Re. Weekly Tarot Horoscopes Poll Results

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know how Viewers Voted in the last week regarding The Weekly Tarot Horoscopes. Out of the 11,100 visitors in the last week, only 81 took part in the Poll which was quite disappointing. The Majority wanted the Weekly Readings to continue with some preferring Monthly Horoscopes.

Due to the very poor return on the Poll, I should totally discontinue The Tarot Horoscopes as they do take quite some time to put together, time I could be spending on developing the rest of the course. However, I also do not want to disappoint those who were enjoying them, and as one voter pointed out, they were a great learning tool. So with that in mind, for the time being, starting from April, I will begin a Monthly Tarot Horoscope, which will give me the time to continue writing the rest of the Course Content and also Re-working the remaining Cards whilst giving the viewers who were enjoying them something to look forward to. I will then reconsider returning to the Weekly Tarot Horoscopes and see how well they are received.

I do think this is the best solution for the time being and hope you agree with my decision based on the low number of voters.

Brightest Blessings,

Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)



About miss tarot teacher

I am an experienced Tarot Consultant, Tarot Teacher and Tarot Writer. I have written an in-depth and comprehensive online course for those who wish to become Professional Tarot Readers/Consultants. I am also skilled in various areas of Digital Technology and Website Development. I make vintage-style boudoir dolls in my spare time and am a trained mezzo soprano. I have a passion for Tudor History.

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  1. Hi Viven

    I check the site nearly everyday but I think I must have missed the poll. I would’ve voted if I had been aware.

    Thanks for your excellent resources.


    *Jade Joddle* Speaking Skills Coach


    Jade Joddle YouTube:

    EnglishbyJade YouTube:


    • Hi Jade,

      Sorry you missed the Poll. It appears many did. Not to worry, I will be running a Monthly Tarotscope from April and now plan to get the weekly ones back on-line in the near future. Thank you for your lovely comments and words of support.




  2. I didn’t see the poll but that is no excuse!! It does take a lot of time to do a weekly read for everyone and I think it would be great just to do a monthly. Easier for you and still a great tool for others. I have enjoyed the Tarot Horoscopes but this will give you more time to work on your course, etc. Thank you. BB


    • Thank you you so much for your very understanding comments. Yes, it does take a lot of time to put them together, that is why I put the Poll out to see if all the effort was worth it. I can see from a lot of comments that have come my way in the last few days that many never saw the Poll and were enjoying the weekly Tarotscopes. I will definitely be running a Monthly one from April, and with so much support coming through will endeavour to get the weekly ones back up and running in the near future. Lots of work to do in the meantime but I really appreciate your comments. They meant a lot to me.




  3. Thank you so very much for all your efforts to teach tarot. I have enjoyed your rework, and although a novice, feel a better understanding of tarot. I look forward to any material you choose to offer… and thank you.


  4. Rats. I am so sorry to hear this as I really looked forward to what I could Learn from the readings and so they did truly relate to my week. Would you consider offering the weekly spreads for a price?


    • Hi Pearle,

      I am sorry you are disappointed re the Weekly Tarot Horoscopes, like many others. I will work on getting them back up and running in April and will see how they go. Yes, you are right, I might do as you suggest and offer them for a small fee. They do take a lot of work but one way or another, there will definitely be a Monthly Tarotscope running from April. Thanks for your support.

      Brightest Blessings,



  5. Serendipitous Critter

    I did see the poll and answered it – I do have an idea of the shear expense in just TIME that goes into this site, and how did you gain that kind of wealth?) the ‘taroscopes’ must be draining – I find it much harder to get a read on an intangible – much easier if the subject is visible!

    It was really interesting to see how the cards lined up with the movement of the zodiac. I gained some confidence by seeing the way that everything applied and reinforced the other.

    Thank you for everything you do and I wish you the benefit of at least 3 more hours a day!

    Metako-a-o-yasin, A-Ho



    • Yes, I will take the offer of a wish for three more hours for me in the day and thank you. You are right, the Tarotscopes deal with the intangible and it is a challenge to do this type of Reading but really pushes me. I am glad you find that they have lined up with the movements of The Zodiac which is quite amazing.

      I will be doing a Monthly Tarotscope for April and hope to eventually get back to the weekly ones in the future.

      Thank you for your ongoing support.




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