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Hi everyone,

I am back again, twice in the one day. Very unusual. Why I am back is because I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of comments that were sent to me yesterday, in relation to the Three Cards I had drawn after asking about The Chiropractor being able to help me.

Temperence UprightQueen of Wands UprightThe Magician (I) Upright

Yesterday’s Reading – A Fingers Crossed Quickie Reading – Link

This comment came from Sue, who describes herself as a beginner, but she is more advanced than she gives herself credit for. She saw extra meanings in the Cards which went further than the aspect I approached it with yesterday. Her intuitive assumptions are correct, and believe it or not, I was going to post about the very nature of this Reading myself if I was to turn the Question from The Chiropractor back to myself.


These cards do look promising, and as a beginner i understood how you read them, but also i wondered about the Temperance card, could she be asking you to try and get through your tasks with moderation, the Queen of Wands to me likes to push on and be busy, perhaps you’re trying to do too much so to me Temperance is saying “do what you need to do, but in moderation” I hope your man does his stuff and you feel better soon x

Sue’s interpretation demonstrates marvellously how any Card in a Spread can be read on several levels. It can carry multiple applicable meanings, and when Sue looked at the Cards, she was aware of this. I asked about The Chiropractor, and I chose in this instance to relate 99% of the Reading to The Chiropractor. Should I have had more time, I would have pointed out the fact that not only were they giving me information about The Chiropractor, they also had important messages for me. Yes, my body is out of alignment, and very possibly the Chiropractor can help, but what is causing the misalignment in the first place? Why does this problem keep reappearing? What am I ignoring? What is my body trying to tell me? Why is it trying to stop me? Why won’t it cooperate with me? Where is the Teamwork? As I have pointed out on several occasions, there is never just one story going on at any one time, and most stories can be interlinked. I had asked about The Chiropractor but got more than I bargained for. The Cards wanted to tell me more, through the medium of Temperance, but am I prepared to listen?

The key figure in all this was The Queen of Wands, and it was Sue’s understanding of the nature of this Queen that helped her pull a separate interpretation from the Reading  and then link it to the one I was zooming in on. When she saw Temperance appearing, she looked across to The Queen of Wands and knew they would never sit comfortably together. Temperance would be giving advice to The Queen of Wands about having to pace herself, finding a comfortable balance between work and play, not to be overdoing things, less is more and you don’t have to do everything yourself or push yourself so hard. This Queen’s reply would be ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, me slow down, you must be mad.’  The advice would go in one ear and out the other. Sue could see that Temperance was trying to gently explain to The Queen, that Chiropractor or not, she needed to personally address the situation within. Her life, reflected through her body, was out of balance,  and she, The Queen of Wands, believed herself to be a machine that just keeps on going and going.

The Queen of Wands, given a chance, will drive her car into the ground and then wonder why it won’t go any further and has let her down. She can take on too much and overstretch herself, thinking that it won’t catch up on her. She forgets to, or is too busy to, stop for coffee breaks and lunch, and appears to have energy to burn. She can survive without much sleep. We cannot help but admire her determination and resilience, but wonder what the consequences of it all will be? Sue could see that the end result was the neck and jaw problems, and that yes, The Magician might be able to work his magic this time, but unless The Queen takes some necessary steps to balance her lifestyle, she will find herself back time and time again in the Chiropractors, or elsewhere, feeling frustrated and impatient with her condition. The Queen of Wands needs to stop and listen to Temperance. Why does she keep on running? Well done Sue.

To add to this, I believe The Magician was also relevant to The Queen of Wands, and I think Temperance was saying to her while pointing at The Magician, ‘who do you think you are, Wonder Woman? You can’t expect people to keep fixing you every-time you break down.  You had better stop and take a good look at yourself. There will come a stage when there are no more rabbits left to pull out of hats. What will you do then?’

The thing is that this Reading also acts as a warning in that The Queen of Wands has all the tools at her disposal and great workable plans but that may not be enough. She can do anything she wants, but it will all amount to nothing unless she learns how to strike the correct balance. The Queen of Wands needs both her mind and body in perfect working order so that she can reach her goals and realise her potential. Should she fail to maintain this vitally important balance, she will be stopped in her tracks and be forced to retire from the game. The Magician will then disappear in a puff of smoke.


Here are some snippets from another lovely comment I received yesterday. They re-enforce what Sue saw in the Cards and this is how as Readers, you must strive to bring depth to your Readings. Both have moved from the basic Tarot Reading level into the more Spiritual Realm of Tarot Consultancy, where Cause and Effect are more closely observed. I have only taken sections of this mail and have withheld the name of the person as they may wish to remain private. I just thought it needed to be shared. I am using yesterday’s Reading, not just to draw attention to myself, but as a perfect teaching example of Tarot Reading. The Three Cards I am sure were relevant to many people’s lives and situations.

I have my own version, the wanting to get on, fix stuff, do stuff, resistance to my limits etc, this is now showing in the inbalance of our body. The days of doing are now becoming the ones of being, this is hard for us. i am in the same kind of situation as you are, bodys not able to work so well to do the things i want and need to do, i am being asked to go within, patience is needed as the desire to just want to get going is before me most of all.

 i just kept on trying to push myself, and i am also in the body imbalance thing, but still i tried to press on… It seems like a stop sign, and if we dont take heed then….

i do understand, and i am a old hand at not listening, or taking the time to really focus on what really matters.

Well done once more and thank you to all who contributed and commented.


Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)



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  1. Thank you so much for your feedback on my interpretation Vivien, it means so much to me, I feel like i needed someone professional to give me some insight on my level of reading, and you did, and you made my day. I hope to be able to read professionally one day, this has given jolt to keep going. Good luck with your treatment, and take it easy xxxx


  2. Vivian, so glad to hear your experience with the Chiropractor went ok:) Feel free to share all of the post i sent you yesterday if you wish to do so, as i said i am not a Tarot reader, but love your website.
    Remember, the energy of our body will pull out when all is not in balance, mind/body/spirit, all of us will find out the importance of this more and more in the coming days, as we are so much more than just a body.
    you know where i am going with this, so i send love your way, and good wishes. xx


    • Thanks J for your support. Unfortunately, my problem persists but the Chiropractor is doing his best to help me. It is the trapezium muscle on my left side that seems to be causing all the problem. It is matted and knotted and causing a lot of bother. I am doing my best to bring it into alignment once more but it is not easy. I have had to avoid the computer a lot this week even though I have just started a full-time Digital Technology course. I start off the day fine but as the afternoon and evening set in, my neck finds my head a terrible weight to carry. No doubt there is a lot of dead weight energy in there which needs to be offloaded. It has probably been caused by repetitive strain and years of working in a job that required standing all day at a desk, answering calls and holding the telephone on my shoulder while checking a computer screen that forced me to bend down to see it. My boss did not like the guests to see the computer behind the desk, or for the staff to be seen sitting. I did tackle him about it at the time but got nowhere. I am now paying the price.

      Keep sending the love this way and positive thoughts. Plenty being sent back to you too. xx


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