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Tarot World Messages 2016 – Conversations With My Son

Greetings to All my Tarot Friends around the World,


I do hope your New Year has got off to a great start for you. I have been working on this post for the last couple of weeks. I had initially intended only a couple of lines per card but somehow or other it evolved into something much grander. For this Special Post I decided to call upon my son in the spirit-world and ask for his help in sending the World some messages or guidance through the Tarot for the year ahead. I am not a Medium and do not claim to be a Psychic. I do not Channel messages from the Spirit World but thought this might lend a more Spiritual Tone to the interpretations.  I particularly focused on Global Conflict and War as it appears to have dominated our lives and personal security for so long. I also chose this subject because of its connection to a conversation I had with my son a couple of years before he died in 2007. An account of this conversation is detailed below.  For this Special Post, I separated the Major Arcana from the rest of the deck and shuffled.  I did not reverse any, but instead intuitively worked with both upright and reversed aspects when interpreting. I drew one card for each month of 2016.

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I have probably spoken about this before in a previous post but I will outline once more the nature of this very unusual, but disturbing conversation, so that you understand the context of the messages I have interpreted on his behalf.

My Son Conor Page of Cups Upright

My son, Conor, was a typical Pisces child. He was highly imaginative, creative and at times very eccentric. He was soft and gentle, with a peace-loving nature. He was also quite a worrier and overly-sensitive at times. He believed in faeries, magic, and had a strong affinity with the crystal kingdom, building up quite a collection of them over the years. One day he asked me to buy him a crystal pendulum that was hanging in the window of a local Mind, Body and Spirit shop. He instinctively knew how to use it and enjoyed communicating with the old trees in the nearby forest to see if they were happy or not. He got visibly distressed whenever trees were cut down by the foresters, and whenever he came upon a stray or injured animal. He felt things very deeply and could not watch the news for fear of seeing frightening images and video footage. He lived in his own world of fantasy and make-believe a lot of the time. I in turn worried about how he would fare when he came face to face with harsh reality as he got older. I would not be able to protect him from upset or heartbreak all the time.

My son could also see auras and feel energy, but it took me several years to discover this. He casually told our vet one day that he had a big arc of green light around him. Strangely the vet was impressed instead of dismissive and told him that he was seeing his aura, and it was green because he was working on healing our cat. I asked him in the car about what he had seen and he wanted to know what the big deal was. I casually asked him if he ever saw any colours around me? He said he did and that at that moment he could see a spinning wheel of colourful light around my heart area. He also told me that he saw blobs of dark colours that looked like smoke hanging around my head. I asked him why he had never mentioned it before? He said he never said anything because he thought everyone could see the lights. He told me he had always seen them. This of course spurred me on to ask more questions about things he could see and feel. He reluctantly admitted that he could see some people too, people that were not living. He told me that a man with a long grey beard and holding a candle often came to him at night. He regularly saw globes of light dancing around on the landing of the house and thought them funny. He said that sometimes he would notice a man just staring out of my bedroom window.

After these revelations, he began to be more open with me. He would tell me about the spirit energy in the classroom, of the boys who were very sad or unhappy with dark clouds around their head. Then he began to tell me of his meditations in the class yard. I have always struggled with meditation as my mind is hard to calm so Conor never really observed this spiritual aspect in me. It was something he was instinctively doing of his own accord. He told me he would sit in the schoolyard and close his eyes. After a few moments like this lots of colours would appear. He would choose a colour and then it would explode. Suddenly he would find himself travelling at speed over fields, roads and towns. He was amazed and tried out different colours to see where he would go. He said that once he heard the school bell ring for end of yard break he would open his eyes. He taught another boy how to do it too and it must have looked strange the two of them sitting in the yard with their eyes closed, miles away from all the running, screaming and chasing that was going on around them.

Then one day a couple of years before he died, before he ever became ill, I was washing the dishes in the kitchen while Conor sat in the living room. I remember that day so well, even the yellow rubber gloves I was wearing when he arrived into the kitchen crying. I asked him what the matter was, but it took some time for him to compose himself. I couldn’t work out what was going on as he had only been a room away from me. He wasn’t with anyone who might have hurt him or said something cruel either. He told me to stop what I was doing and listen as he had something very important to tell me. He kept choking on his words and appeared breathless at times. I became very worried and impatient to know what was wrong. I cannot remember his exact words but it went something like this. He asked me if I remembered World War I and World War II? Of course I did but told him I was born a long time after those wars. He insisted that I acknowledge my understanding of them. I asked him if he was studying them in school and he became frustrated with me. He told me he wasn’t and that I needed to listen to him. Again he started talking about war, but this time saying that there were many wars in the world and wanted to know if I knew the difference between the World Wars and these Wars? I told him I did and then asked if he had seen something disturbing on the television or in the paper? He hadn’t. He told me that there was another war coming that would be different from the wars that were going on in different places of the world. He said there was going to be another World War. He called it World War III but said it would be very different from the previous ones as absolutely no place was safe.  He said the war would get in everywhere, even here. I asked him how he knew this and he told me he had been told and shown it. He said everything was burning and that black smoke took away the sunlight. He was crying at this stage and I asked him more about what he had seen, such as people, places, vehicles, did it look modern or futuristic (he was a big sci-fi fan)? He couldn’t tell. but he did say there were large vehicles with strange wheels. He became insistent again about me properly understanding the seriousness of what he was telling me. I reassured him that I did but that he was not to worry as I would not let anything bad happen to him. He was only a young child. He then told me he wouldn’t be doing any of his meditations anymore as he was too scared about what he might see next. So at least I knew where the information had come from. I suggested maybe he had fallen asleep and had a nasty nightmare, but he was adamant about what had happened. He was a little edgy for a few days after that but I think he moved on and forgot about it. I on the other hand never forgot this conversation and have written about it over the years. The sad thing is, Conor’s possible prophetic vision may carry some unsettling truth for us all.

