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Lesson Nine Content Ready to View – Health Readings and More

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends Around The World,

5 of Pentacles Upright4 of Swords Upright 10 of Swords Upright

You will have noticed that I have not given many direct Health Interpretations for the individual Cards so far. Some have been generally given as we proceeded through the  Lessons, with the remaining Health Interpretations to be supplied at the end of each Part of The Course. This has been to discourage you from rushing in and giving Health Readings to friends and family until you are more comfortable with the CardsHealth Readings are always a dodgy area to get into, and as a Tarot Reader you are quite within your rights to exclude Health Readings from your practice if you feel uncomfortable in this area.

If you do decide to do Health Readings, make sure that anyone enquiring about having a reading done is informed as to the type of Reader you are in advance.  If you tell it as you see it, then inform the Querant and ask as to whether they will be comfortable with your directness.  Some Querants want to ask after their parent’s health and even their children’s yet fail to understand the implications or consequences of hearing potentially bad news.  I regularly have Querants who when asked if there is anything else they would like to look at before the Reading is over, want to know if their kids are healthy.  I generally try to talk them out of it because what if something does come up in the Cards?  Can I be sure it is correct?  Can I trust my interpretation of it? So how do you deal with the Querant once Nasty Cards have come out?  How do you backtrack?

Let me tell you that the Querant may never have laid eyes on a Deck of Tarot before, but going on the basis of the Collective UnconsciousSymbols and Archetypes, they will instantly identify ‘Bad Cards’ as soon as they see them without you having to point them out.  They will look frightened and ask you to put their mind at rest, which of course you may not be able to do.  You see, when they ask these questions casually, just as a Filler-in a Reading, and not the main reason they came to you, they are only expecting to be told that their kids are happy and healthy so they can go merrily on their way home.  However, their life and peace of mind can  be seriously affected by the stress and worry over a Tarot Reading that may or may not be right.

There are times however, when a parent comes for a Tarot Reading specifically to enquire about a son or daughter who they are concerned about.  This is different but should be handled very cautiously too.  No allegations or rash judgements should be made in the Reading and if you see trouble or Health Problems in the Cards then the ‘softly, softly’ approach is best.  Hint at or allude to possible things you may see in the Cards but be 100% certain about nothing.  Remember, unless you are suitably trained you could get into serious trouble giving medical advice or diagnosis to someone who is pressurising you into saying something, not to mention the distress you will also cause.

The Health Meanings for The Court Cards and The Major Arcana will be supplied at the end of their Modules.  Any relevant Cards will be added to the Health Card Combination Page.


So with all that in mind, I am happy to inform you that the Content for Lesson Nine is complete and ready to be viewed. Lesson Nine Covers:

  • General Information on both The Nines and Tens of The Minor Arcana
  • Jumping Cards – Cards that appear to Jump or Fall from The Deck when Shuffling.
  • Detailed Information about Health Readings

Supplement Pages Include:

Wands Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Cups Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Swords Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Pentacles Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Health Card Combinations Minor Arcana – Ace to Ten

Sample Health Readings will be Posted Next Week.


Brightest Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


Copyright © 2006-2014 Vivien Ní Dhuinn


Re. Weekly Tarot Horoscopes Poll Results

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know how Viewers Voted in the last week regarding The Weekly Tarot Horoscopes. Out of the 11,100 visitors in the last week, only 81 took part in the Poll which was quite disappointing. The Majority wanted the Weekly Readings to continue with some preferring Monthly Horoscopes.

Due to the very poor return on the Poll, I should totally discontinue The Tarot Horoscopes as they do take quite some time to put together, time I could be spending on developing the rest of the course. However, I also do not want to disappoint those who were enjoying them, and as one voter pointed out, they were a great learning tool. So with that in mind, for the time being, starting from April, I will begin a Monthly Tarot Horoscope, which will give me the time to continue writing the rest of the Course Content and also Re-working the remaining Cards whilst giving the viewers who were enjoying them something to look forward to. I will then reconsider returning to the Weekly Tarot Horoscopes and see how well they are received.

I do think this is the best solution for the time being and hope you agree with my decision based on the low number of voters.

Brightest Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


Tarot Horoscopes – Week Ending February 23rd 2014

Hi to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

To determine whether I should keep up these Tarot Horoscopes or not I have added a Poll. It would be wonderful if you could let me know your opinion on this matter. Thanking you in advance.

Here are your Tarot Horoscopes for the week ahead. I do hope you enjoy the Tarot Horoscopes below but please remember, they are not based on Astrology or the positioning of the Planets. I merely shuffle for each Sign and ask the Cards what it is they need to know for the week ahead. Please do not take any of the Horoscopes as absolute for they are but my interpretations, and interpretations done very quickly at that. Treat them as Fun Readings and as a way of enhancing your Story-Telling abilities. When using the Tarot for Horoscopes, the imagination comes into play along with being inventive and creative with your interpretations.

Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Queen of Pentacles Upright  Wheel of Fortune Upright Justice Upright

Well Aries, with the weekend behind you now and all the distractions of Valentine’s Day thankfully fading into the distance, you will find yourself in a very industrious mood this week . Getting off to a good solid grounded start with The Queen of Pentacles will set you up for a very promising week ahead for sure. This is a week for getting things done and concentrating on all those Goals and New Year’s Resolutions you set out for yourself last month.   Time to get back on track and if you gorged out on chocolates or broke your diet over the weekend, this week will see you focus on healthy eating and exercise again. So time to do a little housekeeping and take a good look at your lifestyle over the coming week.  Don’t worry, this week will certainly not feel like a struggle to you. Instead you will go about your business in a no-nonsense manner.  You will find that you are prepared to get down to all those tedious chores, and will work you way steadily and methodically through that long ‘To Do List’ that you have been deliberately ignoring for some time. Those around you may find you a little unusual this week as you may shun your normal socialising in order to get the rest of your life sorted. With the Queen of Pentacles holding her solid Pentacle on her lap and The Wheel of Fortune symbolically echoing this image something tells me that a certain ambitious Goal you set for yourself, or a Project you have been working on is finally beginning to manifest in a wonderfully positive manner. Luck is certainly on your side this week where financial and business manners are concerned but with The Queen of Pentacles in the background, you have probably created your own luck or certainly well contributed to it. Great things could happen this week and wonderful surprises may happen upon you. If you have the spare cash there certainly would be no harm in buying a lottery ticket this week. You never know, The Wheel just might spin in your favour. With Justice sitting on The other side of The Wheel there will definitely be  a sense of getting your just rewards and things certainly look like they will work out in your favour. There is however, a great sense of having earned any success as a result of hard work and effort on your part, and you should be feeling very proud of your achievements. Can’t help but feel that The Queen of Pentacles is staring lovingly down at some flashy bit of gold she may have received on Valentine’s Day. With the Wheel of Fortune in the middle and Justice on the right could we be looking at an engagement ring, or some other expensive item? It certainly has caught her eye and seems to be the focus of her attention. Also for all those romantic Aries out there who made an effort last Friday, this week will see you getting amply rewarded for your romantic gestures. You certainly have earned some brilliant brownie points for yourself. A good week all in all. A week that will finish with a great sense of satisfaction and a mountain of work completed.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

Queen of Wands Upright Ace of Wands The Moon Upright

Good for you Taurus, you certainly are in a different frame of mind this week and will start from a very strong position. The Queen of Wands has arrived and is here to help  you be more assertive and confident this week. You have been struggling hard for some time to get a project off the ground, to finally get going with plans, but life and some people have been holding you back. An opportunity is presenting itself to you and you just do not know what to do. With the Queen of Wands on your side from the very beginning of the week, she is giving you the kick up the backside that you so badly need. What is that is holding you back? What are you waiting for? She knows you dear Taurus and is well aware of your cautious nature. She understands that you like everything to be in place, ordered and sorted, but this she also knows holds you back from striking when the iron is hot. She tells you that you are not quite sure the time is right to make your move, but there may never be a right time. Sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go for it. You need to find your sense of adventure and be a little more positive and confident about the outcome. You are chomping at the bitt to finally leave the starting block, but your sometimes overly cautious nature keeps you stuck there. Compared to where you were last week, you should have left all those doubts behind you and be fired up with enthusiasm to make this the week when things start to happen. With this Queen’s energy lifting you out of your stubborn heavy boots you will experience a fire within that will want you to move and take immediate action. You are being given the ‘Thumbs Up’, the ‘Green Light’, the ‘Get Going’, the ‘Yes’ with the Ace of Wands. This very Card ended the previous week for you and here it is again so The Queen of Wands is just enforcing its message just in case you cannot decipher it for yourself. She asks you to act like her in this instance, grab hold of that Ace and run as fast as you can with it before someone else snatches it first. It is a Golden Opportunity presenting it self to you. An opportunity that will give you the potential to travel quite far should you decide to take advantage of it. The Idea is quite exciting and thrilling which is why The Queen of Wands is here to encourage you to hold on to that feeling before your old doubts begin to resurface. However, with The Moon coming in as your final Card, there is a chance that by the end of the week you may not be feeling so positive and enthusiastic about your opportunity or exciting new venture. Deep down you are experiencing anxiety and a certain nervousness of having to take the plunge. You are fearful of the unknown and the pitfalls of doing what The Queen of Wands asks of you. You lack her courage and fearlessness. She would laugh at the dark shadows of The Moon, disregard the racket being made by the wolf and dog and head off down the twisting, winding road quite certain that over that mountain ahead, The Sun is awaiting her. The Moon will have to be battled with if you wish to get your inner fears, doubts and worries under control. The Moon is asking you to dwell on what The Ace of Wands demands of you and take your time deciding what it is you want to do. It is asking you to listen to your inner voice and to follow your heart. The Queen of Wands stares down quite firmly at The Moon looking it straight in the eye, and even though it is a Major Arcana Card, thereby automatically out-ranking her, she does not fear its shadowy depths. She knows that it is capable of talking you out of seizing this opportunity. She is aware that it is telling you that you do not have all the facts yet and that there may be hidden dangers. There will be a battle of wills this week with one part of you rearing to go while the other part is worried about what might happen. Which part will win out in the end? Is The Queen of Wand’s influence over you going to win out over that of The Moon? That of course is up to you.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

Temperence Upright The Emperor Upright The Star Upright

Oh Gemini you have very powerful Cards for the week ahead and I am delighted to see that Temperance, who ended your last Reading has decided to stay around and begin this week off for you too. The fact that Temperance has stayed around means that her energy is badly needed and will be for some time to come. She is here to ensure that any areas that were discovered to be out of balance in your life or relationship last week are being worked on to bring them back into alignment once more, or maybe even for the first time. Temperance’s energy is gentle and she is non-forceful. You may be feeling a little raw or unsettled after some events last week and a period of re-stabilising will be needed before you will be able to get back to your normal perky self. Temperance brings a lovely soft, gentle and soothing healing with her. She knows that you may have lost control or that your lifestyle had become excessive. You probably haven’t been feeling like your normal self for some time, but rest assured this week marks the return of stability and order in your life. The beginning of the week will find you taking things quite easy and not being terribly active. You may need more rest than you normally do but then again you probably have been burning the candle at both ends for quite some time. Everything just got a little out of hand but you are prepared to get your act together this week and with The Emperor making a grand appearance as your central card, by midweek you will be feeling much more in control, stronger, and in less need of the gentle easy approach of Temperance. By midweek, you will be in Boot Camp Mode with yourself and ready to kick ass, your own ass that is. You realise that it is time to get your house in order and under control. You know which area or areas I am talking about and for all you Gemini, I am sure it will vary. The influence of The Emperor in your life this week is just what you needed and he will help you draw up some guidelines for how you are going to go about things from now on. He will help you determine what is acceptable and what is unacceptable as well as setting up clear parameters and boundaries for you to live by. Any troubles you were experiencing last week will be sorted with the presence of The Emperor for he will help you to take charge of your life and act in an appropriate manner. Really he carries a similar message to Temperance. Both are here to restore balance and order in your life but whereas Temperance will take the softly, softly approach, The Emperor will give you a lecture and draw up a list of rules and regulations that must now be abided by. He is stern in comparison to her softness, but to establish balance in your life you will need the influence of both. It may seem like a tough week at times, and some hard decisions may have to be made, but the rewards of all this effort is The Star as you final Card bringing a sense of peace and calm. The Star pours oil on troubled waters and restores your faith and positive outlook once more. You will feel a weight lift off you by the end of the week and that a major transformation has taken place. You will feel like a new you, cleansed of all recent issues and back in control once more. If you have been detoxing under the influence of Temperance, you will have been experiencing some unpleasant side effects, but with The Star appearing, all that should have started to calm down and you should be feeling re-energised and much healthier in yourself. For those Gemini who have this week decided to clean up their lives and detox their system be sure to drink plenty of water to flush out all the toxins. All in all, a great sense that order is being restored or that you have a desire to bring balance or moderation into your life. You could not continue for much longer the way you were. As these are all Major Arcana Cards, any changes made will need to be adopted as part of a whole new lifestyle, and not just in the short-term.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

