 of Pentacles                             Card 5 –  3 of Cups

Base Card – Gives background information.

Card 1 – What are the underlying causes that have prevented or blocked you from meeting your perfect partner?

Card 2 – What can you do to make the necessary changes or overcome the issues in revealed in card 1?

Card 3 – What is the best step to take right now in order to find your perfect partner?

Card 4 – Who would be the most suitable partner for me?

Card 5 –  Where am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

Card 6 – When am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?


Reader – Your Base Card shows me that you have been through a very difficult time of late.  A lot of stresses in the past but you are coming out of it. I do think that it will be a slow progress as I feel you have been cut to the very core and hurt badly. I feel you may possibly be mourning some form of loss and even recovering from injury of some sort. Injury could be on any level; physical, emotional or psychological. This may be you or someone close to you, but I do sense that others have been involved. I feel a lot of aggression and conflict here but I may be wrong as this Card holds other meanings. However, I am zooming in on this area. If you do not relate to this or find it hard to understand, I could pull an extra couple of Cards to gain further insight.

Querant –  No, it’s okay, I think I know what it refers to and yes, things haven’t been great. I lost my sister tragically but I do not really wish to speak about it at the moment. I find it too difficult. I suppose, I’m not yet ready to deal with it.

Reader – Okay, I understand completely and I am very sorry to hear that news. However, because this Card is turning up it does bring its energy and influence into the issues or area we are seeking guidance on even if you think it is a separate issue.  You seek a deep meaningful Relationship so the very presence of this Card implies that it affecting or influencing your ability to draw love to yourself.  For the moment let us move on.  Card 1 is showing me here the reasons behind your lack of success or ability to find your perfect partner at. The Three of Pentacles coming in here would suggest that at present and for some time you have been very diligent and engrossed in building a career for yourself or perhaps study. I feel you may have been and still are putting all your efforts into a long term goal, keeping your head down and working very hard. I don’t believe that you really have much free time to devote to socialising or romance even though you are here asking in this area. I get a sense that your priorities lie with your work or study at present even though on the surface you do desire romance. I feel you may also be keeping yourself as busy as you can with work or study to distract you from your grief. Does this make any sense to you?

Querant – Well, if I am honest I suppose that is true. I am working very hard at setting up my own business at the moment. I am also studying for exams in four subjects. I certainly do have a long term goal and am exhaustingly working towards it. I do realise that I am not really putting myself out there, because I am putting my head in books instead. Since I lost my sister I haven’t let up. In fact I think I am working so hard that I don’t give myself time to think. I was kind of hoping that love would come knocking at my door.

Reader – Well, that Card does make sense then. Let us look at Card 2 and see how you can deal with this. The Two of wands Reversed indicates in this situation that you long for intimacy, long for a change, long for something to take you out of the dreariness of your life and also your feelings. You desire change on a deep level but at present are too apathetic and lethargic in yourself to make the necessary changes.  I sense a deep loneliness and feelings of isolation.  Your study and work helps distract you by keeping you operating on automatic and gives you a perfect excuse for not making any changes at present.

You may be expecting too much too soon under the circumstances. Your world indeed has appeared to close in on you and there is a sense of entrapment here. You may feel a slave to all you have created including your ambitions and study. You desire change and freedom yet fear of the unknown and fear of change paralyses you to the extent that you are finding it impossible to make any decision for the best at present so you just keep doing what you are doing.

There is a sense that you feel like running away, just upping and going but fear holds you back. You may feel that a change of scenery or location will drive all the pain away, a fresh start in a way. Where you possibly thinking of moving far away before you lost your sister? Seeking a new life? I think your loss has somehow sapped you of your normal sense of adventure and excitement.  I think at present that you are not strong enough in yourself to make any rash decisions or any monumental changes in your life. Now is not the time to go. You must face up to your life and come to terms with your losses otherwise you may make a decision that you will regret in time to come. Your grief will follow you wherever you go, so it is best to deal with it on familiar territory first before setting off on any voyages.  Your work and study are probably holding you together and giving you a reason to get out of bed every day but they cannot be used as crutches indefinitely.