2016 – Universal Year 9


As we enter 2016 we do so on very shaky, fragile ground. The World has certainly taken a very nasty turn with many situations coming to the boil. We have entered the Universal Year of 9 which will bring issues to a head or climax. It is a humanitarian number. Year 9 will bring to us the Karma we deserve, whether good or bad, for the cycle we are in the process of completing.  Last year, 8 brought with it a powerful fast moving energy. We saw the rapid escalation, growth and spread of conflict, violence and mass killings. We witnessed horrific scenes of hundreds of thousands of terrified people risk life and limb to escape the Armageddon that had descended upon them. Never since World War II have we seen such mass movement of refugees fleeing war torn countries or brutal regimes.  When we think of Year 8 we can visualise The Eight of Wands, The Eight of Cups, The Eight of Swords and The Eight of Pentacles. We also see Strength VIII and The Star XVII (1+7=8). In The Eight of Wands we see all the problems and issues that were set in motion some time ago, come home to roost. The Wands rain down like a shower of arrows at such speed that no one is prepared for their arrival. It is an energy, a fire that has been allowed burn out of control by all those who launched the Wands/Arrows in the first place. The Eight of Cups show us the mass migration of refugees, who have been forced to leave their homes and say painful or heartbroken goodbyes to loved ones and the life they had lived. The Eight of Swords shows us the bind we found ourselves in, and the total feeling of helplessness and fear experienced when no solutions to the problems could be found. Incarceration and the imprisonment of mind and physical body is dramatically demonstrated by The Eight of Swords. The Eight of Pentacles shows the lack of real effort that was made by governments to act on finding a way to end the misery and suffering. They may have been all talk, but nothing of much use came out of it.  In Strength we see endurance and survival through suffering and hardship as the invincible human spirit refuses to be broken. Remarkable stories of courage and inner-strength began to break in the media. The Star alerts us to the Humanitarian Crisis that has erupted, and of the need for unity and solidarity to overcome adversity and oppression. We all must play our part in finding peace.

(2015 – Universal Year 8)

8 of Wands Rx8 of Cups Upright8 of Swords Upright8 of Pentacles ReversedStrength UprightThe Star Upright

So in year 9 we have The Nine of Wands, The Nine of Cups, The Nine of Swords, The Nine of Pentacles, The Hermit IX and The Moon XVIII (1+8=9). The Nine of Wands shows us battle fatigue and the need to be constantly vigilant and alert. It also brings us suspicion, paranoia and a heightened state of anxiety and nervousness. Our guard cannot be dropped for a second and we sit tense and waiting for the next attack. The Nine of Cups brings us conflicting issues of greed, and fat-cat self-righteousness. The sacrifice of others in order to feather ones own nest. Its upright meaning is for the moment lost on us as we begin to see that a peaceful solution to the World Crisis may only be wishful or fanciful thinking. It may be a very far-fetched dream for many of us, but nonetheless one we should never lose sight of. The Nine of Swords brings worry and fear down to a very personal level as mounting tensions unnerve and distress us all. Incarceration is yet again emphasised. The Nine of Pentacles shows us the guarded fortresses of those of the elite who stand to gain from the loss of others. It is Pentacles in Reverse, bringing materialism and mercenary energy into the arena. It also calls for a fairer distribution of world wealth to help those in need and the use of natural resources, both financial and human. Self preservation becomes paramount as countries lock down borders to protect their own.  The Hermit IX calls on the need to step back from the situation to reflect and understand the heart of the matter. In the noise and din of battle it is hard to think clearly and gain perspective. Actions are taken without consideration of the consequences. The same mistakes are being made over and over again as we fail to learn from them. Too much action without reflection. No one is in their right mind or mindful of what they are doing. People retreat into their shells as feelings of isolation build.  The Moon XVIII stirs up turbulent emotions. It also brings extra paranoia and suspicion. The people are fearful of who they can trust.

(2016 – Universal Year 9)

9 of Wands Upright9 of Cups Reversed9 of Swords Upright9 of Pentacles ReversedThe Hermit UprightThe Moon Upright

Tarot World Messages – 2016 

(Please Read First)

Below are the cards I drew for each month. I asked for guidance and messages for the World with regards to the ongoing conflict and war it has been plagued with for so many years. Please be advised that I am not a medium and the interpretations below are mine. I do not claim to channel spiritual messages or communicate with spirit guides during my interpretations. The information below is what came to mind while reflecting on each card in the context they were drawn. This is an exercise in Tarot Reading and in finding alternative methods of interpretation. I do not take any responsibility for any decisions made or action taken as a result of my readings below. It is with this understanding that I publicise and share this post. I do hope you find them of some interest and possibly give you cause to pause and reflect on the world we live in today.


January – The Magician

The Magician (I) Upright

We are on the dawn of a new cycle, a time when anything can happen. But most things happen for a reason and many of these reason come about as a result of directing power in a certain manner.  Those who command this great power in the world must remember where it issues from and how it should best be applied for the greater good of mankind. The power does not come from within as many of our so-called leaders believe it to be.  Nor is it bestowed upon any individual for their sole use. It belongs to a higher source that entrusts it into our care and expects great things to come of it. And yet this precious power is constantly abused, controlled, exploited and manipulated for personal gain, advancement and sadistic pleasure at the misery and wretched suffering of others. I show you The Magician to bring awareness of the overly-dominant presence of the masculine principle in the World today. The Magician has arrived and is ready to focus and channel powerful energy into the world. He has all the tools at his disposal and a very definite strategic plan of action. How will he decide to use this energy? Will it be for the good of all or will he channel it for destructive purposes. We shall soon find out.

