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Hi to all My Tarot Friends, 

Love and Romance Associations for Cup Cards is close to finish and will be posted by early next week. In the meantime I have a request from a student for help with the following reading. I have already given my opinion but I have asked her permission to throw it out to the audience for further contribution and input. You will see the dilemma she finds herself in with both the Reversed King of Wands and The Reversed Emperor, a tricky one for sure. I suggested she should pull extra cards to flush out their meaning but for the moment we will stick with what we have. For privacy reasons, I will keep the identity of the Querant hidden. This reading is open to anyone who wishes to contribute. We all read differently so it will be interesting to see what comes up. The Querant has supplied her own interpretation. She is new to tarot and I think has done very well.

The Reading – Looking for Love Spread

(Impossible to line up Card 3 and 4 which should be centered in the reading)

Base Card

The_ Lovers_Upright


3 of Swords Rx                                                  3_Cups_Upright

Card 2                                                             Card 6

The Magician (I) Upright   The Emperor Reversed

               Card 3                Card 4

King of Wands Reversed                                                   10 of Pentacles Reversed

Card 1                                                                Card 5

Here is my interpretation below, I hope it’s helpful:
Base Card – Gives background information. THE LOVERS

Card 1 – What are the underlying causes that have prevented or blocked you from meeting your perfect partner?

KING OF WANDS REVERSED – I recently came out of a marriage of 8 years (no children), it was a shock but was the right decision for us both. Soon thereafter I met a guy who was completely emotionally unavailable due to family trauma, he relentlessly pursued me and we had the most incredible 6 weeks together before he started pulling back and distancing, I ‘think’ (I don’t know whether to believe what he told me, but I felt it and I’m sure he did too as he said he did) we were both falling for each other but he ‘didn’t want an emotional connection’ and started treating me badly so I left. Then I went back hoping things would be different but they were worse. I believe the king of wands represents him, he’s cocky, arrogant, a player, offers no commitment, has narcissistic tendencies, self-centred, self-absorbed. I keep making excuses for him and can’t seem to let him or the idea of him go. I read that this card represented a date range that covers his birthday December 16th…

Card 2 – What can you do to make the necessary changes or overcome the issues in revealed in card 1?

3 OF SWORDS REVERSED – This experience has been SO SO SO painful. Worse than my marriage breakdown in many respects. I have thought about it/him every day. I have driven myself insane and I think the three of swords represents that pain and the need to grieve the loss and rejection/abandonment of both my marriage and this relationship. I need to move past this to move into the light. I do feel that things are improving and I am moving closer to happiness. I’m starting to feel great with every passing day!

Card 3 – What is the best step to take right now in order to find your perfect partner?

THE MAGICIAN – To keep exploring myself, self-love, self growth, enjoying my own company, growing into myself. I keep getting the high priestess coming up over and over in other readings. Is there any other actions linked to the magician?

Card 4 – Who would be the most suitable partner for me?

EMPEROR REVERSED – I think the emperor reversed represents a man who is able to be in control. What attracted me to the king of wands reversed was his alternative masculinity, I have never met anyone like him, he made me look at my life completely different and realise that everything I thought I wanted was false and unimportant. Nothing about him was on my ‘list’ but I was attracted to his spirited nature and this soul. Controlled, wild, different. Someone that can shake my world upside down and let me lose control. That is what I have been saying to my friends recently- what I am looking for is something completely different to what I’ve ever experienced. It’s the only way I can put a positive spin on this card…

Card 5 – Where am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

10 OF PENTACLES REVERSED– this i’m confused about. I’m wondering if in its traditional sense, based on what I’ve read online, represents financial ruin? perhaps via losing my job (which I am nervous about, but have no reason to), via my divorce- in case my husband decides to go back on his word and try to take half our flat, or more positively does it mean I should get out there and let the magician in me dazzle and shine? get back on the dating game? I have struggled to motivate myself, not wanting to, or being able to move on from the king of wands reversed.

Card 6 – When am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

3 OF CUPS –  i’m guessing this could be at a party/festival/wedding.

Querant – Ok so it would be great to know if anyone has any alternative interpretations of these cards? The lovers is confusing me. The bias in me is hoping it represents the king of wands reversed, my ego hopes and desperately wants him to work on himself and his process and come back to me and that the lovers represents us getting back together. Or does the lovers simply suggest I will meet my perfect man in time? Is it possible that the king of wands reversed can also be the emperor reversed too? Is there something that I’m missing?