Querant – Well, you have it in a nutshell there.  I had been planning to take a year out to travel around the world with a few friends. I knew my sister was having problems but didn’t realise how serious they were.  I had saved like crazy for the last five years and the plan was to travel and work our way around the world before returning home to gain the necessary qualifications in order to set up my business. Two weeks before I was due to go, my sister died and of course under the circumstances my world fell apart and so did my plans for travel. My friends went on without me. Indeed my world has closed in on me as all I see are the four walls of my house, my books and laptop. My friends keep in touch on Facebook and Skype.  They are expecting me to join them when I finish my exams, but I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t imagine leaving my home right now. This is where my memories are and this is where I feel safe. I used to be such an impulsive and spontaneous person. I was always up for an adventure, but I have changed and I am filled with fear and dread of anything new or different. That is why; I suppose I just keep on working so hard. However, part of me feels that I just want to run away and forget everything, but deep down I know that it won’t solve anything. I know I would ruin it for my friends if I was to join them right now as they would be worried about me constantly.  The cards are right, I need to overcome all my insecurities and deal with my grief before I can rejoin normal life again.


Reader – You are a very wise and brave girl. I know you are looking for love but first you have to deal with and overcome your grief otherwise you will bring it into a new relationship and a new relationship may not be strong enough to deal with this. At present you are not yourself from what you tell me and there is a chance that you may go for a partner for all the wrong reasons only to find down the road that he is not the right person for you.

Querant – Yes, I think I knew that before I came here. I suppose I am trying to put a Band-Aid on my heart at present. I would probably be a mess in a relationship if my head is anything to go by.

Reader – Let us move on and look at what positive steps you could take to overcome or deal with the issues exposed in Card 2. In Card 3 we have the Four of Swords and it is telling me that you really need to take things easy. You are working very hard but you are not giving the essential time to deal with all the stress in your life. A word of caution comes with this card. If you don’t take time out now to gather your thoughts and physically rest you run the risk of having a breakdown of some sort, be it physical or nervous. Now is not the time to try to get out there and hit the dating game. You are mentally and emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed with life at present and all that has happened.  Trying to do this will only bring further problems upon you as new relationships can be initially quite stressful and demanding. In fact I would suggest you withdraw from any activities that are too demanding on you in order to stabilise and recuperate.

Some time spent pursuing activities such as meditation, relaxation classes, counselling and even bereavement counselling will be of enormous benefit to you and will give you the serenity and release you need at present.  It will also give you the strength to return to the normal world when the time is right. By all means continue with your studies and business plans but now is not the right time to pursue a hectic social life or seek a deep and meaningful relationship. If not, you run the risk of bringing a lot of emotional baggage into any relationship you may get involved in.

Querant – It makes sense I suppose. I am probably idealising a perfect world for myself and a perfect partner where we all live happily ever after. I just want to feel happy. Do you think I will ever feel carefree again?

Reader – Of course but you are on a journey at the moment that cannot be rushed.  Your desires are perfectly normal especially after what you have had to deal with.  You just want to wave a magic wand and conjure up utopia, a place where you don’t have to worry and have someone there for you who will be eager to wipe away your pain.

Querant – True, oh how true. I suppose I might as well dream here as in bed. In relation to counselling I saw a notice in my local newspaper advertising grief counselling. It is one-to-one for a while and then you have the option of joining on a group basis. It is funny, I normally hate all that sort of stuff but I found myself taking down the number the other day before I threw out the paper. It is still sitting at home on the kitchen table. Maybe I should try it out and see if it is of any help?  I suppose it once at least. I feel very isolated and unable to communicate my feelings with normal people at present. Ha, I am listening to myself now and here was me thinking I would be able to communicate with a new partner!

Reader – Excellent, I really think it will be worth a try. At least once as you say. I think we are really getting to the heart of the matter here and although painful, quite necessary under the circumstances. Let us now look at who Mr. Right could be.

