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Can You Guess What I was Doing on Monday?

Greetings All,

Just thought I would pop this post off to you as I was quite amused and impressed by the Cards I pulled for my Daily Card Reading on Monday.

I am not going to tell you anything about them. Instead I am going to ask all of you if you can guess where I was and what I was doing on Monday for the Answer is contained within the Cards. Yes, the individual Meanings are valid but it is the combined Imagery and Associations that I found summed up my day perfectly. So what do you think? Take a look at the pictures and try to work it out. Don’t think black and white but go for the grey.

By the Way, I only meant to pull three cards but the Fourth, just jumped out so I decided to include it.  I think you will be quite amazed when you realise how accurate they were.


Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)


My Cards were:

King of Swords UprightJustice UprightDeath Upright6 of Pentacles Upright


Thanks to all

Hello to all my Tarot Friends around The World,

Wow, thank you for contributing so eagerly to the Practice Daily Card Readings and also for coming to the aid of a Tarot Student who is in a bit of a bind at present and having difficulty with certain Cards that keep popping up.  Well done everyone.

This Reading is a current real-life scenario and not the normal free-style dramatic versions we have been working with in the Daily Two Card Readings.  Yes, this is a real dilemma. The Tarot Student has been following all your interpretations and theories very closely. I was asked to post this message to all of you on their behalf.  So there is a possibility that these Cards will be added to or as I suggested, a Reading done based on The Seven of Cups and The Eight of Swords to determine why they keep coming up and how to find a way out of all those Swords.  The message is posted below.

“Hiya Vivien, would you please pass on my thanks to everyone for their thoughts.. i really appreciate their perspective. I still haven’t done a further reading.. I guess I’m too scared what I might see… but when I do I will let you know. Thanks for your support and insight. Love and light.”

When my site is completely ready to switch over to I will be installing a plugin that will allow for a Forum. You will then find it much easier to share your card readings, interpretations, discussions and network.


With Regards to Daily Card Reading Practice, here are two, Billy my partner pulled yesterday. Remember, he is still on the trail of property hunting following the disappointment of The Dream House in Dingle failing the Survey Engineer’s Report. I have asked him to share his own interpretation of these in the comments section of this Post today. I already have my own theories.  You are also welcome to offer your opinions too if you wish. But before you do that, I want you to take into consideration one of his Daily Card Readings from last week, which you will find further down the Post.

Yesterday’s Cards – King of Pentacles and The Five of Wands

  King of Pentacles Upright5 of Wands Upright

While he was waiting for me at my training last week, he decided to go for a drive to a coastal town that was nearby in Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. It was his birthday that day and the sun was shining. He went for a walk on the beach, strolled around the seaside town and had a cappuccino outside a quaint little coffee shop.  He had a lovely time and did a little bit of exploring.

When he picked me up a few hours later, he was gushing about how beautiful Greystones was and how he had looked in some of the windows of Estate Agents. He spoke of a couple of houses he had seen and how well they were priced. My goodness, I thought, from Dingle to Wicklow all of a sudden. On the drive home, he chatted about how convenient to Dublin, it was, with trains getting one there in a matter of minutes, yet still being in the County that is known as The Garden of Ireland in Wicklow, and beside the Sea too.  We could pop into Dublin any time we wanted to go to concerts or  the theatre. We would be ideally located.

I listened and oohed and ahhed in all the right places, but to be honest my mind was on all I had learned at the training and worrying about how I was going to manage it all on my own. I was also exhausted from information overload. We went home and further discussed it over dinner and our usual glass of wine.

The next morning Billy did his Daily Card Reading. He drew The Six of Cups and The Queen of Wands.

 6 of Cups Upright Queen of Wands Upright

He read up on their meanings but was unsure of how they were connected to him.  I was quite busy working on my computer so did not have much time to give it a lot of thought. However, later in the day I called out to see where he was as the house was very quiet. I had been so involved in working on my new site I was unsure as to whether he had left the house or not. I wanted a cup of coffee and a break from the keyboard. 

I found him upstairs on his laptop looking at property websites. He was scouring through property for sale in Greystones and had already selected a few he intended to go and see. He certainly was spreading his wings a bit and being more adventurous with his property searching. I told him that the kettle was boiling so coffee would be ready, like now!