There is one Magician who acts with a conscience and uses his power to find solutions, to build upon hope, and to spread the word of our duty to each other and the planet we inhabit. He is learned and experienced. He has not given up on the human race and believes it can be saved.  He has a mighty plan and seeks to capture our attention. He has been waiting for the right moment to step forward. He is ready to declare himself to the world at large and we will all listen when he speaks. He is not afraid and is prepared for the obvious attacks and challenges from those who will feel threatened by his selfless beliefs and genuine desire to help. However, the world is currently full of Magicians who all carry much power and say very much the same things. We listen to them all. They are charismatic, mesmerising and enthusiastic about what they can achieve. They captivate us with their rhetoric and hypnotise us with their sublime messages. All sound convincing and capable of putting the needs of the people above their own. They have a way of putting a spin on everything to make it sound appealing and ideal.

The problem with The Magician is that he has a Jekyll and Hyde personality and it is often hard to tell which aspect we are seeing or dealing with. He can be slippery and sly. Magicians are everywhere and have been growing in numbers in recent years. The negative aspect of The Magician can look and sound as genuine and sincere as the upright Magician for he has made an art out of it. The people of the world must use their integrity, discretion and gut instinct when listening to any propaganda these Magicians are happy to spread. Do not be so easily persuaded by those you consider more learned than yourself, or believe those in authority actually know what they are doing. Use common sense and never lose sight of what is right and wrong for the Reversed Magician can lead us in directions we would never in a million years dream of heading to. He can drive a focused mob mentality by firing up the emotions with passionate speeches and declarations. It is imperative we find the pure Magician among the crowd for he can use his masculine energy in a positive manner to make a real difference.

February – The Devil

The Devil Upright

The Devil delights in showing us his captors and slaves. He uses it to scare, threaten and intimidate us. He enjoys the theatre of it all; the chains, darkness and torturous fire. He has many followers who do not see him as the Devil but only as a pure source of power and influence. However, The Devil will always be the Devil, and no matter what disguise or name he chooses to adopt, his personality eventually breaks through. He promises so much to any who fall under his spell but it typically ends in suffering, horror, destruction, depravity and madness. He always leaves such a calling card as he likes to claim full credit for his work.  I show you The Devil to make you understand the deplorable transformation of The Magician should he offer the use of his channeled divine power to the dark side. One cannot stay upright and just if one sits at the table with the Devil. If The Magician chooses to use the tools on his table for The Devils work, he voluntarily signs himself, and all who follow him, into slavery. The Devil’s door always lies wide open, the interior of his dwelling appearing very tempting. He promises a warm welcome to any who cross his threshold. However, once that transition has been made, his wide open door shuts firmly behind his new guest/s and darkness descends upon the once luxurious interior. It is quickly discovered there are no windows and no handle on the door from which to escape. The walls are thick, so any calls for help sound only like faint whispers. You have made your bed and must now lie in it, you must now accept your lot is what you are told by The Devil for he shows you the eager signature you signed before reading through his conditions of entry.

It will be very hard to escape The Devil’s grip, but not impossible. The Devil tampers with the mind in order to control it. He favours weak minds, or the minds of those who remind him of himself. He knows they will be impressed by his language.  Many Magicians believe they can dictate to the Devil as in when and where they will work for, or collaborate, with him. The Devil is content to let them believe that, for them to think there is always a way out should they change their mind. He will even shake hands on it. However, that is both The Devil’s bait and trap. Once you strike any sort of deal with the Devil it will not take long for you to realise the dreadful mistake you have made and the dark prison your life has become. It is a pure and powerful Magician who will look The Devil straight in the eye and refuse to do business with him, for The Devil has nothing on him. This Magician is not interested in the bribes of The Devil. There is nothing to expose to the media about his past or present. He is not tempted by riches, gifts of territory, position or status. The force of light will have to strengthen and unify to take on the malignant and malevolent dark side. The Devil will goad the Force, the pure Magician into full scale bloody battle, to join him in his horror show,  but The Magician must stay strong and refuse to sink to such depraved levels. If he can achieve this, it will become clear to all who choose to observe, that The Devil has indeed few followers who would not elect to escape him if they were only to be given the opportunity to get away. We have arrived at such a dilemma. Overly strong masculine energy in the form of both The Magician and The Devil. The scales have frighteningly tipped in favour of an aggressive and forceful approach to life. The Magicians who command influence over this world must decide and declare on which side they stand. Are they with The Force or the Dark Side. They cannot choose both for the good and decent people of this world will be confused, mistrustful and insecure about their future. The Devil will remind us of his presence once more.

March – The Chariot


Mobilisation of military forces around the world after much discussion and debate. There will be a previously unseen alliance between countries and cultures that normally do not see eye to eye.  This will be a very delicate and fragile alliance with all involved uncertain of who they can trust. There may be internal struggles when levels of power, authority and rank are being decided or voted on. The world will see a unique situation which will cause much insecurity. Who is friend and who is foe? Which is which? Not everyone believes it will work but there are few options available. Even though this may be a very uncertain time for all involved, the collaboration and alliance will have a unifying effect. It will send out a statement to mankind, that humans, regardless of race, creed, culture, religion or colour, fundamentally aspire to the same things. That is the right to live, love and worship in peace. For the children of the world to expect nurture, safety, security and love in their life. Liberty, justice, equality and education for all. The majority of people in the world are tired of fear, anxiety, persecution and betrayal. They want to live and let live. Those who join forces may seem unlikely comrades but the team spirit is now one of ‘all for one and one for all’. However, those who are driving this powerful force forward need to remember the purpose. I show you The Chariot as a strong reminder that brute force and dictation could abruptly dissolve and scatter the fragile alliance. Everyone’s opinions and feelings will need to be taken into consideration when plans and strategies are being put together. Otherwise there will be dissension and resentment.  Forward progress and direction will be gained through cooperation of opposing forces, tenacity, consistency and determination. Cooperation is to be encouraged not through following orders, but by sharing similar goals and the desire to reach a mutual destination. This must be a united and fearless front. All sides must belief in a united victorious and triumphant outcome.

