Tarot Horoscopes – May 2014

Tarot Horoscopes for May 2014

Greetings to Everyone in Tarot World,

 The Gilded Tarot- Barbara Moore

Well, here I am back with this month’s Tarot Horoscopes and I do hope you enjoy them.

For this Month I have decided to use a different Deck for our Tarot Horoscopes and a Spread that comes with the Deck. The Deck in question is The Gilded Tarot by Barbara Moore which is in The Rider-Waite-Smith Style. The Deck also comes with a lovely Companion Book. This Gilded Tarot Deck and Companion Book can be bought on Amazon. I have provided the Link for those who are interested in purchasing.  The Gilded Tarot Deck

The Spread in this case is called the Daily Spread but I have used it for a Monthly Spread. I also have determined my own way of selecting the Specific Cards. This Spread requires Five Cards.  Sorry if some of the pics are slightly crooked and fuzzy. My eye is obviously not steady this month and my Blackberry Camera not behaving itself!

Position One – relates to the realm of your Work, Career, Business or Study – After Shuffling I selected the Base Card for this.

Position Two – relates to the realm of your Home, Family, Relationships and what is going on in and around them – After Shuffling I selected the Top Card for this.

After this I cut the remaining Deck into Three Piles and took the Top Card from each Pile for the last Three Cards.

Position Three – relates to those things that will happen throughout the Month that you had not expected. Surprises or Disturbances – Top Card from First Pile

Position Four – relates to Your Role in all that is happening. What you can, should, will be doing to make the month a success or disaster – Top Card from Second Pile

Position Five – relates to the Outcome of the Month. How the month is likely to finish up under the surrounding circumstances the other Cards have revealed – Top Card from Third Pile.

The Cards are laid out in the shape of a cross as follows:




1                    5               2




NB**The Following Tarot Horoscopes are not based on Astrological Placing of Planets for the Month of May. They are simply Tarot Cards drawn for the Purpose of Compiling a Horoscope for each sign of The Zodiac. Remember not to take these Tarotscopes too seriously as they are meant for fun and for teaching purposes. They also stretch me as a Reader to compile a Reading for each Sign based on the Cards drawn rather than Reading for an individual who has a particular question or issue. As with any Generic Horoscope, some people reading them will find them very relevant while for others they will mean absolutely nothing. Please also bear in mind that, several other interpretations could be applied to each Reading but for each Sign, I have chosen a certain Interpretation, some ordinary and everyday, while others dramatic and intense. You may see completely different stories in the Cards below and that is fine.  I do hope you get some enjoyment or even amusement out of Reading your own Tarotscope. They are rather interesting this month.


Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Aries Tarot Spread

Lest us first address the Realm of Work for you this month and let us all remember that work means different things to individuals so it does not all pertain to going out to a 9-5 job each day or having a mad high-flying career. Work for you might be having to juggle kids, a part-time job and house-work, so for the individual Aries you can apply this interpretation to suit your own circumstances. It is nice to see that in this Position we have The Queen of Pentacles, and who better to represent your Work for the month for she is letting you know that you will be hard at it this month and extremely productive. With the Queen of Pentacles’ energy driving you forward you will get your work done in double-quick time and without any fuss or complaints. Industrious and methodical are her middle names so you will be getting tasks done, some of them tedious, that you may have been putting on the long finger for some time. We know Aries that you hate anything that is boring or painstaking, but with this Queen around, you will roll up your sleeves and just get on with it. You will be very surprised at how much you achieve in work this month with this attitude, and if you are a boss or team-leader, there will be no slacking allowed. Any problems or challenges that work will throw your way this month will be met head on and dealt with in a thorough and practical manner. Everything will run smoothly and in a no-nonsense manner with this Queen at the helm. Projects will be completed and ahead of schedule, and work colleagues will be taking photos of your desk because they have never seen it so tidy and your In and Pending tray so beautifully sorted. However, be careful of overdoing it and becoming fixated on your mission as you may be seen as a slave driver, or lacking in fun as you relentlessly pursue your goals and things-to-do-list for the month. Allow a little time for slacking here and there by not totally filling every second of your diary.

On the Home Front however, things are not running as smoothly as in work and this may be why you are exerting such control there. With The Page of Swords appearing I get the impression that something or someone is causing a bit of stress where home is concerned. Conflict, especially from an adolescent or someone acting childishly is ruining the usually welcoming atmosphere, and it is no wonder you may want to spend more time in work, as home may not  be exactly pleasant right now. There may also be a stressful situation going on, or legal matters that are causing concern and worry for certain family members. However, I do get the feeling that something is going to come to a head this month or that news will arrive which will throw everyone into tizzy of stress. You must try to keep a calm head in all this, and I am sorry to say I can hear a lot of arguments and heated debates emanating from the home front. I am closely looking at the Three of Swords sitting in the centre of this Reading. I am taking it all in and not just one Card at a time. I am also looking at the next Card in the Position of the Unexpected occurring this month and I do feel it all ties in with The Page of Swords and that Three of Swords.

As we move on to Position Three, we see Strength and this tells us that your inner-strength will be unexpectedly or suddenly put to the test, or called upon this month as a situation escalates or gets out of hand, and it will be up to you to keep the situation under control. You had Strength in your last Reading and Sword Cards too, and you may have thought that issues were sorted. While others around you are exploding with anger, or running around like headless chickens you will have to stay sane in the middle of it all for everyone is going to look to you to save the day. Don’t join the foray by ranting and raving with the rest of them. Be the peacemaker, the sensible one, and don’t let the situation boil over and get out of hand. Try to talk everyone down by trying to make them see reason and sense. You hold the power here so use it wisely.

Now this brings me onto Your Role in all this and it is still linked to Strength. Here we see The Ten of Cups and the lovely image of mother and daughter sitting happily outside the house, chatting and doing things while the family cat sits peacefully watching them. The picture exudes an atmosphere of peace, calm, harmony and serenity. It is interesting to note that there are no males in this picture and I wonder if the conflict around the home is coming from the males. With the Page of Swords sitting beside The Three of Swords and Strength above it, there may be arguments and personality conflicts between the males. Could there be a father/son difficulty going on? Even though the Pages can represent either gender, I feel the peaceful image of the women together is down to the fact that the men are out of the house. Of course this will not apply to all Aries as these are generic Readings, but is interesting when it comes down to viewing the imagery on this particular Ten of Cups. So your role here is to keep the harmony in the family regardless what is going on. Every time you feel like joining in the rows look up to Strength and rein yourself back in. You have to see this one through and you can do it.

The Outcome Card is The Three of Swords and for me this speaks on several levels.  This situation is going to continue for some time, and the arguments and conflict are far from over, but with Strength above and The Ten of Cups below there may be a way to get people talking in a calm and considerate manner. There may be an opportunity to get everyone around the table to air their grievances and hopefully negotiate some way forward. There are old hurts here and long overdue unspoken words. This could all come down to gross misunderstandings and just stubborn personalities refusing to budge. Possibly similar personalities where families are concerned. With Strength on your side, the down to Earth calming approach of The Queen of Pentacles, and the harmonious support of a loving family behind you, this situation can be turned around with the cooperation of all. It is a case of letting everyone have their say and express their opinion without be shouted down or dismissed. By the way Aries, this issue could also present on the work front if you have been driving people too hard but for me I feel it is home related.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

Taurus Tarot Spread

On the work front Taurus, I know things will seem grim this month but believe me it will all be over soon. You have been struggling so hard with projects, workloads, demands and deadlines that you feel it is almost too much to bear. It has been a long hard road and a massive struggle but it is coming to an end and you will get that much-needed break and rest that you need. Taurus, unfortunately I have to say that at times you have been your own worst enemy and you have taken the hardest route possible to get to this stage. However, you will learn from this. I know that this month is going to be the most trying of all and you will feel like throwing in the towel at times and asking yourself why you ever began such an arduous task in the first place. I promise it will all be worth it in the end. You have the maximum amount of Swords stuck in you now. Some by your own hand, but others may have helped plunge a few in too along the way. People will be at you and on your back at work, putting extra pressure on an already pressurised situation, but you will just have to grin and bear it. You are known to be a hard worker but do prefer to be left to your own devises and just allowed get on with the task at hand. The thing is, those on the work-front around you; colleagues and bosses know your capabilities so will think nothing of piling your desk with extra work that you may not be in a position to refuse. There may be those who take delight in seeing you drowning in a sea of extra tasks for they may be envious of your abilities, high standards and impeccable work ethic.  Don’t let this get to you. Do what you have to do to get this work done and move on. By the end of the month with this being a Ten Card, the Wheel of Fortune is turning and things are going to get better, much better.