Card 4 brings us the Ace of Cups and this is a lovely card for it heralds a new beginning, a new sense of happiness in your life but as it is description of the right person for you I would suggest that the perfect partner for you is someone who is very balanced and at peace with himself. This person is a joy to be around, considerate of your feelings, happy within himself and loves from the heart. This man will definitely be a true romantic and will adore you. He glows with an inner contentment. He gives love unconditionally and has enough to go around without depleting his own source. He will be very spiritual in himself. Gentle and quiet in nature he will instil confidence and self-esteem in you.  He may very well be quite creative or even artistic. You will know this person as soon as you see him.

Normally in a Reading we would look for a Court Card to represent a person but that does not always happen.  Perhaps it is for the best, for if you know too much, as in age or sun sign you may block the potential to meet the right man by unconsciously holding certain descriptive criteria.  It is best to let it evolve naturally.  The Ace of Cups is a very healthy Card and I feel that this man has had a wonderful loving upbringing and is surrounded by a strong supportive family who will be happy to welcome you into the fold.

This man may not be the normal type you go for but then again when you are ready to return to the world and put yourself back out there, you too will have changed. You will have a different outlook on life, have different priorities and needs. This man will meet them all and be very supportive of you. This relationship would be truly blessed. He will immediately put you at ease and extremely comfortable in his company. Romantic dinners in intimate restaurants or at home by the fireside, weekends away by the sea tucked up in a little old cottage or being whisked away to a magnificent castle would be his idea of a good time. He will restore your faith in life. He will herald the beginning of a very emotionally fulfilling time for you.

Querant – I can almost picture him. It is funny because normally I like to travel a lot and am always looking for a bit of excitement or adventure.  I usually go for guys who share that same view. However, whereas I seek commitment and stability in the midst of all the excitement, the men I have been involved with always seem to get restless and are eager to move on after a year max. This always leaves me depressed and insecure in myself. Maybe I have been barking up the wrong tree all this time.

Reader – You see you are already beginning to explore other possibilities. That is good. The Ace of Cups man will be happy to settle down and will even be eager to start a family. If that is what you want, it is a very positive sign indeed.

So let us move on to where you are most likely to meet this man of your dreams in Position 5. The 3 of Cups sees you rejoining the social scene and getting out and about. There is celebration here and a strong sense of rewards for hard work done. I feel this return to mainstream life will coincide with the completion of your studies and the successful launch of your business.  I see family and friends coming together as well and even a reunion with your friends who are overseas at present. Everyone is happy for you and toasting your return to life. I see many occasions for getting out and about and lots of invitations flooding in. There may indeed be new circles of friends entering your life and these could be people you met as a result of joining a counselling group or meditation classes. I do believe that you will first encounter this man on one of these occasions.

Querant – Well I better start getting to bed early in preparation for all the party time ahead. Mind you, the thoughts of it right now leave me exhausted. I would be a real party pooper at present. The real life and soul of the party? I think not!

Reader – And that brings me nicely to the final card, Card 6 which deals with when you are most likely to meet this man. The Two of Cups coming in here again gives me three Cups in a row so far and is a far cry from the earlier cards. The Two of Cups brings balance, harmony and equality in a relationship. It brings a genuine offer of love and commitment. The Two demands balance and equilibrium and because it is a Cups Card then this Two suggests that when you have arrived at a state of inner balance and harmony within yourself, you will be in the right position to meet your partner eye to eye and on equal footing. Only then will you have something of worth to offer and also equally be in a position to receive all that your partner has to offer in return. When you have arrived at a stage when you know that you seek union not just to make you feel better or to lean on someone, but rather to enhance your life and to share the joy and love that is within you, then you will know that the time is right.

I believe the bond you had with your sister was very strong and her death left you feeling as though you had lost half of your soul.  The Two of Cups suggests that although no one will ever be able to take her place, you will have the chance to develop a very close and intimate relationship with someone else.

Cups also represent the summer, a time of joy and abundance. The card being a Two may represent the second day, week or month of summer so be very observant around this time and open to chance encounters.

There is a wonderful feeling about this Card. I do believe that this man is out there right now and at present making his own journey in life, yet slowly but surely, the distance between you narrows by the day.  You are both making your way towards the same destination but at this point in time are not yet aware of each other.  The Universe is conspiring to arrange that first encounter and it will feel just perfect when it happens.