April – The High Priestess

The High Priestess Upright

Feminine energy steps into the arena this month with women’s issues being strongly highlighted. New information and revelations about the repression of women will show the stark contrast between the sexes in many parts of the world. Here are the silent voices, those afraid to voice their opinions or express their feelings. They remain hidden away, their deep knowledge and wisdom ignored. They provide the antidote to the excess masculinity that touches every aspect of their lives but they are forbidden to apply it. They are the reluctant carriers and bearers of future masculine power, their female offspring doomed to repeat the curse of their mother. This cycle must be broken.  I show you The High Priestess to announce her much overdue return. Her arrival does not herald the end of struggle for women or the eradication of misogyny. The energy of The High Priestess works slowly and it will take time through education and example. It will take one, or a few, brave among them to make her presence initially felt. She will be brought to media attention as she non-aggressively begins to assert herself in the midst of her masculine dominated society.  She may suffer or be punished for it though. She will capture the attention and emotion of other women around the world. She will sow the seed for feminine revolution, but not of the military kind. She sits alone at present, but her seeds are already incubating in the hearts, minds and souls of others who will follow her call. The High Priestess is the simmering power that works steadily in the background. Those who underestimate her strength and influence are simply egotistical and narcissistic.  In reality they fear her. The High Priestess is very much welcomed back. It is possible that her energy will be channeled through one individual who will become known for her strong beliefs, courage and refusal to be silenced. Her very presence indicates the need to access the feminine principle in order for balance to be restored. Females must embrace their femininity and not be ashamed of it. Males must not deny their feminine aspect. Their is no weakness in acting compassionately or passively. The High Priestess must be allowed into the arena and take her place beside The Magician when important plans are being made, and when action is being taken.

May – The Empress

The Empres Upright

Here we have the further expansion of feminine energy, but this month there will be an emphasis on the environment and the natural kingdom. After severe weather conditions worldwide, the publication of various reports will bring to bear the immediate need to take responsibility for increasing pollution, climate change and the decreasing number of various animal and plant species from over-hunting and toxicity.   I bring you The Empress to remind you the future of human kind relies ultimately on protecting the earth and all the creatures that live upon it. It does not solely belong to us and must be shared. She tells us that there is food enough to feed all the starving in the world but that we do not manage it properly. She sits in a lush environment with thriving crops, trees in full leaf and a constant supply of fresh water to thirst any quench. She has kept her side of the bargain and now we must keep ours. She asks humankind to look to what they have done to create such hunger, drought, floods and collapse of land. The forests have been pillaged and the land poisoned with pesticides. Did we think there would be no consequences. The Empress will spread her message this month and encourage us all to do our bit. Love our planet and it just might love us back. Progress can be made through nurturing and encouraging the earth to heal. This also refers to human healing. The Empress flies the banner for peace, love and humanity this month. After all, she is the Matriarch of The Tarot and is passionate about the health, security and happiness of all her children. She is the great mother of all and desires a better future for her family. She is prepared to go to great lengths to get her message across. She asks you to remember her as the hippy demonstrator of the past who communicated to the world by raising her fingers in a sign of peace. She asks you to show solidarity and express the feminine power within. Show love where you find hatred, offer compassion when confronted with misery, for there but for the grace of god, go you and I. Think, what if this was my mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my child. There will be an increasing global demand from female groups and lobbyists where women’s rights are concerned. The High Priestess’ seeds are incubating well.

June – The Lovers

The_ Lovers_Upright

This will be a tough month for us as incidents may encourage strong negative feelings towards others you feel are responsible for your hardship and trauma. There may be finger pointing and blaming as groups threaten to disconnect from each other, becoming us and them. Fear and mistrust drives this situation. There might be a tendency to tar with the same brush, everyone from a certain group, culture or religion. Isolation and segregation could become a real threat to the normal comings and going of people in their daily lives. A reluctance to share space or services can might cause tension with angry exchanges and public protest. I show you The Lovers at this time so that we remember from whence we all came and our undeniable connection to each other. There is no such thing as us and them for it is all we, brother and sister, regardless of colour or creed. We must remember this at times of heightened tension. Not everyone is the enemy. To foster friendship, trust and integration we must reach out to each other and connect. Embrace each others differences with awe, wonder and curiosity. Celebrate our similarities with eager recognition and delight. Most importantly we must move towards each other with open minds and hearts and learn to communicate without fear of judgement, rejection or persecution. Let it be permissible to ask deep probing questions of each other to allay fears or misunderstanding. Take delight in learning, accepting or tolerating the ways of others without feeling threatened in our personal identity. Agree to disagree but not to battle. Be not afraid to ask the help and support of each other. The Devil desires us to feel different, disconnected and threatened by the existence of each other.  Take back our power before it is too late. Live and let live for there is room for all.