10 of Pentacles Upright  7 of Cups Upright  The Fool (0) Upright

Looks like you are under some pressure to conform to the expectations of others next week Cancer. Family and Family matters may be at the root of this with The Ten of Pentacles opening up the week for you. Some family issues may have come to a head which may involve the family home or family business. With the Seven of Cups taking central position and the Fool on the other side, these two cards do not sit easily with The Ten of Pentacles. There may be a clash of interests here and I feel that family may be putting pressure on you to act in a manner or get involved in something that to them seems quite obvious and practical, but to you flies in the face of any plans you have for yourself. In fact you may have no plans made at all yet but others are quite happy to map your life out for you, in the belief that if it is suitable for them, then it should be suitable for you.  I believe you feel under obligation or duty bound to toe the line, but you are struggling with this. Do you feel that you are different from the rest of them? Why is it that they all seem to be down to earth, organised and predictable, when you feel all over the place and totally clueless as to what you want? One thing you know you don’t want is what they want for you. You may feel this week cursed by your circumstances and trapped to a certain extent.  You are not in a very conventional mood this week and would just like to fly by the seat of your pants for a while or possibly explore several areas of interest. However, this may be viewed by those around you as silly or foolish. You might feel that others are forcing you to be come down to earth and settle for something tried and tested, but this is not your way, and you are going to have trouble making them understand this.  If you take the path of The Fool and do something totally unpredictable and potentially risky, you are bound to cause quite a scandal and stir to those represented by The Ten of Pentacles. It will be even worse if it goes totally against their advice and what is expected of you. A word of caution must be given here. Don’t deliberately do something rash or foolish just to defy your family’s wishes. It may turn out that they did know what was best for you in the long run. If you are stuck in the Seven of Cups mode, unsure of what it is you want to do and what will make you happy then running off with The Fool might be a little premature.  Try not to make any major decisions this week until you are clear in your mind as to what it is you want to do. Let everyone wait but do try to make them understand that you see life differently than they do, may want to follow your own path and not the one nicely laid out for you by them. Don’t alienate yourself from those that love you.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

9 of Wands  The Hanged Man Upright 3 of Pentacles Upright

After the high energy of last week’s reading Leo, The Wheel has certainly shown its true colours and proven to all without a shadow of doubt that nothing ever stays the same. It teaches us the lesson of Impermanence. Last week had you riding high on top of The Wheel, feeling in charge and extremely dynamic. We were a little concerned about you becoming too egotistical and getting up the noses of all those around you. Well this week we see a completely different week ahead for you, and from the outset it looks likely that you will be feeling quite exhausted from the extreme high of the previous week’s activities. Instead of riding high this week, it looks more like it might be a bit of an endurance test just to get through it. With The Nine of Wands appearing as the first Card it looks very much like you feel that you are up against the world this week and not really looking forward to what lies ahead. You may have taken a bit of a beating over the weekend and are feeling deflated and disappointed. Your normal sunny, bright mood has been replaced by one of suspicion, anxiety and stubbornness. We see you standing your ground and preparing your defences as if waiting for an onslaught of some sort this week. You may be convinced that you are right in some manner and have taken a lone stand in the issue, preparing to battle on to prove your point. However, you do need to give some deep thought to the reasons why you are so adamant and are refusing to budge. Is it because you know you are right or is it that you hate to be proven wrong? Someone else may have a better way of doing things or a plan that is more superior to yours but your ego may be getting in the way. If you are not up to negotiation by midweek you may very well reach a state of stalemate when everything grinds to a halt. With The Hanged Man taking central position, he will suspend all forward progress until some common ground is found. Are you being supported by others in this stance you are making or do you act alone? If so, is it possible that everyone else is totally wrong and that you are the only one who is right? Are you just being belligerent and stubborn, or do you really think that it is a battle worth fighting? The Hanged Man demands that sacrifices be made if this situation is to be sorted out. Those sacrifices may be on your side or both. What are you prepared to sacrifice? What is being asked of you by others that you find so disagreeable?  Do you feel that you are being made a scapegoat of by others, taking the full blame for something that went wrong? Regardless, right or wrong, you have got to get past The Hanged Man and get things moving again, even if it does involve making compromises or sacrifices that you are not totally happy with. You see there are others to take into consideration. Their points of view and opinions also count.  The Three of Pentacles  coming in as your final Card is a relief for it shows us that common sense will prevail at the end of the day and a way forward will be found, one that will have everyone happy to work with. There should be an air of cooperation, productivity and progress by the end of the week that was dreadfully lacking at the beginning. Teamwork is important and when a team works together anything can be achieved. Reflect on The Nine of Wands and see if there is any lesson to be learned from it. Is it a habit of yours to act in such a manner? Do you have a knack of drawing this unnecessary kind conflict your way on a regular basis? Do you find it hard to step down from a high and mighty stance? Do you hate handing over charge or control to someone else?

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

Knight of Pentacles Upright Page of Pentacles Upright8 of Wands Upright  

I love the way the Cards have come out for you this week Virgo. With The Knight of Pentacles opening the week for you, it is almost as if I can see you standing at the window patiently watching and waiting for something that you have been working on for quite some time. There is a growing sense that even though you generally don’t mind waiting for that which you desire, you have a gut sense that your Goal is very much in sight and the realisation of it is imminent. With Pentacles featuring strongly here, could this Goal be anything to do with finances, business, property or land? It may be also be to do with education, possibly college. I say all this because taking central position is The Page of Pentacles and he is who The Knight is waiting for. The Page is the messenger, the postman, the email, the phone call that is going to carry the much awaited news to you. Both The Knight and Page hold their Pentacles aloft so I get a great sense that the long patient wait may come to an end this week. The news this Page brings will be exactly what you have been waiting for because look at what happens as a result. The Eight of Wands brings a rush of energy to move any situation that has been stagnant or slow in moving forward. The Goal or Goals held so strongly in focus are literally going to take off exactly in the direction you want them to go. By the end of the week, you will feel that everything is eventually beginning to fall into place and you can at long last get moving with your plan of activity. From the watchful and waiting stage of the beginning of the week we see a huge shift in energy, and dare I say it Virgo, extreme excitement. You are going to be very busy now that the messenger has done his work. There is a lot to sort now, people to call, emails to send and lists to draw up. There may even be a little bit of travel involved which will bring much pleasure. The end of the week will find you with a new lease of energy and a definite sense of purpose and direction. It will lift you out of any doldrums you may be in and give you much to look forward to. Lucky Virgo you might all think but both The Knight and Page of Pentacles know that you have worked very hard for this and waited some time. Your ships are coming in Virgo and not before time.   Enjoy!

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

7 of Cups Upright2 of CupsThe Sun Upright

Libra last week we hinted at the possibility of a secret admirer or possibly someone who was sending out all the signals but that you were failing to pick up on them. Well I have a strong feeling that the beginning of this week will find you quite puzzled but intrigued about who that anonymous Valentine’s Card was from or who was the secret sender of the lovely bouquet that arrived at your front door or work station. The Seven of Cups has you taking a good look at each area of your life to determine where that shrouded figure may be coming from. We saw you last week sitting under the tree in The Four of Cups disgruntled and annoyed about something or someone, yet you seemed to be oblivious to the emotional opportunity that was being openly and genuinely offered to you. This is because you have had your head in the clouds for some time. Whoever it is, I believe they have never come into your radar for any number of reasons. Could it be that you have set notions of the ideal romantic partner and this person wouldn’t fit the bill, or is it that you thought they were completely out of your league, or even unavailable? Well you will need to give this some consideration for I think you Librans out there who are identifying with this scenario don’t really know what or who would ideally make you happy. You will need to look at the multiple of options you have been blinkered to for some time. What is the harm in testing out the water to see if it is to your liking? Don’t rule out someone just because they do not tick all the boxes first off. They may have wonderful sides to their personalities that you will never know about unless you are prepared to take a chance. If you have been asked out on a date unexpectedly, or discover who your secret admirer is, then let it be you who makes the next move by showing your delight and acceptance. By midweek you might suddenly find yourself completely drawn to this wonderful new person who has entered your life. This could actually be the start of something amazing and to your astonishment you may find you are very suited to each other. So much so, that by the end of the week you will be glowing and as radiant as The Sun Card that sits next to The Two of Cups. There is a great sense of warmth and fun here and much laughter between the two of you. The Sun brings happy times and success which will certainly bring a smile to your lips and a twinkle in your eye. Great joy lies ahead and the promise of even better times to come. It is a complete turnaround to the way your Reading ended last week. Also for any Librans disappointed by their partners lack of effort for Valentine’s Day, I can see you doing some soul-searching on this before realising that it was all a storm in a teacup and it will blow over very quickly. There will be some kissing and making up to do, but I can see harmony being restored once more. By the end of the week it will be a distant memory. Libra, there may be an unexpected surprise in store for you that will have you leaping in the air for joy. This is a week that may start off strangely confusing but will end on such a high you will be amazed that so much can happen in just seven days.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

The Star Upright  3 of Wands Upright  The Magician (I) Upright

Yes Scorpio, this is your week for getting things done and making things happen. Last week found you very industrious and working hard towards a Goal or perhaps working on an exciting project. There was a great sense of team-work and an intense air of creativity, but by the end of the week we thought that some news might come through that had the potential to cause a disturbance to plans and activity moving forward as desired. Certainly this news would have been frustrating, and the last thing you needed to hear just when everything was just about ready for off. However, with The Star opening you week for you, it looks like any troubles have been sorted out and with a huge sense of relief you are free to move ahead. Faith and confidence has been restored and now there is an even greater desire to put your best efforts into it. There is a great sense with The Star that whatever it is you are working on, your aim or the group aim, is to achieve recognition and acclaim for what I believe again is work that involves a lot of creativity. You know what you have achieved is inspirational and that is why there was so much buzz and excitement last week. By midweek, with The Three of Wands taking centre position, you are ready to launch. The Three of Wands appears when all the planning stage has passed, when every decision has been made and when you all stand back and say ‘we’re good to go’. There may be travel involved but also an air of global appeal connected to your project or goal. Your desire is to showcase it to as many people as possible. With the Magician coming in as the final Card for the week, he certainly is giving it his sign of approval and it is then you will really begin to see all your efforts to date manifest in the real world. You have everything in place, every detail attended to and an absolutely brilliant working plan. You certainly know what you are about and this is a powerful card for success, and any presentation you have put together in relation to your project is bound to be professional and well received. There is nothing left for you to do but to enjoy the success of all your hard work. Also for any Scorpions who have been experiencing creative blocks and struggling to find inspiration for their work, that is all about to change for you this week as The Star will release any blocks and get your creative energies flowing once more. You will find that it happens quite suddenly and will wonder why you were finding it all so difficult. So if you are writing, painting, crafting or sculpting, this week will bring an extra special feel to your work. You will get it right at the first attempt with little to go back over or re-touch. Creativity will be gushing out of you, so get busy and give us your very best of best.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

