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New Section Added – The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of The Year

Wheel of Fortune Upright

Greetings to all,

I am thrilled to announce the addition of a New Section on The Main Menu called The Wheel of The Year. I have been working very hard on putting this together and intend it to be an ongoing project as we work our way through the remainder of the Year and all its Seasons.

Here is an Excerpt from this New Section and I hope you will find the reading of it contains something to interest you. As each Seasonal Festival comes upon us, I will be adding Information about it along with some relevant Meditations and Tarot Spreads. 

Work will continue as normal on completing the re-working of the rest of the Course and Cards.

Brightest Blessings,


The  Wheel of The Year

 The Wheel of The Year  Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of The Year represents the annual cycle of the Seasons and their Midpoints. It is traditionally associated with Paganism but has its origins stretch very far back into Celtic Society where the coming and going of the Seasons, the shortening and lengthening of daylight hours impacted strongly on this agricultural race.

The Wheel itself is divided into either Four or Eight Points. When divided by Four each Point is referred to as a Quarter Day and it is these that mark the Two Solstices at Mid-Winter and Mid-Summer. Mid-Winter sits at the most Northerly Point on The Wheel, while Mid-Summersits at the most Southerly Point. The other Two Quarter Days are Equinoxes; Spring/Vernal Equinox known as Ostara and Autumnal Equinoxknown as Mabon.  The Vernal Equinox’s Point lies exactly mid-way between the The Winter and Summer Solstice and is positioned to theEast of The Wheel. The Autumnal Equinox’s Point is positioned to the West of the Wheel mid-way between Summer Solstice (Litha) and Winter Solstice (Yule).

When divided into Eight, the Mid-Points between the Quarter Days are included and recognised. So we have the Mid-Point between Winter Solstice and Ostara known as Imbolc, the Mid-Point between Ostara and Summer Solstice known as Bealtaine, the Mid-Point betweenSummer Solstice and Mabon known as Lugnasagdh and the Mid-Point between Mabon and Winter Solstice known as Samhain. These days are referred to as Cross Quarter Days.

Pagan traditions vary, some celebrating the Four Quarter Days while others, both Quarter and Cross Quarter Days. Dates and associated names also vary. Regardless of tradition, whether acknowledging Four or all Eight, each of these Days are celebrated and feasted.

The Four Seasons are celebrated as Solar Festivals while the Cross Quarter Days are celebrated as Fire Festivals.

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The Wheel of The Year

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