I am happy to say that on the Home Front all looks just perfect. I see harmony and that great stability you so thrive on Taurus. You will be spending much happy times with partners and family this month, and some of you may even be planning on getting engaged or making a firm commitment to each other. This may take the form of deciding to move in together and set up home. There will be much excitement surrounding this and I see great effort being put into the domestic side of things. You could be working hard in the garden preparing for the summer ahead, or possibly redecorating or even freshening up your home environment with new paint, curtains or flooring. You could even be going for a complete make-over. Some Taureans may be house hunting with a view to looking at properties set in the countryside where there is a nice community spirit. Your home-front is certainly a far cry from the work-front at present and thankfully a welcome release and relief from all the stresses there. They are in fact a total contradiction. The Four of Wands speaks of Freedom and Fun while the Ten of Swords speaks of restriction and stress. Thankfully your home-front is managing to balance things out and it must be such a joy to come home to it at the end of the day.

Looking up now to The Card in the unexpected position, we have The Ace of Swords and what naturally follows on from The Ten of Swords in Tarot? Yes, it is The Ace once more as a new cycle begins . Therefore, the burdens and stress you are experiencing on the work-front may suddenly lift before the end of the month. There is either a change of attitude or a new plan is arrived at that cuts the workload in half. Then again someone else may see how burdened you are, someone who is conscientious and not involved in spitefulness, and offers to help you. I do feel though that what I mentioned earlier about you taking the hardest route where work is concerned may be to do with you approaching things in the same old manner you have always done, when there might be a faster and more efficient way to go about it. You know when you have been slogging away entering stuff into a computer, one by one, bit by painful bit and one day someone notices what you are doing and says ‘hey, there is a much quicker way of accomplishing that, let me show you’. You watch them click away on the keyboard for a few seconds and suddenly, hey presto, what would have taken you hours to do is completed in seconds. You need to try to drag yourself out of your Taurean rut and see what new approaches there are that could make things easier for you. This is the month you can make it happen and a whole new world will open up to you.

This takes me nicely to your Role in what is going on this month and again I think The Seven of Swords ties in nicely with The Ace of Swords above. Now The Seven of Swords is often seen as a Negative Card, full of lies and deceit and underhand ways of behaviour but when we look back at the paragraph above, to me The Seven of Swords is seeing what is occurring as a result of this new awakening. The Light Bulb has suddenly being turned on and you will be very eager to do further research into how others are doing things. You are going to be spending a considerable period of time sitting on the internet doing searches for ‘how to?’ situations, watching YouTube video tutorials and asking the advice of those who can guide you in the new direction you want to go. You are now open to learning new ways and not sticking to your, possibly old-fashioned, out-dated ways of going about things. There is nothing wrong with using something that will get the work done just as good, to the same standard but in half the time. In fact I think you are going to be quite excited about what you discover, but you will be keeping all this to yourself as you will not want others thinking that you are unsure of what you are doing. Therefore there may be a bit of sneaking around and hidden agendas when it comes to asking people questions about what they are doing, or to show you how they are doing it. Watch and learn from others this month and then adapt what you have learned to improve your own situation.

The Ten of Cups appears in your Month’s Outcome Position and this Card speaks for itself here.  The month of May will finish with you a million miles away from the Ten of Swords at the beginning of the month. That is of course if you want it so, as The Ten of Swords will keep you pinned to the ground if you wish. The Family, and being with your partner will bring great joy and happiness with the emphasis being on the home-front once more and creating that loving, warm environment around you. Your cares and worries will feel far away as you sit in your garden enjoying the summer sunshine, watching the flowers and shrubs you planted burst into bloom.  There is a strong sense of having more time for the simple things in life by the end of May. Possibly a holiday or vacation is on your mind.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

Gemini Tarot Spread

Wow Gemini Four out of Five Cards and all Pentacles. May is certainly going to be a month for you where finances and material issues figure strongly. Looking at your Cards I can see you are in a position where temptation is winking at you and encouraging you to make a move on something that may be premature. Let us take it from the top.

On the Work front, we have The Six of Pentacles and it is Upright which is a good sign, for at least it suggests that money is coming in. It may not be a lot, but there is an income of some sort. I can’t help but take in the rest of the Cards as there are so many Pentacles. Even though money is coming in, you must be very careful about where it is allocated and how you spend it, as it has to go around a wide circle before you can see what is left to yourself. There is also a feeling, judging by the rest of your Cards that you are expecting something else to come your way this month, and certainly in the realm of finances or reward. I do feel that you believe what is coming to you is rightly yours, and because of the expected proximity of its arrival, you may be a little more flippant when it comes to the money you have at your disposal. You may decide to spend more than you usually do on the basis that you will be able to reimburse yourself in the not too distant future. There may be a pension or investment that is coming to maturity or, especially in this day and age, there may be a package on offer if you take early redundancy. The package may appear very tempting indeed but it must be given much consideration. This Card is also speaking for those Gemini who feel that they are not getting adequately paid for the level of work they do, and again I am getting this from viewing the Reading as a whole and not individually. Cut-backs, longer working hours and pay-cuts may be announced at work the day the boss arrives in a brand new top of the range car or jeep. Something may seem unfair which will leave you in a situation where you have to decide whether you go along with it or look for something else. Remember, it is easier to get a job, when you have a job so don’t do anything rash.

We see this decision-making process infiltrate your Home Front, so it is taking over your life at present. There is much to consider and all the pros and cons of the situation have to be taken into consideration. Will you be able to afford all your outgoings; your mortgage, utility bills, car tax and insurance? For the first time in a long time, you actually can make a decision because there is money coming to you in some shape or form and this leaves you feeling more in control. You certainly have been working hard and trying to save as much as you could along the way, which has not been easy in the present climate. However, long-term stability and security need to be taken into consideration Gemini, and although you may be thinking of the instant gratification in this instance, you will still need a roof over your head in ten or twenty years. The question is will you be able to afford it? With your dual thought processes associated to your sign, one day you will have talked yourself into it and be 100% convinced of what you want to do, and by the next day have changed your mind completely. Gemini, you can make rash decisions, even though you are a genius when it comes to mental thought processes and thinking fast while on the move. The presence of The Knight of Pentacles lying between your Work and Home Position incline me to veer on the side of caution and patience before taking any action.

In Position 3, there stands your Unexpected Surprise in The Seven of Pentacles. Even though you knew something was coming your way financially you were not really sure of exactly how much it might be. With The Seven of Pentacles you still don’t, or should I say won’t for some time to come for it has not reached its full potential yet. You must stand back from what may be an illusion or what you perceive to be a way out of your situation and examine exactly what it is that is being presented to you. On the whole it looks very promising, but judging by that tree, I think that there is room for several more Pentacles as it looks  a bit bare to me. As far as I am concerned, this tree of Pentacles is not yet ready for harvest, be it an investment, savings scheme or redundancy package. It has not completely ripened, yet you are tempted to pluck those Pentacles anyway. If you do, you lose total control and ownership over any other Pentacles that may bloom after that, and believe me, there are plenty more to follow on. Harvest time has not yet come and you would be wise to get some proper independent advice as to how you should proceed, and what losses or penalties you may incur should you decide to go for an early harvest. It may not be worth much if you do, even though it might sound like a lot to you right now. Keep looking to That Knight of Pentacles and ask him what he would do?