Finishing Off

If you look diagonally across the Card Spread in front of you, you can see how the imbalance of the Two of Wands Reversed is stabilised in the Two of Cups. The Three of Pentacles gives you the drive and determination to overcome all the bad times but it is the time spent in The Four of Swords that acts as the gateway or bridge to inner happiness, release and Freedom.  It is the stabilising force that is necessary to access all that the Cups have to offer. It is very important to reflect on this Card if you wish to move forward in your life and be happy.  Many try to bypass this stage of recuperation, adjustment and introspection. They keep their head down and just hope for the best.  They usually manage to keep going but as soon as any of their stressor triggers are pressed, they regress into their damaged self and behave accordingly.

Querant –  I understand perfectly what you are saying. To think I was frightened to come for this Reading and was going to cancel it yesterday.  I am so relieved I didn’t. Thank you so much. Hearing the truth is not always nice but I can see now that I was looking for a partner to make me feel better about myself and to take away the loneliness and deep loss I feel.  I know now what I have to do and for the moment I will not focus too much in the area of relationships except that of the one I have with myself.  I will continue with my plans and study as that keeps me grounded and gives me a reason for getting up each day. I will also have to come to terms with the fact that I may need some outside help to deal with my feelings at the moment. The idea of meditation or yoga appeals to me so I will look into that.  I haven’t been minding what I eat for the last while so I think a change in diet might be on the cards too. Some healthy and nutritional eating for a change I am sure would help. I suppose there is no point asking how long this is going to take as I am the only one who can answer that question. Thank you very much for helping me focus and see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I now have something lovely to think about when I go to bed at night and I am suddenly looking forward to the future and all that it may bring.      

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Four Fives of Minor Arcana – Question Time

Hello to all my Tarot Students Worldwide,

I have just finished compiling some questions on the Four Fives of the Minor Arcana.  These are the same Fives as posted by me on the 3rd of January,  the Re-worked Five of WandsFive of Cups, Five of Swords and Five of Pentacles.

You will also find these Questions in the Homework Section of Lesson 7 where they will be added to with further Questions on the Four Sixes (once Re-worked) and some General Questions from  Lesson 7 Content itself.  No need to rush.  Just take your time studying the Four Fives before attempting the Questions below.  There will be more Homework and Assignments posted in the coming weeks and months as Truly Teach Me Tarot becomes more complete and active.

Have Fun.

Brightest Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)

Test your Knowledge of The Four Fives of the Minor Arcana by working your way through the Questions and Assignments below.

