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Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 4

Queen of Wands Upright

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And so we come to the final reading for Sharon. We have learned much about her at this stage. Although we do not know Sharon on a personal basis, we have established a very strong understanding of the life path she is on at present. We can see that the focus of her intention lies not in just one small area of life but is far-reaching and overlapping. The life situation she sought help with from the Tarot is not isolated from the rest of her life. Indeed her life and present situation is full of many chapters, each one relevant and vital to the understanding of the overall story. Without investigating the individual chapters highlighted in the previous three readings, we might make impulsive uninformed judgments, or throw about conflicting advice. What we have seen so far are recurring messages from the Tarot that encourage Sharon to seek an independent path at present so that she may develop as an individual, thus  allowing her potential, dreams and ambitions to blossom and flourish.

Remaining Objective When Reading – My Musings!

Sharon’s extremely positive feedback highlights the fact that she already knows, without ever having to look at any Tarot Cards, what it is she needs to do. However, it is always nice to get a second opinion. We must always remember that these are my interpretations. Another Reader with a different Reading style might come up with something completely different. You see Tarot Readers as quite similar to artists or novelists. Three artists are presented with a commission to paint a coastal scene. All are given the same details, but when the paintings are revealed each one is totally different from the next. The same with three novelists who set about the task of writing a story based in, let’s say, war-time Paris. When we read the three stories, they bear no resemblance to each other at all, even though the writers were all given the same outline to work with. It all comes down to how the individual interprets internal visuals and information they absorb or are fed. Ask three people who were present at an incident to describe what happened, and yet again you will arrive at conflicting interpretations of what each one saw, or perceived to be happening. Our interpretations are generally influenced by our personal experiences or attitudes to the situation in question.

As Tarot Readers we must strive to step aside from knee-jerk interpretations and remain objective as much as possible. I personally went through a disastrous abusive marriage that ended in misery. I suffered much at the aggressive hands of my ex-husband. He left me for a young girl who was only 14 years old at the time. My son was less than a year old, and it pretty much destroyed me for a long time. I do a lot of Readings for men. Indeed most of my clients are male. In this business one deals with a lot of very sad relationship issues. Some of my male clients come for help because they are in an unhappy marriage and want to leave. Some have met another and no longer love their partner or spouse. If I were to allow my personal experiences (thankfully I have moved on and let them go), to interfere with these readings I would accuse them all of being b*****ds! Instead I listen to their stories and help them reach the best decision for all by asking the Tarot for guidance on a positive way forward.

Likewise I have many female clients who arrive distressed after their partner or spouse has left or cheated on them. They are often full of hatred, hell-bent on revenge, and want everyone to rally to their war cry (I was there too myself at one stage). Unfortunately they have come to the wrong Reader for that. I tell it as I see it in as nice a way as possible, but in some situations the Tarot roars at you rather than whispering its sublime messages. Just in case you think I am being sexist in any way, and to keep the scales balanced, I also have female clients who no longer love their partner or spouse. They too are well capable of falling out of love, feeling disillusioned and wanting to leave. And of course there are male clients who feel destroyed or very angry about their partner or spouse. Regardless of gender, Unhappiness is unhappiness.

As Tarot Readers or Consultants, we must sit somewhere in between and remain objective, regardless of our personal feelings on the matter. Your personal experiences in life should make you a wiser and more understanding Tarot Reader. They should never make you a rigid, bitter or highly opinionated one.  Work hard not to project negative personal experiences into your Readings. Tainted Readings do neither the Querant nor The Reader any favors.

Musings Over!


Now Back to The Final Reading ……………..

The Final Reading

Now that Sharon has explored some very important areas of her current situation, she is ready to completely focus on how she might best go about establishing the independent life she fought so hard to secure. It is time for Sharon to set about achieving long-held goals and ambitions. She is eager to move forward and is not afraid to do it all on her own. This is her chance now and her final question reveals the incredible talent and ability she has kept suppressed for so long.  This reading is very important for Sharon as her personal pride, happiness and fulfillment are at stake. Her wings had been clipped, but fate has given them back to her. How high and far will she fly?