In Position 4, your Role, we can easily see why you are so tempted by what is within your grasp for you are fed up and exhausted with your lot. We have here The Ten of Wands, and yes, you are heavily burdened and any extra money now may seem the answer to all your misery. You have reached a stage this month Gemini where you feel you cannot take it any longer and being so close to your harvest makes it all seem even worse. That last week’s work before vacation time always seems endless doesn’t it, with so much to do and sort out before you can head off to enjoy yourself. Remember, that this is a Ten Card which means that you are approaching the end of a cycle, and the last stage of this cycle seems to be the hardest. However, you do have the stamina to carry on a bit longer, and if you do decide to keep going, your rewards will be much greater. Don’t just jump at the first thing that is offered to you, or at the first available opportunity to cash in on any investments or pensions. They will be worth a lot more if you have the patience to wait a bit longer, regardless of how fed up your feel right now.

And so all this brings me to your Outcome Card and our lovely Knight of Pentacles, who is ready and willing to help you through this time. As a Knight, he is also here to protect your interests and defend your honour. The Knight of Pentacles is not one for making rash or impulsive decisions. He will take the long-term view, the bigger picture and will decide what is ultimately best for him in the long run and not just for now. If a redundancy package is on the table now, don’t just grab it and run. Look up to that tree in The Seven of Pentacles and see for yourself that there are more Pentacles to bloom and when they do, there will be more to bargain with. The first offer will be the lowest so try to avoid listening to all the spiel and spin that will be attached to it. You are not quite ready yet. By cashing in early on a pension or investment, think of all those Pentacles that have yet to bloom that you will not have access to if you go ahead with that plan. The Knight of Pentacles asks you to take your time here. Be patient, and if you can stick it out, for the cycle is just about over, you stand to reap the rewards of a marvelous harvest which will put you in a very strong position. From there you can decide upon the rest of your life. A very interesting month ahead for you Gemini. On a last note, if you are selling your home Gemini and desperate for money, again do not be tempted to take the very first offer that is made to you for there will be more if you can hold out. Then again, you must do what you think is right.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

Cancer Tarot Spread

Well Cancer unfortunately you may be in for a difficult month ahead but some of you may already be aware of that.  Last month finished on a high for you with a sense of achievement and success after much hard sustained work and effort. Even though at times you felt under terrible stress and duress you came through in the end. However this month brings new challenges and an unexpected turn of events. It is possible that in gaining your much sought after success it has brought its own share of problems with it.

As you can see from your Cards above in Position One referring to your Work Front sits The World, but it is Reversed. Now before you get overly anxious, a Reversed World is not always the end of the World. Because it is such a powerfully strong positive Card, it doesn’t lose all it wonderful aspects when it reverses. The thing is that we often raise the bar very high for ourselves and when we don’t, or can’t reach it completely, we deem our failed attempt in a negative light and feel unsuccessful in our endeavours. Celebrations may have been a bit premature or you had decided to rest on your laurels too soon. Something will not work out as you had hoped for in May where work is concerned dear Cancer but you may blow this all out of proportion. You will have a tendency to concentrate of what went wrong instead of what went right and you may end up beating yourself up about this and getting quite down. May might very well find you realising that you had not thought of everything, and the triumph you so badly wanted has yet some way to go.  Someone else may have pipped you at the post, just when you thought you were home and dry. You certainly won’t be feeling very happy with the way things go this month even though others might see you as doing very nicely. On the other hand, events may happen on the work-front that could throw all you have strived for into disarray. You may perceive your World as being turned upside down and might feel of very unsure of what to do to upright it again. Events may be out of your hands. Success may turn out to be short-lived or has now brought new challenges to your door; things you hadn’t thought about or taken into consideration.

As we jump across to the Home-front, we find The Ace of Swords and even though it is Upright, I am perceiving problems simply by viewing the surrounding Cards. Cancer you do have a tendency to over-worry at times and make mountains out of mole hills, so there is a chance you will bring your work-related problems home with you so that you can brood on them. The Upright Ace of Swords does tell you that you can talk yourself out of this depressive-like feeling by adopting a new attitude and refusing to let work issues infiltrate your home life and relationships. However, the two may be interrelated and therefore cannot be separated. You need to talk this problem through and come up with a new plan before it bogs you down altogether. The Ace of Swords is telling you that you can sort out whatever the issue is by using your head and clear thinking. This is not an easy thing for you to do when your emotions start to cloud your judgement and get the upper hand. Everything is wonderful in your world until something goes wrong. Then it can be all doom and gloom. Stop thinking the worst and get on with coming up with a solution. There is certainly conflict and stress in the air on the home-front but you may be making this worse by your attitude and mood. There may also be the pointing of fingers and blame being laid at the feet of others. Something may or may not happen this month but if it does, you will just have to deal with it.

Looking up to your Third Card, The Unexpected, we find The Ten of Wands and here we see the burden and worn down aspect materialising. I feel this may relate to The Reversed World which might be the cause of the weariness. The much sought after success may have brought an extra workload or responsibilities you had not taken into account. Not gaining the success you have sought may also find you having to work even harder now to catch up and fix things. Your Chariot appearing last Month let us know how much of yourself you had put into working towards your goal, but the Ten of Wand brings unexpected extra burdens, obligations and responsibilities. In fact, you may be held solely responsible for not achieving the success you were after or have decided to shoulder the full blame yourself, which would not be untypical of you Cancer. For sure May will seem a bit like an uphill battle and you are bound to feel tired and worn out by the whole thing. Remember that both The World and The Ten of Wands are completion of Cycle Cards. With The World Reversed it means that you are not quite there yet, even though you wish you were or thought you were. The Ten of Wands supports this by telling you to hang on in there as the end is in sight even though you think it may be far off in the distance. Don’t give in to hysterics or drama. This time of stress is only temporary.

However, we now take a look at your Role in all this and find The Reversed Queen of Wands who has lost her edge, enthusiasm and vitality. With The Ten of Wands above her, it is no wonder she is feeling the pinch. Her normal exuberant and lively self has been doused with a cold bucket of draining emotional water and she has lost her sense of adventure in the midst of all these new developments. She may be wishing she had never started in the first place for she had anticipated a completely different outcome. The fun has gone out of it for her and has been replaced by stress and duty.  You are bound to feel tired and drained and your mood may be dreadful. You will probably be bitchy and snappy with everyone as the month progresses and you feel more bogged down with little time to yourself. Don’t let your Cancerian emotions keep this lively Queen’s energy Reversed for too long. You need her Upright again to get back on track, and to find solutions to your problems. She will breathe life back into the process so use The Ace of Swords to talk some sense into yourself.

And so to the Outcome and here we have The Four of Swords. By the end of May you will have had enough and could possibly feel overwhelmed by all that the month has delivered. The time has arrived for you to step back from the situation for a while so that you can recharge your batteries and give yourself the space to think things through carefully. You are mentally drained and cannot see the wood for the trees so the longer you sit in the middle of your situation, the harder it will be to sort it out as you are bound to be very emotional too Cancer. You need a rest, and so too does The Reversed Queen of Wands. You have been trying to do too much and all you have succeeded in is wearing yourself out. The situation will wait while you regain your balance and catch up on some much-needed sleep. Then you will be ready to take on the world again and hopefully Upright it. Good Luck.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

Leo Tarot Horoscope

Well Leo The Month of May looks very interesting for you. Your Cards are mixed with both business and pleasure. This Reading I feel is being aimed at very specific Leos who will identify with the Cards immediately.

On the Work-front, May will have you in a very serious mood with the presence of The King of Swords. You are normally represented by the Wands so this is quite an unusual scenario for you. To me, this represents very important matters that are being dealt with where work is concerned and there is the possibility of consulting with professionals or experts for advice and information. You may be dealing with legal issues in work and drawing up contracts with solicitors or lawyers. It might be quite a tense time for you but these are pressing matters that must be dealt with. You may have to face some hard facts and could be asked for your opinion or to make a decision on something. You must think things through carefully and only deal with the facts presented instead of speculating and theorising. It is vitally important that you deal in a professional manner this month Leo as others may be watching and evaluating your performance. This comes down to even your work attire, so try to tame down your normally flamboyant style of dress this month in favour of a sharper and more tidy appearance. If you are going for job interviews make sure you have meticulously gone over your CV for any typos or errors as The King of Swords will pick up on these immediately. Be over-prepared for your interview by doing your homework and much research, as you are guaranteed to be asked very direct and specifically aimed questions. You must be able to answer immediately for The King of Swords will see through any attempts at bluffing your way through. Tidy, professional, prepared and knowledgeable will get you far on the work front this month. If advice comes from Professionals, it would be wise to act on it instead of challenging it. You are not always right Leo.