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

  1. What do the Four Fives in the Tarot Represent?
  2. When a Five appears in a Reading is it generally welcomed? Is the Querant happy or relieved to see it?
  3. What do the Fives tend to cause?
  4. Why are the Fives unusual in comparison to the other cards when they Reverse?
  5. Which do you feel is better, an Upright Five or a Reversed Five? Explain
  6. When is a Reversed Five considered worse than an Upright Five?
  7. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, in which Sephira do the Fives reside?
  8. Astrologically, which planet does this Sephira correspond with? Can you explain the implications of this?
  9. Which Major Arcana Cards are the Four Fives linked to? Can you explain what their connections might be?
  10. What would two or more Fives appearing in a Reading suggest?
  11. What would a lack of Fives in a Reading Suggest?
  12. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Wands?
  13. Describe in your own words the scene in the Five of Wands.
  14. What effect does the scene have on you?
  15. What is there a lack of in the Five of Wands?
  16. Do you think the five people in the Five of Wands are getting badly hurt?
  17. Why do you think they might be enjoying themselves?
  18. Do you think these men have much in common? Discuss your answer.
  19. What might the individuals be trying to gain?
  20. If they are playing a game of sport, then who do they appear to be missing?
  21. Is it fair to say that these men may be very competitive?
  22. What must be these men be congratulated on?
  23. Do you think that this group is stable and the battle under control or could it get out of hand?
  24. What would this group be better off doing?
  25. What must you prepare for when the Five of Wands appears?
  26. What sort of day may you expect if you pull The Five of Wands for your Card of The Day?
  27. The Five of Wands can suggest a situation of too many? and too little? Why?
  28. Are the problems in the Five of Wands impossible to overcome?  Are they very serious?
  29. In a Career Reading, what might the Five of Wands suggest?
  30. Is the conflict and stress of The Five of Wands always from an external source?
  31. Give 6 Keywords for the Reversed Five of Wands.
  32. Explain what effect the Reversed Five of Wands may have on arguments, battles and conflict.
  33. What is noticeable about the legs of the five men in The Reversed Five of Wands? What might this suggest?
  34. Does the Reversal of The Five of Wands always mean that a situation is calming? What could also happen?
  35. Would there be much competition around when the Five of Wands Reverses?
  36. On a physical Level, what might the Reversed Five of Wands suggest after all the activity of the Upright?
  37. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Cups.
  38. Describe the scene in The Five of Cups. Try to detail every item in it and its symbolic relevance.
  39. What might the 3 upturned Cups represent?  What might be flowing from them?
  40. The Cloaked Figure in the imagery faces West. What does this symbolically represent?
  41. Is the Figure aware of the 2 Standing Cups behind him? Explain your answer
  42. How do The Cups experience the changes Five brings to their Suit?
  43. What is the Five of Cups associated with in a Reading?  Is it a welcomed card?
  44. The Figure in the Five of Cups looks very upset, traumatised and lost.  Can anything be saved in this situation or is all darkness and despair?
  45. What role will the Bridge in the background play when the Figure is ready to move on?
  46. What is there a tendency to hold in when the Five of Cups appears?
  47. Where does the figure tend to dwell on or live in the Five of Cups?
  48. Is it right for the Figure in the Five of Cups to stay where he is for a while or should he just forget about his loss and run fast over the bridge and forget about? Explain your answer.
  49. Why may the Figure be feeling Regret?
  50. The Five of Cups is often associated with death or bereavement and mourning.  Is the death always a physical one?
  51. What must we try to learn from the Five of Cups?
  52. Where is there a tendency to get stuck in when the Five of Cups appears?
  53. What is the connection between the Two Standing Cups and Legacies?
  54. In a Relationship, what might the Five of Cups suggest?
  55. What career might the Five of Cups represent?
  56. List 6 Keywords for The Five of Cups Reversed.
  57. Where does the Figure make his or her way to when the Five of Cups Reverses?
  58. What are they ready or prepared to do? What is it Time to do?
  59. What is the realisation that comes with the Reversed Five of Cups?
  60. What is the significance of the 2 Standing Cups in the Reversed Five of Cups?
  61. What is suggested that we open to, when The Five of Cups Reverses?
  62. Does The Five of Cups have any implications for you when researching your Family Tree or Ancestors?
  63. When it comes to Relationships, if you have been bereaved, separated or divorced what can you choose to do when the Five of Cups Reverses?
  64. “It is all Water Under the Bridge Now”.  Explain the relevance of this comment or saying when the Five of Cups Reverses.
  65. List 6 Keywords for the 5 of Swords
  66. Why is the Five of Swords a complicated card to interpret?
  67. Why is it important to determine which Figure you or the Querant identifies with?
  68. What can you do if you are unsure about which interpretation to allocate during a reading? Give 3 examples.