July – Justice

Justice Upright

The International Court of Justice will feature this month when there will be a conscientious desire by several nations to unearth the facts of ongoing conflict.  There will be matters of morals, values, human rights and responsibility to address. Attempts at negotiation between warring parties and nations will be ongoing, with an urgent need to find a balanced and fair solution for all. A platform will be created allowing for airing of grievances without fear of condemnation or persecution. It will be brought home to us once more that for all actions there are consequences. We will bear witness to the fallout of many deeds that have been instigated under the banner of righteousness, often carried out in our name. Who is righteous and who is not, will be the subject of much debate at international summits. We all believe we are fighting a just cause, are on the legitimate and honorable side of battle. When the scales weigh in our favour we feel victorious and validated, but when they tilt against us, we are outraged and seek revenge.

I bring you Justice to remind you that it is a double-edged sword we fight with, and regardless of whatever high moral ground we claim, in the Spiritual Court of Justice, there will be consequences which will impact on all involved. Those rulers who claim their thrones to be spotless and pure, but in truth are corrupt and self-serving, may be able to convince others of their integrity, but Justice can see right through them. They may successfully lie to others, but within they know the truth of their own sickness. The ferry man will have to be paid at some stage and none will escape an eventual private audience with Justice. We cannot turn to each other in confusion and wonder how we have arrived at this state of being, how, where, when, and why it all went wrong? The wheels of our present circumstances were set in motion a time long ago. Once the wheel began to rotate in a certain direction, no one attempted to adjust or stop it. Many very powerful and influential people invested a spoke in the wheel and encouraged increased momentum. All justified their actions. Many were applauded for their involvement. Eventually the wheel began to rotate so fast it spun out of control and the world watched on in horror as the consequences rained down among us. We cannot now protest at where we find ourselves to be, but let us at least begin to learn from our mistakes and move forward from a place of truth, honesty and fairness. We must become more perceptive and discerning when it comes to supporting or following those who claim to speak the truth for the good of mankind. Not all can be trusted. If The Magician should decide to join forces with The Devil, the ability to deceive and corrupt is inevitable.  On a personal level, there is a need to look within and exam our own conscience, prejudices and attitudes to see if we are wanting in any of these areas. We must not disconnect from our spiritual duty to each other. The conscientious Magician has the ability to work his powerful magic if his ego will allow it. Justice has a very difficult task to complete. All those who stand in her courtroom must reach a point where they agree on what to disagree about so that they can be acknowledged and put to one side. They must then decide on what they are prepared to agree on and place hand on heart to abide by it. A binding agreement that all parties are happy to work with can be implemented if all are truthful and honest in their dealings. It will be no use if only just a few wish to cooperate. They must all sing from the same hymn sheet and in perfect harmony, or it will be doomed from the start.

August – The Star

The Star Upright

The world will be thrown a life-line as nations unite to end the cycle of hate, conflict and war.  The emphasis will be on healing. The people of the world will vote with their feet and raise their voices to demand a better future for all. By people I mean the common people as opposed to the elevated of political society for they are often consumed by power. All religions, race, culture and ethnicity will, in desperation, stand shoulder to shoulder with a strong sense of purpose. Social Media campaigns will be the catalyst for such unity, with the ordinary person in the street sending out the clear statement that, not in their name is any gun shot, bomb exploded or life taken.  With growing solidarity, a sense of  hope and a chance for real peace will surface as people begin to renew their faith in each other, in humanity. I bring you The Star to demonstrate the power of people to overcome the troubles of the world. On a global scale, it is but a handful of damaged souls who continue to be the harbingers of hatred, violence and oppression. It is the mass who just want to live and let live, yet their voices often remain weak and distant because of the roaring volume of the minority side. It is not dramatic and exciting enough to simply want to live a normal life. Their stories do not attract media attention but here there will be a change. A bright shining star whose soul purpose in life is humanitarian and selfless will seek to gain attention by encouraging people to come forward and share the stories of their life, hopes, dreams and aspirations for all to admire, acknowledge and identify with. At the end of the day we all want the same thing. The aim is to remove any labels and categories we have put on others by discovering our similarities and not our differences.

Behold the naked figure in The Star. She wears no facade or costume. She is happy to show her true self to the world without fear of reprisal or reprimand. This is who I am, I come in peace. I am a star in my own life and therefore do not need to prove it to anyone else. I seek not power over others but only to share and contribute for the greater good of all. The watering hole I kneel at belongs to all, everyone comes to drink and quench their thirst here. I ask not if they have the right to for who am I to decide who deserves to or not. I take care not to drain the pool for my sole needs. I am cautious not to contaminate the waters for they may poison others. We are the common people and all share basic mutual needs. If you hurt, I hurt for you. If you cry, I cry with you. If you are scared, I feel your fear. If you are traumatised, I feel heartbroken. What affects you, affects me. We cannot remain isolated and insulated in our own little world believing the rest has nothing to do with us, that we can’t make a difference even if we wanted to. We all have a role to play, even on a very small scale. It is time to step forth, open our hearts, and light up the heavens with love, forgiveness and compassion. If we all step forward together we then become a united force. We are survivors and can overcome the horrendous past.