9 of Cups Upright The Emperor Upright  King of Wands Upright

Sagittarius, you certainly look very happy with yourself as you happily head into this week. In fact I would say you just couldn’t wait for Monday to come as you have something great to look forward to. Last week your cards saw you being offered something that would be of emotional benefit to you in The Knight of Cups. You were advised also not to look a gift horse in the mouth as what was offered may just be what you have been hungering after for so long. We also saw you in the role of peacemaker when really you probably wanted to thump someone. Well, it looks like it was all worth it for there you sit in The Nine of Cups, The Wish Card, very pleased with yourself, and maybe even slightly smug. You got what everyone else wanted. Your wish or dream has come true and you feel that at long last you are where you are meant to be, and that you have rightly earned to be such an advantageous position. You may have done quite a bit of celebrating over the weekend Sagittarius, but no hangover or lack of sleep can wipe the smile from your face. Well, The Emperor arrives in central position to bring you back down to earth once more. You didn’t think you would get it all your own way now did you? The Emperor says, ‘yes, yes, I know you got what you wanted but I am here to sit down with you and go through all the fine detail, terms and conditions’. And there you have it Sagittarius, your dream or wish has been delivered with strings attached and someone else is going to be pulling those strings, not you. Make no mistake here, no matter how hot you think you are now or how powerful a position you feel you are in, The Emperor is in Charge and it is he who will decide how things run. He is here to tell you what you can and cannot do if you want to avail of the wish or dream that has been offered to you. This may be hard to stomach when you see what the rules and regulations entail. It is bound to wipe some of that smile off your face. You do not like being dictated to or ordered around, and you most certainly do not like to relinquish any control, but there you have it. Not only is The Emperor in full control but he has appointed another to ensure that his orders are carried out to the last. On the right we have The King of Wands and I believe he carries two messages with him. One is that he also has control and say over what you do, and it is This King you must approach should you need to discuss anything, but also he is here to remind you that you are a Fire Sign and as intimidating as all these tough characters might be, you also have to stand your ground and assert yourself. You may have to become tougher than you normally are but this is a challenge you may be able to rise to. You wouldn’t have been offered this if they thought you were not suitable, so you do still have some leverage. Appeal to the open-minded side of The King of Wands in your most persuasive manner, and who knows, he might be on your side and see things as you do. For those Sagittarians who are hoping and praying for their dream or wish to come true, you will need to do more than that. The advice this week would be to think big and head straight to the guys at the top. Bypass all others who promise they will leave pass on your message and contact details, or hand over you CV or Portfolio, for they may forget to or even throw it in the bin with all the others. No you need to see the decision makers if you want to get ahead. You need to find a way to access them so that you can show your true worth and brilliance. You must stand out from the crowd and dazzle them with  your performance. It is the only way to go.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

2 of Pentacles Upright8 of Pentacles Upright The Devil Upright

A financial crisis gets your week off to a worrying start. What has happened to make you feel so uptight about your finances? Has there been some unexpected expenses; the car needs repair, the boiler needs replacing? Did you overspend last week or at the weekend Capricorn?  That would not be like you to be frivolous with money, but of course how did I forget, last week’s cards saw you acting a bit tight coming up to Valentine’s Day. Your partner wasn’t expecting much but The Fool was pushing you into making some spontaneous extravagant purchase that would be totally out of character with your natural way going about things. You don’t like to waste money on silly things and perhaps The Fool’s influence last week hit its intended target and had you doing all sorts of crazy things like buying cards, flowers, chocolates and maybe even dinner in a fancy restaurant or an overnight stay in a luxury hotel. Maybe you splashed out on the man in your life and bought him some expensive aftershave or that tablet he was going on about? Now that Monday is here and with the weekend behind you, you are assessing the damage to your wallet or bank account. ‘How much?’ I hear you roar as you go through all those receipts you made sure to hold onto. How did you lose the run of yourself and spend so much in such a short space of time? Well Capricorn, I think you are more than likely exaggerating things. You have an in-built fear of scarcity and are a hoarder of money so even though we will make allowances for the fact that you did have unusual expenses, it probably hasn’t had as much of a negative impact on your overall financial situation. You just think it has and the result of this is that you will be moaning and groaning about money and finances all week, making unnecessary cut-backs. With the Eight of Pentacles as your central card, it suggests you will also push yourself in work this week to compensate for any overspending you think you might have made. You might do some overtime or work your day off just to feel financially stable once more. Mind you this is not a problem for you as you spend most of your time in work as it is. You are always hard at it as ‘time is money’ and ‘cash is King’. And why do I think this Capricorn? It is because your final card is The Devil, one of the Cards that represents Capricorn, and to me The Devil has turned up to let us know that it is just you being your usual self and that we should not be unduly worried. You are a slave to your cause dear Capricorn but I do not think you have anything to worry about. On the other hand, for those Capricorns who are struggling financially, and let’s face it many are, a word of warning for this week. You may be short of cash or have some unexpected bills you had not made allowances for and now find yourself with more money going out than coming in. There might be the temptation to borrow from a friend or take out a small loan to cover these expenses but in the long run it may not be a good idea and you might end up paying a huge amount of interest or falling out with a friend if you are struggling to pay it back. Find another way to make up the shortfall. Ask in work if you can have some extra hours or offer to cover for someone who is sick. If necessary think about taking a second job in the short-term just until you get financially stable again. If you get involved with borrowing from the Devil, you may be making repayments for a long time to come.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Judgement Upright The Hanged Man Upright  Ace of Swords

Many Aquarians will be starting this new week filled with a burning desire to change the world. This is not something you are a stranger to as you are known for your humanitarian outlook and beliefs. Something may have happened over the weekend or you could have read of some incident in the newspaper or saw some disturbing news footage. What ever it is has made you want to take action of some sort. As an Air Sign, you may wish to speak out or blog about it. The changes sought may just be on a personal level but you have reached a stage on your journey where there is a sense of stagnation and a deep feeling that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing, that you have more to give or are not doing enough. This feeling of not being on the right path has been with you for some time now but you have just kept going along. However, I believe that you looked upon the beginning of 2014 as being the year when you were going to implement the changes that would totally transform your life. You want to shed your old identity and re-invent yourself in order to release some new energy and find a sense of purpose. It is a sign that you are not fulfilled in what you are doing and when Judgement appears, you must sit up and pay attention for its message comes from a very high source indeed. There may be a desire to join a worthy cause, become an aid worker or just become a local volunteer. You have probably been spending some time weighing up all your options and analysing all the information you have been collecting. Let me tell you that you are operating from a position of clear thinking this week. Again, you are famous for that but generally it is used for the benefit of giving sound advice to others. This time the focus of attention is on you and what you are going to do about making change. Judgement speaks of big decision-making processes that could take you in several directions. However, you stand at a crossroads now and must be very sure of which direction will take you closer to your soul purpose on this earth. You need to exercise clarity of judgement, and with the Hanged Man coming in as your central card, you are being asked not to rush things regardless of how eager you are to experience change. There is no point making a move until you are perfectly clear in what you want and have a plan of action. The Hanged Man sits comfortably with you for even though you may appear quiet and passive at times, your intellect is never switched off. Your powerful mind is constantly finding solutions and solving problems in a calm and logical manner. So don’t think Aquarius that you are getting nowhere. Very shortly that master plan will present itself to you in the form of The Ace of Swords when it will hit you like a bolt out of the blue.  Then you will see your future laid out before you very quickly and you will feel assured that you are making the right decision. The Hanged Man also echoes the Humanitarian theme of Judgement so bear this in mind.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

4 of Wands  Page of Cups Upright 10 of Cups Upright

Oh what a wonderful week for you Pisces as we see you have graced us with your presence in The Page of Cups, one of the Cards that represents Pisces. Family and friends are the theme for the week ahead and many Pisceans may be attending family celebrations, reunions or gatherings. It promises to be a very happy and emotionally fulfilling week ahead. Right from the start with the Four of Wands launching the week there is an air of anticipation and excitement. What is happening this week Pisces? Can we all go? Is someone getting married? Did someone get engaged? There may be a homecoming of someone special, with all sorts of social events based around it. I see families standing at the Arrivals Gate at airports all around the world, emotional and watching for that special face to come through the doors when tears of joy and relief will prevent them from speaking. There will be hugs and embraces all round. Oh Pisces, the feeling of joy in these cards is contagious and as I write, I am feeling very emotional myself as strong visuals appear in my mind’s  eye. This really is a week for spending with the family and if you haven’t had the time lately, then you must make the effort to visit for everyone will be delighted to see you and will be most welcoming. I know that distance is often a problem when family are scattered either around the country or the world but these cards seem to narrow that gap. I also get a feeling with the Page of Cups that he will be bringing many Pisceans some wonderful, happy and much welcome news, even though it may come as a big surprise. Don’t rule out hearing news about Pregnancies or the birth of a much wanted and loved child, especially with the Ten of Cups on one side showing the Happy Family unit. Both The Four of Wands and The Ten of Cups could relate to news about engagements. The Page of Cups may deliver a wedding invitation to you this week and you will be thrilled with the excuse to buy a new outfit and have something exciting to look forward to.  With The Four of Wands starting your week Pisces, it sends out a message of feeling emotionally balanced and stable. You feel in a good place and very content. Any Pisceans moving home will find themselves in a very supportive community, with good neighbours and the opportunity to make new friends. You may also be spending some time decorating your home which you just love Pisces because it gives you the opportunity to go shopping and to show off your wonderful imaginative and creative style. For Pisceans starting a new job, you will feel blessed by the family like caring environment around you. You are certainly feeling the love this week Pisces and are determined to share it with all.

The Fire Signs    The Water Signs   The Air Signs   The Earth Signs

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Reflecting on Valentine’s Day Relationship Spread

Hi All,

I hope you are having a nice weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead. Here is a follow-up to the Sample Valentine’s Day Relationship Spread I posted last Friday. This is an actual Reading I did a few years ago for a client who was happy to give her permission for me to use it when teaching. Obviously names have been changed and no personal details given to protect the identity of my client. I have just given a brief synopsis of the Reading so that you may see where I got the information from and how I put it together to tell a story. I hope you find it of help.

Background –

Q.  I used to go out with Johnny years ago when we were in High School,but he then went to college overseas. We did write for some time but it eventually ceased. To be honest I hadn’t thought about him in ages but last week I bumped into him on the street. He looks great and we hugged and everything. He asked me to join him for a drink this week. Since I met him I just can’t stop thinking about him and am panicking about what I should wear when I see him next. I wonder how he feels about me after all this time?

The Relationship From Querant’s Point of View 

Significator – Page of Cups Upright

Querant has chosen The Page of Cups because she sees her self as young, loving and sensitive. She also says she can get quite emotional at times and does not like to hurt people’s feeling. The Page of Cups is very appropriate.

6 of Cups Upright    3 of Wands Rx    6 of Wands Upright   Ace of Cups   2 of Cups

1                    2                3                 3                  5

Card 1 – The Origins of The Relationship (How it All Started) – When they were young and in school together. They grew up in the same village. She has fond memories of him from the past. 

Card 2 – Where Relationship is Coming From (Immediate Past) – Johnny has just returned home from being in college overseas.  She says he only has a bit of his old accent left which is quite cute.

Card 3 – Where The Relationship is at Present – She sees him as being something special and different. He has a very confident air about him which she is drawn to. He was always very popular and had loads of friends. She finds him very exciting right now. 

Card 4 – Where The Relationship is heading in the Near Future – She is entertaining hopes of something blossoming out of their meeting for a drink. Why would he ask her out if he wasn’t interested in her? She herself is feeling all fluttery inside just thinking about him. She is hoping for the start of a lovely romance.

Card 5 – How The Relationship Ultimately Evolves – She already sees them as a couple and possibly with a future ahead of them. She is very keen and she thinks Johnny might be Mr Right. She believes there is a mutual attraction. 

All in all The Querant sees a fairytale ending. Her Cards are very straight forward. Very much wishful thinking Cards. 

The Relationship From Potential Partner’s Point of View 

Significator Querant Chose for  Partner –  Knight of Cups Upright

She chose The Knight of Cups for Johnny to complement her Page of Cups. She see him as a Knight in Shining Armour, very handsome and very romantic. 

3 of Pentacles Upright    8 of Wands Upright   3 of Cups Upright   2 of Wands Upright   Knight of Wands Upright

1                2                  3                    4                5

7 of Cups   Queen of Pentacles Upright

Extra Cards Position 4 Seven of Cups and Position 5 Queen of Pentacles

Card 1 – The Origins of The Relationship (How it All Started) – The connection from his side is group related, from school days. Simple as that. 