Back in the kitchen, I passed the two Cards he had drawn and The Queen of Wands caught my attention. What are you doing there I thought but it struck me quite fast what was going on. It was The Queen of Wands who was encouraging him to think outside the box and not restrict himself to the possible rose-tinted idyllic, romantic version he had of moving to Dingle.  She was whispering to him about the benefits of being near to the cultural and historical city of Dublin. Reminding him of all the places he likes to go to and the things he loves to do. She was telling him that he might get a bit closed off in Dingle, lovely and all as it is, he might long for the buzz of the city. Could Dingle end up being too far away? I am not sure The Queen of Wands would like to be so restricted. She was getting him to use his imagination and open his mind to the possibility of other places to live. Places that would be fun and exciting, and still tick all the boxes.

I saw her sitting beside The Six of Cups and felt a pang of sadness for Billy. The Six of Cups highlighted how nostalgic he felt about Dingle. After all he had spent many, many, happy boyhood summers attending the Gaeltacht in Dunquin, Dingle where he learned to speak Irish fluently. He had fallen in love with it as a child, and since then has been trying to find his way  back to it.  He called it is his Spiritual Home and dreamed of retiring there.

I too have my own connections and nostalgia attached to Dingle. It was my son’s favourite place on earth, the place he chose to spend his last holiday before he died from cancer in 2007. For many years too, I have also dreamed about moving to that wild Atlantic coastline where next stop is America.  However, The Six of Cups sitting beside the bright and bold Queen of Wands made the imagery look quaint and cute. Would our coloured memories and desire for the dream, in reality turn out to be very different. The Dingle of today, may be very different to The Dingle of Billy’s distant boyhood memories.  The Queen of Wands was certainly making him sit up and take a good look around at his other options, even encouraging him to think of buying overseas. Yes, Dingle remains the top of the list, but maybe there is somewhere else he should be looking too. I felt grateful for her presence and the influence she was having over him.  I want him to make the right decision and for all the right reasons.

We discussed the relevance of his Cards over coffee and he has decided to do as The Queen of Wands suggests. He will be a little more open and adventurous in the search for his dream home while keeping a tight eye on Dingle too.  From now on, he, or should I say we, will be leaving our Rose-Tinted glasses at home when we go property hunting.

Come on Billy, share your thoughts!




I Want to Go Home!

Hello to all my Tarot Friends,

Well, let me tell you this whole moving from to has been a nightmare. On the 10th of September, I went for my official training and boy, was there a lot for me to take on board. I couldn’t keep the Theme I have been using so I settled for another one instead.  However, when I came home I spent a day fiddling around with things, trying to get the look I wanted, but instead got my self into a right state and panic because I couldn’t get anything to work for me.  I liked, and was used to working on my site (this one). I wanted it back so I searched and found the theme I had been using and decided to upload it to my site. I didn’t really understand much of the techie wording involved in doing this but blundered my way through regardless. I took a gamble that blew up in my face.

Bad mistake, very bad. I suddenly got a white screen with a Fatal Error Message and quickly entered break-down mode. ‘oh my god, what have I done?’ Screams and panics brought my partner Billy rushing to my side. I couldn’t explain to him what had happened because I was so upset. I tried to get back into the admin side of my site but all I got was the Fatal Error Message. Billy was in distress now because he thought I had lost absolutely everything, all my years of work, and not just that I had messed up the new site.

I could feel my neck and jaw acting up, and then felt drained and tired. I wanted to lie down and cry. I rang the Hosting Company but support was closed for the evening. I sent an email to my trainer.  I would have to wait.  I typed the address of the site into the address bar and there it was. I could view it from the outside but I could not get in the back door to do any work. It looked a right mess, and still does, but I am powerless to fix it until my Hosting Company can get me back in.

I still have my site in working order thankfully so will continue working on it until I can get sorted out the other side.

The other thing that has happened is that some visitors have been on the other site and have posted comments and contributions to the Daily Card Reading Practice. Thankfully, these comments are being forwarded to my blackberry email so at least I can reply to them. The Daily Card Reading contribution I will actually post so here so we can all have a look.

I continue to sit here waiting for my Hosting Company to let me back in, but while I wait let me tell you of the Two Cards I pulled that Day. This was the day after my training, when I started to mess around with the settings and things.

The Six of Pentacles and The Four of Pentacles

                                                                    6 of Pentacles Upright       4 of Pentacles Upright

Well, I wasn’t exactly sure what they had in store for me when I drew them early that morning but as the day wore on and the mess got messier, their messages began to filter through.  Certainly by the time Billy was removing me from the computer screen that evening, and placing a glass of wine in my hand instead of the mouse, the Cards’ messages were coming across loud and clear.

