Tarot Artist & Deck Creator Interviews -Starting January 2018

Upcoming Tarot Artist Interviews – January 2018

  julie-cuccia-watts- and-odessa-sawyer-and-sarah-wheatley

Following on from compiling the amazing collection of tarot artwork for my article on The High Priestess – Relationships, Love & Sex Associations, I was left intrigued and curious about the artists behind such work and where their inspiration comes from. Deck Reviews are very common these days, with numerous online tarot influencers showcasing what’s new and hot in  the world of tarot. Not too often do we get the chance to meet the artists, creators, and designers of these decks to chat about what inspired them to take on the arduous task of creating a deck of tarot. Rarely do we get the opportunity to put questions to these creators. We might want to know where their ideas come from, what their involvement with tarot is, how long it took them to settle on a theme, look, or style. We marvel at the intensity of imagery and detail in certain decks of tarot, and many of us cannot comprehend the process that goes into creating them. Where does the artist start? How long does it take? Do they need to be tarot experts? What message do they wish to convey in the imagery? How much of their own personality,  life experience and soul are reflected in their decks? If the deck is very personal, does the artist find the creation of it cathartic, or emotionally draining? Is it a means of telling their own story through the cloaked medium of tarot with its images, mysticism and symbols? Which cards do they most identify with? Which are they most proud of?  For the tarot enthusiasts who have toyed with the idea of creating their own deck one day, what advice would these established deck creators give, what lessons have they learned, and what pitfalls can be avoided?

With all this in mind I decided to approach a few tarot artists and deck designers with a view to securing a written interview to share with all my followers and site visitors. To be honest, I was unsure of how my request would be received by such talented and busy persons, so I was thrilled when their prompt positive responses popped into my inbox. To date, Odessa Sawyer (Stunning Major Arcana Collection), Julie Cuccia Watts (The compelling Maat, Ancestral Path, Journey Into Egypt, & Blue Moon Tarot Decks), and Sarah Wheatley (The exquisitely detailed Asherah Tarot Deck) have all kindly agreed to take part in a written interview.

For the interviews I will be compiling a list of relevant questions with a view to going behind the scenes with these artists. However, I am looking for your  help too.  I want to involve all of you in putting the best questions together. Therefore, I would be thrilled if any of you would like to submit pertinent questions to these artists and tarot deck designers. The aim is to put together a list with a combination of both general and bespoke questions for the individual artists. In this manner the interviews will be more personal.

If you would like to contribute to these interviews, please visit the individual artist’s and designer’s websites below to check out their tarot work and artistry. Read up on their bios and any new projects they may be working on.   If there is anything you would like to ask the artist, or have suggestions for generic questions, please email me or use the comment box below ensuring you have identified the artist and the nature of your question.  Obviously, we do not want to overwhelm with lengthy lists, as typing the responses will take up precious time.  A list will be compiled from all contributions and I will post this on site before forwarding to the individual artist’s. The first interview will be posted in January 2018, with subsequent ones following thereafter.

So, if you would like to check out the talented Tarot Artists of the upcoming interviews, I have supplied a brief summary below with links to their websites or blogs. Please Note, this is NOT SPONSORED CONTENT, and I am receiving no monetary reward for promoting these artists, or their work.


Julie Cuccia-Watts


Tarot Artist, Deck Creator, Portrait Artist & Tarot Author

Maat Tarot, Ancestral Tarot, Journey Into Egypt Tarot & Blue Moon Tarot

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Julie Cuccia Watts is a Tarot Artist and Portrait Artist. She is the creator of four decks, Maat Tarot, Journey Into Egypt Tarot, Ancestral Path Tarot and Blue Moon Tarot, and has authored numerous companion books, workbooks and colouring books. Julie has also released several Tarot Teacher Guide Books for her Decks, and a beautiful hardcover Tarot Journal for recording personal notes. The Original Oil Paintings from Journey Into Egypt Tarot are available to purchase from her site

Julie has a more than impressive collection of Tarot Decks, Artwork and Books which is staggering when one thinks of the amount of work that goes into such endeavors. Her cards draw the viewer in and carries them away on a historical journey into the ancient past and its lost civilisations. Her artwork is stunning, the colours rich and opulent.