The Question

Sharon – I would like my final reading to be about my independent path – about developing my career and financial security. but also following my life purpose. My career background is journalism/writing and counselling/guidance/healing and I feel like I want to combine the two in a business promoting personal growth in women – at the moment I’m thinking book, blog, workshops (the idea of group work and communicating through written word appeals more than one to one work.)

The cards I pulled are:

The Queen of Wands; The Three of wands; The three of pentacles.

Queen of Wands Upright3 of Wands Upright3 of Pentacles Upright

The Interpretation

Well Sharon, you have pretty much interpreted your final three cards all by yourself. Your Cards seem as if you hand-picked them for their associations. This is not unusual when you have been working consistently with Charting Your Progress Readings over the past month. You have kept an ongoing connection with your Readings, and if you continue this practice on your own, you will find the Cards will yield extremely valid and beneficial information for you. It is clear to see through your Readings, as we progressed from week to week, that your subconscious is strongly communicating through the Cards. Instead of bombarding us with too much information in one large Reading, it has allowed us to build slowly with more focused intent. It is supplying a constant feed of jigsaw pieces in the hope that we can put them all in the right place. We can then see the beauty of the big picture. It is pulling together very nicely.


The Three Cards you chose demonstrate your positive outlook and the goals you are clearly focused on. With the Queen of Wands appearing, not only is it the first Court Card to date, but she also exudes the perfect personality profile for the career goals you are setting for yourself. With this Queen in the driving seat of your career right now there will be no stopping you. She gives great insight into your true nature. For those of you who have wondered how Sharon has come through such a difficult time, with a smile back on her face, and excitedly looking forward to the future, you won’t have to look far to find those answers. Sharon embodied the spirit of this Queen to help her through some really tough times.

Sometimes, we have to work hard to adopt a certain persona or attitude to get us through a tough situation. It may be out of character for us, and when the time of danger has passed, we revert back to our normal self. However, I believe that Sharon has always been The Queen of Wands, but that some how or other her persona became repressed and deflated. The natural twinkle in her eyes dulled and the heat that normally spread in waves around her wherever she went, cooled. Trapped in her little bird-cage, The Queen of Wands would have sadly wilted. But that is all now in the past and she has appeared as the first Card to announce her victorious return.


It would have been hard to keep this fiery woman down for too long. It is The Queen of Wands who must first secure freedom for herself before seeking it for others. Sharon, you remind me of The Phoenix rising from the ashes in this Card, even your avatar carries the same theme. With arms thrown open and head held high, I can hear The Queen of Wands announce, ‘I am back, returned from the underworld. I have learned much during this time. I am willing to share my knowledge with those who would most benefit. Look at me, I have taken my power back, ascended my throne and am ready to take on the world. If I can do it, so can you. Let me show you the way’. When this Queen speaks, everyone stops to listen to her. She is engaging and captivating. She speaks with authority and leaves a lasting impression. She is robust, friendly and quick to put others at ease around her. Her enthusiasm and confidence is infectious.

The Queen of Wands is the motivator who will attract loyal and committed followers and supporters. She will help light the fire in so many who never thought it possible before. She will show others how to be assertive instead of the passive mode they tend to fall into. She will fight for the rights of others and stand beside you to show support. The Queen of Wands is often on a mission to change the world. Not in the same manner as The King of Wands, who can sometimes be seen as aggressive in his stance. The Queen acts boldly while staying connected to her emotions. This woman can do anything she sets her mind to and rarely lets anything stand in her way. If there are obstacles thrown in her path, she will jump over them or smash through them. If that fails, then she will find a clever way around them. Retreat is never an option. Under, over or through is the way to move forward. If money is a problem, she will fund raise, lobby until she gets sponsorship, and knock on doors until she gains entry.