In The Six of Pentacles there I was handing out my hard saved money for my training. Here is €€€€€ for you, and in return you are going to show me how to completely build a website and manage it.  Simple, a fair exchange, and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. Both of us were happy with the arrangement and even though my Trainer could only pass over to me a certain amount of the knowledge that I needed (the imagery of the few coins falling into the palm of the needy person) due to time restraints and the danger of information overload, we achieved a lot that day. I went off happy and looking forward to my next day’s training in a couple of weeks’ time.

However, there I am sitting all hunched up holding onto my Pentacles, and rigidly closed to change in The Four of Pentacles.  Sobbing over my glass of wine, I thought of the possibility that I had wasted my money, because I may have undone all the work my Trainer had set up on my site, Google Analytics, Google Translator, Facebook, Twitter etc and a heap of other things. Had I lost everything? Would I have to go back and pay her again to do what she had already done. The financial outlay was weighing heavily on my mind. What had I done?

Regret at changing over in the first place also began to set in. I wanted things back the way they were. I wanted my old site back or to be able to bring it over completely intact to the one. I wanted to hold onto things as they were. I suddenly felt insecure and wanted familiar territory. I don’t want to let go and be open to the change and uncharted territory of building a website from scratch. I want guarantees that it will all be fine. I want to see the finished product before I begin.  The Four of Pentacles was singing this loud and clear to me. It is one of the Cards for Taurus along with The King of Pentacles and The Hierophant. I am a Taurean too, and whereas I am always preaching in my writing about learning to let go, and to allow yourself to be open to change, it is very often a case of do as I say and not as I do. I get quite unsettled about change and like to feel stable and secure. I like to know what I am doing and work in a very thorough and methodical way. I also can get quite intense and fixated about my work and worry too much about the details of everything.

My partner Billy was telling me that all would be fine, and that it would just take a bit of time.  I just want to get back to my normal routine and back to my writing instead of wandering around clueless as to what I am supposed to be doing. I want things to settle down so that everything feels familiar again. I am sure it all will, but for the moment, forgive me if I act a little bit obsessional like the figure in The Four of Pentacles. 



Daily Card Reading – The High Priestess & The Four of Cups

Well talk about throwing it in my face! Let me fill you in on yesterday, the 28th of August, my Daily Two Card Reading. I wasn’t prepared for such directness but I did ask the question ‘what does the day ahead hold for me’? If  you can’t handle the answer, you shouldn’t ask the question in the first place. Right?

My Two Cards yesterday were

The High Priestess Upright     4 of Cups Upright

The High Priestess and The Four of Cups.  Well, that about summed me up and I had no one to blame but myself.  Once you hear my story, you will agree too.  On the evening of the 27th, I had enjoyed a very industrious and productive day. I had written much, sorted out the bunting for my niece’s baby and had even managed some housework.  My self and my partner had prepared a lovely dinner, and to celebrate the great news about his mortgage confirmation we opened a bottle of wine, lit the candle on the table and settled down to eat, drink and chat about the future.

We discussed the house in Dingle, and shared ideas about decorating it and where furniture would go.  It was great planning and making lists, imagining the short stroll to the beach, a new life beginning for us.  The wine went down well but unfortunately it seemed to disappear too fast.  We were still in a high mood and not yet ready to end the evening. So what do you think happened next? Yes, we opened a second bottle. I did hesitate though. I am not what you would call a great drinker and can only tolerate so much.  I also knew that we had to travel to our singing lesson the next day and I had been planning on going to bed early.  Well you can imagine, I threw caution to the wind and went for it.  Before we knew it the second bottle was almost empty and I was already feeling guilty. When I saw what time it was, I made a mad scramble for bed, sorting cats with food and water for the night on my way.

I fell asleep quite quickly but woke a few hours later with my mouth stuck together. Great, I thought, this is all I need. After downing a pint of water, I aimed to fall back to sleep again. No chance! Sleep and alcohol never really worked for me.  I watched the dawn appear and the darkness slip away.  I was in a deep sleep when the alarm went off. I must have fallen asleep shortly before it.  I felt wrecked, exhausted, muzzy and yeucky inside.  I crawled out of bed and fed the cats, made some coffee, which by the way I am supposed to be off at the moment, and attempted to bring myself around.  The coffee just made my heart race so I pushed it aside.  I hit the shower thinking that the water might revive me, but I was only fooling myself.