  69. Describe your reaction to this card when you viewed it for the first time.
  70. How would you describe the atmosphere in this card from the imagery alone?
  71. Describe the role the Swords play in this card, both held and on the ground.  What might they represent?
  72. Who looks to be in a position of power in this card? Do you think everyone is happy with this arrangement?
  73. How do you think the Figure in the position of power gained that status?
  74. Why is this card associated with the Bully Archetype?
  75. What possible positive action might the Main Figure in the Five of Swords be taking?
  76. In what way might the double-edged Sword cuts both ways?
  77. What do you think the Figures in the background are doing and what might they have grown tired of?
  78. Do you think it is a sign of weakness, to admit defeat, walk away or let go of a situation that you have battled over?
  79. If you could hear the Main Figure in the Five of Swords shouting back at the retreating Figures, what might he be saying?
  80. The Five of Swords is a Stage Card.  What implications does that bring with it to a Reading?
  81. Describe the look on the face of the Main Figure in the Five of Swords.
  82. The Main Figure in this Card carries 3 Swords. One we presume is his own.  Taking that into account there are 4 Swords remaining. 2 he holds, the other 2 are on the ground. However there are only 3 Figures depicted in the imagery.  What might this suggest?
  83. The Swords Suit deals with communication, through the spoken and written word along with intelligence, thought processes, mind-sets and attitudes.  How well do you think the 3 in this Card have communicated?
  84. Who might the 3 Figures in the Five of Swords represent?
  85. Do you think this is the final battle or might there be more to come?
  86. Do you think the apparent Victor of this battle has played fair?  You might have different theories about this so please explain.
  87. What must you prepare for when the Five of Swords appears in your Reading?
  88. What are you advised to do when the Five of Swords appears?
  89. Is the Five of Swords a positive card for the Querant if they are engaged in ongoing conflict or battle? Do they stand a good chance of winning?
  90. What must a Reader warn the Querant about if they are determined to battle to the bitter end?
  91. Why do Readers refer to the Five of Swords as a “no win situation” Card.
  92. Why would you be fearful for the safety of your Querant if the Five of Swords appeared alongside some of the following cards; the 8, 9, 10 of Swords, The Devil, Reversed Sword Courts?
  93. Are honesty and integrity linked to this card?
  94. In a Relationship Spread, what would the Five of Swords most likely represent?
  95. What sort of work environment might the Five of Swords represent?
  96. List 6 Keywords for the Reversed Five of Swords.
  97. Describe how the atmosphere might change in the Five of Swords when it reverses.
  98. Will you get everything you want when this Card Reverses are will you have to make some sacrifices?
  99. In what way do compromise and communication alter when The Five of Sword Reverses?
  100. What might those engaged in battle and ongoing conflict be prepared to do?
  101. With the Five of Swords Reversed, is complete reconciliation ever possible?
  102. What are parting couples advised to do when the Five of Swords Reverses?
  103. Because of the extreme nature of Reversed Cards, can the volatile situation in Upright Five become even worse when Reversed? Give examples of how this might occur.
  104. The Loss associated with the Upright Five can become immense and bring total ruin when it Reverses. True or False?  What would you need to do to determine your interpretation of such a situation?
  105. The Five of Swords Reversed can represent the aftermath of the Battle after the dust has settled.  What might those involved realise in the cold light of day?
  106. The Reversed Five of Swords in its extreme nature can suggest violence, a criminal act, rape or murder.  True or False? Where would you look to for help and further insight when interpreting such a situation?
  107. The Five of Swords Reversed is traditionally associated with funerals, mourning and remorse?  True or False
  108. The Reversed Five of Swords can relate to a dysfunctional childhood and upbringing. True or False
  109. The Reversed Five of Swords represents a psychologically balanced and mentally healthy individual. True or False
  110. Do you agree that the Five of Swords, whether Upright or Reversed, is a disturbing and difficult Card? Explain
  111. List 6 Keywords for The Five of Pentacles.
  112. After the Four of Pentacles, why do we find the scene in the Five of Pentacles so shocking?
  113. What sort of Loss and Change is associated with the Five of Pentacles?
  114. Describe in your own words, the scene depicted in The Five of Pentacles.
  115. Why might the Figures depicted be out in the snow and cold?
  116. Do you think the Figures are aware of each other on the road?
  117. Do the Figures appear to be making solid and rapid progress?
  118. The injured or crippled Figure is very symbolic.  Why?
  119. Do you think the Figure on crutches might be holding back the progress of the Figure in Front?
  120. If the Figure in front in trying to get away from the Crippled Figure behind, what might the Injured Figure symbolically represent? Use your imagination when attempting to answer.