It is hard to know where to bring in the Three of Wands and Three of Pentacles for they are all intertwined with The Queen of Wands and the intention behind this Reading. Taking all the above into consideration, The Three of Pentacles is not only a Group Card, but one which represents schools, courses, college, training etc. This naturally takes me to your ideas for running workshops and teaching groups as opposed to one to one sessions. Gosh, there is so much to say here. You have Two Threes in this ReadingThrees represent growth and progress. The Three of Pentacles especially represents growth through knowledge and physical application. Because The Pentacles are of the Element Earth and reflect the material and financial matters of life, this Three suggests the physical and financial aspects of your goals. I see buildings, groups, classrooms, halls, institutions where people deliberately go to seek education and training. I believe this three is highlighting your idea to teach as being one that would work very well for you with great financial reward. I sense from these Cards many things, and for certain there will be variety in your work as you are versatile in what you can teach. I can see you combining your accumulated knowledge to create a unique package that many, many will benefit from. The Three of Pentacles shows me how dedicated and committed you are. It also shows the high standards you wish to set. I see quality work and very satisfied students with much repeat business. There is great opportunity for growth.


Because these Cards are Threes, you are entering an environment that is only in its infancy, but experiencing positive growth at present. Now is a very good time to break into the area of Self-Development and Personal Growth for Women. You have much to give and will find that this work comes easily to you. The Empress (Reading 1) represents the feminine principle, and with The Queen of Wands, Three of Pentacles and Three of Cups (Reading 1), yes, this could point towards working with groups of women. Did you notice that you have four Cards that carry the number Three in your Readings? This re-confirms and reiterates the message of growth, progression, ascension and development. This is the incubation period at present, but like The pregnant Empress, you feel birth is not too far away. A very positive sign for the goals and ambitions you carry. Their growth and development aspect also ties in with your ideas for workshops and Blogs.


Just to let you know, The Queen of Wands, in your line of work, will be much in demand. Although you will work through the medium of writing such as Blogs and Books, many who find inspiration in your writing will want to see you in person. Who wouldn’t want to meet this Queen after reading all her Blogs and books? Your energy can only be partially portrayed through writing. Seeing you in action in a class or workshop environment will really be something as it is on this stage you will be greatly admired for your dynamism. The Queen of Wands can sometimes take on a celebrity status and positively blossoms in the center of it all. She takes it all in her stride of course and has no problem dealing with all the attention, along with a hectic work schedule.


The Three of Wands has appeared in your Reading, again very fittingly, to symbolise your global appeal. As you look at this Card, be aware of the figure with his back to us. He is facing out to sea, to the future. He has turned his back on the past and is preparing to move confidently forward to his new life. The Wands are the activists, the visionaries, the mavericks. They like to travel and see as much of the world as possible. This does not necessarily mean physical travel (even though it is a burning passion for them), but it does tie them in with expansion and a wider audience. Therefore, the idea of writing; Blogging, books etc. has the capacity to carry your work to a global level. We see the figure stare out to sea watching the boats below come and go, to and from distant lands across the water.

However, the Wand’s figure, for the moment, remains stationary. Remember, it is not long since he made the massive decision to leave his life in the Two of Wands. With the decision now made and behind him, the fire in him will demand further action. He must be careful before he takes his next step because a lot is riding on it. Just like the ships that must chart their route before heading out to sea, this figure must also put some essentials in place before making his next move. This Card can often suggest time spent in research and development, prior to the initiation of action. You do sound like you are doing just that right now Sharon, playing with various ideas, checking out the competition, seeing how others are doing things. There is so much you can do. You have journalism, writing, guidance and healing behind you. You must find the right combination that will work best for you and offers something new and interesting. That essential time spent in research and development will yield the desired results.

Look to The Three of Pentacles, as this card demonstrates the ‘Best Practice’ scenario. The Pentacles lay down solid foundations before they begin anything. They work only with the best material and seek advice from the experts. When all this is complete, and with a practical working plan in place, they begin. Their goals are clearly defined from the off and they chart their progress according to them. One of the messages from the Three of Pentacles is to learn to walk before you run. The apprentice is highlighted in this Card and can represent both you in your new role, and the students who will be guided by you. The Queen of Wands with the Three of Wands shows your passion and determination to get moving on this, and the future does look very promising indeed.