My partner was no better than me. We had to get to our singing lesson on time and we were feeling rightly rough. I couldn’t believe it. I had really been looking forward to my singing lesson, and also to the fact that we were not going to the school in Dublin, but instead were travelling to a beautiful part of County Wicklow to have our lessons in the tutors house.  It was supposed to be a lovely drive right across the Dublin and Wicklow mountains.  I spent most of the journey with my eyes closed, occasionally opening them when my partner mentioned the beautiful heather, or the way the clouds had formed around the mountains.  I honestly couldn’t care less.  My mouth felt dry, and no amount of water seemed to make any difference.  I could feel a niggling headache beginning at my left temple.  My eyes felt as if battery acid had been thrown into them.

We reached the farm where our lesson was to be. We were shamefully late. I was first in for my lesson and managed to get through it without collapsing, but it was more endurance than enjoyment.  While I waited for my partner, I sat with my tutors cats and a cup of herbal tea he had made me.  He had given me permission to have a wander around the farm. ‘Go where you like’ he offered.  I couldn’t walk out to the car let alone around the fields. I also felt terribly cold. I was in this lovely place and I just wanted to go home. When was it ever going to be bedtime, I thought?

When my partner was finished we headed off in the car and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk? ‘No’, I replied ‘just take me home’. We drove over the lovely mountains again, this time with the sun out.  I lay back and put my sunglasses on to avoid the further razor-like soreness in my eyes.  I felt hungry and sick all at the same time. I just wanted to go home. I didn’t notice the beautiful wooded groves we drove by or the fabulous ferns my partner pointed out to me. Would this painful journey ever end?

We stopped near to home to get something to eat. I was tired and cold, and absolutely no company. I ate a pannini that I really couldn’t taste because my taste buds were not working. I slumped in the seat and closed my eyes while the waitresses looked on, I suppose presuming we were having a row or something.  When it came time to go, my partner had to fetch the car to the door because I was too shattered to walk back to the car-park.

As soon as we got in the door I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. However, before I did that I picked up the Two Cards I had drawn that morning, and there she was, The High Priestess, staring accusingly at me. She was telling me ‘you have no one to blame but yourself. You knew exactly what the outcome of the previous evening was going to be but you went ahead anyway’. She told me ‘I did try to stop you, did try to get through to you, but you knew better didn’t you? You are old enough at this stage to know that you can’t get away with those extra couple of glasses, not like most people can, so what made you think last night would be any different?’ God, I thought to myself, how great to be so perfect and flawless like her. She holds the answers to everything. She would never let herself fall into the trap I did.  How predictably sanctimonious! Huh!.

There she sat, The High Priestess beside The Four of Cups, showing me up and turning the bright glare of her accusations on me. I looked at the state of myself in The Four of Cups and couldn’t blame her for having a go at me.  I looked at myself sitting under the tree, too wasted to get up, too disinterested and exhausted to even look up.  It was all going on around me but I felt too shattered to care.  There were all the lovely opportunities of the day lined up in front of me in the three Cups, and the fourth Cup being offered to me reflected the scenery my partner had tried to interest and enthuse me with on the drive back and forth. It also symbolised the offer of my tutor to ‘wander his land’. All missed, all gone because I had too much to drink the night before. The Cup being offered in the imagery also suggested the extra wine I had consumed when really it was obvious I  didn’t need it. The figure under the tree represented a sorry sight, and one that I identified with all too readily. I had terrible regrets about spoiling the day for myself, the day I had so looked forward too. I could have kicked myself.

As I climbed the stairs to bed I felt quite low and depressed in myself. I felt I had wasted a good day out and had not been able to participate fully.  I left the two cards beside my computer, but even as I turned over in the bed to settle down, I could hear The High Priestess whispering through the walls at me. ‘Oh you are full of remorse now and good intentions. You claim tonight that it was a mistake and that it won’t happen again, but both you and I know that of course it will. There are plenty more nights to come in relation to celebrating this new house. There will be the hoped for clearance by the surveyor to celebrate, then there will be the official signing and handing over of keys, then the move, then the decorating, the first visitors. Oh the list goes on and on.  There will always be something to celebrate and of course you will overdo it again, and I will be there to watch you and reproach you the next day for your carelessness.  Will you ever learn your lesson?’ ‘Go away’  I whispered back to her ‘and let me sleep’. She coolly withdrew into the distance.  Tomorrow was another day and I was looking forward to making up for the disaster this day had been. Tomorrow I would work even harder. I would show her, my conscience, what I was made of.