Card 2 – Where Relationship is Coming From (Immediate Past) – He has just flown home from overseas and is treating this time as a holiday. He is looking for fun and lots of activity. He may also be looking for a little Holiday romance. He is in good form, full of energy, and wants to make the most of his holiday. 

Card 3 – Where The Relationship is at Present – Friends. An old friend and exactly as he asked, meeting Querant for a drink. There may be others invited too and not the cosy drink the Querant is expecting. He may also plan to ask other women out on their own for a drink. She is not the only one interested in him. He sees it as a get together to catch up with friends and do some socialising. 

Card 4 – Where The Relationship is heading in the Near Future – He is in two minds about what he wants to do but I do not think his plans involve him staying at home or moving back home. I think he finds it all too small and in the past now. His life is different from hers and he has seen more of the world than she has. As much as he is enjoying his holiday at home visiting family and friends, I believe he would find it boring otherwise. The Seven of Cups again suggests he has not made up his mind about anything. He has several options open to him and he is examining all. He also may have his pick of several romantic partners to spend time with on his holidays. I don’t think he would be happy if he stayed. I believe he will fly out as soon as his holiday is over. I do not think his plans include the Querant. 

Card 5 – How The Relationship Ultimately Evolves  – The Knight of Wands. This connects to The Two of Wands. Not one to commit to a long-term relationship too easily. He is restless and sees the World as his Oyster and a place that he just has to explore. He is certainly not going to settle down too soon or stay in one place for very long. There is a good chance he plans to travel. Because he is The Knight of Wands he may very well have a holiday fling with her without realising that he would be setting the Querant up for heartbreak. If she just wanted a good time then that would be fine and he would be great fun to have around. However, with The Queen of Pentacles appearing as the extra card I have mixed feelings about her presence. The Querant chose The Page of Cups as her Significator, but does Johnny see her as much older than him in her ways? Too settled and not very adventurous? Does he think her too practical and sensible which would not mix well with his impulsive and sometimes outlandish behaviour? Does he see her as someone who would want to try to change him? Then again, it may be the influence of his own mother coming in. The Queen of Pentacles would be very ambitious for her son and may have big plans for him. The Querant may not fit in with her plans or be the type of woman she wants for her son. There may be an issue there. 

All in all, if the Querant could try to still her beating heart for long enough to just casually meet him for a drink then she may enjoy herself, but if she starts batting her eyelids at him and hanging onto his arm, she may be setting herself up for massive disappointment. I tell her to just assume that there will be a group gathered for drinks, to act friendly and try not to read too much into this invitation. See how it goes.  

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It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to All Around The World

jane austen 4

 Tarot of Jane Austen  Jane Austen The Novelist

The Picture above shows Cards from The Jane Austen Tarot Deck. I thought their Romantic Imagery would be very suitable and fitting for Valentine’s Day. The Tarot of Jane Austen by Diane Wilkes and Lola Alraghi, and published by Lo Scarabeo is inspired by the famous author of the ClassicsPride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility. 

jane austen tarot strength jane austen tarot 3 cups jane austen 2 of pentacles Jane Austen Tarot 8 wands Jane Austen judgement

This is a beautiful Deck of Cards and lovely to use for Love and Romance Readings. Whereas they do stick quite faithfully to the Rider-Waite-Smith approach, some of the Imagery in relation to Card Number and Suit may be confusing for the beginner.  It is a matter of just getting used to them and they are a must for any Jane Austen Fan. Be warned, they may appear all pink and fluffy in the main, but some of the Cards, especially the Swords, known as Plumes/Quills in this Deck, can be quite Dark, especially The Four of Plumes, Five of Coins, Death and The Moon. The Suits are called Candlesticks (Wands), Teacups (Cups), Quills (Swords) and Coins (Pentacles). They can be purchased in many places but here is a link to Amazon. 

The Tarot of Jane Austen at Amazon

The Relationship Spread

For this Reading to be of any benefit, it is essential that The Querant or the One doing the Enquiring be as Open and Accepting to whatever the Cards Reveal. Very often when starting out in a Relationship, or when a certain Stage has been reached, there may be some concern or confusion as to whether your Partner has the same outlook for the Relationship as you do. Do they envisage entering into a long-term commitment with you or have they other plans, plans that possibly do not include you? 

This Reading is also useful for when you are in two minds about entering a Relationship with a certain other, or when there is more than one Partner to choose from. You must remember that nothing is ever 100% accurate in Tarot Reading and is also Subject to Interpretation. If you have a certain mind-set towards your Relationship, or decide to indulge in wishful thinking or idealising about your Relationship, or the Potential of a New One, then you may very well get Cards that will fall nicely in line with your way of thinking. They may be nice and romantic, fulfilling your exact desires, but they may not be based on reality. Therefore try your best to let go of any preconceptions or notions and throw it out to the Universe.

This Reading can reveal confusion in a Relationship between Partners or a lack of proper Communication. Therefore it may highlight areas that need to be brought out into the open. If your Reading shows that you see Wedding Bells in your Future and your Partner’s reveals a sense of entrapment or restlessness, then it would be wise to sit down and discuss honestly what both of you are expecting out of the Relationship. Sometimes just talking the issues over can smooth out any areas where there is doubt or concern. If you think your Partner is showing interest in an other, and their Cards reveal total devotion and commitment to you, then you may just be paranoid and certainly this will not have a beneficial effect on the time you spend with each other.

Do not get overly concerned with what comes up in the Reading as you are bound to be anxious when asking such questions about your Partner and your Relationship. I had a client very recently who had one of those enviable problems. She had three guys interested in her and she wanted to see which out of the three might be the most suitable to go for. She was looking for a Steady, Stable Relationship, and not just a fling or short-lived affair, so she didn’t want to waste her time on a guy who would not be around for long. We did three separate Readings for each Guy after picking a Significator for Each. We took note of the Significator and then put the Cards back in The Deck. For Each Reading we Cleared the Deck of The Previous Reading Energy and also made sure that any Reversed Cards had been Uprighted. We then Shuffled and Reversed a  Few while asking the following Question. 

First Shuffle and Selection of Cards is for Yourself/Querant – The Potential of a Loving Relationship From Querant’s Point of View. Draw Five Cards and Place them Face Down in Front of You. 

Cleanse and Upright The Cards Once More before Shuffling (Remember to Reverse a Few) while asking the same Question but now – The Potential of a Loving Relationship from Your Partner’s Point of View. Make sure to name the Person in full for extra clarity as Partner could also refer to a business partner. Also be very clear in your intention that the Relationship is one of Love and Romance. Draw Five Cards and Place them Face Down in Front of You. 

If you do not wish to exclude any Cards from the Second Set of Five, then you can use Two Decks, one for The Querant and one For the Partner. 

When you are ready turn over the First Five Cards and Read these before turning over the Second Line of Five Cards. If you turn them all over at the same time, it will be very hard to stay focussed. When both Lines have been analysed and compared, it should hopefully map out the Relationship from both points of view. You may discover that you are lovingly singing from the  Same Hymn Sheet, are Completely Out of Tune or just have to do a little Practice before you can both sing in Harmony.  Extra Cards can be drawn for clarification.

The Relationship from the Querant’s  Point of View

Blank Card   Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card

      1                2                   3                   4                  5

The Relationship from the Partner’s Point of View

Blank Card   Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card    Blank Card

      1                2                   3                   4                  5

Card 1 – The Origins of The Relationship (How it All Started)

Card 2 – Where Relationship is Coming From (Immediate Past)

Card 3 – Where The Relationship is at Present

Card 4 – Where The Relationship is heading in the Near Future

Card 5 – How The Relationship Ultimately Evolves

Example –

Background –

Q.  I used to go out with Johnny years ago when we were in High School,but he then went to college overseas. We did write for some time but it eventually ceased. To be honest I hadn’t thought about him in ages but last week I bumped into him on the street. He looks great and we hugged and everything. He asked me to join him for a drink this week. Since I met him I just can’t stop thinking about him and am panicking about what I should wear when I see him next. I wonder how he feels about me after all this time?

The Relationship From Querant’s Point of View 

Significator – Page of Cups Upright

6 of Cups Upright    3 of Wands Rx    6 of Wands Upright   Ace of Cups   2 of Cups

The Relationship From Potential Partner’s Point of View 

Significator Querant Chose for  Partner –  Knight of Cups Upright

3 of Pentacles Upright    8 of Wands Upright   3 of Cups Upright   2 of Wands Upright   Knight of Wands Upright

                                                           7 of Cups   Queen of Pentacles Upright

                                                                                          Extra Cards Position 4 and 5

Have a look at The Reading Above and see if you can work out whether this Relationship has any Future Potential or Not.


Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Copyright © 2006-2014 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

Tarot Horoscopes – Week Ending 16th of February

Tarot Horoscopes for The Week Ahead

Ace of Cups2 of Cups UprightKnight of Cups UprightThe Lovers Upright

Here are the Horoscopes for the Week Ending the 16th of February 2014. This means that we are getting very close to Valentine’s Day and many of the Readings below highlight this as you will see for yourself. I remember as a teenager, and possibly younger, each year hoping that I would get a Valentine’s Card from a secret admirer. Unfortunately it never came to be and I was always bitterly disappointed. Everyone I knew seemed to get plenty, and of course there were always those who had steady boyfriends who were guaranteed a slushy card, chocolates and flowers. I always wondered what was wrong with me and feel I missed out on all the romance and excitement. To be honest, even as an adult I haven’t been that lucky either. I always imagined the doorbell going on Valentine’s Day and me answering it to find a man from Interflora with a huge Bouquet of Roses just for me. Sorry, it was just wishful thinking.

In work in was dreadful, because of Valentine’s Day there would be a constant stream of flowers being delivered. The dreadful thing was that the delivery people would have to come to me at the desk to hand them over, and guess what? Each time, I hoped and prayed that one would be for me. Alas, I would have to hand them over to my blushing and gushing work colleagues. As a result, I am not a big Valentine’s Day person. I remember when working in the Hospitality Industry, we used to dread Valentine’s Day in the restaurant. There would be nothing but tables of two and the atmosphere would be dead. Some couples we observed barely spoke to each other, maybe they had nothing to say, had said it all over the years.

We wondered was it all just habitual? Did they just follow the herd and do what everyone else was doing, what was expected of them? Of course there were some couples who would be all chat, but in general it was a long night, the monotony only ever broken by the predictable proposals that would happen over dinner. We witnessed many a man fall to his knees and take his love’s hand, asking her to be his forever. Most said yes, but there were also some embarrassing occasions when the recently proposed to would jump up from her seat, grab her bag and head for the door, leaving the poor wretched man still kneeling, embarrassed and being stared at by the rest of the restaurant. We were also involved in concealing rings in desserts or at the bottom of a champagne glass. One unlucky lady bit into her rock hard diamond and broke a tooth. She had to leave immediately and seek emergency dental treatment as a nerve had been exposed. Not off to a good start but they are probably very happy now and will always have a great story to tell their friends, kids and grand-kids. Ah the joys of young love!!!

I do hope you enjoy the Tarot Horoscopes below but please remember, they are not based on Astrology or the positioning of the Planets. I merely shuffle for each Sign and ask the Cards what it is they need to know for the week ahead. Please do not take any of the Horoscopes as absolute for they are but my interpretations, and interpretations done very quickly at that. Treat them as Fun Readings and as a way of enhancing your Story-Telling abilities. When using the Tarot for Horoscopes, the imagination comes into play along with being inventive and creative with your interpretations.

Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Page of Cups Upright  2 of Pentacles Upright Justice Upright

Aries, it seems like you have to make your mind up about something or someone, maybe even two someones? Could you possibly be caught up in two relationships or two love interests? I am sure you could pull it off if you wanted to and would be happy to keep everyone on their toes and guessing just for the hell of it. Both options may seem attractive to you now, and you may truly be in a dilemma as to which one would make the best partner, or possibly who you would have the most fun with. Let me give you a little word of warning here. We all know you are a Fire Sign and don’t sweat the small stuff. You can take a hit and still come fighting back. Nothing keeps you down for too long. However, if this is a decision making process regarding two love interests, there is one whose heart and emotions don’t bounce back to normal as readily and as easily as yours do. With The Page of Cups making an appearance on this special week for love and romance, there is a chance that they are taking it all very seriously indeed, and likely to be entertaining high hopes for some pleasant developments this week in the romance area. They have probably been looking forward to this week for some time and will be waiting for you to declare your intentions. Justice coming in on the other side advises you that even though you may have a cavalier attitude about the whole thing, and possibly think it quite amusing, this person has the capacity to be deeply hurt and upset by any arrogance or messing around on your side. Justice tells you to come clean, and if you are only playing this person along, it is time to own up, or at least let them down gently. They will be upset and disillusioned enough without you having to rub their nose in it. You must look at who you are dealing with, and The Page of Cups may be just too soft and gentle for you. Honesty now will at least make you look like a decent and thoughtful person. Justice reminds you that all actions result in consequences, and whereas you may start off the week weighing up the pros and cons of each option, failure to handle this situation correctly may result in you being left with neither. Think of the Karma involved and do the right thing.  On a lighter note, for those Ariens happily involved with a loving partner, but find themselves in a financial bind this week regarding Valentine’s Day, Cards, Flowers and Pampering, just explain to your partner your situation and believe me, the Page of Cups would much prefer your reassurance that they are loved rather than any romantic gestures that money can buy. Positive actions at the beginning of the week will result in positive consequences. The same will apply the other way around.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

10 of Swords Upright  5 of Swords Upright Ace of Wands

Oh Taurus, not a great start for you this week and you seem to have reached the end of the line with a particular situation. Enough is enough and you have fought this battle for way too long. It has brought you down and left you in a very low place. To be honest, with all those Swords stuck in your back, and The Five of Swords taking centre stage, I get the feeling someone has it in for you for some time. The Ten of Swords tells you that it stops here, and you must decide to either take a thrashing and let them win, feeling victimised and too weak to stop them, or you make a very determined effort to pull yourself out of the ditch and make a comeback. Time to pull each of those Swords out of your back for they pin you to the ground and to your restricted circumstances. Even though things seem bad right now, a window of opportunity will open for you this week, and with a renewed effort on your part and some gritty determination, you can bring this all to an end reasonably fast. How you may ask? By bearing your teeth and showing them a side of you that you normally keep under lock and key. Time to let the Bull free and stamp your feet on the ground.  I now want you to look at the Five of Swords not from the part of the someone who has it in for you, the ongoing conflict and hostilities, but rather I want you to see it as taking your power back from those who took it from you. This may have been a full out attack on you, or a gradual eroding of your confidence. Now is the time to show them what you are made of. You are normally quite a peaceful person who does not like to make a fuss, but this time you have to stand your ground and tell them all that you will no longer put up with it. Show them that the Swords that were carefully aimed at your back are no longer there, and hey, neither did they leave any wounds either. Demand an end to all conflict or persecution and let them know that they have no option but to agree. Take charge and take your control back. Just look what the outcome will be if you do, The Ace of Wands. Compare that to the Ten of Swords. With some decided determination on your side this week, you can cover some distance and end the week in a much better position with a fresh start and renewed vitality. Don’t take a beating, and tell those involved that they picked on the wrong person to go into battle with. Things are looking up, and with the Ten in the background we see the death or end of the situation. When anything ends something new always begins, as in The Ace of Wands. The week will end on a much higher note than it began.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

8 of Cups Upright  The Lovers Upright  Temperence Upright

Gemini, one of The Cards in The Tarot that represents your Sign has turned up for you as your Central Card, The Lovers. Whereas many are planning how to celebrate Valentine’s day this week, you Cards tell me that even though your relationship with your other half is prominent, it is because much communication is needed to deal with some issues that have been causing upset or unhappiness on one side or the other, but maybe both. The Eight of Cups highlights the need to sit down and talk openly and honestly about how you feel about each other, what you are expecting out of your relationship with each other, and what areas you feel are failing. It is vitally important at this stage that you listen to each other, and that each of you take responsibility for any issues that may have arisen. You may have let things slide Gemini and have not been as attentive as you were in the early stages of the relationship. You do have a flip side to your personality and your partner may find one side more pleasing than the other. You can also be a bit dismissive of your partner’s complaints or arguments, always having to have the last say and never letting them finish a sentence before butting in. You must listen this time for now is the time to make long and lasting decisions about where you go from here. You either decide to sort the problems, make more of an effort, and respect each others needs and differences or you go your separate ways. The week of love that is in it may be highlighting any underlying problems between the two of you. However, the good news is that with a determined effort on both sides, Temperance coming in beside you brings healing and balance to troubled waters. This is a much needed healing, and she asks you to be calm and find common ground to work from. There is a karmic link between the two of you that brought your together, and Temperance will not let you or your partner throw that away any time too soon. No, this can be worked out and peace restored. You just have to find a way to work together, to give a little here, take a little there, but it cannot be all one sided. Co-operation, compromise and moderation are essential. What starts out as a troubling and disturbing week can end in harmony and a renewed commitment to each other. Just open up to each other and say what has been bothering you.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

The Lovers Upright  6 of Wands Upright  Ace of Cups

Dear Cancer, another Water Sign, the week augurs well for you where relationships are concerned. In fact it is going to be most successful for you all round. You are going to be feeling in a great mood which is good because we know how low you can sometimes get. With Valentine’s day coming up, some of you place great importance on it while others manage to let the day slip by. I think many of you Cancerians, have decided to put great effort into it this year and are feeling very close to your loved one at this time. Your Cards are lovely and really speak for themselves. Just look at you riding high in The Six of Wands, happy and rightly proud of yourself. Something tells me that for many Cancerians, this is the week when loving couples may decide to take their relationship to the next level. There is certainly cause for celebration and great joy. Could we be seeing the decision to get engaged or maybe start a family? Some of you more romantic Cancerians may have chosen Valentine’s Day for your Wedding because of its romantic associations. These are wonderfully positive, bright, sunny Cards, and you will be riding high on a sea of emotional well-being, happiness and joy this week. Be sure to give thanks for all your wonderful blessings. A very exciting week ahead Cancer and possibly some extremely emotional surprises.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

Wheel of Fortune UprightKnight of Wands Upright 5 of Wands Upright

Leo, the week will start off quite brilliantly for you. In fact you are probably looking forward to it with much anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm. That is because everything seems to be going your way. With The Wheel of Fortune starting off your week, how lucky are you? You are experiencing high energy this week, and for certain, you social diary is full to capacity. You won’t have a moment to get bored or even sit down. It seems like everyone wants or needs you right now, and with The Knight of Wands charging around the place, you will be on the move for much of the time. Work will be as busy as your social life and it seems that you can do nothing wrong this week. You have the Midas touch with The Wheel of Fortune nicely positioned, helping  you more than succeed in everything you are involved in. However, The Wheel is constantly moving. With your ego quite inflated this week because of the wonderful presence of The Wheel and its powerful influence, it might leave you believing that you are invincible or untouchable, better than others. Do not let all this go to your head as you may come across to others as a know all, or full of yourself. Bragging and mouthing off may result in arguments and you surrounded with disgruntled friends or workmates, who might decide to work against you instead of with you. It is important not to appear to be the one in charge or making all the decisions. Even if you do believe you know best, it would be wise to involve others and take their opinions on board. On the other hand, for those Leos who will be going into battle this week with regards to work or sport, you know that you face some strong competition or opposition. However, you are well prepared, and with The Wheel of Fortune looking favourably on you, you should come out on top. You are ready to engage, are all fired up and have the stamina and fearlessness to prevail over all the competition. Keep the faith and good luck.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

7 of Pentacles Upright  2 of Cups Upright   Knight of Pentacles Upright

Cautious and analytical Virgo sees you giving much thought to the future prospects of your relationship. Finances figure strongly as you reflect on whether the time is right or not to take your relationship another step. You seem to have a lot of work on your plate at present and have some definite goals set. This leaves you very little time to spend with your loved one, or for those Virgoans who are single, few opportunities to meet that special someone. However, I believe that you have come up against this before and have stopped to review the situation. You might be looking for everything to be  perfectly in place before you take that step. The thing is, the right time may never come, especially with your fastidious nature. The Two of Cups being central in your reading does mean that there is a desire for closeness with someone, but with the Seven of Pentacles on one side and The Knight of Pentacles on the other, it may all interfere with your long-term goals. How would you make a relationship fit in with your plans? On the other hand for those Virgos thinking about popping the question this week, you can relax, your partner knows only too well your nature, and with the Knight of Pentacles as the last Card, is only too well aware that even though they might be officially engaged, actually getting married may be far off in the future. Remember, that this will be a joint decision, and with the cups held at equal height I believe there is also a mutual understanding. Together you can wait, and in that time, make your plans for the future. There is no rush and you will be delighted with the results at the end of the day. Should you decide to get married sooner, the Seven of Pentacles with the figure drawing out one lone Pentacle from the pile, to me suggests that it would be a quiet affair as you have plans for the rest of the funds, which does not include big celebrations and showy displays. You are in this together, and come five years time, your friends might be quite envious of you. Do try to let your hair down every now and then and afford yourselves some treats and little luxuries.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct 23)

The Lovers Upright Knight of Cups Upright  4 of Cups Upright

Oh haven’t you been so looking forward to this Special Week Libra? Romance has been oozing out of your pores with all the plans you have made for that Special Person in your life. It is quite likely that you have gone to great lengths to think of the most special and perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, that you just can’t wait for Friday to come to give it to them. You are dying to see the look of surprise on their face when they see the lengths you have gone to just to show them how much you love them. This will be a slow week for you Libra as you count the days away to Friday. You certainly have gone to great lengths, and in return you will be expecting something wow coming from your partner. You have dropped several hints even though you do like big surprises too. Your subtle suggestions are bound to have been heard and you will toss and turn in bed every night this week wondering which one or ones they will go for. Oh it is so exciting, it’s like Christmas all over again. You made sure to buy your Valentine’s Card as soon as they were put out on the Shelf in all the stores and you took much time deliberating over the style and poetic message written inside. It had to be a reflection of your relationship and how you felt. You probably bought quite an expensive one which has been well hidden in your bedroom drawer. However, you have already written your own personal, and well thought out message inside as you don’t like to rush these things. You have your gifts wrapped and ready to go. Now comes the downside Libra, with The Four of Cups coming in as your final Card, it looks like you might be setting yourself up for dissappointment or disillusionment due to all the effort you have gone to. What The Knight of Cups will produce,propose or offer will not be what you are expecting or had envisaged. This is not to say that what The Knight has bought, arranged or planned is not extremely romantic and thoughtful, it just won’t seem to match the level of perfection you have created or imagined. Your Knight may have popped into the local Petrol Station to grab a token bouquet of flowers on his way home from work. He/She may only have realised it was Valentine’s day the eve before and had to rush out during their lunch break to grab any remaining Card that was left on the shelves. There may just be a scribbled message of ‘Love you lots’ but no prose, or specially chosen and well thought out words. The thing is Libra, you do go to great trouble making a great deal of all these special ocassions but then you go and expect everyone to do likewise. There are few who will match your standards and the best thing you can do is understand and accept this aspect of your personality. Enjoy all the giving and don’t stop for it brings you great joy, and you become almost childlike with the excitement of it all. However, resign yourself to the fact that you may never have all your effort fully reciprocated. Few may ever realise the trouble you have gone to, but this does not mean that they do not love you. People have different ways of showing they care and be open to that. Don’t let your week and Valentine’s Day be ruined by going into a mood or becoming withdrawn should your partner fail to come up to scratch with romantic gestures. If you love them and they love you, that is all that counts. Another side of this Reading warns you Libra to be on the lookout for a romantic gesture in disguise. You may have your sights set on a certain person and will be hoping for a Card or bouquet of flowers to arrive for you. There is a chance that you are barking up the wrong tree. While the focus of your attention may be fixated on this unattainable person, you may miss the signals coming from someone who genuinely cares and has an interest in you. Keep your eyes open to all possibilities as you may miss out on a wonderful opportunity.