I mentioned in your first reading that The Empress, likes to work from home so she often represents the self-employed woman, or enterprising mothers who start a business from their back bedroom or garden shed in order to stay at home with their kids. She certainly threw light on your creative talents and asked that you share them with the world. Your writing is a great gift, and in this remarkable era of digital technology, the internet with its mighty Blogging Platform is yours for the taking. The Queen of Wands is a proud and independent woman. She can make it to the top and is quite fearless. The Queen of Wands sits upright and surveys her realm or world. She is alert and poised, on the lookout for anything that might catch her attention, and pique her insatiable curiosity. She is ready for action and will spring from her seat once she discovers something that sets her alight. She is definitely open to everything at present and will listen to anyone who might approach her with an idea or plan. She will find it hard to stay seated at times for everything looks so promising. She is bursting with the desire to get going which is to be applauded, yet she must control any impulsive instincts that might lead her astray in her enthusiasm. This lady has high energy. She will need it to take her where she wants to go, for she has her eye set on some mighty fine goals.



The above Reading carries a number of  6. 6 is also your Quintessential Card. 6 in Numerology brings peace, balance, stability and success. 6 is a nurturing number. It is not just enough to nurture and care for others. Self-care is especially important. The Empress in your first reading emphasised this need. 6 brings calmness and allows breathing to settle and helps nerves relax. In 6 we give ourselves time before the challengers of tomorrow begin.

If we bring in The Queen of Wands as a number 13 (Court Cards do not traditionally carry a numerical value, but some readers include them) we have 19 which can be reduced down to 1+9 = 10 = 1+0=1, or if we count as such, 3+3+1+3=10=1+0= 1. Regardless we arrive at the same number 1; the beginning of the new, the birth of a new cycle, striking out on your own, following your own path. The Magician carries the number 1 in the Major Arcana. What is interesting is the Card allocated to number 19 in The Major Arcana. The Sun bursts forth and dispels the liquid vapours of The Moon. The path ahead is illuminated as the darkness recedes into the past, the back turned to it in the Three of Wands. The Sun brings positivity, creative release, re-birth and success. Exciting discoveries of the self come to light and the heat of inspiration bubbles inside demanding release. Freedom to be oneself is celebrated with joy and exuberance in The Sun.  A ‘Yes’ card for creative endeavors.

Your Quintessential Card, (the total numerical value of all cards) is 60=6+0=6=The Lovers. A lovely Card for healing relationships, balancing the feminine with the masculine, and open communication. A time of serious decision-making and Karmic influences. The relationship with the self is brought to the fore as you re-connect with the long-lost aspects of your personality. Feeling united.

In Numerology, the Number 6 reflects harmony, balance, peace and love. It offers stability and security after a period of chaos and uncertainty.


If we include the Queen of Wands in the count and assign her the number 13, as in the 13th Card of her Suit, the Quintessential Card is 73=7+3=10=The Wheel of Fortune. Cycles, Karma, Surprises, Luck and synchronistic events. Your circumstances are improving and life is on the up as you enter a new cycle in life. Lessons have been learned. The Number 10 in numerology is all about endings and beginnings. Life moves in cycles of 9 years. 10 is the transition time between the old and the new. The final curtain, the absolute cutting of ties that bind. Clearing the path for the dawn of 1.


Should we reduce this number further 10=1+0=1= The Magician. The Power is in your hands, you have all the necessary tools and resources at your disposal. Once you have laid down a solid workable plan, you can achieve anything you set your heart too. The Magician is also the teacher who has command of much knowledge. In Numerology, the Number 1 refers to new beginnings, fresh starts, awakenings, new cycles, going solo, looking to yourself, and independence. The birthplace of all creation.

With so many 1’s and 6’s you are caught between an eagerness to start exciting new projects and the need to stabilise and settle. Harmony within and without before launch. The Queen of Wands will need to be convinced this is the best approach. You do need to take your foot off the pedal for just a wee while.


Looking back on all your Cards together, you can see how the map or route is quite clearly marked out. You are certainly in the early stages of a new cycle, with renewed energy, ideas and inspiration bursting forth. Everything is up for grabs now and I can see nothing in these Cards that might act as a block or setback. Your divorce should finalise matters and release the background worries and stresses accompanied with it. In your dreams you mention your ex-husband making a mess in your house. This is the subconscious reflected through The Moon Card highlighting your underlying worries. You fear he may somehow gain access to your new life and taint it in some way. You may worry that you are not home and dry yet and that you cannot fully focus on your plans and goals until you have been given the all clear. Hopefully the divorce will settle your subconscious fears and allow The Sun to replace The Moon in your life.