The High Priestess Upright     4 of Cups Upright

God, I think I will have a glass of wine after all that writing!

Please feel free to share your own stories in relation to your Daily Readings. If you do not wish to have your identity revealed by posting, then send them directly to me and I will anonymously post on your behalf. 


Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)

The Importance of Daily Card Readings

The Importance of Daily Readings

An excellent way to get to know The Tarot Cards is by doing a Daily Reading for yourself.  Now, I don’t mean sitting down and doing an elaborate layout or Spread, with much thought given to the wording of questions etc.  What I mean is a simple one, two or three Card Reading for yourself before your day kicks off. I have got into the practice of doing this every day and it is amazing how accurate they turn out to be.  Doing a Daily Card Reading for yourself can be of immense help when you are not particularly feeling up to the day that lies ahead of you, or when you are lacking motivation or self-belief.  They are also helpful when we know of difficulties we are going to encounter, for they can give us that boost of morale we so badly need to get through them. They can also give us pre-warnings of problems that we are likely to encounter, and even offer some advise on how to handle them.  And so with our Daily Card Readings, we can step out into the world, or just even down the stairs, feeling more in control of our life and the day ahead.  With our Daily Card Reading we won’t suddenly be taken by surprise by events of the day, for we will have sensed them coming.

However, it does happen that our Daily Card Reading only means something to us, or is fully understood by the close of the day, when events have already happened, come and gone.  Then we glance at the Cards we drew that morning and say ‘ah, now I get you’.  Therefore it is important not to discard your Daily Card Readings just because we do not get what they are trying to tell us.  This is how we learn. By reflecting on them later in the day, we can see so much more that we didn’t see that morning. Hindsight gives us 20/20 vision, but again this is how we learn. As time goes by you will begin to make more and more connections with the Cards you draw for your Daily Readings, and will learn to trust them. However, no Reading should ever interfere with your free will. Remember, you own the results of your Reading and not the other way around.  You can do with them as you wish, act on them or ignore them, but never blindly follow them.  The more you practice these Readings, the stronger the energy builds. You will see the strength of this energy when you pull a couple of  Cards in the morning and they are just spot on with what you are planning to do with your day.  Let me tell you the way I do this, and I stress, it is very casual.  I am very busy writing this course and a lot of others things besides. I do not have the time for elaborate Spreads and much thinking first thing in the morning.

  • I use a Deck that I have dedicated to myself. I only use these Cards for my own Readings. Therefore, a certain energy has built up around these Cards. The energy is my energy, and so I feel each time I use these Cards, they are becoming more finely tuned into telling my story for they have got to know me well.
  • At the beginning of each week, I give the Cards a thorough Cleansing and Clearing by dealing them out into three separate decks while invoking The Violet Flame around them. Surrounding them with White Light will have the same cleansing effect. What this does is separate all the Cards of the previous week’s Readings and leaves them ready for the new week ahead.  I do not cleanse the Deck again until the following week but will certainly give them a very good shuffle each day. My Deck is now ready for shuffling.
  • I give the Cards a good shuffle while simply asking my Higher Self ‘what do I need to know today?’ or ‘what should I be aware of today?’ or ‘what will help me with my day?’ or ‘how can I get the best out of my day?’.
  • When I have finished shuffling, I pick the Card from the top of the Deck and the Card from the base of The Deck. I rarely draw any more for I am determined that these will be enough. However, if the Cards I have drawn are unsettling, then I sometimes pull a couple more for clarification.  I turn my Cards over to see what I have drawn. I may spend only two seconds looking at them, or possibly a couple of minutes if I am unsure as to their message.  Then I leave them down beside my computer where I will be working all day, and there they stay until the next day.
  • If I have not received their message loud and clear, I will glance at them occasionally throughout the day to see if any information filters through from them.  Usually it does, but if not I will have a look at them just before I turn out the lights before bed. Sometimes it is only then that they become significant to me.  This can happen for many reasons.  On some occasions the day is almost over before a situation or incident occurs, or a phone call comes in bringing with it the news or information the Cards had indicated that morning.  Sometimes I just don’t get it, simple as that. When that happens, it is a humbling reminder that I am still a student, and also that maybe that day wasn’t particularly good for divination.  Any witch worth her salt will agree that there are some days that are better than others when it comes to making magic or craft-working.  As a Tarot Reader, you will experience this temporary glitch yourself.  I often hear from past students who have gone on to become Professional Readers of the terrible day they have had at a particular Holistic Fair or Card Reading Night when they have found it almost impossible to do a proper Reading for anyone.  Regardless of what level of Tarot Reader you are, it happens to us all from time to time.