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

3 of Pentacles Upright The Sun Upright Page of Swords Upright

It’s all go for you this week Scorpio. You are beginning to see the results of a lot of hard work and effort. Others have been involved too and everyone has been giving it their very best. Your central Card being The Sun gives me the impression that a lot of creativity has poured into this project you have been working on for some time. Everything has been moving ahead nicely and great progress has been made. So much so that you and those you have been working alongside believe that this will be the week when you can stand back and say, that is it. A job done and an excellent job at that. You may be planning celebrations and are looking forward to a bit of freedom as you have been working so hard. You are also expecting a lot of recognition for what you have achieved or pulled off, and believe that this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your creative talents and skills. The Sun promises all sorts of wonderful things and suggests that in this instance you have enjoyed considerable freedom of creative expression. You may even be thinking of taking a well earned break as well, possibly to somewhere where you can chill out on the beach.  So why after all the hard work, effort and methodical approach to work, with The Sun shining brightly for you, do we see the arrival of The Page of Swords out of the blue ready to stick his Sword in? What news does he bring that you were not expecting? Why do I feel that this messenger is going to throw a spanner in the works? Is there some legal aspect that you have overlooked, possibly planning permission or a clause in your contract that you were unaware of? Has some fault been found? I feel some of the clouds behind him may blow over and semi conceal The Sun, putting a dampner on things. However, he may just be there as a warning for you to go over all fine print and any contracts or legal documents before you sign off on your work. Celebrations may have to be postponed or re-scheduled by the news that this Page brings. It is bound to be annoying and frustrating but is bound to blow over and sort it self out. The Sun is a Powerful Card and its intense heat can burn any clouds that come its way. Don’t lose heart and keep a positive attitude about it all.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

5 of Swords Upright  Knight of Cups Upright The Star Upright

Well Sagittarius, the week will not get off to a great start and you will have to deal with some unpleasantness. There may be some arguments or issues that will cause great tension and create an unpleasant atmosphere around you. Someone seems to be getting there way above all others and you just don’t think its fair, but what are you going to do about it, what can you do about it? Are you going to let the week continue like so, because it won’t make for an enjoyable time. What is the big issue anyway? Has a line been drawn and sides taken over some situation. Is this your Arch Enemy? I know you may feel someone else is terribly in the wrong or that they always get what they want at the expense of others needs and wishes, but someone has to step in and bring the matter to a calm and peaceful conclusion. Could that be you Sagittarius? Do you have the capacity as a fiery type of personality to put your differences aside and become the peacemaker in the situation? Do you have it in you? Can you hold out the Cup of peace and forgiveness for the sake of all round harmony? Deciding to bury the hatchet does not mean that you have lost or been defeated. However, should you decide to let things carry on in the manner they have, it may very well result in you taking a direct hit. Now is the time to act, and without raising your voice or losing your temper, act like The Knight of Cups and be very diplomatic and persuasive. Find some middle ground that you agree on and work from there. Do the right thing and save the day for all involved. Look at what the outcome will be for you should you decide to jump on The Knight of Cup’s Horse. You will be hailed as the saviour of the day for you will have poured oil onto troubled waters and restored peace and harmony once more. The Star promises all this and you will be recognised for your efforts. People, important people will see your true nature and like it. Your Star will burn brightly and people will take note of your special talents and gifts. Your actions will bring a return of hope and faith again with positivity replacing negativity. You will be seen as selfless and big-hearted. For those Sagitarrians who seem to miss out all the time on opportunities because of the same people ruining it for you each time, this might be the week when you get your lucky break and are allowed let your Star shine brightly. An beneficial offer may come your way this week Sagittarius, one you have been waiting for for some time now. It is exactly the offer you have been looking for and the one that most suits the type of person you are. Again, The Star brings great luck if you have talents, skills and abilities that you are looking to showcase. Now might be your time to burn brightly and to take centre stage. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, go for it before you old adversaries get wind of the word. I believe you may be given first refusal with this offer. Best of Luck.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

2 of Cups Upright 4 of Pentacles Upright  The Fool (0) Upright

Oh you cautious spendthrift Capricorn, here we are at the beginning of Valentine’s week and you are keeping your wallet or purse tightly tucked away where no one can get at it. You are not one for spending money on frivolous  items, but I think this week it might be advisable for you to show the one you love that you can be generous and giving every now and then. It is likely that they will go out of their way to have something special arranged for you but probably won’t be expecting you to waste any money on what you would call ‘nonsensical commercialism’. You think cards, presents and flowers are a pure waste of  money and you are  not going to be a fool and let your self get sucked into just another attempt on behalf of the big fat cats to get you to part with your hard earned cash. You moaned about Christmas and have been going on for weeks about the early arrival of Valentine’s Day Cards in the shops before we have had time to catch our breaths. You are already going on about the next big rip off, Easter Cards and big expensive chocolate eggs  that usually taste cheap and end up in the bin a few weeks later. Enough, enough, Capricorn for this week, this year, things are going to be different. You have a loving partner who deserves to be spoilt and treated. Time to indulge them and make up for all the times when you found excuses  not to. You are going to take that purse or wallet out and let the inside see the light of day. Yes, some moths might fly out but you can ignore them. The Fool coming in beside you as The Four of Pentacles is going to show you something that does not come naturally to you. It is called spontaneity and impulsiveness. You are going to throw caution to the wind and live on the wild side for the moment, well until the end of the week at least. What would your partner dearly love? What would bring them to tears (happy tears, not sad ones), what would leave them speechless? What would totally surprise them? Well when you have thought of that, you are then going to take a step further and literally leap off the side of  the cliff and feel what it is like to free-fall. I am not suggesting at all that you go into debt as this surprise must be tailored to fit your actual financial situation. I know many of you are struggling with finances at present and I don’t want to assume that just because you are a Capricorn that you have a stash of cash under your mattress, but this week you must use your imagination, your initiative and be very creative regardless of what financial resources are available to you. A walk up the mountains with a specially packed romantic lunch, a little storm lantern to light a candle in and a bottle of something special with real glasses. Sitting huddled together under a warm blanket while you feast may be the most romantic thing in the world and is practically free. So you see money may not necessarily come into it. It is all about attitude this week and thinking and doing with someone else in mind. The rewards you will get will come back to  your threefold. You never know you might enjoy yourself and it could be the start of a whole new aspect of your relationship. So what say you Capricorn, are you prepared to take a leap of faith into the unknown with The Fool?

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

The Empres Upright Queen of Swords Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright

Well Aquarius  the week ahead will start for you feeling in need of a little pampering and indulgence. You could do with some new clothes, your hair done and maybe some new shoes or boots. Then again, there is that designer bag that you have had you eye on for some time. It is still quite expensive even though it has been considerably reduced in the sales. It might be that exquisitely tailored suit that will do it for you or a new smart phone or tablet. Maybe because it is Valentine’s Day this week you are thinking that to hell with it, you are worth it and certainly deserve it. The thing is Aquarius, unlike a lot of the other Signs this week, you certainly will not be waiting or expecting to receive it from your partner. You may not have a partner after all. Then again, unlike other signs instead of sitting there waiting and wondering what it is your partner will surprise you with, The Queen of Swords generally does not like surprises. She prefers to be very direct and just ask for what she wants. He/She may even go out and buy it for themselves and then just ask for the money back from their partner. You are not terribly romantic when it comes to things like that and prefer to get exactly what it is you want rather than pretend delight when you receive something totally unsuitable.  With the Queen of Swords holding court in the centre of the reading, she would probably say outright that she doesn’t like it and ask for the receipt so that she can exchange it. No big deal. The Queen of Swords sitting facing The Eight of Pentacles tells you that you don’t need a partner to buy you anything. She tells you that you work very hard and so should spend when you want, and on what you want.  You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. It is quite simple really and she tells you to go get your designer bag if that is what you want, or if it is that new Tablet or Phone then buy it and stop waiting for someone to give it to  you as a gift. She tells you that she has learned from direct experience that you can only rely on yourself in matters like this.Relying on others is a waste of time as she like to fly her own plane and take full control at the wheel. If you are determined to go down the Valentine’s line, then for heaven’s sake, just take your partner out and point out what it is you really want. Money wasted on big cuddly teddy cards could be better spent going towards that designer bag or tablet. And by the way, chocolates are fattening. The Queen of Swords is very sobering, very direct and is there to shake some sense into you.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

The World Upright The Star Upright  The Magician (I) Upright

Oh Pisces, you are starting this week feeling on Top of The World. Of all the weeks in the year, this one belongs to you. Romance, love, affection and attraction are all top of your wish list and this week promises to deliver all if not more. Pisces you are feeling really good and it shows. You have a pep in your step and a glide in your stride and haven’t felt this alive in a long, long time. Your world is a very happy place to be and you can congratulate yourself on achieving this state of euphoria. So what has brought all this about? With the World on one side and the Magician on the other, you feature in the centre as The Star of the Show and a very special someone can see all your wonderful qualities. The thing is Pisces, you have done nothing special to attract such attention expect be yourself. Yourself obviously is quite dazzling to either an admirer you are aware of, or there is someone amazing about to come into your life. The World and The Star together are two incredibly powerful cards and speak of both an inner and outer happiness. Whatever it is that is happening this week and whoever it is that has brought about such joy and inner content must be quite outstanding for you are feeling so positive and optimistic about what the week ahead holds. Let me tell you Pisces that you are looking absolutely stunning too and are going to extra lengths this week to show off your best attributes. You will be paying special attention to your appearance, both male and female Pisceans, and will want to dress to impress. You have been waiting for this week for some time and will be starting it off with high hopes indeed. This someone special in the appearance of The Magician seems to have everything you have been looking for. He or she ticks all the boxes and you may feel like swooning in their presence. This does not appear to be all one sided for they too find you quite something indeed. However, try not to get too carried away Pisces. You have a tendency to fall in love all too fast and those rose-tinted glasses are ready at hand each time. Take it slowly, even though the urge will be to throw yourself right in. The Magician must be observed closely for some time to ensure that he or she is who they really appear to be. The Magician both upright and reversed can give you the illusion of anything they so please, so be very sure that he or she is genuine and not just putting on a front to woo your little heart. Always keep your feet firmly on the ground and you can’t go wrong. Your Star tells me that you have been hurt in the past by letting your heart and imagination run away with you too soon. Then comes the heartache and the long haul through the healing process. For those Pisceans who are only just beginning to find balance again and their self-esteem, by all means enjoy the dance, but as hard as it might seem, try not to be too eager. If this person is as fascinated in you as they appear to be, they will pass the test with flying colours. If not, then you have saved yourself from more humiliation, rejection and disillusionment. What you want to do is keep The World and The Star as your influencing energies, for they will ensure that you feel good about yourself and a success even if you decide to stay single and celebrate Valentine’s Day on your own. Enjoy the week.

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New Section Added – The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of The Year

Wheel of Fortune Upright

Greetings to all,

I am thrilled to announce the addition of a New Section on The Main Menu called The Wheel of The Year. I have been working very hard on putting this together and intend it to be an ongoing project as we work our way through the remainder of the Year and all its Seasons.

Here is an Excerpt from this New Section and I hope you will find the reading of it contains something to interest you. As each Seasonal Festival comes upon us, I will be adding Information about it along with some relevant Meditations and Tarot Spreads. 

Work will continue as normal on completing the re-working of the rest of the Course and Cards.

Brightest Blessings,


The  Wheel of The Year

 The Wheel of The Year  Wheel of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of The Year represents the annual cycle of the Seasons and their Midpoints. It is traditionally associated with Paganism but has its origins stretch very far back into Celtic Society where the coming and going of the Seasons, the shortening and lengthening of daylight hours impacted strongly on this agricultural race.

The Wheel itself is divided into either Four or Eight Points. When divided by Four each Point is referred to as a Quarter Day and it is these that mark the Two Solstices at Mid-Winter and Mid-Summer. Mid-Winter sits at the most Northerly Point on The Wheel, while Mid-Summersits at the most Southerly Point. The other Two Quarter Days are Equinoxes; Spring/Vernal Equinox known as Ostara and Autumnal Equinoxknown as Mabon.  The Vernal Equinox’s Point lies exactly mid-way between the The Winter and Summer Solstice and is positioned to theEast of The Wheel. The Autumnal Equinox’s Point is positioned to the West of the Wheel mid-way between Summer Solstice (Litha) and Winter Solstice (Yule).