Leaving all the serious area of work behind you can head home and discard that work suit in favour of something that is more you as The Empress represents the Home-front. Good for you Leo as here we are getting an impression of domestic harmony and a wonderful sense of being your true expressive and creative self. This is a far cry from The King of Swords and raises questions as to what is going on? The Empress would find life with The King of Swords to be too restricting and rigid. He would not let her express her true inner-self or condone running barefooted around the fields with flowers in her hair. How does one marry the two is the question here and by looking at the Cards as a whole Spread, I feel you are in a situation where an important decision is being asked of you. Leo, you are wonderfully natural and carefree, with an instinctual  wild nature and expansive personality. Can you tame your lion-like self into an obedient domestic apartment cat who does not have a garden to play in or trees to climb? Can you become the caged Lion and be happy? May will find you toying with these feelings. and as the summer approaches, your time of the year, your inner child of fun wants to play even more.  You stand on the threshold of giving birth to something wonderfully creative and of your own making. You want to do something, to start something but are unsure of how successful it will be. You do hate to fail at anything Leo. There is something you want that is going against the direction you are currently taking. Deep down you know what it is you want. The Empress will help you with the birthing process if you decide to take her side instead of The King of Swords. The Empress suits your wild nature much more than The King, but what do you do?  Running with The Empress and letting her guide you involves you taking a chance, for not everything she gives birth to thrives or lives. The Empress can be great fun and all smiles but can turn on you rather rapidly if she perceives you are not giving due care or attention to what she has helped you create. She will destroy it, and you without batting an eyelid. That is the way of the natural world in which she walks and governs. You must be very clear about your intentions here Leo and make no half-hearted attempt to move on anything until you have covered all areas. The Empress does tell you that you have the potential and the creative and artistic tools that are necessary to travel the direction you are dreaming of.

And this nicely leads us to the Unexpected Position, Card Three, The Lovers. Here it is, the big decision and it seems like May might be the month where it will have to be made. If you have sought an audience with The King of Swords, he will not dally in coming back to you with an answer. The answer may involve having to change your personality to fit in to what is expected of you instead of being your normal self. It may take you away from what it is you truly wish to be pursuing. On the other hand it may offer you very attractive benefits that could be very tempting. You need to choose which direction to take. Fall into line with The King of Swords or Run wild with The Empress. You could of course do both.  Don the Suit in order to pay your bills, and play with the Empress in your spare time. But will your be happy,  and will you have enough spare time if you take up with The King of Swords, as he will expect much of you. In The Lovers Card, the female looks upwards to Spirit for guidance in the decision-making process and maybe you should too. Which takes you closer to your true Spiritual Purpose and which takes you further away? After internally debating this for much time, May might suddenly demand that a decision be made and you may not be given too long in which to make it.

Now we move on to your Role Position in all of this and here we have The Four of Swords Reversed. This Card tells me that this matter will give you much stress and you will probably lose many a sleepless night wondering what you should do. Because this Card is Reversed, it tells you that time is up and you can spend no longer thinking or dwelling on it. It is time to get up and take action. It is now or never and hopefully you will use your Fourth Sword wisely to reach a well thought out decision. God knows you have spent long enough worrying about it. Which will you go for Leo, The King of Swords has his cool hand out beckoning to you, but so too does The Empress extend her warm and tingling hand in your direction? Both are very tempting and both have their pros and cons, but we must remember that The Empress is a Major Arcana Card which makes her a bigger player than The King of Swords. She outranks him but can she persuade you? Her Major Arcana aspect in your life makes her more a part of your personality. Will you deny or subdue that part in favour of The King of Swords? Time to decide and make your move Leo.

Your Outcome Card is The Ace of Wands and I believe that this means a decision will be made by the end of the month and a new start will begin for you. This is a Fire Card and is laced with all the wonderful aspects the Element brings; enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity, motivation, movement, adventure and freedom. Something tells me that The Empress may have proved to be too tempting. If so, follow your dream with total conviction and release the full potential of The Ace of Wands into your life for a wonderful opportunity has presented itself to you.

As an alternative to this Reading, I will give a brief interpretation of how it may also be viewed. Leo you are spending too much time dealing with the serious aspect of the work side of your life and denying the passion which is one of your god-given personality aspects as shown in The Empress. There is someone you will encounter this month out of the blue and they will blow your socks off. Enough so to shake  you out of your Sword-like state, making  you hop up off your tomb as those Swords scatter left, right and centre. It is time to make a move or lose out on the opportunity of starting a wild and passionate relationship with the most amazing person. All work and no play made Jack a dull boy so get out there and have some fun. Leo, that Ace of Wands beckons with The Sensual Empress on one side and the Lovers above.  Go for it! What have you got to lose?

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

Virgo Tarot Horoscope

Oddly enough Virgo we have three Cards in this Month’s Reading that appeared for you last month so we may have an ongoing situation here.

As you will see from your Cards we have the Three of Wands, The Moon and The Six of Wands gracing us with their presence once more. However all are Reversed this time except for The Three of Wands which appears Upright.  So let us begin.

On the Work-front we have The Three of Wands suggesting that you have set in motion or acted on plans you have been making for some time. Last month we had you worrying about whether you had made the right decision or not, but here the Card is Upright and I get a feeling of acceptance with you. The Wheels have started to turn and movement is happening. Right or wrong a situation is progressing, and to a certain extent things are out of your hands. You must exert some patience now Virgo for it is a time to watch and wait. In the imagery you see the figure has sent his ships out to sea but he has not gone with them. He has turned his back on the past and has plans for the future but he may have to wait for the return of those ships before he will know whether his venture has been a success or not. This might be a very trying time for you this month as you wait for word on whether your plans are working out or not. Because this is a Wand’s Card, you must not allow yourself to become down or pessimistic for Wands don’t work that way. Think positively and believe that all will be fine and it probably will. There is nothing to be done but wait at this very moment in time. Things are happening and you are not there to see them, but trust that progress is being made.

On the Home-front we have The Moon making an appearance again but this time it is Reversed suggesting deep worries that are building and possibly getting out of hand. Then again, there may be serious issues going on behind the scenes that need to be exposed and dealt with. You have had some niggling doubts for some time on the home-front and these seem to be strengthening. A bit like the Three of Wands, you aren’t privy to the full facts yet, and when that happens, the imagination can run wild. On the other hand, your dreams on the home-front may now have turned into a living nightmare. However, now is not a time for just allowing things to drift by you. You must wake up and go in search of the truth for while you remain under the influence of the Reversed Moon, nothing will be clear and you will not be able to distinguish between fact or fiction, truth or lie, fantasy or reality. Troubling issues in relation to your mother, or yourself as a mother may be  causing you grave concern. This Card suggests you are deeply troubled at present on the home-front but must stabilise and ground if you are to sort the situation out. At present you are not thinking clearly.

And now to the Unexpected Position. Alas, the Six of Wands appears once more but yet again is Reversed. This suggests that you may suffer a setback of some sort this month that you were not expecting, or may be a part of the troublesome concerns emanating from The Reversed Moon. You will experience a failure or a lack of success in some area and I feel someone is going to get the better of you and come out on top because they have more support behind them than you do at present. There will be a smugness attached to this. I do not feel it has anything to do with losing to the competition, but more like the competition is in a situation where they will be hard to get at for they are surrounded by those who are protecting their interests. They have an unfair advantage. I believe you will feel very let down by the level of support you receive in this situation and feel that you are quite alone in the situation. This is bound to leave you quite stunned as to why? With this Card, there is also the danger of an unexpected fall so be careful of how you proceed when out and about. Look where you are going and don’t take any silly chances.

Your Role Position brings in The Six of Swords and I sense that you feel like distancing yourself from the whole situation.  You don’t want the stress and hassle, and to be honest it is the last thing you need right now. You are feeling down enough about everything without events getting worse around you. Your desire now is to move on, to leave a troublesome situation behind and admit defeat. You may believe that there is nothing to be done to rectify things. You will be feeling pretty negative about the whole issue and psychologically worn out. Nothing seems to be working out for you this month, or so it seems. So will you turn your back and walk away or will you, like the Three of Wands have more faith in the situation and those around you and wait to see what happens?