Let me give you some examples of Daily Cards I have drawn in the last week.

The Heirophant Upright  The World Upright

Today, I drew The World and The Hierophant.  No rocket science needed here I thought to myself. The Spiritual Teacher of The Heirophant passing on his knowledge to the two disciples kneeling before him.  And how far was The Hierophant spreading his word? All around The World, that far!  Well, here I am today, sitting at my desk writing and typing my Truly Teach Me Tarot Course which is viewed daily by thousands of people around the world.  Two Major Arcana Cards and one being the very positive World Card suggested some very determined and committed work would be carried out today. The World was also telling me that I would feel happy with what I would achieve by the end of the day.  They almost feel like Destiny Cards and The Hierophant whispers to me of it being my duty and vocation to carry out such work.  Now I am feeling elevated and purposeful. My life has meaning and I am doing what I should be doing.

As I look again, I remember that The Hierophant channels divine information and acts as an intermediary between the spiritual and the physical. This makes me think about how I feel sometimes after reading back over my work, especially at a later date.  I sometimes question if I wrote it for I cannot remember typing it.  And where did I get all that information from?  Did I really write that? Maybe I am being helped in my writing at times by a higher source or power.  Gosh these Cards have certainly given me a lot to think about.

The Heirophant carries the number of 5, so I must remember to be as open in my teachings as possible. I must teach and not preach. The The World totals 3 and speaks of creativity, growth and progress. Their combined number is 8, a number of strength, commitment and hard work.  Yesterday, I felt almost overwhelmed by all the work and writing I had still to do. I cried to my partner over dinner, ‘will I ever be finished?’. I was feeling tired, had sore shoulders and a bad neck after eight hours of typing and questioned why I was putting myself through such torture/  The number Eight tells me that I have the strength and determination to see this through to the end, and that now is not the time for quitting after so much work has already being completed.  The World confirmed to me that yes, I would successfully complete and not to worry because everything was progressing nicely.

Looking at her again, she is also telling me to move my body more, to take breaks from the computer for exercise and enjoyment.  I was very stiff after yesterday. She is telling me that it is not healthy to sit for so long.  Just before I finish writing about my Cards today, I see something else about The World Card that has caught my attention.  I have been making some bunting for my niece and it is almost complete.  It will be for her new baby’s nursery.  This will be her first baby. She supplied me with the fabric, all in different patterns.  This evening I will be meeting with her to discuss which order she wants the bunting hung in. I will be bringing with me the long white cord and we will pin the bunting in order and in place while I am there.  My niece is very excited about getting the bunting. In the World Card, the circle of green laurel with the images at each corner are symbolically flashing at me likening them to the bunting hanging on the cord.  The figure in the circle is also suggesting to me my niece’s baby which is due to be born soon. Maybe I am mad, but the more I look, the more I see.  Nice Cards, thank you Universe. 

Earlier in the week my partner, who also does his Daily Cards drew The Knight of Wands and King of Pentacles.  Let me fill you in. He has put an offer in on a house in Dingle on the South West Coast of Ireland.  His offer has been accepted but he needs to secure a small mortgage to make up the shortfall.  He had spent weeks in and out of the building society bringing them all the documents and paperwork they had required, and at times demanded.  No sooner would he have all his details handed in, they would be back on to him looking for more and more.  This has been going on for weeks and on the other end of things, the vendor has been getting restless.  My partner was told a month ago that he would have word on his loan application within a week. By the end of last week he still had heard nothing.  On Monday morning he pulled these two Cards and brought them to me.

Knight of Wands Upright  King of Pentacles Upright

I immediately told him not to expect any news in relation to his mortgage application that day.  I could see clearly what was going on. Here was my poor partner, depicted as The Knight of Wands and that told me enough.  I already knew he was very frustrated with all the delays. Normally he is the quiet and calm type, but in recent weeks he has been getting tenser and tenser about the whole situation.  The Knight of Wands was rearing to go, impatient and dreadfully frustrated that he was not being allowed to move forward with his plans. He wanted to move now and was finding it hard to restrain his horse. I could sense an outburst coming soon and I hoped he would not let all hell break loose on the phone the next time he spoke with them.