September – The Emperor

The Emperor Upright

This will be a month for some hard line decisions which will be enforced with rigorous control. Countries will define their parameters and borders to protect sovereignty. People will look to those who govern and rule their country, state, or territory, for protection and reassurance. The world will demand that order and control must be restored if we are to deafest chaos and the aggressive, violent behaviour we are  forced to witness or directly experience.  It is clear that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. There is an excess of self-appointed rulers and leaders. Many have become tyrants and dictators who crave the power, control, privileges and influence their exalted positions allow them. Some are not tyrannical, but simply ineffective, while others due to birthright, inherit a throne but have no understanding of their subjects or their needs.  They are  caught up in their little world of self-importance and are quick to take offense or anger at the slightest perceived criticism or questioning of their ability to rule. Many sit on their thrones dressed in intimidating military attire weighed down with numerous medals and stripes somehow gained for their perceived bravery and heroic acts. This showy display of military might allows them to stand above and apart from their subjects. They imply absolute control and authority. Their demeanor is stern and intense. They sit poised for battle and are quick to dispatch decrees and orders that carry significant punishment should they fail to be adhered to. Their subjects must do as they say for their leaders and rulers demand godlike obedience. They have much power over the territory they reign over, owning each and every citizen with the right to do with them as they please. They are hungry for war yet rarely get their own hands dirty. They offer up their subjects’ lives in the name of some great cause. Their subjects have little choice but to comply for it is their ruler, their Emperor who has ordered them to do so. Refusal is not an option. They claim it all to be for the good of the people but it is for their own good, their own gain, and to satisfy their eternal craving for absolute power. They will go to any length to acquire it. The end justifies the means for these rulers. Lies and excuses for their actions will spew forth from their self-obsessed bodies and because of their commanding presence, many will believe them. After all their Emperor is their to protect them.

With so much control and power over those they govern and rule, imagine the World we would live in if they were to step down from their thrones, walk among their subjects and ask for their opinions? What if they really did act on behalf of the greater good of their realm? What if they decided to change their image by wearing something less formidable when making public appearances. What if they re-wrote their rules, decrees, reformed their laws and justice system to create a more balanced and harmonious society? What if they invested their kingdom’s money in decent housing, education, health and infrastructure instead of throwing it away on endless wars? I show you the power and ability of The true, just and fair Emperor who demonstrates how this can be done without having to relinquish power and position. The Emperor understands where chaos can lead when no order is imposed, but he is wise enough to understand the counter-effect of force and brutality. He does not deny his experience of bloody and mortal battle but he has seen enough for him to be determined to find another way. Yes, The Emperor sits on his throne and rules his kingdom with a firm hand. However it is a fair and just hand he rules with. He is the ultimate masculine archetype and is linked to the mighty power of The Magician whose presence is also commanding. Yet this Emperor for all his authority and power seeks not to frighten his subjects. He understands how intimidating or frightening his suit of armor may be to peace-loving citizens. When he moves among his people to ask of their lives and listen to their concerns, he covers it up with a brilliant red outer garment to show how passionate he is about finding solutions. He gains more loyal and faithful supporters in this manner for he is trusted and admired.

However, one must never lose sight of the fact that he is The Emperor and in charge. He does have a mighty powerful roar and heavy hand should he encounter serious breaches of order or loss of control. He is also ready to enter battle and defend his subjects and territory should their safety and security be threatened. This Emperor is not trigger happy though and will chose his battles carefully, only drawing his sword if it is completely necessary. He is the Patriarch of the Tarot, the father-figure who wants only the best for his family. His ways may seem tough at times but he understands that for society or his family to survive, there must be a proper structure put in place. People can not be allowed run amok, doing as they please whenever they want. He is the antidote to The Empress who can sometimes sit back and amusingly watch mayhem develop around her. He lays down what is considered to be the fair and just consequences for certain actions his subjects or family may engage in. The Emperor appears this month to show his utter dissatisfaction of how unruly the world has become. He wants us to clean up our act. He is appalled by the lack of upstanding genuine Emperors who place their own needs last on the list so that a better world may be had for all. He sees their sham thrones and how they strut about like peacocks consumed with their own importance, while the world burns to the ground at their feet. He wonders where all these so-called Emperors came from, how they acquired their titles, for he has never seen so many. His concerns grow as he realises that many are at odds with each other and share little or no commonalities. He is also horrified to discover how uncivil they can be to each other. The Emperor has been called upon by those who realise the need for more unity and cooperation between all Emperors. Each Emperor rules his own kingdom, subjects and territory, but The REAL EMPEROR can see that without cohesion and agreement the planet will fragment and self-destruct. A new way forward is only possible if The Emperors of the World collectively sit on their thrones without weapon or arms, and openly discuss how to share this world they all claim to govern. No individual Emperor can claim sole right to the world as it belongs to everyone. They must find a way to restore stability without force.

October – The Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Upright

This month the world reaches a turning point in the cycle of events we have been experiencing for such a long time. However, this is The Wheel of Fortune so the turning point may be experienced positively or negatively depending upon your point of view, and which side of the Wheel you consider yourself to be on. Will the Wheel move us forward into the light from the dark, or will all recent efforts at escape and progress fall backwards into the chaos. Of course sometimes it depends on luck or bad luck with The Wheel, sometimes it is just simply out of our control,  but on a spiritual level we often orchestrate our own destiny.   It really comes down to who has the greatest hold on the wheel. Will it be a tug of war between opposing sides. One side desires the Wheel to move forward while the other side pushes to pull it backward, or do they consider a forward rotation a victory too? It can be confusing when The Wheel appears.  Which side is which, who is the positive and who is the negative?  Those who seek improvement in circumstances, healing, peace and tolerance may see the forward moving wheel as progress in their aims. Those who seek more conflict and war may see the forward moving wheel as expansion and nearing their goal. Whatever happens, one side will not get what they want, for the moment anyway. How will they react when this happens?

I bring you The Wheel of Fortune to show you the cycle of all things and that energy created can never be destroyed. It comes and goes, but never disappears. It also always comes back to the sender at some point in time. What goes around, eventually comes around. No one can actually stop this from happening. We may not be able to destroy energy, but it can be transformed. This takes times and The Wheel can move very slowly when all we want is for it to spin rapidly. Healing and transformation can be a reality if we just keep the faith and believe that better times will come around. I show the four fixed signs in astrology with the four figures depicted in my imagery. The Angel – Aquarius, The Eagle – Scorpio, The Lion – Leo, The Bull – Taurus. All are winged and read from books which represent the Torah, the ancient Hebrew book of wisdom. This symbolises their collective spiritual understanding of the Elements they represent, Air, Water, Fire and Earth, the building blocks of life. They have weathered the storm of much change since the dawn of existence and understand the nature of life and how it works. They do not let their experience on the wheel govern or control their lives. They do not dramatically react when the Wheel appears to move against them or bring bad luck their way. Instead they observe and learn from the Wheel’s rotation. They chart the actions that lead to certain consequences and learn from their mistakes. The Sphinx reminds them that life can all be a riddle and puzzling to work-out. Everything happens for a reason but often we can not pinpoint its origin. Somewhere along the way we have created that reason.