When divided into Eight, the Mid-Points between the Quarter Days are included and recognised. So we have the Mid-Point between Winter Solstice and Ostara known as Imbolc, the Mid-Point between Ostara and Summer Solstice known as Bealtaine, the Mid-Point betweenSummer Solstice and Mabon known as Lugnasagdh and the Mid-Point between Mabon and Winter Solstice known as Samhain. These days are referred to as Cross Quarter Days.

Pagan traditions vary, some celebrating the Four Quarter Days while others, both Quarter and Cross Quarter Days. Dates and associated names also vary. Regardless of tradition, whether acknowledging Four or all Eight, each of these Days are celebrated and feasted.

The Four Seasons are celebrated as Solar Festivals while the Cross Quarter Days are celebrated as Fire Festivals.

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The Wheel of The Year

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Weekly Tarot Horoscopes – Week Ending 9th of Feb 2014

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends Around the World,

Here are your Tarot Horoscopes for the week ending the 9th of February 2014. As we are now in Spring, the season of Renewal, Rebirth and of course Spring Cleaning, many of the Readings have an air of new beginnings, determination and resolve about them. We are leaving the darkness of the Winter behind and thoughts now turn to what we want of our lives as the days lengthen and the sun grows stronger and higher in the sky. Spring brings hope, positivity and renewed faith in life. I do hope you enjoy the Tarot Horoscopes below but please remember, they are not based on Astrology or the positioning of the planets. I merely shuffle for each Sign and ask the Cards what it is they need to know for the week ahead. Please do not take any of the Horoscopes are absolute for they are but my interpretations, and interpretations done very quickly at that. Treat them as Fun Readings and as a way of enhancing your Story-Telling abilities. When using the Tarot for Horoscopes, the imagination comes into play along with being inventive and creative with your interpretations.

We have been experiencing terrible storms again in Ireland and the internet connections have been unstable for the last few days. As a result I missed posting about Imbolc, The 1st of February and the first day of Spring. Even though the day has now passed, I will complete my writing on it and post it this week as it has relevance for the whole season of Spring and you may find the information of interest. Coming also this week is the Lesson Content for Lesson 9 and 10 of Part I. This content will cover in-depth information about Health Readings, The Tarot Readers Code of Ethics and also a Step-by-Step Guide to conducting a Professional Tarot Reading from beginning to end, along with Practical Guidelines for Tarot Reading. So there will be lots of new reading material for you to digest and assimilate.

Blessings Be, Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

Tarot Horoscopes for The Week Ahead

Aries – (Mar 21-Apr 20)

The High Priestess Upright 2 of Swords Upright  The Star Upright

Well Aries, this week may very well have been one you have been dreading for some time. Sitting between The High Priestess and The Star Card there you are all up in a heap about something. This is not like you to be so tense and stressed. It is not exactly in your nature but with two Major Arcana Cards sitting on either side of you, they tell me that the issue or issues involved may be quite serious enough and certainly will have long-term impacts. I believe you have quite a difficult decision to make which may be tearing you in two different directions. You may feel that for the first time in your life you are being forced or asked to do something that does not sit very well with you. Others may have seen you as withdrawn or quiet over the weekend as you have been trying to get your head around what you have to do. You certainly are in two minds about the whole thing but The High Priestess been a Major and also a Two acknowledges the important decision you have to make but does not understand why you are finding it so difficult to make. She tells me that deep down you already know which way you must go. She knows you are not used to sitting with yourself and being still enough to tune into your own inner voice and higher guidance, but it is her influence that has made you retreat into your shell and into a quiet corner over the last couple of days. You cannot think properly if you are surrounded by too many distractions and the advice of others who may or may not have your best interests at heart.  She used her influence to subtly pull you into that meditative zone and asked you to use that time wisely. She knows that at this stage you cannot see down the road and the consequences of any actions your decision might bring. However, she tells you that you know yourself better than anyone else and now asks you to be weigh up the pros and cons of each side and be truthful and honest with yourself. One of your choices may sound very exciting indeed and you may feel very tempted in that direction but something has shifted and regardless of how other are promoting a certain decision, you know deep down that it is not for you, not you at all and that you will have to conform to the wishes of others. The Star on the other side provides the answer to your decision and has been specifically drawn by The Magical Powers of The High Priestess to help clarify the decision-making process. She knows what you want and now you must admit it yourself. You want to be free to be yourself and to follow your own path and your own dream.  Don’t sacrifice your talents and abilities for the sake of what momentarily dazzles. At the end of the day, one option takes you away from all you every desired to be, while the other takes you closer. The first option may seem like the most obvious and will bring instant gratification but it may not last too long, leaving you disillusioned and unhappy. The second option may involve taking a more difficult path but is more linked to your true Soul Purpose. The High Priestess asks you to be careful about the choices you must make this week and asks you to be true to yourself first and foremost for you will have to live with the consequences of your decisions for some time when we see Major Arcana of this nature.

Taurus – (Apr 21–May 21)

5 of Wands Upright  2 of Wands Upright  The High Priestess Upright

Dear Taurus, like Aries above, you find yourself in somewhat a perplexing situation this week. You too have some decisions to make and these decisions also have you acting out of character. You are normally so much in control of everything you do and so sure of what tomorrow will bring that suddenly finding yourself in a position where you are been asked, or asking yourself, to make a rash and risky decision has left you in a state of inner turmoil. You are being asked to do something that quite scares the hell out of you and totally takes you out of your comfort zone. The thing is do you have the guts to do it? Travel may be involved or even total relocation. There is an air of impatience about you Taurus which we don’t often see. Are things not happening fast enough for you? One part of you is rearing to go while the other part holds you back. You must ask yourself, what its is that so worries you, what is it that holds you back? The potential for exciting adventures lies ahead for you this week but you generally prefer safe and predictable. Take a long hard look at the world you have built around you and see if it offers all you desire? Is it enough for you or do you feel that now might be the time to take a giant leap and hop over that wall in the Two of Wands? You look out and away oversea and to other lands. Could it be that you are thinking of either upping and going or maybe just expanding what you currently have? The Five of Wands acknowledges that you really are all over the place about this and that others might be involved. These other individuals may be in disagreement with what you propose or have other ideas they think would be best to follow. They also may be tasks you have to complete before you will be able to make any move. This may be where your impatience is coming from. It is certain that you stand alone in this situation and it is up to you to now make your mind up about whether to stay in the world you have created or see what else is out there; opportunities that you could take advantage of for example. You understand that there is much competition where you stand now but if you were to spread your wings globally you will be playing to a much larger audience. There is unfinished business you need to attend to, even though you see the massive potential that could be, the Wand bolted to the wall holds you back right now. The High Priestess coming in once more asks you to disregard the din, noise and quarrels of the Five of Wands as really they are quite insignificant and are just a storm in a teacup.  She knows you Taurus and believes in your capabilities to sort it all out. Do what you think is right but not before you take your time to seriously think things over. This may not all resolve itself by the end of the week as the High Priestess would prefer you not rush things.  She knows you will make that move when you are sure that all is in place. Taurus will be quite happy with that advise and will want to ensure that all those opposing forces from The Five of Wands have been sorted before any major move is made.

Gemini – (May 22–June 21)

The Hermit Upright The Star Upright 3 of Pentacles Upright

Gemini, this week finds you beginning to make real progress in areas that you have been developing and maturing. The Star as your central Card is very promising and shows how much you are coming into your own this week. This has not come easily as your typical hyper self has been put to the test recently, which has caused you many set-backs and upsets. Not one for spending time alone, The Hermit shows how you have had to retreat from your normal activities so that you could spend time reflecting on your issues and concerns. Let me tell you that it was time well spent for you are ready to take centre stage again and can put any troubles of the past behind you now. It is onwards and upwards from now on. I feel you may have felt a bit lost in yourself for some time now Gemini but are now in a position with The Star to understand what it is you truly want to do. Being a Gemini, you have so many interests and abilities but your time spent with The Hermit has helped whittle these down to those which resonate with you the most. You have now identified that which you are most suited to and are most interested in. I do believe that this week may find you beginning a course of study or joining a night class. If not, then you may be beginning to do some research in that direction as you are determined to develop your creative side and hone your true talents and skills. You are feeling more confident and positive about what you want now Gemini and I am glad to see that you now feel more balanced and focussed. The week is bound to end on a high for you.

Cancer – ( June 22-July 22)

The Devil Upright 4 of Cups Upright Page of Swords Upright

This week we find Cancerians in a worrying position. In the middle there you sit and you do not look very happy with yourself at all. In fact you look downright disillusioned with the way things work out for you. The Devil on your left suggests entrapment and possibly been fooled into doing something that is just not you. The Devil can be very persuasive and it may all seem so tempting that you could easily be drawn in to a situation quite easily. The problem is that once in, you will see things in a whole new light and it may leave you deeply regretting getting involved at all in the first place. The Page of Swords stands on your other side and acts as a warning about agreeing to  or signing up for something that is not what it appears to be. He asks you to be on your guard this week for you may be approached by the Devil in disguise. Cancer, your natural emotional nature may be played to this week so you will have to be on the look out for anyone who may be trying to take advantage of you. Examine everything very closely; documents, contracts, read the small print and terms and conditions for there is likely to be something out-of-order or clauses that bind you into a situation you would never in a million years actively agree to. Be wary of strangers at the door asking you to buy into rock steady schemes and phone calls from organisations claiming to be legit, as they may not be acting in good faith. For those Cancerians who are trying to stick to their New Year Resolutions, you will find it particularly hard this week as temptation lies all around you. You have been so good up until now but boredom with your new diet or exercise regime may have you wanting to throw the towel in and go on a dreadful binge. The Devil is sitting on your shoulder whispering his usual spin and telling you that ‘what is the point in depriving yourself of all the lovely food you desire for we might all be dead tomorrow’. He encourages you to stop at shops that sell all those things you are so trying to avoid. If you are resolved to give up smoking or alcohol, then this week will find you on the brink of breaking your resolution. The Page of Swords asks you to stand firm against the temptations The Devil throws in your way for he does not have your best interests at heart at all. He just wants to get a tight hold of you again. You have done well shaking The Devil off your back and keeping him at bay up until now. Don’t open the door and let him back in this week. It will be hard, but just think of how disgusted you will feel with yourself if you succumb to his devious tactics as he tempts you to take that sneaky cigarette when no one is looking or buy that bottle of wine and tell no one you had it. He tells you to lie to others by saying that you are still on the straight and narrow, but you will know yourself that you have given in to temptation and believe me, you will feel disgusted with yourself. Be on you guard for he is sure to be on the patrol this week, hidden behind one of his many disguises.

Leo -(July 23-Aug 22)

9 of Cups Upright The Empres Upright  The Lovers Upright

Lucky Leo. This week finds you feeling chuffed with yourself and concentrating on pleasing your partner. Relationships are forefront in your mind this week and I get the feeling a lot of you Leo’s are already going to extreme lengths to arrange some brilliant surprise for that special person in your life because of approaching Valentine’s Day on the 14th of this month. You Leo’s love to be dramatic and extravagant so will be determined to impress your loved one. The emphasis is on the female aspect of the Relationship with The Empress using her influence on loving couples to be exceptionally generous and giving with each other at this time. The emphasis is on pampering and planning something maybe the two of you can enjoy, like joint Spa sessions or dinner out in a very special restaurant.  For the Leo’s who have no financial constraints, there will definitely be no stopping them on the surprise and gift side of things. For those without, there are still many wonderful ways to show you partner just how much you love them. Plan a romantic dinner at home or a special evening just for the two of you. There is much for Leo’s to celebrate in the coming week and you should feel exceptionally blessed. There may be news of engagements, weddings or pregnancies. The Empress and the Nine of Cups also reminds couples of the need for romance and the importance of spicing up your sex life if you have been neglecting this side of your Relationship. Dress up, feel sexy and be sexy with your partner. Ignite the passion in your relationship and it will do wonders for both personal and mutual happiness. It will also bring you closer together as a couple.