  121. What might the stained glass window represent? Do you think the Figures have seen it? What does it suggest they remember?
  122. The Figures in the Five of Pentacles appear to have little belongings, except the scanty clothes they wear.  What might have happened to their belongings?
  123. In Health Related Readings, what does the Five of Pentacles suggest when it appears? What might you be neglecting?
  124. Besides the cold, snow, misery and loneliness, what might the Figures in this card also be suffering from to their own detriment?
  125. Do you think there is someone who could help or somewhere they could go?
  126. Describe Fear of Scarcity and how it could relate to the Five of Pentacles?
  127. Do you think that they might be painting a blacker picture of their predicament then how you would see it?
  128. What is your understanding of poverty and want in relation to your own life?
  129. During this time of Global Recession what might the Five of Pentacles represent if the Homeless Figures in the imagery once had financial security and possessions?
  130. If the Figures have never gone without before but now have to rely on social welfare assistance, how might they feel about themselves?
  131. The Five of Pentacles is traditionally associated with charity and how charitable we are to those less fortunate.  Why does this raise uncomfortable questions for some in a Reading?
  132. Why might the Figures consider themselves social outcasts or left out in the cold?
  133. What might the down and out Figures have to face about themselves and the circles they moved in when they were financially stable?
  134. Do you think the Figures in The Five of Pentacles would be welcomed into the house of everyone they know, should they go knocking on doors?
  135. What will the Figures in The Five of Pentacles realise about those who do invite them in?
  136. Can the dire circumstances of the Five of Pentacles be the catalyst for positive change in the lives and attitudes of the down and out Figures? Can their time of need eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise?
  137. In relationships what issues might the Five of Pentacles bring to couples?
  138. How might the Five of Pentacles represent the Single Parent or coping with a sick child or partner?
  139. In a Health Reading, why might the Five of Pentacles be a ‘Red Flag’? What should you not ignore?
  140. Describe the various struggles, The Five of Pentacles relates to?
  141. Because this is a Pentacle’s Card, what would the overriding issues be related to?
  142. What might be causing issues between couples and relationships when the Five of Pentacles appears?
  143. What sort of love can the Five of Pentacles represent other than conventional relationships?
  144. Looking at another aspect of the Five of Pentacles, if all doors are closed in their face and they have nowhere to go, why might this be?  What might they have done?
  145. In a Career Spread, what might the Five of Pentacles represent?
  146. In a Business Reading would the Querant be happy to see the Five of Pentacles? Explain.
  147. If you have been waiting for approval on a loan application or acceptance into a club or college, is the appearance of the Five of Pentacles is good sign?
  148. List 6 Keywords for the Five of Pentacles Reversed.
  149. What begins to happen when the Five of Pentacles Reverses?
  150. When the Five of Pentacles Reverses, how is the stained glass window now viewed? What does it resemble?
  151. What are the Figures in the Five of Pentacles prepared to look or ask for when it Reverses?
  152. The Five of Pentacles Reversed can mark a turning point.  How might this occur?
  153. In the Five of Pentacles Upright, progress was very slow in deed.  Do you think they will move forward rapidly when the Five of Pentacles Reverses? Explain your answer.
  154. The arrival of the Five of Pentacles Reversed may indicate the arrival of much-needed (    )? Fill in the blank.  Use more than one possibility.
  155. Besides charity, family, friends and practical support, what qualities do the Pentacles possess that may have carried them through the hard times?
  156. Will the Pentacles have learned from any mistakes they made or are they likely to find themselves in similar circumstances at some stage in the future?
  157. Do you think their own personal experiences may have changed their attitude to others in need?
  158. If the Figures had a falling-out with family or friends what might the Reversed Five of Pentacles suggest?
  159. Health wise, what might the Five of Pentacles suggest.  Give both extremes.  How will you determine which interpretation fits? What should you look to?
  160. In Relationships, what does the appearance of the Five of Pentacles Reversed suggest for a couple who have struggled through the hard times together? To the couple who discovered they had little else but money in common when they lost it?
  161. In a career Reading, The Five of Pentacles Reversed can suggest a return to work after a long period of unemployment.  True or False.
  162. For business owners, The Reversed Five of Pentacles can represent a rescue package or a business slowly beginning to recover.  True or False
  163. What might a Business Owner have to do to help his business recover and move forward?
  164. In the extreme aspect of this Reversed Card, greater loss, total ruin, deeper poverty, and deteriorating health may be indicated.  True or False.  Where would you look to, to support this interpretation?


Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot Part I

The Four Fives of The Minor Arcana – Now Re-Worked

Happy New Year to all My Tarot Students & Enthusiasts,

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

2013 is now upon us and we must all look to the future for 2012 has moved frimly into the past.  For many, the last year has been happy and stable, with life, work, family and relationships continuing as normal.  However, for others the last year has brought change and some of this change may have been unexpected and possibly unwelcome.  For others, the year may have been a mix and might have left a bitter/sweet taste behind in its wake. Others may have felt it was boring and too predictable.  I myself experienced much change, some good, some natural and the rest, unfortunately traumatic.

The Year 2012 carried the Universal Year Number of 5.  In numerology, 5 is a number of chaos, conflict, upheaval and change.  In Year 5, we can expect the unexpected and to be hit by many curve balls.  As we open our mind to all that has occurred in the world in the last year we can see the havoc that the energy of 5 has wreaked on so many of us.  It has been felt on both a personal and global level. However, the last two digits of 2012 equal 3 ( 1+2=3) so after a difficult period of time we often experience a personal growth and greater spiritual depth. The 2 preceding these numbers 2+0=2 suggests that it could go one way or another for us or that we can choose to grow or not to.

In 2012, I turned 50, which is a big milestone for most of us. I didn’t mind being 50 but was amazed at how fast the years have flown by.  2012 also found me deciding to hand down and pass on my knowledge of the Tarot through my course Truly Teach Me Tarot.  I know there is much work  still to be done but I never ever thought I would get this far and also had no idea that it would attract so many visitors and viewers as it has brilliantly done since I first started posting in June.  On December the 10th, five years after the death of my 11-year-old son Conor, from cancer, we put a Christmas tree up to celebrate his memory and anniversary. It was also a symbol of our enduring strength throughout sadness and loss.  It was our first Christmas tree since 2006.  So, yes, these were very positive and encouraging changes for me. They were also a sign that I was making progress in my life and doing something with it rather than wallowing in the past and all that I had lost.

However, I also had to face many unwelcome changes and some that are still ongoing.  In 2012 I had to deal with personal health issues and surgery.  2012 also brought the death of two of my oldest and most dear cats, O’Malley and Morgan within a few months of each other. We laid them to rest under the Weeping Willow in the back garden.  One of my closest friends had to endure terrible tragedy in her family which impacted on all of us.  Then, only as recently as November, I lost my wonderful brother-in-law to a  cancer which struck out of the blue and took him so fast.  We are all still reeling from the shock of so many traumas but life and experience have taught me that we are stronger than we think and must never let our spirit be broken.  There is always something to live and fight for.

So, as we enter the year 2013, the Universal Year Number 6, we might all heave a sigh of relieve for 6 is a number of harmony, balance and peace.  It brings a calming after the storm and the chance to catch our breath and regain stability once more.  It is also a year for focusing on the family and the beauty of all our blessings.  It does not mean that we shall never experience change or challenge again but it does give us time to heal and to show solidarity with the rest of the world in regards to important humanitarian matters and issues. We must learn from our loss and not let it destroy us.

It is a very appropriate time to re-introduce the Four Fives of The Minor ArcanaThe Five of Wands, The Five of Cups, The Five of Swords and The Five of Pentacles .  You will find these cards in Lesson 7. Each card will give us the opportunity to reflect on any unpleasant changes or incidents that may have come to pass in 2012.  We shall see how the individual Suits cope and deal with change, stress, loss and trauma. In doing so, we may learn a thing or two about our own reactions to certain situations and our ability to cope during difficult times.

I have been re-working and re-writing these four cards for the last month or so and they are now ready for viewing.  Before clicking on the individual cards, please read the Fives Intro Page to learn more about what the Fives mean in Tarot Reading.

Homework and Sample Card Readings will be uploaded in the next couple of days and then I will begin on re-working the Four Sixes.

The Fives Intro

5 of Wands Upright  5 of Cups Upright 5 of Swords Upright 5 of Pentacles Upright

Please Click on the Individual Images below to go directly to Card Page

I do hope you enjoy reading the detailed description and interpretation of each Card and trust your knowledge of the Tarot is growing and growing.

See you soon,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)