The World needs to solve the puzzle of how that reason came about and take the necessary action to break the cycle of its ongoing and ever-repeating consequences. The Wheel has been let spin out of control with all on board claiming to be victims and helpless in their plight.  The Wheel only spins with the energy that we have created, and should that energy be dark and suffocating it will appear impossible to ever change it for the better. The good times will briefly pass through. We can become depressed while waiting for the Wheel to turn in our favour.  Like the four elements, we must come together and work out why this is happening. We must join forces to transform the energy of the Wheel so that the good times are experienced for longer periods of time. We must also remember our brothers and sisters who may still be trapped or crushed by the dark side of the Wheel. It is not enough for only a handful of the human population to be singled out for special treatment and relief. How can any of us enjoy the improved circumstances we might find ourselves enjoying while we are aware of those who have little to look forward to. Life would not be life without ups and downs. We could never fully experience happiness without ever feeling sad. However, we do not always have to experience such drastic extremes.  Must one suffer such horror, only to be ever dream of a better time, but never realise it? Everyone should be able to look forward to their life or circumstances improving, but it is not acceptable to sit and do nothing about it.  The Wheel will keep turning in a certain manner until the world decides to change its direction. It simply is not good enough to blame everything on ‘God’s Will’.

November – Death

Death Upright

There will be much emphasis this month on leaving the dark despairing past behind in order to move forward into a future of light and hope. We are nearing the end of a Major Phase or cycle in World History. Yet again, we have taken to the battle fields and violently disgraced ourselves. Once more we must stare down the long line of devastation, horror and destruction we have left in our wake and ask why it should be so, what is wrong with us? Yet again we seek a way to transform our situation, to start over again, to be given another chance.  We have been here before on many occasions in the past after reaching a point of realisation that enough is enough, that we cannot continue in the manner in which we have been living, in how we have been behaving and thinking, what we have been exposed to, and the level of suffering we have experienced and inflicted.  Some major incident often acts as the catalyst for change, but why must we wait until the world is brought to its knees before we act? But can we change, can we let the necessary deaths occur; allow for transformation, the shedding of negative attitudes and festered prejudices in favour of a new harmonious and peaceful way of living? Is it too late? Have too many invoked the power of Death, to bring it under control?

Those key players who are responsible for enthusiastically starting the chaos, very often become instrumental in the closing stages of their unbearable sagas. Reluctantly they have to admit it has all spiraled out of control, that the game is up, and have to look to each other to collectively find a way out the mess they have birthed. It is as if they have had their fun, that the novelty of it has worn off and a time has come to move on to something new. They seek ways to come out of it looking well and saving face. Some may cleverly market themselves as the saviours of the world, but it is just more spin and the use of cleverly constructed masks. Underneath, the same hearts beat to a rhythm that seeks the next opportunity for self-advancement and power. The Magician has not left the stage, but travels with us from month to month. There are so many Magicians, it is hard to tell one from the next. He is the master of disguise and seems to be here, there and everywhere, but most certainly in places where the most intense action is taking place. Some players may even forget why and how they got involved, only aware of the fact they now want out.  Of course there are always those who slink away and attempt to wash their hands of it, feigning normalcy among the common people, claiming it was nothing to do with them. Then there are others who slip back into the shadows to regroup, reform and rename. While the majority acknowledge that Death must be called in to end the cycle, so as to transform the rot, they scheme and conspire to recreate or perpetuate the mayhem no one else has the stomach for.

It is indeed a very grim arena Death rides into, invited this time, not to terrify and horrify, but to bring peace and release.  I show you Death because he is happy at last to be of some real use to us. He is being called in this time to bring change and new life, instead of the physical deaths he has played his part in; the destruction of families, societies and the environment. Death has many roles to play, but he wonders why so many are eager to play with his energy and power as if it were but simple fairy dust. Did they not realise the potential fatal consequences of rousing Death when he would rather be left alone to carry out his natural duties. Instead Death was handed carelessly into the arms of young children, and those not mature or responsible enough to understand its power and the unnecessary pain it could inflict. Show me a caring parent who would allow their child to play with a sharp knife, cross a busy motorway unaccompanied, be left alone beside an open fire or handle explosives? No parent in their right mind would do so. Death cannot comprehend such negligence. Only the higher source, the creator can permit Death to occur. No mortal soul has the authority to summons Death to do their bidding for them. However, there are certain damaged souls who find a dark and unnatural way to evoke the power of Death. The Devil encourages them and helps find a way, making it all sound agreeable and acceptable. They delude themselves into thinking that they can control Death, by only sending it to those they intend to be rid of; those that do not agree with them, those they want silenced, those they do not consider like them, those they want to terrify. Do they not know that Death can be like a poisonous snake when deliberately disturbed from its resting place. It will swiftly strike back with an unprecedented force. Do they think they can stand in the snake’s pit of Death and expect to be spared?