Your Outcome Card shows you making a fighting comeback in The Knight of Swords. Enough is enough you say as you prepare to go into battle. You have channelled your anger, disappointment and worries into taking action.  If no one is prepared to act on your behalf or defend you, then you will have to do it yourself. That’s the fighting spirit The Three of Wands would applaud. This month will see you focussed and committed to sorting out your situation instead of leaving everything to chance. It is not in your nature to be so forceful but you will need the energy of The Knight of Swords to drive you fearlessly on. You have sat around long enough waiting for someone else to take action, and for things to be put right, but you may feel you have waited in vain. It is up to you now and you will have to bear your teeth and draw your Sword so that all can see you mean business. With The Knight of Swords riding shotgun you will not fail in hitting your target.  Remember the gift of this Suit enables you to wield great power on many levels. The Sword can be used to drive your point home and to defend yourself. The Suit of Swords also gifts you with the power of the written and spoken word. The Pen is Mightier than the Sword so don’t be afraid to express any issues or concerns in both the written and spoken manner. The Knight of Swords will ensure they reach the right person.  Don’t give up. Refuse to give up on your quest! Meanwhile The Three of Wands will watch your back for he is on your side.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

Libra Tarot Horoscope

A challenging, difficult and frustrating month ahead for you Libra. Your Cards above show signs of everything been pretty much left up to you to sort out and find solutions to. It is also going to be a very busy month with many demands and unexpected expenses that you can ill afford at this moment in time. So let us break it all down Libra.

On the Work-front we have The Five of Wands and I get the impression that the pressure is on and you are up to your eyeballs in a multitude of frustrating tasks and projects. Everyone is demanding a bit of you and you will feel overstretched at times. I get the feeling that deadlines may be approaching and the normal teamwork of your environment may break down this month as everyone scatters to cover their end of things, or that work colleagues are running with their own agendas without consulting each other as to whether it is required or desired in the first place. Tensions and impatience will run high but I do not feel that anyone really means any harm in this. It is just the way things will be in May. It is not just you, but all around you work-related are feeling the same strain. There will be the tendency to be snappy and abrupt with colleagues as the simplest request from them will leave you further stressed and with less time than you thought you had. It’s all a bit of leaving everything to the eleventh hour madness for May, but then again where did you have the time before now to do any better? It appears you have been caught up in this cycle for some time and this month the goal-posts may move leaving everyone in a situation where they have to regroup and reorganise at a moment’s notice. Under normal circumstances this is generally a matter of having a meeting and finding a solution to whatever challenges have arisen, but this month there will be no time for that so it will be a matter of thinking on your feet while trying to complete your own tasks on time. You may have early starts and late finishes leaving you stressed and cranky. This is only temporary so try to just put your head down and keep going. It might be up to you to sort this mayhem out and you do have the ability to organise everyone into some form of productive group if you can calm down enough and use that wonderful mind and diplomatic approach you know you have. Don’t make things worse by getting on everyone’s nerves just because the pressure is on. You will only end up having to apologise later on.

On the Home-front it seems like it is all go there too as we see The Eight of Wands come hurtling in. You are just as busy at home as you are at work, but it is a more pleasurable type of business. You come home from work and walk right in the door to a multitude of things that need to be done and attended to. You may also be preparing to travel, either for pleasure or business, so you have a lot to do before heading off. Your emails are building, so too are texts flying in, people you need to visit or phone and purchases that need to be made. However, in the middle of all this is a buzz of excitement and it is the wonderful energy of The Eight of Wands that will carry you through this busy time. For sure there is a lot going on at home, and certain goals or projects you have been working on are coming together, some sooner than expected, some quite suddenly. You might not be quite ready for them. It is a matter of keeping tight control of them at present so that they don’t run away with you. Time passes much faster than we think and what we perceive to be far off in the future, and therefore does not have to be dealt with or thought about until then, can sneak up rather rapidly and catch us unprepared. It is hard to keep on top of everything, so for the moment you will have to prioritise.

In the middle of all this activity and rush, both in work and at home, the last thing you need is something cropping up out of the blue that causes even further strain.  In the Unexpected Position sits The Four of Pentacles Reversed. That money you have been so desperately trying to hold onto may take a hit this month. Unforeseen expenses may arise that you had not catered for financially. This will leave you feeling even more frustrated. Why is it so hard to hold on to money? What comes in one hand, just goes out in the other no matter how hard you try to duck and dive from it. There is always something waiting to break down; the car, the washing machine, the boiler. You will be asked this month to let go of something you have been trying to hold onto. Someone may even ask you for a loan or you have underestimated the cost of something. It may not even be financially related, it could be more of your precious time that is being called upon or dragged away from you. A secret, confidence or problem may be shared with you, leaving you in a position where you are indirectly being asked to help. However, you may also be shocked or totally dismayed by what is revealed. There you are working away so hard while in the background all this has been going on and now it is up to you to sort it out. There may be a feeling this month Libra of wanting everyone to just go away and leave you alone, for all are draining your resources on one level or another.

And your Role in all this Libra is The Nine of Pentacles; the self-reliant Card, the hard worker, the resourceful person who knows exactly what has to be done to achieve the desired results. You are working very hard towards something big Libra and to be honest, you seem to be doing it practically single-handed. It is all down to you and you deserve everything you get. You have set high standards for yourself and have plans for your future and also your money. That is why you will not be happy about having to spend money you hadn’t intended to. As crazy as this month may turn out for you Libra, you can forget about anyone coming to your rescue or offering you help, for everyone sees you as more than capable of dealing with any challenge that comes your way. They also see you as quite financially secure, so would never expect you to be in need of help in that area. That is why they come to you looking for a hand-out whenever they need it for you are sure to have plenty in stock. You will be expected to sort out the issues in work and manage all that is happening on the home front too without complaint. To be honest, I know you may feel peeved this month by your circumstances, but the way you handle things will stand to you in the long run.

And to The Outcome of your Month Libra. A sense of despair and disillusionment. You desperately want to chill and to be left alone. You are tired and fed up with the month you have just gone through. You may be annoyed with certain people, disappointed in the lack of support you received while you did your best to help others. Now you just want to veg out on the couch and not have to do a thing or lift a finger. You may not even feel like talking, and may shun offers or invitations to social events or meeting up with friends who don’t seem to understand why you are so down in yourself and withdrawn. Don’t fret about letting people down by refusing or declining invitations. Just think of yourself for the time being and do what you want to do, regardless of how boring others may see you. You need time to stabilise and lose the resentment you feel towards those who contributed to, or were oblivious to the stress and strain you were under this month. I am sure it will all have sorted itself out by June.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Scorpio Tarot Horoscope

Well Scorpio what a wonderful Spread of Cards for you this Month and I see that The Ace of Wands has reappeared again. It came in as your final Card last month and I like the position it holds this month. So let us start.

On the Work-front, what a wonderful Month for you with The Magician gifting you great power and ability at anything you set your mind to. Those Scorpions who are working on projects or setting up in business have the right man on their side in the form of The Magician for he will help you come up with brilliant plans, amazing presentations and the most compelling sales talk. May is the month when all your plans will begin to materialise very nicely and it is not by chance for you have worked extremely hard to make sure everything is in place and every area covered. You can really make a success of whatever it is you are working on Scorpio for you have everything you need and more besides. Focussed concentration and keeping your goal to the forefront of your mind will get you there.  Don’t waiver or even think about feeling unsure of what you are doing. Adopt an air of self-confidence and strong self-belief and it will manifest automatically within. This will leave you feeling very sure of  what you are about. However, be aware of smooth talkers or offers of opportunities that appear too good to be true because they probably are. The Magician is Upright and therefore we should be able to trust him, but every successful business person knows the art of Spin and Spiel to get what they want. Not all they say may be true so double-check everything regardless of their impeccable credentials.