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  1. This guy is a player who can’t commit he falls in love fast and once he gets you after pursuing you the challenge wears off. The relationship was intense for sure but it wouldn’t have lasted he won’t come back because he’s already had you and is looking for the next victim..,sorry


  2. I’m a total novice but empathise with the woman who did this spread and reading. I have recently been involved with an exciting “player”, a knight of wands reversed, following the end of a long-term relationship. A lot of pain was caused, much of it pain coming not from the ‘player’ relationship, but pain being released from the previous one. So I’m going to have a go with no reference to any source other than my own head and heart, and hope I can add something.
    I feel she has done an excellent job of reading, really she has the answers, and being both the reader and subject her interpretation is correct.
    The Lovers card in this position of the base I feel is simply a validation that the issue is her desire for a significant heart connection with someone. I don’t feel in this position it is a promise of something to come, but if the desire is there clearly it will happen in time.
    Changes necessary being the 3 Swords reversed is very difficult. I see this as a warning, and gosh can I identify with this! My own stuff is coming out here, so take this as you will. The 3 Swords is always pain, but a period of pain and grieving is necessary to move on successfully into a new relationship after the end of the last. Perhaps she has not given herself enough time to experience this process? If so then the tarot is telling her she must allow herself time to experience the pain and move through into healing before another positive relationship is possible. I see the 3 of Swords reversed as the energy of the upright 3 blocked in this reading.
    She’s depicted her King of Wands reversed beautifully, but consider in this position of causes preventing a significant relationship, that this man is in the way. Perhaps it may also represent something in her; a rash impulsiveness and lack of reflection or considering her feelings and heart involvement before acting.
    In the best step to take I think she is stop-on with her interpretation of the Magician. The Magician is all about creativity and making your dreams come true. It’s self-actualisation, looking at your life and seeing what you can make of it. It also has tremendous energy and focus, and this is available to her now. If she feels ready, if the lessons of the 3 Swords have been learnt, then she could definitely be active in pursuing ways of meeting men as long as it feels right!
    The Emperor reversed as who would be the right person for her actually I see as being maybe the opposite of what she says. Rather than a control freak such as the Emperor – an easy-going and flexible person. This would make more sense as a partner with the self confidence of the Magician whose energy she has now. But the Emperor reversed as the opposite of the Emperor would still carry the Emperor’s energy, so yes still a strong masculine person!
    I would treat the next two cards, where and when literally and lightly. I am confused about the reverse of the 10 pentacles but perhaps it doesn’t signify anything much in this position. I would look in the card and find something that makes sense; dogs, a family gathering, there are people and towers – perhaps a trip away to a tourist site? Possibly she won’t know until after she meets him what it meant. Similarly the 3 cups as when – there are ways of judging the season, month or days of the year by tarot, I don’t know without googling it.
    Good luck to the lady involved and may she find healing and real love.


  3. Card 1: What is preventing you from meeting the perfect partner? Two things come immediately to mind when I see the K. of wands reversed.

    1) You have a tendency to be attracted to married men or men who are in committed relationships. These men are in the early stages of divorce or breakup (indicated by the reversed K. of Wands). You have a magical quality over these men (the Magician) which soothes and calms the turmoil of their relationship problems or life problems in general (the Emperor reversed). They find this an attractive quality in you. You, in turn, are “turned on” by your ability to perform your magic with these men. You probably find that you don’t have this same raw power, this magic, over single men that you do with married/committed men. Herein lies the problem with your inability to find the perfect partner. You’re looking for love in all the wrong places (Three of Swords reversed in combination with the Three of Cups). When I see the reversed Ten of Pentacles appear in a reading such as this one, my first reaction is to associate the card with “home wrecking.” You may be pushing very hard for an end to the outworn relationship in favor of one with you. This may cause resentment on the mans/men’s part because he/they may only see you as “the other woman” and have no desire to let you be anything more than “the other woman.” This situation may lead you or him to expose the arrangement (Ten of Pentacles in combination with the Magician) to the girlfriend or wife of the man/men you’re involved with (K. of Wands reversed in combination with The Emperor reversed and the Three of Cups).

    2) The other thing that comes to mind when I see the K. of Wands reversed, especially in combination with The Emperor reversed and The Magician, is this: You simply are attracted to men who are abusive and domineering. This continually leads you to picking up the pieces of a broken heart (Three of Swords reversed), while the man relishes in your misery (Three of Cups). In the end, you find yourself unfulfilled and lacking in the things you desire most- stability, security, a happy home surrounded by a loving family (Ten of Pentacles reversed).

    I hope this helps, and if not, I hope this was entertaining. 🙂


    • Whether your interpretation is right or wrong Cary, I think this is an incredible reading by you and a wonderful demonstration of tarot reading for any tarot student out there. I like your style. No sugar coating here and I am in awe of the way you linked the cards to create a very archetypal relationship situation. Your candidness is what I would appreciate if I were to have a reading with you. Great storytelling. Love it.




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