The Knight of Wands is overwhelmingly eager with what he wants to do and where he wants to go, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm and desperate need to be off.  Just look at who he is up against when it comes to his mortgage application being decided upon, The King of Pentacles of all people, well why am I not surprised? The King of Pentacles would strongly represent banks, building societies and lending institutions.  The King of Pentacles is not going to allow himself be rushed into making any rash decisions where money is concerned, regardless of how urgent The Knight of Wands thinks it is. The King of Pentacles is not a risk taker, neither is he a gambler.  He will want to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed before he will sign off on my partner’s mortgage.  Maybe they wanted more paperwork from him?

The King of Pentacles represents the old establishment so my partner is up against the system here.  He will have to wait and hope for the best, for this guy is going to be thorough and methodical. If that means an extra week or two to wait, then there will be nothing he can do about it. The King of Pentacles is the big bull and won’t be budged until he is ready.  I pointed to the golden Pentacle sitting on The King’s lap and explained to my partner how symbolic this Pentacle was.  ‘See that, he is holding what you are looking for and so badly want.  At the moment, he is in possession of this golden egg’. Wouldn’t you just love to reach into that picture and take it from him saying ‘thank you very much, but I will take that now’? However, The King of Pentacles is telling you to be patient a little while longer while he does all the maths. He is a man of his word so will not leave you waiting for ever.  So you best put away that wild horse of yours and take off that armour my poor man.

Yesterday I pulled two Cards asking ‘what is it that I need to know today?’. I drew The Page of Wands and The Ace of Pentacles. Aha I thought, these are more like it.

 Page of Wands Upright  Ace of Pentacles

I instantly called my partner down the stairs. Beaming, I showed him the Cards I had just pulled. ‘Look, says I, good news is on the way’. The Pages of The Court Cards are long known for their role as messengers. They deliver the post and news in The Tarot.  The Page of Wands would bring good news in relation to a course of action, movement, travel and career.  I had no doubt that this Page was going to bring news in relation to my partner’s loan application. Because he was Upright, the news would be good and especially so because the other Card drawn was The Ace of Pentacles. ‘Look’, I pointed to it. ‘The Golden Egg, and it is being offered to you’.  I put my hand on my heart and told him that after looking at the Cards, news was imminent and his mortgage application had been approved.  He was going to get the money and it would be enough for him to secure his dream little cottage in Dingle.  Great stuff.

Well the postman came and went yesterday but there was nothing from the building society in the mail.  We rang the building society on the chance that word was with them, but not yet in the post.  Neither of us could wait any longer.  No, they had heard nothing yet. We would have to wait.  By 5pm yesterday evening, we still had heard nothing.  It was the close of business and nothing more could be done for the day.  My partner went upstairs to read his book, and I suppose sulk a bit. However, he was back down the stairs a few minutes later and couldn’t contain himself.  He had been reading his book when he noticed the alert light flashing on his phone. Picking it up, he saw that there had been a missed call. It hadn’t rang, we would have heard it. The signal is bad where I live so sometimes calls go straight through to the voice mail.  Yes, the missed call person had left a voice message.  He had listened to it and between broken signals and noise he could hear that it was the girl from the building society calling him about his mortgage application.  She was ringing him to let him know that word had arrived in their office just at closing time of his approval in principle. She asked him to ring her in the morning but, yes, it had been approved.  Of course it was too late to ring her back but the Cards were right. Now he is running around full of life, just like a kid, just like The Page of Wands. excited and enthusiastic about the road ahead.

Just let me share two more with you.

3 of Pentacles Upright  The Empres Upright

Last week I pulled my usual Daily Cards and got The Three of Pentacles and The Empress.  It didn’t take me long to work them out.  Due to my developing TMJ Disorder, I have been suffering badly with my jaw, head, neck, shoulders and arms. My balance has also been seriously affected.  TMJ involves multiple treatments so I have to do many things to get relief, and also need to attend the maxillofacial consultant in November. My jaw has become misaligned and is causing havoc throughout my body.  One of the therapies I am using to help my jaw and muscles work properly is vocal coaching/singing lessons.  It was my pharmacist who suggested this as a form of therapy for me and not my doctor.  I suppose that is the way it goes these days.  Doctors seem to be too busy to even look at you.  Well I started my singing lessons about two months ago and now go for one each week. I cannot tell you the difference it has made in my life, not only is it helping my jaw, it is also opening me up as a person and helping me to realise undeveloped potential.