Sharon, I do hope you have enjoyed the last four weeks of Charting Your Progress Through Tarot. I certainly have found the journey extremely interesting and absorbing. At times the information kept flowing from the Cards and it was hard to know in which order to put it all as the floodgates opened. I felt like, hey hold on, give me a chance, I can’t type that fast. My parting advice to you Sharon would be to continue at home with a weekly Three Card Reading to ensure you are still on track. You have The Wheel of Fortune on your side right now, and have only just left the starting blocks of your new cycle. It is now up to you to make the most of the time by riding gunshot with The Wheel. Like everything in life, the future will throw more challenges your way, but you have learned many lessons from the past and will be unlikely to make certain mistakes again.

End of Reading – Chart Your Progress Tarot Reading – Week 4

The Feedback

Sharon – Hi Vivien. Thank you so much for your positive and uplifting words, they are very much appreciated.

It’s been a strange but interesting few weeks. You were right about me needing to take time out for myself and to slow down. While I was in my marriage, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome which I believe was triggered by the oppressive and negative environment I found myself in. My husband was very charming when I first met him and reflected back at me everything I wanted in a partner but the reality turned out very different and as you said in your reading, I ended up compromising way too much in an attempt to make the relationship work and ultimately lost myself in the process.

Consequently when I finally escaped the cage he had kept me in, I had a massive rush of energy which helped me with the house move and the separation/divorce for the first few weeks. The new area I’ve moved to is a wonderful community-centred place with a bohemian/arty eco-hippie vibe – lots of coffee shops and therapists! – and reflects the person I am far more than the rural Tory-dominated area I’ve just left. Again, as your reading suggested, I’ve also been ‘updating’ my image – I’ve lost all the weight I gained in the marriage (stress weight, always happens to me when I’m unhappy) and have been buying lots of lovely brightly coloured fair-trade clothes and accessories, as well as visiting the hairdresser and the dentist – all very Empress-y!

However, eventually the inevitable crash came and my fibro/CFS symptoms flared up quite badly which was a huge sign that I needed to slow down. I’m just coming out the other side of this now (and am going to have some acupuncture sessions to help balance my system and hopefully enhance my recovery) and whilst it has been quite frustrating as I have projects I really want to embark on, it’s also given me time to reflect and make sense of where and who I am.

Again, as you predicted, there have been some fantastic synchronicities and signs which have also resonated with other parts of the reading. You said this: ‘Were not your wings only begin to strengthen? Had you not plans to fly further, to see how much distance you were capable of travelling on your own? Were you not delighted by only having yourself to please, to come and go as you wished, to fly low, skimming the foamy spray of the ocean, or to soar higher than the clouds, gliding with ease, travelling light?’ Well, one of the recurring signs for me has been the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull – I rediscovered the book when I was unpacking, then references to it kept appearing everywhere I looked! I also found a little ornamental gull outside my new house (I know! Amazing!), and every novel I chose to read (I stopped reading novels when I was with my husband) seemed to mention gulls.

You probably know the story of Jonathan Seagull as it’s considered a metaphor for awakening and I know you’re a spiritual person. Over the last few years my spiritual growth had stagnated but I’ve really felt myself ‘re-awakening’ recently which has been fantastic – positively reconnecting with the universal energy and finding real joy in life again. Soaring high just as you said and hopefully, as my health continues to improve, becoming the best I can be as I continue to reconnect with my Higher self. (The ‘bird’ symbol also has a strong connection with the project I’m planning but I will share more of that as it develops smile emoticon )

Another recurring sign has been the theme of ‘letting go’ which again seems to be referenced everywhere I look at the moment. I think this connects to the Moon in the reading and not only relates to letting go of my ex but also letting go of the past in general – not identifying with my ‘story’ and defining myself by an old narrative (much of which reflects negative views from others/societal expectations of conformity and does not resonate at all with who I really am) but instead focusing on my positive qualities and gifts and utilising them as I move forward anew.