On the Home-front, you couldn’t be more pleased with yourself with the appearance of The Nine of Cups making you feel very content indeed.  This may be a knock-on effect from The Magician, as life is going swimmingly well for you this month Scorpio. You are in the mood to celebrate, and it is possible you are planning a big dinner party or a special night out. Champagne may flow and glasses raised in toast for the wonderful success that surrounds you. It is as if you feel your dreams are eventually being realised and you can’t but help feel a bit smug about the whole thing. Be careful not to brag and boast to those you choose to celebrate with for it might spoil the atmosphere and leave some people disgruntled. By all means express your happiness and share it around. Remember to thank all those who have helped you get to where you are now and don’t exclude anyone important from the guest list. Good wine and good food with family and close friends will leave you feeling benevolent and kind. There will be a tendency for extravagance so don’t go overboard and try not to drink or eat too much under this influence. You will be feeling both an inner and outer happiness. Share the love and your good fortune with others.

When it comes to The Unexpected, well there is no need for concern here for the Card that sits in that position is The Ten of Cups, another happy Card and harmonious family scene. This tells me that it is unlikely you will experience any untoward or unwelcome events this month for this Card is Upright and carries wonderful loving messages of harmony and peace with it. However, just to be on the safe side, I would not just presume that everyone else is as ecstatically happy as you are. The Nine of Cups can be quite a ‘me, me’ Card so it would be a good idea if you check to see how everyone else is feeling, or if you can be of help with any problems they may have. Remember you are not the only one in the family. However, I don’t think you have much to worry about. Your own success and happiness is having a knock-on effect on those closest to you and all are happy for you.

So what is your Role Position in all this Scorpio? Here we find the wonderful Ace of Wands that finished off your Reading last month. You are certainly feeling re-energised, refreshed and bursting with life. You are full of enthusiasm this month for something magically new that you have initiated. With the influence of  The Ace of Wands and The Magician in your life this month Scorpio, a wonderful opportunity has been presented to you and you have grabbed it with both hands for you could immediately see its amazing potential. You are ready and rearing to get going with whatever this opportunity is, and have a firm grasp of what is expected of you. You are literally on fire with eagerness and the buzz of it all. This is definitely a new beginning for you and the release of much-needed energy and enthusiasm into your life. Now that you have that Ace of Wands in your hands, make sure you don’t drop it. You must keep up the momentum now and not let the celebrations continue for too long. Both The Ace of Wands and The Magician expect marvelous things of you now and if you show any signs of doubt, or lack of motivation, they may move on elsewhere so get going.

Your Outcome for May Scorpio is The Eight of Pentacles and I am not surprised, for with all that is going on around you this month it all comes down now to hard, diligent and committed work. You have much to do now but you have the skills, the qualification, the tools, the resources and the know-how. You must ensure to set the High Standards The Magician will expect of you but I do not feel that this will be any great hardship for you Scorpio, for you are going to enjoy every minute of everything that needs to be done. There is a reason for this. You will be doing something that you are passionate about and also it will be for yourself. You setting the rules, the regulations, the standards, the style. Determined, Committed and Focussed work lies ahead for some time to come but it won’t feel draining. You have never been happier and you are going to throw yourself into whatever you are working on with all your heart, soul, mind and body. Remember though not to neglect other areas in your life. Look up to the happy family scene in The Ten of Cups and count your blessings. Make sure to spend some quality time with those you love as often as you can. Otherwise your life will become unbalanced and where you build success in one area, another will be equally failing at the same time. Well done Scorpio, May will be a month to remember and the start of wonderful new and exciting things.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

Sagitarrius Tarot Horoscopes

Well Sagittarius, the only area for concern in your Cards this month is on the work-front for everything else looks fine. We left you last month in a buoyant romantic mood and this month the light-hearted mood continues except for the presence of The Moon in your Work Position.   This suggests to me that you have concerns where work is related. You are troubled about something on some level, or that your emotions are unsettled. What is it that has you so Sagittarius, for it is unlike you to be so anxious about anything? There is a possibility you are starting out in a new job or in a new career direction where you feel unsure of your territory. Who is friend and who might be foe? It is as if you are in a foreign land and everything appears strange to you. There may be issues going on in work that you may be involved in or are aware of that have you feeling unsettled. There may be rumours or gossip of redundancies or job losses and you might fear for the security of yours. It is for sure when The Moon appears that you are not privy to the full facts, and that certain areas are concealed from you right now. All this does is make the imagination create its own reality, which may or may not be accurate. Try not to worry about things until you have reason to worry. Find out what is going on, or if there is something you are unhappy about, then speak up and sort it. Don’t leave troublesome issues hanging  in the air for they are bound to get worse. Some Sagittarians may be thinking about going out on their own where work is concerned and this can often bring The Moon floating into our realm. It is a scary path to travel, when you decide to walk it alone, so you may just be going through a period of uncertainty and doubt about whether you will be able for it. You must follow your heart at the end of the day and trust your gut instincts and intuition in this instance. One way or another, emotions are out of balance when The Moon appears so try to find stability.

Let us jump straight over to The Home-front and here we see a far better state of being in The Six of Wands. This Card stands for success and feeling confident and triumphant. Life is certainly going well for you on this level and is a million miles away from the worries of The Moon. I am looking at all your Cards now in total and I feel that something is going on around you, and That Moon may have more to tell us about other than work. Work may be the last thing on your mind right now. Something more powerful may have taken its place. Then again, you may be concerned about work and your financial security because of it.

Looking up to The Unexpected I see The Page of Cups and he is here to deliver some exciting and emotionally happy news. What could it be? Is it related to The Six of Wands? Have you been waiting on certain news, news that would make you jump for joy and feel like shouting it from the roof tops? Were your concerns of The Moon related to the news not been as you had hoped for? Maybe you were scared regardless of the outcome. Well The Page of Cups is Upright and this tells us that the news is happy indeed and there is reason for celebration. Has this all come out of the blue, all of  a sudden this month there may be good news coming your way that had not been anticipated before?

Looking down to  your Role in all this we see The Empress, The Mother, the Creator, The Giver of Life. She is wonderfully sensual, passionate and extremely fertile. Could the good news possibly be connected with The Empress and the life force she can incubate within. We could have news of a pregnancy here, one that was initially worried about, but now that the positive news has arrived, excitement and delight has taken over. Could there have been difficulty in the past conceiving? The Moon could lead us to ask such questions. Have you eventually succeeded where you had failed before? Then again, your concerns may have been work related especially if there was a possibility of a pregnancy. Could you afford it? What about work, your career? The Empress looks strong and healthy but she needs to make sure to look after herself and heed what she eats and drinks to ensure she gets adequate nutrition. This comes naturally to The Empress but it is the message she imparts to you that is important. She asks you to act like her in this instance and put yourself top of the list. Of course all this may be related to someone else and not you. It may be a friend or family member who is important to you.

These Cards may also be related to news of a wonderful opportunity coming your way or the successful outcome of a creative endeavour. Whatever it is you have been working on is maturing nicely and thriving. Abundance and growth are evident so no wonder you are riding high. This should blow away any niggling doubts and worries of The Moon but they do linger and are not that easily dismissed.

Looking to The Outcome Card we see The Fool and this again suggests a new Beginning, a possible birth or simply feeling free and spontaneous in yourself. Life is good, regardless of the lingering worries of The Moon. You may be about to take a chance on something, throw caution to the wind and despite what others might warn you of, just go for what your heart desires. If it feels right then it might just be. You may be taking a risk in some area of your life Sagittarius but you are no stranger to this. It is only the concerns of The Moon that hold you back from enjoying the free fall of jumping off that cliff. Life will certainly take on a new meaning for you by the end of May and one in which you will feel like a whole new phase of your life is just about to begin.

For those female Sagittarians of child-bearing age, this Reading may be informing, or warning you of your high fertility. Therefore, there is a strong possibility of conceiving, planned or not. Extra precautions should be taken during this time if you are not yet ready to take that giant leap.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope

Well Capricorn, just when you thought you had left the difficulties experienced last month well and truly in the past, this month brings its own share of issues and they may take you quite by surprise. I am not sure if this is a continuation of the challenges you faced last month when you came up against those who made life difficult for you while you were working hard towards certain goals, but a trial of endurance and ordeal appears to be on the Cards for you this month. It will originate on the work-front and then infiltrate every other area of your life for the duration.  Take heart though for as I take in your Cards as a full Spread and not individually, you should come out of this intact, and whereas it will certainly having taken its toll on you, the offending matter should be sorted leaving you to get on with what you do best. So let us take a look at these Cards and see what is going on.