Regardless of Death’s natural preference to deal with Death in its natural form, he is impartial. If forcefully summonsed, he will take all in his wake, man, woman, child and beast. He does not favour or spare one over the other. So Death has been misused and abused with serious consequences for the whole world. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, 5,000 deaths for one death. It goes on and on. The cycle must stop and the only way it can is we have the strength to let go of our hateful, vindictive and vengeful ways. The flag of peace must fly. Letting go, moving on, forgiveness and acceptance are key. There is no way back to the old world for it was rotten to its core. The past is gone, life will never be the same again, not the way we remember it to be, but there is a new life if we are prepared to shake hands on it. It is true that from Death comes Life, but do not let us take this too literally as it appears so many have done. Let us not confuse Murder with Death. They both have the same outcome, and of course will bring change, but on a spiritual level they are two very different things. Change for the highest greatest good will never come about by the changes forced upon others my using Death for murderous purposes. Using Death to change murderous ways of thinking, feeling and acting, through transformation and enlightenment, is the only spiritually accepted way forward. The murderous use of Death must be brought under control, but how does one tame such an aggressive beast or reason with the cannibalistic nature of those who invoke such powerful energy? It is obvious to all that what we are doing is not working. A new approach has to found. So what do we hand over to Death, more bodies – or our outdated and unhealthy way of living on this planet? Death is indifferent and will take anything that is offered so we must ensure that what we offer is something all of us can live with.

December – Strength

Strength Upright

The emphasis this month will be on how to react calmly in the face of aggression. It is certain that our strength, both inner and outer will have been tested severely at this stage of the year. We started the year with a powerful masculine power exerting his energy on the world as The Magician showed us his ability and strength in a very extrovert manner. Above The Magician’s head we saw the infinity symbol reminding us that energy is continuous, is in a constant state of flux and flow and that what goes around comes around. The Magician acts to control this energy and bend it to his will. He makes things happen and takes centre stage so that all can see his ability and be impressed by what he can achieve. I now bring you Strength to show how the passive use of power can be equal to or even surpass any outcome The Magician may boast. There is a growing understanding that the World is in a fragile state, that attempts to stabilise it by normal or usual methods have not succeeded. Aggression to defeat aggression has resulted in just further escalated aggression.

Powerful and clever Magicians have sprouted all over the world. Some have good intentions while others have signed a deal with the Devil. So much struggle for power and no one wishing to concede defeat.  Death was invoked for murderous purposes. There was a foolish notion that killing all the bad Magicians would solve the problems of the World, but how was it possible to identify them all, to tell one from the other? How could the murderous use of Death ever amount to any good? Any that were taken down were quickly replaced by others. Death used for this purpose always festers revenge.  They seemed to breed right in front of our eyes. The Magician by nature is a shapeshifter, especially when teamed up with The Devil. At times it was impossible to tell which was which, and often their category changed from good to bad, and then back again as situations developed and evolved. In the confusion, some good Magicians were destroyed while rotten ones were spared. The media run with the hare and hunt with the hound so many times we have lost total faith in what we read and are told. Everyone is protecting their own bit of turf.

Strength brings us a more feminine use of power. It demands compliance, cooperation and order, but not through force and aggression. Strength uses a far more subtle approach. It calls upon the inner-strength of the human race to overcome the plight of the World in which we inhabit. This will not be an easy task to achieve but we must be relentless in the pursuit of it. We have called forth Death to work his magic and bring to an end all the horror of the past. Death is already here. He has been here for much time doing unsavoury work for all those who called him forth for their unspeakable deeds. Now he sits on his horse and awaits our response. The growing majority want peace and an end to suffering, but Death never returns to the underworld empty-handed. If you summons Death you must be prepared to sacrifice something in return. That could mean many things or even everything. You may have to box all your attitudes, mind-sets, prejudices, intolerance, anger, hatred and unforgiveness and hand them over to Death so that they may be taken far away from where they can do anymore harm. I remind you of Strength again who closely keeps an eye on Death in his travels as she knows her energy is greatly needed when sacrifices to Death have to be made. When we want to let go of anger, Strength offers a replacement for this emotion by encouraging compassion. She replaces hatred with love,  impulsive reactions with patience, bigotry with tolerance,  hysteria with calmness, coldness with warmth. She trades an open-mind for a closed one, inequality for equality, harmony for chaos, integration for segregation, silence for roars and forgiveness for revenge. She does all this and so much more in a quiet and unassuming manner. Strength can bring the world back into balance without brute force. She is happy for the spotlight to fall on her at times, but is more content to work subtly in the background where she concentrates on releasing these qualities and abilities within us. She has learned that when an approach is overly showy or loud, it is often driven by the ego which the informed people of today have a right to be suspicious of. She exudes an inner-calmness that we must all aspire to. We came into the world with all her qualities intact, but through culture, conditioning and experience many have become dormant or disfigured. These are our Birthright Inner-Strengths regardless of gender or physical strength. We have taken away or denied these glorious strengths, only choosing to focus on our external strengths. We have done it to ourselves, deliberately lost our way and a sense of our true spirit. We must find a way back, for we are better than what we have allowed ourselves to become. The power and answer to our struggles and world dis-ease lies within, and we know it. We must remember who we are and unite.

By showing Strength we are being told that the inner-strength is there, that as a race we can achieve what we now assume to be the impossible. However, just because we have this inner-strength, it does not automatically mean we will use it or even want to use it. So many negative emotions and rigid-set reactions have become fixed in our psyches that much intensive work will need to be individually applied before it they can be unraveled and released. In each and everyone there is a need to tame the angry beast within so that its angry roar is subdued. Only then will we hear the higher spiritual call. There will be no simple fairy-tale ending for these global issues but a start can certainly be made. With Strength you have the choice to follow her lead and example or allow your base emotions take control. What do you wish your legacy to be for future generations to come? Do you believe we have the Inner-Strength to overcome the darkness?


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