Odessa Sawyer


Tarot Deck Creator, Illustrator & Doll Maker  

Superb Collection of Major Arcana



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(Excerpts taken from Bio)

Odessa Sawyer “is an illustrator and doll maker from Santa Fe, New Mexico. “

“Her artwork has graced the book covers of many top publishing houses.”

“She has also done work for various film and television projects, posters and album covers, as well as work for HBO, Laika, Duck Studios and COTY.”

“Her work has been published in Lurzer’s Archive as one of the 200 best illustrators worldwide for 2011 and 2014

Highly influenced by fantasy, fairy tales, fashion and classic horror, Odessa’s work celebrates a whimsical dreamy and vibrant quality.”

Odessa’s work is superb and I a newly devoted fan. This is a stand alone Major Arcana Deck which does not appear to have a name at present. It is enchanting, bewitching and very ethereal. I love all of them. The imagery used in Strength is fascinating and just oozes with multiple interpretations. It looks as if the lion and young queen got into a battle of wills or power struggle. Odessa is talented on so many levels. Check out her wonderful handcrafted dolls and strange creatures. She has a very impressive portfolio of art work to her credit. I bet she can sing too!!



Sarah Wheatley

sarah_wheatley_tarot_artist_deck_creator -


Tarot Artist, Tarot Deck Creator –Asherah Tarot

Provides In-Depth Interpretations For Cards On Blog     (New Website On The Way)


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(Excerpt Taken From Website Bio)

“The Sarah Wheatley tarot has consumed and transformed my life for the past ten years.”

“I love doing intricate details, because it’s like a mantra. Every card has to have its detail challenge, its heroic element. I like to think it infuses them with a living energy.”

“This tarot has been an epic personal odyssey, an obsession and a miraculous tool for healing myself. ”     …..

Sarah now sells personally hand-signed Fine Art Prints of her Asherah Tarot Cards. Prepare to be dazzled by the intricate detail and vibrancy of colour in these cards. This is a deck I really need to possess. Sarah has put many years into the creation of such a fine piece of work and it certainly shows. Each card has been given absolute attention.



The High Priestess – Relationships, Love & Sex Associations



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      • Do any of them have a specific routine before they tap into manifesting these beauties such as: summon a guide, take a walk, pray, or simply acquire the seed of a scene and formulate from there?


      • Hi Dawn,

        I think as artists they both work on different levels yet share similarities. I would say that at times they are quite organised and strategic in their work, have planned it out or set it as a future project. And then at other times, it simply comes about as a result of unexpected inspiration. It’s source, something that has touched or impacted them. I can imagine they have that seed you speak of. They visualise how it should grow, and then set about creating it. Perhaps it does grow as they had visualised it, or it may take off in a completely new direction once they become absorbed in their work. I will include your question in future interviews as it would be interesting to know how each kick-start their work.




      • Thank you for your time! Yes, one or the other, this art could be created as invisioned, other times it seems any art can ultimately create itself usng humans as it’s muse. I hope you have a beautiful day!

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  1. Thanks a lot…now I’d like a deck by all these artistic souls!! I don’t have that kind of money!! 🙂 Fabulous interview idea and so kind of them to be a part.


    • Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for your feedback on interviews. I was thrilled to get a chance to interview such gifted artists who were very generous with their time.

      Yes, the cards are very beautiful and it would be lovely to possess such decks. It can be costly though collecting all the decks we are drawn to. I have had to discipline myself in the past. I envy those who just splurge as they wish. I know some readers who have massive collections and take them by suitcase to shows and fairs etc. I tend to read with the same cards but when I see the beautiful artwork on certain decks I think about and covet them for ages. A bit like an expensive pair of shoes or boots in a shop window that catch my eye. I want, I want, I want!!!! Julie Cuccia-Watts does offer different versions of her cards, some being in PDF format which makes them less expensive.



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