On the Work-front here is where it starts with a Reversed Judgement making an appearance. You are being called to account for your actions Capricorn. Something you did or didn’t do is be questioned, and the spotlight is being shone on you or rather the interrogators sharp bright light. Others stand in Judgement of you right now and when Judgement Reverses it usually indicates that you are either being judged unfairly or that you are being judged for something you have done wrong. What is it that you have done or supposed to have done Capricorn? This could be tied up in legalities of one sort or another. The Law may not be on your side, or have found something out of sorts with the nature of your work or workplace.  Of course with this Card Reversed there is also the possibility that you are being called upon to do something that goes against your principles or makes you feel very uncomfortable. There is a price to pay for everything in life and if you managed to get the better of those last month who stood in your way, blocking your progress, then they may not have taken too kindly to that and could easily be quite active this month in making you pay. You could very well feel that you are being blamed and held accountable for something that has happened and are finding it hard to think clearly, are confused about where you stand and whether you are truly to blame as everyone else seems to think you are. Maybe you are, and if so you will need to face your accusers and accept responsibility. If you are in the clear then you will have to find a way to clear your name as someone may be speaking ill of you and attempting to ruin your reputation. Looking up to your Unexpected Card for the month The Eight of Swords, I get the impression that you will not see this coming and therefore I can only assume that you will be to a certain extent put on trial and deemed guilty until proven innocent and not the other way around. If you are innocent, or made an innocent mistake then you must fight to clear your name and this nasty and possibly very unnecessary situation. Think hard, very hard about where all this might be coming from and why. Things don’t just happen for nothing when Judgement appears whether Upright or Reversed.

This appears to be quite a serious matter for looking to your Home-Front Card, The Nine of Swords, it is not hard to see how much stress this is causing you. You never get yourself into such situations as you are so thorough and methodical about everything you do. There may be lessons to be learned from this situation Capricorn. Because you rarely find fault with how you conduct your own life and especially work, there is the tendency sometimes to be judgmental of others, and you have been guilty in the past for pointing the finger of blame at those without first finding out whether they deserve it or not. This time it is you who stands in the docks, the accused, with all eyes glaring at you. It feels awful doesn’t it? Your home life, relationship with family, partner and friends are bound to suffer, and there will be little or no sleep to be had as you toss and turn, your mind in a spin. You will feel quite alone in this situation and possibly friendless too. When Nines appear, they relate to The Hermit of The Major Arcana who suggests isolation and solitariness. It also suggests that it is you who must act as no one else can help you. You must use your logic and reason, you must clear your head and stop panicking. Think back over the last couple of months and see where it went wrong. Also it may not be a bad idea to talk to someone about your worries before you drive yourself mad. They may not be able to help but they might be able to offer comforting support. You will certainly need a friend Capricorn.

Your Unexpected Card has already been touched on above. The Eight of Swords suggests binds, restrictions and feeling trapped and desperate. You will feel like a cornered rat and that trouble is closing in all around you. With that blindfold on, you did not see this coming and so are unprepared to deal with it as it descends upon you. You will have to examine your options, you do have some, even though it is hard to see that right now. Again, calm your mind and think straight. With all those Swords you haven’t lost the power of communication, even if you do feel verbally paralysed. You need to talk this out with all concerned and tell your side of the story, over and over again until someone listens. Stop showing fear to those around you as this only adds to any guilt that others may apportion you. Pull that blindfold off, face the situation and demand to be heard. Then again, if you have done something wrong, and it could be a legal issue, you will have to take what is coming to you or make amends in some shape or form. When Judgement appears in a Reading, Upright or Reversed, there will always be consequences as a result of actions. What goes around eventually comes around, and it is a time of Harvest. Judgement is a Karmic Card so you will have to see this one through.

At last, some light at the end of the Tunnel as The Page of Wands appears in your Role Position. The Page of Wands suggests that you will take action. You will find the Fire within you that all those Swords have hacked away. There is good news on the way for you Capricorn and it will be as a result of you beginning to take charge and control again. Show some spirit and that you are not going to let this get the better of you. The Page of Wands, although slightly vulnerable is better than having the Page of Swords turn up with bad news and the situation getting worse. The Page of Wands suggest moving this situation forward and out of the rut it will fall into. After giving a lot of thought to your situation and why it came about, you will be in a position to act and act you will. Your actions and strong convictions will force the situation into the light where it can be examined properly and not in some shady backstreet courtroom where you are not allowed to defend yourself. The Page of Wands will bring the good news that you have been hoping for as we look straight up into the face of Justice in the Outcome Position.

Justice is Upright and this means that the truth will out and you will be in a position to clear your name or sort out whatever mess has happened. By being open and honest with all those concerned, and accepting any share of the responsibility that is rightfully yours, Justice will prevail and will rule in your favour. Be aware that Justice is also a Karmic Card and represents Spiritual Law and the Spiritual Courts of Justice. No one gets away with lies or trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes in this Courtroom. No expensive Lawyer will get you off the Hook when Justice appears for Justice sees right through to the Soul where only the truth is to be found. If Justice is Upright for you then you deserve it and can heave a sigh of relieve. Both Judgement and Justice are strongly related, so if you are guilty of something and do manage to get away with it this time, remember Karma, it will catch up on you eventually and you will not be so lucky the next time. But for now Capricorn count your blessings that all will work out for you, but it will involve you stepping in and taking action because no one is going to come your rescue otherwise.

Strong Cards for the Month of May Capricorn, but this may also be viewed as a warning coming through for you, like in dream time, if you are considering on embarking on a course of action that may have unpleasant consequences if it doesn’t turn out as you have planned. Think twice Capricorn, think twice.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Aquarius Tarot Horoscope

A busy and tiring month ahead for you Aquarius as it is for many of the other signs. What is it about May? So let us have a look at your Cards as they were drawn.

You can see for yourself that we have a lot of Wands Cards  in your Reading this Month and this means that you will be on the go a lot and much activity surrounds you. Yes, this is not always a bad thing, but too much activity can eventually wear us down and I know you Aquarius, you don’t like life to be so hectic that you cannot find that ever so precious private time that you always crave.

On the Work-front, things are really taking off this month and you are going to be busy, busy, busy. It is certainly all go and much work to do. There is a great buzz and sense of excitement attached to this hectic period and I feel that it has been a period of time that you have all been waiting for. Projects are taking off, products to launch, trade shows to organise and conferences to attend. There may even be some travel involved. However, none of these things happen on their own, and as you are well aware a huge amount of organisation has to go into the logistics so that all run smoothly. Behind the scenes at work, everyone is rushing around and some of you may be covering for others who are on vacation, maternity leave or are absent due to illness. Your workload has multiplied and it is a case of enforced multi-tasking. Everyone wants a bit of you at present and you can’t keep up with the amount of emails coming in and phone calls to return. It is crazy but everyone is in good mood and the constant activity is carrying you all through on a tidal wave of momentum and high energy.

I am going to hop up to The Unexpected before going to the Home-front for I believe The Ten of Wands will go a long way to explaining the Reversed Star in your Home Position. The Ten of Wands tells you that this month, even though you think you have enough on your plate as it is, there is more going to be dumped upon you. This does not necessarily mean that it is work related. I am talking of extra burdens, obligations or duties that you could really have done without this month. You are busy enough without having to fit in anything else to your already bursting schedule and extremely tight spare time. Every second of your life seems to be accounted for this month Aquarius and it will be exhausting at times. You are to blame for some of this yourself as you do have a very generous and helpful personality. Those favours you promised others some time ago; little jobs or errands you would run for friends and family are now all being called in at the one time. You had forgotten saying yes to so many people, but you more than likely did. You may have agreed weeks ago to run your friend out to catch her early morning Sunday flight, to escort your mother to her hospital appointment, or was delighted two months ago to accept the babysitting plea from your neighbour. Nothing wrong with all that, and of course you didn’t mind at the time, but now they are all happening in and around the same time! What can you say? ‘Sorry, but no. Too busy in work to help you out. No time, sorry’. Of course not, you will do your best to fit them all in, even if it means having to skip meals and go without sleep to cover them all. Don’t worry Aquarius, it is a Ten Card and this means it is only going to be for a while and not forever. Just bad timing.