Virgo – (Aug 23-Sept 23)

Ace of CupsKnight of Wands Upright The Lovers Upright

Oh there is something very exciting in store for many Virgoans this week, and like Leo above it revolves around Relationships of all kinds but especially romantic ones. For those Virgoans who have been hoping to meet that certain Special Person or their Soul Mate, this week brings a very strong possibility of exactly that happening for you or at the very least you will think it has. Be on the look out for a rather dynamic and exuberant personality that arrives unexpectedly into your life. This may be someone new at work or a person you meet while out socialising. Whoever it is, he or she is bound to sweep you off your feet and set your heart a flutter. Their presence is very strong around you this week Virgo, so be on the look out. It may be a person from a foreign land or someone who you meet while travelling. This could be the start of a whirlwind romance with high excitement and much passion. Your Cup runneth over with joy, and for those more staid and prudish Virgoans, you may surprise yourself and everyone around you by letting your hair down and throwing yourself wholeheartedly into a romance like you have never experienced before. While this may be exactly what the doctor ordered in your often too sterile and predictable life Virgo, do not let your heart run away with itself, and certainly do not lose your basic common sense. With The Knight of Wands featuring between The Lovers and The Ace of Cups, you are prone to acting hastily or moving too fast. Whereas you may feel you have met the love of your life, it is quite possible that it is too good to be true. Making a commitment to another where relationships are concerned is a serious matter and that is reflected in the nature of the Major Arcana Card of The Lovers. This Card will demand a lot more than the first crazy stage of love and that long-term commitments, or declarations of love, should not be rushed into regardless of how hot you feel for each other right now. For you Virgo you may think this is it, and decide to throw all your eggs into one basket too soon. Wait and see how this relationship plays out in the coming weeks and months. The Knight of Wands taking centre stage may not be able to sustain the high energy and interest he or she has in you, when your true Virgoan, more settled nature begins to take over once more. Whichever way this turns out, just enjoy the moment for what it is for it will truly make you feel more alive than you have felt in a long time, if not ever. Do not think too far down the road about long-term commitments and plans for the future of this relationship as the Knight of Wands may not share your enthusiasm.

Libra – (Sept 24-Oct23)

3 of Wands Upright  Judgement Upright The Magician (I) Upright

Dear Libra, with the Spring finally arrived, you know in your heart that changes have to be made in your life and this week finds you doing something at last about making it an actual reality. A definite spring cleaning attitude has replaced the old and major change is on the way once you are committed to following through with it.  This week starts the beginning of the transformation from the old you into the new you. You have been at a crossroads for some time now Libra, uncertain of which way to turn but one thing is certain, you certainly do not want to continue in the same manner you have been used to in recent years. It is time to start re-inventing yourself and answering the call from within. Your inner voice has been nagging for some time now but you have found ways of pushing it away or ignoring it. This time, the call is too strong and you know that this week demands you start to act, so whatever it is you want to change in you life, it starts here. With Judgement sitting in the middle it is offering you the chance to start over once again, but in a manner that is more true to who you are. The mists of confusion have begun to clear in recent weeks, and over the coming days you will begin to see the path that lies before you, and what you have to do to get on it with crystal clarity. One thing is for certain, it is time to say goodbye to anything that is negative in your life. The Three of Wands on the left side of Judgement shows you turning your back on an old way of being, the old you and excitedly beginning to move forward onto the path that Judgement has revealed to you. Don’t worry about whether you have what it takes to succeed in this new venture for believe it or not, those around you applaud your decisions, are right behind you and willing to offer support.  The Magician on the right side of Judgement agrees with all, for he knows that you have the power now to really do anything you set your mind to and that you are more than capable. Librans are careful planners but often doubt their own abilities. Therefore they need the reassurance of others that they have what it takes, and are up to the job. The Magician does more than reassure you, so you have nothing to worry about except worry itself, which you can be quite good at. You have a strong workable plan that will begin to show signs of manifestation from this week onwards once you continue to hold this new-found belief in your self and the determination to let change in the door. It is time to follow what your Destiny intended for you. Be not afraid to take those first steps regardless of how nervous you might feel. Once you begin to make a move or take action this week, the momentum will start to build and there will be no stopping you dear Libra. Good Luck

Scorpio – (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Ace of Cups 10 of Wands Upright Queen of Pentacles Upright

This week finds Scorpions hard at it and probably taking on more than they are used to as seen in The Ten of Wands. Goals set in the past are reaching their climax this week, and even though you do not know it at this stage Scorpio, you are nearly there. However, the final stretch is often the hardest and is a time when all the tedious details that you had not thought of up to now begin to bear down on you, weighing you down and slowing your forward pace and progress. The high mental and physical energy you are renowned for has kept your going but you are beginning to feel the pain now and as you hit the wall. There is nothing more you would like to do this week Scorpio than to dump the whole lot and walk away, but there is something still driving you on. That something is the fact that your labour is one of love as shown in The Ace of Cups. You are working very hard on a project or area of your life that holds great meaning for you. Crossing the finish line will bring great rewards and you know it. It is just that getting there is wearing you down right now. There are things you could actually delegate to others, but something tells me that this is your baby and you want to be the one that is solely responsible for its success. You have been working so hard of late that you haven’t really had time to enjoy yourself and this week is no different. However, what this week does is bring you that much closer to your heart’s desire. You started this journey with high hopes, and because you wanted it so much. Just keep your head down this week and keep beavering away. Once you start working your way through that long list of things to do and sort, your load will begin to lighten, and with The Queen of Pentacles sitting on the left of The Ten of Wands we see a very successful result and a feeling of pride and achievement. Just remember you are nearly there Scorpio, the prize is in sight and waiting for you. Now is not a time for quitting.

Sagittarius – (Nov 23-Dec 21)

The Hermit Upright The Sun Upright Wheel of Fortune Upright

Things are certainly looking up for you Sagittarius this week and you may be in for a run of luck as the Fates of Destiny in The Wheel of Fortune have decided to smile down on you. With the Sun taking centre stage you will be feeling full of positivity and experiencing high energy as you shake off any blues associated with the intensity of The Hermit. You are literally exploding with creativity and sparkling with fantastic ideas. The week ahead proves to be truly inspirational for you and there is little you will touch this week that will not work out for you.  You have spent the winter months strongly considering your future and taking stock of life under the guidance and influence of The Hermit. Then it was a time for reflection, contemplation and hibernation. However, it is now a time for action and movement. This week will have you feeling busier than you have for quite some time now Sagittarius, for The Wheel of Fortune adds to the high energy and activity of The Sun.  It is a week for socialising and getting out and about. Spring is in the air and although the days are still cold and night comes all too soon, the Sun is beginning to climb higher and higher in the sky which especially pleases you. This week will find you looking forward as you begin to come out of the hibernation period of The Hermit on The Left. When we compare these three cards, The Hermit certainly looks out-of-place. He represents the dark time of the year which thankfully Sagittarius you can kiss goodbye. Your time spent with The Hermit has left you wiser and in a better position to make use of the coming weeks and months. With the Spring beginning its reign once more as the Wheel of the Year turns, it means that summer will not be far after it. This week will find you looking forward to the summer and possible thinking about where you will take your vacation this year. It also marks a time when you will feel inspired and at your most creative. Both The Wheel of Fortune and The Hermit would advise you to use the energy of The Sun wisely and maximise its potential when and where you can, for it will not last forever.

Capricorn – (Dec 22-Jan 20)

7 of Pentacles Upright Knight of Wands Upright King of Pentacles Upright

What is up with you this week Capricorn? Your normal cautious nature surrounding finance and business looks under threat with the appearance of The Knight of Wands taking centre stage. There is an urge to rush and be hasty here, or perhaps he is trying to fire some enthusiasm into you, or even show you new ways of doing things. On one side of The Knight of Wands we have the Seven of Pentacles showing you deliberating over your situation this week and wondering what you should do. You have certainly been working very hard Capricorn, but this is nothing new for you. Hard work is your middle name. The King of Pentacles on the other side of The Knight of Wands is sitting waiting for all the rewards from that which you have been working so hard on. He will not want to be disappointed by a poor return on his investment so you had better think carefully about what you are going to do now. The Knight of Wands may be asking you to take a risk, or has been sent by The King of Pentacles to put pressure on you to complete a task you believe may take more time than you first envisaged. So what do you do now Capricorn as you lean on your hoe deciding whether enough work has been done or not?  You have worked in a methodical and thorough manner up until now. Are you to finish in a rush, possibly leaving things undone or half-done, or do you stand your ground and ask for more time? The pressure is coming from the top and The Knight of Wands is but the messenger. However, The Knight of Wands might be able to show you a more efficient manner of bringing your task to conclusion. Not by taking short cuts or unnecessary risks but he might have new techniques or methods that you have not heard of, or have been reluctant to try for yourself. Maybe this week will find you stepping out of your comfort zone and possibly trying new ways of doing things. Advice and demonstration may come from a source you are generally not comfortable working with. It might be time to move with the times Capricorn and drop some of your stubbornness, and fear of modern ways and technology. Your fear of scarcity may have you anxious about spending in areas that need new investment and refreshing right now. Open you mind this week to how others are doing things. You may learn something that will surprise you.

Aquarius – (Jan 21-Feb 19)

9 of Wands Upright The Hanged Man Upright  Ace of Swords

This week starts for in a negative manner dear Aquarius. You feel quite stuck in yourself or in your situation. There is a strong chance that you feel you have been made a scapegoat of by someone and The Hanged Man shows you in a difficult position to do anything about it right now. Your hands are literally tied but you must use your powerful mind to solve this problem Aquarius for it is all you are free to do right now. There is a chance you need to clear your name, and with the Nine of Wands on the right hand side, there is an atmosphere of mistrust, bordering on paranoia. You are bound to feel very alone in this situation and do not know who you can trust. This is not the first time you have been in this situation and it may feel like someone has it in for you. There have been ongoing battles that you loathe having to be part of, but if you have been the central target of these battles, it is time to use your wits to sort them out. It is true you are smarting from a recent incident or issue but at present there is little you can do about it, as you have little proof right now. However, the appearance of The Ace of Swords on the right side of the sacrificial lamb, The Hanged Man, brings new evidence to light as the Sword of justice cuts through all confusion and doubt to reveal the heart of the matter, which is the truth. So this week will bring break through for you in any battles that have been going on and on and on. These battles may be of a legal nature or personal ones, but it is for sure that the Ace of Swords will metaphorically cut the ties that bind the Hanged Man, therefore setting you free from the unpleasantness you have had to endure for some time now.

Pisces – (Feb 20-Mar 20)

The Moon Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright 5 of Wands Upright

There is nothing for it dear Pisces but to keep your head down this week and stay busy. Unpleasantness may surround you, and you know how prone you are to letting it affect your emotional balance but I do not believe that you have become involved in it or possibly believe that it has nothing to do with you. Rather it is going on around you.  Arguments, especially in the workplace make for a disturbing atmosphere this week as those around you seem hell-bent on being difficult and awkward as seen in the Five of Wands. There is a strong sense of lack of team work this week. You like to work in peace and quiet as noise disturbs your concentration as seen in The Moon. You will just have to find a way to deal with it poor Pisces for the last thing you want to do is get involved. Pressure may be put on you to jump into the ongoing battles but you have no stomach for it. You can’t understand why everyone cannot get on with their work and be content, but sometimes problems in the workplace do need to be aired and vented for issues to be resolved and grievances sorted. It does seem as if you are the only one doing any work at all and possibly you are having to cover other work colleagues’ work too due to your conscientious nature. Your commitment to your work is a credit to you but do not isolate yourself from the real issues that are going on around you. What your work colleagues are battling over may bring better conditions or a pay rise for you too. Show an interest if nothing else. For those Pisceans who have been working tirelessly on a project, this week will find you becoming overly concerned and worried about your competition. You worry in vain dear Pisces for The Eight of Pentacles highlights the effort and commitment you have shown. This reflects in the standard and quality of your work which the competition will find hard to match. You must learn to believe in yourself so much more and acknowledge your talents and gifts. You worry unnecessarily, but that is just you being you.

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