After 51 years on this earth, I have discovered that I am a natural soprano and am now be trained in that direction.  I am hitting notes that leave me stunned.  I have this powerful voice I knew nothing about, and my self-confidence and self-esteem have soared as a result. I always loved singing, like a lot of us do, but I never thought that I could sing.  It really has been amazing.  Anyway, who better to understand that then The Empress herself. A lover of drama, music and artistic abilities, she often appears to let you know that you have untapped potential in these areas and insists that you do something about them. It is The Empress who encourages you to join the local musical society, choir or drama group for she loves anything that is creative.  She herself is a wonderful singer and greatly supports those who are trying to develop their own abilities.  Well, she was there in my Cards that day to acknowledge what I was going to be doing and where I was off to.  The Three of Pentacles was also acknowledging that I was a student of music and was off to my lesson that day.  I still have a lot to learn but this Card was telling me that I had a really good Singing Teacher who had high standards and a strong reputation. I would learn well under his tutelage.

My Cards were both numbered Three, so this was a very powerful message to me that it was money well spent.  The singing was helping me to grow in so many ways.  I certainly was looking forward to heading off for my singing lesson that day, that is until my partner drew his two Cards and showed them to me. He does know a bit about The Tarot but he prefers to come to me with his Cards for interpretation.

 The Chariot Reversed  The Tower Upright

The Cards he had drawn were The Tower and The Chariot Reversed. My mood changed and I felt ill at ease.  My partner was coming with me, doing singing lessons too.  He is a musician and was also enjoying the opportunity to improve his singing voice.  We were leaving to go to Dublin for our Lessons.  The weather that day was awful, with dark skies and torrential downpours. I felt a bit apprehensive after seeing his Cards.  I asked him to drive slowly and to take his time, even if we were late.  I told him to keep focussed on his driving for I believed his Cards were acting as a warning.  The Reversed Chariot can sometimes suggest accidents with cars, or just a problem with a car, but alongside The Tower I was taking no chances. The Tower can bring massive upheaval, disruption and shock in its wake.  What I feared was a car crash.

All the way into Dublin, I was nervous.  Visibility was very poor on the roads as the rain poured down from the sky.  As usual, heading into Dublin, the traffic got heavier and heavier. We seemed to be surrounded by heavy artic vehicles which shot waterfalls of water down our windscreen as they passed.

We got to Dublin in one piece and forgot all about the journey while we enjoyed our Lessons.  When we started the drive home, the weather had further dis-improved.  I reminded my partner to watch his driving and to take no chances.  We took our time coming home and just as well for the rain was blinding.  It was impossible to see the road ahead, yet several vehicles still insisted on travelling at speed. We managed to make it off the motorway in one piece but now had to face the twisting back roads of the countryside.  There was flooding everywhere and it was difficult to get through.  We were both very silent as I did not want to distract my partner who was completely focussed on getting us home in one piece.

We were nearly there, just a small village to pass through.  As we rounded the bend coming out the other side of the village, the cars were coming to a standstill.  In all my years, I had never encountered a build up of traffic here before. We were wondering what was going on. As the traffic inched along, my partner thought flooding while I thought accident.  As we moved forward slowly, we could see the familiar flashing lights of a police car.  There were traffic cones on the road and a sign that said, Road Closed.  However, the traffic on our side of the road was being let through.  As we got nearer the police car, I saw the big truck, a refuse collection truck.  There had been a collision alright. The front windscreen was severely cracked and I got the sense that the driver had not been wearing his seatbelt.  I believed that it was his body or head that had damaged the windscreen.  I could not see any other vehicle involved, maybe it had been towed away? The police were waving all the cars on.  It was as we passed the refuse truck I saw the other vehicle.  It was another large truck and it had left the road. It had gone straight through the hedging of a field and had turned over.  It was now lying on its back in the field and I was shocked.  The approaching roads into the village all have a very low-speed limit.  For this vehicle to have left the road and flipped over, there must have been speed involved.  We saw no sign of ambulances but the accident had been quite recent.  We both hoped that no one had been seriously hurt.

We were very shook as we drove in silence the rest of the way home. When we pulled into the driveway, I relaxed a bit and turned to my partner. ‘That was the Reversed Chariot and The Tower’. It had not happened to us, but who knows where a couple of minutes earlier would have taken us? Would we have been caught up in the accident? My partner had heeded the warning in the Cards and had driven as safely as he could without taking his attention from the road at any stage.  We were relieved to be home in one piece.


Lesson 8 Part I

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