Let me go straight down to your Role Position Card as I feel this Card should be read next. The Nine of Wands, another Wands Card. That’s Eight, Nine and Ten. Wow, you certainly have your fill of it this month Aquarius. The Nine of Wands imagery speaks for itself. Exhausted, shattered and worn out you are still battling on and feel that you have no choice now but to soldier on. You are running out of steam and that initial burst of energy The Eight of Wands brought with it, is at this stage rapidly dwindling. You have to stick it out though and this Card tells you that you have the stamina to keep going even though you feel ready to collapse. There is still a lot to do, and boy do you know it. You are aware of all those Wands still standing behind you that have yet to be dealt with. You feel that it is all work, work, work this month in one form or another. You may look around at your friends and think don’t they have it easy as they sail home from work at 5 or 6pm while you have still another few hours to put in. You feel as if you have been on the front line for too long, constantly on duty and you are weary of it all.

This is why in the Home Position sits The Reversed Star. In your personal life you have no time to yourself, or to be yourself. You have your hobbies and private pastimes that so relax you, yet you have been unable to get to them this month. The book you started reading at the beginning of the month sits on your bedside table, with the book-marker still on page 10. You have missed most of your Yoga Classes this month too and haven’t had a chance to get out for your walks or even have a lie-in.  Oh you need a break from it all and so just want to go home and shut the door on the world for at least two months. You haven’t even had a chance to cut the grass. Everything is out of harmony and balance on the Home-front right now and your surrounding Cards tell your weary tale.

Looking to your Outcome Card I am afraid to say that it is The Hanged Man and this can imply so many things. For starters I can see immediately that many sacrifices on your time have been demanded of you this month.  I can also see that you have been terribly tied up and caught in a position that there was no getting out of. Your personal life seems to have been put on hold at present while you cater to the needs of others and work. You are an Aquarian remember, and part of your Spiritual Destiny lies in humanitarianism. This means that The Hanged Man will turn up in your life time and time again when you will be asked to put yourself last on the list and everyone else ahead of you. Generally you have no problem with this, and as I mentioned earlier, are more than happy to help wherever and whenever you can, but it is just this month that has really got to you. Why did it have to be this month of all months? There is no answer to that Aquarius except that some months are more trying than others as The Wheel of Fortune is constantly turning.  It will turn again for you and circumstances will improve while they dis-improve for others. With The Hanged Man sitting in your Outcome Position there is nothing you can do about it but see it through as your hands are tied and you are at the mercy of the Universe. I am also saying that this situation may have to be endured for a little while longer but don’t despair, your Wands were following a winding down Cycle so it shouldn’t go on for too much longer. Just Hang in there. Pardon the Pun Aquarius.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

Pisces Tarot Horoscope

Pisces, your Cards this month are taking you into other dimensions and planes of existence as you experience a shift in your natural psychic and intuitive abilities. Your Cards are quite powerful and magical all at the one time. I do believe you are experiencing a new awakening, a heightening of your senses that may prove overwhelming at times due to their strength.

On the Work-front we have The Queen of Cups and she is telling me that you are feeling very emotionally balanced and at one with what you are doing. You are in a very loving and caring mood and those around you are very aware of your wonderful nurturing personality. This month will find you in a very meditative and calm mood. Nothing will get you down or upset you, and your aim will be to make things run as smoothly as you can for others too. You will be feeling very generous and I see you bringing in homemade cakes and cookies for your work colleagues just to make their day happier. You will appear to float around the workplace and be there for everyone just when they need you or even slightly before. You will appear in doorways just as someone is about to go looking for you and will phone your boss just as he is about to pick up the phone to you. You are just very in tune with everything that is going on right now and seem to be ahead of everyone as if you have prior knowledge of what it is that has to be done, who it is that is going to be looking for you, what might go wrong, and even who it is in payroll that is going through a rough time in their relationship. You will know who to be extra kind to and who just wants to be left alone.

Another aspect for you this month in Work Pisces is to prepare yourself for being the most creative and artistic you have been in a long time, or maybe ever. Something strange is taking place and it may have something to do with the alignment of the planets or possibly the time of year it is. May Day being one of those Special Days in the Pagan Calendar, a ‘Tween Time’, when those with certain abilities can tap into other realms or dimensions of existence and access information, or commune with those who reside there. Whatever it is Pisces, take advantage of it this month in the workplace as anything you are involved in or working on will have an extra magical quality to it. Better still if you are an artist, writer, sculptor or crafter for your work is bound to be superb and possibly your best to date.

On the Home Front we have The Magician, a Powerful Major Arcana Card. The Magician brings you extra gifts and tools and leaves them at your disposal for he knows that you are aware of their individual power and abilities. He also knows that you of all people know how to use them with respect. He is in his Upright Aspect so he brings with him Positive Magic into the Home-front and you will feel his presence strongly for you are now tapping into it as you see everything just fall into place around you. Your senses are heightened, and this may leave you feeling very tired at times and headachy. Your dreams may be vivid and extremely lucid. Prepare for some out-of-body experiences and strange experiences.

Looking up to The Unexpected Position we see The Ace of Cups and in this imagery I am drawn to the eye. This to me symbolises the Third Eye and because it is an Ace, I again feel an awakening on a Psychic level or moving to a higher level of awareness.  For those Pisceans who have been working on developing these aspects of your being, then you have been successful and all your hard work, meditation and concentration is beginning to pay off for you are moving onto a new level. However, this may only be on a temporary basis as most of you Pisceans already know there are times when you are more connected with your psychic, intuitive self than at others. However, you may be taking a course, opening to the energies of Reiki or similar, and this may have triggered this new heightened state of awareness. It is the beginning of a new path for your Pisces but as I look down to The High Priestess I am a little concerned for you.

The High Priestess in herself is not to be feared and is a wonderful presence in any Reading, but combined with The Magician I feel you are dealing with extremely powerful energy. For those Pisceans trying to develop their Mediumship abilities, now is the time to really give it your attention as you are opening up to strong psychic power with the Presence of The High Priestess in your Role Position. The Witch, the Wise Woman, The Guardian of Arcane Secrets, The Healer, The Medium. She has the power, and together with The Magician, unless you are very careful, it could all get out of hand. You need to ensure you are meticulous with your Psychic Protection and Cleansing. You need to be very aware of what you are dealing with and not play around with it, or use it for party tricks. Any psychic work, spell casting, communicating with spirits and divination will be extremely successful for you this month but you must be certain of your source. When the doorway opens, it opens to all, and not every spirit is of the light. You do not want to encourage any visitors who might be difficult to get rid of. The Magician reminds you to be respectful of the Tools he has gifted to you. The High Priestess will sit quietly and watch and wait to see what you will do with them. She knows that deep down inside you are aware of such power, but will not stop you should you decide to go too far with it for she believes that it is the only way you will learn. Once such power is released it will be hard to control so tread carefully and take it step by step. Do not try to rush or force this process as it will either explode in your face, causing you to become unbalanced and ungrounded, or that eye in The Ace of Cups will close altogether. When that happens it will be hard to reopen it.

As your Outcome Card is The Wheel of Fortune Upright it would suggest that this is a very lucky month for you. The Gods are smiling on you. You will feel blessed this month and very fortunate indeed. It may be a good month for selecting your own Lottery Numbers instead of purchasing the machine created versions for you have access to information this month that is normally hidden from you. Remember there are no guarantees, and The Wheel of Fortune can bring great losses just as easily as it bring great gains. However, there is no harm in having a little flutter to see what happens. You will be tempting fate, but once you keep it under control then no damage done. Take advantage of all positive opportunities that come your way this month as they will more than likely work out for you. Remember, to trust your intuition and gut feeling no matter what anyone may try to sell or promise you for you are very psychically aware this month. However, I stress again, be sure of your source and not listen to any prattle that comes from within as you are bound to be open to many voices all trying to influence you. Remember your psychic protection and cleansing.



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