All of this has helped me to feel so much more joyous, secure and ‘happy in my own skin’ and ready to move forward when the time is right in a direction which is aligned with who I really am. Everything you said about my work, myself and my relationships was absolutely spot on and validated everything I’ve been feeling. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the readings you did for me – they really could not have come at a better time in my life.

Take care of you,



Deciphering Relationship Readings when no Cups’ Cards are Present – Coming Next Week

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  1. Hi and Hello. This reading was a wonderful learning experience for me! I am somewhat new to Tarot reading, and the intuitive aspect speaks most to me. I learned a great deal about the subtle and empathetic aspect of interpreting a reading from this project. Thank you! Vivien, you are “Truly” gifted. Sharon-I am rooting for you. Fly high!!


    • Oh thank you so much for your lovely comments. I love this type of reading and it is wonderful to work with a client over a period of time. You learn so much in the process. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hello Vivien.

    I find this is a good exercise for novices as it is not overwhelming, since it is just for a week. How would you read it if 3 out of 3 were all court cards? I got the Queen, Page and then the Knight, all cups, but I’m somewhat on the fence as to what it can indicate besides them representing people. I know cups usually are linked to emotions but as it is a general week overview, I would not necessarily think this week will be all about romance.


    • Hi Mila,

      Thank you for your enquiry. It is important to remember that although people have a tendency to associate them with romance and relationships often relate to other things but we must always remember their elemental association. When dealing with the Court Cups, they do not necessarily represent people either as their energy can be more important.

      So we have the Queen of Cups, The Page of Cups and The Knight of Cups.

      If they are people, it could suggest that the week in question may involve a lot of involvement with family members. These Courts are all part of the one Suit which suggests a family connection. Because this Suit is also associated with social occasions and celebrations could their be a gathering this week between family members. We have a mix here; the older adult female with the younger page and more mature Knight. There may be family dynamics with strong focus in this area. The Cups upright bring a close bond and warmth. Are your family on your mind this week, are you looking forward to meeting up with them, or maybe one returning home from being away for a while. The King is missing but then you only drew three cards. Maybe the King does not figure in this family this week. He maybe absent for various reasons. Is the Queen the strong parental focus? Is she overseeing her offspring or other close members. Is something going on this week that is making you feel emotional. Very family oriented, protective and loving.

      Now, on the other hand, and there typically always is another hand, we may be looking at the connection between their elemental energies as opposed to their obvious personalities. We have:

      The Queen of Cups – The Watery Part of Water. Deep feelings, possibly overflowing. A need to share the love and feel close to important people in your life. The Queen is the peacemaker and nurturer but also the worrier, even when upright. Is she worried or consumed with concern for her lovely Page or Knight? Possibly she is proud and so happy for them too. This Queen suggests an abundance of creativity this week. You may do your best work in recent times because you get such personal enjoyment out of it.

      The Page of Cups – The Airy Part of Water. Thinking about his/her feelings, dwelling on something or someone, possibly idealising or dreaming of perfect happiness. Planning and receiving joyful news.

      The Knight of Cups – The Fiery Part of Water. Desires to act on his/her feelings. Not content to just feel or think about this situation. Must move on it.

      A very creative week with inspiration feeding in from several areas. The Queen of Cups has a a rush of creative flow that has the potential to develop and grow but is worried or concerned about it. She may spend the week thinking about this desire or creative impulse but may be too anxious to do anything about it. The Knight of Cups as the final card demands that something is done before the week is over. He acknowledges that there is passion involved in this pursuit and more than simple joy. We have enthusiasm and excitement that may unnerve the Queen and Page but The Knight is less prone to panic. He being a Knight is prepared to take a risk and go for it. If the King were around he would provide all the practical aspects involved in the week and his energy may make you feel more secure. However, The Queen is mature enough for the role as long as she overcomes any internal fears. She may have to toughen up to get through a project this week. The Knight may suggest that you move past the thinking and dreaming stage of the Page to something more proactive.




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